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I came across this Russian team that did an archeological dig in Tewanaku.They seem to have reached a conclusion that the place was blown apart by some sort of bomb that hit the middle of the complex. The Montezuma historical records seem to confirm that such a war took place, some type of federation were displeased with what the giants were doing, and decided...
A sign in the heavens is foretold in the Bible. Revelations 12: And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there...
Calling ALL Christians: you need to pray for Trump’s protection now & everyday he’s in office. These ignorant, traitorous witches are doing another anti-Trump “binding” ritual tonight (Tuesday, 23 May 2017) at 11:59 pm (PDT ?). We should be doing rituals to counter theirs at the same time. I saw this article...
Serious answers only please. And I'm thinking more along the lines of what I should look out for religiously (from the bible) and if anything has happened (came true) in the last five years?
According to this article, life may have arisen in Europe not Africa. The long-standing belief that Africa is where life started is now being challenged. Up until now, experts have believed human lineage split from apes some 7 million years ago in Africa. But now scientists have traced the first hominid species...
Paranormal Studies May 16 47 24 rss
On one of the Art Bell Coast to Coast AM Show between John Lear and Art Bell, John Lear said to Art Bell that when you die, NEVER go to the Light or that Perfect Pristine Place ? Anyone knows why John Lear said that ? Why not go into the Light or that Perfect Pristine Place ? Regards COSMO...
It is becoming increasingly apparent the tremendous role that Uruk played in the developing of civilizations across the Near East and beyond, what is little understood is how they exerted such influence and the ideology behind it, i'll try to adrress those issues to some extent. As an example, it's generally considered that Uruk had contact with and...
Paranormal Studies May 17 28 12 rss
I tried to embed the video but no matter what I did the preview always came up broken, I'm a new poster so please forgive me. Back to the topic at hand, this video really peaked my interest. If these images are fake then good on him, he did...
How is it that evolutionist "scientists" look at a single jawbone or a thigh bone of some extinct animal and then somehow just "know" what the rest of the animal looked like? Most images we have of extinct animals are artist renderings, based on one jawbone or thighbone! Anybody can see that evolutionists operate not on evidence but on imagination...
22 "victims"? (remember at this time we still don't know the names of all the 22 who died in the blast, and if this figure includes the bomber)... br /> But still... While reading different articles about the suicide attack in Manchester, I kept seeing "22 victims" At no point did I ever think this might include...
I wasn't too sure where to put this thread as it covers both Archeology and at the same time general chit chat. First of all a little bit of history concerning the region where I live : I live smack bang in the middle of the French countryside in a tiny village in the Loire Valley called Epeigné les Bois....
Paranormal Studies May 19 27 11 rss
A photographer was left stunned when her nonverbal son with Down syndrome took a spectacular photo of what she believes is his guardian angel. From Daily Mail newspaper... br /> Seven-year-old Aasher Liles, named by his parents with an extra A to reflect his extra chromosome, took the photo using his mother Kerri's cell phone on a flight home to Houston,...
Paranormal Studies May 3 146 70 rss
My wife loves youtube channels that have the maker exploring abandoned places. The videos have nothing to do with paranormal research or anything like that; pure exploration. However, once...
Yet another great archaeological find.. A new study has dropped a bombshell on archaeology, claiming signs of human activity in the Americas far earlier than thought. Picture of two mastodon...
Paranormal Studies Apr 27 245 61 rss
So the poster of this video has been investigating Black Eyed Kids, or BEKs for a little while now. He routinely disproves alot of evidence, and has ways to prove which cases are seemingly more legitimate, including some low-frequency...
Amazing find from Canada. The animal probably died as it lived — defying predators with its heavy armor and size — and after 110 million years, its face remains frozen...
Who knows if this is credible, or just a ruse to generate interest when initially selling the house, but maybe Bundy's personal demons might have been generated...
This looks likes a pre flood set up and the architecture looks very ancient and has some similarities with south American megaliths. Some also have signs of high tech cutting marks. A very strange place. A bit more...
Some hunters were scouting using Trail Cams. From time to time little ghost kids pop up on these cams. This Cam was deep in the...
I have experienced God. I felt her omnipotent power. When you feel her, you feel her omnipotent love. When you feel God, you truly feel how infinite the universe is. It takes all my fears away. God is a female to me. Did it make...
Paranormal Studies Mar 29 31 40 rss
Maidin mhaith (Good morning)! Firstly, I wish to inform you that this thread comes complete with a soundtrack, so please press play on the following video before reading:...
Paranormal Studies Apr 24 89 36 rss
I always approach any bit of "evidence" skeptically, and this one is no different. The crew of 'Most Haunted' captured an apparition materilize on a stairway, and ascend. I have no logical explanation,...
So the Flores Man is an entirely different species, not an early form of modern humans. Up til now this was...
The peace of God to all that belong to the Light, Dear Readers In 1947 beduins of the Judea dessert found preserved in clay jars inside a cave what is considered...
There seem to be a lot of confusion regarding origins of blue eyes , white skin , blonde/red hair So I thought it would be a good Idea to make a thread about it here on ATS. Blue Eyes:...
According to various , an ancient babylonian tablet dating back to 600 BC, provides compelling evidence that the biblical Tower of Babel may indeed have existed. The tablet, which had been...
Cryptozoology May 3 21 25 rss
Hey guys, Still a new topic novice, so go easy if i'm not quite following protocol. :-) I came across this article in 1 of my news feeds regarding a tasmanian woman who recently rediscovered she...
The Archbishops date back as far as the 1600s and were discovered by workmen at Lambeth Palace by accident , the men were working on the paving at the site when they accidentally cut a...

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