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Aliens and UFOs
Punching a Hole in the Clouds: O’Hare Airport UFO 2006 Revisited " [color=Teal] “.....Some of us are getting angry with this being hushed up with all the terrorism and TSA [Transportation Security Administration ] idiots hanging around. If we see a funny looking bag all hell breaks loose but park a funny silver thing a few hundred feet above a busy airport and everyone tries to hush it up. It just doesn’t make sense.....” [/color] – Anonymous witness, O’Hare Airport UFO Nov 2006" I’m dragging this case back up because I’ve just seen it featured on the TV program - The Unexplained Files (via Discovery Science...
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War On Terrorism
" From Nafeez Ahmed: Secret Pentagon report reveals West saw ISIS as strategic asset Anti-ISIS coalition knowingly sponsored violent extremists to ‘isolate’ Assad, rollback ‘Shia expansion', " Check it out guys, this seems to be evidence that the U.S. funded the Syrian rebels while knowing that they would become ISIS/DAASH in the near future. It looks like the conspiracy theory has now become conspiracy fact. Here's the actual document: /> "
  • Al-Qaeda drives the opposition in Syria
  • The West identifies with the opposition
  • he establishment...
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
" March Against Monsanto explodes globally... World citizens stage massive protests across 38 countries, 428 cities... mainstream media pretends it never happened. " I normally don't care much for protests, but this one is so important that I will drop my normal opposition and say I support this cause. Monsanto...
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Fragile Earth
I'm at the family get together for memorial day weekend. My dad showed me an email he received and it amazed me on how much sense it made. I thought I would share it with ATS. It seems it proves that there is always two sides to any discussion. I will post the article in it's entirety it is rather long so the opening...
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Aliens and UFOs
I took this image.... and ran it through and applied the light and contrast to the image just to see what would happen....and something did happen....This... I marked areas of interest, and it was very interesting. Let me...
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9/11 Conspiracies
This is a (non-colouring in) book for kids about that fateful day........check it out ladies and gentlemen.......... So popular, a 2nd book was published......... Hows that last picture doin' it for ya? This was published...
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New World Order
The New World Order is fully underway, they even warned you about it. They may have painted the idea up to look nice and pretty, but the reality of the situation is dire. The globalists created this financial mess and their solution is a one world government. The same goes...
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Other Current Events
"At least some of the protesters who looted, rioted, burned buildings and overturned police cars in Ferguson, Missouri, last year were promised payment of up to $5,000 per month to join the protests. However, when the Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), the...
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
As many of you know, I am and have been a Law Enforcement officer for years. Just last night I received complaint of a new scam and thought I would advise you all so that you can pass it around. You will get a phone call stating that you have missed your date to sit on jury duty. They then tell you that you have two choices; either report to the...
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Deconstructing Disinformation
I came across this article discussing Dr. Richard Horton, Editor in Chief of "The Lancet" (which is apparently the "World's Best Known Medical Journal"), and his statement about medical literature being, in many cases, fraudulent yet accepted as pure fact. This is a bold statement and one I'd like to open up...
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
Well the results are not in yet but exit polls have suggested that they have voted Yes and want people who are gay to be able to get married. Sends a clear message across the world this does. Good on the Irish.
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Aliens and UFOs
This is the part that makes no sense as you debate skeptics on this subject. It's one thing to be skeptical and you should be because all cases aren't equal. Some cases are are very weak while some cases are very strong. Some skeptics seem to be...
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Breaking Alternative News
" Fremont police say vandals attacked an inflatable dam on Alameda Creek that resulted in the loss of nearly 50 million gallons of water. Police believe that those responsible entered a restricted area sometime on Thursday morning and intentionally damaged the dam. “The dam, which is instrumental...
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Ancient & Lost Civilizations
This really is a remarkable and rare find. Preserved in peat and thought to be over 9500 years old statue cut from a larch tree adleast 159 years old. " The statue represents a unique, live and very complicated example of history, it is a very rare finding, and without a doubt...
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Aliens and UFOs
THis is a fantastic article on this incident, with video of the kids being interviewed then and now that they are older and can talk about it in adult terms. What comes to my mind are questions like, did the aliens just land, walk about a...
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The Gray Area
I have been debating about posting this, but I need to share it while the details are still fresh in my head. Yesterday, I believe I had an encounter with a "black-eyed person." I have heard of...
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Science & Technology
A little of an over stament it is a rarely published interview. I do however find it intresting Tesla as an intresting man and some of his belief systems seem a little alien to me. " In 1899 Tesla gave this interview which has rarely ever been published...
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US Political Madness
Judicial Watch has exposed more Obama Administration lies about the Benghazi Fumble-Flop. Seems they did in fact know about the attack intentions in advance as well as arms shipments to Syrian rebels at the time. They just can't seem to keep the lies straight...
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War On Terrorism
"As FRONTLINE details in tonight’s new documentary, Secrets, Politics and Torture, those tapes would never see the light of day. Their destruction was ordered...
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Science & Technology
So....this is absolutely crazy to me....I can't balance a damn thing to save my life, yet this guy makes it look like nothing. Pretty amazing video of him balancing river rocks. I put this in this forum because I would like to understand a couple things from anyone who may
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General Conspiracies
Ok....I have read a TON of threads here that are simply cases of Pareidolia : " is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) which is perceived...
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Breaking Political News
"This morning, members of the U.S. House of Representatives joined Move to Amend by announcing their sponsorship of the “We the People Amendment,” which...
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Global Meltdown
Yes, that's right --> HSBC, the same bank that recently has been limiting cash withdrawals is now warning of a financial recession/meltdown. At any rate, the economic indicators continue to slowly build: 1. PPI dropping 2....
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General Conspiracies
I remain convinced of the strong possibility that NPD officer SS shot the suspect non-fatally at 9:46:54, hitting him in the right clavicle (audio expert Paul Ginsberg's $6000 disappearing gunshot). This shot, and its...
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Aliens and UFOs
Though this happened some time ago, this guy obviously remembers it well, it made quite an impression on him. It seems that pilots, be they civilian or military, usually come forward with this stuff when they are retired. Why? They could lose their jobs...
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US Political Madness
The below photo is of ISIS muslim forces celebrating their take over of Ramadi. Now look in the background! There are two MRAPs and a Humvee. The cost of an MRAP, according to is $6000,000 and a humvee is $170,000! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is worth over a Million...