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Jkrog's New and Revised Chronological UFO Thread Directory.

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 05:56 AM
Following on from Isaac's post here and in memory of our good friend Jkrog, below is a new and revised list for his chronological UFO thread directory. Originaly compiled by Justin and Themythlives, the thread has turned out to be an invaluable tool for the ATS UFO board and contains info about some truly remarkable UFO cases and ATS member research.

After 3 years, 13 pages and an astronomical number of off topic posts however, it was thought condensing all the new thread additions back into one source might be a good idea, if only for future research / accessibility reasons and helping new members navigate their way around the UFO forum.

Some important threads may be omitted so please feel free to post ATS links to additional cases and research, there's also Justin's comments at the top of the page about duplicate threads and the importance of an ATS database that are well worth a read.. as are a great many of his personal UFO threads which can be found here.

Originally posted by jkrog08
***Just a reminder guys, this is a ATS UFO Thread Directory***

[color=lightblue]While I appreciate the enthusiasm and good will to add good cases to this thread that is not what this thread is intended for. This directory is for ATS threads ONLY, for many reasons. One, it builds our OWN database. Two, all these threads have been peer reviewed by objective members and are confirmed at least possibly true (or proven hoax), and three, it is a general guide to what has already been adequately covered on ATS, in an attempt to stop duplicate threads and mediate new and/or better presented cases. Also this thread is not concerned about cases covered elsewhere, it is is strictly for cases published here. The point being you can go out and research a case not covered on ATS, make a thread about it, and post it here-To add to our (ATS) ufological directory.

Just remember that this thread is for ATS UFO threads, not a general thread to present cases from other sites. It is simply a collection of the top and best threads members throughout the years have made for us on ATS.

***NOTE: If you have already posted cases not related to an ATS thread don't delete it or worry about it. Just remember for the next time. Also if you have any questions or new information to add or ask about a specific ATS thread do it there or u2u me, I'll be GLAD to help.


First off let me give credit to my good friend TheMythLives for providing some help to compile all of these cases, without his help this would have been a much more daunting task. So thank you my friend!

Alright, one thing I have noticed missing from the UFO forum is a total compilation, in chronological order of ALL of the better and more thoroughly covered UFO/Alien cases and related threads on ATS, pretty much a directory to help members find important threads amongst the vastness of ATS. As we all know ATS is a huge place, with many top threads (regardless of the flags, if flags were even around then!) getting lost basically forever in the “ATS Black Hole”, well no more. NICAP has their sighting chronology, so must ATS in my opinion. There have been such a great amount of threads posted on various UFO/Alien incidents throughout the history of ATS that I feel it is time to properly document all of these (and of course add as it becomes necessary) great cases excellently covered by the various members of ATS. Of course there is already Gazroks’ great thread, Compilation: Some of the best UFO Cases (or the Classics) , this thread however is more of a “directory” of UFO cases covered on ATS(in chronological order by decade), helpful ufology related threads, and a list of the better known hoaxes. I am only trying to post the more complete and somewhat detailed threads, it is also quite possible I have missed many threads that should be one here, so by all means feel free to add any I missed, but please, only ATS threads, no external links. This is important for another reason, we can now see what we have archived and what needs work. Some threads may need to be redone, most will not, and there are many cases still not covered on ATS to any detailed extent.

**Note, some topics are posted in this chronology more than once, that is only if that thread added something more to the original case, not covered in the first thread posted.**
**Also, while some threads posted in the chronology may indeed turn out to be hoaxes I felt it is necessary to place them in the list until proven otherwise.**
** I am also trying to stray away from the more speculative side of ufology, so that is why some threads will not be included, as they are highly speculative.**
** Some events stretch across decades in waves or flaps, I am placing the incident in the year when the first known incident took place.**
**Also I have tried to only include the more detailed threads, so there could be many more threads added but were no since they were nothing more than a sentence or two with a link. This is for the more complete threads, or threads that would be helpful to anyone attempting to investigate ufology.**
**Also keep in mind that the term “UFO incidents” also covers alien related cases as well.**

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:02 AM
Pre 1940 UFO Incidents

UFO - Historical Sightings 45,000 BC - 9 BC
A 17th Century Contactee
Ancient Extraterrestrials
Aliens of Ancient China
An Extra-Terrestrial Timeline
UFO's since 1870
1897-UFO Crash at Aurora, Texas
1864/1865 crash in Montana
Extraterrestrials in Judaism and Islam
Very Strange Maracaibo Incident
Dr Dan Q Posin - 1930s UFO Sighting and an Extraordinary Man
Aviation Pioneer, Sir Francis Chichester, Sights UFO
UFO Battle South France, from Marseilles to Genoa, 1608
The Tabor Light - Canadian Strangeness in 1938
A Huge Object like UFO emerges from Ocean and brings havoc in... 1910!
Texas 1930 - Strange case from the Condon files
Did Writer & Poet "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe" Witness a UFO?
Author investigates 150-year-old UFO sighting
Humanoid on quero spain 1925

Pre 1940 Research Threads:

Aboriginals: Their Flying Shiny Eggs and Moon-Man tales
Of Emperors and Sky Gods
Of Flying Dragons and Metallic Discs
Of Ancient Wars and Spacecraft
Tara - Extraterrestrial Goddess
Flying Carpets, Flying Thrones and Travelling Clouds
Sun wheels, fire chariots and winged discs
The 1896 Mystery Airship Sightings: A New Twist & Perspective

UFO Incidents of The 1940’s

The Mantell UFO Incident
The Gorman UFO Dogfight
The Chiles-Whitted UFO Incident: Eastern Airlines Flight 576 and The “Rocket Ship”
The Case For Roswell
The Smoking (Anti-Aircraft) Guns (of Los Angeles, 1942) **”Battle of L.A.”**
Maury Island incident
The 1200 MPH UFO in 1948
Norwood , Ohio 1949 UFO Searchlight Incident
The Kenneth Arnold Sighting
The Fukuoka UFO Incident, Japan, 1948.
White Sands UFO tracked by Theodolite pulling 20 G's.
The Day Before Roswell
1944—Bomber Encounters Giant Disk
The Crow River UFO/USO
Background Behind Winston Churchills UFO Fascination
US Government reports on Roswell incident - PDF downloads (including 993 page report)
October 1943 Schweinfurt Report
The Battle of Los Angeles 1942 : New Light on the Original Picture?
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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:05 AM
UFO Incidents of The 1950’s

The 1952 Tremonton, Utah UFO Fleet
UFO-Aircraft Encounters: The BOAC Stratocruiser Incident and The “B-29 Gulf of Mexico Incident”
The Lakenheath-Bentwaters UFO Incident
The RB-47 UFO Encounter | 1957
Waving at the aliens - The Papua New Guinea UFO sightings
Levelland, Texas electromagnetic interference / car stop cases (1957)
UFOs over DC in 1952, Jets Scrambled
The Kinross Incident
Bethune/Gander UFO Incident, Feb.10,1951 Newfoundland, Canada ( 300 ft. Diameter UFO Spotted ! )
Another look at the Trinidad Island photographs.
The Frightening, Unsolved and Disturbing Incident of Nine Dead Skiers
The Kelly-Hopkinsville Incident, 1955, Family Terrorised By Alleged ET's
The Lubbock lights
1954 Caldbeck UFO Incident
Detailed Ufo case: Florence, Italy 1954
USAF advises Commercial airliner to 'abandon landing' and follow UFO
Operation MainBrace ~ UFOs and USOs. 1952
The Davis-Monthan AFB UFO Incident -1952
The Fort Monmouth UFO Case.
The 1954 Sea Fury Incident
The Laredo UFO Encounter (Blue Book 1952)
The Flatwoods Monster UFO
Retired Air Force Colonel Robert B. Willingham saw UFO Crash
2000MPH UFO Incident Sparks U.S. Navy UFO Investigation.
1952 RAF pilot UFO sighting revealed-NEW CASE MAYBE
McGrady UFO sighting: Pennsylvania, 1956
UFO Skeptic Pilot Witnesses UFO Near Aircraft.
Presidential Meeting Regarding 1952 DC Sightings
The MONON Railway UFO Encounter
Kirtland Air Force Base UFO - November, 1957
Revisiting the 1952 Washington DC UFO Flap
UFO over Tananarive, Madagascar - 1954
"The Little Green Men of Hopkinsville" - 60th Anniversary Reboot
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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:08 AM
UFO Incidents of The 1960’s

The Exeter, New Hampshire UFO Encounter, Sept. 3, 1965
*Above BlueBook* - Ohio UFO Chase , Portage County April 17, 1966
The Unsolved UFO Mystery of April 18,1962 **Also known as the “Las Vegas UFO Crash”**
The 1966 Westall UFO incident
UFO Crash Event: Shag Harbor, 1967
The Hill Abduction Case
Betty Hill Starmap - New Insight
Get too close and you`ll get burned!!!!!! **Falcon Lake Incident**
UFOs Over Edwards Air Force Base **October 7th, 1965 Edwards AFB Incident**
The Kecksburg UFO Crash: December 9th, 1965
June, 1966-UFO Incident Nha Trang, South Vietnam
The Bourkes Flat UFO Case
The Minot AFB B-52 UFO Incident.
A 1960's UFO Incident On The U.S.S. Edson DD946
Police nearly shoot at UFO - Red Bluff Incident, 1960
The Las Vegas UFO Crash - April 18,1962
The Michigan 1966 UFO Flap - Was it Swamp gas?
1965—three red disks 1000 feet in diameter trail aircraft for half an hour
Two Cops, a UFO and an Alligator
Mass Sighting Over Spain In 1968
Pilots witness flying triangle over Florida
Cherry Creek UFO Mystery - August 19th, 1965.
The Carl Farlow A338 UFO case
Little Known 1962 Alexis Creek B.C. UFO Crash
The Valensole Affair - Humanoid Mischief in 1965
Redlands California 1968; 100-plus UFO Witnesses
RAF Chicksands UFO Report - high strangeness or hoax
CASE 1963 : Trancas (Argentina) Encounter of Multiple UFO on railroad track near a farmhouse
Case 1969 : The Strange Case of Dr. X - UFO investigation by Aime Michel and Jacques Vallee
BBC Documentary on the Warminster UFO Flap.
Wanaque Reservoir UFO
Ravenna Revisited - The Portage County Police UFO Chase.
CASE 1963 - Military Personell on DC-8 Sighting over Atlantic
Kecksburg : 50 Years after the "Strange Object in the Woods"
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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:11 AM
UFO Incidents of The 1970’s

Astronauts on Skylab 3 photographed GIANT UFO 1973
The Coyne incident, Mansfield, Ohio, 1973
Caught on film by TV crew: The 1978 Kaikoura UFO sightings
Hostile UFO Encounters: Colares, 1977
35 Air / Ground Radar UFOs detected over Sopley in 1971 Confirmed by Wing Cmdr Alan Turner
The 1976 Tehran, F-4 Phantom Chases UFO Case
The Amazing Dorothy Izatt
Capturing the Light, The Story Of Dorothy Izatt (2007)
What Happened to Frederick Valentich? Possibly the scariest UFO case ever
The Canary Island Alien Sphere, outstanding case
UFO crash in Bolivia, outstanding case
The Allagash Incident
Travis Walton Interview
The 1973 Pascagoula,Mississippi Abduction
Carroll County Wave, 1977
McDonald County, Missouri - 1977
Alien Abduction in Italy: the sad story of Pier Fortunato Zanfretta
The Robert Suffern UFO Encounter
Bizarre UFO witnessed at RAF Boulmer -1977
The Travis Walton Abduction Case
The “Cecconi Case”: an Italian UFO Cover-up!
The Cowichan Hospital/Mill Bay UFO sightings -1970.
The SAC Base UFO Flyovers - Oct/Nov, 1975.
UFO hits police car ~ Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson encounter, August,1979
"It's a UFO! Kill It!" Beaufort Farm Incident
UFOs 'Escort' Mexican Aircraft - Radar Confirmed
Danish policeman photographed beaming UFO that stopped his car
Bizarre Police UFO/USO Case from Tocopilla, Chile, 1971
Documentary: The West Lothian Question / The Dechmont Woods Encounter, 1979
Guest Blogger: John Lasker ‘The UFO invasion of October 1973′
Radar Confirmed UFO over Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range Tracking Station - May 14th, 1978.
New 1975 Military Encounter Revealed
1973—UFO sighted over McAlester, Oklahoma
1976—UFO Hovers Over Japanese Airport
UK 1979, The Jones family abduction case.
UFO Lands on Oilfield in Kuwait?
Entire Family Witness Landed UFO - Mellen, Wisconsin, 1975.
Question about sphere found in the 1970s
The Great UFO Cover Up? : Berwyn Mountains, Wales, Jan 1974
CASE 1978 : Belo Horizonte , Brazil : UFO attacks Police and Soldiers
Cannon Air Force Base UFO Flap - January, 1976
The Skiers and the Knome - A Finnish Close Encounter of the Third Kind
The Broad Haven School UFO Incident Wales - 1977 Part 1
Shots Fired at ET—The 1972 McChord AFB Incident (and who is Robert Collins?)
1971, The Delphos Kansas UFO Landing physical evidence
The Conchan Beach Incident - UFO Battle over the Sky of Peru in 1973
1978 “Tour of South America” - Race Car Abduction
Does anyone remember the Stanford Abduction?
The Berwyn Mountain incident revisited.
The Curious Close encounter of Jan Wolski [1978]
Unexplained Cases: The 1976 Stanford, Kentucky Abduction
very strange humanoid sighting : harrah 1977
Interview With Edwin Fuhr 37 Years Later - The Lagenburg UFO Case.
U.S. Coastguard Acushnet UFO Incident - Removal of Naval Logbooks.
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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:15 AM
UFO Incidents of The 1980’s

The Height 611 UFO Crash
The strange story of JAL 1628
Connect The Dots: Kalahari, MJ-12, Area 51, and EBE-3 ** Only included because it covers an important reputed UFO crash event.**
The Case for Rendlesham
TinWiki: Cash-Landrum Incident
Hudson Valley: Lights, Triangles and Boomerangs
The Disappearance of flight N3808H, Puerto Rico, 1980
Abduction In Yukon: North Canol Road and The Insectoids, September 3rd, 1987
Coastguards witness UFOs over Lake Erie.
Peruvian Air Force pilot shoots at UFO.
The Rendlesham Forest UFO - What really Happened?
The UFO/UAP sighting of the Portuguese Air Force pilot Julio Guerra back in 1982
The Official Night of UFOs in Brazil
Military Jet Fighters pursue UFO over Palmar Dam
MUFON Report: 1984 Multiple Witness Sighting of Massive UFO
An Alien Detour - Two Russian Truck Drivers See Landed Spaceship, 1989
News Reporter Threatened and UFO Photographs Stolen - The Wytheville UFO Flap, 1987
An in-depth (re)view of the Cash/ Landrum case
UFO Empties Water Tank - Rosedale, 1980
NARCAP multi-witness pilot/EMI-effects [China, 1982] -- a Russian rocket launch?
Rendlesham Forest…, A Christmas Story from 1980 - Can We ‘Let it Be’?
WOW!- 1981 Columbia River UFO Incident: Audio Recording
Do pilots believe in UFOs? Many of them do and here is my close encounter story
The Strange Encounters Of PC Alan Godfry.

UFO Incidents of The 1990’s

Yukon UFO "Mothership" Incident: December 11th, 1996
UFO and ETs encounter with 62 children in South Africa, 1994
New Analysis Video of the STS-75 Tether Incident
A Strange Afternoon: The Collinsville, Connecticut UFO Incident, December 13th, 1999
The Phoenix Lights Case - In Depth
The Unbelievable Mexico Wave (1991-1993)
The Varginha Case - In-Depth
America West Airlines Flight 564 UFO Case
NATO chases USO (unident. underwater obj.) near Iceland, 1992
Latest news on the Belgian wave and the Petit-Rechain picture
Israeli Mid-Air UFO explosion
The Most Disturbing Alien Abduction case.*Warning* Disturbing Images.
Nellis UFO Video Footage
ET Interview: Video of Grey Alien Interview Smuggled from Area 51
Area 51 alien interview
British Ministry of Defense reports huge diamond shaped object over Scotland.
The STS-80 Formation Over Africa
Gosford NSW multiple witness UFO sightings Dec 30/31 1995
UFOs over Argentina ~ The Bariloche Incident
Pilots witness UFO over Manchester airport - January, 1995
The Trumbull County, Ohio UFO Incident of December 14, 1994
Police Officers Spot UFO, Rapid Reaction Force Alerted June 1996
Firemen Witness UFO - Pierce Township incident, 1991
UFO Video Enhancement Series - Israel's "Giant UFO" - 1996 Hatzor Sighting
Did a RAF Tornado crash during a UFO intercept mission in 1997?
The Holland Michigan Radar-Visual UFO Case
UFO witnessed by Prison Guards over Lebanon Correctional Facility - April 8th, 1993
Ariel School, Zimbawe UFO Research 1994 to 2012 (Full Info Documentary NEW)
Interesting video about a sighting
Pilot flies within 40 meters of Giant Pyramid UFO - Daylight sighting 1996
*listen* to a mass UFO reporting to a 911 Dispatch live Raw Audio
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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by karl 12

A very precious inheritance.


posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:18 AM
UFO Incidents of The Present (2000 + )

UFOs and the Mystery of Canneto di Caronia
Istanbul UFO is Back **May 2009** Video
pilot who spotted mile wide UFOs goes on TV **Guernsey Pilot UFO Sighting of April 23rd, 2007**
The Chulucanas, Peru UFO incident
Wesley Chapel, Florida, Triangle UFO July 17, 2009
UFO releases intelligent moving spheres!! First ever video footage!
Breaking UFO News! - Stephenville, Texas Radar Report
O'Hare Airport UFO Sighting -- UPDATE: Photos & Analysis
Ufo sighting in Parma, Italy
I-Team: New UFO Mystery Surfaces
UFO: Encounter On Sedona Oak Creek (Revisited)
The Edge of Reality - Updated Report on the Illinois Police UFO case, January 5th, 2000
Abduction In Australia| The Controversial Gundiah-Mackay Abduction Incident
General Ricardo Bermúdez discusses the Pelican UFO Case
Stephenville UFO Incident - Radar Animation and a 'New View.'
Italian Air Force: boom of ufo sightings in 2009
Pucallpa (Peru) Hostile UFOs and Abductions - UPDATE
Chilean Government Agency Releases UFO Images
Texas Couple Describes Triangle UFO at 20 Feet
Missouri Man Develops Severe Burns After Close Encounter—Summer 2014
Punching a Hole in the Clouds: O’Hare Airport UFO 2006 Revisited

UFO Physical Trace Cases

Three of The Best UFO Trace Cases (New Bob White Evidence Included)
UFOs leave physical traces
Evidence at UFO landings....have a look!
Ted Phillips on UFO Physical Trace Research.

Free UFO E-books / Online Journal Archives

Free Download: "On Pilots and UFOs” by Dr Willy Smith
FAST searching of major free online collections of UFO journals (or just browse/download them)
A case repository from 3000 BCE to Present - Xt's UFO Scrapbook
"UFO Data" magazine collection (2006 to 2008) online - free PDFs download
Free E-Books ~ The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt.
Donald Keyhoe archives
UFO UpDates archive PDF: Huge collection of posts by Ufology's top names (533Mb download
Rare book by C B Scott Jones ("Aviary" member) now a free download

Some Known Relevant Top Hoaxes

CGI UFOs | Some of the best ones
[HOAX] Haiti UFO Video - YouTube - [HOAX]
[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]
[HOAX] CGI UFO captured on film! [HOAX]
Passenger on jet films UFO outside window
[HOAX]Video: Private Photo Album From Nasa Staff 1998[HOAX]
[HOAX] FBI building Attacked by UFO [HOAX]
[HOAX]clear video of 3 flying objects in Domican Republic[HOAX]
Phobos II last image
Denounce and expose all the hoax channels on Youtube

• See the HOAX thread for more details.
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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 07:47 AM
karl thank you very much s&f

everyone should get this under his pillow

thank you again

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 11:20 AM
Important UFO/Alien Related Research Threads

Definitive Back Engineered Alien Technology Research thread
USO Research
UFO Documentary Thread
The UFO-Alien Applied Linguistics Registry **This is for international research, specifically translations.**
Request help identifying all govt. & civilian saucer-related projects!
Compilation: Some of the best UFO Cases (or the Classics)
Question for Phage, Internos, Chadwickus and Easynow... ** This because it contains so many great cases, not yet covered in threads.**
Top 100 UFO Cases - Revealed!
Best UFO cases - Experts' short lists
UFO: Top 10 UFO Photos (and masses of others)
CGI: discussion with Philipe Kling David
UFOs,USOs and the Island of Puerto Rico
Eighty Years of Pilot UFO sightings.
Free UFO Researcher Starter Pack
Best cases - Rockefeller Briefing Document
FOIA Forum
UFOs,Aliens and Abrahamic Religion.
Some of the Most Mysterious, Scariest and Outstanding Cases of Alien Abduction Ever!
Dulce/Phil Schneider
Skeptics and Believers dont exist
The State of Ufology
The Office of Naval Intelligence and UFOs
free documentaries
Visitor Identification Catalog
Close Encounters With Mechanical Beings
UFOs—the fastest sightings
The Missing UFO Evidence Thread.
Ufo's News article resource.
UFO Government Documentary Evidence
The Illustrated History of MJ-12
UFO Occupants ~ Drawings,Sketches and Non-Human Reports.
UFOs: Lets cut the crap already
Request help identifying all govt. & civilian saucer-related projects!
Massive UFO disclosure in USA : A challenge for ATS
ATS Giant UFOs Scaling Project!
ATS Giant UFOs Scaling Project! (Part 2 ft. The Ringmakers of Saturn)
The Yakima UFO Sightings
Stalking the UFOs.
Canadian disclosure: “UFO Found” and other documents/photos
UFO Education - Some Highlights for Beginners
USAF "force fit" debunks
PRUFOS - International Police UFO Reports
Debunked! The FBI alien bodies memo – A case study in the reinvention of the wheel
Atmospheric Phenomenen Identyifying- List
UFO Reports during the Korean War
UFO Reports During The Vietnam War
Definitive 50's-90's UFO Video Archive Online At Last! Includes my Long Lost Favourite UFO clip!
UFO/OVNI Shapes.
The state-of-art in UFO disclosure worldwide
UFO Researcher, Ahmad Jamaludin and The Malaysian Micro-Aliens
The J. Allen Hynek UFO Picture
The USAF Factsheet on UFOs.
An in-depth review of the Cecconi Case Photos
THE Best Set of UFO Interviews I've Ever Seen
An Introduction To (those pesky) UFOs and A Few Reading Tips
ATS Exclusive: Substantial FOIA Release (Gen. Vogt's Oral History & Air Command Dissertations)
Canadian PDFs – “At no time should it be made available to the public” + more official memos
UFO Britannia: Part 1 – The Early Years
UFO Britannia: Part 2 – World War Foo & Post War Cover Ups
UFO Britannia: Part 3 – The 1950s & Return of the Saucers
UFO Britannia: Part 4 – A Strange Sixties
UFO Britannia: Part 5 - The 1970s Anarchy in the UK?
UFO Britannia: Part 6 – The 1980s: You Can’t Tell the People
The CIA and the UFO Mythos
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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 12:24 PM
UFO Research Threads Continued:

Important UFO/Alien Related Research Threads

Official UFO Unexplained Report Percentages.
Politics and UFOs: A Growing Movement
Mussolini formed a top secret UFO agency to investigate Triangle UFOs --> in 1933!
FBI: “discs recovered”, Air Force “greatly concerned”, “at a complete loss” + more memos
Oz X-Files : “authenticated sighting”, “appear to be inexplicable”, USA “very interested"
UFO Sighting Statistics Gleaned From The Net [More Available Than I Expected],
Oz X-Files - The second batch
New Zealand X-Files : Official “fib”, superiors “mystified”, + Kaikoura “whitewash”
Project Identification: Ufology's Red-Headed Stepchild
An Example of Good UFOlogy
The Spaceships of Ezekiel (Revisited)
The Men In Black(OPs) The Aviary & UFOs
Peruvian Air Force to open Department studying UFO reports
One Example of How UFO Disclosure is Also Controlled
Electromagnetism, UFOs, and the Weaponization of Alien Technology
UFO Crash In Peru Seen By American Soldier believes Aliens Have Underground Peruvian Base
Military Magazine Highlights Iranian Air Force Encounters with UFOs
280 Drawings of unidentified flying objects investigated by MUFON-CES
Oz X-Files : Third batch (searchable PDF download)
Phil Klass: "Skeptics UFO Newsletter" now online (large collection)
Huge audio archive of UFO history - now online. Many rare recordings, collated by ufologist Wendy Connors
Abducted by Uncle Sam - Coming To A Bedroom Near You?
The Cash-Landrum suppressed government file
Forgotten UFO Researcher Ivan T. Sanderson.
UfoUpdates archive: Huge PDF collection of posts by Ufology's top names (1996-2013, 0.5Gb download)
PDF Archive: Info-Paranet "Newsletters" (1989-1993)
Now online: Full collection of "Probe Report" ("superb" British UFO journal) - free PDF download
Online collection: 1980s radio show about UFOs etc ("Open Mind")
Dr. Jacques Vallee ~ The Control System
Dr Who?? : UFO PhD dissertations - free online
UFO Brigantia newsletters (UK 1980s-1990s) - PDF archive now online (free)
Valentich disappearance - rare book now online - "Melbourne Episode" by Dr Richard Haines (free)
Book "UFO Phenomena and the Behavioral Scientist" (edited by Richard Haines) - PDF online
Inforespace Journal (Belgium UFO group SOBEPS) - PDFs
Close Encounters of a Fatal Kind ?
Prime Ministers, Politicians & UFOs in Britain
Germans releasing secret UFO files - DISCLOSURE?
The 154 GB NARA Blue Book Archive
NSA says it has 'lost' its non-redacted UFO files.
Tired of war talk? Historic doc: Minutes of 1st Canadian mtg to investigate flying saucers, 1952.
Proceedings of the CAIPAN Paris workshop on UAP/UFOs.
RARE microfilms of UFO documents now online – APRO, US Air Force etc (PDF archives)
Testimony of an Air Traffic Controller
UFOs & the Cold War: Project Palladium
Professor Michael Sword's UFO Files.
Project Core published (Experiential Data Project)
French UFO Files English Translation Site
Close Encounters of the Herd Kind: UFOs, Aliens & Cattle Mutilation
UFOs: The Best Evidence , George Knapp investigation videos
Roswell Slides : Solve the mystery in 1.5 minutes (Your independent verification welcomed)
Hallo Spaceboy – Exploring the Era of the ‘Contactees’
The most popular UFO videos : The real stories behind them
Remote viewing & UFOs : Stargate, Galactic Federation + the Aviary (CIA index + 92,010 PDF pages)
RARE “UFOs : A History” booklets by Loren Gross now on SOHP website (10,000+ PDF pages)
RARE David Gotlib “Bulletin of Anomalous Experience” 1990-94 – Abductees, False Memories, etc
Extracting and animating data from the "UFO Video Captured By Homeland Security"
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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 12:30 PM

Originally posted by karl 12
Following on from Isaac's post here and in memory of our good friend Jkrog, below is a new and revised list for his chronological UFO thread directory. Originaly compiled by Justin and Themythlives, the thread has turned out to be an invaluable tool for the ATS UFO board and contains info about some truly remarkable UFO cases and ATS member research.

Thanks for creating this updated list Karl.

I'm sure Jkrog would have appreciated your efforts to keep the resource he created as useful as possible for members of ATS.

Starred and flagged.

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 03:09 PM
WOW!! Thanks for the incredible compilation of info.

Looks like I got allot of good reading to catch up on

S&F added to favorites too!

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 03:13 PM
Great thread here. I'm sure Jkrog would appreciate the work you guys have done to keep this very helpful list of past cases going.

Of course, starred and flagged. I hope many members see this and choose to star and flag it also.

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 03:22 PM
why no mention of the Bhagavad Gita, Hindus admit to loads of contact, the golden arch in flanders late 80's?
just using wikipedia yes?

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by charlie77

Please stop whining and complaining about things.

The OP has done a great job compiling the most famous reports of each decade and all you can do is complain because one or two cases were left out. You haven't even started a single thread yourself so stop complaining!

If you have a new case or thread to include, why don't you just respectfully suggest that it be added to the list?

On topic:

Great thread and it's awesome to have this list.

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by karl 12
Good work amigo.

I reckon there's an average of maybe 6-7 threads a day being posted in this forum which works out at around ~2200 threads a year. At a guess, maybe

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

It'd be a good idea to add the thread to the *sticky* list at the top of the forum board.

I agree. Good idea.

It would be nice to have something up there other than rules and guidelines.

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 07:47 AM
UFO Research Threads Continued:

Important UFO/Alien Related Research Threads

Flashes and Star-like objects that move strangely in the sky explained
UFO eBooks - Text recognition, enhancement and compression
Roswell - New scans of the Ramey Memo : Can it now be enhanced/deciphered?
The Ultimate Guide to Aircraft & Spacecraft in Ancient Scripture
'NORAD And The UFO Smokescreen'
Now online : Full collection of “Journal UFO” – Canada 1979-1980 (a “great resource”)
Canadian “Swamp Gas Journal” (1978-2003) by Chris Rutkowski - PDFs online
Quest Publications – Intelligence documents, CIA, Rendlesham, JAL 1628 + more PDFs
“The New Ufologist” (1994-1997) – Jenny Randles and other Brits/Euros – Complete PDFs
J Allen Hynek’s Center for UFO Studies (“CUFOS”) newsletters – CIQ and CAN : complete PDFs`
Rick Hilberg’s “UFO Magazine” (1960s-1970s, USA) – Searchable PDFs
“Strange Daze” and “Strange Times” magazines (UK, c1993-2002, Gloria Heather Dixon) - PDFs
Max B Miller’s magazine “Saucers” (1953-60) – one of the “most interesting of the period"`
*11* further sets of early American UFO newsletters now online – Spacecrafter, UFO-mation etc
Now online : 51 issues of Project Red Book (1998-2004), plus YUFOS Journal etc (UK UFO magazines)
(1) "Beyond Reality" and "UFO Update" magazines + (2) Northern UFO News by Jenny Randles (170+ PDFs)
Oz UFO magazines (PDFs) : Batch 1 : ACOS Bulletin, ACUFOS Journal, UFORAN + more
140+ issues of John Schuessler's “UFO Potpourri” newsletter now online (and other PDFs)
Wilbert B Smith - 35 rare "Topside" newsletters now online (searchable PDFs)
"The Space People’s choice" for President of the USA : Gabriel Green – Newsletters (PDFs)
MIBs, Albert Bender and Gray Barker - Newsletters from the 1950s (PDFs)
Gene Duplantier’s UFO newsletters (1957-2006!) + “Irish UFO News” + “The Spaceviewer”
New PDFs : "Saucer Scoop" (Whritenour, Steiger et al), "Ovni", "Houston Sky", SPI, + more

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A very precious inheritance.


Arken, it certainly is my friend and as I'm sure I may have missed some truly interesting cases, please feel free to update the thread with any additions

Spacevisitor authoured a good thread below dealing with the Portuguese Air Force UFO incident of 1982 and there's also another very intriguing one for the Pre 1940 category from Kandinsky.

Pre 1940 UFO Incidents:

The Tabor Light - Canadian Strangeness in 1938

UFO Incidents of The 1980’s

The UFO/UAP sighting of the Portuguese Air Force pilot Julio Guerra back in 1982


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IMSAM, no probs matey and let's hope this new revision of Jkrog's thread gives exposure to some of the more truly puzzling UFO cases out there -I thought his thread on the Shag Harbour incident was one of the best I've ever read and haven't a clue what the object involved in that one was.


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This thread has now been made a "sticky" thread at the top of the Aliens & Ufos forum.

Well done Karl.

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