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Top Topics: 30 Days

  1. Verdict Rittenhouse Not Guilty 109
  2. The Biggest Story Not Being Talked About - The Pfizer Whistleblower 88
  3. What is with the left and its defense of pedophiles 85
  4. Last Words of a "Vaccine" Victim 84
  5. So my wife is double jabbed.. 75
  6. CNBC Calls For Military Enforcement and Arrests For The Unvaxxed 75
  7. So I was Covid vaccine hesitant... 74
  8. FDA asks federal judge to grant Till year 2076 to fully release Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine data 74

Hot Topics: 30 Days

  1. SUV plows into christmas parade in Waukusha WI. Shots fired too. 1 hr north of Kenosha. 837
  2. Verdict Rittenhouse Not Guilty 514
  3. When Kyle's own life hangs on the line - again! Jury too scared to rule. An UPDATE on Deliberations 441
  4. Stop using the term 'Anti Vaxx' 346
  5. Italian Institute Of Health Covid Death Adjustment. 284
  6. Kyle Rittenhouse's so-called victim just admitted under oath that KR shot him self-defense 283
  7. Kyle Rittenhouse is about to testify. Livestream here 268
  8. So I was Covid vaccine hesitant... 261

Newest Topics

  1. Please live by your wits 4
  2. Family estrangement: Why adults are cutting off their parents 6
  3. Dr. FAUCI Overly Sensitive to Being Compared with Nazi Dr. Mengele. 20
  4. Lets talk dislike of the current administration 5
  5. What does God want of the White Tzar? Need Your Help To Interpret This! 11
  6. Earth History: The Fall Of Metatron 13
  7. Benefits of a large scale nuclear war 10
  8. If they would just admit that Covid-19 is ' Gain of Function ' 5
  9. Biden is owned by China. No seriously!! 12
  10. Pope scolds Europe as he travels into heart of its migration crisis 24