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Other Current Events
Let me start by saying: I was NOT in the building where the shooting happened, I was a mile away at home. I'll give you a break down of what I saw, and what I know. At 12:37am I received a Text Alert from FSU, saying: "DANGEROUS SITUATION! Main Campus - Tallahassee. Seek shelter immediately, away from doors and windows." No other information given. Now, we sometimes get those alerts for dangerous weather, but the skies were clear. So I called the FSU PD non-emergency phone number. I asked them what the deal with the alert was, and they told me they cannot comment at all about it, but they checked to ensure I was safe at home. So, I put on warm clothes, and ran the mile down...
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Please consider this our introduction: Anonymous, often referred to as "Hacktivists", "Cyber-Terrorists" or " The last boss of the internet", are an ideological group of loosely affiliated members. Decentralized organization lies at the heart of the movement, where no specific command nexus exists, but instead drives itself by way of collective interests towards a specific cause or "Op". As Anonymous have grown over the years, many 'cells' have arisen within the collective, and although the media often attempt to, (quite poorly I might add), it makes it harder to characterize the group as a whole. Anonymous has become a way to voice an opinion, to highlight an injustice or rally a cause. Some see their...
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Links & Other Resources
I just found this site and thought I'd want to share it here on ATS, some of these photos I've never seen before and find them fascinating. I just thought you might like it too. Without further adieu, Enjoy! :love:
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Fragile Earth
"Are we witnessing the Gulf Stream closing down? Is the cold November in the US just a precursor of what is to come? A massive snowstorm has wreaked havoc in the north-eastern US and left seven people dead in upstate New York. After sweeping across the Great Lakes, the storm dumped...
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Other Current Events
Just stumbled upon this and could not find it posted yet. What's up with all the meteors these days ? And another angle:
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US Political Madness
Seems Obama himself has made many statements about how to handle the illegal immigration problems. Speaker of the House John Boehner has released some of Obama's comments on the subject. The comments range from before he was President to August of 2014 (before the November Democrat slaughter)...
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Science & Technology
" Autonomous “Robocop”-style robots, equipped with microphones, speakers, cameras, laser scanners and sensors, have started to guard Silicon Valley. The security robots, called Knightscope K5 Autonomous Data Machines, were designed by a robotics company, Knightscope,...
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General Conspiracies
First, here is the source. "Trained to be skeptics, analysts can also help case officers see flaws in operational plans. Such collaboration proved critical in the search for Osama bin Laden and has given rise to an expanding career category for analysts known as “targeters” who help identify...
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Fragile Earth
"California’s Department of Conservation’s Chief Deputy Director, Jason Marshall, told NBC Bay Area, California state officials allowed oil and gas companies to pump up to 3 billion gallons (call it 70 million barrels) of oil...
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ATS Skunk Works
Looks like a structure to me, maybe I'm wrong? Can you see it?: The date of the images on that site says 31st Oct 2002, so if it here on ATS, forgive me, there's too many threads to go through to see if this has been covered. Credit for this find goes to this site Credit for the .GIF goes to that site too....
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Breaking Alternative News
" The Philae lander has detected organic molecules on the surface of its comet, scientists have confirmed. Carbon-containing "organics" are the basis of life on Earth and may give clues to chemical ingredients delivered to our planet early in its history. The compounds were picked up by...
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The Gray Area
I have to say the conversion was extremity interesting, I just asked him one question. And he basically spilled the beans on many covert operations nothing specific, but enough that you could tell he just knew. It was crazy. Eventually the conversation went to 9/11 which he said it is basically known in his...
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Fragile Earth
Saw this video on Liveleak, and thought it looked like the kind of thing folk here would find interesting. Edit: 2nd video found (Thanks to LL member "russsky") EDIT: just found this vid from another angle apparently (it was...
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
This is how it is done. No hint of racism, no hint of hate. Speaking the truth about African American violence. The problem with a lot of ATS that when they attempt to say the say thing...they also attempt to label the entire race as violent.
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
I'm going to set my stall out here - I'm a 44 year old guy with kids, who was - I believe - one of the first couple of thousand people in the UK to be a part of the modern/commercial internet when services...
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Other Current Events
"Last Tuesday, the voters on the Hawaiian island of Maui passed a moratorium on genetically engineered crops. The very next day, Monsanto announced plans to sue Maui to block the law...
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Posse Comitatus
"He then approached Nala, who was being held down by another officer, Thomas Schmidt, and pressed the knife up to the dog’s throat. He then forced the blade into Nala’s neck and began slitting her throat open...
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9/11 Conspiracies
This is from the so take it for what it is. The only other source is at the moment. Over time I have learned to keep my mouth shut about this topic, but that's never...
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Philosophy and Metaphysics
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - Hamlet Hello Today we'd like to share with you some thoughts and philosophical explorations of mind, spirit, being and very possibly a new perceptive on our reality. I say we, because this has been a collaborative...
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Medical Issues & Conspiracies
"Experts have shown that when certain parts of cannabis are used to treat cancer tumours alongside radio therapy treatment the growths can virtually disappear. The new research by specialists at...
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Education and Media
"Fox Business Network anchor Melissa Francis revealed on Friday that she was “silenced” by CNBC, her former employer, when she questioned the “math of Obamacare” on the air. After slamming Obamacare architect Jonathan...
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Conspiracy Theorists
" (CNN) - Former wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has some harsh words for the armed forces this Veterans Day: If given the option today, he'd opt out of military service. "I hate to say it, but no, I would be a conscientious...
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Deconstructing Disinformation
Am sure quite a few folks here on ATS already know about these 'Inside jobs' but did think there were some interesting facts brought up in the article below -number 3 dealing with the FBI is quite an eyeopener (as is number 8 dealing with Operation Ajax)...
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Middle East Issues
A new law in Saudi Arabia banning ‘tempting eyes’ has become the latest example of female oppression in the country. An unnamed journalist said beautiful women would ‘be in trouble’ whether they wore makeup or not "The law, which states that women...
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Social Issues and Civil Unrest
Seems like more and more, they're expecting something to go down after the verdict. At least the Feds think so. "Mark Paffrath was leaving work from the Drury Plaza Hotel in Chesterfield, Missouri, Thursday when he...
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Breaking Alternative News
" The New York Times has published an unredacted version of the famous “suicide letter” from the FBI to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The letter, recently discovered...