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Diseases and Pandemics
This is my first attempt to post a topic so please go light on me. Mods if this has already been posted please delete. ALERT : My police informants have just informed me an Ebola patient is in NY. The 33 year old has quarantined himself in a room after his return from Africa. He is running a high fever and is being assisted by NYFD in Hazmat gear. I have no other information as of this time other than this was posted 16 minutes ago.
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Other Current Events
" Amid all these intense situations comes news of human meat being served in Quetta, Baluchistan. In a recent revelation that was shunned by Pakistani Army and no media was allowed to publish the news, in many small restaurants human meat was being served. Hannan Traders supplied meat to these restaurants whose owner, Asghar Hannan also supplied meat at the army stationed in Quetta. The revelation came to be noticed when people from these restaurants started complaining about the meat that was being served was different from usual meat, with difficulty to eat and smelt foul. " (Please mods if this is in the wrong forum move it for me, thanks. I did a search using ATS search engine and nothing came up about this...
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Middle East Issues
Gaddafi was murdered close to three years ago, on October 20 2011. Under Gaddafi, Libya was a prosperous and stable state. Its people were healthy, well educated, and enjoyed some of the best living standards in Africa. Its Human Development Index was the highest in Africa at the time,...
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Middle East Issues
" In a stunning indictment of the Gaza assault as the act of a savage nation, even its president has proclaimed Israel a "sick society" incapable of dialogue with those around them and in need of treatment. In a speech at the opening of a conference aptly titled, "From Hatred of the Stranger...
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Diseases and Pandemics
I noticed that within the past few days our gov't and media seems to be bending over backwards to get us to not even think about Ebola. CNN had a particularly snotty piece about this threat. I thought the tone was rather condescending. Here's the headline: "Ebola hysteria: An epic, epidemic overreaction" Then there's the never-ending...
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Diseases and Pandemics
The lady from Washington is not lying. "Cops quarantined, Pentagon partially locked down, hazmat crews... all because a PR exec vomited: False alarm as police claim Ebola scare woman 'said she'd visited Africa' - but her firm insists she hasn't" At least I do not believe she is....
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Diseases and Pandemics
Well, this is interesting! :) Cannabis may be able to protect us from the Ebola virus. :up: They better get to work on legalizing this, pronto! Otherwise, I think our jails will be bursting at the seams! How can it work? "Cannabinoids may be one of the best disease...
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Diseases and Pandemics
Mods, please place in proper forum and change as appropriate. Didn't see this anywhere else on here. Funny after the CDC Director was talking about being on buses the other day....well not funny...but you know. (Updated at 12:05 p.m.) Arlington County’s hazmat team is on the scene at the Pentagon due...
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Diseases and Pandemics
On CNN now Confirmed 2nd case. Who did not know this would go bad? It is all down hill from here. We seriously need a quarantine zone and airport and stop bringing these people to everyday hospitals. ""We...
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Diseases and Pandemics
This will be a multi-part OP, so please bear with me and hold off on responding until I have all parts posted. [snipped] I have compiled this thread summarizing excerpts from Ebola research by recognized authorities on the subject across the world and in most cases, my sources are also noted as benchmark institutions specifically in...
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Other Current Events
Yes! Finally! I have been proven sane after all! "If you’re a conspiracy theorist, then you’re crazy, right? That’s been the common belief for years, but recent studies prove that just the opposite is true. Researchers — psychologists and social...
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Diseases and Pandemics
I just heard this on ABC radio, twice. I did a google search and found nothing. I know what I heard. I am looking for confirmation, but finding nothing yet.
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Diseases and Pandemics
Here we go... The Password is "Travel Ban". " EAST BOSTON (WGGB) — Emergency personnel have surrounded an inbound flight at Boston’s Logan International Airport. WCVB-TV reports that the inbound plane – Emirates flight 237 from Dubai – landed...
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Diseases and Pandemics
" Dr. Tom Frieden, director for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said during a telephone press briefing Wednesday that you cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because...
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Diseases and Pandemics
Well, its official. I wondered how long it was going to take for a positive test. I am sure they have this least I hope so. "DALLAS — A patient in a Dallas hospital has been confirmed...
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War On Terrorism
"Kristallnacht: Also known as The Night of the Broken Glass. On this night, November 9, 1938, almost 200 synagogues were destroyed, over 8,000 Jewish shops were sacked and looted, and tens of thousands of Jews were removed to concentration camps." Back in the late 1920's...
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Middle East Issues
Yup... Clear as mud. :) There...wasn't that easy? Peace
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Other Current Events
Gretchen Carlsen of FOX just reported on the air that there is a 2nd person with Ebola in Dallas who is being taken to the hospital. There is a news conference expected shortly. I will add more as I find it. Both links report that this man claims to have had contact with Duncan,...
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Diseases and Pandemics
Now, I was just sitting here thinking about this and IF ebola is contagious beyond what they are telling us, which I believe is true.....Then we may have the beginning stages of a planned attack...
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Diseases and Pandemics
Found this article on the front page of Huffington Post: " CHICAGO, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Nurses, the frontline care providers in U.S. hospitals, say they are untrained and unprepared to handle patients arriving in their hospital emergency departments infected with Ebola. Many...
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Diseases and Pandemics
This is unbelievable; Breitbart is reporting that Dr. Snyderman and crew were seen driving out to a restaurant, one member of the crew went into the building to...
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Middle East Issues
To counter what Bill Maher recently said on his HBO show about Muslims,
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Diseases and Pandemics
Ok, my first Ebola thread...and for me it just reeks of corruption, greed, lies, mass manipulation, fear mongering...pick one. NIH: "We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak" "
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Diseases and Pandemics
Working on adding the link as this is just breaking... Link from CNN: How did this even happen? Why was she allowed to travel? What the actual $&%* is going on here?
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Diseases and Pandemics
I know there are an abundance of Ebola threads but some of the new information may get lost in the mix. I thought this was watching. CDC Officials to Meet...
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Diseases and Pandemics
Can anyone in the area confirm this story " Governor Dannel Malloy has declared Connecticut to be in a state of public health emergency, enabling the indefinite suspension...