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Hi The announcement t regarding gravity waves is taking place noe. Follow the live link below. I will edit the OP as the announcement goes on
Fragile Earth Feb 11 216 38 rss
I was sent this article from a friend in Australia, which relates to a network of caves in the Nullabor region. A region that has always been very dry and arid, with the exception of a period of time when a rainforest grew in the region. How could a rainforest grow in a dry and arid region? Climate change was to blame,...
Looks like there is breaking news coming from this outfit Thursday Follow the links to the real nitty gritty........ But it looks like G Waves may have been discovered.... G Waves are ripples in the space continuum brought about by massive phenomena like black holes colliding.... Heads up on Thursday folks...
Scientists have been studying bacteria under a microscope for over 300 years, and have long known that certain species have the ability to sense light, but they hadn't ever realized the extent to which these tiny beings can actually observe the...
Fragile Earth Feb 13 37 17 rss
Wow, that was intense. Waiting on USGS to report this, but it looks like at least a 5.0. Or it could have been a 4.5 very very close to the station. Jesus, that is showing up at Yellowstone. I was trying to get data, saw it start to come in, and then poof, gone. The station is CROK on the OK network that went out. But it did come back. A lot of red on my spectro....
Fragile Earth Feb 7 46 36 rss
And it has created a record. First recorded human fatality due to a meteorite. Can someone bring up the statistics on being hit by a meteorite? By the way. Wasn't there supposed to be a close flyby soon? Maybe this was a part of the main bulk. Remember the Russian meteorite a few years ago, it was also during a close flyby. CHENNAI:...
ACTUAL TITLE: CDC investigation of Chipotle further supports corporate sabotage (bioterrorism) as likely source of E. coli contamination *** Shortened to fit title space After months of investigation, the CDC has now reached a conclusion that provides yet more support for the likelihood that...
There now exists a patent for an AI-powered “cognitive assistant” which monitors your conversations and actions, understands your intentions and offers help only when you need it most. The Cognitive Assistant functions as a sort of automatic 'search engine' where you can instantly receive...
Why does time seem to slow down when you are about to get into an accident or in some other stressful situation? Is the adrenaline causing your brain to be more aware so it feels like everything around you is moving slowly? Almost like slow motion in Max Payne video game. I used to race BMX. Every time I got into a big wreck on my bicycle during a race, I could literally feel time...
There's an amount of uncertainty as to the distance the object will actually pass due to the short period it has been observed but NASA have said it could pass between 11,000 miles or 238,854 miles take your pick , but they're fairly certain it won't hit us .... at least not this...
Space Exploration Feb 7 120 15 rss
NASA lost their rag with conspiracy theorists telling them the moon landings were fake so they decided to shut them down with some pretty conclusive evidence...maybe? In 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon and despite NASA beaming the whole thing into people's television...
Fragile Earth Feb 2 60 14 rss
This is the vessel that may play a major role in decommissioning North Sea oil rigs. But top advisers aren't 100% sure the vessel will be a success. This will only happen however, if the Pioneering Spirit is a success and embraced by the industry, something that will be required before other SLVs are...
Suppose we have a some friends on another planet that is one light year away. If we send a radio signal to them it will take one year to reach them. For arguments sake, lets imagine that we can manufacture the following. 1: A length of tube that is one light year long, and it is absolutely rigid! By rigid I mean that even over the vast...
Fragile Earth Feb 13 31 14 rss
The Adelie penguins live at Cape Denison in Antarctica where their colony had access to open water to feed until 2010 when iceberg B09B which had been floating around in the area for the last 20 years crashed into their glacier cutting off access the their feeding ground , they have been landlocked by a chunk of ice researchers say is...
Something isn't right. You feel it in your bones. That feeling is called cognitive dissonance. The pharma profit machines are always doing what machines do. They will never stop. So how do you rationalize a conspiracy? You create a model or thesis from observations. You make predictions...
From The Free Thought Project, August 2015: Although still claiming, “there is not enough...
Space Exploration Jan 20 243 83 rss
This is actually pretty cool and that it was found by the guy that killed Pluto! No doubt Nibiru will again surge, but this is really cool. (Apologies if...
Now this is interesting. Using a new types of lenses, we can now see "entities" or "anomalies" both in space and our terrestrial environment. According to the scientist,...
What stands where nothing can be seen? For decades scientists have been puzzled by the greatest mystery of the Universe: Dark Matter. An invisible form of matter is spanning all across the cosmos. Although it can never be seen,...
Fragile Earth Jan 17 92 58 rss
Four earthquakes have occurred within a short time off the Cuban southern coast- a 4.8, 4.6, 5.1, 5.1- in that order: These are occurring in an escalating fashion....
Fragile Earth Jan 21 46 49 rss
A few days ago we had a different thread started on ATS, regarding an ocean data buoy that quickly fell which alerted people to an "event" in the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the west...
Space Exploration Jan 31 140 45 rss
I look forward to more pictures from China! Now, I wonder, who here thinks this is another faked Moon landing? The images were taken a few years ago by cameras on the Chang’e 3 lander...
Fragile Earth Jan 24 56 42 rss
Just had a awesome quake in the Valley. The state has gotten over 86 quakes over a 1.1 in the last 7 days. The dog was going nuts, whimpering, and whining a full hour before it hit. I felt bad about yelling at the dog she got a few treats...
Space Exploration Jan 14 140 49 rss
Tabby's Star, much discussed because of its mysterious periodic dimming, has a new oddity to show us. The observation records for this star, for the years 1890 to 1989 were gone...
Great title huh? Obviously attention-grabbing, but what's this all about? I found this article and it seemed like something that...
Fragile Earth Jan 27 50 41 rss
Not much more to say here folks - check out these amazing images captured in the skies over Portugal - the colours of the cloud mixed with the dark grey background coupled with the localised...
Fragile Earth Jan 9 38 40 rss
This is not conspiracy related and many people may not care about it. I like it and wanted to share though. We have a holly tree just outside of the house. A Downy woodpecker has been visiting it for weeks now. He pecks just deep enough...
Fragile Earth Jan 13 50 38 rss
Bees are dying in record numbers—and now the government admits that an extremely common...
Ok I did this experiment as suggested. This couple did not know what I was doing. I just asked them to participate...
I've seen a picture of one of these little creatures before but paid no heed. After reading this article, I've learned what an amazingly hardy and tough critter this little "water bear" is. ...
Space Exploration Jan 11 80 36 rss
Might have to give ol Einstein another award or something. Seems that the has gone out and posted a rumor online that they may have discovered gravity waves....

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