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One has to wonder how many of these folks are out there hiding in plain site. I am not a big fan of the Chinese, but after seeing these clowns talking. Sometimes i do think that the Chinese have the right idea on how to treat these people. At...
It's finally happening. I just bought some land in Tennessee and we're going to start as soon as spring is here. I lucked out, a friend of mine is a botanist that's overseeing several hemp and medical grows in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oregon. He's kind of a mad scientist when it comes to botany. And you need that. It's completely legal and we're going to turn it all into CBD oil....
Rant Oct 8 37 14 rss
Nobody cares! You have 3 ex husbands! How many failed marriages does it take before you consider that you might be the fricken problem? I'm tired of people bitching about their ex's..... Can you tell? Heard a guy yesterday telling anybody within earshot how his wife took everything in the divorce.... I know for a fact he didn't have anything worth taking........
What the heck is wrong with parents today? They seem to have no control over their children, and then try to place the blame on someone else. This is just beyond stupid. The parents of two children in Canada are suing the makers of Fortnite, because they are addicted. They are trying to say the game is addictive as cocaine! Give me a break. “The addiction...
Food and Cooking Oct 7 43 12 rss
The crazy woman who recently shouted about eating babies is so far behind on this it is laughable . Kraft, Pepsi, and Nestle Using Aborted Babies For Flavor Additives mmmm body parts as flavor additives When they started feeding cattle to cattle back in the 1970s/80 we had BSE rear its ugly head so what could go wrong . Famous food companies have...
Many people do not accept the idea God exists because they believe there is no evidence for the existence of God. I have heard people claim in a derogatory way God or gods only "exist as concepts, things imagined, in individual brains." I think for some people they would ignore any kind evidence for the existence of God because it would not be in alignment...
General Chit Chat Sep 22 69 40 rss
I have to have back surgery tomorrow. They're doing a lumbar fusion. They're going to screw a metal rod to my spine and fuse a couple vertebrae together. I have several injuries to my spine, including one that people 60 and over usually get. I just thought I'd let you...
People Sep 15 39 35 rss
When New Zealander Josh Thompson received an e-mail from his boss asking him to attend a meeting regarding his future role at the firm Mr Thompson figured he was to be made redundant , as the e-mail...
Rant Sep 24 130 34 rss
I cannot believe this little girl is getting so much airtime about her climate action summit speach. Tell me - what does a 16 yr old know about anything let alone world affairs, this child has sat there emotionally...
Rant Sep 28 32 28 rss
It's official progressive liberals/Democrats no longer believe in free speech. New York City's Commission...
Rant Sep 11 57 43 rss
Like many of you...this morning, I am watching the loved ones of victims of the despicable and unthinkable act of terrorism on 9/11 at Ground Zero reading the names of those murdered by sadistic animals. A...
General Chit Chat Sep 10 51 32 rss
Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of a day that will forever be ingrained into my mind. To me, it felt as if the entire world froze and stood in disbelief as the attacks unfolded. We never thought an assault of...

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