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General Chit Chat Jun 23 663 21 rss
Continued from Shed 7 found here... Welcome friends old and new to the latest edition of The Shed. Here you will find friendship, magic and wondrous beings and creatures, chit chat and story telling of adventures all throughout the Shedlands and land of Accasia. If you have been lurking, please consider joining us as we will welcome you with open arms. To old members and newer ones alike, welcome...
Music Jun 23 24 15 rss
Not guilty of plagiarism that is. The case should never have been bought to court in the first place. It was stated by their defence team that the chord progression they where accused of nicking had been in use for more than 300 years. Good result :up:
Rant Jun 22 36 13 rss
Listen here, I ain't no prude and I support reasonable sex education in schools beyond the abstinence school of thought, my reasons for wanting a well thought out plan for sex ed, is to cut down on unwanted pregnancies, abortions and potential hardship that come along with it. However folks in Germany just ratchet it up x1000, read on: nal sex practices,...
Rant Jun 24 48 11 rss
As this election starts ramping up, i sit back and think who is supporting this witch? While she was in my hometown of Buffalo NY during the new york primaries, she filled a small venue with mostly old women. By filled, i mean 20-30 people in the pierce arrow museum. Trump is filling venues up to 20k supporters....
Rant Jun 21 435 68 rss
So I'm aware that I am going to receive A LOT of hate for this thread but i feel that there are others that will agree with me on this subject. br /> We are basically forced to be 'ok' with the idea of gay marriage, transgender people and anyone who we don't consider 'normal'. Let me say straight up - I...
Three Syrian refugees reportedly raped a little girl at knifepoint in Idaho before urinating on her body, an incident that prompted furious residents to accuse Twin Falls city council members of covering up the assault. The sexual assault allegedly took place on June 2, but...
General Chit Chat Jun 19 29 22 rss
I'm sorry, and I'm sorry right now that your relationship with your children is strained because of a poisonous woman, I'm sorry that soon you'll have to walk into a court and battle a battle that no matter how much of a saint you are the court will almost certainly rule in her favor regarding custody. I will say...
General Chit Chat Jun 20 45 22 rss
I had a hard time of late and decided to talk about it here. I am not quite sure why but I had no where else to turn and the community here is stronger than you think, my initial idea was to try and vent some steam and be honest to try and understand what was happening but I never expected...
General Chit Chat Jun 18 33 21 rss
I live in a pretty quiet town. Right now I'm laying in bed, reading a book. Outside the window, I can hear the not too distant hum and whir of someone (presumably drunkenly) mowing their lawn. The drunken lawn mowers wife seems to be yelling, "Get inside!", and one of the neighbours is yelling (presumably drunkenly),"Hey man,...
General Chit Chat Jun 18 125 18 rss
I've been noticing an alarming trend lately. It's almost as if the conspiracy theorist and people who are working on alternative theories to mainstream science, history and political propaganda have been slowly dwindling. Is it just me or is skepticism totally taking over? What happened to taking a step back from your emotions and...
Catchy title, i know. but bear with me: I DO NOT CLAIM THERE WAS NO SHOOTING OR NO DEAD PEOPLE OR CRISIS ACTORS! So far we have covered a lot of aspects on the Orlando shooting. We heard several witness accounts in the media. Looking at these witness statements, the missing part stood out: Every account is an 'ear'-witness, not...
Rant Jun 19 96 19 rss
Listen up people. I have some venting to do. Since this is the rant section, a ranting I will go. Let's get this straight------> Guns do not kill without assistance from PEOPLE. Bombs do not explode without assistance from PEOPLE. Cars do not crash without assistance from PEOPLE. Drugs do not cause death without assistance from PEOPLE. Everyone wants to blame everything...
Rant Jun 21 89 15 rss
My aunt took me shopping last night at a nice department store. I had an important court date this morning (haven't done anything illegal, has to do with my mortgage). For this part, I had to go pro se, free legal services have done mainly what they can do, over 6 pr 7 years. I...
General Chit Chat Jun 18 38 12 rss
It seems to me there is a media assault on Trump. I see "Trump losing support of the GOP" "Trumps support is sliding downward in the polls". "The people of all nations, hate Trump" "Mexico will build its own wall if Trump becomes president" (Ok I made the last one up.) etc etc. Up here in Red Neck Territory, his popularity has surged, so what is going...
Rant Jun 11 202 120 rss
Why have forums about UFO's or threads about Atlantis / Lost civilization if all you do is allow naysayers to scat on ANYONE who wants to think out side the box? This site has much potential but I feel its been in free fall...
General Chit Chat Jun 7 128 73 rss
Well only just sober but this is day four and a record in over 20 years of alcoholism, possibly the longest and most traumatic 4 days of my life in truth. I won't go into great details...
Rant Jun 6 106 58 rss
Let me explain something to you and the rest of the SJW crowd. LET THIS SINK IN.You may have been brainwashed into this whole race/gender/sexuality/SJW game. I don't know if you got it from...
General Chit Chat May 29 22 55 rss
Well here we are again. Another Memorial Day weekend has come around, only this time you're not here for it. Christmas Day 2015 you answered another muster call, this one the final one. I miss you so much... For some reason it felt right to write this today, though...
Rant Jun 10 133 46 rss
I would like to personally thank you for the increase in my income, as well as my client base, due to your lack of ethics or scruples in playing on the public's ignorance, and forcing your latest not ready for release operating system on as many people as possible,...
Rant May 31 100 39 rss
..... it's your fault. Not referring to ATS per se. It seems like society today is this petty. I have a problem with this thinking on so many levels. Yes, they are pixels on a screen...
Member Art Jun 17 47 39 rss
Fired these last weekend. These are handmade by me, and are not pre-made "bisque-ware" from one of those "paint it" ceramics stores. They all started a hunks of raw clay. Red-ware "trencher" ...
Rant Jun 16 47 36 rss
This is an extremely volatile election season, we are seeing the most divide among a nation of people, arguably since the 1960s, or Pre civil war times, I believe staff along side membership is responsible for this problem. I love...
Rant May 17 197 69 rss
Yes I'm aware of the irony here but all I see are threads about the subject and to be perfectly honest its driving me insane, apart from being interested if Michele is in fact Michael I could not really give a rats...
People Jun 7 69 35 rss
My mum has been ill with cancer. This weekend it all went tits up. Horrendously. She's in a hospice. I've been with her for two days, she's on morphine and obviously not feeling pain. But we're feeding her water from a sponge, she's...
People May 19 31 34 rss
...and prostitution (not prostituting himself, but being a "pimp") Link: Charles Wade, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, has been charged with human...
General Chit Chat Jun 13 22 34 rss
I don't really think the article title is appropriate because I thought the request by the Government was reasonably...
Rant May 22 381 32 rss
When I was 2, I believed in Santa Claus. I now know he wasn't real. People, your memory fades. We have a tendency to screw up spelling, screw up facts, associate...
General Chit Chat May 16 3956 30 rss
No time for lengthy introduction. We just got closed down early and needed a new home. Welcome to your new magical home!
General Chit Chat May 31 162 30 rss
So I was looking through my pictures, trying to find something useful and I have a LOT of silly pointless stuff. So I ask everyone to take a look and find the funniest random picture that...
Rant Jun 8 76 30 rss
Seriously, why is everyone at each other's throats? Every thread is full of people ripping each other apart, and this behavior isn't limited to ATS by a long shot. How does anyone expect progress of any kind when listening to and considering opposing...

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