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Other Current Events May 22 1386 124 rss
I was just returning home from work and the streets of Manchester (princess parkway) were full of ambulances and police vehicles All i can find is possible loud bangs heard during concert at the MEN arena Stay safe my fellow mancunians and any visitors to our great city
Survival May 19 42 24 rss
It was designed as an impregnable deep-freeze to protect the world’s most precious seeds from any global disaster and ensure humanity’s food supply forever. But the Global Seed Vault, buried in a mountain deep inside the Arctic circle, has been breached after global warming produced extraordinary temperatures over the winter,...
This is just breaking. A car has plowed into pedestrians in Times Square. I'll update with more shortly. EDIT: From the ABC local NYC affiliate: br /> NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Several people have been struck by a car in Times Square, CBS2 reported. At least 10 people have reportedly been hit by a red Honda before it came...
I am not sure how I feel about this. But, the statue in New Orleans of Robert E. Lee has been removed, the final of four statues erected following the American civil war, a very controversial subject in today's world. Especially American life. Now, I am in no right to be one to make a statement about slavery or the intentions...
Donald Trump makes a $110 billion dollar arms deal with the Saudis and Ivanka gets $100 million dollar donation to the World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Fund from Saudi Arabia and the UAE... This seems totally legit. :!: :!: :!: Trump attacked the Clinton Foundation for accepting donations...
Middle East Issues May 12 35 26 rss
We have a multi thousand troop presence in Afghanistan to this day and 90% of heroin in the US comes from Afghanistan through Mexico. You would think the cartels would be listed as a terrorist organization for working with the Taliban and ISIS to move their heroin into...
Well aint that a game changer , the Lib Dems have confirmed that if elected they would decriminalise Cannabis and their plan will be in their upcoming manifesto. The party would allow licensed shops to sell the drug to over-18s, let people grow cannabis at home and introduce small...
So I am a fan of synchronicity. I find this whole situation with the names and politics involved lately to be oddly "synchronistic". So we have a Sessions that was the very first FBI director to ever be fired, and he was fired by Bill Clinton. Then we have Comey, the second FBI director to ever be fired, and fired by Trump. Trump has another Sessions that...
If any story deserves a "WTF" utterance, it's this one. The last time I checked, I thought the UN was considering stronger sanctions against North Korea, especially after their latest missile launch. It seems that a UN agency, the World Intellectual Property Organization...
Seems like fat boy wants war. The war rhetoric from North Korea has been out of control lately and now this. If this bullsh*t keeps up, how is China, Japan and the US going to respond? Sanctions aren't working, so the inevitable question is: how long until WW3 starts? ...
War On Terrorism May 23 259 12 rss
May 23, 2017 Does anyone doubt that beyond their "cause", most terrorists care about nothing else but their families? Take the Manchester, England bomber, Salman Abedi for example. Yesterday, this 22 year-old thug murdered 22 people and injured +120 more. From this article: , the below information...
This is a show of force before Trump's visit to Riyadh. This is a clear message to Trump. Don't mess with us or else. Hopefully Trump will not escalate after concluding 350 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia unless he wants to get impeached for war.
War On Terrorism May 23 60 14 rss
"Evil loser's" "I won't call them monsters, because they would like that term" In the wake of yesterday's tragedy, something was brought back to my attention, an article I had read a few weeks ago about a popular ISIS magazine, Rumiyah. I can't vouch for its veracity, so take it for what you will. They are not playing around. I think we can check off the...
Hospitals across England have reportedly been hit by a large-scale cyberattack. Some are having to divert emergency patients This is bad. Hospitals across England are being hit by a massive cyberattack, and some are currently unable to take even emergency patients. IT and phone systems are completely shut down....
Mike Pence, the vice-president of the united states. Chosen by Trump as a running mate and the stark contrasts are immediately noticeable upon review of his social issues....but not foreign policy. I've never seen the match but that is personal opinion. An article came out that raised some eyebrows. Pence launched Great America Committee, a leadership PAC, a move that will...
Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge says this is one of the biggest headlines out of the hearing...
Hanford was a small agricultural community in Benton County, Washington, United States. It was depopulated in 1943 along with the town of White Bluffs in order to make room for the nuclear production facility known as the Hanford...
Unbelievable. Does anyone else get the impression that crime in California is getting waaaay out of control? Geographically, Oakland (where this event...
War On Terrorism Apr 25 109 62 rss
Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight I present you with some interesting news: 3 ISIS militants were killed by boars. The boars are not a code name of a secret covert team but real...
By Tim Brown - April 28, 2017 How does a man live with himself doing such things? Ross Kemp, a British investigative journalist,...
Early reports indicate that the Fyre Festival(a music festival with ticket prices ranging from 12k...
War On Terrorism Apr 27 239 43 rss
Good evening, eastern ATS users. Afternoon to the western coasters, and so on, so forth. So, I have been, since the middle of 2004, been interested (to say the least) in 9/11. I can remember it plain as day, and...
Professor Tommy Curry expressed his frustration during a podcast that the movie Django Unchained made killing white people look fun, when in reality it should...
In March U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced to tackle sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers, and personnel. Sadly the announcement followed...
War On Terrorism Apr 13 823 67 rss
CNN is reprotimg that the US has just dropped what's known as the M.O.A.B. or the Mother of All Bombs, a 21000 lb bomb which is the most powerful bomb short of a Nuclear bomb. "The US military has dropped an enormous bomb...
Huge bust of a child trafficking ring. Good, the more of these we can put an end to the better. Scum scum scum A group of 27 men and two women have appeared in court today accused of more than 170 charges relating to the...
This is a developing story, a gunman has killed three people in a shooting spree. The suspect is thought to have killed a security guard last week at a Motel 6. DEVELOPING: Three people were killed after a man went on a shooting...
Hey folks, Allow me to start by saying that this seems like quite a small story and probably doesn't impact any of you at all, but considering that I know you all love a little mystery, please...
This is just breaking on my facebook feed. Some maniac just murdered an old man while streaming it live over facebook. He's Claiming he's already killed...
Holy cow, that's a lot of coffins. At least 7,000 bodies of former insane asylum patients could be unearthed on the University of Mississippi Medical...
Two policemen wounded in shooting on Champs Elysees in Paris, French media say Juat breaking. Could be anything. More to follow.... Im hearing 1 dead policeman, 1 seriously...

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