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Member Art Jan 17 31 47 rss
I used Prismacolor colored pencils. Also, on the Cardinal one, I used black, blue, and red gel pen along with the Prismas. The last time that I posted art, over a year ago, some of the best critique that I recieved from ATS was critique that I have heard many times before, about my tendency to shade too darkly, especially...
General Chit Chat Jan 19 43 41 rss
That's right, it's everyone's favorite new buzzword: Triggered! Do you want to be an internet sleuth? Do you want to troll your opposition? Cannot formulate an intelligent thought of facts and logic to debate your opponent? Don't worry we have the solution for you in just 3 easy steps! 1. Make a political statement preferably...
General Chit Chat Jan 19 33 20 rss
Ok, I was just watching some video of people gathering in the nation's Capital. Such wonderful, and loving, nice people, good people with good intentions, gathering for a historic event. All creeds, all colors, shapes and sizes, makes no difference. There were no protestors anywhere. They are so so different from the "elite" "ruling class" and "celebrities",...
Rant Jan 20 90 18 rss
I have a question for all those on the left, and the one guy on the right, who sounds like he's on the left. Do you plan to ever drop the hatred and hyperbole over the election and just accept things as they are? I ask this in hopes that we will all move on, grow up, work together, and grow up. (I think grow up on both sides is key) We have been staunchly divided over the...
Music Jan 20 55 14 rss
Queen ... Enough Said!
Member Art Jan 15 36 24 rss
Hello ATS, A few here know I am an artist who has been working hard to go fulltime and make a career of it. It was a good decision and have much to show for it. I figured I'd share a few images of my shows around WA state and other odd parts: bunnies vs pandas up at killer college coffeeshop (sold prints) Some of my abstracts at a group show (art sold) Here's my alien...
General Chit Chat Jan 15 54 19 rss
I think they have some good ideas but until someone addresses this issue its not going to work right. The issue is insurance price gauging. I can but an MRI with 300 cash but if I had insurance it would be 1300. People who have insurance don't realize that some doctors will leach your insurance at the...
General Chit Chat Jan 14 32 18 rss
Happy Birthday Bro! I hope You have a great day!!! Ummm. Sorry bout the cake...;):)
I won't mention any names but, one should, easily, be able to figure this one out! Oh sure, the points, stars, flags, karma and WATS scores mean nothing...or do they? Dun...dun...dun...
General Chit Chat Jan 15 31 17 rss
I found some good news out during the New Years holiday. My nephew's girlfriend is pregnant. I'm going to be a great uncle. I feel really old. I remember when he was four and living with me. I'd do wrestling moves on him and we'd play. Now he's old enough to suplex me lol. Time flies.
Rant Jan 16 32 11 rss
Oh you overly loud fascist partners in crime... You news organizations, intelligence services, political vampires. A tsunami is coming. In your continued effort to practice your pseudo slavery you have very much offended. Out of your desire to bask in your smarmy smugness you have angered. There is nothing even remotely functional for humanity in making lies into truth, black into white, and down...
General Chit Chat Jan 20 28 14 rss
Okay. It's done. Trump is now our 45th president, which is weird since we've had 50 Super Bowls. But I digress. I think it is safe to say that as of today, cannibalism will be legal. Basically, we are all going to either die or become savages. Either that or the invasion of Canada is now imminent. I...
General Chit Chat Jan 13 22 11 rss
U2 Refuse To Release Their New Album Because Of Donald Trump Remember a couple of years ago when a U2 album that you absolutely did NOT want suddenly appeared on your iTunes? Yeah, it was a pretty #ty time that we had all forgotten about as we tried desperately to erase it from our memories, but it turns out that U2 were gearing up to release another album which could have led to the same...
I've been renovating an 100+ year old building out in the mountains, with the goal of opening up a small restaurant to serve the small, local, population as well as those passing through. Well......
Members Jan 3 439 78 rss
The staff have OKd a new thread. The old thread had gotten to maximum size limit. These member photo threads were started when the world had never heard the word Selfie. :D I hadn't posted a...
Members Jan 3 60 76 rss
Greetings, The last 5 years have been a roller coaster for me and all on a downward free fall, from personal problems, medical issues, work related issues and such. I ended up in the Hospital on Christmas and was...
Hollywood celebrities are not known for being the most modest of people but when they say that they are speaking on behalf of “all of humanity”...
People Dec 27 172 57 rss
She has died RIP . She was only 60 That is way to young. I had her poster on my wall when I was a kid. At least we got to see her play Leia one more time. amily spokesman Simon...
General Chit Chat Jan 2 114 44 rss
DTOM posted in the old thread that it was time to make a new one. Well here it is. Remember keep all posts T&C friendly. First funny pic. And the edited...
Television Dec 22 40 43 rss
For the week ending December 18 2016 CNN ranked number 18 for total viewers per day for ad supported cable networks. CNN was beat out by channels such as The cartoon network, Home and garden TV network, and perhaps the most embarrassing, The...
Rant Dec 22 54 41 rss
I've had it with this country. I'm fed up with these weak minded snow-flakes who don't understand or respect BASIC personal liberties (like free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to physically arm and defend yourself). I'm sick of these...
Members Dec 18 364 189 rss
I'm not really sure why I'm posting this, I was very superstitious before about letting so many people that dislike me know that I'm fighting for my life. Pretty silly, I know... this isn't for them anyway, though I wish them all well in their own personal...
General Chit Chat Dec 17 131 85 rss
There are many people who will either be alone, are going through a tough time or just not looking forward to Christmas for whatever reason. You can come here and unite with others who may be experiencing something similar or just to give some love...
General Chit Chat Dec 15 25 42 rss
Which is a little unusual for me as I am not a big fan of the whole Christmas gift thing but with kids it's different. A mate of ours has a company that deals with overstocks and short dated foodstuffs, some...
Rant Dec 26 239 38 rss
that the problem with wearing short shorts and wearing revealing clothes is that there are rapists out there. I was making the point that we should all basically get to wear whatever we like and...
Members Jan 5 52 38 rss
I don't really post here that much anymore! Maybe I will in the future I don't know. This place was always kinda like a second home to me for years. It seems like every time I come back on here briefly someone...
Rant Dec 19 47 36 rss
Seriously. I'm not a right wing person, nor an alt right nor even a Republican - I'm mostly libertarian and lean left on some social issues. That being said, people that identify as Democrat, liberal and such are really starting to...
Here we go again, last years was a fail. lol I just read through the last thread, and I must say it was pitiful, I don't think a single person managed to predict a thing. I am particularly sad that Maria Stardusts predictionThe...
Who is behind this? It's grrrreat! AboveTopSecret.txt ‏@abovetopsecretx 29 Dec 2016 Do you ever feel like 'Adult Cam' website people can see you? AboveTopSecret.txt ‏@abovetopsecretx 24 Dec 2016 Santa Claus = Satan Claws?...

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