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  top topics:  november 20, 2019







Political Mud-Pit Nov 17 112 59 rss
November 17, 2019 Before Democrats began the current impeachment process, President Trump's Approval rating stood at 44.3%. That was already higher than what President Obama had, after the same amount of time in office. Source: Now, after a month of...
The Gray Area Nov 16 203 56 rss
I am currently watching a BBC interview of Prince Andrew in relation to his “friendship” with Jeffrey Epstein. What really got to me is how frigging stupid they must think we are. A 4 year old child knows how to lie better then Andrew does. He shows ALL the textbook trademarks of a blatant liar. His whole demeanor, his...
Today in a court filing, the DOJ revealed a bombshell confirmation of The FBI coverup of Hillary Clinton's emails on Huma Abedin's laptop. This is revealed in a DOJ filing; an exhibit from The FBI. There have been many rumors of this being true, but has never been confirmed until...
The President’s unscheduled stop at the Walter Reed military hospital on Saturday involved a battery of tests to determine whether the President was exposed to a chemical agent that is suspected of being introduced into his food... Well, it looks...
Political Mud-Pit Nov 17 25 42 rss
John Kiriakou, a whistleblower during the Bush years, has given his opinion on this current case. This is clearly someone who understands and respects what a whistleblower is. A former CIA officer who blew the whistle on the use of waterboarding...
[color=white][size=-1]Genesis 7:11, Genesis 8:4, תהלים 92:8 , תְּהִלִּים 27 [/size][/color] [size=6]-PART-[/size][size=9]-22-[/size] HI AGAIN (again)(again) Y'ALL!!! If youve been following since the beginning...
Impeachment testimony witness George Kent testified today. He found Trumps request for an investigation into Burisma and 2016 election interference to be very troubling. This is an important witness to the Democrats because he is a supposed expert on... is long but is seriously worth watching. This video is absolute fire..... This is the very first time I have heard Barr speak of anything like this. Barr breaks down the entire impeachment argument and all of the measures he has gone through with investigations.
Political Mud-Pit Nov 14 162 51 rss
Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi made a wild and telling statement today at her weekly press conference. After yesterday's Democrat failure hearing on Trump's impeachment, she said Trump must show some proof of innocence as a defense !! Well now we know...
Political Mud-Pit Nov 15 105 51 rss
What You WON'T Hear On MSM. When Rep. Elise Stefanik finally got a chance to speak at today's "Schiff Show," she really scored one for the team. Now I can see why Schiff had such a hard time recognizing Rep. Stefanik for a parliamentary question: Later, at today's proceedings,...
Political Issues Nov 14 169 48 rss
Pardon me in advance, but , this just pisses me off. In the age of all this wonderfully p.c. to the point of nausea, this is an acceptable statement? I'm not going to expound much further on my feelings about this, as I've made it plenty clear i don't agree with this. But, really? This # is acceptable, by the same people who...
So this is bound to get some people riled up. The Supreme Court sided with Trump on the stay for his taxes. The Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked a ruling that requires an accounting firm to turn President Donald Trump’s tax returns over to Congress. The order signed by Chief Justice John...
Rant Nov 12 93 41 rss
I will be taking my daughter to see the new Frozen 2 when it comes out. She is a teenager and has really been looking forward to it. She watches any snippets of teasers that she can find. I knew that there were some stories leaked previously that Disney might make Elsa a lesbian. I thought it was ridiculous.... But a quick search of news stories for Frozen...
Political Mud-Pit Nov 15 41 40 rss
So if any of you have watched you are already aware of all that I'm about to put in this thread. Those of you who haven't you should. All of the sourcing is right there on the page. It's all official, not opinion pieces or op-ed columns (there are a few of those but only where appropriate, like...
Aliens and UFOs Nov 10 84 129 rss
A personal friend of mine and a guy who has always been a friend to has finally been able to put together a really well done, living and...
So apparently James O'Keefe has more to share with us. He says he has been threatened by powerful people....
The Gray Area Nov 8 71 72 rss
I have never heard of this or seen this posted anywhere. So I had to create a thread on it to see what others have heard on this. After reading this article it appears that there are plenty of others that have had this experience....
This is a big one for people who watch MSM to see. I say good work to Project Veritas on this one and thank you to the whistleblower!...
Saturday, November 9, 2019 U.S. House Intelligence Committee chairman, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) didn't allow Republicans...
Rant Nov 5 156 58 rss
This is a bit of a rant that might trigger some. Others, I know will completely agree. Now, I’m not gay bashing, being homophobic, or trying to ridicule the Gay community. I just read a story how there are rainbow poppy’s being sold......
Full Article Title: Female MMA fighter takes down anti-Trump 'professor' who allegedly started fight at flag wave honoring veterans in Portland Another looney, lefty resorts to violence...
Political Mud-Pit Nov 6 300 49 rss
November 6, 2019 Today, there is ONE MORE reason why the Anti-Trump Whistleblower and his Attorney...
This bloke, THIS BLOKE, has the balls to call it as he sees it. Do yourself a favour and watch this 40 second video until the very end, here is this bloke chatting to Jessie Watters about this...
Political Mud-Pit Nov 4 375 74 rss
One month before biden forced the ukrainian prosecutor looking into burisma into the unemployment line, burisma's representative reached out to the US state...
I want to give ATS members a heads up, that today, at 9 AM, there will be "a bombshell leak on deceased...
Political Mud-Pit Nov 1 116 47 rss
The New York Times poo-pooed the long-standing tradition of television stations airing the “The Star-Spangled Banner” because some night owl viewers could be offended by the “politically charged”...
Political Mud-Pit Nov 11 188 47 rss
I have to ask. When this current impeachment/coup attempt fails, and Trump win's another election, what will you do then? Judging by history, even if the house votes to impeach, the senate likely won't remove Trump. And when this happend to Clinton,...
War On Terrorism Nov 5 360 46 rss
And so it may begin? I've wondered why we hadn't done anything about this sooner. It's taken a HORRIBLE murder of a family to finally force our hand. The Mexican government hasn't done a thing to take care of their cartel issues. Perhaps they're...
Political Mud-Pit Nov 10 130 46 rss
Congressman Adam Schiff has already denied the Republican request for the "Whistleblower" to testify in front of The House Committee !! ...
It is often difficult for the average person to follow the details of many of the stories in politics. The impeachment (coup) attempt of Trump is no different. The media is...

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