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  top topics:  july 27, 2016







Interesting, Anyone else see "trouble" coming his way very soon? Suicide, stroke, or heart attack. Let's place our bets. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said that Wikileaks have obtained information that, when released soon, will guarantee a Hillary Clinton indictment. During...
More and more evidence coming out these two media platforms are helping Hillary do her work and censoring criticism. Here we have Facebook censoring the administrator of the new Hillary's America movie. Facebook brought down the banhammer on the page administrator for Dinesh D’souza’s Hillary’s America on Saturday,...
Somebody has been doing a lot of work over the weekend. Here's a list with links from Gateway Pundit that should keep everyone busy for the rest of the day. On Friday Wikileaks released nearly 20,000 hacked emails it says are from the accounts of Democratic National Committee...
2016 US Elections Jul 26 58 69 rss
Once again we're are shown how anti-white racism has become accepted and main stream in our society. Made so by people claiming to be against racism. I hate to take anything this moron says too seriously, but they do have a lot of power over a lot...
Straight out of the horses mouth folks - watch and listen to this 6min video. I have been banging on about this type of thing for ages - about the philosophy of 'death by a thousand cuts' regarding the US governments obsession with the 2nd amendment and the...
General Chit Chat Jul 20 80 105 rss
last year, I tinkered and invented a very minor device used in surgeries. It has gone through several processes. Submissions, legal gobbly-gook, further applications, design redo's. It has reached the stage where prototypes were actually tested. Minor design changes were made. Today I was notified that...
Other Current Events Jul 22 1076 79 rss
Starting to see blips on one of my apps about a large police presence at a Munich area shopping center. Multiple videos and pictures on social media showing people running from the area and what appears to be pops being heard. Also a picture of a person lying face down in the street, unknown if it's related to the incident or something else. Finally...
History Jul 21 97 68
Yeah so am I. The pictures posted are unbelievable to say the least, what do you think, no algae or sign of aquatic life in any photo, least not any I could see, just seems a bit orchestrated to me, eh what do I know, nice pictures...
Posse Comitatus Jul 20 341 56 rss
The video doesnt show the actual shooting but there is footage of before and after. I dont know what else the Black guy could have done to prove that he wasnt a threat? Isnt it also relatively clear that the other guy has some type of mental issues? Thankfully he's not...
Without any prior notice or public hearings, on Thursday morning, Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, issued an “Enforcement Notice” to firearm owners that she is unilaterally changing the longstanding definition of so-called “Assault...
2016 US Elections Jul 24 210 54 rss
Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned, leaving the Democrat Party in a mess as leaked emails from the DNC show that the Democrat Party had worked in secret without fairness against Bernie Sanders. Colluding with media outlets, using PAC money to pay online commenters, conspiring to attack...
Members Jul 20 371 53 rss
What is the meaning of your ATS name. I chose Quantum12 because I have a healing Quantum Bracelet and I was born in December the 12th month.
Posse Comitatus Jul 26 92 52 rss
Classy move from a real class act. Michael Jordan's statement in full: As a proud American, a father who lost his own dad in a senseless act of violence, and a black man, I have been deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and...
New World Order Jul 21 117 48 rss
< A homeowner in Finland has been sentenced to four years in jail and a hefty fine after fighting off three intruders who attempted to rob his house. The thieves, meanwhile, got lesser prison terms and are to be paid damages...
2016 US Elections Jul 23 4305 47 rss
It's time Since I seem to be invested this year, here is my contribution to the fracas - and the dream. What can we say about our democracy that hasn't already been said? Plenty, I figure. So, let's have at it Some useful information: [color=Orange]Those fighting...
Other Current Events Jul 14 1623 123 rss
Breaking News Now. A truck seems to have driving into the crowd at a celebration in Nice France. Gun fire has been exchanged and so far 20 people are dead. I heard some group has taken...
Stories have just started to break out all over social media of Tanks on the street in the Capital of Turkey and of the Military rounding up senior Police...
Other Current Events Jul 17 905 107 rss
Seeing early reports of multiple LE agencies responding to a shots fired call in Baton Rouge, with multiple officers down. One road, airline highway, is shut down in both...
Fluoride is commonly found in tap water thanks to a process called fluoridation – which the U.S. government has been repeatedly telling us is a safe and effective way to protect teeth from decay, according to Global...
A real life story of the most ultimate hypocrisies, ironies, subjugations, sexual assaults,...
Whosoever might read this, do me a favor, if you please. Are you perturbed? Are your perturbations regular, predictable and periodic? Then they must have particular causes that you encounter often. Now, on to the causes. Is the locus...
Aliens and UFOs Jul 13 147 75 rss
The deathbed testimonial is not Hellyer's, it was someone who spoke to him This is a truly astounding link that will not be realized...
After President Barack Obama said the murder of fives Dallas police officers was a “hate crime,” EBONY editor...
unreal! Looks like cops are down at Dallas protest! Megan Kelly show. not much yet. :dn::dn::dn::dn:
The U.S. House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee has followed through with their "promise" from last week about requesting an investigation...
This is amazing and I agree with everything he talks about. This guy is skilled in debate I swear he's on a debate forum somewhere honing in his skills. He says the biggest problem in the black community...
Aliens and UFOs Jul 11 199 79 rss
Numerous government around the world are slowly coping with the idea that the worldwide population has a right to know whether or not we are alone in...
Rant Jul 9 121 75 rss
I am against murder and violence against my fellow human beings. I don't care who you are, but you have a right to security of your person and property. Now, it is 'racist' to say all lives matter. Well, too bad because...
The statement released by Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump on the crisis in Dallas and the deteriorating race relations in America is the...
There's a body of research showing that painkiller abuse and overdose are lower in states with medical marijuana laws . . . Now a new study, released...
2016 US Elections Jul 18 794 61 rss
To put it bluntly, they're the same thing. Some of it uses the exact same wording and yet the typical partisan folks praised Melania as if they were actually focused on her words. Hahahaha....

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