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Paranormal Studies Oct 20 34 40 rss
[size=1]Firstly, I'd like to apology for my bad english, so please just focus on the content and not on grammar. :-) Secondly, there are a few links that I could only find in portuguese but you can auto-translate with Google chrome or google translate. Quick intro: Chico Xavier was a popular philanthropist...
I thought this was neat. The Transport Minister of Iraq talking about ancient sumerians, niburu, and how the ancient sumerians participated in space flight in a press conference about a new airport they are building. The only part that scared me was the mention of Sitchen, who isnt exactly the most accurate...
Well I've been fascinated with the whole idea of the law of attraction for some time but also thought it was a load of farce. I've listened to audio books of Napoleon Hill and still couldn't understand it. It was a long journey for me as I've read many small posts and articles and the entire topic is a rather shady one...
Excavations began in 1984 at a site in Syria near modern Tell Mozan which was determined to be the site of the ancient Hurrian city of Urkesh of the 3rd millenium BC, it was further discovered there a ritual entrance into the...
It's funny how things come full circle. Just look at Science. They're basically saying the same thing Plato said years ago about the nature of reality. “I think that modern physics has...
It is very simple so I don't want to give a long explanation where it isn't needed. Abraham is the key to understanding it. He...
Cryptozoology Oct 5 50 33 rss
This possible Bigfoot sighting happened near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery. There is a live cam of an eagles nest and it captured what appears to be a bigfoot. I'm on the fence...
Have you heard of Ophiuchus? If not... don't feel alone. Probably out of 20 people only 1 person will know what/who Ophiuchus is. There has been a hidden zodiac that is recently surfacing in...
No surprise there were roman trading with China, China Traded with Japan. Awesome find! The four copper coins were retrieved from soil beneath Katsuren Castle...
Paranormal Studies Sep 28 224 20 rss
A rise in demand for exorcisms has caused a shortage of priests able to carry them out, the Vatican's...
There once was a time this plant was used widely as medicine and food, that's untill someone decided to make it illegal to the public for no apparent reason. Archaeologists...
Paranormal Studies Sep 6 173 75 rss
I don't use drugs, never did, not even pot. I don't use medical drugs, rarely did things like antibiotics. I drink rarely and not to get drunk. I am...
Staying in the light... Life is too short to hold onto anger and resentments. There are so many beautiful and wonderful things in this amazing world to enjoy, experience and share with friends, loved ones and like minded people. Holding onto anger...
My moth story Sometimes a moth might fly into my apartment and start flitting around the light fixture over my dinning room table/desk. My first thought is "oh no, another...
The video below shows organisms responding to environmental forces by producing new mutations which then compete amongst one another to colonize the environment. Natural selection occurs and some mutants don’t make it; others succeed. ...
( PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] —The Grolier Codex, an ancient document that is among the rarest books in the world, has been...
So Atheists... Let me ask a few thought exerciser questions here....? I'm a person of Faith. No, I don't believe everything written in the Good Book, lock stock and barrel literally. But, I'm a man of Faith in that as far as I'm...
The Physics of God and the Quantum Gravity Theory of Everything Ok, I'm just staring into this "proof" much of which is way over my head, but I find it very...
I recently came across the Indus Valley seal seen below which allows one to make all sorts of very intriguing connections as in my opinion this is quite unique in showing the production of Soma in that culture, and there are direct correlations...

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