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  top topics:  july 23, 2018







July 19, 2018 In closed testimony, Lisa Page confirms that there was NO HINT of Russians colluding with the Trump campaign in 2015/2016. That passage was transmitted on May 19, 2017. “There’s no big there there,” Strzok texted. The date of...
A non-profit org has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. They are going after the Clinton Campaign and some others. Apparently some details are contained in the complaint that show some "collusion" with somebody in regards to that FusionGPS-Dossier deal 😎 Every detail counts 🤒 The...
Rand Paul has been a hero in these last few days. He makes so much sense but people will not accept it in this age of we must hate Trump at all cost. This is just common sense. The reason the Neocons hate Trump is because they want war everywhere. They want regime change and nation...
Political Mud-Pit Jul 22 158 64 rss
Well now on the heels of one of the FISA documents release, we have former Director of National Intelligence (under wait for it ....OBAMA) saying publicly that Obama himself was behind the whole "Spy on Trump" operation !! Yup, he sees that all the Democrati BS is falling apart just in time for the November elections...
Political Mud-Pit Jul 19 120 44 rss
Any American watching this video should be terrified by what is happening in this country. Amazing. God help us if these nut bags gain actual power.
Political Mud-Pit Jul 17 274 96 rss
.....and that he was meant to say Russia did have reason to meddle in election: President Donald Trump attempted on Tuesday to clarify his widely criticized comments in Helsinki, saying that he had misspoken when he said a day earlier that he did not see why Russia would have meddled in the election. Trump said Tuesday...
Political Mud-Pit Jul 17 203 93 rss
People constantly think up excuses for trump’s to explain away all his actions that make him look guilty of Russian collusion.. The really funny part is there is one conclusion that explains EVERYTHING.. He did it.. “Why waa trump Jr. forced to release a....
No wonder the top Democrats (top traitors). Wanted Trump to cancel the meeting with Putin. Who in their right mind would do anything a Democrat suggests? Shouldn't we close that corrupted party down or something? Before they complete their plans to destroy the free world? I would believe...
The aftermath of Helsinki is truly frightening, the backlash is not only internal, it is international. Not only do our own news agencies post news and commentary such as this post below, but international agencies, who are usually more neutral with our news, have been calling it disgraceful and a step back for our country. We suppose the reason President Trump was so...
Political Mud-Pit Jul 16 319 76 rss
“Yanks to the rescue”: Time’s not-so secret story of how Americans helped Yeltsin win 1996 presidential election Imagine Izvestia ran a headline in January 2018 titled “Rescuing Donald”, in which it proudly boasted that a group of crack Russian election-fixers...
From the DOJ : Maria Butina, 29, a Russian citizen residing in Washington D.C., was arrested on July 15, 2018, in Washington, D.C., and made her initial appearance this afternoon before Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. She...
On July 13th, 2018, an indictment was filed by Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III. This author is responding to the indictment because it features claims about Guccifer 2.0 that are inconsistent with what has been discovered about the persona, including the following: * - ...
The Gray Area Jul 19 78 59 rss
I hope this the right place for this story, couldn´t find something about it yet. I first read an article in a german newspaper, the title was: br /> Washed away - Woman found after 18 months, she was still wearing the same clothes. I had to laugh a bit because i thought: How should...
Political Mud-Pit Jul 18 140 49 rss
Trump Shouldn't Eschew Results to Appease the Outrage of a Few Prigs President Trump’s latest “gaffe” during the Helsinki summit between the United States and The Russian Federation has not only brought about the typical outrage, but to calls for treason, a crime with which death is...
I was debating whether to even post this yesterday or today, it's already been a bad and divisive week, Pence family was already 'attacked' by the journalists, Helsinki went very poorly, Russian interference with the 12 agents -- I didn't feel like writing about more corruption from the White House families. However,...
Political Conspiracies Jul 13 1994 128 rss
[size=6][align=center]-PART- [/size][size=9]- §9§ -[/align][/size] Genesis 50:20 Psalm 137:7 Exodus 17:13 Psalm 105:15 Deuteronomy 33:12-13...
The widow who told the world her politician husband was a paedophile says he was involved in a ring of abusers which goes to "the highest...
Political Mud-Pit Jul 8 225 88 rss
VIDEO: Anyway, this 2-minute long video is basically a big HaHaHa troll to leftists, the MSM and democrats in general...
Friday, July 13, 2018 In contrast to the dodgy and insincere testimony presented to Congress yesterday by her colleague (lover?) PETER STRZOK, LISA...
This is just breaking. Looking for more but from Politico: Special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russians on Friday, and accused them of hacking into the Democratic National Committee to sabotage the...
Tom Hale By Tom Hale 03 JUL 2018, 14:52 Archaeologists in Egypt have a hard question to answer: who is the colossal figure buried inside this massive sarcophagus?...
Rant Jul 13 79 70 rss
WHY? WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY??????????????????????????????????? The Congressional Hush Fund? NOTHING! Deleted emails? NOTHING! Lying to FBI. FBI lying to us. ...
This is a potential bombshell. And throws quite a curveball at some of the Seth Rich murder theories floating around. First, there's this: Jack Burkman, a Washington-based...
Political Mud-Pit Jul 6 291 90 rss
Boynton Beach homeowner Jeff Good was just relaxing and enjoying the holiday when a car pulled up and a stranger demanded that he take the flag down and denounced the...
Political Mud-Pit Jul 4 182 83 rss
The utter morons are at it again. Yeah I'm calling these people moron's TOTAL MORONS!! ICE is breaking up human sex trafficking of CHILDREN....
July 6, 2018 This mentally unstable U.S. Congresswoman is activating mentally unstable Democrats all across our country! Today, loyal Democrat...
This is going viral right now a grown man attacks a group of kids in a burger joint and throws a drink in the face of a kid and steals...
By the title are there still doubters ? I will post this article simply because many patrons...
In just a few minutes now, Peter Strzok is going to testify before Congress. Fox is calling it a "public" testimony. I figured we needed a thread. br /> I'll be watching. TheRedneck
Some more info about the water that lays deep below our feet. There is an area that starts at approx 410 kilometers deep, called the transition zone where all the magic seems...
ATS Skunk Works Jul 3 147 63 rss
Two doctors volunteer to STAY with children trapped in Thai cave for FOUR MONTHS if floodwaters...

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