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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Is Neil Young a Fascist? 285
  2. Former President Donald J. TRUMP - First Rally of 2022 - Sat Jan 15th from Florence Arizona. 184
  3. I was tested positive for covid, ready to talk 168
  4. My triple vaxed masked bubbled daughter has COVID, we were all lied to 165
  5. Are you going to order or use the at-home COVID tests? Don't 141
  6. Now You See It Now You Don’t, Now You See It Now You Don’t A Russian UFO 140
  7. Trump Was Going to Have Dominion Voting Machines Seized - The Jan 6th Committee Sees Criminality. 133
  8. Real signs of the entry of Russian troops 132
  9. Did Biden actually say this "Russia-Ukraine ‘minor incursion’ 130
  10. WH Putting Perimeter Concrete Blast & Security Fence Directly Around the building What For? 121

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions ---The Great Awakening--- -Part- - §39§ - 110
  2. I cannot believe MY cognitive dissonance! 93
  3. This CNN poll triggers the Covidites and is a reality check for the elite. 85
  4. CDC Admits that the Covid Pandemic Was the Product of an Inappropriate Test 84
  5. I Took In My 1st Covid Refugee This Morning 81
  6. My Doctor - Interesting! 79
  7. I feel sick... 77
  8. Adam Schiff got caught falsifying evidence AGAIN 74
  9. Thank You, You Filthy Nazi Dog. 73
  10. Project Veritas Has PROOF Fauci Lied to Congress Under Oath, 72
  11. Breaking: Project Veritas Bombshell 70
  12. My "vaxxed" friends are all sick... 69
  13. Mein Cough 68
  14. WHY should Anyone take a Vax that is Proven NOT to Work? 67
  15. LEAKED: Fauci, NIH Head Planned 'Devastating Takedown' of Non-Compliant Physicians 66
  16. Why COVID vaccines cannot work, & irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaxx 66
  17. RIP Coronavirus Fearmongers 65
  18. Pelosi is hiding her involvement in Jan 6th. 65
  19. Welcome to Utopia! 63
  20. Fauci Admits That Covid Vaccines May Actually Make People ‘Worse’ “...Not Be The First Time" 62

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