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Rant Jan 18 138 57 rss
We've been fighting my stepson's own heroin addiction with him for years...he's currently in rehab...for the fourth or fifth time and he's currently struggling. My stepson is 26...and his mother and I have been trying to deal with the reality that at any time we may get a call that he has OD'd. So, today,...
General Chit Chat Jan 17 28 24 rss
Wow next month on February 24th I will have been a member for a DECADE! Let me say besides my car this is the longest commitment of my life. I have never committed to any website in my life until ATS. I joined ATS after many years as an observer. Every time I did a google search on topics such as UFOs, aliens, mind control and ancient civilizations I always found my way...
General Chit Chat Jan 16 76 15 rss
this is crazy. dude opens a hatch on a tanker and the hydroflouric acid sprays into his face and then you see a fireball and he vaporizes. i was not totally sure this was real. so at work today i asked the doc. he is a metallurgist. PhD bachelors masters degree in chemistry as soon as he saw it he said it is 100% possible and he will not even keep...
I have long been fascinated with the ghost city phenomenon that has plagued China. With an astounding 50+ ghost cities spread across China, the math just doesn't add up. Okay... if we build one, two, or three bad calls of cities that birth and remain as ghosts, let's learn our lesson of poor mathematics and move on with life. Once the tally reaches the...
Rant Jan 18 28 11 rss
Can all states do this please! Pretty please! "The left lane is meant for passing only, and if you're caught riding in this lane, you could get a $161 fine and up to three points on your license. Driving in the left lane leads to traffic congestion and road rage according to Florida Highway Patrol's...
Food and Cooking Jan 14 45 19 rss
I am very serious about my coffee, and tea, as I know many of you are. I take it the extra mile, and thought you might enjoy this thread. I shop the world for coffee beans, and purchase fair trade, green, unroasted beans. I get most from Sweet Marias in Oakland California, and some from Amazon. Green beans stay fresh . They do not begin to go stale until at least 2 weeks after roasting...
General Chit Chat Jan 15 379 16 rss
We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film) 1:48 New Gillette ad condemning toxic masculinity It seems kind of unbelievable Gillette would put this ad out trashing the only customers the company has - men. It looks like it was written by a feminist. So far it has been massively down voted and negative comments are brutal. They can't delete them...
This is the title of the video so don't accuse me of click bait. I just finished watching this video and decided to share it here with you all. I enjoyed this video and thought it had a good message for the times we are in.I believe we are in the end times and the time to repent is starting to close.
General Chit Chat Jan 11 119 124 rss
To my many friends here who have provided so much love, kindness, support, prayers and good thoughts over the years as my dear wife Dada has battled the ravages of Alzheimer's disease... My heartfelt thanks to you all. ...
General Chit Chat Dec 22 135 42 rss
I'd like for people to have a place to gather for Christmas where they can keep each other company for the holidays. For many people, the holidays can be a difficult time. So please free to stop in, sit...
Rant Dec 28 89 32 rss
Lets face it, we have all been wrong at times. I myself seem to be really great at being wrong. But I have always held a special place in my heart for a special...
Music Jan 12 24 28 rss
January 12th 1969 Led Zeppelin released their very first album titled " Led Zeppelin " Lets celebrate possibly the greatest Heavy Rock band that ever existed. Legends in...
General Chit Chat Dec 24 54 28 rss
I have all the Christmas shopping done and thought I might get to relax for a bit. Then I get a text on my cell phone asking me to call ‘Ken’. I didn’t reply as I don’t recognize the phone number....
Rant Dec 17 142 76 rss
Yeah, I said it. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Want a happy holliday? Then have a Merry Christmas Merry Christmas. Merry...
Rant Dec 20 21 37 rss
Over the past few years, I've decided no more consumerism during the holidays, and if possible for the entire year. I just got tired of the coldness, stress, intolerance, unappreciative, and chaotic...

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