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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Does Trump advocate Clinton assassination? 585
  2. Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters target whites for beat downs 458
  3. Social Media Patterns Show Trump Is Looking at a Landslide Victory 405
  4. Trump: "I regret my words" 399
  5. BREAKING: Assange Suggests Murdered Seth Rich Was Wikileaks DNC Source! 389
  6. Louisiana Doesn't Need My Distractions 350
  7. Donald Trump: President Barack Obama 'Is the Founder of ISIS' 273
  8. How close are you in believing ? 271
  9. 2016 POTUS Election Poll. 269
  10. Trump's Ignorant Pitch to Black Voters 258

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. BREAKING: Assange Suggests Murdered Seth Rich Was Wikileaks DNC Source! 210
  2. Massive New Leak From Edward Snowden Expected Soon 166
  3. Woodwardjnr Has Passed Away 159
  4. Donald Trump = John Titor +probably causing Mandela Effect +has Tesla secrets 125
  5. BREAKING NOW Possible Terrorist Attack Nice France 123
  6. BREAKING! Congress requests investigation into Hillary for PERJURY!! 120
  7. Shooting heard in Ankara, military jets & helicopters flying over city 118
  8. Reports of multiple officers down in Baton Rouge - CONFIRMED 108
  9. Humor me, ATS, do you see a RAISED seal on the back of Obama’s short form birth certificate? 107
  10. The Clinton Family And The Robbery Of Haiti 98
  11. Germans Rise Up: Thousands Of protesters take to the streets saying she 'Must Go' 96
  12. Julian Assange: My Next Leak Will Ensure Hillary’s Arrest 94
  13. CONFIRMED: Fluoride Damages the Brain 91
  14. Hello, I’m Russ Kick, Creator of The Memory Hole, Ask Me Anything. 91
  15. Social Media Patterns Show Trump Is Looking at a Landslide Victory 91
  16. Trump: "I regret my words" 90
  17. BREAKING: Obama DOJ Denied FBI Request For Full Investigation Into Clinton Foundation 89
  18. 8/14/2016 - Remember The Cube That Was Placed On The Georgia Guidestones, Then Removed? 88
  19. **BREAKING** FBI uncovered tens of thousands more documents in Clinton email probe 88
  20. Victim in Clinton rape case comes forward 87

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