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Rant May 26 60 63 rss
This is what living with a deadly disease is really like, sometimes hope is elusive and you go to a really dark place. I hope my little rant purges the darkness that is consuming me right now. Every moment counts and is too precious to waste on tears, regret and being scared. I can't sleep. I'm so angry at my body. This is the third time in just over a year that my body has betrayed me and though...
General Chit Chat May 25 22 28 rss
I was shocked to learn that the Titanic was on fire before they even went out to sea. The fire burned for days and the main bulkhead was severely damaged by the fire. The bottom of the water tight compartment was warped, a crucial area that would have defended the ship. Came across this interesting documentary. Still watching it actually, but thought it interesting...
Rant May 25 67 27 rss
Alamo Drafthouse launches a 'women only' screening of 'Wonder Woman,' sparks outrage Alamo Drafthouse announced a “women only” screening of “Wonder Woman” for June 6. “The most iconic superheroine in comic book history finally has her own movie, and what better way to celebrate than with an all-female screening?” wrote the Austin-based theater. “Apologies,...
General Chit Chat May 25 30 26 rss
Happy Belated Birthday Springer! I hope it was the best ever!
Rant May 24 34 21 rss
So, yeah, believe what you want, but stop inflicting your beliefs on others. This applies to everyone...politicians, the religious and climate nuts. I don't bother anybody and I just want to be left to enjoy my life and my family so stop inflicting your dogma on other people. I don't agree with everything people do, but I also don't go out of my way to impose my belief system...
General Chit Chat May 21 50 24 rss
Trumpism, Trumpish, Trumptastic, Trumpitics. ATS is fast becoming more of a political site than a conspiracy one. There doesn't and there wont, seem to be any let up in all things Trump. Is it a good thing for ATS? The best conspiracy site there is?
People May 23 33 23 rss
Actor Sir Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond, has died aged 89, his family has announced. He played the famous spy in seven Bond films including Live and Let Die and the Spy Who Loved Me. Sir Roger's family confirmed the news on Twitter, saying he had died after "a short but brave battle with cancer". Roger lived a good age, and captured the imaginations...
Rant May 20 30 22 rss
Funny, here is a good example of bogus "peer reviewed" non-sense. A honey trap of bull-crap that the academics swallowed hook, line, and sinker. We hear about "fake news" all the time, here is an example of "fake academia" which is probably most of academia....
Rant May 21 32 22 rss
.....I'm done! Not completely but with anything politically related.:stfu: I'm all about free speech, but lately ATS has been a gaggle of rabid OCD, pick-a-side propaganda machines. Is anyone else feeling or seeing this? br /> I have been on ATS for years, seen many cycles, but the current trend is just overwhelming so I...
Rant May 23 114 20 rss
I honestly can't believe some of the comments I'm reading recently after this terror attack, it's really hard to tell if people are being serious or are just flat out trolling with some of the responses and suggestions being brought up about what to do about the problems in the world. It's all just...
General Chit Chat May 19 64 13 rss
I'll go first, here is my favorite: Here is an English Translation Right next to the barracks by the main gate there stood a lantern and stands there up to date We're going to meet there again Next to the lantern we will remain Like then, Lili Marlene Like then, Lili Marlene Our casted shadows appearing as one and the love...
General Chit Chat May 20 64 13 rss
Hello. I will be very direct. The situation; mostly about today: - I cant do any sports as my knee is injured and waiting to have my operation on it. - Have an hamster petted it a lot don't want to bother it too much. - Can play guitar and sing, did all of those since 2 weeks practicing even started a course to remember notes and mods again. -...
General Chit Chat May 25 59 17 rss
So I'm looking on my Facebook wall and I see this advertisement for McDonald's South Carolina Stack burger for people in the United Kingdom...... br /> Boy, y'all got it wrong bless yer hearts! Here's the short video: As the couple are completing their purchase, they think about going to McDonalds to eat and get the South Carolina...
General Chit Chat May 20 43 13 rss
I have no interest in convincing you that this is a different reality than the world I lived in in my early years. But this is what I believe is true. I wonder what is true. Are there 2 different Earths, different in some small ways and some very...
Rant May 20 38 11 rss
The whole point of Freedom of the Press is if you don't like what this newspaper has to say you can find one you do like or if you can't find one you're free to print your own. Freedom of Speech is actually Freedom of Unpopular Speech. Why would popular speech or views need protection? You want Freedom of speech because you're not always...
Members May 2 63 75 rss
Yep. This is her ... at the moment. I want to say thanks for everything you bring to the boards. You deserve this thread. It's not about your birthday. Not about your ATS anniversary. It's not about your stats. You're just an awesome member and I would/will...
General Chit Chat May 15 148 34 rss
In an anonymous online world, we see avitars and assume lots of things based on the content of that avitar (poster). Sometimes we become close enough to share personal information with others, and sometimes we just...
Music May 18 115 34 rss
Heard that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave has passed. After a show in Detroit, he was 52. Source Inc. Very sad. One of my favorites too. ETA: Representative for singer, who helped take the grunge sound of the...
Ok, here's my weird story: Years ago when I was living in L.A. going to the Los Angeles Recording School for a degree in Audio Engineering, I was living the broke student life. I only...
General Chit Chat Apr 30 63 31 rss
There I was, scoping the endless images on Pinterest when a not so terribly interesting or humorous image pops up (see below): And so I thought to myself, "Just how many stars...
Rant May 7 62 30 rss
God damn conservatives - Are you seriously THIS HELL BENT on not allowing our nation to progress at all? Talks of Universal Healthcare - And all you can do is complain about how we're...
Movies May 3 49 29 rss
No words really. Just really stoked!
General Chit Chat May 12 56 29 rss
To my own Mom and my 2nd Mother's Day without you, with love. This will be a particular rough day for me as my own Mom is gone and I am not a Mother myself. Please share something for your own Mom who has passed. You are not alone....
Members Apr 17 151 68 rss
Happy Birthday Nightstar! Friend of the Fae, you are a blessing to all of us. The land of faery, Where nobody gets old and godly and grave, Where nobody gets old and crafty and wise, Where nobody gets old...
Rant Apr 23 30 40 rss
Because I Need To...that is why! Because I need to! Because I have this insatiable desire to do and be who I am. Without the thousands of hands of society grabbing hold of me and pulling me in the directions that they think...
General Chit Chat Apr 21 62 34 rss
Hey ATS. It has been a few weeks. Its not anybody else's business I guess but I wanted to share this to get it off my chest and to try and calm me down at least a little. So, where do I begin... Last week on Wednesday...
General Chit Chat Apr 18 3212 33 rss
There is a place of enchantment where dragons soar high above, where faeries dance and wondrous beings and creatures roam. There is a place where compassion and kindness, love and laughter live, where friendships are made, stories are told and daily lives are shared. That...
Television Apr 21 24 28 rss
fan of the X-Files Show. And once again, can't wait till the new shows start, sounds like this fall to next year.:up:
General Chit Chat May 13 42 28 rss
I am. Let me tell you how I got to be a loner. I had a horrible first marriage. Basically, I had to stop hanging out with my friends because the wife always thought I was banging chicks when I really wasn't. I had lots of friends. I...
People who idolize and worship Jesus seem to be the opposite of what Jesus taught. People seem very judgmental, arrogant, belligerent, bigots, and prejudice...
General Chit Chat Apr 30 27 26 rss
I was getting ready to log on ATS when I noticed this ad to the left. Took a screen shot of it. Talk about a WTF moment. LOL ! ...

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