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The Gray Area Sep 19 668 116 rss
I, your friendly neighborhood Muzzleflash, WAS JUST ABDUCTED BY NORDICS!!! Freaking CRAZY right??!!! Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind Wait - before I explain what happened during the abduction event let me explain why I think this actually happened: Ok last night I slept outside. It was a warm cloudless night. I went...
I just happen to come across this video where Floyd Mayweather is being interviewed by an Urban (i.e. Black) radio station. The interviewers are clearly trying to get Mayweather to bash Trump. However, Mayweather isn't having it and stuns the radio DJs. Some key points for those who can't watch: Floyd on Trump: No one was calling him racists until he ran for President....
For the past 10 years this high school has been taping 8th grade students hands together and forced the kids to lay on the floor in the dark and turn on the movie roots. This was to teach the kids about being slaves. Oh let's not forget the teachers acted as slave ship captains....
Neat story about how a political pundit Mark Levin (big radio show and some TV appearances) seemed to call the Trump "wire tapping" about 6 months ago !! He used several "sources" and had it down to just about what we now "know" from a CNN story a couple of days ago. Interesting...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 20 39 38 rss
Marc d'Antonio an Astronomer and chief video analyst for Mufon, claims to have experienced a USO or unidentified submerged object while on a Navy submarine in the north atlantic ocean. Marc said he heard a Naval Officer ordering the Sonor Operator...
Thank God I'm 57 and will be dead, hopefully, within a few years, before this country completely goes to hell, thanks to these snowflakes. The generation of 18-25 year olds are the biggest bunch of wusses ever. They wouldn't know a real tragedy if it smacked them in the face with a two-by-four. "Hobby Lobby’s ‘offensive’...
Another "at work" thread (the boss is off). :ham: A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, has emerged from the wolves den to expose the deep state and the shadow government which he calls two entirely separate entities. “The shadow government controls the deep state and manipulates our elected government behind the scenes,” Shipp warned in a recent talk at a conference....
We see this term being thrown about the board and in society in general with increasing frequency. As if to say that they are somehow out of control. Do you know where this term comes from? Parents of autistic children do. It's something that will set off their child. Most people can experience frustration, stress, or anxiety in everyday life situations. There...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 17 58 26 rss
This is a must see! Looks like Salt Lake City had some spooky lights doing some really neat tricks last night. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you really think it is. Watch the WHOLE video because what you think it is will have you rethinking the whole thing. At first, I thought it was just a meteor but nope.. That aint it!...
Get ready for Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley !! It runs from Sept 24th through Sept 27th. So many classes are getting cancelled for fear of contamination from Conservatives, and to boycott Free Speech Week. Many famous speakers are scheduled to speak to audiences. MILO, Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter, Mike...
9/11 Conspiracies Sep 15 371 23 rss
This has probably been posted before - I've no idea what to search for - and it deserves to be posted again. I'm a solid 911 questioner, finding few satisfying answers, but here is a video that provides one answer to one question and in a truly delightful way: This guy is the bomb. Happy Friday
ATS Skunk Works Sep 17 179 18 rss
I hope to god I am just jumping the gun, or have lost my mind. I have spent the last 7 years at least in a world where it was spelled "Stein" and I was told I was crazy. Today I am in a world where it is spelled "Stain" and the people that remember "Stein" are crazy. There is a picture on Reddit right now that shows them both, and...
Jason Stockley has been found not guilty in the death of a citizen with his own personal gun. Protesting has already begun. Hundreds of protesters poured into St. Louis' streets and some scuffles broke out as they voiced their anger after a Missouri judge on Friday ruled a white former...
A center piece that contained cotton stalks (as decorations I imagine) was enough to make the pres of the Lipscomb U to solicit forgiveness. keep in mind this was in his home, and cotton stalks are used for decorations all over the world. ...
Finally extra credit for taking a white privilege quiz. Of course let's not talk about taking a trait based on skin color and apply it to every one of that particular race is the definition of racism, this is A-OK. Students in a sociology class at San Diego State University...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 1 660 142 rss
Possible explanations anyone? Maybe CGI, but that doesn't explain the helicopter, and his commentary matching up. Would of had to hire a helicopter, or know the heli was going to be there....
Education and Media Aug 24 109 113 rss
CNN apparently didn't screen this panel to suit their views. Hats off to the panel for answering intelligently.
9/11 Conspiracies Sep 11 106 85 rss
The first video is of two guys, one American and one foreign, who are simply discussing 9/11 like any group of guys or friends might do while hanging out watching TV. Theres a MOUNTAIN of credible evidence, questions, science, data, facts,...
9/11 Conspiracies Sep 10 137 75 rss
1. 9/11/01 Police Radio Transmission: "The Van Exploded" 2.911 - Dancing Israelis 3.9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon 4.9/11 - firemen , police saying there are...
Aliens and UFOs Aug 30 95 66 rss
From the Breakthrough Listen, an initiative to find signs of intelligent life in the universe, has detected 15 brief but powerful radio pulses emanating from a mysterious and repeating...
For those who don't know, Joel Osteen is a pastor who now has one of the largest Christian "Mega Churches" in the country. It's in Houston....
MPs have been urged to launch an inquiry into the placement of foster children after a white Christian girl was reportedly put into the...
And it affects me personally too. I don't have much time to post, but I'll try to capture the relevant points and come back with more later... I have to take a drug known as 'Atenolol' for periodic cardiac arrhythmia (A-fib). Last night...
Beautiful. My sentiments exactly except she is much better at verbalizing it. If only more...
ATS Skunk Works Aug 18 176 88 rss
I did a search and this was mentioned on ATS a few months ago but the thread didn't explain anything and only linked a video. So I'll try to do this some justice. Apparently...
Apparently, even being Asian doesn’t mean people won’t take you for being a white nationalist. According to the popular college-football blog Outkick the Coverage, ESPN...
They're coming after everybody now. This is getting big people !! Things will burn. Things will burn down. Abraham Lincoln has joined George Washington on the list of those targeted...
In the late 1960s, the Chi Coms experienced the Cultural Revolution where Mao formed the Red Guards and started attacking not just political opponents, but also destroyed...
Somebody has apparently uncovered the IRONY of the Century !! Looks like famous CNN reporter Anderson...
Yes, the new inquisition believes you should be imprisoned if you "blaspheme" their gods (i mean causes). Now, I have to admit I find it...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 6 111 52 rss
I posted a while back about Skinwalker Ranch, and that investigative reporter and co-writer of the book Hunt for the Skinwalker, George Knapp, had mentioned (on Coast to Coast, perhaps? Can't remember)...

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