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  top topics:  september 24, 2017







Political Mud-Pit Sep 21 112 62 rss
I apologise in advance as I am typing this from an airport bar, but this appears significant in the race for truth about Trump, Russia, FBI and Lynch The Deep State caretakers involved are familiar names: James Comey (FBI), John Brennan (CIA), James Clapper (ODNI), Loretta Lynch (DOJ),...
Space Exploration Sep 21 25 59 rss
The object was first spotted in 2006 but its strangeness was only realised in 2012 when astronomers noticed the asteroid had comet-like characteristics , namely a tail , and that it was in fact two similarly sized objects orbiting each other. So-called main belt comets aren't new,...
Political Mud-Pit Sep 22 288 52 rss
Senator John McCain of Arizona announced on Friday that he would oppose the latest proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving Republican leaders with little hope of succeeding in their last-ditch attempt to dismantle the health law. Mr. McCain, who killed the previous repeal effort with his dramatic...
Music Sep 20 107 51 rss
I'm 25 now and I've been listening to hip hop literally everyday since probably 14. To say it has been a big part of my upbringing would be an understatement. It undeniably influenced my lifestyle as a youth in terms in slang, drugs, rebelliousness, although I would probably deny it at the time. Although I have no regrets in...
Above Politics Sep 23 128 51 rss
I am not looking to discuss the politics involved here because I am simply wanting to exercise my right to free speech to maximum effect. Regardless of political position I don't want ANY of it in my sports. Sports are my escape from politics or at least they used to be. I am already boycotting all things NFL this season. I haven't watched a game and won't...
Other Current Events Sep 18 187 171 rss
I am frankly shocked this information is not making front page news right now. Monsanto will do anything to bury this story… and as of right now, it’s working. Not a single mainstream media outlet has covered this appalling new report that shows millions of people being poisoned by a chemical that does not...
The Gray Area Sep 19 677 117 rss
I, your friendly neighborhood Muzzleflash, WAS JUST ABDUCTED BY NORDICS!!! Freaking CRAZY right??!!! Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind Wait - before I explain what happened during the abduction event let me explain why I think this actually happened: Ok last night I slept outside. It was a warm cloudless night. I went...
Political Mud-Pit Sep 18 118 71 rss
Looks like somebody has "discovered" some more shenanigans from Hillary Clinton. She has been on a tirade lately promoting her new book. TV, radio, articles etc. Now it seems she somehow managed to transfer $800,000 from her Campaign fund to her new SuperPAC. And it seems there's at least...
War On Terrorism Sep 17 99 61 rss
Please refer to my former thread in this forum: Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd both said President Trump was acting up and being "speculative". Now The Telegraph is reporting that: Parsons...
We keep hearing about how much of a liar Trump was for saying he was wiretapped in Trump tower. I and others have said all along that while he may have been incorrect in the use of the term wiretap, or that he personally was wiretapped, the unmasking revelations were very troubling and should be looked into. Well CNN...
Global Meltdown Sep 17 45 55 rss
The level of criminality and corruption that caused the 2008 financial crisis is astonishing. The fact that Wall Street and the major banks made such an enormous profit, got bailed out with tax payers dollars, were never prosecuted says it all. Not only this,...
History Sep 18 80 52
Probably wrong forum, sry mods, but here goes Countless concerned individuals are still searching for answers surrounding the mysterious death of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The official narrative,...
I just happen to come across this video where Floyd Mayweather is being interviewed by an Urban (i.e. Black) radio station. The interviewers are clearly trying to get Mayweather to bash Trump. However, Mayweather isn't having it and stuns the radio DJs. Some key points for those who can't watch: Floyd on Trump: No one was calling him racists until he ran for President....
Want proof of how insane the hysteria into russia influencing the US election is? Well we have people saying RT influenced the election. We have people blaming Russian Facebook pages. And now, in an epic level of insane partisanship, fear...
Thank God I'm 57 and will be dead, hopefully, within a few years, before this country completely goes to hell, thanks to these snowflakes. The generation of 18-25 year olds are the biggest bunch of wusses ever. They wouldn't know a real tragedy if it smacked them in the face with a two-by-four. "Hobby Lobby’s ‘offensive’...
Paranormal Studies Sep 12 87 91 rss
On October 7, 1660, at the age of 15, a young Italian girl named Isabella Tomasi entered the Benedictine convent...
9/11 Conspiracies Sep 11 106 85 rss
The first video is of two guys, one American and one foreign, who are simply discussing 9/11 like any group of guys or friends might do while hanging out watching TV. Theres a MOUNTAIN of credible evidence, questions, science, data, facts,...
9/11 Conspiracies Sep 10 137 75 rss
1. 9/11/01 Police Radio Transmission: "The Van Exploded" 2.911 - Dancing Israelis 3.9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon 4.9/11 - firemen , police saying there are...
Fragile Earth Sep 13 158 72 rss
Startling new evidence suggests male infertility may be much worse than it appears. According to Levine and Swan’s work, sperm levels—the most important measurement of male fertility—are declining...
Health & Wellness Sep 13 98 68 rss
I'm in my mid 50's and had a liver transplant 6 weeks ago due to hard drinking for about 40 years. My liver had crapped out. Once that happens there's no pill to bring it back. Quitting after cells die won't bring it back either. That's the...
Rant Sep 16 214 68 rss
I am so sick of reading this crap and seeing it everywhere. Cut the excuses. The Muslim community...
Political Watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained some (apparently) newly released Hillary Clinton emails....
I managed to connect the bloodline of the Anunnaki gods with modern families In Europe (family tree) The Anunnaki bloodline begins with the of sky gods coming down to earth & mating with...
Political Mud-Pit Sep 9 375 90 rss
Let's get right into it shall we? To start, the KKK was founded in 1865 by a group of Confederate Veterans. The article below describes this rather...
Political Mud-Pit Sep 4 321 87 rss
The LEFT loves Muslims but is offended by the word "God". The LEFT loves ALL Immigrants but questions Melania Trump's Status. The LEFT says Trump has no Empathy even while donating 1million from his own Bank Account to Harvey...
Rant Sep 6 330 71 rss
The MSM is falling over themselves to tug at the heartstrings with their stories of people in this country illegally. The school that I pay 20k a year to so my daughter can get her degree has sent out an email to my daughter...
I'm not sure how this managed to stay under the radar for so long. Here is another instance of the Dems and their lapdog media's hypocrisy....
As usual, common sense no longer applies in the Senate. I seriously can't stand establishment Democrats...
A student found an ancient Canadian village that’s 10,000 years older than the Pyramids Triquet Island, British...
Deep within Antarctica’s ice caves, a group of scientists may have discovered a secret ecosystem of plants and animals being supported by the warmth of an active volcano....
Pets Sep 12 33 55 rss
Hello everyone. I know their not pets, but I couldn't figure out the best forum to post these. Today I took some pictures of the local bear population at work. Just a warning - Do not get close to bears. I was in a a truck...

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