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General Chit Chat Sep 22 31 29 rss
Had the best thing happen today and it's about damn time. I'm due for some good. My son stepped out to check the mail, came back and handed me a bunch of stuff, that I looked at and started to just throw away. I get So. Much. Junkmail. I'd say a good 95% of what I get on a daily basis is throw away, useless crap. Some days, that's all I get and some days it's along with bills,...
General Chit Chat Sep 21 117 27 rss
In my opinion, one of the worst plagues to ever hit society is the plague of "PiC" (Politically inCorrectness). Even worst, it was presented to us in a perfectly harmless package under the guise of some moral righteousness. Worn on the sleeves of our leaders like badges of honor, they smile into the camera and charismatically spew their rhetoric while...
Rant Sep 25 144 27 rss
First, to avoid drive by posts, see sig for disclaimers... Unless you live under a frigging rock you know that yesterday N.Korea declared that they WILL hit the US with a nuclear weapon as soon as they are capable. They did this at the UN. You probably also know that the protest that began last NFL season continued...
Rant Sep 24 86 25 rss
Ri Yong-ho's comments to the General Assembly on Saturday mimicked Mr Trump's remarks at the UN on Tuesday, when he called North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a "rocket man on a suicide mission". Mr Ri said that "insults" by Mr Trump were an "irreversible mistake making it inevitable" that North Korean rockets would hit the US mainland. The US president, the foreign minister...
Rant Sep 25 90 21 rss
I'm someone who enjoys watching football, but with the cowardly stance that the NFL has taken allowing a platform for an anti-American, self hatred cultural change, I will temporarily and completely refrain from "anything" football until they get back to their senses. This to me is an easy decision,...
Music Sep 20 107 51 rss
I'm 25 now and I've been listening to hip hop literally everyday since probably 14. To say it has been a big part of my upbringing would be an understatement. It undeniably influenced my lifestyle as a youth in terms in slang, drugs, rebelliousness, although I would probably deny it at the time. Although I have no regrets in...
Computer Help Sep 20 25 26 rss
The 32 bit .exe of CCleaner (Version 5.33.6162) was infected with TR/RedCap.zioqa. (x64 is clean) Gentlemen this was in the signed binary. (Talk about skill and knowledge). This happened right after Avast Security acquired Piriform makers of CCleaner. It has the...
Members Sep 23 57 20 rss
Imagine your life is a hit television show...and YOU are the writer/director/producer. What type of or specific theme song would you choose for your intro/opening credits? Mine would be some kind of inane '80's science fiction/comedy crime series. I don't know why, exactly,...but near the end of the opening montage would be the caption: ...And BRIAN KEITH...
General Chit Chat Sep 19 34 18 rss
Just found out from Cody it's your Birthday mate! I hope it is the best one ever! Big hug and lots of love! And of course our freshly baked dragon cookies. Just wouldn't be a party without them.
Rant Sep 19 58 18 rss
Leave means LEAVE. No Vince Cable there shouldn't be a second referendum. No Tony Blair you can't lobby together with other politicians to 'stop' Brexit. Etc Etc Etc It's driving me crazy keep seeing this everywhere. The public voted to LEAVE by a majority. Whether it was a...
General Chit Chat Sep 22 158 17 rss
Without discussing the how it got there or why. Just for fun let's just pretend that you woke up to 50b in your account and it was yours to keep... What would be your first move? Literally the second you walked away from the cashpoint/atm I think I would have to run home, sit myself...
Rant Sep 25 57 14 rss
Hey, just thought I'd make a thread about a subject. Here's a link [inster link] tl;dr: posted a two sentence thread plus this tl;dr /sarc ETA: I'm ranting about those numerous threads that sound cool but when you click have only one or two sentences, no opinions, and links to external sources. The "facebook/twitter" type threads. (In case any of that was not clear)...
Television Sep 19 37 16 rss
I've become convinced people in America and Europe have become way too serious about politics. So I decided to address the situation by pulling on the power of ATS contributors to bring us to our knees with laughter. Be prepared to laugh for change. I present to you the funniest joke in the world:
Movies Sep 20 34 11 rss
Great fun! That was my favourite of all Terminator movies. Linda Hamilton was tough and mean (and attractive, too, lol). Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Latest installment of the franchise will see Hamilton reunited with Arnold Schwarzenegger and original creator...
Inspired by the French Bastille Day tradition, US President Donald Trump has said he may begin holding a military parade on Pennsylvania Avenue for America’s Independence Day celebrations, beginning next July. Thank you Mr. President, you have been hearing my pleas for parades...
Rant Aug 27 72 75 rss
Social media has you people whipped up into a rabid frenzy, and you should know better. You all know it exists to manipulate you, yet you continue to allow it to do so. In fact, sometimes I think you insist on...
Rant Sep 6 330 71 rss
The MSM is falling over themselves to tug at the heartstrings with their stories of people in this country illegally. The school that I pay 20k a year to so my daughter can get her degree has sent out an email to my daughter...
Health & Wellness Sep 13 100 68 rss
I'm in my mid 50's and had a liver transplant 6 weeks ago due to hard drinking for about 40 years. My liver had crapped out. Once that happens there's no pill to bring it back. Quitting after cells die won't bring it back either. That's the...
Rant Sep 16 214 68 rss
I am so sick of reading this crap and seeing it everywhere. Cut the excuses. The Muslim community...
Members Sep 3 605 50 rss
ATS, I was compelled to make this thread. By compelled, I mean threatened. With an icepick. Please, someone, call for help. Dear friends, I have been chosen as the official victim...
Members Aug 28 93 42 rss
Please know we are concerned and hoping for the best possible outcome. And we are worried. They are calling it the "Thousand Year Flood". Try to check in and let us know how you are. I know BFFT, SeentooMuch, and there are many other Texas members....
Rant Aug 26 41 38 rss
This is one of the primary reasons liberals lose almost the ENTIRE active duty and veteran community. This # right here. You talk out of both sides...
Members Sep 6 50 38 rss
For those of you who were curious, I did the deed last night, under the moon. In a few different variants of agreement, she agreed with my proposal! Thank you for all your help ATS'ers, you know who you are. :cheers:
Rant Aug 22 276 148 rss
You IMBECILES. You destructive, moronic, hateful losers! WHAT are you doing??? I just read about the oldest Columbus monument destroyed with the flimsiest of excuses, and I am beyond angry. In 2017, we should be BEYOND...
Rant Aug 17 81 69 rss
So we're not just talking about one flag now. It's statues in various states. It's talk of assassinating the president. It's statues of Washington, Lincoln it's the Jefferson Memorial, it's Mt. Rushmore. So when I say book burning is next,...
I am sure there will be those who take issue with this article.. However, those who believe in such things as private and public property rights might just decide to move to Texas. hahaha...
Members Aug 17 22 37 rss
I had my echo cardiogram done over a week ago and I even left 2 messages with the cardiologist wanting to know the results.I had a doctor's appointment earlier today and my family doctor looked up the results for me.My heart...
Rant Aug 16 42 36 rss
Oh America, you big, beautiful, wonderful, sassy place.....What the hell, man? Seriously. I really am beginning to think that there is something to the whole Mandela Effect now, and one day we woke up into a slightly...
Rant Aug 21 37 36 rss
Hey all, I have been a seeker of ATS for over ten years and occasionally come back to see if anything catches my eye. Rarely posting unless I feel like it is necessary. ATS is completely different in nature than before. It is such...
Members Sep 15 108 36 rss
I used to come to ATS to learn new and interesting things and this site has been a big factor in my own spiritual growth over the years thanks to some amazing contributions from a lot of members who no longer post on the forums anymore for...
Hey Friends of ATS, There are so many of you! My house is suffering a loss of our Matriarch Shep... Mamma dog my Shatzie has passed away. She has been by my side for 12 years and I am really sad she isn't here to have dinner...

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