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You would think that the Russian President stating publicly that ISIS is receiving money from 40 different countries, including G20 members, would be “newsworthy”. Politics Putin Outed ISIS’s G20 Financiers – But...
Thousands of California Army National Guard soldiers that reenlisted at the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan fighting were paid thousands of dollars in bonuses to stay in. They say that in 2006 and 2007 they went to mandatory meetings where reenlistments were done "assembly line style"...
Get ready for your blood to boil..... In a truly shocking twist the Suptreme Court decided the grown Iraqi man may not have realised the 10-year-old did not want to be sexually abused by him. Amir A, 20, was visiting the Theresienbad...
In light of today's DDOS situation on the East coast, this might be relevant. We could be seeing tests to learn the limits of various sections of the internet structure and the responses used. Schneier on Security Over the past year or two, someone has been probing the defenses of the companies that run critical pieces...
Well this is a hard to watch video of a cop in Granbury Texas saving the life of a 3 year old boy. Cop pulls up and gets out to a distraught mother carrying a completely limp toddler and he just jumps into action and grabs the kid, lays him down and starts chest compression. And after some very tense and hard to watch moments the baby takes a...
With the MSM burying 'the story', and a constant barrage of daily dumps, and many previous dumps being forgotten, it's important we have one nice clean spot for everyone to post links to threads & articles of unique key findings. There have also been other FOIA releases too,...
Middle East Issues Oct 15 41 18 rss
The U.S. Army announced Friday it will deploy about 500 soldiers from the Big Red One to Iraq this fall. The 1st Infantry Division Headquarters troops will assume the role of Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command-Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, according to an Oct. 14 Army press release. The...
It should be well known by now that Ecuador has cut off Julian's internet access in the embassy. Why it was cut and who pushed for it is the topic of another thread. In the middle of all this unfolding news, the WikiLeaks Twitter account curiously sent out three HEX strings. What those strings are and why they were released is the topic of another thread, however there...
Middle East Issues Oct 24 28 16 rss
Ummm, I'm no expert but I do have four children of my own......and if I'm not mistaken these "Dudes", Dudes? Certainly not kids / Children. So, a minor oversight by TPTB, another backdoor mistake or just blatant couldn't give a toss?...
At least half of American adults are pictured in a facial recognition network used by law enforcement, according to a report published Tuesday by Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology, which recommends prompt adoption of privacy protections. The report says a minimum of 117 million...
War On Terrorism Oct 16 87 11 rss
An alleged accomplice in the Sept. 11 terror attacks underwent reconstructive surgery for decade-old damage from his “sodomy” in CIA custody and was to be returned to his clandestine prison to recuperate, his attorney said Saturday. After eight years in office President Obama...
War On Terrorism Oct 19 51 11 rss
So this is convenient for his career....Baghdadi just happens to be in Mosul and likely trapped and will be caught or killed. Let's see what happens with the MSM narrative here. He is caught or killed and ALL stories become about this and no more about HRC lies and everyone screams...
As scary as it sounds to some people, more of a pain in the a**e, I can see this being spun shortly into "X is attacking Y because of Z" but at the moment some of the list: paypal reddit psn etc twitter Netflix Pintrest Down. Thought I would shout as I was about to order a kebab for dinner and use paypal.... Bored: Basic threat map of...
Other Current Events Sep 29 188 126 rss
Sorry to sound like a conspiracy theorist but FEMA was hacked last night and they sent out a fake emergency broadcast to a news station in New york (WKTV NewsChannel 2), At the end of the message the phrase "Would you, Could you on a train"...
Global Meltdown Sep 28 40 34 rss
We all remember what happened in 2008...the Bank Bailouts, sub-prime mortgages, the faltering economy...and all that entailed. Many of us are...
War On Terrorism Sep 27 23 30 rss
If this intercept of communications between USA advisors and ISIS is true I hope they actually do release...
Survival Oct 2 55 30 rss
Another fine example of an armed robbery stopped by a CCW and the video displays the community's opinion of the action. The would-be victim walked away and the armed robber will not be harming...
Hi ATS. So anonymous 'official ' youtube channel have posted this video: So basically they pretty much declare war on US. They are talking much about what we all already...
Middle East Issues Oct 12 35 27 rss
The US and Saudi Arabia have agreed to grant free passage to thousands of Islamic State militants before the Iraqi city of Mosul is stormed. The jihadists will be redeployed...
A train struck the train station in Hoboken Thursday morning, with reports of injuries and possibly mass...
The following video is with Julian Assange stating he has been given asylum by Ecuador.. If already posted someplace Mods please remove... Being stuck in an Embassy...
Still trying to find my own information on this but theres a screen capture doing the rounds thats supposidly a clinton IT staffer asking on reddit for help to remove email information...
War On Terrorism Sep 25 98 138 rss
In France, In a town called Saumur, gardeners employed by the town made a strange discovery. They went to work on an old church. Behind that church there are old natural caves. When they arrived there they saw 3 men getting in a white...
Looks like an explosion in the Chelsea area of Manhattan tonight... CHELSEA, Manhattan — Multiple people were injured during an outdoor explosion in Chelsea Saturday night....
Heavily armored riot gear police from the Morton County Sheriff's Department, North Dakota State Patrol, and other agencies have...
Survival Sep 22 90 58 rss
This is a perfect example of home & self defense in a remarkably clear surveillance video. 3 Armed men stopped cold by one female gun owner. This is clearly one of the better self defense videos of the year. If you are...
This just broke on FNC.... not a lot of details.... BURLINGTON, Wash. — At least four people were killed in a shooting at the...
Global Meltdown Sep 18 83 50 rss
Ostensibly because of the Alabama gas pipeline break, there's been a gas panic here in Asheville. All stations are out of gas, starting...
Back in 1993 Hillary was growing increasingly impatient with the waco standoff, She had been trying to push through her (complete failure) hillary care which was taking up all of the administration's time,...

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