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An important two-part investigative series by WORLD magazine reporters Mindy Belz and J.C. Derrick provides some insight: Belz and Derrick discovered that Hillary Clinton's obstruction of the Boko Haram designation, and the continuing chaos in northern Nigeria -- Africa's largest economy and the...
More happening in Germany. :( At least one person has been killed and nine others injured after an explosion struck a restaurant in the south German city of Ansbach, Bavaria. The incident took place in the central part of...
A gang of radical Muslims has stormed into a German swimming pool yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ and threatening to ‘exterminate’ women for being ‘sluts.’ Nice work Merkel, she might as well have collectively destroyed German Way of life. The only way out of this is to...
Mass killings have now become a daily thing. The latest attack however took place not in Europe, nor the US, but Japan, where national broadcaster NHK reports that a knife-wielding man has reportedly gone on a rampage at a facility for people with heart disabilities in the city of Sagamihara, west of...
The priest is reported dead. Found only a german source right now.
Other Current Events Jul 22 1076 79 rss
Starting to see blips on one of my apps about a large police presence at a Munich area shopping center. Multiple videos and pictures on social media showing people running from the area and what appears to be pops being heard. Also a picture of a person lying face down in the street, unknown if it's related to the incident or something else. Finally...
Here we go again. Just happened in France. A mother and her 3 daughters have been stabbed at a French resort for being scantily dressed. How much more of this are the French going to take?
After years of provocation, Twitter has permanently banned Milo Yiannopoulos from its service. This is quite blatant conservative censorship by a medium which is supposed to be a non-partisan platform. With all the hatred, insults, racism, death threats I see on twitter, it's amazing they pick the...
Breaking news of an attack on a train in Germany where an axeman has attacked passengers , no further details yet but the suspicion has to be of another terrorist attack. More than 20 people in Germany have been injured after a man with an axe went on the rampage on a train, German media report. A police...
Mammoth Indeed! This Statue is Massive! I thought with all the war threads lately this would be a nice edition. China have redefined the concept of ‘statue’ and put Lady Liberty to shame with the unveiling of a colossal 1,320-ton, 58-meter-high statue of legendary general and “God...
Blood pressure rising. Disgusting little Muslim MOFO. While families mourn their loved ones at the funeral of the Munich victims, a Muslim heartlessly disturbs by chanting ALLAH AKBAR justifying the horrible act of terror & the murder of its victims - See more at: uf There's about 200,000 million of these pieces...
I think it's important for this story to be seen. It is about a man who saved a lot of lives by stopping a suicide bomber by hugging him and setting off the bomb, killing them both of course. I don't know what else to add. I think it's great...
Terrible few days for Germany. :puz: A woman has been killed and two others have been injured in a machete attack near Stuttgart in Germany. Police have arrested a man in connection with the attack in the small city of Reutlingen in the south-west of the country. German newspaper Bild reported the man struck outside...
When this event first was posted on ATS, by the second post, someone said they were SURE it was ISIS. That led to multiple anti-Muslim posts. A couple of people tried to say to wait for facts, but most were not listening. Come to find, there is no connection whatsoever.
< Attorney Andrea Burton was arrested at a Youngstown, Ohio courthouse for exercising here right to free speech. Judge Robert Milich had reportedly asked Burton several times to remove a Black Live Matter pin during a court session, citing a Supreme court ruling allowing...
Other Current Events Jul 14 1623 123 rss
Breaking News Now. A truck seems to have driving into the crowd at a celebration in Nice France. Gun fire has been exchanged and so far 20 people are dead. I heard some group has taken...
Other Current Events Jul 17 905 108 rss
Seeing early reports of multiple LE agencies responding to a shots fired call in Baton Rouge, with multiple officers down. One road, airline highway, is shut down in both...
Apparently there was a shooting the other night in a South Carolina nightclub. Several people were wounded when a shooter started firing into a crowd. Looks like no one...
All communication shut down, Bridges crossing the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey blocked, with reports of jets flying low in Ankara ----------------- WTF is going on, Is Erdogen...
Japan's Supreme Court has upheld the government's blanket surveillance of the country's Muslim community. The court struck down the second...
"Be ready to write checks and give up your car keys" According to ‘Black Lives Matter’ organizer Ashleigh Shackelford, white people aren’t welcome at Black...
Middle East Issues Jul 16 139 45 rss
A new development in Turkey ? I wonder about the intelligence of some of the supposedly world leaders. Somethings might be amusing...
An off-duty police officer shot and killed a home invader in suburban St. Louis on Saturday evening,...
Other Current Events Jun 16 268 103 rss
Ya can't make this stuff up... not that anyone would want to: The co-owner of a Florida gun store says his employees contacted law enforcement before the Orlando shooting after...
I was more curious on to what ATS thought of this than anyone else. So I thought I would share. Moderators, if in the wrong place,...
Global Meltdown Jun 24 301 68 rss
Doing the right thing is never easy. I tip my hat to the people of the UK for doing the right thing anyway, and hopefully setting an example for the rest of the world. As a result of their decision to leave the EU, Britain's future financial...
War On Terrorism Jun 27 230 67 rss
Apparently, this event took place at LAX just after the murders in Orlando...and the MSM neglected to report this event. After this woman...
Switzerland has rejected citizenship requests from two Muslim girls for refusing to take part in swimming lessons with boys at school....
War On Terrorism Jun 26 79 36 rss
This has just come to my attention and cannot find it posted. In 2015 the attack known as the Garissa massacre in Garissa University, targeting...
I am thinking more and more that Huma Abedin is a lot more suspect that many would like to believe. There are two things...
Things might get serious very quickly if the rumours are true that air base incirlik is being attacked at the moment. Turk authorities have closed the military base, trafic to and from the airbase is stopped...

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