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Members Aug 25 62 27 rss
I was really nervous. He told me to bring a few rolls of duck tape, some ziplock baggies, and of course the flushable bathroom cotton toilet wipes. We met in a large wooded park early in the morning... none of it sounded safe, tbh. But because of the deep mind...
Rant Aug 23 101 17 rss
Unfortunately though the title of this thread may be deemed common knowledge, it does not signify that the majority believe it. Sex does not constitute a committed relationship. Nor does it mean he/she is in love with you. The ONLY thing it relates to is Friends With Benefits. If you were not married, and your "friend"...
Hi everyone! I am currently reading an excellent biography about Einstein called Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson, and came to a chapter detailing Einstein's beliefs about God etc. I found his quotes to be fascinating, especially about Jesus- had never heard anything about what Einstein felt about Jesus before-...
Rant Aug 23 21 14 rss
Recently I was in a discussion about the racist pricks that showed up with guns at the NAACP on [Snipped] facebook page. Now, mind you, [Snipped] is not a racist outfit, but the posters there are advocating for a race war. I won't participate in race politics. I don't endorse Black Lives Matter, I don't endorse white supremacist groups, I don't endorse racial classification at all. As...
General Chit Chat Aug 23 118 11 rss
In 2 days I'll be in 9th grade... I'm worried as heck. I hate growing up. I'm not used to 4 classes a day, as before it was 7 classes a day. I don't know what high school is gonna be like. It's like a whole different world. The worst part is, I have to wake up at 6:00 AM! I'm so worried. Will I make friends? I'm scared. I don't know why. It's just the whole idea of high school....
Or, just a typical day at the office. Poor Nelson Mandela, going through life thinking that all his efforts towards human rights and fighting apartheid would be his legacy. But now, due to the impact of scientists ignoring proper protocol in the pursuit of their religion, 'Scientism', they...
Rant Aug 20 60 37 rss
Heya Gang. So, here is the story. Been a rough week, but they're all rough. Last night, we had some friends over to drink and have a good time. I went to bed, because I work 12 hour days. It was after midnight. It was time. My wife and our friends stayed up and drank and had a good time. It was about 4 to...
Music Aug 18 34 26 rss
Music has always been a very important part of my life. It effects me on a level that I can only describe as spiritually visceral. When I hear music, I actually feel it in a very physical and pronounced way. When I hear great music that effect is multiplied exponentially. Within the...
Rant Aug 21 96 23 rss
recently the gray area and the skunkworks forums are being flooded by people who think that they were part of an alternate reality and after some unspecificed "change" they appeared on our reality those threads are completely flooding the skunkworks forums atually interesting threads get buried never to be seen again wich is angaist ats motto br /> the mandela effect itself is just...
General Chit Chat Aug 20 29 17 rss
Take a look at this video that shows why there will never be common sense gun control. It just absolutely amazes me how someone can be for or against something they are completely ignorant about. These people are literally just regurgitating the crap that CNN and other "News" agencies...
The bible supports allowing any monster who repents and converts into the kingdom of heaven, no matter how horrendous the crime. EXCEPT the crime of not believing in the church's interpretation of 2000 year old Bronze Age texts. That is the only unforgivable...
Rant Aug 21 65 13 rss
We allow that here. You can just pack your s### and go. I was in jail once for a few months and I hated it and when they told me I could leave guess what? I left. br /> There was no cry baby sh## about how I didn't have any money or anywhere to go, I just left. In America you are allowed...
So apparently the big Kahuna is arriving on 30th of August, and apparently Papa Smurf (The Pope) has talked about it, CNN mentioned it and a few other channels on the net. There are many others out there but I'm too lazy to find them at the moment, here is the thing guys IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! And I mean that with the NEVER...
General Chit Chat Aug 20 34 13 rss
I'm..dare I say it..bored..and so, I put words "the most useless fact ever" into google search engine and found : Yes..500 mostly useless facts. We know them, but there is no point to knowing them.Some of my favorites are: #7 - Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every 2 weeks otherwise it will digest itself....
General Chit Chat Aug 21 32 16 rss
Happy Birthday Martin! It's almost Monday here, not sure what time it is for you, so I'm putting this up now for you now. I hope you have the best Birthday ever my friend!
Members Aug 11 96 160 rss
Hefficide and have confirmed that Woody passed on He lost his long fight with brain tumors. :( And he will be greatly missed here on ATS A family member has just posted to Facebook. Sadly woodwardjr has...
Members Aug 4 286 84 rss
My daughter bet me I would not upload this. Bottle of Jimmy for me. Too easy. kisses to everyone, I'm on it........ ETA: At this stage in my membership, I feel it's only appropriate to give my counterparts the benefit of knowing,...
Turkey’s Constitutional Court stirs outrage by annulling child sex abuse clause Turkey have just made it legal to have sex with children, they have removed the legal age of consent. As long...
Rant Aug 2 97 37 rss
Look at the last couple of hundred years, masses of white people were widely oppressed by both the Church and the medieval...
Member Art Aug 11 36 37 rss
Hey ladies and gents; I am pleased to announce that ATS' very first Drawing Contest is a go! The Drawing Contest works in the same fashion as our Writing Contests. The theme for the contest is one which generated the most...
Music Jul 29 273 36 rss
This topic may have to be moved and that's fine, but I thought it might ease the tension of the partisan politics if we had a little FUN! ...
Rant Jul 31 35 34 rss
So..I am giving my 2 weeks notice to my current employer today. I've been struggling with this act for several months now. But I do not see things getting any better there...the direction that the company is going, what they...
Hillary was at a campaign event with multi billionaire Warren Buffett and boy did she let go the big secret !! She was wailing on Trump and actually said she...
General Chit Chat Jul 20 81 108 rss
last year, I tinkered and invented a very minor device used in surgeries. It has gone through several processes. Submissions, legal gobbly-gook, further applications, design redo's....
Members Jul 20 406 53 rss
What is the meaning of your ATS name. I chose Quantum12 because I have a healing Quantum Bracelet and I was born in December the 12th month.
General Chit Chat Jul 26 63 45 rss
Ever notice no one replies to the reasonable posts? If you post a totally ridiculous point, or spout the normal partisan talking points. You will have countless responses. But if...
Rant Jul 18 136 39 rss
I am proud to say that I have solved the issue of being shot by the police. It took me many moons to figure this out, and many exhausting...
Rant Jul 21 106 35 rss
Am I allowed to be proud of my race and heritage, without being considered a racist pig if I'm white? It seems all of a sudden I am supposed to apologize for being white, well eff you I'm not...
Movies Jul 23 319 35 rss
My favorite movie of all time is Somewhere in Time Second favorite is The Mummy Name Yours!
Rant Aug 15 35 31 rss
Since I start so many threads (about one per day on average), I have had the feeling that a good flags per thread average is crucial. If anyone questioned my prolificness,...
General Chit Chat Jul 18 3879 28 rss
~*~*~*The wisdom of the ages lies interred within these hallowed halls In silver streams and golden dreams it flows betwixt our walls Those who long for joy and song and dream of maidens fair With truth of heart and peace of mind do enter, but beware~*~*~* ...

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