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If we can save a few pennies, then it must be good for us right? Light is truly a phenomenon we need to pay attention to because it's why we are here, but there is a dark side with the advent of LED technologies dominating the current market. I highly recommend fellow ATS'ers delve into these new warnings and dig deep into the eye-opening research that is being released,...
Fragile Earth Nov 19 57 33 rss
Scientists have warned there could be a big increase in numbers of devastating earthquakes around the world next year. They believe variations in the speed of Earth’s rotation could trigger intense seismic activity, particularly in heavily populated tropical regions. “The Earth is...
Space Exploration Nov 15 53 26 rss
Greetings. I used the ATS search engine, but was unable to locate any post regarding this photograph. Over the years we've seen many strange Mars pictures that have been taken by Curiosity...fossils, statues, buildings, UFO's, flowing water, plants and trees. 99% of these objects turned out to be rocks,...
Fragile Earth Nov 18 48 23 rss
It seems that the statewide ban on plastic bags appears to be working. Evaluating the contents of litter picked up by volunteers during coastal cleanup days the amount of plastic bags has dropped by over 70%. Other states have or are adopting bans (albeit some are not as encompassing) and other countries are also doing so. Reusable bags...
Space Exploration Nov 17 32 22 rss
The message was sent last month on the anniversary of the 1974 Arecibo message and targeted a recently discovered planetary system in the constellation of Canis Minor , the system is just 12 light years away and in March this year was discovered to have 2 planets with one of them in the habitable zone....
Fragile Earth Nov 10 62 43 rss
Scientists from Portugal's Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) have dubbed the catch a "living fossil", after using techniques to identify the animal that indicates the species dates back almost 80 million years. Reminds me of the living coelacanth being caught a few years ago. It's not surprising that we find new things...
Fragile Earth Nov 14 172 43 rss
Ok, so don't need to be a scientist to know what they are saying in the article but it's still worth the time and so I thought I'd make a thread. I've included the main parts of the article so you don't really need to go to sky to read it but if you want to read more: "We are jeopardising our future...
The American Heart Association just released new standards for high blood pressure, and according to them almost half of American adults have hypertension. Under the old standards, stage one hypertension was at 140/90. Under the new standards, it's 130/80, with elevated being 120-129/below 80. Of course the AHA claims that doesn't mean that...
Space Exploration Nov 12 21 22 rss
Not sure how to embed quotes sorry... The first 'nation in space' has officially left Earth Asgardia, a self-declared nation, is now floating above us, drifting toward the International Space Station... and perhaps destiny. "An odd but intriguing experiment in technology, diplomacy, governance and space exploration, among other things, has officially begun...
Space Exploration Nov 15 34 21 rss
Ross 128 b is an Earth sized planet orbiting within the Goldilocks zone of inactive red dwarf Ross 128 , the planet was detected recently and at just 11 light years away it is the second closest Earth sized planet to be discovered , the closest being . What makes...
Marijuana, safe alternative medicine or potential threat? The only way I ever imagined someone could die from ingesting marijuana was by choking- but, some doctors in Colorado are claiming that a child, not even a year old, died as a result of consuming too much pot. Is this just an attempt to demonize...
Vice Admiral Mike Shoemaker has sent a warning to Congress about the current state of Naval aviation. To keep aircraft operational on the carriers, they've been cannibalizing aircraft that weren't deployed. As a result, of a total of 542 Super Hornets, only half are listed as Mission Capable, meaning they can fly some sort of mission. There are 170 that...
Aircraft Projects Nov 15 77 16 rss
So both the FAA and NORAD are now confirming that there was indeed a mystery aircraft sighted over the Oregon and California border on October 25, 2017. Civilian airlines were able to visiualy track the aircraft which was not transmitting ADS-b nor TCAS but rather...
Fragile Earth Nov 18 62 15 rss
We need to stop pretending kids don't have environmental and ethical consequences. by Travis Rieder / Nov.15.2017 / 2:17 AM ET A startling and honestly distressing view is beginning to receive serious consideration in both academic and popular discussions of climate change ethics....
When Elon Musk speaks the world listens. So it was no surprise that the Internet blogosphere went batty earlier this week when Musk announced that he’d finally be pulling the wraps off of his electric car division’s latest creation. Seriously, it seemed for a minute that every news site in existence was just hanging around waiting for the tweet. Ok so check this out,...
Fragile Earth Oct 24 57 120 rss
[headline][color=teal]100,000 year cycle Upgrade[/color][/headline] Mods you are welcome to replace my original thread “100 000 Year Discrepancy & Ice-ages” with this upgrade to save bandwidth. Disclaimer – This article is based...
Scientists Discovered a “Kill Switch” That Destroys Any Cancer Cell SUICIDE MOLECULES A new study...
I don't know is what we should be hearing about the star that will not stop exploding. A star is supposes to go through...
Why high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells Vitamin C has a patchy history as a cancer...
Researchers at the University of Exeter and University of Brighton found they could rejuvenate senescent cells, cells that had stopped their natural growth cycle,causing them to start to divide again. The experiment found...
Space Exploration Oct 25 54 30 rss
Is this a warning shot from the bugs from starship troopers? Probably not but it does bring up an interesting question. We've all heard the panspermia theory. If not it basically...
This is more evidence that the universe is conscious and we live in a simulation. Back in the late 1970s, physicist John Wheeler tossed around a thought experiment in which he asked what would happen if tests...
It looks as though Alex Jones may be making a more direct contribution to dumbing down the masses than previously thought. As most of you are aware, the guy known for memorable lines like, "I don't...
Fragile Earth Oct 15 47 43 rss
PETER HANNAM Last updated 12:24, October 15 2017 Professors James Renwick and Gary Wilson talk about a potential tipping point...
Fragile Earth Oct 13 52 39 rss
So I just came across this video in my youtube feed about the Mississippi River being historically low at and around the New Madrid fault area...I mean...
Fragile Earth Oct 13 99 35 rss
A new NASA study provides space-based evidence that Earth’s tropical regions were the cause of the largest annual increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide...
Space Exploration Oct 19 39 30 rss
Japan made the lunar cave discovery using Selenological and Engineering Explorer probe. Using radar they initially found the opening...
The announcement as promised for today, October 16th, 2017 was nothing Earth shattering, but definitely interesting and a first for our observations of the cosmos....
Space Exploration Oct 15 74 27 rss
Great news everyone.......we're not going to die!.....ahem ....cough. NASA has finally admitted the existence...

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