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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Second Amendment Advocates Have Blood on Their Hands 994
  2. 12 sealed indictments now..... 687
  3. Al Franken......WHOOPS....Next to go.... 650
  4. Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14 637
  5. Welcome to Trumps Idiocracy!! 451
  6. -@TH3WH17ERABB17-Q- Questions. White House Insider's posting twitter account- 399
  7. Can My Children Be Friends With White People? 395
  8. 3 dead after school shooting in California, shooter stopped by deputies 381
  9. Liberal Media - Stop Embarrassing Yourselves 377
  10. For those of you who are interested in going down QAnon's Rabbit Hole 362

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. Vegas: Multiple Survivors/Eyewitness Tell of Multiple Shooters at Multiple Casinos 158
  2. FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama admin approved nuclear deal with Moscow 141
  3. Why the Dossier may be the most serious political scandal the US has ever seen. 130
  4. 100,000 year cycle Upgrade 120
  5. 12 sealed indictments now..... 120
  6. Breaking: First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation 115
  7. Nigel Farage....HOLY CRAP! Biggest Global Political Collusion in History 110
  8. 3500 Year Old Greek Masterpiece found on a thumb sized Agate 110
  9. WH Chief of Staff Kelly rips apart Congresswoman Rep. Frederica Wilson at Press Conference 108
  10. Stop Defending Trumps treatment of Women. 108
  11. Anyone noticing a pattern here? 107
  12. Hillary Clinton Caught In A Lie Now Admits Funding Russian Sourced Dossier 107
  13. Texas Church Shooting : Thread 104
  14. Trickle down economics does little to benefit the people. You're an idiot for believing it does. 103
  15. "Plane sized" void found in the great pyramid 102
  16. Trump Hates First Amendment. Also He's An Idiot. 101
  17. Welcome to Trumps Idiocracy!! 100
  18. Mike Pence’s NFL Walkout Was a Cheap, Transparent Stunt (at a cost to the taxpayer) 98
  19. 10 months in and the Trump Administration can't seem to win anything. 98
  20. "AZ Senator Jeff Flake: Mr. President, I rise today to say - enough." 96

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