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Ancient & Lost Civilizations
This video was Published on Oct 15, 2014. It's an interesting interview for those of us who entertain the notion of a possible lost/forgotten past. If you have the time, make a pot of coffee, get comfy and let your mind explore this possibility. Some view him as an academics worst nightmare as being one of their own coming out with interesting perspectives. Enjoy.
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I came across this video which gives a different view. A birds eye view of where the Fukishima waste is being stored, the amount, and how close it sits to the Pacific Ocean. Sorry this isn't a current event more of an ongoing event. Please move if necessary. Thank you
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Aliens and UFOs
" The public rarely hears about interactions between military personnel and unexplained aircraft -- especially during wartime. As time goes on, however, UFO stories stuck behind red tape begin to see the light of day. The Vietnam War saw...
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Conspiracies in Religions
When I came to ATS, I was looking for answers to what is really going on in the world. But, in the process, I have had my Religious Belief Systems challenged. For the past few years, I have experienced a Deprogramming of False Belief Systems. This has been a painful experience. Believe me when I tell you, its pretty depressing to find out what you have lived and...
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Posse Comitatus
...And now for some 4/20 news! I saw Whoopi Goldberg just about burst a vein over this issue on The View this morning! It seems that the 11 year old son of a Medical Marajuana activist wanted to exercise his free speech and defend the use of cannabis for medical use, at school....
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Posse Comitatus
When you start scraping off the veneer of America the meme, it can get very ugly, very quickly. When something like this gets exposed, you can be certain it's just the tip of the iceberg. The FBI isn't what people think they are. I want to see...
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
"California resident Gerilynn Aflleje was horrified when her 4-year-old Siberian Husky mix was killed by a local animal shelter over $180 in fees that she couldn't afford. Her dog, Chunk, had been dropped off at the Stockton shelter after getting lost in 2013, she later explained at a city council meeting. When Aflleje discovered...
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General Conspiracies
Well, everyone's favorite corporate giant is getting ready it appears. I would assume this means they will be pushing for full legalization soon? Who didn't see this coming. "Last week Monsanto announced that it had patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. This news has far-reaching consequences for...
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General Conspiracies
"In a not-very-publicized article from the Denver Westword, Unruh indeed claims that Holmes told him that he was programmed to kill by an “evil therapist” – a very simple term describing what might have been his trauma-based...
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" Right now, a massive amount of highly radioactive water is escaping into the Pacific Ocean from the ruins of the destroyed Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan. This has been going on all day, every day for more than two years....
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
It's great when a loud mouth gets what is coming to him.
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ATS Skunk Works
I came across this article from another forum, supposedly it was mirrored from a 2009 entry an archived, or something like that. Anyways it talks about an expansive underground tunnel system connecting Wal-Mart in the South. Although the state's it references as being part...
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Education and Media
Ugh. This just makes me sick. It sounds like state leadership camp for fascist sociopaths, the development of which was touched on in a few threads way back when, like and , among others. An incestuous blending of public, private, and military...
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Diseases and Pandemics
So this is odd that it has not garnered more attention. I have found it in a few media outlets, but the one linked appears to be the source. "Islamic State fighters are falling ill in their droves to a deadly flesh-eating...
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Other Current Events
I have no real idea where to post this, I guess as its going on now, its current. "(PrisonPLanet)-Five different stores suddenly announced they were shutting up shop all for the same reason....
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Space Exploration
It is so amazing to see this images of the Sun!! In a way it is also so scary to see how this thing lives!!! For most people the sun is just a big ball of fire that gives us light, but watching this video, another image...
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Secret Societies
Found this today, a reasonably long read but definately interesting. I have heard about the (BIS) Bank of International Settlements but never really knew what the creeps actually got up to. This article throws some light on the subject. snippet...
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ATS Skunk Works
What if we got it all wrong? Over the years I've read many quite interesting perspectives and lots of rather out there conjecture on everything from Ancient Aliens to lost Advanced Civilizations. One thought that has bounced around in my head from time to time keeps reoccurring to me...
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Breaking Alternative News
" The next Bundy Ranch incident is developing in Josephine County, Oregon. The BLM has served notice to gold miners that they have until April 25, 2015 to stop gold mining….Oath Keepers are on site…Militia on the way. BLM DID NOT seek...
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Fragile Earth
So how many of you like Figs? I only ever eat then at Christmas but i love a fig biscuit. Well it seems that the secret inside every fig is a decomposed dead wasp! It seems the fig needs the wasp to crawl inside to pollinate it but...
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2016 US Elections
I saw it and almost vomited in my mouth. I know ATS doesn't control the ads that are displayed, or at least that's what I've been lead to believe anyway. But come on come on, surely there must be some type of deal you guys can...
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2016 US Elections
Yup...the classic pot calling the kettle black. This message is dead on arrival, well, at least for anyone remotely aware of her connections to the top she's referring to in the video. Another ploy...
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
In general, prohibition, including that of prostitution, does nothing but drive it underground and create violent criminals. Al Capone is probably the best example, but drug cartels sit on the US border beheading people. In the case of prostitution, as an example, I highly doubt women would be beaten,...
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US Political Madness
So here is a messed up story of a Judge that says he is upset because a little girl, whom he points out is white, is now afraid of black men after her home was broken into by black men, and robbed at gunpoint. She wrote it in a victims statement.....the judge...
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War On Terrorism
Sorry if this has already been posted, did a search but didn't find. Anywho, if this is true, along with our porous border, should make for an interesting summer. "ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm "The exact...
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US Political Madness
" If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) becomes president of the United States, he said on "The Hugh Hewitt Show" Tuesday, he will "crack down" on those states that have ended prohibitions...