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General Chit Chat Apr 18 181 39 rss
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Mods, Masons, Cowboys, Friends and Enemies, Please be upstanding and join me and raise your glasses, or something. One of the sweetest ATS members is enjoying her birthday today when she eventually wakes up. She's not called Night Star for nothing. Dear Night Star, Happy Birthday! May there be many more to come. The big six oh. Oh oh oh! Thank you for...
General Chit Chat Apr 19 29 23 rss
Wow, incredible natural looking footage of New York City in 1911. Everybody is dressed so formal and wearing a hat. Not too many people deviating from the dress code.
General Chit Chat Apr 18 26 20 rss
My dog had a stroke last week and now is slowly losing her life. I'm trying best I can, giving her medications, carrying her outside, sleeping with her. I found her in woods 14 years ago, almost dead. I fed her, I sang to her, I gave all my heart for the first time in my life. She responded with such love that I slowly quit drugs, banished anger from my life because...
Television Apr 17 32 18 rss
So I have been watching the new Lost in Space series on Netflix and I am about into the 4th episode and I am really impressed in the production value and casting of this show. Each episode is around an hour long and story is much of an drama-action that is not overly dramatic. I really recommend it and wanted to see if anyone else has seen it. Also, its rated PG so...
General Chit Chat Apr 17 30 15 rss
My dad passed away last week rather unexpectedly. It was an extraordinarily difficult situation for my brother and mother to deal with. I always felt that I was a bit closer to my dad but regrettably I've yet to shed a tear or really become stricken with grief. I guess it came more of a shock than anything but not so much that I'm in shock. A good deal of people around...
People Apr 15 55 41 rss
So sad, no words. Great actor, friendly guy. Another great one has left.
General Chit Chat Apr 14 23 21 rss
Primitive Navigation Techniques Ok. I've never posted a thread like this here so I decided to give it a go. Not really your normal survival write up. Not in the sense that I'm trying to tell you how to react in a "what if" scenario. Zombie Apocalypse and nuclear war is not my gig (although I really, really think the Zombie apocalypse is what's gonna happen)....
General Chit Chat Apr 14 36 19 rss
I don't normally create threads, at least, not very often, because I can't express myself fluently the way others present their threads. Plus my views on the world are very much orientated within the 'conspiracy' side of things and as such, not taken seriously. No facts, no dice... so to speak. I considered putting this in the rant bit, but i'm not even mad, I'm just beat down and thought general chit chat would...
Video Games Apr 15 36 15 rss
And I picked up where I left off. It only took me a month to finish a season of Tecmo Super Bowl. :D I jest. I also have a Sega Saturn. Actually a good system. Now if I can find an Atari I could get really nostalgic. Bwahahaha.
Rant Apr 15 35 12 rss
Isn't it suppose to be raining this April? Where the heck did all this freezing wind come from? Where is the rain needs for plants? I'm getting icicles here.
Just woke up from a very vivid dream of Atlanta being nuked. I watched the explosion from my house and the sense of dread was overwhelming. The immediate feeling was to get to my kids at their schools, specifically what route to take to avoid pileups and traffic from people freaking out. br /> Just thought I'd post it here as I don't remember dreams often and can't remember ever having a "doom" dream.......
General Chit Chat Apr 18 21 11 rss
Soooo... A tornado made its way past the house Sunday. I got an alert for possible hail and a damaging thunderstorm. I went out, brought plants up to the porch, did what I could to protect our new patio table, looked up, and saw this churning mass of clouds. (NOTE: I had never seen a tornado past the occasional...
People Mar 22 155 88 rss
This is for all of the good men out there. If you have held on to that instinct to open the door for women, to help carry groceries or change a flat tire, if you have a soft spot for daughters, if you work hard to provide for your family, if you have maintained the...
Rant Apr 6 72 32 rss
But we're so worried on illigal Mexican immigrants right? We're so fixated on black crime? We're fixated on immigrants coming into the country? We're so focused...
Members Mar 26 25 30 rss
Hi all as many will know I am one of the sceptics on here but due to health reasons will be more lurking than posting over the next few months or so. ATS is like an extended family and family members don't always...
The young people of today are considered, by some, to be the worst generation ever. People are clickety-clacking on their keyboards to let social media know how bad these young people are. My God, they have the audacity to march for...
I wanted to apologise to the fine people of ATS for my garbage thread a few weeks ago. I know most of you wont care but I feel like I need to get it out. Especially to a member named NarcolepticBouda! I made a thread about shutting down the internet...
Ok, I’m slowly writing this from the (regular) hospital bed I just got to yesterday. I had been in the ICU since LAST Monday. If God forbid I go to hell, I’ve been...
Here are some pics from my trip. It's very random lol sorry. Also I couldn't change how big the pics are. OH YEA! It's my beloved tower! Alas we...
General Chit Chat Apr 8 646 28 rss
For those who are wandering into the realm for the first time, let me say hello and welcome! Here we exist in a magical realm where dragons soar and faeries dance, where pixies make you drinks and you find real friends to share your daily lives with. There are stories...
General Chit Chat Mar 14 41 37 rss
I AM ANGRY and FULL OF RAGE!! I am heartbroken...... Last week, my minor aged daughter was the victim to an online predator from out of state, who flew into my state and kidnapped and sexually assaulted her....
General Chit Chat Mar 19 21 34 rss
Hello ATS. Some of you may have seen through some of my previous posts and comments that I'm from and live on the Island...
General Chit Chat Mar 19 38 33 rss
Well I posted last year I was going to Europe to meet a man I met online from Holland. Well I just got back and it was amazing! He IS amazing! The man single handedly made my life long dream come true....He took me to Paris for a 3 day getaway and it was...

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