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Just came across this video and this kid blew my mind. He claims to be a physicist, inventor and entrepreneur and can change the world. Intelligent and articulate beyond his years.
General Chit Chat Sep 24 38 20 rss
Idjuts conned into drilling a hole in their new phones to get a headphone jack!!! TOO FUNNY!!! AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (smackin' leg) LOLOLOLOLOL!! ROFLMAO!! (snort) LOLOLOL!!! Here's the video...just TOO FREEKING FUNNY!!! (I'm dyin' here!!) ETA...this has GOT to be the funniest thing I've seen strike>in a very long while /strike> EVAR!!!!!...
Rant Sep 25 27 19 rss
Hillary is bad. She's a proven liar. She's corrupt. She'll raise taxes and remove rights. She would absolutely suck as president. So we have Trump. But the more I read, the more I dislike. He'll start up "stop and frisk". He's for rights lost if you're on a government no-fly list. Sure, we have Stein and Johnson. But they both suck too. All 4 suck. Regardless...
People Sep 25 22 14 rss
For golf fans, he is a legend. I remember my cousin, Jonathan, getting a golf lesson from him. That was the highlight of my cousin's life. As the only children in that side of the family, we were very close and he talked about Arnold Palmer a lot. Golf Digest Editor Joel Beall tweeted just before 8:30 p.m. that Palmer had died. Golf...
"Satan's little hate bears"! OMG too funny! link: WARNIING: Do NOT, I repeat do NOT under any circumstances engage in this experiment/"challenge" at home nor perpetrate it upon anyone else! God forbid! FIVE POUND BAG - that's ridiculous! Trust me, check out some of the reviews for a real laugh...
Travel Sep 20 36 35 rss
Over the past few years my wife and I haven't been able to save to go on our Honeymoon, and with my two sisters getting ready to move out of my parent's house my father and mother decided it would be a good idea to take us on "one last family vacation". Both my parents and all us kids are avid travelers, yet my wife has yet to...
People Sep 20 135 22 rss
Yep,... once a month we men need to face it, our love and patient are tested. Adding salt on your food at the table could be dangerous. I love my wife and I try to make those days easier for both of us. Cook some fine Italian speciality or help a bit more with her chores seems to work in my case. br /> So ATS brothers I ask you how do...
Between the two ferns is nothing more than hilarious. He plays her the entire time. I'm thinking she had no clue what she was getting into. Enjoy frame "//" width="640" height="400" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen> / style="text-align:left;font-size:x-small;margin-top:0;width:640px;">...
There have been other falling space stations but maybe this one is the one. The Tiangong-1 or “Heavenly Palace” lab China's Tiangong-1 space station 'out of control' and will crash to Earth Chinese authorities confirm the eight-tonne ‘Heavenly Palace’ lab will re-enter the atmosphere sometime in 2017 with some parts likely to hit Earth ...
General Chit Chat Sep 21 26 15 rss
First off I believe this is the best place to post this if I am wrong feel free to move it to the correct forum. Ok well as the topic title states I want to hear your strange, scary, unsettling stories. I would prefer to keep this to first hand accounts of things that have happened to you, if you feel the need to share a second hand story that is fine but...
General Chit Chat Sep 26 185 12 rss
So I hate the Mud Pit, there is a thread debate in there, and I'm hoping for those of us who want a more light hearted laugh over tonights debate without the partisan frothing that will be on the main board, we can relax more here. So if you want to be more chilled, think both candidates kinda silly and want to...
Rant Sep 22 42 13 rss
The phrase 'triggered' has leapt kicking and screaming into the lexicography of 2016 and seems to have been universally adopted already. Apart from the fact that it sounds ridiculous there are very good reasons why its use should be shunned by right-thinking people. A google trends search for the phrase illustrates how recently...
Rant Sep 22 36 14 rss
Black lives matter is a hate group pure and simple, the BLM protests last night prove so, reporters attacked on live tv, stores looted and some burned, people attacked because they are white, people shot, hateful things be spewex from protesters and all started by a "peaceful" blm protest. Now before you say o well thats just a few bad people...
General Chit Chat Sep 22 33 12 rss
To begin, it is the early morning hours/late night here and I'm a strike>little /strike> strike>fairly /strike> strike>more than a little /strike> OMG really buzzed but this is when I seem to enjoy writing the most and even occasionally say...
Computer Help Sep 22 21 15 rss
Opera is officially the first web browser developer to offer a limitless virtual private network (VPN) baked in its software, and it does so for no extra charge. Website: For those wondering what a VPN actually is, A virtual private network, also known as a VPN, is a private network that extends...
Rant Sep 15 115 79 rss
Dear "certain" US members... I have been a little reluctant to post here for fear of one of my threads or posts being twisted around or being "polluted"...
Members Sep 4 157 67 rss
I was asked to do a Q and A this morning over at the 'what did you look like when you were younger' thread. Here's my picture from there: And an explanation from my Introduction post: Figured it was high time...
Members Sep 8 149 62 rss
Ok if anyone needed a hug more it would be NightStar ATS i'm asking you to send all of your Hugs towards NightStar because she's awesome and one of the most amazing people on here I've met! NightStar...
Rant Sep 7 202 60 rss
Anytime you disagree with a liberal, you are a racist. It's like SJW never had parents to read them, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Below are three examples of why I am racist, please add to...
In France, a number of Catholics knelt to pray for a priest that was beheaded there by Jihadists and the closure of Saint Rita’s Church. They prayed quietly as people drove and walked by… they disturbed...
A tribute to the greatest conspiracy website online. A video presentation of the TOP100 ATS members that have gotten the most "flags" for their threads and the best thread they...
People Aug 29 53 39 rss
Not much more to say. Gene wilder "Willie Wonka or SkepticOverlord" has passed away. News still breaking.😑 R.I.P. br /> "Wilder's nephew said Monday that the actor died this month in Stamford, Conn. from complications from Alzheimer's...
This is just out of hand, that people fall for this kind of stuff. I thought the Hillary people were supposed...
Or, just a typical day at the office. Poor Nelson Mandela, going through life thinking that all his efforts towards human rights and fighting apartheid...
Rant Aug 20 67 39 rss
Heya Gang. So, here is the story. Been a rough week, but they're all rough. Last night, we had some friends over to drink and have a good time. I went to bed, because I work...
Members Aug 25 131 33 rss
I was really nervous. He told me to bring a few rolls of duck tape, some ziplock baggies, and of course the flushable bathroom...
Television Aug 28 34 32 rss
MSM fail. This has to be one of the funniest things I've seen today. Thought I'd throw it out there...
General Chit Chat Aug 29 34 31 rss
Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!
General Chit Chat Sep 9 1949 30 rss
Welcome one and all to The Shed 11. As the pages unfold, you will find an enchanting realm of dragons, faeries, pixies and other magical beings and creatures. You will follow different story lines told by members and get lost in their wondrous realms....
Members Sep 16 226 29 rss
As a member who loves this website, I wanted to build a compilation of the types of occupations of the people who frequent this website. Because of the fact that we like to discuss alternative topics I've heard people call us everything from nut...
Well, When i say "record breaking" What i actually mean is it's probably the first ever book on Amazon to receive more reviews than sales, Quite hilarious really,...

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