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We live life with hopes and dreams at a certain stage we are told that this is not how the world works. That you'd have to have a job you hate, buy a huge house you don't need, but sh*t to impress people that aren't even an important part of your life, then when it's finally over you look back and wonder - Where did you go wrong? Where did you stop dreaming and aspiring...
Paranormal Studies Jul 27 49 15 rss
My husband calls to tell me when he is on the way home from work. A few times lately there has been a static sound before or during his messages, I ignored them until today I listened there is a voice that says 'I want you." I am able to capture the answering machine message with the only thing I have a camera and it is Quicktime I don't know if there is a way to put that one here....
Paranormal Studies Jul 26 57 13 rss
I was posting to a couple of threads and had a major Deja Vu, again. It occurs frequently. There are times when it happens immediately, and other times, may take days to get that feeling. With these particular posts however, i had the most immense feeling (deja vu) i had posted before....
I just saw this on TV.. In , in Venezuela, they found a species of cricket that has evolved to breathe and live underwater. It is the only known place in the world, where this cricket exists. It is a close relative of the cave cricket, except that this one developed...
Whosoever might read this, do me a favor, if you please. Are you perturbed? Are your perturbations regular, predictable and periodic? Then they must have particular causes that you encounter often. Now, on to the causes. Is the locus of your disquiet some group of people, perhaps? Do you find certain political bents insufferable? Are you incensed by a particular person?...
Just wondering why the human race wants me dead, i'm being told this over and over...and or that I should be given a concussion....if any one knows why I should die or what I have done to cause injury, harm or insults in this life time to another being...please be free to express your hatred of me, because before I die, I would like to clear the air...maybe there is...
Are we all really advanced crystal beings? In essence, postulation that there is an intelligent mechanism that is behind everything we see and experience. As such, it is peering into the eye of God, for what ever God really is. Not in a religious sense, but more importantly in understanding the incredible granularity...
I've always found this topic to be of Interest. It was more than a passing fad, but a way of life for many older cultures of our past. Read more at: | We are conditioned to think that hair styling is important and how it makes a cool fashion statement. But in olden times...
Paranormal Studies Jul 20 23 13 rss
There's a war going on outside and this war isn't being televised. As God has a plan for each and everyone of our lives so does Satan the Devil. Yep Satan has a plan for each and everyone of us working like clockwork to set us up. He knows the lie you told just like God does, he knows the lust you have for someone so does God, he knows your cravings, desires, ambitions, goals so does God....
Paranormal Studies Jul 23 46 12 rss
I've come to the conclusion that where surrounded by synthetic people with demons inhabiting their bodies. They have literally infiltrated every part of our society from the elites, corporate people, doctors, lawyers, police, military to even minimum paying jobs. This is definitely a Satanic plan of a depopulation agenda since we are forced...
Have you ever had somebody around you, that brings you down, makes you feel confused, disorientated that life is meaningless. There mere presence is disturbing, whether they say anything or not. When they leave its like you can breath again,the sky opens up and there is now room to be. This type of person is adamant on limiting everything on their terms. A kind of psychic bully imposing...
In most of my threads I write that I don't believe in God; and it's actually true I've never believed in God and I've never attended a Church, I've never donated or really prayed. So, today my girlfriend decided to watch "The Son of God" She's not religious either; However, something literally went horribly wrong for me :meh: I'm usually not emotional for dramatic movies,...
I'm always skeptical of these stories because there's no shortage of hoaxers and pranksters out there. That said, it is a helluva scary story. The strange statue seems to be pure evil. The story just gets weirder...
Paranormal Studies Jul 17 70 35 rss
Hey all, I like reading, but not so much posting. My sister's in law recently went on several ghost tours in Georgia . One of them ended up with the best ghost picture I have ever seen. They didn't notice it at all...
Free speech is important because it is the only way we can share who we are with one another. It is how we seek, receive and impart information about ourselves and about the world. It is the only method through which we can criticize or compliment...
Here is an amazing presentation by David Icke about Saturn and it's real meaning in ancient philosophy. Fraternitas Saturni (lat.: "Brotherhood of Saturn") is a German...
Yeah, so. Do you guys remember the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye? A couple of years ago..... they had this awesome debate where Bill demolished...
Paranormal Studies Jul 11 27 28 rss
On the weekends I like to get out and head for the mountains to do some photography and just relax and ponder the why's of life. Today I headed for a place called the "crevice" For the last couple...
The criminals behind the destruction of a sacred millenia-old temple claimed they were serving god. Members of the Christian sect Jehovah's Witness reportedly destroyed a sacred Indigenous...
Why are there still monkeys? Shouldnt they have all "evolved" into humans, or human-like beings by now? How come chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and other types of monkeys...
So the ancient Egyptians knew meteorites had iron properties that could be forged, a couple of thousand years before anyone else. Pretty neat. Tutankhamun had a space dagger: -Blade found beside ancient Egyptian boy...
Another snapshot in time , this time two birds wings trapped in amber from what scientists believe were fledglings of extinct group of birds known as Enantiornithes....
Long ages ago there existed in the far north of the world the ancient homeland of the Aryan's "Aryanam Vaijah" At that time the Earth was mapped using the polar projection method and divided...
i just saw this on twitter ( @AwanNewsKw ) its an arabic account but you will see the picture some guys were chasing a spiny-tailed lizards ( i just got the name from Wikipedia ) apparently they...
fter an unusually low tide revealed what appeared to be the remnants of a 4-kilometer-long wall, a diver discovered what could be one of the most important archaeological...
Cryptozoology Jun 18 82 39 rss
Some of you remember this film. Well here is an update with some head scratching new information. Give it a watch and post what you think. I'm thinking...
Paranormal Studies Jun 11 140 34 rss
Been seeing a lot of scattered threads, with various, and awesome, stories of things people have experienced in their lives, and thought a thread to bring them all together could...
THAT'S the real title, folks. From: COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION Alanna Ketler 15 June 2016 SCIENTIFIC STUDIES . ....

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