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BL: Few MGs of CBD Oil fixed my major long term back pain in a day where $100000s of yours/mine Tricare Tax dollars couldn't!!! Soooo...I literally just medically retired from the Military after 23+ years, with numerous injuries stemming from all those years as a Security Forces member. 100% disability...
Space Exploration Aug 17 27 29 rss
An interesting NEW video about Moon Anomalies and recent events regarding space exploration. Rather interesting and well narrated. There are some genuinely strange anomalies on the Moon that have yet to be fully explained. Lunar bases have been reported...
This could not be more obvious, even the frogs are turning gay!! No seriously, there is clearly something wrong with hormone levels in the US. During the past two decades, testosterone levels in American men have rapidly declined. The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism....
Sorry everyone. I accidentally created this post when replying to comments in another thread. Mods can delete it if they wish. I’ll add some more information just in case it’s left as is, so at least it won’t be a short post. Yes, I use...
From BBC: A mysterious Russian satellite displaying "very abnormal behaviour" has raised alarm in the US, according to a State Department official. Interesting to me that this article says the State Department claims "there is no way to tell what the object is", and yet they know it is Russian. ...
my last attempt at this thread got deleted, so don't be scared if you are having a deja-vu anyway, well, before you ask, yes there are already a thousand (if not more) threads that chronicle possible anomalies in mars (and sometimes the moon) however its been a while since we had one of those, and to relive the nostalgia, here we are again......
The drug, known as "monkey dust," is sweeping across the northern UK, and is said to make users feel as though they have incredible strength akin to the Hulk, and can make them act dangerously — scaling buildings and jumping from great...
Fragile Earth Aug 15 28 17 rss
For those of you who are unaware South East Australia is currently experiencing severe drought conditions. The following image is a little old. br /> Personally, I’m actually in a white area of that map and we have had no rain for more than 5 weeks. That’s a new record for here. Worse yet, the 3...
Scientists at Glasgow University in Scotland have developed what they believe will be a game changer for electric vehicles. A new battery which is recharged by topping up with a water-based "rust" mix will give the same range as petrol or diesel cars. The battery essentially...
Oh ... What ever shall I do with you? Gordon Moore figured that technology would roughly double every year. There is also a hypothisis that once we get to a point to where transistors can't get any smaller (or double what can fit on a chip), All hell breaks loose for humans. Think Terminator ...Or, life becomes...
Space Exploration Aug 12 54 14 rss
Hello ATS, I want to bring sn article to the attention of ATS. In this article, it decribes how Elon Musk and Space X are holding a secret conference to discuss and iron-out the details of landing on and setting up a colony on Mars. The plan is to send a robotic mission to Mars in 2022 followed...
Space Exploration Aug 11 37 16 rss
There's a "hydrogen wall" at the edge of our solar system, and NASA scientists think their New Horizons spacecraft can see it. That hydrogen wall is the outer boundary of our home system, the place where our sun's bubble of solar wind ends and where a mass of interstellar matter too small to bust through...
Fragile Earth Aug 9 34 13 rss
WARNING - A VERY SAD AND POTENTIALLY UPSETTING PHOTO IS INCLUDED AT THE END OF THIS POST If this doesn't convince you that animals have feelings I don't know what will. I believe that all living creatures are conscious, in fact, they must be in order to interact with what we call reality. While...
CSIRO principal research scientist Michael Dolan said it was a very exciting day for a project that has been a decade in the making. "We started out with what we thought was a good idea, it is exciting to see it on the cusp of commercial deployment," he said. What's...
Fast radio bursts are being picked up by the shiny new telescope. They can be from magnetars (?), exploding black holes and yes advanced civilizations....
Scientists have discovered this huge "Rogue Planet" which also has a *very* strong magnetic field and a large aurora, aimlessly wandering outside...
Aircraft Projects Jul 28 148 43 rss
So Zaph, Fred and I have gotten back from our Palmdale/Edwards/Star Wars canyon trip and below is a pictorial over view of some of the sights and sounds from this years trip. The flight down wasn't...
Space Exploration Jul 20 81 34 rss
I was only 7 months old when Neil & Buzz set foot on the moon, but for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the story. The "Moon Hoax Conspiracy"...
Space Exploration Jul 29 29 33 rss
Haven't seen any threads about this in this part of ATS, so I thought I'd bring this to your attention:...
Fragile Earth Jul 27 27 32 rss
Rare and cool! Last year, a team of scientists spotted what they believed was a hybrid animal off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. A new report from Cascadia Research Collective confirms they did -- and...
Space Exploration Jul 25 46 31 rss
SO breaking news from NASA the proposed lakes of ice water found under the polar ice caps have been studied further and it has now been determined that there appear to be liquid water under...
Space Exploration Jul 21 68 27 rss
Hello, ATS. I got some pretty cool news for ya'. I did a thread some months ago about the planned Deep Space Gateway, a new planned base to be built in...
Some more info about the water that lays deep below our feet. There is an area that starts at approx 410 kilometers deep, called the transition zone where all the magic seems...
Space Exploration Jul 13 29 52 rss
Credit: SARAO You’re looking at the center of our galactic home, the Milky Way, as imaged by 64 radio telescopes in the South African wilderness. Scientists released this image...
Fragile Earth Jul 11 39 41 rss
Still keeping an eye on Yellowstone folks. Looks like a a seismograph went off line there too, according to sources. A highly popular area near...
Space Exploration Jul 24 41 26 rss
Finally getting back to areas where we're not just looking at cracked bedrock. I'm still pondering this one: And this little cluster from another thread: I guess what happens is that...

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