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Paranormal Studies Sep 28 201 16 rss
A rise in demand for exorcisms has caused a shortage of priests able to carry them out, the Vatican's exorcist has warned. The church says that a sharp rise in people wanting to experiment with satanism and the occult means that more...
I'll admit that I haven't posted much, but I definitely read threads. In the many threads that I have read through, I've noticed that we all have a tendency to allow our personal biases to interfere with the process of deductive reasoning. When presented with undeniable facts, we allow ourselves to...
It is very simple so I don't want to give a long explanation where it isn't needed. Abraham is the key to understanding it. He is known as the patriarch of the Jewish people through Isaac, the son born to him and Sarah in their old age and Abraham is also known as...
Claims that Indigenous Australians are the most ancient continuous civilisation on Earth have been backed by the first extensive study of their DNA, which dates their origins to more than 50,000 years ago. Scientists were able to trace the remarkable journey made by...
...SOCIALLY SPEAKING! Lets review the two schools of thought: "global destruction" AND a "transformation of consciousness". Well right about in 2012 was when the SJW mindset was finally ripening into a mainstream AND sweeping across the social media NEUROSPHERE. And as such we're...
In some peoples practice of Zen/Chan or accidental Zen/Chan as it can occur in an instant to anyone anywhere... where an answer to something occurs right out of the blue and it's ah ha... but the universe tells you the answer. Like walking around thinking repeatedly what is the sound of one hand clapping? And a door or cabinet slams shut and boom there it is the...
Paranormal Studies Sep 6 173 75 rss
I don't use drugs, never did, not even pot. I don't use medical drugs, rarely did things like antibiotics. I drink rarely and not to get drunk. I am...
Staying in the light... Life is too short to hold onto anger and resentments. There are so many beautiful and wonderful things in this amazing world to enjoy, experience and share with friends, loved ones and like minded people. Holding onto anger...
My moth story Sometimes a moth might fly into my apartment and start flitting around the light fixture over my dinning room table/desk. My first thought is "oh no, another...
The video below shows organisms responding to environmental forces by producing new mutations which then compete amongst one another to colonize the environment. Natural selection occurs and some mutants don’t make it; others succeed. ...
The Physics of God and the Quantum Gravity Theory of Everything Ok, I'm just staring into this "proof" much of which is way over my head, but I find it very...
Cryptozoology Sep 6 59 24 rss
The video was uploaded by the yesterday. It's purported to have been filmed in February in the Adelaide Hills. It shows an animal with a long, thick tail and what could be stripes on the body and amateur...
I recently came across the Indus Valley seal seen below which allows one to make all sorts of very intriguing connections as in my opinion this is quite unique in showing the production of Soma in that culture, and there are direct correlations...
Has science overlooked important aspects of reality? (Terence McKenna) I'll let this video do the talking, but I found this to be one of the most interesting, humorous and enlightening...
Paranormal Studies Aug 2 130 77 rss
Many of us have wondered at some point if we are alone in the universe. But perhaps not as many have wondered if we are alone in our own minds. Don Juan, the Mexican Yaqui...
Is there any way the first Americans migrated from Siberia through an ice-free corridor? No, say scientists. By Eva Botkin-Kowacki, Staff...
Paranormal Studies Aug 13 74 51 rss
There's been a fascinating news report today that describes a family home experiencing a series of disturbing events. They amount to what could be called classical poltergeist...
How close are you in believing ? I fully understand this forum leans towards the Religious vs Darwin paradigm Conspiracy aspect but.... I'd like to have an open discussion as to why some of you fence sitters may be leaning...
The Northern Mesopotamian tradition of showing the Abgal Priest holding a curious little handbag while tending the sacred tree tends to attract a certain amount of curiousity, some consider it having something to do with ancient aliens as similar are...
TUESDAY, Aug. 9, 2016 -- A new study suggests early humans who lived in the Middle East about 250,000 years ago were more advanced...
From a Roman burial site in Serbia: Researchers in eastern Serbia have discovered a series of magic spells etched onto tiny rolls...
Big scientific sensation - archaeologists discovered near Pazardzhik (Bulgaria) gold made earlier in the Varna Necropolis. This means that gold...

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