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This is one of the most interesting things I've read in awhile. I read it a few times actually and I must say, I don't agree with everything he says but this is the type of stuff I love. When people think outside of the box that everyone thinks their supposed to be in. It's a long...
This actually happened last night, and I'm still feeling stunned. My husband's family doctor also works an after hours walk-in clinic with another doctor (all at same location). Now hubby's doctor is booked up at least 3 months with appointments and refuses to fax prescription refills like the others do (because then...
No, this is not a misplaced thread from Philosophy and Metaphysics, and nothing to do with religion, but a bona fide scientific study performed by neuroscientists. New research suggests that our idea of 'conscience choice' might not actually exist on the short-scale,...
Space Exploration Apr 30 46 14 rss
What if the reason why we didn't detect extraterrestrial civilizations because many of them are now extinct? A new paper in Astrobiology suggests there could be a way to simplify the equation, based on the observations of exoplanets that we have made since the first one was discovered in the 1990s. While the result...
Aircraft Projects Apr 28 21 12 rss
The generational system for fighters seems to have come about just after WWII, and has been in use until today. It's time to throw the book out and change how things are done. The generational system worked for awhile, but it has become a hindrance far more than helpful anymore. Cost Early generational fighters were very basic. ...
Fragile Earth Apr 24 69 61 rss
So I have never made a thread before and usually like to just lurk. Here is my first one! I did a search and didn't find this article anywhere so go ahead and remove it if it is a double post. Apparently something off the New Jersey coastline triggered a tsunami buoy....
I hope this doesn't break any T&C rules because illegal drugs aren't being used. If so, then I apologize & i'm sure the mods know what to do. So if your interested i have provide a link. br /> To have hallucination’s, you have to have uniform stimulation. And the video in the...
Fragile Earth Apr 23 26 32 rss
Yes, you did in fact read that right. A Queensland river near a fracking site exploded into flames after a coal seam gas (CSP) protester sparked a kitchen lighter above the water surface. Buckingham claims the river, which is part of the Murray-Darling Basin, was made flammable due to leaking methane caused by coal seam gas mining br /> ...
Instead of lithium, researchers at UC Irvine have used gold nanowires to store electricity, and have found that their system is able to far outlast traditional lithium battery construction. The Irvine team's system cycled through 200,000 recharges without significant corrosion or decline. The Irvine battery...
By Katherine Frisk on April 20, 2016 March Against Monsanto Everywhere . . On the 25th of May 2013, the first World Wide March Against Monsanto took place. It was started by Tami Canal out of sheer frustration and desperation due to the failure of a California...
If you need any more proof that mental health disorders are a public health issue, look no further than rising suicide rates over the last decade and a half. Deaths from suicide have increased 24 percent from 1999 to 2014, according to an analysis of Americans aged 5 and up conducted by researchers at the U.S....
Fragile Earth Apr 25 67 11 rss
I was reading this news story just now on BBC and I was surprised to see that no one had started a thread for it. I know there are already dozens of threads on ATS regarding climate change, most of them swaying in the direction that made made climate change has not been proven. I for one, fall into the category of believing that the climate changes...
< This seldom discussed statistic (by seldom I mean never), comes directly from the Department of Health and Human Services website: . Total compensation paid over the life of the program is approximately $3.3 billion. The "compensation"...
I can't vouch for the website or the study itself but it's interesting if true. The findings are quite shocking regarding how much even minimal consumption increases the risks.
I thought this was interesting,. It is the city of Augsburg, Germany and in a way makes a lot of sense for the times we are in, yet I'm left feeling something's off about the use/over use of cell phones and where this idea of traffic lights in the ground may lead. I do know that a young woman got hit in...
Nobody put this up yet and honestly I don't care if this gets taken down as long as someone does a better than job than I at presenting this information. Everyday the bad news the talking heads the morons in the news....
Fragile Earth Apr 16 110 65 rss
woah. I knew it. That harbinger quake foretold it out on the east pacific rise a couple days ago. All too often it happens that when you see a quake happen out there, bam, one hits on the other side of the plate. USGS just upgraded...
Written by Arjun Walia . “Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research...
Fragile Earth Apr 21 83 52 rss
I am sure there are several threads with much detail about the Carrington event of 1859 however I elected to post this new video ... call it a refresher ! IMO it is a well...
April 16, 2016 by Alexa Erickson. . . . . . . Just a couple of weeks ago, researchers at the University...
reposted -- S509356: weird object in cis-lunar orbit From: Marco Langbroek t, 9 Apr 2016 12:10:25 +0200 Hi all, The SONEAR asteroid survey discovered an object in geocentered...
Fragile Earth Apr 17 25 43 rss
Here’s some about a ‘Super Earth’ that possibly got pulled into the Sun. "The only (physical) evidence that super-Earths...
Full title at source: So I guess DeNiro and the Tribeca Film Festival were just the first to be pressured...
Oooo! A conspiracy! Well, maybe. In the following thread I will present evidence to support my claim that nutrition has adversely changed in...
Fragile Earth Mar 28 33 46 rss
From virtually no seismicity at all to full-on volcanic tremor in an instant, Pavlof volcano in Alaska roared to life sending...
Fragile Earth Apr 15 41 37 rss
This just came on the news so there was not much information... Tsunami warnings issued. An earthquake with magnitude 7.0 occurred near Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan at 16:25:06.20 UTC on Apr 15, 2016 ... Here...
Need a new name for "Planet X", I'm curious as to what they will call it when it's finally discovered. It's a interesting theory proposed by Daniel Whitmire and John Matese. March...
Fragile Earth Apr 17 93 34 rss
In this video, Geologist Ian Plimer dispels the science behind the Man made Global Warming conspiracy. Talking at the Houses of Parliament in the U.K, Ian Plimer explains...
Fragile Earth Mar 31 38 34 rss
This is sad news. The Monarch butterflies have always been one of my favorites. One of the larger butterflies to majestically grace US yards. ...
Fragile Earth Mar 28 54 29 rss
Glyphosate is a known carcinogen, and it is working it's way into the entire food chain. ...test results from...
Fragile Earth Mar 25 55 27 rss
Heads up, ATS. The alarm is sounding on the holes that are opening up in the Arctic. The Arctic is warmng at a faster pace than other parts...

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