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Travel Nov 16 58 37 rss
I was incredibly lucky to join my friend in Iceland last week, where she was completing a program with ARENA (Artic Remote Energy Networks Academy) by learning about the renewable energy Iceland uses for heat and electricity. We had several brilliant guides who brought us to power plants, geothermal greenhouses, and some of Iceland's most stunning attractions. I'll include...
General Chit Chat Nov 17 29 34 rss
I love old photographs and have my own large collection from friends & family but also love the more historical pictures before the days of photoshop and manipulation. A picture in those long past days can really say a thousand words. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Have a great week-end! Clearly to these Russians the sight of...
Rant Nov 16 52 18 rss
I have developed a real problem with drivers I call left laners. You know, they are the ones that, on roads with two lanes going the same way, pull directly into the left lane and stay there - come hell or high water. I literally have changed my route to work because of these people, preferring to go a longer route than be stressed by them. These are the people who get in that left lane and ride it, whether...
General Chit Chat Nov 17 64 15 rss
At least it's something we can all laugh about...unless we're the aircrew. But on a more serious note... The Federal Aviation Administration, when the station reached out for comment, said they're powerless to act unless the incident poses a safety risk. An official also said the agency...
People Nov 15 35 14 rss
This is the Creepiest character I ever met. And that was in Laguna Canyon. Charles and the Family used to frequent the Canyon usually there to score illegal substances. My friend was one of the people supplying said substances which were created in Berkeley by a chemist named Owsley and Timothy Leary. I had come face to face a couple times with Charles...
General Chit Chat Nov 11 54 34 rss
My boots My boots are off I war no more. All my gear lay on the floor I stop and think of days gone by Of brothers and friends who had to die To fight for honor and sacrifice So many so dear that paid the price Too few are those who realize not What price was paid for what they've got So I ask you now, for something small Not money or fame, but equally as tall...
Rant Nov 10 88 24 rss
I mean, prove me wrong and attempt to shed that allegation. It's my word against yours and since I spoke up, I get the surprise attack. At some point we as a society are going to have to realize how dangerous this is. On one hand the allegations are generally taken pretty seriously, even if they come up right before elections or movies. *hint hint* What is even more...
I'm so sad after reading this, Tom Hanks now has accusations against him? ‘He had his hands all over me, I was made to feel so used and dirty,’ *snicker*
Rant Nov 11 91 18 rss
I know many of you have already pointed out that there is no difference between the left and the right so save your "wings of the same bird" memes. br /> First it was Obamacare. Republicans finally had majority in the House, Senate and someone in the White House that would sign the repeal. Did it happen? Nope. Now we have tax reduction. Finally, a person ion the White...
General Chit Chat Nov 12 36 17 rss
heeeeyyyy guys, have you noticed anything weird? thats right! after more than a year here i finnaly have an avatar! if you dont remenber, i am that guy that posts humanoid encounters every weekend its the vilvorde 1973 encounter if anyone is wondering
Rant Nov 17 57 11 rss
Sarah Clarke is currently the Championships Director at the All England Lawn Tennis Club but in the new year she will become the new Black Rod , a role that for 650 years has been held by a man .... which is of course a bad thing in this era of diversity so now that wrong has been...
ATTENTION PLEASE: Mother Earth has given up on this world and will be returning home to the Heavenly Realms within the next 2 years The Gospel according to the Jolly Old Joker and the Gentle Old Fool ~~~ Book 17 ~~~ Okay this next divinely inspired message is quite the doozy. All 100%...
General Chit Chat Nov 10 48 15 rss
Thought that would get your attention. :P Either on this site (searches were no good) or elsewhere I remember reading about a great side table/coffee table with hidden compartments all through it. It was more like a Chinese puzzle box than furniture, but I can't find it anywhere on line or here. Does anyone have any links or ideas?
Rant Nov 13 43 12 rss
I have a burning obsession inside me to find out the truth and source of where I have originated from, To find out why my ancestors where so focused on a goal that has been forgotten. It saddens me that we are no Longer a smart race. Our goal as humans in this day and age is to earn money and provide for OURSELVES! Where did we go so wrong? Why do we know longer share common goals? Why do we no...
I have wondered this for a while, and I have asked myself many times how does a man like Trump get to become President and remain relatively unscathed and not get impeached?  Especially when you consider all the things thrown in his way, and the career and life he has had which has helped him to be President in some sort of predestined...
Members Nov 2 35 49 rss
After much deliberation as where to place this notice I decided Members was a good match as quite a number of the membership would like to know. And the ATS Live forums are gone so here goes. Regular listeners to the After Midnight Show will recognize Sable the...
Members Nov 5 163 43 rss
Welcome back to a new season of Softball, hopefully it surpasses your expectations from last season, and considering the quality of guests we had this shouldn’t be a very difficult task. We have some...
General Chit Chat Oct 25 28 33 rss
When you live in rural Idaho, you can get many unexpected visitors. The saying on ATS is "photos, or it didn't happen..." I got the photo :) This young buck visited us a few days ago. Our...
Rant Nov 5 51 32 rss
Why do we still do this? What purpose does it serve? This is absolutely the dumbest "tradition" that we still continue. What's the conspiracy behind all of this? It screws up...
Food and Cooking Nov 6 197 30 rss
All this talk about curry around here has got me craving some. I like mine with rice like above. I'm fairly new to the world of curry. I was introduced to it at work by a guy from...
We can do this people but it is going to take a bit of work. I think it will be worth the effort and if enough of us can come together and do what needs to be done the world can be a better place. But we all need to take a step back for...
People Oct 25 37 29 rss
YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS Video has just been published on YouTube, Corey Feldman believes TPTB have tried to take his life after he revealed he has a plan...
General Chit Chat Oct 30 41 29 rss
OK most will have no idea what a big deal this is for me but I AM GOING TO PARIS! Actually I'm going to Holland to see someone and he is taking me to Paris and then on a road trip to places he is planning,...
Dear ATS members and readers, This, a letter I recently sent to family members living in CA and Chicago-land Area, is my first post. I humbly submit the same for your review: br /> You may be aware of the...
Relationships Oct 27 29 26 rss
She died 2 months ago. I was doing ok all week, had no real emotional outbursts to speak of, was holding it together pretty well. Then a couple of hours ago it hit me like a ton of...

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