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Members May 2 242 213 rss
I made a thread about 2 years ago about giving up treatment for my brain tumour, well I stuck with it for another 18 months spending most of /015 in hospital. I had two more brain surgeries and a course of radiotherapy. I made it long enough to see my niece born, which was the happiest day of...
Hello fellow ATS-ers, I don't start threads often. I haven't posted much lately either. But I read often and have "met" some very kind, wise and supportive people here on the site over these past years. I hesitate to even post this, as it is very personal. Please be kind... or just move on and don't post....
That's right. I quit. Some fat old man, anonymous on the internet, has quit smoking. Big ####ing deal. But you know what? After almost 40 years of smoking, I'm pretty effing proud of myself. I no longer want to kill random people on the street. I just went cold turkey. I want to be alive and well when my grandkids need to be...
Rant May 3 88 17 rss
Begin Short Rant. This whole Mandela Effect thing has devolved into a circle jerk of people looking for bias confirmation. "I thought this but everyone told me I was wrong so eff all those people I am from another dimension". One person compared themselves to the X Men. Seriously? The delusion is strong. Scientific...
I and other have attempted to follow the new guidelines on posting that ATS has required for starting a new post by not post minimal amounts of info but a complete explanation with the facts. But the members who follow don't want to read the info posted that is required to start a post. They...
General Chit Chat May 1 133 43 rss
I'm currently playing rather badly against two ATS members on and wondered if anyone else fancied a game against me or others from ATS. br /> This is the chance to destroy me on the chess battlefield so I would especially enjoy a challenge from members who I've crossed swords with on the forums lol. I didn't learn what the chess pieces did until I was 30 when my then girlfriend...
General Chit Chat Apr 27 3008 26 rss
Welcome Home Family!! Night Star...I waited as long as I could...I know you had an intro ready for Shed 5, so please post it when you are settled in. I am heading down to the's time for a drink!! Much love, jacy xoxo
heres my story: i used to LOVE debating religious people. I thought the God delusion was a masterpiece and I used to watch hours of videos mocking religions on youtube and thinking "haw haw religious people are so dumb". And then something happened that caused me to question my outlook on life. I had a dream that I met an old friend whom I hadnt seen in years...
General Chit Chat Apr 28 102 25 rss
Full video. Watch Christina Hoff Sommers, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Steven Crowder discuss topics including social justice, feminism, trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, and more. Basically exposes whats wrong with SJW retardology. And here let me beat you cucks to it; "ohh i'm a special snowflake...
Rant Apr 29 54 25 rss
I just don't give a sh**. It's not a spur of the moment thing, it's something I've thought about for quite a while. Got divorced. Got married again years later, that lasted for about 20 divorced. Been looking around for about a year now and can't find anyone I want to date and.... I just can't bring myself to care. About much of anything....
General Chit Chat Apr 30 275 20 rss
Back in September 2010 Ian McLean started the original Acronym Game Thread. Thanks Ian - it's kept so many of us amused and out of real mischief. br /> I'll start this thread where we left off in the original with 1984hasarrived's word, which I think is appropriate for a new thread: V I R G I N S I was remiss in not giving an explanation as to how the game is played....
General Chit Chat May 1 130 23 rss
So near the Shed, down by the park I met a member named Skid Mark. He made me laugh, we had a chat He joined our group, imagine that! A brother now (also a clown) He brings us up when we are down This thread's for him, to celebrate 10,000 posts...let's make it great! Dearest Skid...they say you...
Rant Apr 28 55 19 rss
Only 1-2% of people are genius--the rest are of average intelligence. And above-average still has the word average in it. Unless you're in the 99th to 100th percentile of intelligence, then you have no business calling anyone stupid and certainly no business on any high horse. People like saying that millennials are entitled, and I'm not...
Rant Apr 29 54 11 rss
I have on my desk the packaging from an air nail gun I bought the other day, as I was about to recycle it I noticed that it had a warning saying "keep this tool away from children" What on earth is the point in this? Is anyone stupid enough to give a toddler a nail gun unless specifically told not to?...
“Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” Luke ch18 v8 This question follows on from the “parable of the unjust judge”. Jesus tells the story of an importunate widow who is persistent in presenting her plea for justice; “Vindicate me against my adversary”. Her patience is rewarded when the judge...
Rant Apr 22 238 63 rss
I have noticed from time to time that people on ATS like to share their IQ with us as if we are going to be impressed. There are some that even have it in their signature line. I realize this isn't always shared for vanities sake,...
This video was randomly suggested by youtube and the title for it was a bit interesting so I watched the whole thing. As an Atheist I have no respect for...
Members Apr 20 488 50 rss
I got this idea when posting elsewhere and said I would make an (honorary) Fan Club for onequestion- the man on his like 12,000 th question. I will note many, yet I beleive I will forget many. This can be based on like...
People Apr 21 216 49 rss
Thanks For Correcting my title 😊 D Does anyone have Raspberry Beret playing in thier Heads...😇 On a mobile forgive me. TMZ has reported Musician has...
Rant Apr 7 57 44 rss
This topic gets a lot of attention in the media, but very little of it is ever aimed at deadbeat moms. You know who you are. You got tired of being tied down to one man when you turned 50. You made...
General Chit Chat Apr 18 119 32 rss
Having lurked for a bit and been a member for a while; I have seen stuff most would relate to. Both good and ordinary. Above anything here on ATS ... members are everything. And as such...
Rant Apr 19 186 30 rss
I was having a peaceful debate, via Skype with an Australian Palestinian man, and I brought up Muhammad's child brides, and this man decided at that point in our debate to threaten...
General Chit Chat Apr 10 22 28 rss
A little something for lovers of old BW photography and animation. Here’s an amazing short film titled “The Old New World” by photographer and animator Alexey...
General Chit Chat Mar 30 7953 38 rss
This is a continuation of The Shed 3 which can be found here... This is a place of chit chat and collaborative story telling. No special invitation is needed, you just show up and become a Sheddite. This is a place of magic and wonder, of laughter and...
Rant Mar 30 79 30 rss
I am really curious on this subject. Why can't black people seem to get out of the ghetto? Usually when you bring this subject up, there are a few reason. 1. Lack of education 2. Racism Let...
I came across an article listing strange things that forest rangers have come across on the job. I managed to save a few of the interesting ones but didn't think to save the...
Whilst digging for source material for illustrations for a book I'm working on, I came across this treasure: It's 10,238 pages of old illustrations and maps that have been released for public...

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