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World War Three Apr 24 298 71 rss
Article also says similar one for the House is being worked on. All House members - woohoo. Well...let's see if it gets interesting soon...and this forum will really light up....and it will no longer be speculative...
Unbelievable. Does anyone else get the impression that crime in California is getting waaaay out of control? Geographically, Oakland (where this event took place) is smack dab in that Leftist 'sweet spot' between Berkeley and SF. Passengers on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train were...
World War Three Apr 23 155 22 rss
“Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a single strike," according to North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party’s newspaper, the Rodong Sinmum. The paper also likened the USS Carl Vinson to a “gross animal”...
The founder of online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has announced plans for a crowd-funded news website offering stories by journalists and volunteers working together, an initiative he hopes will counter the spread of fake news. Jimmy Wales said the new platform, Wikitribune, would be free to read...
20% tariff on soft wood coming from Canada. Let's see where this new protectionism takes us, this seems like a response to Canada's pricing of milk. The Trump administration moved Monday to impose a 20 percent tariff on softwood lumber entering the United States from Canada, escalating an intensifying trade dispute between the two...
This is a developing story, a gunman has killed three people in a shooting spree. The suspect is thought to have killed a security guard last week at a Motel 6. DEVELOPING: Three people were killed after a man went on a shooting spree in downtown Fresno, California on Tuesday while shouting "God is great" in Arabic before he was tackled and taken into custody, police...
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) falsely claimed that she has never called for President Trump to be impeached during an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday. br /> MSNBC’s Craig Melvin asked Waters to name what impeachable offenses Trump has committed, after Waters had...
If the final equation is Trump + Brexit + Le Pen + Theresa May (to a lesser extent), then I doubt that anyone could legitimately argue that there is not a major readjustment emanating from The West signaling a seismic shift in global politics.
Two policemen wounded in shooting on Champs Elysees in Paris, French media say Juat breaking. Could be anything. More to follow.... Im hearing 1 dead policeman, 1 seriously injured and the shooter is also dead
Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder and was acquitted in a 2012 double slaying last week, has committed suicide in prison. Hernandez was discovered hanged in his cell by corrections officers at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley at 3:05 a.m. Hernandez was in a single cell in a...
Morning All, Breaking on all major British news outlets. Announcement is at 11:15. No one seems to know what it is but I'm assuming it will be about Brexit. Could it be a "no deal" exit? Is she going to renege? Time will tell. 8361.html...
World War Three Apr 20 133 23 rss
seeing reports of Russia is reinforcing its border with North Korea, relocating troops and strengthening military firepower amid fears of an imminent war. Video footage shows three trains loaded with equipment moving towards the 11 mile-long frontier between Russia and North Korea....
Washington (CNN)US authorities have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, US officials familiar with the matter tell CNN. I don't know that this will amount to anything considering Assange is still under the protection of Ecuador in their embassy in London....
As the USS Carl Vinson heads towards North Korea and begins war game exercises with Japanese ships, I'm sure we can all agree the carrier group is heading for contested, busy and dangerous waters. The thought of how easy an incident could take place involving the group, and the ramifications of such an incident taking...
World War Three Apr 19 65 12 rss
So what do you guys think.. What kind of protection does US west coast have against a sub doing a nuke surprise attack. Could they just waiting for US to make a move, and everything goes boom. Even if they do not have the ability to launch, they would have the...
I just read this and while I'm not shocked that Clinton did this, I am shocked that no charges have yet been brought against her. IMO,...
World War Three Apr 6 1760 122 rss
Breaking. . . . NBC NEWS: President Trump has launched over 50 Tomahawk missiles, striking Syria
WASHINGTON—Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, has told the Federal Bureau of Investigation...
Evelyn Farkas, Obama's deputy assistant Secretary of Defense, told MSNBC that the Obama admin scrambled to get as much information on Trump & his team,...
In March U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced to tackle sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers, and personnel. Sadly the announcement followed...
The main reason I post this is because Trump announced his run for POTUS in June; the investigation started in the spring 2015...which sounds pretty darn...
If you dont know who the awan brothers are they have been stealing information and equipment from the dnc. They had been hired by debbie wesserman br /> The head of the dnc before she was kicked out and jumped...
World War Three Apr 14 118 68 rss
< . “…I was very cautious in saying any opinion regarding him before he became President and after. I always say...
Today, March 23rd 2017, WikiLeaks releases Vault 7 "Dark Matter", which contains documentation for several CIA projects that infect Apple Mac Computer firmware (meaning the infection persists even if the operating...
World War Three Apr 9 58 65 rss
< . “A victory of neo-conservatives” – that’s how Ron Paul, a former member of the US House of Representatives...
MOSCOW -- Need some election interference? The Russian Foreign Ministry is ready to help -- or so it says on April Fools’ Day....
World War Three Apr 11 204 63 rss
The second part of the title is key. If the western world is gonna fall for the same dog and pony tricks ( false flags ) at least Putin is gonna try to expose...
An explosion has reportedly taken place on the underground system in the Russian city of St Petersburg....
No anger for me this time. No rage like I’ve felt before. No desperate urge to get out there and scream at the idiots who refused to see this coming. Not even a nod for the glib idiots...
World War Three Apr 10 157 58 rss
< via Things are escalating quickly … all over the world. In addition to the powder keg in Syria – needlessly stoked by an ill-conceived American escalation last week – there...
There is nothing "incidental" about compiling spreadsheets for over a year. These spreadsheets are proof a deliberate...

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