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Last night, QAnon took some time out to answer questions on 8. Here is one of those questions with Q's response: Apr 19 2018 21:14:29 (EST) Anonymous ID: fe9998 1108927 >>1108897 When will we find out about Seth Rich and Las Vegas?? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Apr 19 2018 21:21:44 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d7571e...
This story really got to me. I'm not much of a cryer but oof. Mohamed Bzeek knew that. But in his more than two decades as a foster father, he took them in anyway — the sickest of the sick in Los Angeles County's sprawling foster care system. He has buried about 10 children. Some died in his arms. Now, Bzeek spends long days and sleepless...
It's been a rocky road at times, lot of attempted roadblocks and racist attacks against her, but the old girl looks better today at 70 than she ever has before. The world's real "Shining city upon a hill" has not only survived all of this, it has thrived, becoming a successful global power and regional superpower in less than a century. While the relationship between...
Jones is being sued for his repeated claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was a fake ,giant hoax and that the parents of children killed were actors , his claims could cost him $1 million should he (if there's a God) lose the action. "This conspiracy theory, which has been pushed by InfoWars and Mr Jones since...
Middle East Issues Apr 19 52 26 rss
Containers with chlorine from Germany and smoke grenades produced in Salisbury, UK were found in the liberated territories of Syria's Eastern Ghouta, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has stated. This is pretty damning news if true. IF. According to a Russian official, Syrian forces have found chlorine containers...
Other Current Events Apr 14 101 115 rss
I was listening to C2C and George just announced Art Bell has passed away at 72 years of age. I hope he did not suffer..
Middle East Issues Apr 14 81 36 rss
Last night, April 13, 2018, a coalition between the US, UK, and France launched an offensive maneuver against the regime of Bashar al-Assad of Syria. During this offensive, three targets were identified and destroyed, all of which were used in the manufacture/storage of chemical weapons. No civilian casualties have so far been reported to my knowledge. This action was...
Graphic warning The video is also very emotionally charged and can be upsetting so don't watch this if your not up to facing the harsh realities of what has been happening in South Africa. The War of the Flea was the title of a book about guerilla warfare by Robert Taber. The principle being to attack like fleas, wearing down...
Propaganda, fear mongering, scare tactics, either way, strange days.
A Southwest Airlines 737-700 from LaGuardia to Dallas, with 149 people on board made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after suffering an uncontained engine failure. The failure ripped a piece of the cowling off the left engine, and broke a window, resulting in a female passenger being partially pulled from...
They also gave two different reasons. They told the UN they blocked them because they don't have the proper security clearances and then they told the OPCW they blocked them citing security reasons. The Russian army has been in Douma and secured the area since at least...
[all things not "officially" quoted are just my should be able to tell the difference] Here's the full headline in pretty blue letters: So, here's the claim from the parents: They went to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (yes, this...
Well this just beats all. The American Lung Association says California has 8 of the 10 most polluted cities !! Ozone Irony !! 😞 Forget the Golden State. California should be called the Smoggy State. Eight of the USA's 10 most-polluted cities, in terms of ozone pollution, are in California, according...
Middle East Issues Apr 15 38 11 rss
It looks like some serious bombing is going a bit to close to Israel, its shaking the ground in Israel, according this guy Russian jets seem to be involved .As it seems that theirs a news blackout on what is really going on in Syria. This guy seems on the ball having friends on the ground.
Middle East Issues Apr 21 36 21 rss
BREAKING NEWS: Reports of heavy gunfire ongoing near Saudi’s King’s palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The king has reportedly been evacuated to a bunker at a military base in the city. Casualties unclear. More info soon. DEVELOPING Nothing is clear till now....
Global Meltdown Mar 26 144 55 rss
While it has been discussed since the Economic Freedom Fighter party (EFF) began in 2014 and recently promised publicly by the outgoing SA President, the...
Just up on Drudge. Breaking now. It appears, with Mueller's approval, there has been a raid on Michael Cohen's office for records. May be related to the porn star...
Middle East Issues Apr 8 152 52 rss
MSM...... Let The Games Begin Same old pattern a lovely placed daily double of OMG it's those Evil Ruskis. Let's take a deep breath and consider. Due to the joint efforts of Syria Russia and Iran Syria is almost rebel free. So as Assard is...
Survival Apr 7 116 47 rss
I have chickens roaming free-range in my yard. It seems every time I mention them in a thread, someone wants to know more about them, so in order to not derail other threads, I thought I would post what I know about them here....
Middle East Issues Mar 25 226 45 rss
Again, the religion of peace provides the Western cultures another reason to despise it’s psychotic practices. Previously, we were indoctrinated with...
A short article that just made me appreciate there are still people in America like I have known and respected all my life. I never lived in Georgia but it seems all the friends I have had...
London overtook New York in murders for the first time in modern history in February as the capital endured a dramatic surge in knife crime. br /> Fifteen people were murdered in the...
While racial epithets are abusive this marks the first time in SA history that someone is going to prison for it. White Estates agent Vicki Momberg was handed a 3 year sentence with 1 year suspended....
March 20, 2018 Hillary Clinton just "brain-stormed" another reason for her humiliating...
Make of this what you will. I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian...
This is breaking now. Warrants are being sought. Not much to add but details on links. This could be big. Also regarding E.U. Referendum - ...
War On Terrorism Mar 26 33 30 rss
After 16 years, 2,400 American lives, and $1 trillion spent, the US doesn't even control the streets around the US Embassy in Kabul. Kabul...
I had to post this,as it is just too ridiculous! Talk about first world problems? da-95a7-41e8a8f104b9 So a chef and restaurant owner decides to be the change...
There was no official confirmation of victims, but NBC Washington reported several injuries. Great Mills High School is located...
A warning is going out to residents of Austin Texas after 2 deadly explosions today killed a teenager and injured at least 2 others. This is the third such explosion...
Now I know the usual folks are gonna come in and attack the source because they're unable to refute anything I'm about to say, and that's fine. That just...

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