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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Trump designates places of worship as essential and orders them to be opened immediately 445
  2. Biden--'Black Americans who Think of Supporting Trump, are not Black.' 313
  3. CNN Hosts Coronavirus Town Hall With Health Experts: Greta Thunberg 308
  4. This Is Why Im Voting For Biden 299
  5. Trump Admits He Takes Hydroxycloroquine 259
  6. Alyssa Milano Is A Dumbass 258
  7. "I Bet You Stay Home Now You Hypokrits." 228
  8. Trump vows to strip radical left of total control over social media 221
  9. Twitter has Dinged some Trump Tweets -- Twitter is Officially a Democrat Mouthpiece 174
  10. Michigan..... We are Mad as Hell... 169

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -7W3N7Y sIx- 131
  2. Dr. Anthony Fauci's ex-employee, was jailed, finally tells all. 128
  3. Live! Anons have hacked CDC, WHO, World Bank and others 117
  4. BOOM! Flynn Case Dropped! 106
  5. WHO / CDC And The Rockefellers. 99
  6. This is as in-your-face as it can get... 95
  7. Breaking Durham Spygate Leak - The Entire USA Democratic Process Was Being Subverted 95
  8. Just had my first "mask" confrontation! 86
  9. Trump Trolls Media With Their Own Words at Press Briefing 83
  10. Biden--'Black Americans who Think of Supporting Trump, are not Black.' 83
  11. Senator introduces resolution to ban free speech 82
  12. Michigan..... We are Mad as Hell... 82
  13. Official UFO Disclosure “May Be Imminent” – A Historical Perspective 78
  14. Crude Oil Collapses Epically 77
  15. The Big Reveal - The Political Connection - Agenda - Depopulation 76
  16. 'OUT OF THE SHADOWS' - Incestuous Relationship Between CIA and MSM 75
  17. Presidential Candidate JOE BIDEN Sexually Harassed 14 Year-old EVA MURRY in 2008. 75
  18. Michigan Sues the Governor ...UPDATED 75
  19. Adam Schiff Releases the Russia Investigation Transcripts, Now We Know Why He Hid Them 74
  20. Trump Takes ‘Historic’ Action To Move Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Out Of China, Back To U.S. 73

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