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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Has Trump been secretly baiting the left into impeaching him? 424
  2. The Man-Made-Climate-Change-Lie 236
  3. This is hate speech now 200
  4. An Alien Horror Story: Is This The Terrible Truth That Tom DeLonge Alluded To? 189
  5. Barr Disputes IG Horowitz Findings 182
  6. A new progressive idea that families must be abolished to create social and economic equality 181
  7. Ilhan Omar Credibly Accused Of Being Paid Agent of Qatar 177
  8. Doubts raised after Schiff claims phone records prove Giuliani’s White House budget office calls 150
  9. Newsweek & CBS End Up Eating Their Turkey of a Trump Thanksgiving Hit Piece 140
  10. 2020 Candidate JOE BIDEN is Rebranding his Campaign - New Slogan is...NO MALARKEY! 138

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -22- 142
  2. George Knapp finally has a very well done website and it's a Must see 130
  3. Ilhan Omar Credibly Accused Of Being Paid Agent of Qatar 94
  4. Impeachment witness Kent helped bury investigation into Ukrainian election interference 90
  5. The Black Cube of Saturn 90
  6. waaaaait for it..."and Epstein didn't kill himself" 75
  7. BOOM: Burisma Plead With US State Dept For Help, Invoked Hunter Biden 74
  8. Once again new info at 9am 11/6. O'Keefe activates "kill switch " after receiving threats. 74
  9. Near Death Experience - The Wheel 73
  10. INSIDER With Secret Video Footage On Epstein's Death Will Be Released TODAY On Project Veritas 71
  11. VIDEO:Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES"We had Clinton, We had Everything" 71
  12. Bill Barr earlier tonight....something is about to POP!!! 71
  13. State Department releases detailed accounts of Biden-Ukraine corruption 69
  14. Peter Strzok DOJ Lawsuit Reveals Bombshell Huma Abedin Laptop Coverup 67
  15. Ingredients Coming Together to form Historic Hurricane Trump. Landfall Will Be The Democrat Party. 66
  16. This is hate speech now 66
  17. Looks like Yovanovich lied to Congress 65
  18. Its Looking Like Schiff - Vindman - Ciaramella Conspired to Impeach President Trump. 64
  19. Smells like another Democrat setup 63
  20. Newsweek & CBS End Up Eating Their Turkey of a Trump Thanksgiving Hit Piece 63

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