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This is the third death within the organization since April. Assange tweeted his picture earlier today without providing an explanation. Later, news came out that Gavin Macfadyen died today. He was a brilliant man, a defender of truth, and a champion of true journalism. No cause of death has been given. Link:
ATS Skunk Works Oct 25 72 50 rss
From a recent speech < < < Look at the camere lower left corner. < Notice the cameras? Seems like a lot of trouble to got trough. I just wanted to share this. And if you still don't believe it, one for the road < Carry on.
Aliens and UFOs Oct 25 24 47 rss
Someone on this forum recently hinted that it might be interesting to search the leaked Podesta e-mails for the term “Fastwalker”. So, of course, I did. And it was indeed very interesting. The mail is dated 6th of March, 2015, and is from Robert B Fish, or Bob Fish, who has written a book about the recovery of the Apollo 11 Capsule. You can read more about him...
New documentary about to be released in Australia in November surrounding a (not so hidden) men's right's group MRA (mens' rights activism). Film maker Cassie Jaye takes a journey as a young feminist into the hidden world of men advocacy groups. Expecting to uncover swaths of misogynistic women hating men whom lurk in seedy internet and public forums, she instead...
A new video by the "Angry Foreigner" explaining the gong show in Sweden surrounding a case where a woman was gang raped by Arabs. Instead of protesting the acts of these scum, the regressive left SWJ feminist losers have 'somehow' contorted the general public's anger into a politicized #show of...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 18 281 153 rss
Our buddy George Knapp just sent me a link to this video, anyone have any idea what this could be? I am actually stumped by a "UFO Video" for the first time in a few years. It all sounds and looks right but I am not a video expert, that's why I bring it you all. So, what do you all think? :-)
Let's all agree that corruption, criminal neglect and mishandling of situations exist. And that at least some of the information being dribbled on us is actually legitimate. julian assange is focused on disrupting the United States. Why not Russia ? North Korea ? China...
Indeed, the most well-known Rothschild patriarch, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, once said “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” The Rothschilds and their international banking cartel, ‘Rothschild & Co,’ are majority owners of numerous corporations spanning...
ATS Skunk Works Oct 21 74 58 rss
[size=6]Follow the Foundation[/size] Those words were uttered by someone purporting to an individual with intimate knowledge of the Clinton email investigation back in July of this year to an anonymous internet message board. This person responded to queries about the investigation and intimated that great calamity would ensue should the...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 20 78 51 rss
Just found this rather odd and rather to my eyes, legitimate looking video. Maybe others can shed some light on it but to me, that is one odd looking shape floating in the sky during such a severe storm. Video has the title mentioning harnessing energy from the storm, maybe so. Just thought I would post here.
Announcement from Anons from late last night... This may or may not be true...but passing it along to document. Follow 0HOUR1 ‏@0HOUR1__ WIKILEAKS may now be a HONEYPOT upload at your own risk #Anonymous Dont say we didnt warn you 0HOUR1 ‏@0HOUR1__ 8h8 hours ago Something is wrong with WIKILEAKS...
I checked the forums and didn't see any topics on this yet. Link below DNS Provider DDoSed leading to Internet outage in Mid West and East Cost United States Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, The New York Times, others unavailable to US visitors Internet service was disrupted for many people in the Eastern and Mid-West United States on Friday after a web-hosting service...
Secret Societies Oct 21 105 21 rss
Were you aware that on 14 October 2016, there was a change in leadership of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)? Neither was I. Until I found myself a little bored and typed "Black Pope" into Google just before, I was completely unaware that Adolfo Nicolas had been replaced after serving just 8 years at the helm. Arturo Sosa replaces him as leader...
ATS Skunk Works Oct 18 94 38 rss
Hillary Clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women! That’s the blockbuster revelation from a former Clinton family operative who is sensationally breaking ranks with his one-time bosses to speak to The National ENQUIRER...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 20 93 17 rss
Fount this article about some aluminium that was found in communist Romania in 1973. The finding was not made public because of communism and all that mess. It was dated to be 250,000 years old by Romania officials and confirmed by another lab in Switzerland. However other test showed it was 400 - 80,000 years old. Aluminium wasn't produced by man until...
(un-official) ATS Exclusive Media Analysis: The MSM Have Gone Full Tabloid... and everybody...
The most trusted name in news has gone full retard. Is this even real life? What gives here? I have hated CNN for many years and this only adds to the layers of bullsh!t that drove me to online media to begin with. There is no truth to be...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 7 148 86 rss
An email from the latest Wikileaks drop today comes from Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, to John Podesta, the Clinton Campaign Chair. In the beginning of his email he makes...
So there was a lot going on in last nights debate. There were plenty of potential criticism of both Trump or Clinton to be had (I think more for Trump), rather it be interruptions, false...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 16 74 58 rss
Dad of two Max Spiers was found dead on a sofa days before he was meant to give a talk about conspiracy theories and UFOs....
The thread title comes from a which quotes an interesting email from within the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks:
Yes, the link is from Breibart, but the original link, which is in German, is from Epoch Times. Apparently "left wing...
So let's take a break from the national circus for a section and look at what's going on in the world of stupid. So this Tennessee mother heard...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 26 246 116 rss
UFO Captured By Police Helicopter In St Athens, Wales With Onboard FLIR Camera on September 17. The pilot could not see it in the daylight, only...
This is insane. Race wars have officially come to America and this is just the beginning. Who are...
Here we have a shining example of stupidity. What it boils down to is this golem looking woman decided to give the bird to a Trump supporter who was standing in his yard. The Trump supporter then...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 23 397 63 rss
On Tuesday 30th August 2016 Tom De Longe went to church, well Jimmy Church actually. He appeared on Jimmy’s radio show “Fade to Black” for...
Ever wonder why there are protest going on in Charlotte, NC and not Tulsa, OK? Both had 'innocent' black men shot at the hands of...
Greetings and salutations, ATS members. I bring this thread to you today in hopes that other interested parties will find the information presented herein of value. Before I get in to the meat of the thread, I would...
Mainstream Islam Is The Antithesis Of Western Liberal Values (BY THE NUMBERS) After not paying attention to politics for a few years,...
The Gray Area Sep 19 45 49 rss
This Prehistoric Rock Art of Southern Scotland has always fascinated me. While it has been written about as being simply another example of ancient Cup and Ring art. I think this one could be much more...

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