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Abduction In Yukon: North Canol Road and The Insectoids, September 3rd, 1987

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 11:39 AM
Hynek Classification: CE4


This is a great case I want to present to everyone. It has been posted before on ATS, but not to any detail and it was in 2007, the thread also got less than one page of replies. I feel this case deserves much more attention than it got two years ago, so therefore I am 're-opening it'. This case is yet another greatly and expertly researched Yukon UFO incident by ufologist, Martin Jasek, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite researchers
. The case details an abduction account by what the witness describes as insectoid looking aliens. There is also physical evidence to go along with this. There is no reason to think this is a hoax given the research done and the available evidence. This is a GREAT case that is little known to many, so hopefully I can bring this case to light a little more.

Large map of region of incident

Chapter Summary

1. A Hunt Interrupted
2.The Investigation
3.My Conclusions

*All of the following unspecified images and external text courtesy of
*If you are unfamiliar with Jasek's work here is another great case he researched: The Yukon UFO “Mothership” Incident: December 11th, 1996

1. A Hunt Interrupted

Path on Canol Road where Kevin first noticed the UFO, with animated UFO made to witness specifications.

On September 2nd, 1987 the witness Kevin, whose first name has only been disclosed (for obvious reasons) left from his home in the Ross River area on his motorcycle to do some moose hunting. Kevin was planning on spending three days hunting in the area. After stopping at friends cabin in Gravel Creek to change clothes(it was raining and he was soaked) on the way to his location Kevin continued on until he came to a RCMP trailer(Royal Canadian Mounted Police), which is where he would spend his nights during his excursion. The next morning (September 3rd) Kevin awoke anxiously ready to hunt, the abduction incident would occur a few miles away when Kevin was on the road traveling to a hunting site. Here is a map of the area for better understanding:

While travelling down North Canol Road, Kevin stopped his bike to “take a pee” when he noticed an object off in the distance that the estimated to be similar in size to a DC-3. Kevin states that the craft was moving north to south at around 30 km/h. Kevin then noticed that there apparently was no tail or wings on this object, but there was “portholes” all along the side of the cigar-type shaped craft. The witness reported that there was a grey stripe down the middle of the craft horizontally (where the portholes where) and the rest of the craft was dark green. As in many UFO cases, the witness also reported that there was absolutely no sound at all coming from the object, that was in fact one of the things that made him begin to think this was no conventional aircraft.

Actual photo of area with pen mark overlay showing direction the craft moved

Kevin then saw the craft appear to “dematerialize” and reappear to solid form as it was moving. It gave the appearance to the witness that the object was attempting to not be seen, but something was malfunctioning. Kevin, then scared, decided to hide in some bushes as the UFO disappeared behind a hill. After he thought the craft was gone Kevin stood back up. Believing he just saw something extraordinary unannounced to whoever was piloting the craft Kevin states he felt very excited. At this point he claims to have heard a “loud metallic clunk” sound behind him around the corner of the road.

Graphic representation of UFO, according to witness

Directly from the witness on what happened next:

I quickly walked along the edge of the road to the corner to see who was there.

I came face to face (about 20 yards) with 2 grey creatures in blue jump suits, about 5 ft. tall with big insect looking heads, pointy faces, big eyes, thin arms, body and legs. I immediately thought "they're not little green men*, they're grasshopper people".

*The witness had only know about the “little green men” stereotype of aliens before this event.

At that same instant, the one on the left raised his left hand to his waist, which held some type of flashlight device and I saw a bright flash of light come from it.

This is very interesting in my humble opinion, as this type of device that looks like a “flashlight” has been reported before, most notably as the weapon of choice for the reported aliens that work at the Dulce Base in New Mexico. This weapon, the ”Armourlux” weapon is said to look like a flashlight and is simply held in the hand of who is using it. The weapon is said to have three settings, one of which being a type of “paralysis setting”. I personally find this somewhat interesting that this is the reported 'weapon' used in this case as well. Here is more from the witness, Kevin:

I instantly felt paralyzed and was convinced time had stopped, everything was black, no sound. I tried to yell "No!" but all that came out was a distorted grunt.
Next thing I knew I was standing on the side of the road scared, shaking and confused.

Within seconds I remembered all of this that had just taken place and I thought, "I'm getting out of here before they get me again." I turned around to get my bike and for some reason it was not there, then I noticed it was on the other side of the road. I said to myself, "what the hell is this? I didn't put it there". Still panicking I rushed over and got on it and realized the keys were gone.
I always left the keys in it, that way I could not lose them while sneaking around in the bush. I immediately started looking down the road and suddenly saw them in my hand. I started my bike and raced back to the trailer.

I was feeling scared and amazed at the same time and then noticed that all the shadows of the trees were pointing in a different direction than that of the morning sun. About 15 minutes later I was at the trailer. Half an hour later it was dark. I thought "no way, I only left here an hour ago, what's going on?"

I was really confused then, I said to myself, "I'm not telling anybody about this, I'll just forget the whole thing".

I put on a pot of coffee and could then hear a soft humming sound above the trailer. I could also feel a soft vibration in everything (trailer, air, etc.). After about 10 minutes it had all stopped. I had a very strong feeling that they were outside. I did not look out the windows.

Later that night I still couldn't sleep and while having my coffee I began to have flashbacks of the past events. I remember being in a dream-like state watching scenery flash by underneath as if I was flying. I watched mountains and rivers and forests go by at a very high rate of speed.

Graphic representations of the beings, the first showing the beings firing their 'weapon'

Witness drawings of the beings

On Board The Craft

Later that night I still couldn't sleep and while having my coffee I began to have flashbacks of the past events. I remember being in a dream-like state watching scenery flash by underneath as if I was flying. I watched mountains and rivers and forests go by at a very high rate of speed.

I then became aware of other sounds and seemed to wake up. I opened my eyes and could see nothing but black, very deep and inky black. As I was looking at this, the blackness pulled back, revealing a face, I had been looking into the eyes of a grey type creature. I could hear in my mind a voice saying "there is nothing to worry about". I could hear him talking in my mind.

There were 3 or 4 of these types walking around, but only one talked to me. The two I saw earlier on the road, I never saw again. (Note: the aliens that he saw at this point were of the typical "grey type" while the ones at the edge of the road were more insectoid.)

I then sat up and had an idea of what might be going on and I asked, "Are you going to do experiments on me?" and the one said, "They've already been done." I felt really good then because, except for a strange sensation in my hands everything felt normal. I kept rubbing my hands together but did not look at them, as there was a totally strange environment to look at instead. I experienced no discomfort.

The being nearest me asked if I would like to see my home planet and I said sure. I then walked over to the window, where there was a machine that looked like a big copy machine. He asked me not to touch it, I replied "Don't worry, I'm not touching anything in here".


posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 11:40 AM
Very interesting, it seems like these particular beings are relatively nice compared to some other abduction accounts with these species. Also I find it interesting that Kevin notes the aliens appear to be a different (more classical Grey) type when he is on board the craft. Here is Kevin’s drawing of the room he was taken to on board the craft, including the examination table he was originally laying on:

Another interesting note in my opinion is when the alien said “do you want to see your home planet?”, but instead of seeing the blue Earth, it appears to me they showed Kevin our Sun from a intermediate distance, rather than just our planet. Of course there are other possibilities to what he saw but I think that is more likely considering what the being said later. Also let me state that I realize some of the more skeptical readers might wonder “why would he ask if they are going to do experiments on him?”, well besides the fact that abduction reports were quite common at this point in time, plus the fact that Kevin awoke laying on a table that looks just like our own medical examination tables with beings staring down on him, I find that statement very reasonable and thus disregard that as any type of “red flag”.

As Kevin was viewing the bright object the being said “that bright white star is your home.”, Kevin, being ignorant of astronomy stated he always thought the Earth was blue in color so thought the alien was lying to him. The witness also stated that the being explained some information about astronomy to him but he could not recall what he said at the time. Here is some more direct testimony from Kevin:

I was also asked if I would like to go on a trip. I replied "Not yet", I felt very honored to be asked and I did want to go, but felt that the time was not right.

Then I was told I would have to forget all of this. I was disappointed at hearing this. The first part of the experience was very scary, but once I was with them, I found them to be friendly, helpful and their looks didn't bother me. They actually seemed like old friends.

They gave me a clear glass, ¾ full with a yellow liquid and said to drink it up, it would make me forget everything. I told them, I did not want to forget an experience like this. It should be remembered! I was told it was for my own good that I forget. So I took 3 little sips and put the glass down.

The next thing Kevin remembers is he was on the road by his bike scared and in a hurry to get out of the area. The next day Kevin met up with his friends, not saying anything of his phenomenal close encounter of the fourth kind.

Helpful Links
  • Detailed Incident Summary,Including Topological Map of Area
  • Detailed Maps and Coordinates

    2. The Investigation

    The RCMP trailer Kevin and his friends stayed at from September 2nd to the fourth of 1987.

    This great case was first presented to the principle investigator of the case, Martin Jasek, M.Sc, P. Eng, at a UFO conference in St. Paul, Alberta on July 8th, 2000. After finishing up a presentation on Yukon UFO sightings the witness approached Martin and gave him his contact information while telling him the brief summary of events surrounding his incident. Mr. Jasek was the principle investigator of this case and all information from the witness, the photographs of the site, the maps, original analysis, and illustrations are courtesy of him or his associates.

    The investigation entailed going out to the site of the incident, interviewing the witness, and taking pictures of the witness’s alleged physical scares as a result of the abduction. If you recall, Kevin stated that he felt a odd feeling on his hands when he awoke on he table in the alien spacecraft. According to Kevin, after the incident he noticed two permanent indention's in the palms of his hands, the same place he reports to have felt the “strange sensation” on board the craft. Kevin also claims that these marks did not exist prior to the date of the event. We will get back to that shortly, first I want to go over more important details of the investigation:

    How Large Was The UFO?

    Topographical map showing direction and possible distance of UFO

    According to some calculations made based off of the witness reports and the map of the area it is believed that the UFO ranged in size from 12-316 meters, depending on the exact distance between Kevin and the craft. So in essence we have a UFO that could be the size of a bus or as large as three football fields in length. At this point it is all but impossible to determine the exact dimensions of the craft because the lack of specific plotting points. All we can do is come up with an estimate. Here is a link to further reading on the UFO size calculations:

    Calculation of UFO Size

    How Credible is The Witness?

    Based on the available information gathered on Kevin from both 1st hand investigator accounts and accounts of Kevin’s friends there appears to be no reason why Kevin would be lying about his reported encounter. His story has been consistent, Kevin works for a correctional agency for the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), and actually moved out of country for a time after the incident, but still talked about it in a private letter to one of his friends. Kevin also turned down a previous job in a remote location due to fears of another encounter reportedly. Here is a brief excerpt from the investigator about the credibility of the witness:

    I already mentioned something about Kevin's character in the introduction. About how he is reserved and not at all the type out for attention. It has taken him many years to come forward. Since the incident, Kevin has married and has started a family.

    Furthering his credibility is the type of employment he had in Ross River at the time of the incident. He worked for the RCMP as a jail guard in Ross River. This indicates that he was employed in a position of responsibility and trust. It also shows one reason why he did not tell anybody about the incident at the time.

    Some time after the incident, Kevin took some training to become a RCMP officer but discontinued the training when he realized that he would likely be posted in a remote location where he feared another possible encounter.

    After a few more years in Ross River, Kevin moved to New Zeal and for a while. Upon his return to Canada he continued his career as a guard in correctional institutes.

    Below is a link to further reading:

    Witness Credibility as Stated by Primary Investigator

    Missing Time?

    Yes, there was missing time in this case, around 14 hours worth to be exact. Kevin was reportedly abducted at around 7:00AM and returned at around 9:00PM the same day. It is also important to mention that Kevin's bike was facing the other direction after he was “returned”, this could imply that the bike was taken too. Here is an excerpt from the investigator:

    I asked Kevin how long did it appear that he spent with the beings. Something in the order of a "couple of hours" was his reply. He further mentioned that things "went at my speed". There was no rush.

    We are still left with a question. What happened during the other 12 or so hours? Was Kevin unconscious for that time or are his memories of that time obscured?

    Why was the motorcycle found facing the opposite direction and on a different part of the road after Kevin was released?

    It is possible that once the aliens took Kevin they realized they could not leave the motorcycle abandoned on the road. This would risk somebody coming across it and collaborating his abduction. It is possible that the motorcycle was taken as well. When it was time to release Kevin, the motorcycle was placed back on the road. They may have obtained information from Kevin's mind that he intended to travel back to the trailer (which was in the opposite direction) to spend the night, so they placed the motorcycle facing west.

    Why were the keys not in the ignition after the incident?


  • posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 11:41 AM

    Kevin normally leaves the keys in the ignition while out in remote areas like this. That way he is not apt to lose them and there is no reason to believe that someone would steal his bike. Presumably, he left the keys in the ignition when he stopped to take a leak that morning. The keys would have therefore been in the ignition while he was observing the UFO. After the UFO disappeared and he heard a clunk Kevin walked up the road and around the corner where he would have lost sight of the bike. Perhaps, as a precaution, and subconsciously, Kevin removed the keys from his bike at this point as he was not sure that the UFO may reappear and spot his bike on the road. Not that he thought aliens would start it up and go for a joy ride, but subconsciously he may had thought of it as a precaution. He may have behaved similarly if he had spotted a vehicle with strangers near by.

    If this was the case, then he would have had the keys on his person (in his hand or in a pocket) when he saw the aliens on the side of the road and when he was hit by the beam of light. However, he does not recall holding his keys in his hand while with the aliens later. Perhaps they were removed from his hand while he was unconscious. Later when the aliens returned him to the road they realized their mistake that they did not return the keys to him. Perhaps they are able to interject somehow and place the keys in his hands.

    The other possibility is that the keys were in the bike when it was taken but were removed at some point by Kevin or the aliens although Kevin has no memory of this.

    • Relevant Link: Discussion

    The Hands

    One of the most sought after aspects of an alien abduction incident is physical evidence, particularly that which backs up the witness’s testimony, well in this case we may have it. Remember Kevin stated feeling an “odd sensation” in his hands while on board the craft? Shortly after the abduction Kevin reportedly noticed two indention's in the palms of his hands that he states were NOT there before the incident. He still had them to the day the last publicized contact with him was made. Here are some pictures of his hands:

    Hand indention's highlighted by myself, notice the penetration-type marks, photo taken on July 9th, 2000.

    Right hand close-up taken July 10th, 2002.

    Left hand close-up taken July 10th, 2002.

    The hands are probably the most interesting aspect of this case, and yes there is a known medical condition that could cause the deformities we see in the pictures. The deformity is called Dupuytren's (pronounced as du-pwe-trahns') Contracture . The main issue with this postulate is that Kevin has no mechanical issues in regards to hand or finger movement, as he states he can “play the guitar just fine”, not exactly what one would expect from someone with the aforementioned medical issue. So we are really left with really only two possibilities:

    1.) Kevin, by coincidence contracted this disease around the same time as the incident.
    2.) The indention's in the hand are a direct result of the alien encounter, either by some type of experiment they performed or otherwise.

    What is interesting is that none of the doctors Kevin went to for his “hand issue” could diagnose what could cause the said deformity without resulting in any mechanical dysfunctions (such as hand or finger movement). Here is some more information:

    The following are more details that Kevin provided about the marks:

    - The marks never existed prior to the Sept 4, 1987 event.
    - Kevin mentioned "I recall rubbing my hands together" (due to a strange feeling in his hands) while talking with the aliens.
    - Kevin finally examined his hands a few days later. "I was totally shocked to see a mark on my hand. Then I looked at my other hand and couldn't believe I had one there too." They got worse or became more prominent over the next 10 days to two weeks. It only took them that long for them to have the same appearance that they still have today.

    Over the years, Kevin has asked various doctors and nurses about what they thought they were without giving them the background on how he thought he obtained them. Most did not have any idea. However, One doctor asked, "oh, have you had that for a couple of weeks or something like that?" Kevin replied, "no, its been 8 years". The doctor's eyes got wide and he was quite surprised by Kevin's answer. The doctor asked Kevin if he had any problems with his hands "seizing up". Kevin replied, "No, I can play the guitar no problem." The doctor told Kevin that if he ever develops such a problem, that they can make a few cuts to get rid of the tension and that the treatment is not a really big deal. The doctor told Kevin the name of this disorder but Kevin couldn't recall it when he was interviewed by the author about 5 years later. The doctor also told Kevin that the medical profession does not know what causes it.

    The author performed an internet search on "problems with hands" and a condition came up that closely matched what the doctor told Kevin. It is called Dupuytren's (pronounced du-pwe-trahns') Contracture.

    So in this case, even though we have a similar known medical problem we do not have a major effect of that problem(lack of movement in hand or fingers) present in the witness, Kevin. So at this point I feel we must, at the very least, consider the alien aspect of the hand indentations.

    A Brief Timeline of Events

    • Wednesday, September 2nd, 1987: Kevin drives up to trailer in heavy rain, spends the night preparing for his hunting excursion the following day.

    • Thursday, September 3rd, 1987: Kevin headed out around 6:30AM on his motorbike to go moose hunting. At around 7:00AM the incident occurred After leaving the area some 14 hours later Kevin returns to the RCMP trailer and falls asleep, but hears a “buzzing sound”. At this point he recalls almost fully the incidents of the day.

    • Friday, September 4th, 1987: Kevin’s two friends arrive and go fishing, Kevin does not mention incident. Reportedly one of Kevin’s friends want to go out that night and watch for UFOs, nothing is seen. The remaining trip goes by without incident.

    • Saturday, September 5th, 1987: Kevin is alone again and goes duck hunting, feeling that the aliens have done whatever they were going to do to him and no longer afraid. One of his friends asks him later in the day what all happened during his trip, he omits the day of the abduction.

    • July 8th, 2000: Ufologist Martin Jasek first encounters Kevin.

    • September 12th, 2000: Jasek begins field research into area of incident, further incident reports followed in months and years following.

    Please see the below link for more detailed timeline references:

    Additional Timeline Details

    The Investigators Opinion

    According to the site this case was published on, the investigator of the case had no reason not to believe the witness, Kevin. Of course there is no way to prove the incident, but according to the extensive research carried out by Jasek there is no reasons currently known to believe this case is a hoax or anything mundane. Below are some additional links that may be helpful in this case research:

    Location Details
    Date of Incident Details
    Detailed Discussion of Case by Martin Jasek MSc.


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    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 11:42 AM
    Also I would like to present Mr. Jasek's own responses made in the previous thread on this subject:

    Hello everyone, I was invited to this forum by 1nL1ghtened. I am the investigator and co-author of this report. I have read all the comments and am pleased that you find this case believable. I certainly do. I have not been in touch with Kevin over the last year or so and he was just about to move last time I spoke with him. I'll do my best to connect with him and tell him about this thread. I think he will be pleased and find it interesting. He is very believable in person, as well as in his writing. Let me know if you have questions about the case.
    Martin Jasek

    reply to post by 1nL1ghtened


    Hello, thank you for the nice comments.

    Yes, the area is very remote. Although there are more remote places in the Yukon, this area is probably the most remote that has a road. The North Canol Road use to go to I believe Norman Wells in the NWT but is no longer passable as it has not been maintained. It was built in 1942 by the US Government as part of an expensive pipeline project 1 year before WW II ended. After the war was over, construction was abandoned. It is therefore a dead end road that ends at a section that has been washed out by a creek. There is potential for a copper mine in the area I believe. There are still hundreds of rusty abandoned vehicles in some areas along the road. A very surreal sight.

    My impression of the area is one of beauty but knowing what had transpired there, it kind of gave me shivers down my spine. Others have had sightings in the area. The nearest community, Ross River has also frequent sightings.

    I visited the area 13 years after Kevin's incident (Sept 2001). I did look in the general area where the beings stood but as Kevin was not with me I was not able to examine the exact same spot. However, with so much time past I doubt that there would have been any traces (footprints?) left. Before I visited the location Kevin described the area where the beings stood very well. I took photos of several similar locations over several km and the one that fit his description the best he also felt was the correct location (after seeing the photos that I took).

    Any reasons that the beings would be in this area would of course be speculative. However, Kevin did say that he got the "feeling" that the beings had been in the area for quite some time.

    Not sure what more I can add except that I just tried to phone Kevin at his most recent listing but the number is no longer valid. I will try to locate him.

    BTW, Kevin had another sighting in the area the following year:

    The above posts were made in October of 2007.The case is still considered open in the mind of the principle investigator, Martin Jasek MSc., P. Eng.

    3. My Conclusions

    Since there are no “official” explanations in this case I will go right into my personal opinions of this case.

    Notice I left out “alternate explanations” in this case, that is because the only other explanations are a hoax or hallucination, both of which do not seem likely but are still worthy to mention here, just not in a separate section of this thread. This is a great case in my opinion. This is one of the better cases in regards to details recalled, witness credibility, and physical evidence. Another important aspect is that the witness recalled the events without hypnosis, which has been criticized in the past for being able to “implant false memories”. It is also interesting to note that Kevin reported when he heard a “buzzing hum” he would start to recall memories, like when he was in New Zealand and making fishing pole, in which the way they were made created a type of humming sound.

    So in my personal opinion it appears that if indeed this case is not a hoax or hallucination (which I find unlikely based on the available evidence) then it appears that not only was Kevin abducted by insectoid/Grey type of creatures but seems to be triggered into memory regression by a certain frequency of sound (the humming, as heard in the trailer and in New Zealand). Logically it seems very unlikely that the witness would make this event up, considering there was absolutely no money, fame, or anything to be gained from him sharing this, plus the fact that he has a family, a trust worthy job, and took over ten years to tell this story and has only told it to under ten people at the last known contact with him (in 2004 according to the website).

    So while I must maintain a degree of uncertainty based on the lack of any “proving evidence” I also must realize all aspects of this case and because of that it is my opinion that Kevin is likely telling the truth and everything he said is true. Either way this is a great abduction (and thus CE4) case to research and indulge in. Of course it is up to each individual to conclude for themselves what really happened within the available evidence and likely probability based on such. I hope everyone enjoyed reading and learning of this case (if you didn’t already know of it). So with that said I will conclude and wish everyone a great weekend.

    Sources, Related Threads, and My Related Threads


    Related Threads

    The North Canol Road Abduction, Yukon, Canada
    Whats your favorite abduction case?

    My Related Threads

    The Yukon UFO “Mothership” Incident: December 11th, 1996

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 12:58 PM
    Ah yes the mantis type aliens.

    I'm not sure whether they are fact or fiction but I do know they have been described by others.

    I'm having trouble finding the link though.

    edit: yes here it is, the account by Jim G.


    [edit on 9-10-2009 by DaMod]

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 01:08 PM
    reply to post by DaMod

    An interesting aspect for me is that Kevin first encountered the insectoid beings, then when he awoke on the spacecraft he encountered the more typical Grey aliens. Is there some connection between the two species? Possibly working together? Or maybe each type is from the same species and serves a different purpose as in the larger insectoid looking aliens are "footsoldiers" or the "away team" and the smaller, more typical looking Greys are the scientist. This type of hierarchy within the Grey species (as well others) has been postulated before. Very interesting aspect none-the-less.

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 01:39 PM
    Great thread! S&F of course.

    I am most interested in the hands....I may have read too fast but I didn't see any mention of X-rays, CT scan, MRI (looking for implant).

    [edit on 9-10-2009 by Signals]

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 01:51 PM

    Originally posted by Signals
    Great thread! S&F of course.

    I am most interested in the hands....I may have read too fast but I didn't see any mention of X-rays, CT scan, MRI (looking for implant).

    [edit on 9-10-2009 by Signals]

    Thanks, much appreciated. There was no type of testing done to my knowledge, or if there was nothing was found, so not mentioned. I will go look again though.

    [edit on 10/9/2009 by jkrog08]

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 01:55 PM
    Intriguing, Star(s) (On each post) and flag from me.

    I am in the same boat as signals, may have read to fast but are his hands still like that actually? Or did he get the treatment to loosen his hands up? Sorry if it is presented in their and messing. I'm running purely on sugar now and tired..

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 01:57 PM
    Great case!! I love ones with a lot of information and sketches of what was seen. I have heard of the insectoid types before. Interesting though he saw greys while on the ship. I do wonder most about what happened in the time he was gone, esp with his hands. I know it resembles some disorder but how do one get if over night basically? I do believe that his hands might a key to something. Have they ever done any types of xrays and samples frm that area? Does he have anything out of the norm under his skin there? This is a good 4th encounter incident
    The part about see where he was from no being Earth was very interesting. I wonder what they meant by it and why they chose him. Great thread! I will now look at some links


    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 01:59 PM
    reply to post by Gigantea Rosa

    His hands were still like that the last time the researcher talked with him (and published a report anyways) in 2004 or 2005. Kevin went to doctors and they didn't know what would cause that other than the disease that was mentioned, but that really doesn't fit either. Thanks for your reply, stars, and flags much appreciated.

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 02:01 PM
    Easy to read nicely put together report
    . A couple of connections dealing w/other accounts of insect beings and the StunGun Weapon can be found:

    Allagash Incident video (insect heads). link:

    Thomas Castello Dulce UndrgndReport (StunGun "FlashGun").(Written Interview) Link :
    PART 1 of 7:


    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 02:10 PM
    Decoy and mblah...

    Thanks for your kind words and helpful insight! It is much appreciated.

    Decoy, thanks for finding the relevant part of that interview that concerns the Armorlux Weapon.

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 02:52 PM
    Another great thread, jkrog08!

    There two things that I find strange (besides the obvious ones
    ) in this case.

    1. If he only had the stereotype "little green men" idea of aliens, why does he call them "grey types"? Was it a coincidence that he called them "types" or did he real knew about that type?

    2. If he had those marks on his hands he should have noticed much sooner, they are on a part of the hand where the tip of the little finger touches, and even in actions like washing his hands he should have noticed them, out hands are very sensitive to the touch.

    Another thins, but only indirectly related to the case, is that I think the drawings do not reflect what the witness said, he talked about a cigar shaped, dark green object, but the drawing looks more like a light green disc. The "insectoid aliens" drawings are also different from his drawing, it almost looks like the person who did the drawings had his/her own idea of what he should have seen.

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 03:26 PM
    reply to post by ArMaP

    Hey my friend, and congrats again on the promotion
    . Good questions you ask. As far as the "grey looking beings" account goes, I am pretty sure that is just because he wrote this account on February of 2001 (the incident was some 13 years prior), and in between the time he had researched cases more in-depth, as one would expect someone who has been abducted to do. So he became more familiar with the subject matter.

    The aspect of the hands I feel is within a reasonable amount of time for discovery. Kevin stated he noticed the marks no more than a few days later, I can believe it is possible for him not to notice that for a few days since there was no physiological restrictions caused by the deformity.

    As far as the UFO shape goes, yea I noticed that too. I am thinking Kevin may have misstated the shape of the craft because if you look at his drawing of it, it looks like a saucer, much more so than a cigar shape. So it is my opinion Kevin simply stated the wrong type of shape while trying to describe a more elliptical object.

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 03:32 PM
    Okay, I just confirmed it, no tests have been done on his hands, other than a doctor examenation.

    3. The marks are not Dupuytren's Contracture but are a direct result of some procedure that the aliens performed on Kevin's hands. The obvious speculation would be that the aliens placed some sort of implants in the palm of his hands. Kevin has never had his hands X-rayed so we cannot determine this. The other possibility is that they were caused by tissue sampling or injections.

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 04:32 PM
    A fascinating thread and an abduction account I had not heard of before. One thing That got me thinking were the differences between the insect looking aliens and the greys.

    Could the insect type aliens have been greys but looked bigger and insect-like because they were bulked out with equipment under the suits, and their heads were covered by helmets or some sort of breathing apparatus?

    I am probably reaching but I thought it might be worth throwing it out there for consideration

    [edit on 9-10-2009 by SmokeJaguar67]

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 07:10 PM
    Couple comments, about the hands. If it was abduction one theory maybe.

    Long story short, I practice tai chi, the beginning of the form starts with hands cuppe just under naval, thumb and ring finger of right hand is pressed behind the knuckle and into that exact location of depressions on victims hands .

    Tai chi "sensei" indicated to me that the point is an acupressure point that when pinched from above and below helps bring the practitioner and their body to attention before beginning the form. I think, kinda of like opening up a meridian or chakra for maximum energy distribution.

    I'm sure the greys might find that kind of thing helpful when uploading a patient with electromagnetism or using some kind of temporal or quantum imaging scan or hooking him up to who knows what. It looks like he may have suffered some kind of temporal, quantum or some other metaphysical damage that caused his skin to permanently morph if he was in fact hooked up to some alien technology medical device or other.

    Earlier post commented on how insectoids maybe a lesser ranking grey or away mission personnel. Perhaps these greys are the security force that deal with armed humans or more risky situations. The post mentioned he was hunting moose.

    Did he have a hunting rifle "saddle bagged" to the side of his motorcycle at the time of the incident? or was he scouting the area first. Seems to me that he would or should be armed in that kind of "alone in the wilderness" situation.

    I really like this case, it smacks of something unusual for sure. I don't know much but I do know that when you live in an isolated place like the Yukon you really like your privacy. Why would you make something like this up?
    You probably wouldn't.

    cool case and he sounds like a straight shooter

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 07:17 PM
    reply to post by sparrowstail

    Good point, thanks for sharing. He encountered the beings while he had stopped "for a pee", so he did not have his rifle in his hands or anything. The member above you made a great point about how maybe the "insectoids" were really Greys in some type of suit. But yea, this is a great case and I see no reason not to believe it, based on the available evidence.

    posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 10:09 PM
    great thread as always.

    the most interesting part of this case has to be the unusual markings on the hands.

    do you suspect these could have been self inflicted to support the story?

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