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Have we been to the moon before and how long have we been there? Reached agreement with the U.S. Air Force to license Cape Canaveral Launch Complexes 17 and 18. Became the first private company authorized by the U.S. government under the requirements of the Outer Space Treaty to venture beyond Earth's orbit and...
Paranormal Studies Jul 22 47 32 rss
This is a dream I had a month ago or so. This might be long so bear with me. Sufficing to say, something unbelieveable happened the same night! br /> In that dream I seem to be an Irish living in Brooklyn and I do illegal stuff for a living....
Paranormal Studies Jul 20 76 29 rss
So I randomly stumbled upon this dude's YouTube channel, he has hundreds of videos of weird # happening in his house, mostly of poltergeist activity and him using with the Ouija board. I watched a few of his videos and they are some of the most compelling clips I've ever seen. I tried really hard to figure out how one could hoax something this elaborate, but it just continues...
Cryptozoology Jul 20 36 17 rss
Jimmy Wright of Killearn posted that he had spotted the ‘creature’ while walking on Crow Hill in the Stirlingshire village. Some say that it looks like a Monitor Lizard. As these long-necked lizards can grow up to 10 feet and are potentially quite dangerous, he was quick to warn the Scottish...
TextGerman Prophet Theodor Beykirch published a book in 1849 called ”Prophetenstimmen mit Erklärungen”. In his prophecy book there are many shocking prophecies about the End Of Times and basically the prophecies have nailed our modern culture to an almost perfect extent. These prophets really knew everything...
Paranormal Studies Jul 15 94 68 rss
That quote in the title is probably hyperbole, and a play on “no atheists in foxholes”, but it came from a very interesting person I recently met. I wanted to share her story with all of you. We had a new face join our bible study last month (please don’t stop reading now just because I said “bible study”… this story...
Paranormal Studies Jul 15 78 48 rss
[snipped] Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey: More Memetic Synchronicity This is a book from the eighteen hundreds. I have not read it yet, but Enjoy.
Paranormal Studies Jul 15 174 34 rss
So I had the brilliant idea of watching a bunch of scary videos on YouTube, by myself, in the dark, ultimately scaring myself #less. Well, the lights are back on and I'm not ready sleep yet, so I've instead decided to share a video. I don't know if this is a hoax or not, but regardless, this has got to be one of the creepiest videos I've ever seen. Watch at your own risk.. I don't recommend...
I have not written a thread is quite some time and I am so happy to get away from US politics to actually get back into the kind of threads that got me reading ATS. So to start over the past few weeks I have heard that some new technique had been tried on the Shroud of Turin. Here is the link to the newest article I have come across about it. So now they...
The Endocannabinoid System and Evolution The endocannabinoid system has played a fundamental role in evolutionary processes on Earth. As such, the endocannabinoid system regulates all human physiological processes and the CB1 receptor is the most abundant receptor in the brains of humans. The awareness of consciousness as a result of evolution...
The Peace of God to all that Belong to the Light, Dear Readers, Many times historians tell us that events in nature paralleled in a remarkable way so grave and negative situations in the life of Nations, a strange paranormal phenomena known...
Paranormal Studies Jul 14 24 15 rss
Now this could be fun and interesting :) The Smithsonian has put 3 manuscripts online and the Newberry is asking for help translating and transcribing them. For instance the has been put online. It has instructions on how to speak with spirits The three manuscripts now available online...
Cryptozoology Jul 8 72 62 rss
I saw this footage this morning. Thylacine or injured animal? The shape of its head and the way it holds its tail certainly has me interested :up: br />
*Note: this is not a defence of racism, bigotry, discrimination, or other hatred, but is a defence of the freedom to hold and espouse those opinions, whatever opinion, no matter how obscene. The necessary and often uncomfortable consequence...
Neat little discovery. All I can think about when I read these type of stories is how brutal it must have been back then. I understand that it was probably just their "thing", but makes you wonder how one even gets...
So, something strange happened last. Some of you may remember a thread I did on the subject of my house a few years back which can be found Anyways, I don't know what to make of it or if it is even related,...
I'm just curious, a friend was telling me about a homeless guy asking for food, she gave him some,...
Vatican police are said to have broken up a homosexual orgy, allegedly, in the apartment that belongs to Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith....
I am coming to the realization that we are brainwashed in the US. Brainwashed to work hard and commit to our careers. I talk to people from other places in the world who have moved to America for the name and have found life to be more...
I stared down my own mortality a couple of months ago and since then I've been asking myself what the purpose of life is. What are we here for? Some people will relate their lives to their job, I'm a construction worker, I build things or I'm a school teacher,...
You've probably already heard of the mysterious 1,000 ton Baalbek stone in the (so-called) quarry. However, recent archeology digs at the...
The Kailasa temple is one of those inexplicable marvels of the distant past that impresses through its gargantuan dimensions and the sheer facts related to its construction:...
Cryptozoology Jun 8 76 93 rss
Camera-trap footage from Kalimantan (Borneo) showing an unidentified species of feline predator. Researchers from Indonesian and British universities set up the camera. They’re keeping the exact location secret...
I noticed that, whenever Puma Punku is being discussed, people often ask whether or not the were designed to interconnect. I found two sources that may shed light on this question, it won't completely...
3 Fingered & 3 toed Mummy Found in NAZCA Peru Well. is this a Hoax or the real Deal ???????? Plainly Interesting The Video show's some Glimps of X-rays , of the Complete Skeleton The Skeleton...
The common lineage of great apes and humans split several hundred thousand years earlier than hitherto assumed, according to an international research team...
While the scientific method is a legitimate process to learn about the world around us, scientism is the cult based on the idea that science has all the answers to life It masquerades as logic...
The newly-discovered rock inscriptions show, from right to left, a bull's head on a pole, two storks back to back and an ibis in between them Archaeologists...

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