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Eighty Years of Pilot UFO sightings.

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 11:21 AM

"Of these UFO reports,the radar/visual reports are the most convincing.
When a ground radar picks up a UFO target and a ground observer sees a light where the radar target is located, then a jet interceptor is scrambled to intercept the UFO and the pilot also sees the lights and gets a radar lock only to have the UFO almost impudently outdistance him, there is no simple answer."

Edward J Ruppelt, Chief of Project Bluebook.

There are some very interesting pilot UFO incidents described in the links below - many of which are documented in government reports and/or involve aspects like radar confirmation or electromagnetic interference effects.

Even ignoring some of the more credible cases like the Tehran Incident, the Coyne Incident, the Bariloche Incident, the Minot AFB Incident, the Edwards AFB Incident etc.. there are still many, many others out there - some of which stretch way back way before 1947.

Catalogue of Military,Airliner and Private Pilots Sightings from 1916 -2000

Official FAA cockpit recordings of pilot UFO sightings:

Black Box UFO Secrets:
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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 05:24 PM
Pilot Reports / Eyewitness Testimony:

"This thing had to be going double-digit mach making turns that I didn't think were possible, breaking all the rules of physics,
The man that visited me later told me in no uncertain terms to keep quiet. He told me I would lose my pilot's license and it would be the end of my flying days, so for 30 years I've said nothing"
Retired Air Force pilot Milton Torres discussing his F-86D Sabre fighter jet UFO incident in 1957 in which he was ordered to shoot down a UFO hovering over the British countryside.
Air Force Times Interview, Oct 22nd, 2008.

"An object 'like an oblong pearl' drew steadily closer until perhaps a mile away when, right under my gaze as it were, it suddenly vanished. . . .But it reappeared close to where it had vanished. . . .It drew closer. I could see the dull gleam of light on nose and back. It came on, but instead of increasing in size, it diminished as it approached! When quite near, it suddenly became its own ghost. For one second I could see clear through it and the next. . .it had vanished."
Sir Francis Chichester -June 10, 1931 ,Flying in the Gypsy Moth over the Tasman Sea.

"It is impossible for any man-made machine to make a sudden appearance in front of a jumbo jet that is flying 910 kilometers per hour and to remain in steady formation paralleling our aircraft. ... Honestly, we were simply breathtaken."
Japan Airlines pilot Kenju Terauchi in 1986

"Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We got to watching how it made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn't a missile of any type, so then we confirmed it with the radar control station, and they kept following it, and then it crashed somewhere off between Texas and the Mexico border."
Colonel Robert Willingham, USAF from an Sworn Affidavit in the 1970's when discussing a sighting of a UFO whilst he was navigating an F94 jet on September 6th 1950.

"It appears to be a metallic object...tremendous in size, directly ahead and slightly above.I am trying to close for a better look."
Captain Thomas Mantell, USAF,1948. Last words.

"From their maneuvers and their terrific speed I am certain their flight performance was greater than any aircraft known today".
Colonel Carl Sanderson
USAF, commenting on his sighting of two circular silver UFOs in close proximity to his plane over Hermanas, New Mexico. The UFOs were said to make a series of seemingly impossible maneuvers before disappearing at an astonishing speed and showing up again over El Paso, Texas.

"We had many adventures flying under primitive conditions in the frozen north, but none compared with this." "I looked back and saw something that didn't make sense," "It was nothing like flying machines of that period," "It was hexagonal, flat, and seemingly made of aluminum or some other metal, with no breaks in the surface and no rivets." "At the time, I had a spooky feeling. I can't explain it. It was as if I 'felt' the presence of whoever was inside that craft--and the feeling was hostile."
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Grunnet-Royal Danish Air force, describing incident in H. E. 8 seaplane over Greenland,1932.

"I don't know whether this story has ever been told or not. They weren't called UFOs. They were called enemy helicopters. And they were only seen at night and they were only seen in certain places. They were seen up around the DMZ in the early summer of '68. And this resulted in quite a little battle. And in the course of this, an Australian destroyer took a hit and we never found any enemy, we only found ourselves when this had all been sorted out. And this caused some shooting there, and there was no enemy at all involved but we always reacted. Always after dark. The same thing happened up at Pleiku at the Highlands in '69."
USAF Chief of Staff General George S. Brown
DoD Transcript of Press Conference in Illinois (10/16/1973).

"Based on my experience in fighter tactics, it is my opinion that the object was controlled by something having visual contact with us. The power and acceleration were beyond the capability of any known U.S. aircraft".
F-94 pilot, after encountering a UFO, 1952.

"As we approached this glow it turned to a monstrous circle of white lights on the water. Then we saw a yellow halo, small, much smaller than whatever it was launched from, about 15 miles away. As the UFO approached my plane and flew alongside it, we could see the domed craft which had a corona discharge."
Commander Graham Bethune, U.S. Navy -sighting from military flying from Iceland to Newfoundland,February 10, 1951.

"Pilot of helicopters wished to stress fact that object was of a saucer like nature, was stationary at 2000 ft. And would be glad to be called upon to verify any statements and act as witness".
Emergency Report from Maxwell Air Force Base on air space violation by UFO, 1954.

"It was made and flown by intelligent beings."
Major Shiro Kubuta, of Japan's Air Self-Defence Force (I think). Kubuta and his pilot, Lt. Colonel Toshio Nakamura, were scrambled in an F-4EJ to intercept what they were told was a Soviet Bomber.Once Airborne they were informed that their target was actually a UFO which had been sighted by ground and was being tracked on radar.
When they closed upon the red, disk-like UFO, it began to manoeuvre around the plane, causing Nakamura to take evasive action.

"[Object] described as flat on top and bottom and appearing from a front view to have round edges and slightly beveled ... No vapor trails or exhaust or visible means of propulsion. Described as traveling at tremendous speed.... Pilot considered by associates to be highly reliable, of mature judgment and a creditable observer".
Air Force intelligence report, following UFO sighting by F-51 pilot, 1951

"There was something definite in the sky...If it had proved to be hostile we would have destroyed it."
Major Gerald Smith, USAF--One of the F-106 pilots scrambled under orders from NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) to investigate a UFO over West Palm Beach, Florida on September 14, 1972. The UFO was viewed through binoculars by the FAA supervisor, George Morales, sighted by an Eastern Airlines captain, police and several civilians, as well.

"Suddenly, the lights went out. There appeared a yellow halo on the water. It turned to an orange, to a fiery red, and then started movement toward us at a fantastic speed, turning to a bluish red around the perimeter. Due to its high speed, its direction of travel, and its size, it looked as though we were going to be engulfed.
It stopped its movement toward us and began moving along with us about 45 degrees off the bow to the right, about 100 feet or so below us and about 200 to 300 feet in front of us. It was not in a level position; it was tilted about 25 degrees.
It stayed in this position for a minute or so. It appeared to be from 200 to 300 feet in diameter, translucent or metallic, shaped like a saucer, a purple-red fiery ring around the perimeter and a frosted white glow around the entire object. The purple-red glow around the perimeter was the same type of glow you get around the commutator of an auto generator when you observe it at night.
Captain of Navy R5D aircraft,February 8,1951.
Captain,crew members and passengers on a Navy R5D aircraft witness UFO whilst flying over the North Atlantic ocean,February 8, 1951.

"I was the pilot of the plane when we saw the UFO. Also on board were Governor Reagan and a couple of his security people. We were flying a Cessna Citation. It was maybe 9 or 10 o'clock at night. We were near Bakersfield, California when Governor Reagan and the others called my attention to a big light flying a bit behind my plane. It appeared to be several hundred yards away. It was a fairly steady light until it began to accelerate, then it appeared to elongate. Then the light took off. It went up at a 45-degree angle-at a high rate of speed. Everyone on the plane was surprised. Governor Reagan expressed amazement. I told the others I didn't know what it was...The UFO went from a normal cruise speed to a fantastic speed instantly...If you give an airplane power it will accelerate-but not like a hot rod, and that's what this was like"
Bull Paynter, a pilot with thousands of logged hours, in Sacremento California


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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 05:25 PM
Master Sergeant witnesses multiple UFOs over the Arctic:

UFO incident over the Baltic Sea, November 1970.


Pilot Testimony

"I saw three bright glowing objects flying in a triangular formation. Our mission aircraft at the time was doing approximately four hundred fifty or five hundred knots, and these appeared to be closing extremely rapidly on a parallel course to the aircraft.
They appeared as round, glowing red fireballs. The nearest thing I can describe to it is an old fashioned cook stove lid that's been overheated and is just glowing red, or like something you'd see on an anvil in a blacksmith's shop, the glowing red of metal.
The one thing that astounded me was the colossal speed. Even after compensating for our forward direction and they were moving in the opposite direction paralleling the aircraft, they would appear on the horizon and had swept across my complete range of vision from the front of the aircraft to the rear and going over the horizon towards the Arctic regions, it was just a matter of two or three seconds.
And just as I was sitting there open-mouthed astonished watching this phenomenon flash by, there on the horizon appeared three more identical objects, and I watched no less than five or six groups of these things appear suddenly on the horizon at great speed, pass the aircraft and disappear in the Arctic regions to the rear of the aircraft.
It was just incredible. I have never seen anything move like that in my life".

George Lynn Guthrie -Master Sergeant/Crew chief of Airbourne Intelligence Crew/Russian Voice Intercept Processing Supervisor for the Air Force Security Service Command -
Witnessed UFOs flying a mission over the Baltic Sea,November 1970


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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 07:22 AM
Former Air Force Commander discusses multiple radar/visual UFO travelling at 'unimaginable' speeds:

Hernan Gabrielli (General-Ret.): We were two F-5s, dual training craft, and we were returning to base after completing our mission, Cerro Moreno, noon. From Mejillones to Antofagasta, at an altitude of some 35,000 feet - 40,000 feet. I suddenly detected a radar fault and saw a line that ran side to side on the scope, and my student, Danilo Catalán, also detected the same, and curiously enough it was the ground radar, which has a large screen, that also indicated a radar fault. At that time we looked toward [the part of the sky indicated on the radar screen] and we saw that UFO.

Alejandro Guillier: What was it exactly? What was it you managed to see? Can it be described?

Hernan Gabrielli: It was visualized as a smoke-covered, half-deformed banana, very large, in other words, very large in plain sight. We were between 15 or 20 miles away. It was tremendously large and surrounded by a fumarole which moved in our very same direction and at the same speed as our aircraft.

Alejandro Guiller: ...and you felt tempted to check it out.

Hernan Gabrielli: We approached it carefully and...but those were good instructions. We were heading back from Attack 1, which is a combat tactic involving gun cameras, no cannon, missiles or anything else. So we approached it with caution. Unfortunately the UFO did not go away toward a single minute, so we arrived in an instant.

Alejandro Guillier: But I understand that you had to ascend.

Hernan Gabrielli: No...

Alejandro Guillier: In order to approach, what was your position? Going upward..

Hernan Gabrielli: No...we shared the same altitude, between 30,000 and 35,000 feet.

Alejandro Gabrielli: But F-5s are swift airplanes. When you got near it scurried way so...

Hernan Gabrielli: Of course. It’s a fighter that covers 10 nautical miles a minute, in other words, 20 kilometers a minute. That is the normal speed for that aircraft.

Alejandro Guillier: And this object you saw, how soon did it vanish? At what speed?

Hernan Gabrielli: Unimaginable, in other words, thousands of nautical miles a minute, because it vanished toward the west suddenly and the screen cleared up. In other words, all three radar screens--the ground radar, mine and Danilo’s -- were operating normally; it wasn’t just a visual experience but a physical one as well, a material one, that materialized on the screen. Now, if you ask me what it is, where it comes from, don’t ask me. I haven’t the slightest idea.


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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 03:32 PM

What the pilots have seen.

This chart lists over 100 UFO sightings by pilots (AL=Airline pilot; M=Military; P=Private), the majority of whom reported typical geometrical objects such as discs and ellipses. The resulting patterns of the observations, and their strong similarity to reports by other reliable witnesses are readily apparent.

Catalogue of Australian observations of UFOS from Aircraft crew members and passengers:

Aircraft /UFO Encounters prior to 1942:
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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 11:12 AM
Some of the more strange/unexplained pilot UFO Incidents - ATS Member threads:

The RB-47 UFO Encounter- 1957:

The 1976 Tehran, F-4 Phantom Chases UFO Case:

The strange story of JAL 1628:

The Mantell UFO Incident:

The Gorman UFO Dogfight:

The Disappearance of flight N3808H, Puerto Rico, 1980

The Coyne incident, Mansfield, Ohio, 1973:

What Happened to Frederick Valentich?

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 11:17 AM
Pilot transcript of flight N3808H, Puerto Rico, 1980

Last words of Jose Pagan Santos:

Location. Mona Channel, Caribbean Ocean near Puerto Rico

Date: June 28 1980

At 1810 Jose Antonio Maldonado Torres and his friend, Jose Pagan Santos, took off from Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in an Ercoupe aircraft marked N3808H.
The Ercoupe was owned by Santo’s father Jose Pagan Jimenez, an Aero
Police officer in Puerto Rico. They were bound for home in Puerto Rico.

At 2003 the Las Mesas radar site and several aircraft picked up radio transmissions from N3808H:

“Mayday, Mayday, Ercoupe ocho cero, eight zero, zero, Hotel. We can see a strange object in our course, we are lost, Mayday, Mayday.”

An Iberia Airlines flight IB-976 en route from Santo Domingo to Spain responded to the Mayday and received a reply:

“Ah we are going from Santo Domingo to ah San Juan International but we found ah a weird object in our course that made us change course about three different times we got it right in front of us now at one o’clock, our heading is zero seven zero degrees…our altitude one thousand six hundred a zero seven zero degrees…our VORs got lost off frequency…”

Iberia Flight IB-976 then relayed a message from San Juan Center asking N3808H to turn on their transponder.
N3808H replied that the Ercoupe was not equipped with a transponder. At 2006 Iberia IB-976 asked for their call sing and estimated position and received this reply:

“Right now we are supposed to be a about thirty five miles from the coast of Puerto Rico but we have something weird in front of us that make us lose course all the time I changed our course a second (unintelligible) our present heading right now is three hundred we are right again in the same stuff sir.”

They were not heard from again. At 2012 the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range verified the last radar position of N3808H as thirty five miles west of Puerto Rico. A search that included Santos’s father was then mounted which centered on this last radar position. It was discontinued after two days when no trace had been found. No trace was ever found.

Pilot Transmission Recording


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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Awesome thread karl. TONS of info!

The thing that gets me with all the pilot(both military and civilian) sightings, is the maneuvers these things are witnessed doing. Have i missed out on some aerial tech breakthrough that would allow humans to withstand that kind of thing? How would we combat the acceleration and g-forces? No one has ever explained that to me.

Also if these really are just super secret test craft from our(or other) government.....why don't we see or hear about their use in our military actions? I mean we'd be able to plaster any force on the planet with that kind of aerial capability. It just doesn't make sense.

I think that's why I lean toward either an unknown terrestrial force, or et intelligences, with regards to ufo phenomenon that cannot be explained away. Anything else just doesn't make sense.

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by optimus primal
Awesome thread karl. TONS of info!
The thing that gets me with all the pilot(both military and civilian) sightings, is the maneuvers these things are witnessed doing. Have i missed out on some aerial tech breakthrough that would allow humans to withstand that kind of thing? How would we combat the acceleration and g-forces? No one has ever explained that to me.

Optimus primal,thanks for the reply -I've often wondered about that one myself.

Unidentified objects (both in the air and in the ocean) have been witnessed making right angle turns at high speed and the G-force pressures must be huge.
Theres a good quote made here about unconventional UFO flight characteristics by Detective Constable Gary Heseltine from PRUFOS:

"There are some definite flight type characteristics that are seen now that I would say represent genuine instant acceleration; instant stop; vertical acceleration -up into the air and down to the ground; reverses in direction; right angle turns -all in silence -multiple objects sometimes separating and then going back into each other.
They are classic,what I would call,genuine UFO characteristics -things that we can not do in a conventional sense".
British Detective Police Constable Gary Heseltine - Police UFO reporting organisation, PRUFOS


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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:34 PM
Fascinating interview with Flight Lieutennant Michael Swiney and Royal Navy Lieutennant David Crofts who both witnessed three disc shaped objects pass over the cockpit of their plane whilst flying over England in October 1952 (the three objects were also confirmed by ground radar).

Interviews at 13:55
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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 05:37 PM
Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.

"Reports of anomalous aerial objects (AAO) appearing in the atmosphere continue to be made by pilots of almost every airline and air force of the world in addition to private and experimental test pilots.
This paper presents a review of 56 reports of AAO in which electromagnetic effects (E-M) take place on-board the aircraft when the phenomenon is located nearby but not before it appeared or after it had departed. "
"Reported E-M effects included radio interference or total failure, radar contact with and without simultaneous visual contact, magnetic and/or gyro-compass deviations, automatic direction finder failure or interference, engine stopping or interruption, dimming cabin lights, transponder failure, and military aircraft weapon system failure."
"We're not dealing with mental projections or hallucinations on the part of the witness but with a real physical phenomenon."

Dr. Richard Haines, Psychologist specializing in pilot and astronaut "human factors" research for the Ames NASA Research Center in California-Chief of the Space Human Factors Office.



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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 11:29 AM
Prince Charles UFO incident

1986 Daily Mirror article reporting that the light “from a glowing red object” suffused the cockpit of a Royal Air Force jet carrying Prince Charles, seriously unnerving the pilot.
As an aside, the newspaper noted that “Prince Philip has been a keen UFO follower for the past 36 years.

"There are many reasons to believe that they (UFOs) exist, there is so much evidence from reliable witnesses."

Prince Philip,Duke of Edinburgh, 'London Sunday Dispatch', March 28th, 1954.


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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 11:50 AM
This is some great stuff.

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by fls13

Fls13 -there's certainly been some very interesting reports

This is another very strange (and credible) one from Brazil in 1986 where as many as twenty UFOs were tracked by ground radar and multiple aircraft.


As many as twenty UFOs were seen and tracked by ground radar and at least six airplanes during the night of May 19, 1986 over several states in southeastern Brazil. Unidentified radar returns were tracked by airports in São Paulo and the Integrated Air Defense & Air Traffic Control Center (CINDACTA) in Brasilia. Two F-5E and three Mirage jet fighters were scrambled from Santa Cruz AFB in Sao Paulo State, and Anápolis AFB in Goias State.

The case was discussed openly by high ranking government officials. It was first reported by Colonel (Ret.) Ozires Silva, president of the state-owned oil company Petrobrás, who was flying on an executive Xingu jet, when he and the pilot saw and pursued unidentified objects for about 25 minutes. The incident was covered widely in the Brazilian media, leading to a press conference at the Ministry of Aeronautics in Brasilia on May 23, with air traffic controllers and air force pilots involved in the scramble mission...

Chronology of events - May 19, 1986:

"6:30 p.m. local time - First visual sightings by control tower personnel at the São José dos Campos airport in São Paulo State. Controllers notice two intense lights aligned with the runway axis at 330 degrees azimuth and approximately 15 km. [10 m.] distance from the tower.

"7:00 p.m. - The control towers in São Paulo and Brazilia confirm to São José that they have three primary targets on their screens, and that there are no scheduled aircraft in those areas.

"8:00 p.m. - CINDACTA (Brasilia) detects up to eight targets (echoes) on its screens.

"8:30 p.m. - A new object is observed with binoculars at the São José tower; it shows defined edges and red-orange color; it approaches the tower and then retreats.

"9:00 p.m. - The oil company Xingu executive jet with Col. Silva requests landing conditions at São José. Both Silva and Commander Alcir Pereira, the Xingu pilot, confirm visually the luminous objects at 330 degrees azimuth. The Xingu jet attempts to follow the UFOs for 10 minutes.

"9:10 p.m. - The Xingu jet returns for landing when a new, large luminous object heads toward the aircraft. The São Paulo tower confirms two echoes: the Xingu and an unknown, which disappears from the screen 15 minutes later.

"9:20 p.m. - The Air Control Center in Brasilia (ACC-BR) informs the Air Defense Command about the situation.

"9:25 p.m. - The Xingu returns for a second landing attempt when the São Paulo tower reports yet another object at 180 degrees south, which is observed and followed by Commander Pereira.

"9:30 p.m. - The Xingu returns for a third landing attempt when ACC-BR reports the appearance of new objects. The Xingu, now at 3,000 meters [10,000 ft.] of altitude, makes visual contact with three luminous objects flying low over Petrobrás refineries and heading towards Serra do Mar. The Xingu finally lands in São José dos Campos.

"9:40 p.m. - More visual sightings of a round object at 320 degrees azimuth.

"9:50 p.m. - A luminous yellow object surrounded by smaller lights is observed at 110 degrees azimuth.

"10:23 p.m. - The first F-5E jet fighter, piloted by Air Force Lt. Kleber Caldas Marinho, is scrambled from Santa Cruz AFB in Rio State.

"10:45 p.m. - The second F-5E jet, piloted by Captain Brisola Jordão, is scrambled from Santa Cruz. The first Mirage F-103, armed with Sidewinder and Matra missiles, is scrambled from Anápolis AFB in Goias State.

"10:55 p.m. - Anápolis AFB detects the objects on radar. The Mirage piloted by Captain Viriato does not make visual contact with the UFO, but a target is detected on its onboard radar... Captain Viriato later explained at the press conference in Brasilia that he was chasing the UFO 'at 1,350 km./hr. [850 mph], approaching the object up to a distance of 6 miles [9.5 km.]. The object was heading up front and moving from one side to the other (zig-zagging) on my radar scope. Suddenly, the blip disappeared from my radar scope.'

"11:00 p.m - The second Mirage F-103 is scrambled from Anápolis.

"11:15 p.m. - Lt. Kleber's F-5E makes visual contact with a ball of light and chases the UFO at Mach 1.1 (1,320 km./hr. or 850 mph)... Kleber later declared at the press conference: 'I had one visual contact and one contact with my aircraft radar of something that looked like a luminous point, which was 12 miles [19 km.] in front of me, a distance confirmed by ground radar. The object was moving from left to right and then began to climb... [it] was at 10 km [6 mi.] of altitude and flying over 1,000 km./hr. [600 mph]. I followed it up to 200 miles [320 km.] over the Atlantic Ocean [limit of Brazil's territorial waters]. I wasn't afraid because I like the unknown.'

"11:17 p.m. - The third Mirage jet is scrambled from Anápolis AFB.

"11:20 p.m. - Captain Jordão's F-5E establishes radar contact... At the press conference a few days later, he stated: 'Near to São José dos Campos, radar detected several targets, 10 to 13 targets, at a distance of 20 miles [32 km.]. The sky was clear but I didn't see anything. Ground radar informed me that the objects were closing in: 20 miles, 15, 10, 5, suddenly there were 13 objects behind my aircraft, 6 on one side and 7 on the other, during several minutes. After I maneuvered the aircraft, the objects had disappeared.' [Captain Jordão flew for 1 hour 20 minutes.]

"11:36 p.m. - The third Mirage is scrambled from Anápolis AFB.

"1:00 a.m. (May 20) - By this time all jet fighters have returned to their bases."114



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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 10:13 AM
Lt. Milton Torres story is most compelling

He kept his mouth shut for years, just following orders. He said nothing publicly until the British MOD declassified the report of his encounter and the media started contacting him. So much for someone merely "seeking attention."

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by fls13

Fls13 -many thanks for posting that one

Found this part interesting - it seems to be a reoccurring theme with Air Force/Naval UFO/USO incidents:

Mr Torres, now 77 and a retired professor of civil engineering living in Miami, told The Times that the day after he was scrambled from RAF Manston he received a visit from an American in a trenchcoat who waved a National Security Agency identity card at him and warned him that, if he ever revealed what had happened, he would never fly again.


This incident from Puerto Rico involving the disappearance of two Navy F-14 Tomcat fighters is also a very intriguing one:

MUFON Report:

December 28, 1988, 7:45 p.m. Area of the towns of Lajes and Cabo Rojo in the western end of Puerto Rico.
(see January 1990 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal for details).

Numerous residents of the area reported seeing jet fighters flying through the area, starting at 6 p.m. A week earlier, some people had seen jet fighters chase a small UFO over the Sierra Bermeja mountain ridge and Laguna Cartagena (a lagoon), sites where a number of UFO sightings had been reported since 1987.
At 7:45 this evening, residents saw a large triangular UFO flying over the Sierra Bermeja.
It seemed to have some kind of extended appendage on its frontal section with many brilliant colored lights constantly blinking on and off.
It was slightly curved at its rear end, had a gray metallic structure and had a large central yellow light that was being emitted from a big bulging luminous circular concave appendage.
At the triangle's right "wing tip" were brilliant yellow lights and on the left were red lights.
As the people watched, two jet fighters tried to intercept the object.
They passed in front of it, at which time the UFO veered to the left and made a turn back, reducing its speed. The jets tried to intercept it three times, and that's when the UFO decreased its speed, almost stopping in mid-air.
One jet stationed itself near the UFO's right side and the other at its rear. Suddenly, the jet in back just disappeared on top of or inside the UFO. One witness who was watching with binoculars said he never saw the jet emerge from beyond the UFO.

The second jet remained very close to the right side of the object, looking very small in comparison. As the UFO flew a little to the west, the second jet also disappeared, apparently inside the UFO, and its engine noise stopped.
The object then began descending and came down very close to the ground over a small pond known as Saman Lake. It stood still in mid-air for a moment, then straightened its corners and gave off a brilliant flash of yellow light from the central ball of light, like an explosion, but without making any noise.
It then divided into two different and distinct triangular sections. The triangle to the right was illuminated in yellow and the other in red.
Then both shot away at great speed, one to the southeast, and the other to the northwest. Red sparks could be seen falling when the object divided itself.
A retired Army veteran living in the area said that at 8:20 p.m., a bunch of black helicopters arrived and flew over the Sierra Bermeja and the Laguna Cartagena areas without lights until midnight and appeared to be searching for something.
UFO researcher Jorgé Martin checked with all Puerto Rican and U.S. Government agencies that might have knowledge of the incident but all denied knowing anything about what happened. Martin said that a week later a U.S. Naval officer whom he could not identify confirmed all that had happened and said radar tapes had been sent to Washington, D.C. and that a lid of secrecy had been placed on the whole affair.


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posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 07:24 AM
Another very interesting UFO case from 1951 with some bizarre pilot eyewitness testimony:

U.S. Naval Reserve Lieutenant Graham Bethune, co-pilot on Flight 125 from Keflavik

Pilot drawings:





"About 300 miles outside of Argentia, Newfoundland, I saw a glow on the water. As we approached this glow, it turned into hundreds of circles of white lights on the water. We watched it for a while; when the lights went out, there was nothing on the water. The next thing that we saw was a yellow halo that was very small, about 15 miles away. It came up to 10,000 feet in a fraction of a second. I disengaged the autopilot and pushed the nose over, because I was going to go under it at the angle that it was coming toward me. The minute that I did that, it was up at our altitude and I could see nothing outside of the cockpit but this craft."

"I didn't know which way to go. Then all of a sudden I heard a racket. I didn't know what it was. And I said: 'What the hell was that?' One of the crewmen looked around and said: 'Everyone [in the plane] was ducking [down] and they collided [with each other]. They were all lying on the [floor of the plane]."

"Then [the UFO] appeared over to the right, moved out slowly and flew with us. It was not at our altitude, but we could see the shape of it. It was a dome and I could see the coronal discharge. I went back aft, let the other pilot, Al Jones, take my seat, and went to see if the passengers were OK. They had some bumps and bruises. One passenger was a doctor so I went to him first. I said: 'Doc, did you see what we saw?' He looked me straight in the eye and said: 'Yeah, it was a flying saucer.' He said: 'I didn't look at it because I don't believe in such things.' It took me a couple of seconds to realize what he was saying. Being a psychiatrist, he couldn't believe in that kind of thing."

"So I went back to the cockpit and said, 'Al, whatever you do, don't tell anybody we saw anything. They will lock us up as soon as we get on the ground.' He says: 'It's too late. I just called Gander control [in Newfoundland] to see if they could track this by radar.' So that's how the story got out."

"It was obvious from the questions and demeanor of the US Navy men who debriefed us that they'd seen things out there before. When the crew returned to the Patuxant River Naval Air Test Center in Maryland, they required that each of us writes a report."

U.S. Naval Reserve Lieutenant Graham Bethune, co-pilot on Flight 125 from Keflavik


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posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 07:44 AM
Nice thread with lots of interesting information; need some time to go through everything; thanks for your(OP) time & effort

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 07:48 AM
Fantastic thread Karl, you've produced some excellent material, which makes for thrilling reading!

I'm entirely convinced that most, if not all of these cases involve craft that are not of this world. It's all too easy to say that 'oh these are experimental craft being secretly tested by the governments of Earth', but you've provided cases which easily show that it cannot be the case, such as the Gypsy Moth pilot's case in the 1930s.

Also, if such discs and 'otherworldy' craft were being tested in the 1940s and 50s, surely these would have become mainstream aircraft in regular use all over the world, because everything that air forces use these days must have one day started out as secret experimental planes.

And of course, it's pretty apparent that base commanders are equally surprised by these events as the pilots themselves, so why would Black Projects be being tested 'against' other pilots and giving them severe trauma and generally screwing them about? Doesn't add up...

So basically, the amount of cases you've put forward here, is easily testament that there is something amazing and otherworldly going on in our skies, and has been doing do for decades, without official public acknowledgement and disclosure. God Damn.

Hmm was that too wordy?

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by karl 12

Great research karl, and I agree with optimus' observation about hi-g maneuvers.

I (others too I'm sure) have considered that maybe the craft which are performing such maneuvers are unpiloted drones. Like our Predator but way faster, being controlled from a larger "mother ship" which doesn't zip around quite so nimbly.

But if the craft making these types of abrupt stops etc. are piloted, consider that somehow a term in the 1st law of motion is modified. In F = ma, we know that a is high from the observations. F must be low enough that the brain and internal organs are not slammed against the skull and ribcage (or whatever holds them together). Unless they have physiologies that can withstand these g forces, then the mass must be somehow made artificially low in the environment inside the craft (maybe they understand what we theoretically call "Higgs Boson" giving matter mass). Or the craft somehow creates its own inertial frame of reference? Weird.

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