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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. The strangest Coincidence regarding the Pentagon attack on 9/11 768
  2. Liberals Want You to Die if You Disagree with Them 638
  3. CNN - MSNBC - NYT Should be Officially Charged as TRAITORS to the United States of America. 384
  4. Geraldo Rivera quits Yale over college name change --"political correctness is lame" 381
  5. Think the Vault is open 365
  6. TRAITORS!!!!! Trump aids (Not Just Flynn) had REPEATED contacts with RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE 365
  7. Why Won't They Call It What It Is? Right Wing Terrorism 362
  8. The SJWFRONT has declared open war in their New Inquisition. 361
  9. Trump Declares CNN, NYT, CBS, ABC And NBC Are "The Enemy of The American People" 347
  10. Of all people, Moby has the scoop on Trump 312

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. The strangest Coincidence regarding the Pentagon attack on 9/11 241
  2. Can we have ATS back, please? 220
  3. Trump refuses CNN reporters question and calls them fake news Priceless 159
  4. That press briefing was a Spicer cry baby rant- Frightening! 145
  5. A Rich, Racist, Rapist, Russian Spy for President... 139
  6. Photos: the crowd at Donald Trump’s inauguration vs. Barack Obama’s 128
  7. Trump Video. Psychopath? What did he say to his wife? 128
  8. Trump is Gaslighting - And Yall Are Eating it Up 127
  9. Catholic Nun Perfectly Explains the Hypocrisy of the "Pro-Life" Argument 126
  10. What the hell are you protesting again? 124
  11. The Alt-Right, Trump and ATS 120
  12. /Make ATS Great Again/ Reopening The X-Files. 117
  13. Can President Trump Stop Campaigning Now? 116
  14. OK. Its not a muslim ban 115
  15. Now That Trump Is President... 113
  16. A Real Dummy! Major Loser, Zero Credibility! 111
  17. Executive order to cut MSM funding and big pharma...70% of their income! 110
  18. Solar Mystery — What Happened to the Sun in 5480 BC? 110
  19. How to silence an entire block of protestors 109
  20. Eyes Wide Shut, Scientology, & Vivian Kubrick - The Conspiracy 108

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