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  top topics:  june 22, 2018







General Conspiracies Jun 19 155 112 rss
June 19, 2018 For years, conspiracy and investigative forum members have referred to the Clinton Crime Family "body count". Well...chalk up 2 more. When President Trump took power, the US Justice Department opened another investigation into Operation Fast and Furious as...
June 18, 2018 It appears that former Attorney General LORETTA LYNCH did something so heinous, that it couldn't be made public by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz in his report, or during his appearance before Congress today. BREAKING: IG Horowitz testifies material...
Now, before I post these images, and being a father myself, the picture of this little girl broke my heart too - she looks frightened and I wish I was there to comfort her in that moment. This is how I felt seeing her - irrespective of the scenario taking place. Now, lets get down to the...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 20 75 84 rss
Radical mob Democrats are going nuts with all the recent "issues" as they continue their downward tumble off the cliffs of destiny. Now we get another Hollywood nutcase Tweeting threats and "suggestive" political trash. So when this Doomkopf...
Cryptozoology Jun 21 85 77 rss
A thorough analysis of history shows compelling evidence that dinosaurs were in fact seen consistently throughout history. This truth has been incidentally buried in semantic ambiguity. The word "Dinosaur" was first used in 1842 by Sir Richard Owen and was defined as 'Terrible Lizard'. Prior to this date, reptilian creatures...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 17 71 70 rss
Trumps words while talking to Fox News I can totally understand why people might hate him on a personal level, he is full of the typical alpha male bravado which I get people can find off putting, but on a professional level he is fukn aceing it. Any other president...
This has just become the norm right? Degrade an entire peoples and countryman and it's just fine: President Donald Trump stunned his fellow world leaders at the G7 meeting when he said he would ship “25 million” Mexicans to Japan, which would result in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe losing his next election.... Jun 18 339 60
I was looking at the MSM news which i rarely do and Ive noticed that EVERY week there's a new debate, issue or some other Focused News item that Pulls attention away from other major important news that gets little or no exposure its...
Included in the DOJ IG report was some stuff about the DOJ telling FBI not to "Overtly" investigate the Clinton Foundation !! WoW Big secrets must have been the priority. But they really didn't want to influence the 2016 election. LOL 😃 Deputy Attorney...
Strzok was escorted out of the FBI Headquarters today. Kyle Cheney ‏Verified account @kyledcheney 15m15 minutes ago CONFIRMED: Peter Strzok -- who's been the subject of a daylong congressional hearing about FBI bias -- was escorted from FBI headquarters. The statement below is from his...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 21 199 56 rss
First off, this is not a complaint about or towards anyone calling me a Nazi. Trust me, I'm used to it. But I was watching Tucker Carlson tonight and he spoke of this topic and I wanted to expand on it a bit. There is a danger in society when you dehumanize your opponent to such a degree that violence against the target is not only acceptable, but encouraged. (Interlude to avoid confusion;...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 16 66 51 rss
An alarming exchange cited in the DOJ-IG public report outlines how Hillary Clinton's ITguy lied to FBI agents !! Well no surprise since we are seeing all kinds of incompetence out in open now. An agent said "He Lied His Ass Off" LOL 😃 Let's see if ITguy gets indicted...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 15 77 47 rss
Highly "editorialized" article claims the DOJ-IG report shows how the FBI "evidence" presented to the IG was all rigged. Clever how they did too. Conflicts of interests everywhere. Conflicts of statements. Bias but no bias. Stuff like the lack of meaningful subpoenas. Stuff like immunity to possible...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 20 338 47 rss
I'm sure this will be a great idea! The left really seems to want a civil war. I don't know how else these constant escalations will end.
Political Conspiracies Jun 13 2088 133 rss
-PART- ∞ - Genesis 28:15-18 Psalm 141:5 Psalm 105:15 Deuteronomy 32:12-13 Kings 1:39 Isaiah 61:1 Ezra 3:7 Ruth 3:3 ...
This is a very strong video on why people are leaving the Democratic party. I would recommend that everyone watch this short video and seriously think about what is going on. Please do not comment...
I haven't seen this posted, but I personally consider it a major event. It seems Country Time Lemonade has a corporate heart. From :As bureaucrats shut down children’s lemonade stands both in the U.S. and abroad, CountryTime Lemonade...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 13 275 79 rss
It finally dawned on me this morning ... I've been mistaken about President Donald J. Trump. Allow me to explain ... Yes, Mr. Trump is a self-centered, bumbling buffoon....
On Monday, when Connecticut had its State Open track and field championships at Willow Brook Park, one person broke the State Open records for girls in both the 100 and 200-meter runs....
Political Mud-Pit Jun 13 214 68 rss
President Donald J Trump has declared war on The KingdomCabal of Fake News ! Yup, he says fake news is the country's worst enemy ! 😎 He has practically signed an EO right on Twitter !! Initial Targets are CNN and NBC...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 9 305 66 rss
Canadian PM, cultural appropriator and laughable political clown, Justin Trudeau, shows his true colours as a 2-faced liberal who pays lip service...
A reporter happened to spot the Honorable DWS and asked some simple questions. Debbie just kept walking quickly and never said a word !! 😃 Can't imagine why....
Political Mud-Pit Jun 6 165 84 rss
Some leaking already about the coming DOJ-IG report. This one just released says then Attorney General Loretta Lynch was hiding...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 5 155 72 rss
OK - this is only a few minutes old. Ol dodgy and Lordy-the-Comey get a mention,...
Breaking news reports that ahead of the Senate hearings on the long awaited DOJ Inspector General...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 12 338 61 rss
If you were to compare President Trump to any of the myriad people who spend their conscious hours opposing him, nine times out of ten you’d be comparing the exception to the mean, the legendary to the forgettable, the trophy case...
This should be intresting. Why not, they gave Obama one for actually blowing up the entire middle-east. U.S. President Donald Trump was...
Political Mud-Pit Jun 14 362 60 rss
FBI agent Peter Strzok texted a fellow bureau official in August 2016 that “we’ll stop” Donald Trump from becoming president, the Justice Department...
Guess SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Colorado baker who refused to bake a gay wedding cake on religious grounds... The justices, in a 7-2 decision, faulted the Colorado Civil Rights Commission's...
Trump will meet "One on One" with North Korea Kim Jong Un at 9pm EST. The One-on-One set up will include some translators but no advisors. Neat. Supposed to last 2 hours but as Trump said several time...

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