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Just found this, posted today. Not sure how long this info has been declassified or if it just literally was recently. Seems to go along with what many other areas of study are saying. Video goes into left/right brain thinking, consciousness, etc. Hope you all like. Edit: Appears to have been declassified...
Greetings ATS, haven't posted anything in a few years, but I thought this was too good not to share. While on my usual late night documentary viewing, I heard for the first time of a ancient megalith in Saudia Arabia called 'The Al-Naslaa rock formation' that literally consists of a very large (natural)...
Our existence here is a wonderful and at times terrifying mystery we will probably never unravel. We find ourselves suddenly aware/conscious, and when we are young most of us have enough new stimulus to keep us occupied, happy, and interested. All of our questions seem to have fairly satisfying answers. Adults answer our queries with confidence and everything seems to make sense in our initial attempt...
Is the fact that women use make-up the translation of a tendency to lie, deceit, manipulate, dissimulate and be hypocritical in general ? Is it the result of an evolutionary path ? What role have men been playing in this evolutionary path, how have they influenced this path ? When men know for a fact that women do use make-up, and they are not bothered by the fact that...
Looks to me like an ancient craftsman learned how to forge some fools gold and tried to pass them off as Actual gold Ingots in Malta, Sicily, or Italy. Which proves again that at least some of these ancient craftsman had a lot more knowledge of metals than previously thought. Probably one of the reasons ancients alchemists thought there was a way to make gold...
I found this lecture interesting, as it doesn't bother to question whether reincarnation might exist , but takes it as a proven fact, and looks at why it might occur. Studies have shown quite a few interesting...
I am not one who believes "Atlantis" existed as described by Plato, however... I'm a firm believer of submerged coastal areas hiding unknown early cultures and Civilizations in prehistory. For example, The Iberian Peninsula...
This could have gone into the fragile earth forum but you have to wonder if this event is the cause of the biblical story of the destruction of Sodom ? Most...
Not surprising. This lines up with the Genesis Gap Theory as well as the idea that the world was "replenished" after a great extinction. Now they have proof that generally almost all animal life on...
article in The Atlantic But far from being confined to a past of Demiurges and evil eyes, belief in demonic possession is widespread in the United States today. Polls conducted in recent decades by...
[color=Orange]A room full of eerie, masked idols has been discovered in Peru[/color] Deep in the enormous citadel of an ancient Peruvian culture, archaeologists...
Paranormal Studies Oct 24 60 53 rss
An interesting concept we see in ufology is known as . It was coined by the English researcher, Jenny Randles, and highlighted a common feature of reported close encounters – silence. She wrote, 'the sensation...
I go to bed earlier than my wife. A few night's ago, when almost asleep, I thought she had come to bed early. I felt the bed compress as it would when she does come to bed. I roll...
These stories always get to me. Aside from the obvious, I wonder how similar hanging out and socializing would feel. I'll bet that a back patio party with friends wouldn't...
The founder of Falun Dafa, Mr Li Hongzhi had this to say about the Pyramids Of Egypt: --- "Modern people all say that the pyramids in ancient...
If you haven't read it yet, you need to read Part I first, here's the link: So what have I been cookin? I was thinking about Pi and I realized, 3.14? 3 x 14 = 42 Exodus 3:14, the tetragrammaton is thrice translated "I AM."...
I'm willing to entertain the notion that there was a relatively advanced society that expanded during the cold Younger Dryas period and were essentially destroyed by whatever got us out of it. The big rock builders....
Paranormal Studies Nov 12 39 19 rss
Here's one for you paranormal guys... I'm sitting here at the computer and the wind outside is howling making kinda' spooky noises. Outside it's snowing sideways. Inside the house it's perfectly quiet (except for the wind), just me and the...

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