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Aliens and UFOs Feb 18 55 43 rss
Hi... New here... I want to share a story about the UFO hubby and I saw in Nov 1996 as we drove our UHaul through Arizona/Nevada on our way to California... I know I'll get made fun of here, but I just want to document this somewhere. It was this gigantic triangle with lights hovering in the sky almost above us but to the right of our truck a bit, not even that high up, and it wasn't...
This is what we have to live with..this is the very real warfare against white people in my country..You know i have children and 2 unbelievably wonderful grandbabies. It is when i look at vids like these,that i am so sorry that i ever had children,and therefore grand children.And for those members who will tell me "Waa waah white people have it coming" I want to say: THE PEOPLE...
Wow, This woman is being called a Hero. She found entries in her grandsons journal. “What I’m reporting is I’m finding journal entries from my grandson,” Catherine O’Connor told the operator. “And he’s planning on having a mass shooting at one of the high schools.” A grandmother in Washington...
Are we seeing the inception of "thought police"? What is the difference between signs of an impending mass shooting and free speech? Obviously, the guy was a nut, a monster. There were multiple signs that he was planning something horrific. And he did something horrific. ...
February 17, 2018 Kudos to the state of Idaho! Finally, a state that is allowing its citizens to totally bypass those insanely expensive ObamaCare health insurance plans. Last month the Republican leadership of Idaho pursued a very innovative...
In the early hours of September 22nd 1979 US satellite Vela 6911 detected a pattern of intense flashes in a remote part of the Southern Hemisphere where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Almost simultaneously a muffled, dull thud was picked up by the US Navy's undersea Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS). All indications...
I kinda didn't want to believe this one but today, well anything is possible. Yes you read the title correctly. The coin toss, The most innocent of decision makers. The true 50/50 chance. Rock, paper, scissors is the coin tosses lil bitch. Yet now it's racist. Well kinda. There was a coin toss to decide which athlete would get to carry the American flag at the Olympic...
ATS Skunk Works Feb 14 60 33 rss
I have a friend who lives in Florida, he just sent me this photo: __________________________________ The following is a text he just sent me: The shooting happened at 2:30 pm. the active shooter situation ended at 4:12 pm The screenshot above was taken at 8:34 pm (Florida time). The news outlet posted...
Full title of Article: Anthropology 212: Cultural Freedoms: Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography,” a course on freedom of expression at Princeton University has been “reluctantly” cancelled, Professor Lawrence Rosen informed his students...
February 13, 2018 Those of you who live in, or will be travelling to California, need to be aware of this PUBLIC SERVICE alert: California will soon send 10,000 sexual predators pouring onto the streets and into neighborhoods where children play, and the vulnerable...
I hope this is the right spot for this. Sorry i don't know how to embed text. The Trump administration is proposing a major shake-up in one of the country's most important "safety net" programs, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps. Under the...
The teacher in question, was a physical education teacher at a Middle School in Lafayette, Colorado. She had been a teacher for 20 years in the Boulder Valley School District and was known to be strict, but had no prior problem before this incident. She turned...
ATS Skunk Works Feb 16 132 12 rss
I mean... that's what it all boils down to right? If we are getting straight to the point... We are fighting Giant Lizards. Bottom Line. Can all finally agree on this? I mean, I wish I could say I'm being sarcastic, and I am, but I'm not. :meh:
February 15, 2018 Every time there's a mass shooting in America...particularly one where young people are involved, there's an outpouring of emotions, and cries to "DO SOMETHING!" But after a few weeks, those demands go silent....until the next mass shooting. While mass-shootings...
We here in the US have 42% of the worlds guns. We also have about 4X the amount of mass shootings (more than 4 people shot during the event). I am honestly aghast at the amount of people who refuse to recognize the correlation. Yes, there are probably other factors (pharmaceuticals, mental health, a culture of fear of "other"), but ignoring these statistics must obviously create...
General Conspiracies Jan 22 6602 180 rss
HI AGAIN YALL!!! If youve been following since the beginning or if youre just joining us.... WERE TAKING BACK THE...
General Conspiracies Feb 11 2819 177 rss
HI AGAIN (again) YALL!!! If youve been following since the beginning or if youre just joining us.... WERE TAKING BACK THE REPUBLIC ...
New World Order Jan 23 115 122 rss
Good Day All, I’ve been around these boards for many years now—-some years more than others. But I learned more here during the “better years” of ATS then I ever thought possible. And the things we discussed——a...
New World Order Feb 4 84 66 rss
So... The Millennials think they have it bad now... Just wait! Wont you leap down this rabbit hole with me for a bit and explore what's happening right around the corner? I'll try my best...
I have mentioned a few times in passing that the farther you stretch a rubber band, the more it hurts when it snaps back. This one is going to leave a mark. ...
Just came across this. According to the countdown...the clock expires in 5 hours and 40 minutes. The screen image has a PANDA, Countdown Clock...and the DNC logo bursting into flames. Could turn out to be marketing campaign for...
Aliens and UFOs Jan 27 80 48 rss
The story I'm sharing happened roughly fifty years ago and was told to me by my Grandfather (now deceased). It happened to him, my uncle (also deceased), and a man named Arnold. At the time Mr. Arnold...
Before we get started, I would like to extend my gratitude to ATS member for much of the information and links in this thread have come directly from them, I am merely serving as a chronicler though I will also provide whatever...
New World Order Jan 11 93 64 rss
Here is an image of the main map there are others that are linked There is so much going on here, this road map is just an intro. Here is a Key that someone has put together in order to make a bit more sense of the map!! ...
So just read an epiphany on Twitter about the Project Veritas latest videos about Twitter and Jack Dorsey....
Education and Media Jan 11 111 44 rss
The newest Project Vertias video has twitter employees describing how they shadow ban people with political views they dont like, particularly trump people. In a conversation with former...
Do you think that male misogyny is worst in the "white" male *(see footnote at the end of the thread)? Do you think that black people and...
This is sickening, sad, and unbelievable....... This couple had 12.....12 children malnourished and CHAINED to their beds,I’m baffled that this can even happen...
January 27, 2018 Everyone is aware that the U.S. House Intelligence Committee/Chairman Nunez has produced a MEMO that allegedly...
Assange has been silent for a few days but today has posted several comments on twitter re: 'the memo' I find it remarkable how comprehensively the Democrats, DoJ and FBI have played into Trump's hands over the Nunes memo. By conspicuously...
Aliens and UFOs Feb 11 44 35 rss
Patient Seventeen: Who is Steven Colbern? Deep State player? There will be an interesting movie release by itunes in October. Patient Seventeen is about how a former...

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