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  top topics:  february 19, 2017







9/11 Conspiracies Feb 18 183 168 rss
I am not writing this thread to convince anyone of anything. I simply present a theory from a Russian Nuclear Scientist and the coincidental evidence that I found supports what he says. Other than that, I just want to see what ATS thinks about this coincidence against accusation. Dmitiri khalezov...
Trump was brutally HONEST WITH US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TODAY. I love it. Specifically, Hillary Clinton does not hold press conferences. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t speak to the press — she’s done lots of interviews —...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 16 196 80 rss
I am not a Trump supporter, dont think he is a very nice man. That being said this is very very wrong. The information war and the war from the Deep State against Trump sets a very dangerous precedent. The last time this happened was the assassination of JFK. How people can support this kind of action is beyond...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 17 327 78 rss
Looks like Trump turned it up against the MSM . He makes a good point though with the media's refusal to cover the news without their left wing agenda is deceptive as hell. You end up with stories like this one that tells that the American people...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 18 300 68 rss
I saw a list posted of recent terror attacks or thwarted terror attack or other acts of violence that have been committed by White Nationalists, White Supremacists or other various factions of the Right Wing. I debated whether it was worth it posting it here, whether I wanted to deal with the frustration of 'fake news'...
My first encounter with ATS was at around 3AM many moons ago. My Windows XP computer gently humming, the glow of the 17 inch CRT monitor providing the only light in my small kitchen. I spent all that night reading and learning about topics I didn't know existed. I learned about the Illuminati and the shadow government. I learned about...
Rant Feb 13 107 74 rss
Well hello ATS. I was an active follower and occasional poster from about 2006 onward. Took a break the last 8 years. Life happens and pulls us away no? For the first time in a whiles I've been reading this site again. My oh my have things changed! It seems to have become a partisan slugfest....
I could not figure which forum to place this in however it does need a place for all to see IMO. Further more I have been seeing articles where the pedophiles days are numbered as the new leadership in Washington will actively pursue those who can be proved guilty. One of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement...
Space Exploration Feb 15 111 70 rss
So you got tired of reading about Trump on ATS and decided to take a look at my other thread on Astrophotography, the pretty pictures have given you an appetite for trying this out yourself. You've got a camera, and like that erik guy said: in today's world with digital cameras, I don't need to buy film, pay for it to be developed, wait...
Space Exploration Feb 14 64 67 rss
Back when I was a kid, when the Earth was young and dinosours roamed the land, I used to lay out at night, looking up at the stars, wanting to see them more up close. I had a lot of books then, showing these incredible images of objects in our sky, with mind boggling colors and shapes that intrigued me. Then I became a teenager, living in Italy as a military...
So I've been watching these youtube videos, although very cryptic, seem to be directly related with wikileaks "vault7" project. In his videos he presents varying images and/or gif, and video with what is clearly hexadecimal coding. His older videos cover Seth Rich's murder and links directly to HRC and the DNC. Lately he has gotten far more cryptic...
Rant Feb 13 121 62 rss
Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS, Enough of the Trump #e.........................please! Hasn't anyone got anything interesting to talk about for Christ sake? Over it already. Far out! Trump this, Trump that, who gives a monkeys? He's your President!!!!!! Suck it up He"s a: not going to resign b: Doesn't give a toss what you think personally...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 18 61 62 rss
I can virtually guarantee every one of you deniers and anyone on the fence that every true journalist in this country got the biggest thrill they've had in years when Trump laid it all out and topped it off with, "Very Fake News." True journalists HATE fake news and know exactly what it is. It's not even debatable with this newsie. But feel free. It won't do you...
It appears that the mainstream media is getting all bent out of shape, with the new White House; lessor known news outlets given first questions during press briefings, rather than the established "gatekeepers". During his press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,...
Secret Societies Feb 12 54 57 rss
Leah Ramini dropped a bomb on JRE #908 that may surprise a few people. For those that are unfamiliar with Scientology, she is a good source of information and has revealed more than I assume the church is comfortable with the public knowing. Regardless, there's a reason...
Above Politics Feb 8 343 219 rss
Folks, Preamble: I posted this in "above politics" as it is not a rant, and it sure does not belong in "political mud pit" either. But some may read a rant into it, others may suspect I'm throwing political mud - I can assure you,...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 6 369 120 rss
I have been meaning to write this thread for some time now however the challenge with a thread like this is the lack of individuals whom it is about who will own their ideological beliefs. This creates a huge difficulty because many members...
Fragile Earth Feb 7 156 110 rss
Methuselah, a nearly 5,000 year old bristlecone pine, the second oldest known. . br /> An international team of researchers from universities in Japan, the US and Switzerland have...
After a late night sitting the US federal appeals court has rejected the emergency motion filed by the Trump administration to overrule...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 10 269 104 rss
Three Brothers; Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan who managed office IT for members of the House Committee on Intelligence, Department Homeland...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 7 106 102 rss
I posted this about an hour ago - being my observations of Trumps immigration ban and the consequential fallout from it. Trump is outsmarting...
Japan Feb 8 274 98 rss
So this is the first MSM TV report I've seen on Fukiuhima in a very long time...and the news is predictably not very good. Basically, it says 300 tons of radio...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 9 185 93 rss
Throughout the recent election, I wrote on a number of occasions about the many instances of then candidate Donald Trump misleading, mischaracterizing, misinforming, misrepresenting,...
A nun. Somebody who would know first hand the plight of the poor, the struggles of single mothers, orphans; "I do not believe that just because...
If this article is true (see video which leaves no doubt it is true) we will finally be able to see if all the blame placed on HRC (Clinton's in general) was...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 2 294 99 rss
The ship is sinking and the rats are running. These leaks are coming from people within the administration, Comrade Trump's trusted people,...
Kellyanne Conway has blamed two Iraqi refugees for a terrorist attack that never happened to justify the Trump travel ban. The senior advisor...
World War Three Feb 4 155 91 rss
There is no story yet, but the source is legitimate. My guess is that Iran is taking this position because Russia...
Is he wrong? Its difficult to say. Could they have been agent provocateurs or "Right wingers" stirring up trouble? Possibly. Could they...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 3 151 90 rss
Call it a wild guess, but I get the feeling that you are still sore about having to accept the results of the election in the United States, and by default, anything that occurs after it. ...
Political Mud-Pit Feb 5 155 90 rss
O'Reilly pressed on, declaring to the president that “Putin is a killer.” Unfazed,...

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