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Top Topics: 30 Days

  1. NASA website shows up close Mars rover picture of clear doorway in side of hill 83
  2. Dey took yer election 72
  3. NIH Medical Journal Article Shatters Mainstream Covid Narratives 69
  4. Watch The Voter Fraud 68
  5. Senator Paul Blocks $40B for Ukraine: 'We Cannot Save Ukraine by Dooming the U.S. Economy' 68
  6. The Buffalo mass Murderer Is Another Far Leftist. 64
  7. Pfizer - Documents released 80k - 12% efficacy. Pfizer knew it killed the unborn 63
  8. Kindergartners Sent Home With Masturbation Assignment 61

Hot Topics: 30 Days

  1. Supreme Court Draft Decision Would Strike Down Roe v. Wade 935
  2. Dey took yer election 334
  3. Abortion Activists Threaten to Burn Down Supreme Court, Kill Justices When Roe is Overturned 328
  4. Cities in Europe and Britain may be under attack 306
  5. The Buffalo mass Murderer Is Another Far Leftist. 293
  6. Twitter set to accept Elon Musk’s $43 billion buyout offer ...see update 197
  7. Kindergartners Sent Home With Masturbation Assignment 189
  8. Women are Mad at American men for not Flirting 164

Newest Topics

  1. Does the COVID Jab Kill More People Than It Saves? 12
  2. Runner collapses after half marathon and dies, 15 others end up in hospital. 4
  3. Prank Bush Jr. by Russian pranksters 2
  4. Subliminal Harris-Biden Ad from the 2020 election. Can you detect the subliminal messages? 2
  5. Labor Party wins election in Australia as predicted, and what it means for our future 17
  6. Former AG Bill Barr says Many Intel Officials Are Political Whores Protecting the Bidens. 8
  7. Ariel Phenomenon - Ruwa Zimbabwe 10
  8. Early Voting wins 147th running of Preakness Stakes 9
  9. Coincidence? 2021 Monkeypox Virus Tabletop Exercise - 270 Million Fatalities 32
  10. They Are Insane - It Is Not A Conspiracy Theory - Imagine The Compliance! 21