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Aliens and UFOs Oct 12 32 56 rss
I saw an interesting, 1 hour video, of the 2019 Eugene Shoemaker Memorial Lecture with guest speaker, Dr. James Benford. It was held at Arizona State University on September 5th of this year. The lecture was entitled, "Is ET Lurking in Our Cosmic Backyard?" This year, Dr. Bensford...
According to many people they have found the whistleblower. His name is Eric Ciaramella and a Biden associate that was involved in Ukraine, is he trying to obstruct justice for Biden, as Biden Obstruct Justice for his crooked Son? Discuss and lets find out more info on this spook.
Another person shot in their home by police in the DFW area. This time through a window from the outside. A black woman was shot and killed by a white police officer in her Fort Worth, Texas home after a neighbor called dispatchers to report the woman's front door was open,...
The Gray Area Oct 12 31 22 rss
These child's drawings were found underneath wallpaper that is over 130 yrs old. The person that found them was going to take the old wallpaper off and paint the walls. For now he's decided to leave the drawings up on the wall...
Most here should remember the wild fires last year. There are a few good threads about the wildfires on this site from last year. The strange way and things that the fire burned is covered in some of the threads. Well this year they had a planned power outage (to keep fires from starting). When the power outage went into effect, 5 fires broke out over the...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 7 38 35 rss
DF709oyAyYUBcOK9rihA The video starts at 3:10 and it is a good one. This was taken by a woman in Texas. It shows a reddish triangle hovering in the night sky and it seems authentic. I hope we can find out more about the sighting and the woman who filmed this.
So the USN's Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, or more notably Salvatore Cezar Pais, has filed yet another patent, this time for a Fusion reactor. This comes on the heels of a tidal wave of advanced technology patents has surged out from the...
Greta Thunberg is upset. Really upset. And I don't blame her. She is being used. I believe Greta is being groomed, not as the climate control poster child for the next decade, but as the spearhead of the NWO climate change initiative. She is far too fierce and rabid for a child her age. She is too sure of her facts. Children have doubts, especially when confronting adults....
Aliens and UFOs Oct 8 41 19 rss
I was watching an episode of Ancient Aliens. I don't know which one there too many. And in one of the segments they made what I thought was an amazing observation with regards to post flight interview with the astronauts. Before I get to the observation first consider the two conspiracy theories...
California becomes first state to ban fur production and sales; animals also barred from circuses I'm not a big fur proponent, I think it's ugly, but is this law really needed? This does not apply to leather, which I find hilarious. But just you wait, leather is next. Bye bye soft car seat, or office chairs! Of course it does not apply to politicians plush leather...
Think this belongs in this forum as it's about Greta Thunberg! This story is on skynews. An effigy of Greta was found hanging from a bridge in Rome, Italy and I thought this should be posted on ATS as there has been a few threads about her lately. I agree that she has been reading from a script and someone is obviously...
Aliens and UFOs Oct 11 53 13 rss
Some things are meant to be found or to be noticed to find the meaning behind all of this and the experiences and sightings that increase by the day. Watching some of the old streams of ISS that had their camera pointed to the Earth, I noticed something that one couldn't almost miss looking at that small window of time and opportunity...
This is getting way to ridiculous . A finger gun? A 7th grade girl was arrested and dragged out of school in handcuffs for pointing her finger. br /> Let that sink in . actually arrested . Thats not to far from them arresting people for the OK symbol in public. Or having a hateful...
The Gray Area Oct 8 42 16 rss
Seems there has been another odd cattle occurrence out in Oregon. Five young purebred bulls mysteriously showed up dead on the ranch this past summer, drained of blood and with body parts precisely removed. Coming upon one of the dead bulls is an eerie scene. The forest is hot and still,...
For the second time. The first time I wrote this, it was much better. On this slow Sunday, I’m going to share my favorite band with you. Not only do I love their rhythm and beats – their music has a message. Many messages in fact. Focusing on conspiracies of our time. Thievery Corporation started in Washington D.C. back in 1995....
While participating in the various threads concerning the latest attempts to find a way to impeach President Trump, I had this nagging little voice in the back of my head. Now, rumor is that the whistleblower is a disgruntled ex-CIA...
So, President Trump has decided to shine a spotlight at California's booming homelessness problem, and it's Calcutta-like streets covered with feces and used needles. “It’s a terrible situation...
So I watched "Atomic Blonde" the other night. I knew the movie would most likely suck but..Charlize!. She's been around for a bit and, I was curious how old she was. While looking at her Wiki page..I saw this....
Aliens and UFOs Sep 18 68 46 rss
The immense amount of respect that I have for Isaac can not be overstated such that I wish...
A Georgia homeowner fatally shot three teenagers who were purportedly trying to rob him and two others...
Here is yet another FAKE racial attack. I post this here to show that not only does this happen, but it seems to me to...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 22 69 39 rss
I'd like to post the video directly but it is not on youtube (that I'm aware of) and is embedded in local news site so can only provide link to page: Detroit Lakes resident, Todd Mitchell was trying to...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 21 36 36 rss
Excerpt from the story here - Crew remember the day UFO was spotted over Kaikōura 40 years on At the end of 1978, Australasia was in the grip of UFO fever....
Here's an interesting mystery for ATS... There was a large underwater observatory in the Baltic Sea called the Boknis Eck observatory that was responsible for...
9/11 Conspiracies Sep 11 51 59 rss
First and foremost, thoughts, prayers and condolences to the victims of 9/11 and their families. For those of you new to the world of...
FULL ARTICLE TITLE: NY Times claims 'airplanes took aim' at World Trade Center on 9/11, not terrorists. The backlash is fierce. The New York Times ignited...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 13 51 38 rss
This sighting has been mentioned twice now on Peter Davenport's NUFORC's It concerns a sighting by two elk hunters in Taos, New Mexico. The interview with the hunters...
An 18-year-old has been arrested and charged in the stabbing death this week in New York of Khaseen Morris, who died surrounded by a crowd of students taking cellphone video...
9/11 Conspiracies Sep 11 38 36 rss
I think the most interesting thing is that a NY fire department is demanding a new investigation because of what it knows. Also WTC7 is re-examined as well. It's good to see some people are still seeking justice. ...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 16 115 34 rss
The U.S. Navy has confirmed that three online videos purportedly showing UFOs are genuine. The service says the videos, taken by Navy pilots, show “unexplained aerial phenomena,” but also states that the clips...
Aliens and UFOs Sep 17 237 34 rss
In case some of you missed it, Nick Pope was on Tucker Carlson tonight on FOX NEWS. Pope was employed at the British Government's...

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