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I'm a senior living off of a small pension. The cost of rent has gone up big time maybe as a result of the cost of buying houses. Greed is the energy fueling this huge rise in the cost of rents, and it is a side effect of the free market let free in the real estate market. People are living in tents and in cars. Children are some of these people. Shame is the word...
(not a pic of my cabin) We just got a cabin on the lake a few months ago.. and although the foundation and exterior of the cabin is solid..the inside needs a lot of work. We've been going up on the weekends whenever we can to do some demolition. (all the drywall and pretty much the whole inside needs to be gutted) and we are...
People behave morally without religion then why is religion even necessary? Much of what is in the Bible seems like made up fairy tales with no modern day evidence supporting it. So are atheists right? Since there's no evidence for God's existence and people who don't go to church behave just a moral as those who do go to church whats the point of believing in God?
I love a good insult as I am sure most of us do, there is nothing like dropping a beauty into some light to medium banter to throw the competition off thier guard so I thought we could have a bit of a list so we can all be well armed. Two that spring to mind, a few days ago someone online told me to "Go step on a lego" and I have to admit...
im hoping i can get introduced to some new artists. i would not say i am a huge fan. a lot of it does not do it for me. when i like it though i like it bunches. my favorite and has been for some time is Caravaggio. his work is amazing. i am far from a religious guy but i love religious themed art. i have a lot of stuff in my house....
Members Dec 2 139 96 rss
Just a bit of myself and some of the best people in the world to have served with. FRESH out of basic: Advanced Individual Training Graduation: First Flight: Best Flight Company anyone could ever hope for: Goofing around between missions: Trying to get a nap in before a night mission: My Flight Helmet: ...
Members Nov 30 62 89 rss
I cannot believe I am writing this. I wake up in the morning and it is even more raw and real.. it's like a nightmare I just can't wake up from. This has been the most devastating loss for my family (and all of Ian's friends and admirers). My brother also has a twin, who I am concerned for but we are doing everything we can to support him. I'm also very worried about...
Relationships Nov 29 116 41 rss
My husband had told me he had to go on a business trip for four nights this weekend, until Wednesday. I never thought anything of it - he must travel a lot for his work. Until tonight, I received a confirmation from a four star hotel in Bourgogne for TWO adults those four nights. It's a great place, spa and all. I am in shock. I am crushed. I am an idiot. A naive idiot. I was...
General Chit Chat Dec 1 176 32 rss
Just came across this and the smile that came across my dial must have been massive. br /> I never understood the whole "Happy Holidays" thing. Who seriously in their right mind would be offended by "Merry Christmas"? Those who told us that the term was offensive and outdated also told us that America was an open and...
Members Nov 29 45 23 rss
I'm hoping that you are lurking, today of all days and this message may encourage you to join back in. I want you to know how much you are thought of and often, not just on this day but all of them. I also wanted to honor my friend, who means so much to me. ((hugs)) Louise! I miss you.
Rant Dec 1 89 22 rss
When did we let the hate take over? Because I supported Trump I have been called a moron a redneck (thank you, even if it was meant to be an insult), and other horrible things. We’ve seen Hollywood (I use them because they have a loud enough voice to be heard) call people horrible names because they don’t see eye to eye. I’m not showing their tweets because...
Rant Dec 3 80 12 rss
It boils my blood it really does, why do something badly and then think it is ok? Over the years I have seen so much it is absurd, often dangerous and at best just embarresing. I am making this thread for what I imagine will be an ongoing form of therapy for me, when I come across it I can take a pic...
Sugar Demons are a plague to our very existance they lurk in the shadows in the cover of darkness utilizing humans as cattle. The money changers the Federal Reserve has made pacts with Sugar Demons since its inception so the Sugar Demons actually run the government. These Sugar Demons are interdimensional entities who have set up their network system of control here in...
Members Dec 1 57 13 rss
Not exclusive to my island brethren but it's been an odd few months and without a brexit or general election we seem to be at a loss, sure the daily fail is reporting nonsense but we are British and the weather is looking pretty brutal here in Gloucestershire so why not do what we are known for...
General Chit Chat Nov 30 52 13 rss
I fear the events that lead up to death. The pain, the gasping for breath, the hospital scene. But do I fear dying? I don't believe in religious mythology, so when I ask this question, I am asking whether I fear the mystery that is post-death or whether I fear non-existence. Non-existence doesn't scare me at all. You exist and then a millisecond later you don't. No emotion present....
Rant Nov 6 110 67 rss
Hello ATS. I've been following the presidential campaign for quite a long time now. Really liked Bernie and Trump, crazy as that may sound, those were the candidates I had sympathy for because I felt they represented something different...
Members Nov 9 39 61 rss
As some know , I have been battling this enemy called cancer for nearly 4 years . At first diagnosis , I had no chance. The specialists and I , through this time , have changed this.I guess I am too stubborn to call...
Members Nov 7 145 51 rss
After careful consideration and much contemplation I arrived at the unavoidable conclusion that Above Top Secret desperately required a thread that drew inspiration from the great investigative journalists of our era, the Bob...
Rant Nov 13 78 47 rss
Let me first start out with a few examples: University of Michigan offers students coloring books and play-doh University of Kansas has therapy dogs for students Cornell University held a campus-wide cry in and handed out hot chocolate and tissues...
People Nov 9 64 42 rss
How many celebrities stated if Trump wins they will leave the US. Lets see who were they? Barbra Streisand Bryan Cranston Miley Cyrus Lena Dunham Amy Schumer...
Rant Nov 7 46 37 rss
By "You People" I mean, well, pretty much everybody in the nation, apparently. When I was tuned out for several years I figured...
Rant Nov 27 76 35 rss
You know, ATS has quite a few good people - But nearly every thread that's looking for some amount of truth, and represents an opinion that the so called "right wing" might agree with, there's a few members who just...
A pregnant woman trying to make her way to the hospital in an emergency was stopped By Hillary supporters trapped in her car and attacked with a baseball bat. This is a pregnant...
Members Oct 30 202 78 rss
don't worry i believe I wail be find its just the combination of being homeless for the last four months and drinking daily as a poor co[ping mechanism land me with a seizure they are talking about putting me in the ICU never the less i am DONE with alcohol...
U.S. Sports Nov 2 60 41 rss
The wait is over! Cubs Win! I'm not even a big Cubs fan...but I'm happy for all those diehard Cubs fans out there. Congrats!
Rant Nov 5 71 36 rss
And... Nothing. Please stop. I don't support her, but this forum, that I love dearly, has turned into a bulls#it anti-Hillary cesspool of...
My son went to work as normal this morning. His shift was meant to finish at 7.00pm. About 12 noon, he became agitated with a feeling of foreboding which he could not explain. The feeling got stronger as time went by. Around 1.00pm, his work had dried up...
General Chit Chat Nov 23 26 34 rss
Hey!! I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I've got my kids in from different states and my oldest Army buddy up from sunny Florida. I'm set. I want you all to know ... during my favorite holiday ... how...
Members Nov 14 24 33 rss
Hey ATS Friends, I am dropping a note to say I'm taking a break. Why? Well, I'm on here a lot and there are some folks who would miss me, so I didn't want to appear to drop off the face of the earth. I have a ton of stress in my life...
Relationships Nov 24 215 33 rss
G'day, sad day for me. Simply put, my youngest lady out of 7 children has decided to live within a house where drugs, meth, acid, coke and smoke are dealt from. She is only 16. I have sincerely asked her siblings to contact her and come...
Rant Nov 26 273 32 rss
Self-proclaimed intellectuals are accusing fake news of manipulating conservatives. The president is accusing fake news of manipulating elections. Media moguls are threatening to censor fake news. The main steam media, the originators...

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