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  top topics:  august 25, 2016







The FBI’s year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server uncovered tens of thousands more documents from her time as secretary of state that were not previously disclosed by her attorneys. The State Department is expected to discuss when and how...
Afshin Rattansi, a British journalist, went underground with Russia Today to speak with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London. About 32,000 emails from her private server have been leaked by Wikileaks so far, but Assange would not confirm the number of emails...
2016 US Elections Aug 23 72 85 rss
I am going to post her entire statement here, it's not long, but boy does it pack a punch - she covers the deception in the media, the vilification of US government whistleblowers and secret government deals. Dr Stein gives rightful praise to Wikileaks and her comment Unlike pundits in the mainstream...
Aliens and UFOs Aug 24 188 63 rss
I mean, the Victor vid from a few years ago was fake. Logic states this is fake as well. But its new. So Im posting it. ( Tried to search this specific vid and couldnt find anything on ATS) Regardless of if its fake, the message from the video itself is worth a look on this "aliens"...
Interesting, now we have confirmation of "someone" trying to penetrate the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange is holed up. I highly doubt this is your average criminal trying to score some jewelry :) Feel free to add more information as...
ATS Skunk Works Aug 19 78 126 rss
Yes, it sounds ridiculous. Wait. Yes, it's ridiculous. But you will actually think it makes more sense than basic MSM News by the time you are done reading it. It's fun, if anything.
2016 US Elections Aug 18 399 90 rss
I respect anyone that can man-up and admit their failings, their limitations and offer an apology (of sorts) for any personal pain suffered due to past comments. Especially a POTUS candidate with no political experience. This does not change the way I feel about the goose, but it goes a long way towards me coming to a point where I start to take him and his imperfections more...
< . ONE of Britain’s top human rights lawyers who represented Julian Assange and war criminals has died in an apparent suicide. Married dad of two John Jones QC, 48, who worked alongside Hollywood actor George Clooney’s wife Amal, passed away on Monday. He acted for Wikileaks founder Assange, 44, holed-up...
Above Politics Aug 19 83 67 rss
So, I keep hearing how Trump is going to send us to war...even though thats exactly against what his platform stands for. Its a light international footprint, with more asked of the world to fix its own problems. What exactly do you think Hillary will do? She has advocated for most military action most were opposed to. She has openly...
2016 US Elections Aug 20 155 65 rss
WAtch all of these videos. This is pure ignorance but to be honest this is what I am voting against. Hate. Ugliness. Racism. Spitting on people? br /> or use this site.... Protesters pushed, verbally harassed and spat on donors attending a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis...
2016 US Elections Aug 21 270 61 rss
Even though Trump has been invited to speak to the NAACP, the Urban League and the National Association of Black and Hispanic Journalists conventions, he has declined, preferring to give his Black Vote pitch in towns full of white people... He is making his pitch in areas that are overwhelmingly white (Fredericksburg, VA and Charlotte, NC). And recently,...
Education and Media Aug 24 113 59 rss
Well, The State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton reportedly hosted a training course for residential assistants on how to “stop white people.” Stop us from what ? Working all day ? Being fanatics about our lawns ? What ? The tax payers and the people who fund this school are mainly white, just sayin. OMG what if it was stopblackpeople...
Immigrant mob ransacks Italian restaurant twice in less than 5 seconds. I laughed but not because I think it's funny. It's just...madness. I'm laughing because there's really nothing else I can do. It's like throwing my hands in the air and surrendering to the insanity our...
2016 US Elections Aug 22 86 57 rss
I've been saying it for a long time and I'm probably a broken record but our national press is completely in the tank for a left-wing, Democrat agenda. That is one of the reasons I have completely ignored all the polling that shows Trump losing to Hillary. Especially due to the frequency and exaggeration...
Education and Media Aug 23 107 56 rss
Albert Samos writes…The media has recently been stating that Donald Trump's key supporters didn’t graduate from college. They constantly refer to these people as "uneducated white men.” As an electrical contractor who happens to be a white guy with six employees but no college, I find this...
Members Aug 11 95 159 rss
Hefficide and have confirmed that Woody passed on He lost his long fight with brain tumors. :( And he will be greatly missed here on ATS A family member has just posted to Facebook. Sadly woodwardjr has...
2016 US Elections Aug 12 405 91 rss
Current polls show the race for President is much tighter than it really is. Ann Coulter warned us years ago in her best seller Slander that Democrats and...
2016 US Elections Aug 10 101 87 rss
Most of us have heard about Hillary Clinton's defense of a child rapist while she was an attorney in Arkansas. There was a video showing her laughing about his lenient sentence, showing that she knew he was guilty...
On Monday August 15, 2016 the heads of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees updated the official referral to federal prosecutor;...
WOW...the hacks just keep coming... According to this Reuters article released tonight...It certainly appears The Clinton Foundation may very well have already been Hacked. While nothing has yet surfaced from...
The mysterious DC Leaks website today posted documents from George Soros’s Open Society. Soros documents are posted from operations in Latin America,...
2016 US Elections Aug 13 183 80 rss
Thank you RP, I really appreciate your appeal to the senses of the DOJ. He lays down an accurate case as to why, and his opinion on the Comey...
The clip shows angry rioters chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as cars slowly drive past. “Yeah they white!” states...
Just broke on Drudge! It certainly appears as if Assange is suggesting Seth Rich was one of his informants. VIDEO: On July 8, 2016, 27...
Less than an hour ago, Edward Snowden published what appears to be a decryption code via his Twitter account. Then, within five minutes, the tweet was deleted. This comes almost exactly 36 hours...
Now it comes out the FBI was in fact investigating the Clinton Foundation. Apparently they did find some evidence and...
Numerous threads have been written here about the Georgia Guidestones, their mysterious origin, and the "commandments"...
Aliens and UFOs Aug 7 182 83 rss
"We spent a long time trying to convince ourselves this wasn’t real," one of the researchers, Ben Montet from Caltetch, told Maddie Stone over at Gizmodo. "We just weren’t able to."...
2016 US Elections Aug 16 172 80 rss
I've got 2 great hobbies this week in my mornings.. 1.. is to live stream the olympics, for the first few hours! 2.. is to you-tube Trumps speeches from the night before. I do this because, cnn, cnbc, cbs, fox,,
While browsing the mathematical encyclopedia Wolfram Mathworld, I came across a page on "Euler's Number Triangle". On this page is a plot formed...
(Note: I am posting this so as not to derail an important Seth Rich thread.) **** Something happened today at the Daily Mail. It seems there is an organized effort to sway/falsely...

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