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Middle East Issues
If I didn't find this so disturbing, it would be sad. Or is it the other way around? Or are we to laugh at it? Not sure. What I can say is that it is truly a sign of what we have become if this is entertainment on the heels of so many deaths and atrocities. At another time I might find this slightly amusing. But not right now. Peace
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Other Current Events
It's starting to look like a bleak week for aviation as Air Algerie has said it's lost contact with one of its planes flying from Burkina Faso , no more detail than that at the moment. "Air Algerie - Algeria's national airline - says it has lost contact with one of its planes flying from Burkina Faso. Contact was lost about 50 minutes after take-off from Ouagadougou, the airline is quoted by Algeria's state news agency as saying. The passenger airline was bound for Algiers, it added. " Reuters report suggests there were 110 passengers and six crew members aboard the aircraft. "Spanish airline Swiftair was said to be operating the flight chartered by Air Algerie. Swiftair...
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The Gray Area
"it happened so fast. it seemed like only a few months." my good buddy recently got back from a trip to mexico. he met a lady, and now they're touring all around north america. she's great, mid-20s, well educated, funny, sweet. we were up last night drinking on the porch, as you do. he was down there...
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Middle East Issues
It's interesting to read how this is framed from the media here. I say it's interesting because it's almost mentioned as a secondary thing to the first half of the article which focuses more on rockets fired and found so far. They come to what may be far more critical, afterward. Well, this...
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Diseases and Pandemics
, a lead virologist from Sierra Leon is now in a treatment ward with ebola, where three nurses have passed in the last week: " Sheik Umar Khan, the doctor leading anti-Ebola efforts in Sierra Leone—one of three western African countries that have been hit by an outbreak—has contracted the virus himself,...
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Predictions & Prophecies
So the world is really taking a turn for the worst and I have lacked in bringing you, ATS'ers, updated DOOM PORN! Here, I have searched the web and news sites to let everyone know what they need to fear, or, look forward to. ;) Tooting My Own Horn Here: I Really Stepped Up My Doom Updates with This Thread. lol :) Below is a link of the Second...
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Middle East Issues
I very rarely comment in the ME Issues forum, and I personally think these ISIS people sound terrifying with their murdering rampages. I have just seen this piece of news ... "Militant group Isis has ordered all girls and women in and around the Iraqi city of Mosul to undergo female...
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Fragile Earth
" In a new review of scientific literature and analysis of data published in Science, an international team of scientists cautions that the loss and decline of animals is contributing to what appears to be the early days of the planet's sixth mass...
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Aliens and UFOs
Back at the end of April I took part in an Ask Me Anything about my movie, which dramatizes people disappearing on or around Brown Mountain, NC, here on AboveTopSecret. I was blown away with the response on the thread and the amazing group...
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General Conspiracies
I am aware that my post may be hypocritical since criticizing conspiracy theories, on a conspiracy forum, certainly is. But the pondering about conspiracy theories and looking at things from different angels may...
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General Conspiracies
" While western media outlets rush to repeat government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not report... ...They will not report that the crisis in Ukraine started late last year, when EU and US-supported protesters plotted the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian president,...
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Philosophy and Metaphysics
With all the hate indoctrination and grudge holding going on in the world, a lot of people think that there is nothing they can do about the negative world situation. But know what? There IS something we can do. We can clean up our own little corner of the planet. If everyone tried then the world would become a better place. It...
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Fragile Earth
I have followed this issue , and in the course of the last five years, it seems there is LESS attention on the problem, rather than more. Indeed, it still surprises me how few people even seem to know anything about it at all. As the map above indicates, the progression...
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General Conspiracies
I actually heard about this on a local pop station's morning news chatter. Did some research and saw some older posts about this topic, Bonez had a couple on the 28 pages redacted by Bush. Was amazed...
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Breaking Alternative News
" BREAKING NEWS Reports says that a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 295 souls onboard has crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border. We're currently trying to find the actual flight in our database. More information to...
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Other Current Events
Apparently Russian scientists got their first look inside it's 70 meters deep and they found a large icy lake at the bottom. " Russian scientists got their first look inside the mysterious crater in Yamal, Siberia on Wednesday,...
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Middle East Issues
"Four children were killed in Gaza City on Wednesday, medics said, in Israeli shelling witnessed by The Telegraph and other foreign journalists.
The four were among a group on the beach when the...
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Science & Technology
Well,if this had come out on April the 1st,I would not have believed it,but it does seem to be legit-A form of bacteria which exists by eating only electrons... "Some intrepid biologists at the University of Southern...
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Aliens and UFOs
The video I'm talking about is a shortened version of this video: It is a documentary based on the work of Mark McCandlish: ". . . an internationally-recognized artist who has...
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Breaking Political News
Today Sara Firth resigned from RT, and accused it of "spreading lies for Putin." "I resigned from RT today. I have huge respect for many in the team, but I'm for the truth. — Sara Firth (@Sara__Firth) "...
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General Conspiracies
" * Retired BBC worker claims that 'big names' were involved in abuse * Dando 'handed a file to management but nothing was done about it'...
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Breaking Alternative News
" Enormous crater appears suddenly in part of Russia whose name translates as 'the end of the world' Teams of scientists are rushing east to fathom the cause of this unusual - and rare - geographical...
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Science & Technology
Hi guys! Here's something that will probably blow you away! How many of you knew there is a spectacular 'hidden' treasure room of the U.S. Army? Did you know that such a place actually exists? Well, it does! Behind a series of highly...
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Space Exploration
Where Have the Sunspots Gone? Spotless Sun Reveals 'Big Quiet' Event "For the last few days, telescopes aimed at the sun have detected very few sunspots experiencing an unusual phenomenon dubbed a "Big Quiet".
The event marks the absence of sunspots during...
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Area 51 and other Facilities
I've searched and found nothing on this facility. This is weird, and big, really big. " The facility is absolutely unique; nothing like it exists anywhere in the world, primarily because of its outstanding...
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Middle East Issues
Just breaking on Foxnews. Said Gaza being hit by land, sea and air and the entire strip is shaking.
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