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Relationships Mar 25 24 16 rss
I awoke this morning to a bright light that seemed to come out of nowhere. I didn't quite know what I was seeing. Then I got a call from my sister that my mother had passed away. I lost it. She was doing so well. I now believe the light was her spirit. Still numb! My sister doesn't believe in this, but I know what I saw.
Rant Mar 25 41 15 rss
There are certain forums on this site where I can't post a thread without posters commenting on me personally. I can understand it in the Relationships forum, the Rant forum, and the Members forum to an extent, but that usually doesn't make it any easier to take. I believe almost all posts that...
General Chit Chat Mar 28 35 15 rss
Three down at the scene. It going to be interesting to find out who everyone is. The driver turned herself in after the fact and is a W/F. Buck
General Chit Chat Mar 28 40 14 rss
Title grab your attention? Well, that's exactly what the small Asheville NC jewelry store hoped would happen, when it put up this billbord: OUTRAGE from citizens and Chelsea Clinton saying that the small, Asheville family-owned, jewelry store was intentionally promoting violence against women...has resulted in a major...
Rant Mar 24 50 13 rss
Tell me why does Americans hate everyone? Not just China or Black people. They even hate Europeans, Canadians, Aussie, French, etc. Why are these people never put down and continue to be protected, even by European standards? Why the fk is Europe even bothering helping them? This is BS. Next would probably be aliens. :mad: Adding...
Rant Mar 23 206 58 rss
I don’t have a issue with the majority of Muslim that don’t do anything and abide by all laws. But come on lets stop kidding ourselves. Islam is not a religion of "peace". Does a religion of peace: Create a caliphate that burns people alive and tortures people to death? Fly’s...
Rant Mar 23 36 30 rss
I hate hospitals... with a passion enough bad has happened in my life that I view them as where you go to die... not heal, but here in Europe I have developed an entirely new level of hatred for hospitals. I was having a pretty good day today.. then I get a cryptic message from the wife to meet her at the base clinic......
Rant Mar 22 55 24 rss
ATS has become a real "breath of fresh air" lately! A sizeable minority of members take great joy in disparaging anyone who professes a belief in God, and disparages those as naïve who express hope for the future and a belief in our country and our values....AKA...patriotic Americans. I am tired of tiptoeing around the factions of our populace that feel they have more privilege than...
Rant Mar 22 22 18 rss
Well, my elderly parents just received a call from the Department of Justice today..and yesterday...and the day before's actually been for about two weeks, a few times everyday, that the Department of Justice has been so urgently trying to reach them. You would think they would just use certified mail or send someone out to speak with them in person..considering...
Rant Mar 23 22 18 rss
Awhile back I received a U2U from another member explaining how I was very wrong on a political issue (and boy was I wrong!). They expressed to me that they didn't want to seem like they were attacking or belittling me out in open chat. I thanked them, and apologized for my error. A few months later, different user, same subject (not wrong this time :D ), same...
Food and Cooking Mar 25 50 12 rss
The Ortolan is a small extremely delicious European bird weighing less than an ounce. It is part of the bunting family. Its conservation status is listed as least concern. That means we should get eating! Because eating a tiny one ounce bird is ridiculous, we humans...
Members Mar 20 44 15 rss
I am in need of finding out my girlfriends ring size. I would like to do so without her knowledge. My best idea is to ask her best friend but I am curious if any other ATS'ers have some knowledge they could impart upon me. Also, before it is suggested, the finger must remain on her hand......:saint:
Music Mar 22 40 11 rss
PUNCH A NAZI My son sent me this youtube video/song today. Catchy tune...funny, because it's true, regarding the nature of SJW/alt-left mentality...and well worth a listen LYRICS I'm on the streets I'm so smart can't you see My philosophy is: "If you don't constantly bitch About the president...
Movies Mar 24 24 11 rss
Let's take a moment to remember a truly beautiful soul- RIP Brandon Bruce Lee (February 1, 1965 – March 31, 1993). If one were to take The Crow as a whole, it stands apart from the other cinema as being one of the most tragic and fascinating films of all time. It is a film about death, revenge from the grave, and...
Health & Wellness Mar 25 23 11 rss
I thought looooong and hard where to put this. I put it here because, if it tastes better, has a better color and a better texture - it's GOT to be better for me - right!!? :!::?: Can I get a HELL YEAH!? So, there is a running joke in my family that my hubby is just not a very good BBQer. He can fry the hell out of a turkey, he can cook the hell out of some chili, he can do some rocking...
Member Art Mar 11 56 92 rss
Just found out about the 'Members Art' forum, so i decided to share some of my drawings. Feel free to critique if you like, as well as any strengths and...
General Chit Chat Mar 20 48 39 rss
Hi, Probably should be moved but not sure where I should post this, news coming in from various different news sites, nothing on Reuters yet.. Doubt it's a hoax since more and more outlets...
General Chit Chat Mar 19 76 36 rss
Happy Birthday True! I know your Birthday is the 20th, but Reldra was kind enough to point out to me that it is now the 20th where you are. I hope your day is special in every way my dear friend! Here's a heavy metal Birthday vid for ya! ...
General Chit Chat Mar 13 34 35 rss
I have begun my own surveillance on my appliances . I never trusted that sneaky microwave anyway. Tape has been applied to the entire display. Relearning how to use it is going to be tricky....
Health & Wellness Mar 19 28 35 rss
First things first - I am not a tree hugging, bird watching vegan trying to push an agenda here... I am merely giving you guys some info from my own experience and it's info...
Warning: I hope you aren't eating anything.. The Aghori Clan A little article I stumbled upon and wanted to share. In a nutshell: A respected and feared clan of homeless stoners that only eat rotten human flesh, rotten garbage from dumps and...
General Chit Chat Mar 10 24 29 rss
Hello, my name is knowledgehunter0986, aka KH, aka Hunter, aka nobody special and I have an addiction. I am addicted to ATS. Having lurked for well over a decade, I thought I had a clear grasp of what I was getting into and when I finally joined,...
Rant Feb 28 41 28 rss
I have tried to ignore the Hollywood elite and their holyer than though attitudes. I have tried to not take the opinion of what are basically professional liar's seriously. I have given them the benefit of a doubt that they are just out of touch with...
Members Feb 22 119 91 rss
Happy Anniversary Night Star. To the lovely lady who is always there to wish everyone a happy birthday or Congratulations on surviving another year on ATS, we all would like to say THANK YOU Night! You are beautiful...
Members Feb 25 2817 54 rss
He's big, loud and obnoxious, he also has a black belt in fart jokes, . He's subversive and perversive and is likely to be a future recipient of the Darwin Award, . And...
General Chit Chat Feb 17 2624 43 rss
[color=teal]Welcome to The Shed, a place where people can come and leave their cares behind for a while. In this place you will find magic and enchantment, friendship, humor and love. We have mystical beings who exist in this wondrous realm and stories being told....
Members Feb 20 132 40 rss
Got a little tossaway thread for ya. That's my schtick these days. Well, truth is I just don't have time to put effort into some of my ideas like I used to. Work, work, work. Thank babaji for the mobile ATS or I'd almost...
Rant Feb 20 63 34 rss
Emotions:ON You are a big fat liar! All you do is lie, lie lie lie and even though your lies haven't effected my life yet you're still a big fat liar and you need to be impeached! You are such a narcissist! All you care about is yourself! Haven't...
Greetings Altair or so "they" say [snipped] In order to carry out a discussion can we all please not mention anything and I mean anything which will likely see this thread...
Members Feb 24 34 29 rss
Well, it looks like I have been on ATS for 8 years now. I still miss the chat box and the radio show. I may not be a super contributor but I've had my moments.. I did get a free hat from Springer for being a guest caller on Radio...
Relationships Mar 7 35 28 rss
I'm doing it. I'm asking for her hand in marriage. I have the 8 years of love and knowledge. I've got the blessing from her parents. I've got the ring. I have the date planned. I have the location. I have the words ready. Sunday March...

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