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  top topics:  september 29, 2023







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Top Topics: 90 Days

  1. ATS Member will Undergo Brain Surgery Today ---Boadicea 80
  2. I came from the special military operation in Ukraine 74
  3. The World is Crazy and it's happened before it seems 67
  4. HUNTER BIDEN's Plea Deal with DOJ Rejected by Judge - She Suspects More Crimes Will Be Revealed. 61
  5. FACT - There Was Indeed Wide-Spread Election Fraud in 2020 to Benefit JOE BIDEN. 57
  6. ‘This Is a National Crisis’: Japan Orders Investigation Into ... Jabs .. 57
  7. It's official 56
  8. This Ukraine BS is just getting carried away and EVERYONE but I is buying it… 55

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      Hot Topics: 90 Days

      1. LGBTQ Pride Storybooks in Maryland Public Schools - the battle of national interest 1214
      2. Russell Brand denies 'serious criminal allegations' he claims are being made against him 1065
      3. Indictment number 3 for Trump announced 686
      4. LIVE: Congress holds UFO hearing. 569
      5. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announces formal impeachment inquiry against President Biden 344
      6. Gaslighting - What does bedroom activity have to do with work? 333
      7. Trump will finally deliver proof of 2020 election Fraud - 2024 now in question? 306
      8. Trump returns to Twitter - by posting his mug shot! 264

      Newest Topics

      1. Should we fear white pride? 3
      2. Feinstein Dead at 90 14
      3. More Than 200 Democrats Join Republicans To Deliver Crushing Blow To Biden 1
      4. Nature will find a way 2
      5. Representing the TRULY free press - the Light paper in the UK... 2
      6. If you paint the Earth black, it would heat faster. Are solar cells contributing to warming? 10
      7. Has Trump warped Evangelicals or have Evangelicals created Trump ? 17
      8. Elon Musk Has Fired Most Of Twitter’s ‘Election Integrity’ Team 5
      9. It has begun, ANZ bank massive system outages, withdrawal limits, hack or something else. 32
      10. All Mh90 helo’s in Australian service have been grounded. 4
      11. The Horrors of Plum Island | Hybrids, Human Experiments and Weaponized Killer Insects (WF) 5
      12. As the time goes by… 4
      13. Thousands of Ukrainians surrendering 28
      14. Study on smokers and Covid 8
      15. How Space and Time Fuse Together to Form “Spacetime” 27
      16. My Presidential Endorsement 53
      17. New to ATS, Long time lurker 8
      18. Passed Relatives/Friends visiting as Birds 19
      19. Why hasnt anyone asked ChatGPT or AI. . . . 33
      20. The Donald, Ducks 59