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Fragile Earth Jun 29 181 43 rss
I'm hoping a few ATS folks could weigh in on this seemingly alarming story.... Scientists declare ‘global climate emergency’ after jet stream crosses equator Climate scientists this week expressed alarm after “unprecedented”...
It amazes me that for so long cannabis has been treated as such a dangerous drug in light of the many medical uses it seems to have. An active compound in marijuana called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been found to promote the removal of toxic clumps of amyloid beta protein in the brain,...
Interesting article published Today .. I have an interest as my directional sense has always been not very impressive.. The copied sections are to wet your appetites especially the second link has much more worth to read.. On one site.. (—A scientist...
Space Exploration Jun 29 58 21 rss
Encelladus has already been discussed at length here on ATS so I won't bore anyone with the details of this intriguing Moon around Saturn. Instead, I'll discuss the growing interest in this Moon for being a habitable world with life as we know it. Enceladus has over 90 geysers...
Back in the 90’s there was mild panic attack across the USA when the government decided to drop the National Helium Reserve. The National Helium Reserve, also known as the Federal Helium Reserve, is a strategic reserve of the United States holding over 1 billion cubic meters (109 m3) of helium gas. … By 1995, a billion cubic metres...
I'm sorry... you have prostate cancer but you think you are a woman. Therefore your doctor may not be able to treat you or refer you to a men's health specialist. Not without threat of being sued, anyway... On the same day President Barack Obama announced his controversial transgender...
Fragile Earth Jun 24 24 29 rss
My heart is very heavy for my nearby neighbors in West Virginia. 20 are now reported dead and 300 are still trapped (in one shopping in Elkview which isn't too far outside the major city of Charleston). Many more are trapped in hollers, housing plans and neighborhoods, with roads, culverts, bridges WIPED OUT. Fires...
Solar Roadways are going to be tested in Missouri on Route 66. Solar Roadways are panels put down in place of Roads, and they harness the energy of the sun to provide light for Road lines and Signage. There seems to be some real excitement bubbling about this new technology...
Space Exploration Jun 20 43 18 rss
I found this "anomaly" on different radar images of Ligeia Mare, a body filled with liquid methane which is located on Saturns moon Titan. The diameter of it is roughly between 10 and 15 kilometers (6,3 - 9,5 miles). Based on cassinis long time observations, active changes do happen on the shorelines of Ligeia Mare. A comparision...
Full title of article at link (too long for subject line): TUCSON, Ariz., June 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Multiple childhood vaccines are often given at one visit, but contrary to the claims of public health officials there is evidence that this practice is unsafe, writes medical research journalist Neil Z. Miller in the summer...
Fragile Earth Jun 28 69 13 rss
Here are two videos to observe Obama and Bernie Sanders trying to hold in their laughter when discussing the "settled science" of man-made climate-change. Obama: Bernie: (skip to 1:50-2:00) I really don't believe THEY believe in man-made global-warming. It's all a big joke to them. They're using brain-washing propoganda,...
Fragile Earth Jun 22 34 15 rss
There has been a report of large scale motion around the San Andreas Fault system. Scientists have detected definitive movement around the San Andreas Fault system in California. Areas of land surrounding the fault have been shown to be rising and sinking, according to findings reported by the University of Hawaii. The study...
Like recording live shows with your iPhone? A new patent granted to Apple details a new method of shutting down such behavior without the owner’s consent an iPhone camera design capable of receiving infrared signals in order to prevent the illegal recording of events "An infrared...
< . Just talking is enough to activate the recordings – but thankfully there's an easy way of hearing and deleting them. Google could have a record...
Here is more proof that conspiracy may exist among medical professionals. An opinion from 2014...
Space Exploration Jun 2 146 59 rss
Just a few minutes after 4am this morning, my wife and I were woken up by a loud stumbling noise ending in a bang. We felt our home shake and the windows rattle, then soon after we smelled what we thought...
A robot in Russia escaped from a research lab in the town of Perm yesterday, June 15, reports the BBC. An engineer at robotics company Promobot...
This is nuts. Seriously. I'm still trying to hash out the repercussions of this one guys. Check this out: Broad's goal...
Fragile Earth Jun 10 49 41 rss
An uncommonly large pattern of aftershocks is shaking the southern California region northwest of the Salton Sea after a 5.2 main shock occurred: br /> ...
I don't have Windows 10 installed on my desktop PC, and until recently installing additional software (GWX control...
Fragile Earth Jun 7 31 34 rss
As the title suggests this may well be a rare sighting. In the following image there are two birds; If you can't see them I've made it pretty easy for you, they...
Space Exploration May 28 194 83 rss
The Hubble Space Telescope recently took another one of those "deep field" images, pointing at an unremarkable patch of the sky for long enough - and revealing thousands of galaxies. Feast your eyes: Nearly as deep...
Space Exploration May 22 40 69 rss
A 25-year-old space mystery remains unsolved up to this day: it involves an unusual , about 10 meters in size, displaying unusual brightness variations and moving on an almost Earth-like...
Space Exploration May 29 44 38 rss
New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern calls the image "just magnetic” , who am I to disagree. The picture has a resolution of 80 metres per pixel and maps a strip of the planet from...
Greetings fellow travelers, This is my first thread, created after reading the first regarding the power of magnets to heal. I am a walking testament to the power of magnets to heal....
The Detox Project, using laboratories at the University of California San Francisco, has found the presence of glyphosate, the most used herbicide in...
Fragile Earth May 29 33 28 rss
The expanding fire catastrophe occurring in Fort McMurray, Canada. Greetings: The visuals of the oil sands...

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