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Errrrrrr......Ok. I'll start by saying I don't endorse the below findings. Why would a group of people on such a small island go to the effort of doing this (considering we now now the actual size of these things) For those who don't know, they also have legs below the ground. However, it all seems...
Well this is certainly interesting. So this neanderthal child was eaten by a bird? What kind of birds were around then that could eat a child? That would be pretty terrifying to have to watch out for giant bird attacks. Tiny holes in the bones indicate that they passed through...
Paranormal Studies Oct 14 46 16 rss
I watch a crazy Disney move Called a wrinkle in time where the entire movie was entirely about the occult with angels And demons a tasseract & Mayan occult deities Depicting Uriel and Camazotz, Ixchel, Astral travel, possession, Hell..... OMG what the hell??? All of it you can...
Hi all, I currently live in Wales having previously lived in South East England, and have come to understand that the welsh word for river is, afon. A very similar sounding word is the name of quite a few rivers in England. Think Stratford on Avon. There is even an Avon near Stonehenge. So, is it probable that the welsh were more prevalent in the UK and introduced...
If we live in a Holographic Reality then what does this truly mean? Let's extrapolate this in depth. Are we all just bits or rather, Qbits of data carrying out daily tasks? When one looks at the world through a modern Physics point of view it totally changes how our existence is perceived. Everything you've ever seen, touched, ate, smelt or heard were the...
multiple news accounts lately discuss how humans have traces of Neanderthal DNA in our systems. geneticists list Neanderthals as 'human' but not Homo Sapiens. it is very, very rare for a genetic group to be genetically compatible with another group. Lions and Tigers can barely breed; horses and donkeys can breed but the offspring is sterile;...
"Until relatively recently in human history, “blue” didn’t exist. As the delightful describes, ancient languages didn’t have a word...
Paranormal Studies Sep 23 49 69 rss
Energy, Frequency and Vibration Where to begin.. I've been formulating this idea for quite some time. Not sure exactly how to present it but I'll try, Years ago I learned of the differences between what some...
Paranormal Studies Sep 30 51 49 rss
A security guard, who was working a late night shift at a Chicago nursing home facility earlier this month, is caught on camera reacting to a strange sight....
Cryptozoology Sep 30 53 20 rss
I don't know if it is or isn't. Whatever this is definitely seems to have made off with a piece of firewood. A man in northern Michigan released a photograph of an alleged Bigfoot creature. The man, who goes by the name of Jack, claims he was on...
Quote: NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity discovered plentiful indigenous spherical ooids at High Dune and Namib Dune in Bagnold dune field, Gale Crater, Mars. Closely resembling ooids of Earth, the Martian...
Hello I'd like to try something. A small experiment... Get as relaxed and comfortable as you can were you're located. Deep breath, now try to remember a time in your youth as a child where you were day dreaming....
I was reading the other day about Sophia the robot who wants to have a family. She (it ?!!!) was answering questions from scientists and journalists . What surprised me in particular was that the creators...
Who would have thought ?? I did not realize that the Spanish conquistadors made it all the way to Kansas. Using freshly translated documents written...
And ever since that tragic moment people throughout the Cosmos have pondered what is the Answer to And as all savvy Galactic Hitchhikers now know, the answer to this most profound question is clearly and most certainly...
Ok, so I am going to start flooding this site with something other than political crap. It's...
Atlantis was described by Plato as being a circular city surrounded by multiple rings of water and land... The Richat Structure in the Sahara appears...
I have been experiencing some pretty weird occurrences recently and would like to share them with anyone who has an interest in the paranormal. About Me I am medically retired (mid-50s) with a debilitating...
What an interesting find ! This child was found to have been born of 2 different species of the homo genus. ...
Paranormal Studies Aug 25 103 31 rss
Good Afternoon Friends, I had something happen this week that has inspired me to create this thread and share a video with you. It was a Coincidence....
Paranormal Studies Sep 10 130 29 rss
I recently discovered that I have this 'condition' called Aphantasia. It means that when I close my eyes...

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