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Top Topics: 45 Days

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  5. Trump played you all like fiddle, welcome to the new order, welcome to the Fourth Reich 141
  6. Human Trafficking Researcher In Haiti Dies Researching Clinton Caracol Complex 140
  7. More Stunning PIZZAGATE connections: Encrypted data discovered in Pizza.jpg 139
  8. Isaac Koi to leave UFOlogy after Ted Roe NARCAP allegedly threatens to expose his anonymity. 139
  9. 2016 ELECTION RESULTS 137
  10. I Didn't Realize How Bad It Was 136
  11. BREAKING: Comey Tells FBI to Prepare for Raids 134
  12. Ladies; Get Your Birth Control NOW While You Still Can 134
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  14. ATS made the list. We are somebody now 127
  15. Black Church burned in honor of TRUMP 126
  16. BOMBSHELL Discovery HRC email Obama pseudonym pedophilia all verified choomgod catamite 125
  17. The GOPs Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Begun - New York Magazine 124
  18. Insiders: FBI Clinton/Weiner Investigation Reveals Child Sex Trafficking Ring 124
  19. The Unjustified Hatred of Donald Trump 120
  20. Obama Nails Republicans For Hyper-Partisan Reversal On Supreme Court Nominees 120

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