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Fragile Earth Sep 13 156 69 rss
Startling new evidence suggests male infertility may be much worse than it appears. According to Levine and Swan’s work, sperm levels—the most important measurement of male fertility—are declining throughout much of the world, including the U.S. The report, published in late July, reviewed thousands of studies and concluded that...
Space Exploration Sep 15 33 33 rss
PASADENA, Calif. — NASA scientists just received their last-ever message from the Cassini spacecraft, which plunged into Saturn early Friday morning. Those final bits of data signal the end of one of the most successful planetary science missions in history. "The signal from the spacecraft is gone and within the next 45 seconds...
Fragile Earth Sep 17 92 26 rss
Tropical Storm MARIA is projected to strengthen into a hurricane, and follow roughly the same track as Category 5 hurricane IRMA did, 2 weeks ago. br /> Tropical Storm Maria formed Saturday in the western Atlantic Ocean, prompting a hurricane watch for areas battered by Hurricane Irma last week. Maria is about 590 miles...
Fragile Earth Sep 14 21 18 rss
The sun blasted out seven massive solar flares in as many days in an extraordinary period of space weather that has sparked stunning geomagnetic storms above the earth. Between September 4 and September 11, NASA observed seven flares, all classed in its strongest “X” category,...
This is some pretty scary crap...sounds similar to a few sci fi movies I've watched. Hopefully they keep this bacteria in space and away from earth. "Bacterial cells treated with a common antibiotic have been spotted changing shape to survive while aboard the Iss" This might have a huge impact...
What is a computer? A computer is a calculator capable of subtracting two numbers and based on that result change what numbers to subtract next. Computers are based on the Von Neumann architecture. Computer memory is discrete, well defined, and has two very well known states of one or zero. Computers have instructions or computer codes defining...
Fragile Earth Sep 10 31 44 rss
Although a rare meteorological phenomena, water recedes when the low pressure from a hurricane pushes down on the water and pulls it into the eye of the storm. This is what also helps create the storm surge, Neely said. Stay safe out there everyone. Mods I did a search and didn't find anything....
Fragile Earth Sep 11 29 33 rss
The sun spot that sent the 9.3 X-flare to earth last week has just released a X-10 or larger flare towards Mars which will miss earth; lucky us . Sorry for those who can not view the video for the blast was very impressive.
Fragile Earth Sep 8 33 30 rss
My phone just went off with a ping of a 8.0 EQ hitting Chiapas, Mexico... Waiting for more information to come in. Its showing on Twitter, but no official site as of yet. I will update as it comes in. EQGR‏ @eqgr 4m4 minutes ago More 8⃣0⃣ 🇲🇽 Earthquake M 8.0, 07/09 23:49, depth: 10...
The U.S. House on Wednesday unanimously approved a sweeping proposal to speed the deployment of self-driving cars without human controls by putting federal regulators in the driver’s seat and barring states from blocking autonomous vehicles. The House measure, the first significant...
Aircraft Projects Sep 9 188 11 rss
Didn't see this being discussed here "Information about the type of aircraft involved is classified and not releasable," Maj. Christina Sukach, chief of public affairs for the 99 Air Base Wing at Nellis, said in an email. The crash is said to have occurred roughly 100 miles north of Las Vegas, deep within the Nevada Test and Training Range. The fact that...
This is why A.I. and big data will be the end of humanity. An algorithm deduced the sexuality of people on a dating site with up to 91% accuracy, raising tricky ethical questions Artificial intelligence can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight based on photos of their faces,...
Fragile Earth Sep 13 68 15 rss
Believe it or not this is a serious albeit hypothetical question being discussed by scientist and the public alike. Just this morning on my drive to work they were discussing it on the radio. And sure enough if you it, you get no shortage of discussions on this seemingly stupid answer to mother natures destructive powers. NOAA says they get tons of questions...
Fragile Earth Sep 10 36 16 rss
Just watched some video of the missing water in Tampa bay where it goes on for at least a 1/2 mile how deep was it? and will there be video of it rushing back in?? when/where has this happened before at this level of receding?
Fragile Earth Sep 7 35 11 rss
I live in Northwest FL, and I feel that we might be out of the path of Irma for now... Looks like south FL is gonna get hammered, and I wish you guys luck. Might want to get out if you haven't already. It appears that there is tons of coverage by the media on Irma, but most of them seem to be hyping the crap out of it.. and they kind of should considering...
Fragile Earth Aug 31 1099 109 rss
Another hurricane in the Atlantic. Too far out yet to know if it will make a US landfall One to keep an eye on for sure Currently a cat 2 but will be cat 4 in a few days br /> ...
Space Exploration Aug 23 63 86 rss
Ok so that day I swear things could not have gone more wrong! I planned to do a time lapse with a GoPro, but I lost in the river SUP boarding the day before. It was on my helmet took a spill...
Fragile Earth Aug 23 363 74 rss
Dear ATS Readers, Writers, If this is posted in another place, forgive me, I thought this was the proper forum. The tropical storm Harvey wil most likely strengthen...
Fragile Earth Aug 25 221 58 rss
Hurricane Harvey is expected to reach landfall shortly as a Category 4 storm. Forecasters are predicting rainfall potential in some areas of as much as 50 inches. Storm surge expectations...
Space Exploration Aug 27 118 56 rss
Hello all, Firstly, have not been on here for a few years, was mostly very active in the OG Fukushima research megathread, so it's nice to...
Fragile Earth Aug 24 34 46 rss
This is a live camera feed of Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park, in Alaska. The salmon run started in early July with thousands of fish swimming...
Hello good people of ATS, I was recently looking through some video clips that a friend and I recorded back in 2015. The clips were intended to be used for a short mockumentary on wine making. Unfortunately I never got around to making...
Fragile Earth Aug 25 46 33 rss
These wee things are adorable...and disturbing at once. What are they trying to tell us? (If anything!) br /> I’m not a bug person, so I tend not to wonder what kind of insect I’m looking at. Actually, I tend...
No one saw the Internet coming or how it would completely change every facet of our lives. Could this be the next technological revolution: Desktop Metal – remember the name. This Massachussetts company is preparing to turn manufacturing on its...
If this works as the article states then it will not be long before some of mankind's eternal ailments will have an honest cure. A new device developed...
Fragile Earth Aug 13 74 40 rss
I'm not a meteorologist, but this video is interesting. Two storms could come together and form a 'hyper hurricane'. One storm is already in the Atlantic way east of the US, the other west of Africa....
Fragile Earth Aug 19 43 33 rss
We don't hear too much about the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukishima since the Japanese government put a gag order on news. However today there is this... Fukushima Plant Is Releasing 770,000 Tons of Radioactive Water Into the...
Fragile Earth Aug 19 90 30 rss
Brian Wilcox, an ex-member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defence, made the horrifying revelation while discussing a report by the space agency. He said...
Space Exploration Aug 21 70 30 rss
Have pics you are taking of the 2017 Solar Eclipse? Post them here! We want to see them! Was out earlier testing my DSLR camera with my 500mm and 1000mm lens, using Mylar as my solar filter: 500mm ...
The effort, led by physics professor Arnd Pralle, PhD, of the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences, focused on a technique called “magneto-thermal stimulation.” It’s not exactly a simple...
We Are Living In A Simulation - New Evidence Well i'm on that bandwagon for a least a few decades. So I was very suprised to find out that the Simulation theory is discussed and investigated by 'real'...

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