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For more than a fifteen years, the staff and members of have prided themselves on a well-earned reputation for spirited debate on highly controversial, even volatile, topics while maintaining a reasonable level of civility and decorum. We began life as a venue that embraced the examination of a wide array of topics typically referred to as "conspiracy theories." Over time, as our popularity increased and our membership became more diverse, the focus has shifted more to a critical examination of politics and current events. So while conspiracy theories are still a strong focus, you'll also find an impressive range of people diligently deconstructing what the mainstream media isn't telling us, to find the truth behind the headlines.

So if this all sounds like the right place for you, and you can post with passion on issues that are important to you without using vulgarities or tossing around insults at other members, we'd love to have you participate. It doesn't matter if you agree with our topics or not, what matters is the free and open discussion by people who care.

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