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Rant Jul 17 101 82 rss
What the heck is wrong with you? You've been discussing "politics" for years here, but what's the point? What do you really know? Actually, nothing, but watch how you are obsessed. Politics comes after economics, after all, but you take tweets as a real matter. You are so busy to bring another MSM story here and spam...
General Chit Chat Jul 19 26 35 rss
SOOO the last 6 and a half months have sucked until recently! I know many gave me great advice in my RANT thread on the employment process and thank you for that! Well the first job I got what one member basically referred to as the "filler" job. IT SUCKED! I hated it, like dreaded going into work and being there. I didn't even dread going to work at BOA I just dreaded BOA lol....
Rant Jul 17 34 22 rss
I mean... Let's get straight into the meat of this rant... It's the Mandela Effect that's pissing me off... I mean... Is it so hard to admit you have a faulty memory that you have to conjure up the notion you've been moved to an alternate Universe... Is your pride really that inflated... I mean... It's never unique things being discussed... Like you came from...
People Jul 20 88 22 rss
Just heard this on the radio. Another terrible suicide. Law enforcement sources tell us the singer hanged himself at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A. County. His body was discovered Thursday just before 9 AM. Chester was married with 6 children from 2 wives. Chester was very close with Chris Cornell,...
General Chit Chat Jul 17 43 19 rss
These "spinner" things are all the rage now. I just don't know how the Universe existed before these things, and I totally don't understand their popularity. I mean, what gives? They spin around...big deal. What do you do with them after the 1st five minutes??? I mean, C'mon! So, the other day I'm in Walgreens, and I see this sign in big bold letters which says "Spinners back in stock!!!". (I'd gone in...
General Chit Chat Jul 16 68 47 rss
I think I know who farted. Most probably the same nasty SOB who sat next to me on my flight from Denver. What do you have to eat to blow a fart so big that it sickens an entire plane? Slow news day.... RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A person who “passed gas” on an American...
Rant Jul 15 188 39 rss
Today I read a post from a liberal dude having a total meltdown because a politico said "The lightweight, mannequin, pretty-boy from California? I think he’s a yellow-bellied coward. And I don’t think he will show. But if he does show, he will regret it for the rest of his life"....
General Chit Chat Jul 15 24 27 rss
My wife, kids, and I were eating at the local IHOP just down the road from our house, when everyone in the restaurant phones started going off with a shrill alarm. I checked my phone and "tornado warning find shelter immediately" was the alert. Sure enough the sky turned grey and rain started to pour. No one panicked everyone kept on enjoying...
Found this gem and as much as I love IIB, this one is the best one I have seen yet. Enjoy.
Food and Cooking Jul 13 23 19 rss
This is the time of year for a lot where we’re picking radish from our gardens. DON’T throw out the greens. They’re soooo good and good for you. Steam them, sauté, lots of recipes online but honestly they’re just the best and so good for you! So, no giving them to the rabbits or chickens or dust bin! EAT UP! This evening...
Rant Jul 17 50 14 rss
There are many ways to ruin a good evening out; bad food, awful service, lack of atmosphere are all valid reasons, but there is one. One component that can not only destroy an evening but possibly create lifelong grudges that may never resolve.. that thing is.. THE DREADED BILL SPLIT. for context I am a 21 year old student, I work but am by no means financially sound....
Rant Jul 16 40 17 rss
......... Is it just me or is this the most annoying and immature thing someone can post these days. Every time I see it, I start to think I am in the mist of a discussion with a child, some teenager sitting on his parents computer. I find it very annoying, its only in the last year that I have noticed that this annoying phrase that used to be confide to forums like Reddit has now percolated...
Rant Jul 19 36 15 rss
And quite literally could not stop laughing, these Talking Heads on the major news networks not know that we live in the age of information and we can check on anything they say and see if it's true or not I assume they don't, because half of what they say is just blatantly untrue I don't understand how they can get on TV and just lie or say the truth to suit their facts as they...
General Chit Chat Jul 19 30 19 rss
My best friend, Stu, and I were riding out of Rock Springs one night, on the way to Flaming Gorge (national reservoir). Stu was riding his Yamaha 850 Virago, I was riding my 1100 Honda Gold Wing, both of us highly experienced bikers, having ridden desert racing on dirt bikes for 10 years. With us were a couple of lesser experienced guys on bikes, two 750's. We'd be riding down through...
People Jul 20 30 11 rss
I'll update as needed. • Mr. Simpson, 70, was convicted in 2008 of several felonies, including kidnapping and robbery at a Las Vegas hotel the year before. He was sentenced to nine to 33 years in prison. • This is Mr. Simpson’s first chance to gain release from prison, because he is approaching the low end of his sentencing range....
This Great Meme Wars developing story that CNN has triggered by threatening to dox an satire artist with that whole Trump body slamming the CNN logo meme,...
Music Jul 9 66 56 rss
Sorry to not have any videos for these songs, just a link to the audio files. We're based in the US, not to be confused with a band of the same name from Europe. We're just in it for fun....
Health & Wellness Jun 25 127 55 rss
The study, which discovered the startling information by accident, was originally trying to determine if women who have been pregnant with a son might be more predisposed...
This isn't really news. But I think it shows a big contrast between the current President and our previous...
Food and Cooking Jun 25 45 44 rss
We Russians don't just fix elections world wide lol, we also work hard and pay our taxes I am old school Russian 45 years old, I am fit and strong, I play soccer...
General Chit Chat Jul 12 211 42 rss
Apparently. . . . my bride, the love of my life, the reason for my being, the Sun to my moon. . . . Is putting me on a diet. Let this thread be a chronicle of the...
General Chit Chat Jun 21 21 40 rss
People were experimenting with color photography as early as the 1840's. However these processes were extremely difficult, some involving complex chemical processes, or camera requiring hours or even days of exposure. These early photographs...
So yes I realize its been about meh.....4 years since I've been on ATS but in those 4 years I've been at school, battling schools, and recently I fought my last battle with Brick and Mortar institutions with my son, I pulled him out of school...
Rant Jun 19 236 54 rss
SOOOOO..... I have been without work since February. I worked for Bank of Satan aka America. It was a horrible experience which that itself could be an entire thread...
Rant Jun 19 40 52 rss
I just wanted to thank someone. I want to thank everyone who gets crap for doing whats hard but right. People who do their best and also manage to give a little back in what ever measure they can muster. People who heal the sick...
General Chit Chat Jun 16 27 49 rss
Hello ATS. I'm hoping this post will interest the WWII buffs in our community. My grandfather served in the Navy during WWII. I have a few old photos, letters, etc since he passed in 2002. A few months ago,...
Rant Jun 20 51 37 rss
I'm a trucker , I don't do Continental runs but know drivers who do and drivers who are no longer willing take the risk , I've heard first hand of the gauntlet...
Food and Cooking Jun 18 26 35 rss
I'm BAAAACK! :D Well it's been a long time since i posted in this forum. I have many new recipes to share, just have to figure out how to keep them...
General Chit Chat Jun 12 33 35 rss
So something really bizarre(?) just happened to me. I was at the ATM doing my normal routine minding my own business when a man beside me starts asking me for help, an elderly man probably in his 70's, he was also blind(?) or had very poor eyesight,...
Rant Jun 15 87 33 rss
Lots of people on ATS the last few days wanting to give people 'free' stuff. There has been the universal income people, the free health care people and of course the free university people to name a few. The problem is none of these things are FREE they...
General Chit Chat Jul 11 28 33 rss
When Worland Volunteer firefighters were called to a blaze at Smet Recycling in Wyoming they were met with probably the weirdest fire I think I've ever seen , an eerily beautiful surfer mound fire....

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