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Rant Jan 17 29 21 rss
I am getting so sick and tired of all of this impeachment yapping! If I had a real peach for every time I heard the term impeachment. I could have baked enough peach pies and made enough peach jam to supply every grocery store in the U.S.A. I wish those sore losers' could write a better story than this impeachment farce.I wonder what they will make up next if this fails? The dems really need to...
Food and Cooking Jan 18 48 18 rss
Long time I wanted one, after watching so many videos I found this is probably the most multitalented and easy to use cooking device. This thing actually can cook everything from meats to bread. Couple of days ago, I went to a store for something else and found this cheap Dutch oven for 30 bucks, it's about 12 inches diameter, it has legs and handle. I seasoned as...
So A man is suing PH over the lack of closed captions in their videos. As someone who works in the Marketing and Web design industry, this is becoming more and more prevalent. Just a few months ago a blind man won a judgment against Dominos Pizza for ADA compliance. The scary thing is this is something most businesses are not...
For everything. I should have been dead more times than I can count by now. The things I’ve seen and the places I’ve been, I’m one of the few people to make it out. The love, the heartbreak, the struggle, the pain, the loss, it’s hard to comprehend how beautiful it all is. It’s being human. Nothing is beautiful because it lasts. Enjoy the time you have and show as much...
Food and Cooking Jan 16 25 11 rss
There are many variations and recipes and myriad alchemical techniques of making a good pot of beans. You want to know how to screw it up? Better yet how to not screw it up? PROPER SOAKING IS KEY! The difference between nice tender beans that get devoured like a fine delicacy or are only grudgingly put down the gullet rests on a proper soak. br /> Poor your dry beans in a pot and...
Music Jan 12 76 17 rss
While I was binging on old RUSH classics on YouTube, in tribute to Neil Peart, I somehow came across one of the music clips below. I remembered watching the Drake & Josh show when my kids were younger. After doing a search on ATS, I discovered It has been about 10 years since there was a discussion on this topic, so I decided to post a new thread on favorite...
People Jan 16 24 13 rss
Saw a great little interview with Johann Hari about his book . He explains how he started out as a teenager with depression, he explained it as if "pain was leaking out of me." The doctor says that there is a chemical, seratonin, in the brain that he needs. So he was prescribed medication to release the chemical. After many years, and with depression...
Food and Cooking Jan 12 28 12 rss
Here in the past couple years I have had some odd cravings. Jello, Tapioca pudding and Tang just to name a few. The only one I relented on was canned fruit cocktail and mini marshmallows a year or so ago. Hot chocolate hits the list now and then but I don’t actually like to drink it, neither made with milk or water. Right now, Jello is topping that...
Rant Jan 12 34 11 rss
This is the silliest damn thing I’ve heard in a long damn while. The conservative group One Million Moms is accusing Burger King of “crossing the line” over an Impossible Whopper commercial that uses the “D-word.” 😱 “The language in the commercial is offensive, and it’s sad that this once family restaurant has made...
Rant Jan 13 38 11 rss
This is my first world rant for the day. We are in the process of moving. We haven't decided to build or buy. I've looked at a ton of houses. There has been a "farmhouse" trend thanks to that show Fixer Upper. One big design of this trend is to paint dark or wood kitchen cabinets white. I like white cabinets except...
General Chit Chat Jan 18 37 11 rss
Okay....not really...ha ha. But I do need some help identifying this "thing." I have a 3 ft baby pool that captures rainwater from the gutter system on my house. I use the fresh rainwater for my chickens, plants, etc.... When I first saw this "thing," I thought it was a dead fish....which would have been interesting because I do not have any fish anywhere near...
General Chit Chat Dec 23 78 32 rss
Not everyone will be having a very Merry Christmas. This place is for you and those who wish to join in and keep others company. Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a brighter New Year, with love!
Hello, I dont really know how to write this thread and if there is any purpose other than trying to find and meet people who have been through similar arduos and depressing situations. My partner and soulmate and soon...
I can't put my finger on it, but occasionally, over the last few months, just out of the blue I'll be hit by a feeling that something big and life-changing not only for me but also for the country or world is...
Rant Dec 14 37 35 rss
I am a little furious about our corrupt fbi Here is a section from my recent live stream where I rant and become unhinged
December 14, 2019 It's possible that Democrat Presidential candidates like Sanders, Warren,...

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