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You better tune in, cuz the Flash is Don't change that thread, it's time to Deny Unawareness! Ladies and Gentlemen, on your laptop, tablet, and phone screens will now be revealed the Truth about Who and What you Are! Scientists work out how create matter from light, to finally prove Einstein’s E=mc2 Physicists...
So I came across this... Not really sure what to say, but I'm all ears. Is there any chance that the pictures in this video are legit? IF true, its disturbing how quickly events can be swept under the rug and forgotten. Also, if true, then like the video states.. there is no point in trying to predict any sort of astronomical relation, since its all been removed and re-positioned......
Paranormal Studies Jan 12 33 13 rss
Not to be confused with 'The nue' A being i had mentioned in another topic. At the time I thought these two females were the same. But they are in fact quite different. But to start from the beginning Since around mid high school I had been seeing a strange woman with black eyes often in a seemingly casual attire. She...
I want to consider the Hurrian expansion from the Trans-Caucasus region that dates back circa 5,500 years and consider whether that extended into Egypt in terms of the Followers of Horus of the pre-Dynastic era, the given date for which commences 3,100 BC. In general Hurrian culture was based in metallurgy and crafting skills and they exploited upland regions...
The Minoans are among my favorite ancient people, they were possibly the nearest thing to the legend of Atlantis, if any such civilization existed, in some of their art work they produced images I think were not typical of Minoans, of these images the Minoan capt of the blacks stand out, as to who these guys were it was difficult to place, earlier Evans...
(feel free to repost this to the appropriate forum) Hello, my name is Cake and I am a slider. Since my teens I have had a habit of walking past street lights and then they inexplicably turn off or on. I have heard of similar stories but after googling and doing some research i found this isn't a rare occurrence, in fact...
Don't know if this is a prediction or a warning...but I came across it on the Internet tonight and saw it references a cryptic 'event'...
Cryptozoology Jan 3 42 37 rss
Here's two cool You Tube vids of possible Bigfoot sightings. This first one of the police dash cam is definitely something strange and you can tell by the voice...
The dried blood of Saint Januarius failed to liquefy in a ceremony in Naples, Italy, on Saturday, according to a report in Italy's...
So, I've heard a little about this in recent years but never in much detail. After seeing it mentioned in a video today I...
If you happened to be assaulted by a recent Internet meme (courtesy of Youtube, you may be aware that December 25th is the birthday of Horus. This has been used to equate Horus with Jesus (in one of the worst bits of research I've seen in...
One of those relevant questions that few think about.... IF You knew for a fact life doesn't end when you're body fails... but you haven't a clue as to what happens after that moment what would your...
It could be said that the 20th Century was , whereas, although the first decade or so into the 21st is really spillover from...
Trump means trumpet. The Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD. Trump is 70 years old on election day and on inauguration day. There are exactly 70 years 7 months 7 days between Trump's birthday and inauguration day....
The amazing specimen was discovered at an Amber Market in Northern Myanmar near the Chinese border. The tail is from a 99 million year old dinosaur known as a...
Paranormal Studies Dec 14 58 69 rss
Taken from the youtube description: Published on Nov 10, 2016 Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring "remote viewing"...
Cryptozoology Dec 14 39 47 rss
ATS has become a bit of an ugly political to compensate in the spirit of the good-ol-days of ATS, I will offer a few threads on anomalous activity when I have the chance. This story, completely true, is the...
Cryptozoology Dec 15 33 43 rss
My second [scariest] encounter with The Breather! After high school I moved to the west coast to attend college. A Native American Studies professor had taken me under his wing and had put...
Two mysterious stone rings found deep inside a French cave were probably built by Neanderthals about 176,500 years ago, proving that the ancient cousins...
Codex Gigas aka The Devils Bible Giant Manuscript The Devil's Bible is said to be written by a monk who broke his monastic vows. As a result he was to be persecuted by being holed up in a brick room of the monastery. ...
I recently had an unusual experience on a bright, sunny afternoon and thought it'd be fun to see if anyone else has had this happen? A midday 'ghostly' encounter that wasn't creepy at all. I was at work and walking...
I'm sure this isn't exactly new around here, but I'm guessing there may be a few folks that have never heard this before. I don't think it can ever hurt to revisit something that is a bit profound. I realize profound is a strong word,...

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