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General Chit Chat Feb 17 531 30 rss
[color=teal]Welcome to The Shed, a place where people can come and leave their cares behind for a while. In this place you will find magic and enchantment, friendship, humor and love. We have mystical beings who exist in this wondrous realm and stories being told. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Sit by the fire or out in the garden. Choose a room for yourself, it can be anything...
General Chit Chat Feb 17 94 26 rss
Happy ATS Anniversary to Brotherman and Tortoisekweek! Sorry I didn't get this up sooner. Busy day for me here.
Rant Feb 16 75 25 rss
Lately I've noticed something disturbing. More and more. . . I'm seeing threads about aircrafts, UFO's, ghosts, dream interpretations, magnets, mammoths, math, space-time, AI, moon landings, history, craters of carbon, planets, our sun, our weather, busting dams, and a multitude of "chit-chat" about anniversaries, birthdays, members fighting illnesses and fictional...
Health & Wellness Feb 17 51 24 rss
M.S. is a maddening disease. I have M.S. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with the "relapsing-remitting" form of the disease. I am currently in "relapse", and have been for almost 3 years. My doctors fear that my M.S. has moved on to the "progressive" stage; I still hope for another remission. Fingers...
Rant Feb 20 53 23 rss
Emotions:ON You are a big fat liar! All you do is lie, lie lie lie and even though your lies haven't effected my life yet you're still a big fat liar and you need to be impeached! You are such a narcissist! All you care about is yourself! Haven't you made enough money yet? I thought you wanted to drain the swamp? Then why do you have all these powerful people around you? Even though...
Rant Feb 13 107 75 rss
Well hello ATS. I was an active follower and occasional poster from about 2006 onward. Took a break the last 8 years. Life happens and pulls us away no? For the first time in a whiles I've been reading this site again. My oh my have things changed! It seems to have become a partisan slugfest....
Rant Feb 13 122 63 rss
Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS, Enough of the Trump #e.........................please! Hasn't anyone got anything interesting to talk about for Christ sake? Over it already. Far out! Trump this, Trump that, who gives a monkeys? He's your President!!!!!! Suck it up He"s a: not going to resign b: Doesn't give a toss what you think personally...
Members Feb 14 225 33 rss
It looks as if there might be an ATS meeting in Portland Oregon in June. Everyone that lives in the area is welcome. And yes. . . . . I will be there. So who's up for some food, some cocktails, and a chance to look me straight in the eye and say, "Are you insane?"
General Chit Chat Feb 14 59 32 rss
I guess this is a getting ATS back attempt but being in off topic it is probably doomed to fail . The only thing i ask is no politics , none , nada . zero . I will kick things of with three good reads . The first was started in 2012 and has recently resurfaced , its very well put together and is the stuff...
Rant Feb 14 85 24 rss
i has now seen it all fooking " aniversary " threads to " celebrate " how long certain people have been on ATS i do mean to be rude - but WHY ??? this is the sort of crap that farcebook comes out with which has a strange irony - in light of the number of posts // threads that denounce facebook and all it does this is a...
Members Feb 14 151 23 rss
Just wanted to wish all you ATS'ers a very happy VD! I hope what you have you can share and perhaps some can hold onto it forever. Being with that special someone(s) should fill your blood with all sorts of things. If you are alone, you can still share this VD will friends, even neighbors! It's not just about love, just a simple reminder that your thinking about someone can spread VD cheer! Again,...
Rant Feb 18 87 19 rss
Millennial here - And not proud of it. I'm going to start painting with a rather broad brush, and be a little bit facetious , but realize that I do know that exceptions exist - That people are unique and not all people of one generation can be clumped into the same generalizations.... On the other hand, it seems as if a vast majority can. Skill trades...
General Chit Chat Feb 15 81 19 rss
This is a very big deal to men right? Especially in the business world... or is this a myth? I've watched several clips of him shaking hands with various people and I don't know why but it really, really bothers me. Any insights? My instincts say he really is an orangutan and this is some weird dominance thing....
General Chit Chat Feb 17 80 12 rss
Firstly, to get on his good side, I would tell him that he has the most awesome, humongous, strong and magnificent hands I have ever seen on a human being. They are so beautiful they make me tremble with awe. Then to seal the deal, I would tell him that his campaign surpassed anything known...
The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and its support fleet have started what the US government call "routine operations" in the South China Sea to challenge China's claims of sovereignty in the area , the move comes after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told senators at his...
People Jan 22 164 70 rss
Well, this uppity woman takes the cake and I think with as viral as this story is going on FB and in the alt-media she's is going to...
Health & Wellness Feb 11 98 55 rss
I was prescribed 10mg Amlodipine daily five years ago. My bp was around the 170-180 before medication. One of the side effects of this drug is swollen feet and legs, which I suffered but, because I have arthritis in my...
Rant Feb 8 88 43 rss
So lately on ATS I have noticed a trend. I will come on to the site, and over and over again I see threads that I don't agree with. Why are people so mean to me that the have to...
Rant Feb 3 126 42 rss
An open thread to everyone that wants Trump dead or gone. What is it? What? What do you want? You want Trump dead or gone or broke or in jail. . . . but after that, what do you want? What laws do you want changed? What...
Rant Feb 6 122 41 rss
At what point does this madness end? If white males succeed in anything now its due to racism not hard work or talent. If its in business they say its due to white privilege, if its sports its because of the rules, if its political...
General Chit Chat Feb 11 35 41 rss
In 1927, backed by a bill passed that gave the Park Commission the power to seize properties within the proposed park boundaries by eminent domain, Col. David Chapman led a charge...
Rant Feb 9 47 40 rss
Now look, I know that I sound like a grumpy gus on ATS lately. I assure you I have a happy life and love the community we have here. But unfortunately, I have complain about another thing I have been running into....
General Chit Chat Feb 6 184 39 rss
A very nice display of people freaking out because they associated the Patriots as "Trump's Team". Quite entertaining to say the least. This has...
Member Art Jan 17 33 48 rss
I used Prismacolor colored pencils. Also, on the Cardinal one, I used black, blue, and red gel pen along with the Prismas. The last time that I posted art, over a year ago, some...
General Chit Chat Jan 19 48 41 rss
That's right, it's everyone's favorite new buzzword: Triggered! Do you want to be an internet sleuth? Do you want to troll your opposition? Cannot formulate an intelligent thought of facts and...
Hi everyone I just have a small question. What happened to this site??? I used to come here for the laughs, strange stories, information on obscure subjects and all the little things that made this place unique. But now it all political crap with...
Rant Jan 20 91 28 rss
I don't often initiate threads, but I believe a mention should be made of the disrespect shown by the Canadian Prime Minister. The United States is our largest trading partner and we share a continent...
In a bid to make the Atlanta Falcons feel better. It was pointed out that they were the most popular team. Upon hearing this the Alanta Falcons wanted to change the rules. ...
Member Art Jan 15 39 27 rss
Hello ATS, A few here know I am an artist who has been working hard to go fulltime and make a career of it. It was a good decision and have much to show for it. I figured I'd share a few images of my shows around WA state and other odd parts: bunnies...
Rant Feb 8 82 27 rss
Straight to the point - what's with the obsession people have with demanding others "separate themselves" from nutjobs? Why are people so incapable of critical thinking that they can't deal with people on a person to person basis, but...
Rant Feb 2 46 26 rss
People who embrace my ideological beliefs have done some terrible things, and as I share those beliefs, I too am held culpable. When people who share my ideological beliefs...

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