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Rant Oct 19 43 40 rss
I'm completely appalled at how many ATSers or 'truth-seekers' are invested in a candidate this election. Do you really think anything will change? Do you really think your candidate is not in bed with the corporatocracy? Election after election, and we haven't learned anything it seems. And this one, more than the previous ones I can remember, people really...
General Chit Chat Oct 20 43 22 rss
This is my first political season being an ATS member. I joined because I wanted to shed a little (a lot) of ignorance, chat with like minded people, debate and be challenged. All of my aspirations have been met in this short time and I really enjoy it here. I wanted to take a second to openly say that I don't hate or even dislike anyone here. I know none of you in depth...
And this time, unlike the first world war, it really will be the last. For better or for worse. Before I start you should know that until 6 months ago I was a MASSIVE sceptic of all conspiracies south of political ones. Especially "New age" conspiracy. I was/am an Atheist. And I was also a prominent poster on this site. This is the...
Rant Oct 22 30 19 rss
I have a huge issue with all the email leaks. Sure, we have evidence of corruption, lies, abuses of power. Tons of documentation of racism, bigotry, biases. we are missing something though. We are missing a key piece to all of this. I have yet to see a single email on yoga, or Chelsea's wedding.
General Chit Chat Oct 19 224 15 rss
I have not seen a thread yet for the debate. (If this is a duplicate, please delete.) Come one, come all to the greatest freak show of them all! Who will your next President be? Just watch and wait and you might see. We'll speak of emails, scandals and such, and just what...
Members Oct 15 263 218 rss
Greetings ATS community. I have the honor of sharing life in the real world with Benevolent Heretic. On Saturday, October 8, 2016, at about 8:30 AM MDT, BH suffered a mild stroke. She is unable to process language very well at this time, nor is she able to focus on fine details. Operating a computer and participating here is beyond her capabilities...
General Chit Chat Oct 18 28 25 rss
Ok ATS. This fantastic video was created by two talented regular inhabitants of The Shed, now in it's 11th incarnation, here at ATS. It was posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 02:54 PM at The Shed 11. It was made in The Halloween Spirit, as that time of the Year is almost upon Us again. I thought It deserved it's own Thread so all the ATS members could enjoy it!!:) Here is what was posted along with...
General Chit Chat Oct 15 28 14 rss
Polyvore’s most-searched costumes from August 1 through September 28, 2016: Harley Quinn (up 265 percent over the same time period in 2015) Beer Wench Poison Ivy (up 48 percent over the same time period in 2015) Fairy White Queen ...
Food and Cooking Oct 16 50 14 rss
Bear with me, I know this is a totally mindless and silly thread but there's been a raging battle in our house today...should cookies be chewy or crunchy? Or does the answer lay somewhere in between? It's fall and that always means I haul out the cozy, comfort food recipes. Today, it's cranberry walnut and oatmeal cookies. The recipe is unimportant, the texture is EVERYTHING....
Rant Oct 20 25 13 rss
Dear fellow ATS member, As we approach the end of this contentious and controversial election Presidential election cycle, please don't let all your biases and hatreds tarnish our future civil discourse. And the voice of opposition, if it's worth...
Members Oct 18 54 12 rss
Does anyone else do these things? Flag a post if it has an odd number or wait until it does to flag? Read others posts with their perceived nationalities accent? Read a thread or post, think of a long winded response then say aww F it? Have your own secret nicknames for ATS'ers? Give a star but no flag on the OP? Give a flag but no star? Hit F5 in anticipation of a response...
Rant Oct 18 50 11 rss
This is a rant but I have used four days to calm down so my language will be collected excluding excessive linguistic innovations. Imagine you work in food service, with immediate contact to goods that will be served to hungry customers. Some of which will not be heated after handling. You are training a new person, she has puss filled abrasions on face and arms, not...
Rant Oct 22 39 11 rss
Greetings ATS, Yes, I know, it's a deplorable title and I felt dirty typing it. Lets get that disgusting bit out of the way from the gate yes? Now, I will have you know, I will be voting for Trump, as bad as it may seem to you and certainly as bad as I will feel doing it, I also feel that overwhelmingly, I have no other choice. Why is this...
Rant Oct 17 32 11 rss
I just read an awesome thread done by IgnoranceIsntBlisss. If you haven't read it, you can find it here. What I took away from his OP was a bit different than maybe most people. I remember when the movie Network first came out. I thought, "Wow!" "Somebody really gets it." I could see the kudzu growing at an alarming...
General Chit Chat Oct 17 23 12 rss
There are many victims in this world. There are sex slaves, children without parents, untouchables, those in war zones with no way out, cancer patients, mentally handicapped, and the list goes on for hundreds of millions of people around the world and here in the US. I've noticed a strange trend developing lately in the United States:...
Members Oct 6 108 150 rss
There is no gentle way to say it. I was informed and now, sadly tell you all that our friend BlupBlup died on 28 September 2016, as the result of a standard medical procedure that didn’t work out. It took some time to make sure...
Rant Sep 30 101 76 rss
Above top secret is the name of this site. What I take that to mean is that we may accept, talk about, discuss, and go over thoughts and ideas that are not accepted in the mainstream. To me it means that everyone else can watch...
Rant Oct 14 46 48 rss
Hello again ATS! Some of you will open this thread, see the Daryl Dixon avatar and my ATS username and ( for better or for worse ) recognize me and have...
General Chit Chat Oct 10 25 35 rss
Sad news in the insect world today. The fly (Marty) that landed on Sec.Clinton's face during the debate was found dead. Immediately after the event the...
Members Oct 14 42 32 rss
Well, in the midst of all the insanity of the world, life still goes on. And today, a new life began. Eritrea Autumn, 7lbs. 2oz., 20" long, born at 1200 by cesarean. She's a month early, so she'll be in the NICU for a while, but...
My apologies if this was already posted, I first saw this on facebook today and luckily I found some youtube videos showing the phenomena on what happened on the Jewish...
Rant Oct 7 47 27 rss
Hey republicans I blame you for this #. Ya'll had a chance at putting an actual conservative in office with real constitutional principles and a record to prove it in Rand Paul. But you chose...
Member Art Sep 30 102 26 rss
Prizes [applauses] will be awarded. Only one entry per post!!![/headline] Members can enter as often as they like, but only three "Official Entries" per person....please mark those entries...
Rant Sep 15 123 79 rss
Dear "certain" US members... I have been a little reluctant to post here for fear of one of my threads or posts being twisted around or being "polluted"...
This is just out of hand, that people fall for this kind of stuff. I thought the Hillary people were supposed...
Travel Sep 20 36 35 rss
Over the past few years my wife and I haven't been able to save to go on our Honeymoon, and with my two sisters getting ready to move out of my parent's house my father and mother decided it would...
Members Sep 16 231 30 rss
As a member who loves this website, I wanted to build a compilation of the types of occupations of the people who frequent this website. Because of the fact that we like to discuss alternative topics I've heard people call us everything from nut...
Well, When i say "record breaking" What i actually mean is it's probably the first ever book on Amazon to receive more reviews than sales, Quite hilarious really,...
General Chit Chat Sep 17 27 27 rss
Was doing my "honey-do's" this morning. One stop was to the local butcher to pick up some tasty meat selections. They are a riot there. It's more of a social call rather than shopping. When it was my turn, the young man behind...

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