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posted on Dec 24, 2014, 67 flags
General Conspiracies
Hi again ATS. This one is going to be short and to the point because it's late and my mind is too weary to try and fit the pieces together right now. But I still felt like it was worth adding this piece to the puzzle. Many of us became familiar with Norse ( IPViking ) during the DDoS issues a week or two back. We watched as the map lit up and had a first hand look at what global Cyberwar looks like. Ever since many of us have been digging deep to try to find answers. Well Norse, the company that we all relied upon for those pretty maps and real time information has done their own...
posted on Dec 24, 2014, 60 flags
Other Current Events
Its that time of year again - which makes this a current event - and as I've done this every year I've been on staff, it seems it has become something of a tradition. I'm going to be upfront and say that 2014 has been both the best year, and the worst year for me in a long while. Lots of highs and lows personally, professionally, with my band and with my various online activities/hobbies. At one stage, after the events of the past few months I wasn't going to write this at all, and while it may not be the thread that ATS deserves right now, to paraphrase Batman, its the one it needs. This site is a community, one that has grown to mean many things to many people....
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posted on Dec 24, 2014, 57 flags
Social Issues and Civil Unrest
In light of all the bad news and chaos worldwide, this story actually made me smile. I hope it brings some joy to those who are feeling down, and out during the holiday season. Peace and love, RT
posted on Dec 25, 2014, 50 flags
US Political Madness
A crippling blow dealt to the DOJ and it's cronies to prosecute states, and people using medical marijuana has just been wielded by law makers in Congress. It's over folks, funding for the raids has been cut. It looks like the lawsuits...
posted on Dec 23, 2014, 49 flags
General Conspiracies
Cyberwar: The Social Singularity Has Happened Hello again ATS. As all of us know, about once every month or two a subject appears on ATS ( as well as the web and all MSM for that matter ) that spawns so many threads, theories and attention that people become horribly burned out on the entire subject....
posted on Dec 23, 2014, 47 flags
Social Issues and Civil Unrest
A video recorded on a cellphone can be viewed Something is seriously not right in your country at the moment guys.. I think it's gonna pop off very soon. Be prepared. For those who can't watch the video the song goes like this.....
posted on Dec 24, 2014, 38 flags
Social Issues and Civil Unrest
Not long ago, I saw a post here on the Brietbart article "Sexodus". The article described how men are opting out of marriage in droves and the article attempted to explain why. Before I get into the nuts and bolts, read and focus on this next part; divorce rates are NOT at an all time high. They have hovered around 50% since the 1950s....
posted on Dec 24, 2014, 30 flags
Ancient & Lost Civilizations
The Book of Kells was written in around 800AD, probably at Iona (or Applecross) in Scotland or maybe in Kells, County Meath, Ireland. It’s also known as the Book of Columba, as tradition has it that it was written to celebrate the 200th anniversary of his death. St Columba died in 597; 200 years later there...
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posted on Dec 21, 2014, 52 flags
General Conspiracies
Before I begin I would like to say that yes, I know that most of the good people at ats do not like David Icke. And yes I know he he claimed that the queen was a gekko and that the moon was a holographic so and so but this is one of his older theories....
posted on Dec 22, 2014, 48 flags
Social Issues and Civil Unrest
Just wow... who's baiting now? Here's the FOX affiliates edited footage: Here's the original footage from C-Span: "In a Facebook post published Monday afternoon, the station addressed the discrepancies between its report and the raw...
posted on Dec 21, 2014, 35 flags
Posse Comitatus
They have come out and said it. War. This is what many were expecting but to see them actually use the term> Not a good sign. With the militarization of the police over the last decade it was seen from a long...
posted on Dec 21, 2014, 34 flags
Posse Comitatus
This is a shocking story. A 4yr old kid was misbehaving in class in a school in Virginia so the school officials decided they couldn't handle him and called the cops. The cops then proceed to handcuff and shackle the kid before ordering him to speak to jail inmates. All to teach him a lesson. This is one of...
posted on Dec 22, 2014, 29 flags
Geo-Engineering and Chemtrails
This was posted on global skywatch Facebook page. I know it's only a handful saying it but it's still pretty disgusting. The irony here is that a TV weatherman just reads a script, they aren't meteorologists and IF there was something going on, the guy or gal on TV doing the weather...
posted on Dec 22, 2014, 28 flags
Other Current Events
Graph displaying current NK outage North Korea is currently experiencing a massive cyber outage. The outage may be a result of anything, but the top contenders are thought to be a mass cyber attack, general maintenance, or China pulling the plug on North Korea's internet while it investigates US
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posted on Dec 16, 2014, 78 flags
Paranormal Studies
Hello everyone. After an abrupt return to ATS after a 4 year hiatus, I figured providing you all with another story of a personal experience may be a good way to re-integrate into this great community. The following events all took place during mid...
posted on Dec 16, 2014, 66 flags
General Conspiracies
Hello again ATS. Some of you might know that I've written several threads over the past few days documenting the unprecedented level of DDoS activity and the Sony / North Korea leak based situation....
posted on Dec 18, 2014, 62 flags
Posse Comitatus
Here is something interesting.. A Sherriff in Spokane Valley, Washington on video states the reasons they need armored vehicles is because of Constitutionalists.. Anyway I thought...
posted on Dec 16, 2014, 61 flags
Aliens and UFOs
And Boom! Here we go with some more interesting events occurring. Could this really mean that we have been contacted? Stayed contacted? Is it finally time to bring the...
posted on Dec 16, 2014, 60 flags
Aliens and UFOs
Could these exist on Mars ? Scientists from the International Ocean Discovery Program have sunk the deepest marine drill to a record breaking depth of 2,400m beneath the seabed off Japan and...
posted on Dec 18, 2014, 58 flags
US Political Madness
There is a related thread about re-igniting the cold war but the discussion is pretty far off topic already. So lets look into the the scary way this bill was passed, and the even more shocking provisions provided within. ARTICLE: Have a read...
posted on Dec 17, 2014, 57 flags
Posse Comitatus
Here are a few of the funniest ones: #AskACop Will you be undergoing more training on how to murder innocent black people, I hear there are some still alive? @CNN I want to make cookies. Do I have to use a food processor to chop the nuts, or can I just shoot them...
posted on Dec 18, 2014, 56 flags
Social Issues and Civil Unrest
In this week of sieges and terrorist hacks on major US companies, it's nice to see some more pleasant news. "Preston, England: A homeless man who offered a woman his last pennies to get home...
posted on Dec 20, 2014, 51 flags
ATS Skunk Works
I am being forced to come forth; and therefore as they left me no choice other than to become the that which I did not want to be coming into this world; I shall now give truth; both barrels, to all. Our world is a synthesised reconstruction of a true system;...
posted on Dec 19, 2014, 47 flags
Breaking Alternative News
" Scotland Yard says victim’s allegations against prominent political and establishment figures are credible and true. Scotland Yard officers have said they believe allegations that a ring of prominent...
posted on Dec 17, 2014, 44 flags
Paranormal Studies
Ok, I just stumbled on this guy named Steve Huff from Huff paranormal who seems to have an uncanny ability to get clear and concise class A EVP recordings from the other side....
posted on Dec 19, 2014, 43 flags
Posse Comitatus
" “I don’t regret it, I’d do it again” Buffalo , NY– While killer cops get sent on paid vacations, it’s hard to imagine what one has to do to actually be fired. It...