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Fragile Earth Jan 20 27 23 rss
Volcanic activity is melting the West Antarctic glaciers. Not Man made global warming. I don't see a thread on this yet. (1) One study, entitled “Evidence of an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island Glacier“, proves that the Pine Island Glacier of West Antarctica is melting...
Fragile Earth Jan 18 142 14 rss
Let us just pretend that you all get your way and the rest of us stop eating animals. What happens after the next animal birthing season? In as little as two years, you would run out of room for the animals. Additionally, these animals, in numbers not seen since the Bison herds were...
Space Exploration Jan 20 37 13 rss
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said his country will create a space defense force to protect the country from technological threats. br /> Working closely with the US, the unit will protect Japan's interstellar interests, such as satellites and rockets, Sky News reported....
Aircraft Projects Jan 17 29 12 rss
The Air Force sent a letter to new Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun that Boeing needs to do better with the KC-46. It's been nine years since they were awarded the contract for the KC-46, and the aircraft still has significant problems. To date they have accepted 30 partially mission capable aircraft. br /> The biggest issue is the remote vision...
Fragile Earth Jan 13 59 46 rss
The Taal Volcano has erupted as of 12 January and it is presently sending ash up to 6 miles high. The AMAZING power such a sight displays is really unbelievable to those of us who have never been near a major eruption....Well to me it is.. The situation as far as evacuations and the prediction...
Fragile Earth Jan 14 47 26 rss
Very strange article just popped up on - Thousands of Australians appear to believe lasers and exploding smart meters are being used to start our bushfires to make way for a new train network. A Story full investigation with has found the...
Wait...the first living what? A book is made of wood. But it is not a tree. The dead cells have been repurposed to serve another need. Now a team of scientists has repurposed living cells—scraped from frog embryos—and assembled them into entirely new life-forms. These millimeter-wide "xenobots" can move toward a target, perhaps pick up a payload...
Fragile Earth Jan 11 100 23 rss
ATS is continuously Spammed with anti-science disinformation claiming that human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases are not forcing global climate change. Ninety percent of this is opinion, as if it's sensible to dismiss the consensus of every scientific body of national or international...
Aircraft Projects Jan 11 38 19 rss
Hypersonics is one of the buzzwords in the military word right now. Everyone is rushing towards fielding hypersonic weapons as fast as possible. The Russians appear to be in the lead with their boost-glide Avangard[1] nuclear weapon and their Kinzhal[2]...
Link to Article: Link to Study: Way back in 1851 German physician Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich, declared that the standard human body temperature was 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Ever since, that reading has been universally considered the optimal body temperature of a healthy, “normal” human being....
New research may revolutionize how cancer patients are treated after showing that it’s possible to give people an entire course of radiation therapy in less than a second has the same effect on tumors as traditional radiation therapy Scientists at...
Space Exploration Jan 13 28 15 rss
I saw an article today that mentioned Oumuamua in passing and it got me wondering. Has there ever been any satisfactory scientific explanations for this large interstellar traveler? We know it's not a comet, so... 1 - Where did it come from? It simply showed up one day and blew through our solar system, then left - quickly. 2 - How was it able to increase...
Fragile Earth Dec 23 125 85 rss
5.2, 5.7, 6.0, 6.0 appeared to be intraplate quakes at first. But now a 4.9 quake has hit on the subduction zone line, and may spell further trouble. Lookout west coast...
Aircraft Projects Jan 7 395 42 rss
A Ukrainian 737-800 has crashed in Tehran shortly after take off no word on any survivors. But the cause seems to be a technical one and not related so far to anything that's been going on. News has just broken here.
Fragile Earth Jan 7 106 36 rss
In NSW, 24 were apprehended and charged with deliberately lighting bushfires. A further 53 people are facing legal action for allegedly...
Although it has been revealed in recent years that plants are capable of seeing, hearing and smelling, they are still usually thought of as silent. But now, for the first time, they have been recorded making...
Fragile Earth Jan 5 136 26 rss
"...we still fail to make the connection between the climate crisis and increased extreme weather events and nature disasters like #AustraliaFires. That's...
Space Exploration Dec 17 31 35 rss
Astronomers at the European Southern Observatory based in in northern Chile have released high resolution images and the video below of the central region...
Fragile Earth Dec 15 27 32 rss
According to Zeoform, their product is very durable and relies only on the natural process of hydrogen bonding that takes place when cellulose fibres are mixed with water. No...
Fragile Earth Dec 15 45 27 rss
Before I get into this thread I would like to note that I have, to quite some extent, tried to gather additional data to support my observations, in particular rain day data. I have had no success....
Fragile Earth Dec 16 33 26 rss
Hello fellow ATS’ers it’s been a hot minute since I created a thread so I’m having difficulties embedding a picture and every time I go from this site back to the article it deletes all I’ve written so...
Space Exploration Dec 15 25 26 rss
I located some cool footage of a large green fireball that was captured on a rooftop camera, belonging to a scientist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson. The bright meteor...

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