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As promised earlier today, in this thread I will try to explain what our ATS Staff members do. I plan on touching upon issues such as roles and responsibilities, accountability and transparency. This is being posted in RATS because the intended audience for it is our valued active members. To be perfectly frank, I don't have any interest in debating...
Wow, you just can't make this stuff up! The hypocrisy! So get this (yes it is on video), The organizer of a “Black DNC Resistance March” in Philadelphia Tuesday demanded white supporters and media move to back of the crowd! Makes your head spin doesn't it? By Jillian Kay Melchior | 6:39 pm, July...
Donald Trump has been called the Pied-Piper of Dog-whistle politics by Ian Haney Lopez in an . The dubious insinuation in that charge is that Trump is speaking in secret code to racists, bigots and xenophobes, whom I wager are hiding in the bushes, like dogs, awaiting the long-awaited sound to bring in the coming race war. The...
New World Order Jul 24 29 25 rss
Great speech by Robert Welch. Induce gradual surrender American sovereignty to piece by piece and step by step to various international organization of which the un is the prime example Greatly expanded government spending as wastefully as possible Higher taxes Increasingly unbalanced...
Weaponry Jul 25 23 20 rss
The subject of the undercover interview is Mary Bayer. California DNC Delegate
New World Order Jul 21 117 49 rss
< A homeowner in Finland has been sentenced to four years in jail and a hefty fine after fighting off three intruders who attempted to rob his house. The thieves, meanwhile, got lesser prison terms and are to be paid damages...
...Red Mercury can do almost anything the aspiring Third World demagogue wants it to. You want a short cut to making an atom bomb? You want the key to Soviet ballistic missile guidance systems? Or perhaps you want the Russian alternative to the anti-radar paint on the stealth bomber? What you need is Red Mercury . Such adaptability...
The Gray Area Jul 23 82 40 rss
This is the grey area yet I still feel the need to add a disclaimer unfortunatley, I have always and will be very open on ATS and I understand that a lot of empathic and wonderfull people are here and I class many of them as friends I have never met. That said I would like to point out that not only am I well I do not need to seek medical advice and that is the end of that line of conversation....
Weaponry Jul 22 70 39 rss
Been reading a lot of firearm threads today. I happened to come across a comment to an article on another thread on another website.. I copied and the more I thought about it the more I liked it. There is a common theme from the non American members of this site to lambast...
A private college in Ohio is offering a safe space area for students and faculty who may be suffering from some kind of negative psychological effects from the RNC convention this week !!! This safe space is in a basement somewhere....
Aliens and UFOs Jul 23 89 19 rss
All of the following statements have been extracted from the excellent book, Above Top Secret by Tim Good, if you are not familiar it, then I would highly recommend obtaining a copy: Major-General, Swedish Flying Corps - 1933: Comparisons of these objects show that there can be no doubt...
Funny.... but understandable. It appears only the US and Western Europe lack the common sense and understanding that there must be border control and rule of law. One of the largest newspapers along Mexico’s border with Texas is calling for a border wall with Central America,...
ATS Skunk Works Jul 21 71 13 rss
I hope this thread attracts only good energy because I encountered some hatred towards the subject, trying to convince without being asked to. Was not paying attention to the subject until discovering that in this reality we were always...
I have noticed statement from some people who are in favor of a world government. I don't understand how they haven't figured out that at this stage of Human development we are incapable of doing so at this time. I DO agree it will come,but NOT with the current leaders we have developed at ALL. I know OF NO one ,not one human being who...
This is amazing and I agree with everything he talks about. This guy is skilled in debate I swear he's on a debate forum somewhere honing in his skills. He says the biggest problem in the black community...
A real life story of the most ultimate hypocrisies, ironies, subjugations, sexual assaults,...
Aliens and UFOs Jul 11 199 79 rss
Numerous government around the world are slowly coping with the idea that the worldwide population has a right to know whether or not we are alone in...
Aliens and UFOs Jul 13 147 75 rss
The deathbed testimonial is not Hellyer's, it was someone who spoke to him This is a truly astounding link that will not be realized...
The statement released by Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump on the crisis in Dallas and the deteriorating race relations in America is the...
After President Barack Obama said the murder of fives Dallas police officers was a “hate crime,” EBONY editor...
ATS Skunk Works Jul 1 333 60 rss
From The Sun London {I understand it's not the NY Slimes . . . however . . . it is an interesting...
New World Order Jul 8 101 57 rss
Forgive me, but I'm going to start off this thread with a quick disclaimer. Although I am a powerful believer in conspiracy of all sorts, from local government to the super-elite, I'm also not...
The Gray Area Jun 22 140 114 rss
right in front of me. I was sitting outside when I see this rock slam into the dirt. Its possible that a bird dropped it from the sky but that's not the reason why I am posting this on here. The rock...
New World Order Jun 25 329 88 rss
< . . . . . . . . . Wow. I mean WOW! Even the American propaganda outlets are at it. Looks like theyve quoted a handful...
The question on your lips is: Which war-torn country is this? It's South Africa. And it's not "war-torn"....
ATS Skunk Works Jul 10 152 52 rss
I found this while looking for any updates about Orlando: It also ties in the guy arrested in...
The US will be de-industrialized and gays "given permission to act out." Women will be masculinized. Music would get "much worse." Much of what Dr. Day promised in 1969 has come to pass. But many...
Military Projects Jun 30 73 50 rss
One hundred years ago today hundreds of thousands of men would be getting ready for what would be the greatest...
9/11 Conspiracies Jun 20 356 48 rss
< TBH, I dont really know what it means to be a "professional" "truther". Besides the obvious connotation of being paid to be a 9/11 "truther", I suppose it just means that...
So, now apparently the authorities are saying that Micha Johnson was a lone shooter. Micah X. Johnson, the US Army reservist who served in Afghanistan, embraced militant black nationalism and professed a desire to "kill white people,"...

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