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General Chit Chat Jun 19 25 32 rss
It's unbelievable what imaginative, unique creatures are to be found at the ocean floor! The Sloane's viperfish can make nightly migrations from bathypelagic depths to near surface waters. Anglerfish are bony fish named for their characteristic mode of predation, in which a fleshy growth...
Bravo Chris, that takes real courage to say publicly in this climate, especially around your peers. Glad he won.
Does anyone still play pen and paper games? I've always been attracted to D&D. I grew up playing RPG video games, but my attraction turned into something special when someone gave me a computer game called Baldur's Gate. It is a game based on AD&D 2nd edition, and from what I can tell it does a darn good job of reproducing the experience. I played this game religiously as a young...
Television Jun 20 50 12 rss
Red alert! Captain Jean-Luc Picard may be travelling at warp speed back to space: the final frontier right at this very moment. The Hollywood Reporter claimed on Tuesday (June 19) that Sir Patrick Stewart is attached to a brand new Star Trek series in development at CBS that will see him reprise his Next Generation...
Rant Jun 14 71 38 rss
To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. But I'm not really surprised. I can say that I won't be screaming into bubbles while wearing a pink hat, but I am disappointed. The report really is a "nothing burger". Sure, there is enough to "interpret" if you lean one way, but you could "interpret" it another way if you wanted to as well. We...
Rant Jun 13 58 35 rss
If you think those who support Trump don't know who and what he is, you are only fooling yourself. All the reasons you hate him, yes, he is all those things. That's why you rarely get arguments about that. But there is something else. He was elected to be the president of the US. His failure is shared among all who live here, and all who may be affected by his failure. Even...
People Jun 15 45 30 rss
I read this quote of Henry David Thoreau's after listening to Pink Floyd’s masterpiece “Time” yesterday and would love to hear your thoughts on it. I'd say that this quote could easily describe the root of much of the malaise I've experienced over the years, and I believe it may also resonate with some of you. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation...
General Chit Chat Jun 17 23 22 rss
Good day boys and girls, but I must also say good day to all the guevedoces in the village of Salinas in the Dominican Republic-and if you are not aware of who the guevedoces are , you would not be the only one as it translates to 'penis at age twelve.' Now that might sound like a bizarre moniker but it's appropriate because...
Rant Jun 14 47 12 rss
So it looks like the ATS forum demise will be completely done by the politics obsessed people, it is unbareable or whatever it is written I came here looking for other things, it was magical to find a site that would have so many topics and great ideas But now it all ends on Beautiful Trump/Ugly Trump Is like going to the park at night and...
General Chit Chat Jun 16 36 11 rss
At what age do babies understand human speech? This isn’t just an abstract question, because there’s a personal application. I’m doing detective work on the dating of a couple of early memories. In the first memory, I’m lying in a cot by the window. It feels like the morning light. I can remember a definite thought process....
Rant Jun 15 25 11 rss
I work in a workforce predominantly staffed by immigrant people from cultural and linguistical diverse backgrounds. The majority of which are dogmatic and fundamental believers of various theological flavours. I am sickened by the majority of the employees judgemental and bigoted attitudes. The workplace is...
Trump is pro America, I truly believe that. As an American Veteran of the Vietnam war, I truly feel he wants to help us Vets. So much bs negative in the news about him is so disheartning .
Rant Jun 12 144 31 rss
I Am So Sick of Your Opinions. All you want is to find something wrong with everything. Every day, every hour, every minute... You vomit your hate. Your life is empty, meaningless. Your Heart rots, blackened by all...
Members May 13 32 57 rss
My husband took me to the ER friday evening.I had multiple TIA's with some slurring and facial drooping.I was admitted to the hospital and the games began... Very little sleep,one nurse hooked me up to IV's and another tried drawing blood from...
Rant May 12 130 52 rss
ATLANTA, GA—An exclusive new CNN report revealed Thursday that President Trump has kidnapped three people from the paradise of North Korea, forcing them...
Rant May 18 123 29 rss
Fix the pay gap! Equality for women! Male privilege! Toxic Masculinity! Girl power! National Women’s day! We need more female engineers and scientists! Women this! Girl that! Female...
General Chit Chat May 20 58 27 rss
I have been having about a 40 second delay or more to ats when clicking links. I just tried a vpn and now it loads in 2 seconds.

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