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April 17, 2018 Bob Mueller issued a rare statement today, essentially saying that the Mainstream News Outlets are composed of reporters and editors who lack journalism skills. They just go with whatever rumor sounds the most sensational, or Anti-Trump,...
# tons of explosives found missing in PA and then... We have received information of a potential large scale protest in the Central Business District. The protest would be semi-spontaneous and more than likely happen on short notice,” the email says. “Beginning Thursday, all Major Crimes detectives...
Fasten your seat belts, folks! Things are about to get weeeeeird today. As part of a FOIA request for records on Antifa and white supremacist groups, WSFC inadvertently bundles in “EM effects on human” First of all, who requested: MuckRock...
Journalists, reporters and many news organizations are going out of their way to paint a horrific picture of the war in Syria by photoshopping and morphing images designed to make you shed tears and seethe with anger. But what is the truth? Needless to say there's a bloody war going on and there have been horrific...
Secret Societies Apr 20 59 23 rss
This story blew my mind !! I mean what!!! I use to watch that show. What makes one do this?? Jeezze.. “Smallville” actress Allison Mack has been arrested for her alleged role in the notorious upstate sex slave cult Nxivm, federal prosecutors announced Friday. She is expected to appear Friday...
That comment from the title is around a month old, so, first - the news report from RT from around this time last month 'predicting' this latest chemical weapons attack. Now, whether to accept RT as a source is irrelevant, just like whether you accept...
The substance used on Sergei Skripal was an agent called BZ, according to Swiss state Spiez lab The toxin was never produced in Russia, but was in service in the US, UK, and other NATO states. the examination conducted by a Swiss chemical lab that worked with the samples that London handed over to the Organisation...
Art Bell certainly did his share to put Area 51 on the map. I talked to him once on ham radio. I also did some email with him when KNYE was just getting started. I was driving the hills east of the Nevada Test Site and put my car radio on scan. I picked up a station that was playing nothing but Art Bell's bumpers. Weird I thought. Then I heard Art's voice do a station ID. I recorded...
I read time and time again from ATS members criticising 'mindless drones' and 'millenials' addicted to social media, but I log on to ATS today and no less than 30 new threads in Board Business & Questions almost desperate because the site is having problems. 30? Really? Obviously something went wrong, but so many threads asking essentially the same? First...
Aliens and UFOs Apr 18 23 20 rss
I have no idea whether this is authentic or not, but it is interesting. Here are just a few quotes: Relationships with extraterrestrial men presents no basically new problem from the standpoint of international law; but the possibility of confronting intelligent...
Famous Starbucks coffee shop will be shutting down all their company owned locations on May 29th for a few hours. Reason being: their employees must attend some sponsored re-training concerning racial bias and a few other things !! SB has had problems before and...
Disclaimer How does one go about facing a task that is well out of one’s league? Until now, I have mostly avoided topics that I assumed to be out of my reach, where the scope is too grand for my limited perspective. But I’ve been watching and listening, reading a little, writing more than ever, and I can see we all have a tremendous problem (don’t...
Russian news agency RIA-FAN has announced the creation of a new "news agency" specifically tailored for the American conspiracy theory market. It's called: Wake up America! is its slogan. Pretty slick. Its creation was announced in English, here: Here is the announcement: Moscow, April 4th. Due to the growing political...
Last Thursday, Germany's Echo Awards awarded these two rappers with the best album award, for their recent release “Jung, brutal und gutaussehend 3.” For weeks, the fact that the two rappers had been nominated for the award had caused controversy in the...
Free Pride Glasgow, which bills itself as being a "non-commercial" and more open-minded alternative to the traditional Glasgow LGBT pride events, is taking drastic steps to prevent the oppression of marginalized peoples, banning drag queens from its annual parade. After extensive...
Aliens and UFOs Apr 12 331 292 rss
I have recently returned from the Skinwalker Ranch. I was there with friends and will be releasing info and pictures over the next several weeks. Mostly because I am busy making a living but also because the way movies...
General Conspiracies Apr 4 6109 156 rss
-PART-V- HI AGAIN (again)(again) Y'ALL!!! If youve been following since the beginning or if youre just joining us.... WERE TAKING BACK...
General Conspiracies Mar 28 441 146 rss
Over the last few decades there has been significant debate over why man has not returned to the moon in half a century, if NASA actually found extra-terrestrials or abandoned ancient...
It's been a long time since I've stopped watching the news. There are multiple reasons for this and I know most people around here also feel the same. The matter of fact is that television is simply...
In Muslim culture, the symbol of one eye is associated with Satan. As is the Pyramid. Muslims go full-paranoid when they see the one eye or - god forbid - the eye within the Pyramid. Muslim countries have a long tradition of anti-Illuminati...
March 31, 2018 My guess is that the top people running these media outlets, and probably even their high-profile...
Well a little dose of reality is hitting the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas . They...
9/11 Conspiracies Apr 4 127 65 rss
Ok, this is not a joke. Listening to Doctor Corsi, he reminded us of the theft of "highly classified" documents from the national archives....which he says implicated the Clintons in a precursory way for the 9/11 plot. ...
The Gray Area Mar 16 146 117 rss
Honestly people, I’ve no idea what all of this is... I mean I’m pretty damn speechless with this!!! It...
Aliens and UFOs Mar 13 208 80 rss
The Problem with Disclosure Why the government and insiders are afraid to tell us what is...
Aliens and UFOs Mar 20 141 67 rss
The incident was caught on camera by a local resident of New Hampshire in the US, and appears to show what looks like a flying saucer chasing a jet, before it catches up, overtakes and speeds past...
A YouTuber who taught his girlfriend's pet dog to give Nazi salutes in response to phrases such as "Sieg Heil" and "gas the Jews" has been found guilty of a...
March 27, 2018 There's a lot of whining from certain individuals, groups, and anti-American factions...
This will be a multi-part OP, please refrain from responding until I have all parts up, thank you in advance. As a result of a post by esteemed ATS member , over in , this thread has come into being. Back in 2004, DARPA...
Local news, yeah right more like local propaganda. The people delivering the News are actors/actresses now.
Aliens and UFOs Mar 19 68 47 rss
I found this video to be different fare than what is usually presented here in connection with lunar alien activity. Give it a viewing and post your views.

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