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Music Jul 29 245 27 rss
This topic may have to be moved and that's fine, but I thought it might ease the tension of the partisan politics if we had a little FUN! I believe lyrics pack a powerful punch and help communicate what we sometimes cannot put into words.... So no matter who you vote for,...
Members Jul 27 254 26 rss
This came about in another thread and I know there is one about this but I feel the urge to say this as it is. The following members may or may not be female and as a hetrosexual male I have no issue in saying that I really do have the hots for these members in some way or another and screw it :P Nightsar,...
This isn't really that funny (nor is Crowder generally). I just want to see if it gets 404'd, and if so, how long it will take: Simply testing the limits of offensiveness, that's all. And I'm home sick. Bored to tears. A little loopy from happy pills (legally prescribed, mind you). Anyway. :up:
Member Art Jul 30 24 22 rss
First time i ever shared a work of mine, i hope you enjoy
Hey there ATS, put on your dancing shoes - For those of you that cannot (or will not) watch the video, a brief summary-
General Chit Chat Jul 26 51 42 rss
Ever notice no one replies to the reasonable posts? If you post a totally ridiculous point, or spout the normal partisan talking points. You will have countless responses. But if you give a reasonable logical response or possible fix for an issue, you will get crickets. Just a weird observation.
Movies Jul 23 280 32 rss
My favorite movie of all time is Somewhere in Time Second favorite is The Mummy Name Yours!
General Chit Chat Jul 23 45 23 rss
I didn't know where else to post I decided to play it safe and put it in general chit chat. Before I start with my QUESTION for ATS'ers who have spent a lot more time on the boards than me lately, I want to clarify that I have been horrendously busy lately and may have missed this being discussed elsewhere. ...
Rant Jul 24 38 19 rss
Nope So far, Just can't come to vote for either this time around. Am I alone in that neither have really put forth something to swing you fellow fence sitters? I'm just not impressed with either, nor do they instill confidence. I honestly don't see anything positive from either side if elected. Trump is a big mouth...
Rant Jul 28 59 19 rss
Go back to bed America, Your Government is in control. Eat what we tell you to eat, Take what drugs we tell you to take, Buy what we tell you to buy, Earn what we let you earn, Pay what we tell you to pay, Accept what laws we tell you to accept. Whilst we murder your fellow citizens, Lock others up unfairly, corrupt...
Members Jul 24 286 13 rss
So I was just making a comment on a new thread begun by user nonspecific about if you were to die would the people on ATS know, and as I read the comments this notion of a convention for ATS members came up. AugustusMasonicus, #snipped#, informed the group that a convention was spoken about in NYC but never came to fruition. Well, this got me thinking...if at first you don't succeed,...
Television Jul 24 91 11 rss
Thanks to Quantum for being the Inspiration behind this one! :up: Shall we begin. VIKINGS And this just because i love the Vid so much. LOST Breaking Bad Star Trek Star Trek: The Next Generation These are amongst my favorites. Post Yours! :cheers:
Relationships Jul 27 78 12 rss
I have often wondered if soul mates exist, i believe they do however, i'd like your take on it. “People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably...
Members Jul 24 67 15 rss
This is a tough question and I am not sure if this has been discussed in the past. I have been thinking about this for some time now and after discussing it with another member privately I have decided to ask the question. We may be a bunch of whacked out tin foil wearing loons but the simple fact is that freindships and...
General Chit Chat Jul 28 65 14 rss
We have a shed here and it is a wonderful place, enter and you will be welcomed with open arms, fresh coffee and cream cakes. there is talk of unicorns and rainbows and I love it. There is however something missing so I thought we could have a masonic dungeon. A dark and dirty place to come and chill, to live on the edge and try and stay...
General Chit Chat Jul 20 80 106 rss
last year, I tinkered and invented a very minor device used in surgeries. It has gone through several processes. Submissions, legal gobbly-gook, further applications, design redo's....
Rant Jul 9 121 75 rss
I am against murder and violence against my fellow human beings. I don't care who you are, but you have a right to security of your person and property. Now, it is 'racist' to say all lives matter. Well, too bad because...
Members Jul 20 372 53 rss
What is the meaning of your ATS name. I chose Quantum12 because I have a healing Quantum Bracelet and I was born in December the 12th month.
Rant Jul 16 100 49 rss
....GET THE F OVER!!!! Yield! Move your a** into the other available lane, or one of the TWO other available...
Rant Jul 18 134 38 rss
I am proud to say that I have solved the issue of being shot by the police. It took me many moons to figure this out, and many exhausting...
Rant Jul 21 106 35 rss
Am I allowed to be proud of my race and heritage, without being considered a racist pig if I'm white? It seems all of a sudden I am supposed to apologize for being white, well eff you I'm not...
Rant Jul 15 60 31 rss
Those people who see you only have one or two items at the check out and they are just about to be rung up and look away instead of offering to you to go ahead of them as they pull out their 1001 coupons... Those people who see you running...
General Chit Chat Jul 15 22 30 rss
Okay, so two days ago I made a thread how I felt , something seemed off, really, really off. Call it intuition or superstition or whatever you want. I'm okay with critical opinions I...
General Chit Chat Jun 29 96 43 rss
I found out yesterday that there are tumors inside my pancreas......meaning the big "C" (cancer) and after doing some research it appears to be one of the worst to get from all the cancers.... go figure......
Rant Jun 27 48 30 rss
My god....does anyone in the group of folks on this board constantly commenting with things like "....msm....libtards....if it were a Christian...." Etc etc etc ever get tired of the never ending circle jerk around here?!!?! I'm a...
General Chit Chat Jun 24 21 29 rss
Here is a photograph i took at Stonehenge summer solstice on Monday. It was the best sunrise ive ever seen there. [thumb]dc576d7d52.jpg[/thumb]
General Chit Chat Jun 23 3840 27 rss
Continued from Shed 7 found here... Welcome friends old and new to the latest edition of The Shed. Here you will find friendship, magic and wondrous beings and creatures, chit chat and story telling of adventures all throughout the Shedlands and land of...
Members Jul 12 431 26 rss
Whether your plane mysteriously disappears like MH370 or your boat is driven into a storm and ultimately ship-wrecked by Somali pirates or you are renditioned...
Members Jul 17 32 26 rss
There were a few (small few) members that knew I was expecting, and I told them I would inform them when baby made it here.... Well, it's been a couple weeks, took a break from most of my regular activities (even if it only involved picking up my phone a clicking...

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