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Aliens and UFOs Feb 12 90 68 rss
The man who is claiming this, is none other than Terry Lovelace, who authored the book,"Incident at Devils Den." Lovelace is a USAF veteran and a former Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Territory of American Samoa. Back in 2012, he had an x-ray done of his right...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 15 23 35 rss
The government can’t keep its story straight about its involvement with UFO research. After a yearlong investigation, we bust open the files, break through the noise, and reveal the definitive, staggering truth. Popular Mechanics has a very long and detailed story on the web on the goverment...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 15 68 31 rss
I watched a 1 hour video podcast that discusses the possibility that the UFO phenomenon is demonic in nature. The host and his guest believe that UFOs are coming from another dimension and are controlled by demonic entities, who are in the process of setting the stage for a global deception....
A Pennsylvania elementary school called the police after a kindergartner with Down syndrome made a finger gun at her teacher. Margot's school in southeast Pennsylvania determined her actions appeared threatening Administrators concluded that Margot made a "transient threat"...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 14 41 23 rss
Wow! VERY interesting video. What could possibly be this large with lights descending into a remote region of Australia near a coal mine? Specifically Middleton Queensland Australia. Literally in the middle of nowhere and 500 miles from the coast.
Aliens and UFOs Feb 8 66 53 rss
The mystery signal, known as FRB 180916.J0158+65 was first discovered in 2017, but has continued repeating steadily, albeit at a rate some 600 times fainter than the first bright flare. In their study, scientists analysed 28 bursts which took place between September 2018 and October...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 9 56 38 rss
It's 'almost a racing certainty' there's alien life on Jupiter's moon Europa—and Mars could be hiding primitive microorganisms, too. That's the view of leading British space scientist Professor Monica Grady, who says the notion of undiscovered life in our galaxy isn't nearly as far-fetched as we might expect. ...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 10 21 26 rss
Great story, good documentary. It touched me in a very special way. I spent my first years in a similar place down there. I like how the film explains how normal is for the people in rural areas of South America to have this kind of experiences. This is the story of Juan, a gaucho who became a contactee at 12 years old. Jacques Fabrice Vallée also appears in the film....
Aliens and UFOs Feb 11 69 26 rss
In the incestuous world of ufology there are often certain characters that crop up time and time again. Many of them are based in the South Western corner of the United States and have links to the intelligence services of the United States. Despite their constant muddying of the waters they seem to be the go to sources for many of the popular...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 13 81 13 rss
If they visited and said they would show us how to solve one problem but that's it what do you think we would choose? Top of my head it was cancer but then I starting thinking planetary travel like them might be better, especially if we could use it to travel on this planet. I think the decision would have to be made on what would benefit mankind...
Hmmm look at that, people don't want to live in progressive taxed states!! During the past decade, there has been a well-documented exodus of Americans from the Northeast and Midwest to the West and South. However, there has also been another less-documented trend: Americans moving from progressive income tax states to states with...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 18 183 76 rss
I've seen lots of opinions about Luis Elizondo in various threads here on ATS, it just so happens my good friend...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 4 89 71 rss
This thread is about the latest tools I’ve developed to deal more efficiently and effectively with audio/video...
I'm watching the live PRO Second Amendment march in VA. I type in USA, USA, MAGA, KAG, KAG, KAG! I did the several times within the allotted...
Corey Feldman was a big name child actor in the 1980's and 1990' s along with his best friend Corey Haim. According to Feldman he and Haim, were hushed about their experiences as victims of the...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 24 81 42 rss
I'd love to read the case file on this (#105762), but I'm not paying MUFON money just to browse their database. MUFON states that this case is "Under...
Probably many of us know that on January 20 in Virginia there is suppose to be a big protest over the proposed gun restrictions put forth by the Democratic governor. OK so there will be...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 25 29 38 rss
The Spanish Air Force declassified about 180 UFO files a few years ago. Inside them are several...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 18 39 35 rss
There has been much speculation over the years, on whether or not extraterrestrials are living on Earth in underground bases. Back in 2012, there...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 8 58 61 rss
I just read a blog article, that was mentioned on a thread on reddit. This article was released today and it was written by Paul Dean. He states that a friend of his...
The Underground War,Happening Now... This 38 min video is put together by a Veteran to the Submarine corps. It is an independent production that pieces together work over 30+ years, with some more recent events put in perspective. Events like China...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 15 204 34 rss
In response to a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, a spokesperson from the Navy's Office...
Hello sleepy heads on a slow Saturday. I hate Minnesota so no NFL for me today. Freaking mosquito joe country...
Secret Societies Jan 28 60 31 rss
There are 13 families that secretly rule our world since time immemorial. The 13 Families have many names, but internally call simply call themselves The Family of The Sun. Here I will discuss...
Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) has become one of the priorities of Justin Trudeau, current Prime Minister of Canada, as announced by himself, on the beginning of the year. Until...
Weaponry Jan 18 38 27 rss
The Navy is expected to announce Monday that CVN-81, the fourth Ford class carrier, will be named for Mess Attendant 3rd Class Doris Miller. Miller was assigned to the USS West Virginia on December 7th, 1941, moored in Pearl Harbor. He had served breakfast that morning, and was...
ATS Skunk Works Jan 30 41 26 rss
Most here would be familiar with the illuminati card game. Steve Jackson created a card game called "Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy." Many conspiracy theorists are certain that the...

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