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  top topics:  september 27, 2016







War On Terrorism Sep 25 89 129 rss
In France, In a town called Saumur, gardeners employed by the town made a strange discovery. They went to work on an old church. Behind that church there are old natural caves. When they arrived there they saw 3 men getting in a white van and leaving the place. So they went to see inside that cave. They a found ISIS flags, audio and video stuff, newspapers in Arabic, a generator.....
Is this why Hillary was given a pass on her email server? The FBI released a large batch documents related to its investigation into Clinton’s private email server Friday afternoon. The files include notes from interviews with several top Clinton aides, including longtime adviser Huma Abedin. The FBI said in its notes from an Abedin...
Here we have a shining example of stupidity. What it boils down to is this golem looking woman decided to give the bird to a Trump supporter who was standing in his yard. The Trump supporter then followed her and scared her. It is pretty funny really. The woman tries to play the victim and involve the police who tell...
Pass the tardigrade sauce please! :D A study just broke out of Tokyo that says some eyebrow-raising things about water bears and their DNA. Related: Before I explain, it helps to fully understand everything discussed in this thread. Most people understand what an X-ray does,...
Political Mud-Pit Sep 26 1659 58 rss
Well , might as well put this in the mud pit to be proactive and prevent Bans For my Fellow Cable Cutters (Although recently off the wagon on cable): How to Stream it: Live: How to be responsible and Stay sober during this debate: 1....
Still trying to find my own information on this but theres a screen capture doing the rounds thats supposidly a clinton IT staffer asking on reddit for help to remove email information [editby]] Apparent archival link of the post:
This is insane. Race wars have officially come to America and this is just the beginning. Who are the racists, again? Why is this not front page news? Just imagine the outcry if a group of white people did this to a black person... These...
Talk about Weird! This odd message was caught around 7am on the New Jersey Turnpike on am 1630 radio. Anyone else hear this? And what does it mean? Trump Will Go 26th? A Hint? The 26th just so happens to be the date of the first presidential debate in NYC. If anybody has any input on what this could...
Thats assuming he lives until friday...The House committee is demanding an interview with Mr combetta by noon on friday or else he will be served a subpoena, Previously he has refused to talk, But in light of new evidence, His name and company have been tracked to the reddit posts, and his car, Any immunity he was offered...
2016 US Elections Sep 21 68 68 rss
So Hillary had a 'rally' in Philly on the 19th. Before hand there was plenty of vagueness about the event itself, her campaign never released to the public exactly where or when the 'rally' would be held. Millennial Millie, working for infowars was on top of it smelling BS. It turns out that 'selected press was...
2016 US Elections Sep 20 52 67 rss
Unofficial ATS Exclusive: Okay, I'm working an my biggest piece ever. A few of the recent #DNCLeak emails happen to be of of possible interest. In scanning such I decided to finally look up what this one was talking about:...
Political Mud-Pit Sep 21 472 63 rss
I had to alter the title to fit it. It was a million dollar shot until it wasn’t. Donald Trump once refused to pay a winner of a hole-in-one contest $1 million during a 2010 golf tournament, prompting the competition’s angry winner to sue the mogul,...
2016 US Elections Sep 19 151 62 rss
Hillary Health is back. Looks like the Campaign is cancelling an upcoming event because Hillary apparently is having a recurrence of her pneumonia. She hasn't been so perky and alert ever since that episode on 9/11. She needs to rest and prepare for next week's debate...
Ever wonder why there are protest going on in Charlotte, NC and not Tulsa, OK? Both had 'innocent' black men shot at the hands of police. The difference is that North Carolina is a swing state and 'protestors' are being bussed in from out of state. 70% of the arrests...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 26 105 57 rss
UFO Captured By Police Helicopter In St Athens, Wales With Onboard FLIR Camera on September 17. The pilot could not see it in the daylight, only through the infrared camera. The National Police Air Service posted the video to their Twitter feed a few days ago, asking their followers...
US Political Madness Sep 12 821 149 rss
A Presidential candidate collapses at a ceremony in NYC...and is shoved, unconscious, by SS into a van like a side of...
As an EMT, working in a substance abuse facility, the opiate addiction issue is at the forefront of the majority...
2016 US Elections Sep 16 250 96 rss
Trump had the media going when he said something about making an "announcement". Looks like the media automatically thought...
So did they just accidentally let the cat out of the bag? I am not sure when this report was from, but it appears it was today and these to news anchors...
Looks like an explosion in the Chelsea area of Manhattan tonight... CHELSEA, Manhattan — Multiple people were injured during an outdoor explosion in Chelsea Saturday night....
Another round of hacked Democratic National Committee documents have been released. Provided by an anonymous representative of a hacker, Guccifer, the 500 megabytes detail the DNC’s information...
Rant Sep 15 115 79 rss
Dear "certain" US members... I have been a little reluctant to post here for fear of one of my threads or posts being twisted around or being "polluted"...
2016 US Elections Sep 12 84 76 rss
assange: “Bernie Sanders was an independent candidate trying to get the nomination through the Democratic Party, and if you ask me he did get the nomination, but he was threatened to drop...
2016 US Elections Sep 11 1864 173 rss
DEVELOPING: Senior Fox News Correspondent Rick Leventhal just tweeted that Hillary left the 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero with a medical episode. She...
The Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board has just voted in favor...
General Conspiracies Sep 10 1904 139 rss
I did a search on ATS but could not find any reference to this already being posted so apologies if it already has. The artwork on these...
2016 US Elections Sep 8 392 82 rss
Trending in Twitter is reference to Hillary have a small ear peace presumably to help from her staff. It's bad enough she hides from press conferences and only now is doing...
I walked into a Walmart recently, one of the worst in the area I live in (passing through and we needed something on the way home),...
2016 US Elections Sep 14 187 73 rss
Hillary Clinton's Twitter feed exploded today with 20 tweets attacking Donald Trump in less than an hour... The thrust of the attacks are that Trump is guilty...
Political Mud-Pit Sep 17 161 72 rss
This is still a developing story so keep that in mind. At about 1:35 PM EST, Vice News reporter Alex Thompson...
ATS Skunk Works Sep 11 111 66 rss
Today at the memorial ceremony for 9/11, Hillary Clinton had a Within an hour of having to be manhandled into her specialized van, she came out of her daughter's apartment building and went on her merry way....

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