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PRUFOS -´Police Report UFO Sightings´Organisation.

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posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 07:49 AM
Great UK Police UFO site managed by British Detective Constable Gary Heseltine containing comprehensive listings of numerous credible UFO/OVNI sightings from trained professionals highly experienced in reporting what they see.


This is an unofficial police site run by a serving police detective with over 18 years experience.

My name is GARY HESELTINE and I am a serving Detective Constable.

I launched the PRUFOS POLICE DATABASE in January 2002. It caters for serving and retired police officers to record their respective UFO sightings.

Police sightings are listed in two categories - On and Off duty sightings.

Since its lauched I have 256 cases dating back to 1901 involving 608 British police officers.

After studying the subject for over thirty years I am totally convinced that a small proportion of UFO sightings are genuine and represent an extraterrestrial presence on the Earth.

The media present the subject with a degree of ridicule - this is a total misrepresentation of the KNOWN FACTS about UFOs.

My belief in the extraterrestrial hypothesis is based primarily on:

2000 Military pilot reports

3000 Commercial pilot reports

Hundreds of Radar operator reports

Positive comments made by scientists, astronauts, cosmonauts, astronomers.

Positive comments made by senior military people i.e. Generals, Admirals, Colonels etc..


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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by karl 12

The Troodos UFO incident involving PRUFOS researcher Gary Heseltine:

A British UFO researcher may hold a vital clue that could help prove a flying saucer crashed into the Troodos mountains 35 years ago. Gary Heseltine, the editor of the popular UFO Monthly magazine, has taken possession of several items of unidentified debris collected by a former British soldier who claims to have witnessed a UFO fall to earth in 1973. In his detailed account, Corporal Tom Clarke, who was part of a six man British Army unit on a late night patrol recalled what happened when spotted strange lights in the sky. “We were all awoken at about 2am by a brilliant bluish dazzling bright light in the sky, what happened next is hard to explain. There was not an explosion, but we were all hit by a shockwave and fell flat to the ground. The light just disappeared or went out,” Clarke recalled. The team of dazed soldiers quickly found the crash site which was located some 200 metres down the mountain and additional military personal were called in to investigate. The soldiers were ordered to collect debris and place it into black plastic bags; Corporal Clarke managed to conceal some small pieces of golden tinted foil from amongst the wreckage – which is now in the hands of UFO Magazine. “After what seemed like hours a halt was called and we were all lined up and told that under no circumstances were we to talk about what we had been doing and that we were forbidden to take anything from the site under threat of Court Martial. “We were then all taken from the area by helicopter and flown to Alexander Barracks in Dhekelia where we were interviewed separately.

I was asked to describe exactly what I had seen and was warned again not to discuss with anyone the events that had occurred.” Soon afterwards all six men who witnessed the crash were posted to different foreign locations and nothing more was heard about events of that night in 1973-- until now. Gary Heseltine is convinced that Clarke has given a credible and genuine account of the mysterious events of 1973.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 06:13 AM
reply to post by karl 12

Excellent find karl 12
Thank you for sharing this information..
It's not often you got to see official government agency taking the
UFO matter 'seriously' nor 'openly' like this. Think I'll be checking
this intriguing site from time to time from now on

S & F!!!

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 11:33 AM

Originally posted by KembaraLangit
reply to post by karl 12

Excellent find karl 12
Thank you for sharing this information..
It's not often you got to see official government agency taking the
UFO matter 'seriously' nor 'openly' like this. Think I'll be checking
this intriguing site from time to time from now on

S & F!!!

Kembara, thanks for the reply -it certainly is a very interesting (yet unofficial) website and the Troodos UFO incident which D.C. Heseltine is involved with sounds a very intriguing one.
It seems the British Army soldiers who witnessed the event have all been threatened with Court martials if they discuss their sighting and all got posted to different foreign locations after the incident.


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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 07:01 PM
UFOs: database of police sightings of records 310 incidents in six years:

Daily Telegraph article:

A database set up to record UFO sightings by police officers has recorded 310 incidents in the past six years.
Gary Heseltine, a British Transport Police officer, has produced an annual report detailing UFO sightings by officers across the country since 2003.

His latest report, published on his PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings ) database this week, highlights 50 new cases involving 106 officers - taking the total of individual sightings recorded to 310.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 01:26 PM
Police, an Australian website documenting police officer UFO incidents and testimony:

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 08:55 AM
Other interesting incidents involving UFOs being witnessed by Police Officers:

Unknown object photographed by Policeman over Puerto Rico:


Background Information / Description:

Hundreds of witnesses observed a disc, illuminated by bright lights, flying at a low altitude over a residential quarter of Levittown. When dozens of people called the local police station, a patrol car was sent. Police Officer Sgt. José Cordero arrived just in time to observe the large disc passing directly over him. He was able to take ten photos with his official Polaroid camera.
The case was investigated by Puerto Rican UFO researcher Jorge Martin. A computer analysis performed by members of German MUFON (MUFON-CES) confirmed that it must have been a large craft.


Ohio UFO Chase , Portage County April 17, 1966:


The 1977, Mayaquez UFO Incident,Puerto Rico:


Cardiff police UFO chase:


UFO formation in South Africa witnessed by Police:


Argentina: Police Encounter UFO and 4 Aliens:


Police Helicopter Tapes UFO:


Police Officer UFO Sightings:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 10:22 AM
UFO hovers over two policemen in patrol car:

Date: February 10, 1977

Location: Flora, Mississippi, United States

Summary: Madison County Sheriff's Deputy Kenneth Creel and Constable James Luke were on a routine patrol drive when they witnessed a 30 to 40 foot UFO which approached them at close range. "The thing came right over the car," said Creel. "...The thing just hovered over us, about 20 or 30 feet up, for more than a minute."



Police officer observes and photographs disc in Colfax, Wisconsin:

Date: April 19, 1978

Location: Colfax, Wisconsin, United States

Summary: On April 19, 1978, police officer Mark Coltrane was on patrol in the vicinity of Colfax. He then noticed a metalic looking disc raising towards the the sky at a short distance from the parking space. While the object seemed to move towards him, Coltrane picked up his Polaroid camera, came out of the car and snapped some photographs. The object was so close in one of the images that it is possible to notice some details of its lower surface.



Two police officers witness UFO during helicopter patrol:

Date: February 27, 1993

Location: Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States

Summary: Two Jefferson County air unit police officers — described by their lieutenant as "solid guys" — swear they had a two-minute dogfight with a UFO during a routine helicopter patrol Friday night.
Two officers on the ground said they, too, spotted the object. The UFO — a glowing pear-shaped object about the size of a basketball — literally flew circles around the helicopter, even though the fliers say they were moving at speeds approaching 100 mph.



Sheriff reveals 1966 UFO encounter:

Date: August 9, 1966

Location: Richmond , Virginia, United States

Summary: "I happened to look up and there was that UFO right above the cornfield, it was just hovering right up above the power lines" about 200 feet in the air, Mathews said. The craft, which Mathews described as white and about 30 feet in diameter, made hardly a sound and emitted no light. "It was just like the ones you see on TV," Mathews said.



South African Constables observe disc-shaped object resting on highway:

Date: September 16, 1965

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Summary: On the night of September 16 two Pretoria, S. Africa, constables came upon a disc-shaped object resting on the highway. The headlights of their police van illuminated the copper-colored object which appeared to be about 30 feet in diameter. On top of the UFO was a small dome. In seconds the UFO suddenly lifted off the road, emitting tongues of flame.



Patrol Car Illuminated by UFO:

Date: September 3, 1965

Location: Damon, Texas, United States

Summary: Purple and blue lights were attached to opposite ends of an enormous object, hovering about 150 feet from witnesses at about a 100-foot altitude. Object appeared to be triangular shaped, about 200 feet wide and 40-50 feet thick in the middle, tapering off toward both ends.


Multiple Police witness Flying Disc,New Jersey:

Date: September 15, 1962

Location: Oradell, New Jersey, United States

Summary: A series of New Jersey police sightings after a reported disc landing in a reservoir. The action began on September 15, when two shiny discs were seen by multiple independent witnesses. On September 21, four Hawthorne police officers watched a device with two beams like headlights. Just after midnight, September 24, the same or a similar device was seen over the quarry by over a dozen Hawthorne police officers and the chief reporter of the N. J. State Press,George Penta.


Red Bluff Incident

Date: August 13, 1960

Location: Red Bluff, California, United States

Summary: California Highway Patrol Officers Charles A. Carson and Stanley Scott were on patrol when they sighted what they thought was an airliner about to crash. When the UFO had descended to about 100 or 200 feet altitude it suddenly reversed direction and climbed to 500 ft. Description: round or oblong surrounded by a glow (color not mentioned) and having definite red lights at each end. They continued to watch the UFO as it performed "unbelievable" aerial feats. (NICAP, 1964)



Two patrolmen see glowing red UFO in New Jersey:

Date: December 20, 1958

Location: Dunellen, New Jersey, United States

Summary: Patrolmen LeRoy A. Arboreen and B. Talada were on night patrol when they saw an object coming from the west. "At first it looked like a red hot piece of coal about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. In a matter of seconds it was as large as a ruler held at arm's length... The body of the object was solid bright red and it gave off a pulsating red glow... The object hovered a few seconds, then made a left turn and again hovered for a few seconds, then went straight up like a shot."


Star-shaped objects observed for several nights over Ingolstadt, Germany -witnessed by 12 Police Officers:

Date: September 6, 1979

Location: Ingolstadt, Germany

Summary: Star-shaped objects were observed for several nights in September 1979 over the city of Ingolstadt. Since that time members of MUFON-CES, the German UFO research organization, have interviewed several flight controllers, a dozen police officers and numerous other witnesses. They have also analyzed photographs and radar recordings that where made on film.


Police officer observes unknown craft:

"I observed an aircraft, approx. 150-200ft above ground level and approx 300-500ft slant range from my location. It was rolling out of a right bank and the streetlights were illuminating it enough so that I could see a distinct silhouette of the fuselage and the underbelly. This object appeared to be the same color as the night sky, flat black or dark gray. There were no lights, no exhaust flames and no engine noise... just absolute silence!"



25 witnesses,including Police Officers, observe black,oval shaped object:

Date: 2002

Location: Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada

Summary: And in a clear sky overhead and to the south was a black object in the oval shape of a rugby ball! It was not moving and stayed exactly where it was as we approached. It seemed to be about 2000 feet above the ground near our Central Park and about the size of a 747. Many people pulled off the highway to look at it, including 2 policemen.



Three Huntington Police Officers See Circular Flying Object:

Date: December 26, 2003

Location: Huntington, Indiana, United States

Summary: "The object, seen from just north of the city Police Station, came out of the northwest to the steeple of a near by Catholic Church, then shot straight back north. It didn't make any noise, and it remained in their sight for less than a minute.


Multiple witnesses,including police,observe large boomerang-shaped object over motorway:

Date: 1975

Location: New York, United States

Summary: From the witness: "It was approximately the size of a high school football field, but not quite as wide. It had lights on each end and in the middle with blue square lights all across the back end of the wings.... We noticed that there was absolutely no sound at all and that it didn't fluctuate or "flutter" and that it just floated in the air. We saw structure, that is we saw the body of the vehicle. No rivets or seams, just the silver/grey color of the body."



Police Officer witnessess large, disk-shaped craft,domed top,with lights:

Date: April 2, 2004

Location: Lamar, Colorado, United States

Summary: Six lights strung together, estimated to be 600 feet in length, and 500 ft. distance. Craft was disk in shape with a dome stucture on top. 2nd witness thought the lights were windows with luminating lights from inside the craft.



Police UFO sighting in South Dakota:

Date: November 27, 1976

Location: Milbank, South Dakota, United States

Summary: Police radio dispatcher witnesses a large, somewhat egg-shaped object, blue at its base, but flashing multi-colored lights (mostly red) higher up and having two protruding legs or antennae.


More Police UFO Reports

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posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 09:25 AM
Declassified MOD file:

Police Officer witnesses UFO


A drawing of a dome-shaped UFO with flashing coloured lights that was drawn by a police officer called to a house in Stanmore, North London, one night in August 1984. The sketch was attached to a report by the Metropolitan Police to the Ministry of Defence.


Policeman and Pilot both report Giant UFO in Puerto Rico:

Reserved Matter: Gigantic UFOs in Our Coasts

Among the incidents of this type that occurred in recent years, which have upset the federal and local authorities in the Island, there are two that we will discuss briefly.

The first one has to do with the sighting, two pilots, one of them member of the Police of Puerto Rico, had in the summer of 1995, of an extraordinary flying saucer type craft in waters south of the municipality of Guayanilla.

In a conversation, the officer, who asked us to maintain his identity as anonymous for the moment, told us what they saw: "That it was incredible - said the officer.

We left in a private Cessna airplane from “Cabo Rojo (West)” to the Airport of Mercedita, in Ponce [south of the Island].

It was about 3:00 PM and it was a beautiful day, sunny, clear, without clouds. We were flying a few miles to the south of Guayanilla, over the sea,and suddenly we saw that object.... It was an incredible sight...There, submerged just below the waters, surface, was an object similar to an enormous flying saucer.

It was submerged, under water, but not very deep, and we could appreciate its details. It was a very big object, round and appeared to be metallic, opaque gray in color, like flat pewter aluminum.

It had four stories, with each smaller in diameter, like a cake, and in each floor it had what seemed to be many square windows. On the top floor or section it had a large dome, very big, also metallic. It seemed to us that it was 400 some feet in diameter. We could not believe what we saw. It was something extraordinary.

The police officer told us that they decided to examine it, circling the object and discovered, with great amazement, that the object measured at least a mile in diameter. It took them seven minutes to totally circumvent the object.

The enormous object, in the shape of a disc, was just lying under water without any sign of activity, either in its interior, or outside of it.

With great astonishment and a bit scared, they decided to leave the area, landing later at the Mercedita Airport in Ponce. Once there, they told other people about what they saw, and they were told of similar incidents that had occurred in the region.

As it were, a couple of days after the sighting of the great UFO, better described as USO (unidentified submerged object) two fishermen from the area had an impressive encounter with a similar object perhaps the same one, of gargantuan dimensions, that exited from the sea in front of them surrounded by great luminosity. Both fishermen suffered what appeared to be severe radiation burns and were medically treated.


Police encounter UFO -England 1978.



Belgium Police report huge UFO.


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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 02:13 PM
UFO witnessed by two Police Officers near Vilnius, Lithuania, June,1996.

Article published in the daily newspaper France Soir, France - Declassified CIA report below.

A UFO in Vilnius


Am unidentified flying object was seen not far from Vilnius and was observed during half an hour by two police officers who launched an alert to all the police forces of the Lithuanian capital. At about 0:30, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, on the Vilnius-Misdininkaï road, close to the village of Nemajis, the UFO - an rounf, luminous object with shaky pulsations - stationed 20 to 30 meters above ground-level, according to the testimonies of the police officers. "At the same time, one heard a strange noise similar to electric or electronic crackling," they specified. But when they arrived at 50 meters approximately of the object, it started to move, rose in the air then moved away quickly.

Formerly classified document dated June 25th, 1996 and released March 25th, 1997 from the archives of the CIA (CIA still collects information on UFOs worldwide in 1996):


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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 07:02 AM
More interesting police reports from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Files obtained from the National Archives of Canada

The following account is from the actual transcripts of sightings filed with, first, the National Research Council, and finally, archived and microfilmed by the National Archives of Canada. The National Research Council maintained a file of unidentified aerial phenomena (UFOs) under a category titled: "Non-Meteoric Sightings". UFOs referred to below are "unidentified flying objects"... unidentified to the observer.

RCMP Officers Chase UFO, Southern Saskatchewan, 1973:

At just before 8 pm on a clear November evening a citizen telephoned the local RCMP detachment to report that he had seen, what he believed to be, a large 150 foot (45 meters) red and orange, fast moving UFO.

Two RCMP constables were dispatched and arrived in the area where the citizen reported that the sighting took place. At first they saw nothing but decided to drive around some of the grid roads to have a look. After driving a short while, they noticed, what one officer called "an odd set of lights" west of their location so they drove in that direction.

After driving a ways (and we gather from the reports that they did not have the light in view all time), they crested a hill and before them, no more than a mile (1.4 km) away was a very bright light. As they drove toward the light with the headlights on their police cruiser on, the object (UFO) disappeared. Turning off the their car's headlights, the UFO then re-appeared again. The object first appeared to be on or very near the ground and the two constables watched as the object changed color from orange to red then fading and becoming bright once more. The officers estimated the size of the object to be about 150 feet in diameter (45 meters).

After a short period of time the UFO appeared to gain altitude to about 100 feet (30 metres) and started to move toward the two startled police officers. As the UFO got closer, the officers were able to make out what one described as a "mushroom shaped object" and the other explained as an "upside-down saucer". Both agreed that the UFO was quite large and had red and orange lights completely encasing it. At no time did they hear any noise coming from the object.

Now another RCMP officer arrived with 15 civilian E.M.O. members on snowmobiles. The snowmobiles were able to move across the farmer's fields directly toward the UFO but each time they would get close, the object would quickly move away. A number of individuals, including at least one of the RCMP officers had a look at the UFO through a rifle scope. Their comment in the report of one officer was that through the rifle scope... "It appeared to have portholes".

The UFO then gained some altitude and flew off quickly to the east following the contours of the terrain.


UFO sighted by 4 RCMP Officers in Saskatchevan, 1975:




A. Date/Time: 18 April 75. 9:30 pm to 11:45 pm Central Standard Time

B. Weather/Atmospheric Conditions: Sky clear with scattered clouds

C. Prime Witness(es): Observers: Mr. ---- , Miss ----

D. Location: Township 18, Range 25, west of 2nd Meridian

E. Other Witness(es): (Names withheld: 1 Cpl. and 3 Constables all from Moose Jaw Det. R C M Police)

F. Description: High intensity white light, no shape discernable, altitude varying from below cloud level to above cloud level. Single object observed to move from west of Moose Jaw to approx 30 miles NW of Moose Jaw during time of sighting.

G. Duration: Duration of sighting approx 2 hours.

H. Other Information: Check with Regina ATC showed no radar contact with object. UFO observed until Air Canada flight from Regina to Edmonton reached approx location of object at which time it disappeared. Aircraft lights and UFO observed in same general area immediate prior to disappearance.

Moose Jaw Det R C M Police


Ontario Provincial Reports two UFOs ,1975:

P 031100Z NOV 75

A. Date/Time: 3 Nov 75 0945Z

B. Weather/Atmospheric Conditions: Clear

C. Prime Witness(es): OPP Constables --- and ---.

D. Location: Haileybury, Ont.

E. Other Witness(es): Civilian radio operator --- plus employees of radio station and Northern Telephone Co.

F. Description: Round bright white light the size of a street lamp observed hovering NE of Haileybury with fingers of white light (coming) from it. In addition, just north of this object was another large light giving off red, white and green light. After approx one hour the objects commenced moving slowly south and appeared to climb higher although altitude difficult to estimate, observers state. Objects about 50 times larger and brighter than a star.

G. Duration: Still being observed at 1100Z.

H. Other Information: Nil.


Report N75/145 000050 Reel T-1742


RCMP Constables Report A UFO:


1/3 BDN JUN25


BDN33 Brandon Det. reports the sightings of an illuminated object in the sky approx. 5 miles west of Kirkhams Bridge area in the RM of Daly, Man. The light was first noted by Reg. No.----, Cst.---- at approx. 11:10 pm, 20 June 75 while on patrol in a PC on the Grand Valley Road south of the Kirkhams Bridge area.

At approx. 11:30 pm Reg. No.---- Cst.---- and Reg. No.---- Cst.---- of Brandon Det. were in the Kirkhams Bridge area on patrol in another PC when they also sighted the same light.

The object appeared as a bright white light suspended approx 220 to 300 ft. off the ground. It was stationary and on several occasions was observed to become brighter.

Cst.---- attempted to close with it in the PC with negative results. He pursued the object to approx. 3 miles southeast of Hamiota, Man. where it disappeared at approx. 12:30 am, 21 June 75 and could not be located again.

When Cst.'s---- and ---- first saw the object they followed it on PTH 21 towards Hamiota where it disappeared. A red flash was observed in the white light just before it suddenly disappeared.

After it disappeared it was established that there was nothing in the area where it had been seen to indicate it could have been mistaken for a star.

At approx. 11:30 pm, 20 June 75, the Brandon Airport Tower was contacted and they confirmed there was no aircraft in the area then or since the object had been sighted.

It is the opinion of the writer this unknown object could be classified as a UFO and this is also the opinion of the other members involved.



Report N75/080 000026 Reel T-1742


UFO Emits Bright Flash of Light That Temporarily Blinds RCMP Constable - 1976:

PUZ 016/23

A. Date/Time: 220845Z April 22, 1976

B. Weather/Atmospheric Conditions: Clear

C. Prime Witness(es): Constable ---, Terrace RCMP

D. Location: Highway 16, Approximately 6 miles west of Terrace

E. Other Witness(es): None

F. Description: Red flashing light first appeared two miles ahead of the RCMP which was heading west on Highway 16. As the car rounded curve the light was observed off to the left of the highway and about 100 yards above the trees. A bright flash on the RCMPs car windshield temporarily blinded the constable and then disappeared. The constable was unable to see any shapes or color other than the red light.

G. Duration: 4 minutes.

H. Other Information: Constable searched the area right after the sighting and again the next morning with no results. No airplanes reported missing or overdue.


Report N76/018 000061 and 000062 Reel T-1742

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posted on May, 5 2009 @ 07:56 AM
Quote made by British Detective Constable Gary Heseltine from PRUFOS:

"There are some definite flight type characteristics that are seen now that I would say represent genuine instant acceleration; instant stop; vertical acceleration -up into the air and down to the ground; reverses in direction; right angle turns -all in silence -multiple objects sometimes separating and then going back into each other.
They are classic,what I would call,genuine UFO characteristics -things that we can not do in a conventional sense".
British Detective Constable Gary Heseltine - Police UFO reporting organisation,PRUFOS


Two police officers in UK encounter UFO:

Date: December 12, 1978

Location:Skipton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Summary: At 4:30 a.m., a lonely police patrol car was driving on a remote country road along the Cononley Moor. In the car were Sgt.
Anthony Dodd and Constable Alan Dale. They saw a bright white light that seemed to be diving towards them in a glide - a big shining disc which flew
over their heads at a speed of about 40 mph. At its closest, it
was hardly 100 feet away from them, so that they could see a number of details. "It was a huge thing, about 100 feet in diameter, and it made no noise whatsoever."

Sketch of UFO seen by Police Officers:


Police Constable Anthony Dodd witness testimony:


Suddenly, a loud static noise, hissing and rustling, tore Sgt. Dodd out of his reverie. They were just then driving into a curve when, to the right, a bright white light seemed to be diving towards them in a glide. They thought it was a burning airplane so they drove to the side and stopped the car to see what was happening and where it would land, in case help was required. It was, however, no airplane but a big shining disc which flew over their heads at a speed of about 40 mph. At its closest, it was hardly 100 feet away from them,so that they could see a number of details.
When I interviewed Dodd in 1991 for my documentary film UFOs: The Secret
Evidence, he explained,"It had a dome with ports all around it. The bottom was surrounded by colored lights like neon lights in blue, red, green and white which blinked in a sequence as if they were rotating, and in the middle there were three spheres or hemispheres. It was a huge thing, about 100 feet in diameter, and it made no noise whatsoever. What fascinated me even more was that the object was enveloped in a kind of halo which made its entire metallic structure glow white. It flew slowly over our heads and seemed to land at a place behind a group of trees. But we couldn 't see or check that out because at that point it was too far away and in the middle of the moor." "What
on Earth was that?" asked Constable Dale breaking the silence, brought back to reality by the penetrating cold. Sgt. Dodd's answer came minutes after that."I don't know, but it was wonderful."

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posted on May, 6 2009 @ 01:33 PM
Police officers see red UFO rise from sea.

Two policemen patrolling the seafront at midnight on Sunday, September 1, at Porthcawl, Glamorgan, Wales, saw a blood-red object with a jagged black streak across its centre rise out of the water on the horizon.
Chief-Inspector Reginald Jones, of "D" Division, Glamorgan Police, told Flying Saucer Review that the two policemen thought at first that they were seeing a ship on fire on the horizon towards Ilfracombe. But then it rose out of the water like a blood-red sun, a good deal larger than a full-sized harvest moon.
While the two police officers watched, two more streaks appeared above and below. It remained at sea level, then suddenly took off at a fantastic speed towards the Atlantic.
Chief-Inspector Jones said the report had gone to top level.


16 Security Police witness UFO rise from the sea:

Another interesting incident in Puerto Rico took place on August 18, 1968, at 2:30 a.m. at Ramey AFB, and involves Sgt. Thomas Carulli, who signed a statement for APRO. The statement, which was obtained through APRO Field Investigator John R. Artie, an Air Force member now stationed at Beale AFB in California, goes as follows:

"At approximately August 18, 1968, at approximately 2:30 a.m., off Borinquen Beach, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, fifteen other security policemen and myself observed what was believed to be known as an unidentified flying object.

"Visibility was unlimited. The UFO seemed to be rising from the ocean but when first seen it was appearing to be at a 45-degree angle above the surface and rising. While also rising it seemed to yaw to its sides emitting a very bright, almost florescent light which was similar to that of an unblinking strobe light.
The reason why it seemed this way was because there appeared to be struts or bars or (you could say) window panes. These struts were verticle (sic) and there were about six of them. They reminded me of the crown on the Statue of Liberty but their greatest width seemed to be in their center.
"When it reached its zenith, which in itself appeared to be no more than 1500 ft. off the ground, it lingered there for a few minutes; all the while it emitted thin light which lit up the whole area which before was in complete darkness.
"It was circular or sphere-like, more like if you held only your fingertips and your wrists together not letting the palms of your hands touch, in fact, if you would do this with your hands and turn your hands to your face with the fingers at eye level this is what the UFO most nearly looked like.

"Its size was close to a half-dollar at arm's length. It emitted no sound. Lights around us didn't dim either. While in its zenith the UFO seemed to pulsate and fluxed from side to side or wobbled. Then another orb of light came from it.
"This was a light about the size of a dime held at arm's length. It stayed by the side of the first UFO, then it too fluxed or wobbled and shot straight upwards until it was nearly invisible.
Then it just seemed to hang there almost indistinguishable from the other stars. After two or three more minutes passed, the first UFO wobbled, turned on its side and darted upwards and outwards in a north-north-westerly direction until it disappeared.
"This whole spectacular phenomenon took about 12-17 minutes in its entirety."

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posted on May, 10 2009 @ 07:57 PM
Police UFO/USO Quotes:

"At first I though we were seeing a ship on fire on the horizon towards Ilfracombe. But then it rose out of the water like a blood-red sun, a good deal larger than a full-sized harvest moon.It remained at sea level, then suddenly took off at a fantastic speed towards the Atlantic."
Chief-Inspector Reginald Jones, of "D" Division, Glamorgan Police - object also witnessed by another officer,09-01-1957.

“I saw something in the sky that I didn't know what it was,it was over Highway Two about fifteen hundred feet, a large, lighted ball about six feet in diameter. It was going toward the beach very slowly.I was in the parking lot of the Hilton when they called me from the police department.They told me to go to the beach because a great many people were watching this object.
When I got there, the object was already hovering over the water about two or three miles off the beach. There were about five hundred people watching. There are about four public housing areas right there and all the people from the housing areas were there. I saw one light coming down but when I got to the beach I noticed there were two objects in the water, not together but about a mile away from each other. They were hovering over the water, right about at the water level.
Because of the distance I couldn’t tell if it was a few feet over the water or if they were actually touching the water. The first object stayed about an hour but the second one lasted at least four hours.
People came out of their houses to see the view and people came in cars, parked on the side of the street and went to the beach to see what was happening. I stayed until midnight, mostly keeping an eye on the group so there wouldn’t be any problems.
It was pretty high, like an orange-yellow light. I don't know exactly the size. As it came down it got larger. It was pretty good sized.
The police got many, many phone calls, all night. We called the Coast Guard but they didn’t come. They said it wasn't an emergency.
I think they were mystery objects. I was impressed by what I saw.There were many other officers who saw this."
Mayagüez Police Lieutenant Cesar Grácia -1977, Mayaquez, Puerto Rico - on witnessing two Large Glowing UFOs Enter & Emerge from Ocean.

"It was a real big triangular object,completely engulfed in a bright yellow light ... It seemed to be at an altitude of about 500 feet above the ground, over property belonging to Camp García. I calculated the altitude based on the height of some trees in the area. What intrigued me the most was that the thing was suspended right over the area where the US Navy has an airstrip or runway for their planes to land and take off ... And that it was an unidentified flying object.
There were no military exercises at the time, so what was that object, that triangle of light, doing there over the runway? Thinking that I was observing something I shouldn’t be seeing, I left the site at once. But from that moment on, I realized something very strange is taking place on the land controlled by the US Navy.
This has happened on many occasions, sometimes between 9 and 11 PM, and sometimes around 2 or 3 in the morning.They come out from the sea at a spot right in the middle of Punta Arenas and Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba".
Wilfredo Feliciano- Director of the Vieques Municipal Police Department,Puerto Rico.

"It was cigar shaped and yellow in colour.It travelled along slowly for a few seconds, then shot off into the night at a fantastic speed. We didn’t know what it was, nor had we ever seen anything like it but many reports have been made at the police station of strange lights and objects".
Police Constable William Bryne -Banbury, Oxfordshire.
Object also witnessed by Police Constable Perry Jackson.

“It was approximately 50 feet in length. There were portholes on the side but there were no visible signs of propulsion. The ship appeared to be metallic and gave off a bright glow. There was a low whirring sound coming from it.”
Police Constable Brian Earnshaw - Bacup, Lancashire,October 1969
Two other uniformed officers, PC Colin Donahoe and Malcolm Reader also witnessed the object from a different location.

“There was an eerie, greenish-grey glow in the sky. Then I picked out an object about thirty feet long and built up in three sections with the top looking like a dustbin lid. It gave off a high pitched whine. I was paralysed. I just couldn’t believe it.”
Police Constable Colin Perks - Wilmslow, Cheshire,March 1966

"It was a giant plate of light. It lit up the whole horizon with a glare. It was flying low over the landscape and appeared to be spinning"
Police Constable Eric Pinnock - Warminster, Wiltshire,30/11/65

"The light would throb with an increased intensity prior to each change of colour and hover in the sky for some time and then dart and cover large distances, doing a number of right-angled turns at high speed".
Senior Constable Andrew Luhrs -Gladstone,Southern Australia,May 22, 1996

"We made several attempts to follow it, or I should say get closer to it, but the object seemed aware of us and we were more successful remaining motionless and allow it to approach us, which it did on several occasions.Each time the object neared us, we experienced radio interference.
The object was shaped like a football, the edges, or I should say outside of the object were clear to us...the glow was emitted by the object, was not a reflection of other lights".
California Highway Patrol Officer Charles A. Carson - California, United States, August 13, 1960.
Object also witnessed by Police Officer Stanley Scott

"I happened to look up and there was that UFO right above the cornfield, it was just hovering right up above the power lines. -i t was just like the ones you see on TV.
Then it took off like a bullet, just tremendously fast -if I live to be 100, I'll never forget it,"
Henrico County Sheriff A.D. "Toby" Mathews Richmond , Virginia, United States August 9, 1966

"The bulk of the object was plainly visible at this time and appeared to be triangular shaped with a bright purple light on the left end and the smaller, less bright, blue light on the right end. The bulk of the object appeared to be dark gray in color with no other distinguishing features. It appeared to be about 200 feet wide and 40-50 feet thick in the middle, tapering off toward both ends. There was no noise or any trail. The bright purple light illuminated the ground directly underneath it and the area in front of it, including the highway and the interior of our patrol car.
After arriving at approximately its original position,it went straight up in the air and disappeared at 25-30 degrees above the horizon."
Deputy Sheriff Bob Goode Damon, Texas, United States September 3, 1965
Object also witnessed by Chief Deputy Billy McCoy

"I know I'm not crazy .. I've always said I didn't believe in this stuff,I don't know what I saw, but I know I saw something . . It's just hard to describe what happened. It looked like an evening star or something,but it kept getting brighter and bigger.
I heard a whirring noise—like a blender . . Like it was straining, when you first put ice in it—and then the UFO started coming closer.
The thing came right over the car,It came right to us, like it was being piloted - the thing just hovered over us, about 20 or 30 feet up, for more than a minute.
There was light coming out from little windows and light changed colors several times, from soft blue to red to green and other colors. It didn't spin or anything. It just hovered around there -then the thing just picked up and took off, north west, toward Satartia."
Madison County Sheriff's Deputy Kenneth Creel - Flora, Mississippi, United States,February 10, 1977
Object also witnessed by Highway Patrolman Louis Younger.

"I always look behind me so no one can come up behind me. And when I looked in this wooded area behind us, I saw this thing. At this time it was coming about tree top level. I'd say about one hundred feet. it started moving toward us.... As it came over the trees, I looked at Barney and he was still watching the car...and he didn't say nothing and the thing kept getting brighter and the area started to get light...I told him to look over his shoulder, and he did.
He just stood there with his mouth open for a minute, as bright as it was, and he looked down. And I started looking down and I looked at my hands and my clothes weren't burning or anything, when it stopped right over on top of us.The only thing, the only sound in the whole area was a a transformer being loaded or an overloaded transformer when it changes....
.... it went PSSSSSHHEW, straight up; and I mean when it went up, friend, it didn't play no games; it went straight up."
Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur Portage County,Ohio,April 17, 1966
Also witnessed by Deputy Wilbur Neff.

"This object came at us from the west. At first it looked like a red hot piece of coal about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. In a matter of seconds it was as large as a ruler held at arm's length. That is when it came to a complete stop.
"The shape of the object was distinct. The body of the object was solid bright red and it gave off a pulsating red glow completely around the object. The object hovered a few seconds, then made a left turn and again hovered for a few seconds, then went straight up like a shot. We watched it until it completely faded beyond the stars."
Patrolman LeRoy A. Arboreen - Dunellen, New Jersey, United States December 20, 1958
Object also witnessed by Patrolman B. Talada.

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F & many *'s

Excellent credibility and great collection of sightings.

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Just to add though not in the source supplied but fairly recent, and hushed up since:

Police chase UFO over Cardiff
A police helicopter crew gave chase to a UFO after it almost collided with their aircraft near a military base.

The pilot was forced to bank sharply to avoid being hit by the mystery aircraft as the helicopter was returning to the Ministry of Defence base of St Athan, near Cardiff.

The three crew, who described the UFO as 'flying saucer-shaped', then gave chase, getting as far as the North Devon coast before they ran low on fuel, it was reported.

The police aircraft was hovering at 500ft and waiting clearance to land on June 7, when those onboard spotted the other craft hurtling towards them from below.

A spokesman for South Wales Police said: "We can confirm the Air Support Unit sighted an unusual aircraft. This was reported to the relevant authorities for their investigation."

It was reported that the aircraft closed in at great speed, aiming straight for the helicopter which swerved sharply.

"They are convinced it was a UFO. It sounds far-fetched, but they know what they saw."

The helicopter crew are said to have crossed the Bristol channel in pursuit of the UFO, but lost sight of it and had to turn back due to a fuel shortage.

The sighting comes weeks after the most comprehensive Government files on UFO activity are opened to the public for the first time today and they disclose that even air traffic controllers and police officers have seen mysterious craft in the skies over Britain.

The Telegraph


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MischeviousElf,thanks for the reply bud -very interesting case

Theres a News report on the incident here - check out some of the classic conditioned responses towards the end of the clip.

Other Police reports:

USA intelligence report about a police UFO encounter in USSR,1991:

Origin: CIA, from TASS Agency report.
To: Numerous recipients including PSY OP
Date: April 19, 1991
Length: 1 page among at least 93 pages.
Classification: Unclassified



FBI Document from Police Officer Zamora's sighting in 1964:

FBI Communications Section teletype discussing a close sighting of a UFO taking off from the desert floor, observed from about 100 feet away and at an elevation of 25 feet above the scene.

To: DIRECTOR, FBI (J. Edgar Hoover)
Author: SAC (Special Agent In Charge), ALBUQUERQUE 62-NEW
Date: April 24, 1964
Length: 2 pages
Classification: None noted, but marked URGENT




Police UFO Report -Pretoria, South Africa, August 28,1996:

Six days after a flap in Brasilia, a solitary UFO appeared in the early morning sky over Pretoria, capital of South Africa. The story broke on August 28 in a news report by the South African Broadcasting Co. (SABC-TV) in Johannesburg.

The UFO appeared over Erasmuskloof, a suburb of Pretoria, at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, August 28, 1996. Police Sgt. Johann Becker told SABC-TV that the "light was floating in the air. When we went outside to investigate, we realized it was something from another world." He described it as "a disc-shaped object slightly glowing. We also noticed what looked like a red triangular light on the disc."

The sighting took place near the Adrian Vlok police station. At first, when the witnesses called for backup, they were laughed at. But then, as more reports came in from Centurion, South African police responded in force, sending in their Flying Squad (SWAT team), canine unit and mobile units from all over Pretoria.

The police watched the hovering UFO for 90 minutes. One officer, Nico Stander, reportedly shot videotape of the object. Meanwhile, the police sent a helicopter to investigate. The chopper was piloted by Col. Fred Vijoen and had four officers aboard. Col. Vijoen was afterward interviewed by SABC-TV:

"...a bright light above Mamelodi, a township near Pretoria, about 70 degrees above the horizon. It is the first time in my life I've ever seen anything like this. At first I thought it was a joke when I was called out, but soon came to realize that this was something I had never experienced before. We were going after it full speed, and it still outran us. What was very unusual were the undulating motions of the craft. I followed the white disk with the unusual flight patterns in the direction of Cullinan. It traveled at a high speed. We could not keep up with it, and eventually had to give up when lack of fuel became a problem."

Interview of Col. Vijoien by "Rapport", the leading South African Sunday newspaper.


Military Police witness UFO over Missile silo:

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Other Police Reports:

Between April 15 to 20, 1981 - Catania, Sicily, Italy:

12:20 AM. Two police officers in their car saw a strong reddish light descending from the sky. The engine and electrical components to their vehicle become inoperative as a saucer about 3 m in diameter and 1 m in height lands on the street about 50 meters away from their vehicle. A small door opened on the saucer and the witnesses see two human forms emerge; the figures began gesticulating and "jumping" around. In the place of their eyes they have balls of light, and sparks around their head and hands. The head, compared to the rest of the body appears to be large. After a few minutes the beings appeared to converse among themselves. Then the entities jump into their saucer, and the door closes. A few seconds later the saucer rotates four times and accelerates up into the sky emitting a very loud noise, it quickly disappears from sight. At this point the shocked agents are able to start their vehicle and leave the area.

(HC addendum, Source: CISU, UFO Notizie # 48)


Aug. 30 1981 - near Alpine, CA:

10:30 PM. A reserve police officer was driving near town when he encountered a huge dark disc shaped object hovering 15 feet above the roadway. The witness vehicle suddenly stopped on its own accord. There was a bright flash, then moments later two small beings approached and took him from his vehicle. He then found himself back in the vehicle 15 minutes later and saw the dark disc rising rapidly, shining a beam of white light towards the ground. The witness fired four shots at the object and then drove home at high speed. Magnetic cassette tapes in the witness vehicle were partially erased.

(HC addition # 695, Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon UFO Journal # 280) Type: G


March 25, 1982 - Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England:

4:35 PM. Two uniformed officers, PS. Ian Victory and PC Anthony Underwood were driving a marked police vehicle when they observed a yellow lozenge shaped UFO in the sky. Stopping the vehicle they sat and watched it pass overhead. They saw red and blue flashing lights on the craft. The incident was believed to be subject of an investigation by the Ministry of Defence who admitted they had received a report about the officers sighting.
The Superintendent for Milton Keynes police, John Burton, said of the officers, “These are two experienced officers and I have no reason to doubt their integrity.” ­
NL, on duty sighting. 2 officers.

(Source - A Covert Agenda by Nick Redfern. Pocket Books 1998. Pages 159-160. THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006


Nov. 27, 1982 - Palatine, IL:

5:00 AM. In the suburbs of Cook County, there was a vehicle encounter between three police officers and a domed disc-shaped object 30 feet in diameter, which emitted a light beam toward the ground. It began when a luminous object with brilliant illumination brightly illuminated a police patrol car, then changed direction when pursued. The white domed disc was later seen to the east, with a light beam extended toward the ground, as it descended behind the tree line. The entire episode lasted about three minutes.

(Sources: Mark Rodeghier, International UFO Reporter, March 1983, p. 10; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, pp. 188 & 315).


Feb. 19, 1983 - Swansea, Glamorgan, South Wales:

Daytime. Up to 200 people observed a huge triangular shaped UFO pass overhead in various places along the South Wales coast. They included a class of schoolchildren and a football team.
In Swansea two detectives, DS Mike Troake and DC Gethen Humphreys saw the object glide overhead in total silence. DS Troake said, “I’m used to seeing aircraft in the sky but this was massive-much bigger than a plane. There was a large main cluster of lights at the front shaped a bit like a Zeppelin followed by a triangular group of lights. They moved gracefully across the sky about 1000 feet up.”
Fearful of ridicule neither officer reported the incident to their colleagues.
Source: Sunday Mirror 20/02/83 (Source: THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 Heseltine British Transport Police.


March 24, 1983 - Happy Camp, CA:

4:45 PM. California Highway Patrol officer Harold R. Chandler was on routine patrol near the Northern California border with Oregon when he spotted a dark, circular object, flat with no protuberances, flying overhead across his path. "I was looking up at the bottom of the object, It was about 800+ feet above me. It' speed was slow, maybe 80-100 m.p.h. ....The craft stood out clearly against the sky and appeared dark gray."
(Investigation by Paul Cerny; MUFON report form.)


April 1984 - Stanmore, Middlesex, England:

PC Richard Milthorp was one of at least 20 uniformed officers who observed a dome shaped circular UFO that appeared to ‘fire’ balls of light to the ground for two hours. He submitted a report with one other officer that was sent to the Ministry of Defence and the Civil Aviation Authority.
The Superintendent for Harrow Police station at the time said that the report by MILTHORP and PC PAUL ISLES was made by “two normal sensible men.”
UFO Classification NL (Nocturnal Light) On Duty sighting. 20 Officers.

Source - Page 251, The UFO Encyclopaedia by John Spencer, Headline Book Publishing 1991


Sheriff observes multiple objects - full report at link:

10:30 PM - Harrison County Deputy Sheriff Steve Hamm was called to the residence on Mickey Shawler concerning strange lights.
They observed up to twelve lights during a four hour period. At one point one of the lights came within 250' of the witnesses. One sighting involved a quick descent. All of the lights were very bright and different colors: white, red, green, and a couple were orange. Objects at times were in front of, and passed behind, a tree line at range 1/2 mile. No sound was heard. Objects maneuvered, hovered, wobbled. This was the beginning of a local flap at Corydon involving what we later termed OBOLs, Orange Balls of Light.
(MUFON Indiana, FI Delehanty).


July, 1987 - Willisville, IL:

10:00 PM. Perry County Deputy Sheriff had just stopped an individual to give a ticket, saw bright spotlight, corne on.
"The light was enough even from that distance (1/4 mile SW) to read the driver's license." Object then stopped over witnesses for about 30-seconds, light went off and object seemed to vanish. Object had been black, "boomerang"- shaped, with one very bright spotlight shining straight down, last seen slightly NE at tree-top level.
The object made no sound and was visible about 2-minutes total. Witnesses thought it was a stealth bomber.
(FI Barbara Becker)


Feb.16, 1988 - Rosehill area of Willenhall, England:

Two police officers saw a very large spinning oval-shaped UFO with flashing red and green lights around its circumference in the Rosehill area of Willenhall, England. It made no sound and flew off quickly toward the southeast. Two more cops saw the same or a similar UFO from Walsall. Their reports were sent to the Ministry of Defence.

(Sources: Gary Heseltine, UFO Magazine (UK), July 2003, p. 10, citing Nicholas Redfern, A Covert Agenda, p. 165; Timothy Good, The UFO Report 1990, p. 23).


July 22, 1989 - Trenton, ME:

3:30 PM. Over Blue Hill Bay -- At 3:30 p.m. Randy Rhodes, a police dispatcher for the City of Ellsworth, and Bill Reiff, an attorney, took off in a Beechcraft Bonanza from the Bar Harbor-Trenton airport. At around 3:45 p.m. they spotted a huge metallic disc, shining like polished aluminum, at the 9 o'clock position. It was at the same altitude as their plane--approximately 5100-5200 feet. The object suddenly moved dead ahead to the 12 o'clock position and it took on a reddish or rose color. Not very enthusiastic about continuing on with this thing in front of them, they turned back for the Bar Harbor-Trenton airport.
The Aerial Direction Finder was working at the time but the DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) was not receiving. It had never before given them a problem, and 3-4 minutes after the object disappeared the DME came back on.
When they landed they discovered that there had been power surges and outages on the ground, and they recalled that when they last observed the object it was headed in the direction of the Maine Yankee Nuclear Power plant in Wiscasset. However, a spokesman for the Bangor HydroElectric Company later reported that three limbs falling over a transmission line when a resident cut down a tree caused the outage.

(Source: UFOE Vol. II, Section III; Leland Bechtel, MUFON UFO Journal, November 1989, p. 19)

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Quotes from the French Government and Gendarmerie:

"I must say that if listeners could see for themselves the mass of reports coming in from the airborne gendarmerie, from the mobile gendarmerie, and from the gendarmerie charged with the job of conducting investigations, all of which reports are forwarded by us to the National Center for Space Studies, then they would see that it is all pretty disturbing."
M. Robert Galley - French Minister of Defense. From an interview by Jean-Claude Bourret, on February 21, 1974.

"Something is going on in the skies that we do not understand. If all the airline pilots and Air Force pilots who have seen UFOs and sometimes chased them have been the victims of hallucinations, then an awful lot of pilots should be taken off and forbidden to fly."
Captain Kervendal, French Gendarmerie.


More Police UFO Reports:

April 15, 1996 - Valencia de Alcántara, Cáceres, Spain:

Two police officers were conducting their nightly rounds driving on the outskirts of the city, when a powerful light crossed in front of them on the highway. One man felt mesmerized by the brilliant outburst of light, while his partner tried to keep hold of the patrol car's steering wheel.
When the light extinguished the mesmerized officer told his companion that he felt a very odd sensation of being pulled upward at the same time that he saw two pairs of moist, black oval shaped eyes staring down at him from large, pear-shaped heads.
The police officer had not even been able to comprehend the uncanny experience when the bizarre light staged a return. According to the officers, nine lights identical to the first appeared out of nowhere, and were then joined by three more that came from across the Portuguese border.
The twelve lights were elongated and had an intense yellow glow. The lights remained suspended some 100 feet above the highway, prompting the police officers to flee the scene in terror.
(Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1996, case # 2674, citing Scott Corrales, Uncensored UFO Reports # 1).


Certesti, Romania, July 8th, 1996 :

Police sergeant Marian Mancu and volunteer police officer Marcel Rusu were walking on patrol on the main road that passes in front of the police station in the village of Certesti, Romania at around midnight. When the sergeant passed the corner near his house he heard a whistling sound from the street and felt a rush of air.
He turned around immediately and saw something on the road that "was splashed with blue and red lights" and made a "voom-voom" sound.
Mancu first thought it was the district police car that was coming back from a routine patrol, but getting closer he realized the object was hovering half a meter above the paved road.
There was also a small strange looking figure moving around it. He yelled for Rusu, who was now hiding behind the ditch and watching the strange spectacle from their. Rusu reported that immediately after Mancu had left and gone behind a nearby apartment house, "a fluttering from above appeared".
The neon lighting in the street seemed to change in intensity. The object descended slowly, without noise, and came down behind him. Rusu became frightened when he saw the object hovering above the ground, with three small human-like creatures were moving around it. Both witnesses agreed that the object had the form of a flat hut, five or six meters across and two or 2.5 meters high, and it was balancing about half a meter from the ground.
Around the periphery of the object was a continuous girdle of light "like a rainbow." The colors changed from red to blue and flared in intensity.
On the bottom of the object was a bright white light. Neither of the witnesses saw any doors, portholes, or other similar features. After about two minutes, the UFO rose vertically.

At the moment it moved up to an altitude of about 30 meters its lights became much brighter, and the neon streetlights went out. It then shot off to the east at high speed. Rusu reportedly had a better view of the humanoid creatures than Mancu, who only noticed one of them from behind. He estimated their height to have been around a meter or less.
Rusu said he heard some noises made by the humanoids, sounding like "rain in a drain pipe." Both described the creatures as ugly; they had large heads, very elongated behind and covered with bumps, with no hair, and large ears. Their faces were white and they had big eyes. Gray metallic shiny scales, resembling fish scales, covered their bodies.
They also had large, limp protruding bellies. They also had thin spindly arms, and no noses or mouths were visible.
The witnesses thought that the creatures floated just above the ground and moved around "as if they were drunk."
A huge sweet cherry tree nearby had around 15 % of its leaves shriveled as if by extreme heat. Other witnesses in nearby villages reported strange lights over the area the same night.
(Sources: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 340; Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1996, citing Dan D. Farcas).

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The Alan Godfrey Abduction, November 28, 1980:

In November and December 1980, the eastern side of Britain was experiencing a major UFO sighting wave. There were chases of UFOs by police cars near the coast, a UFO that overflew an oil rig in the North Sea, and the wave culminated in the famous events on the East Anglian coast at Rendlesham Forest.

Just a month before these landings beside those NATO air bases, one of the most impressive alien abduction cases took place in the small Penninemill town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, right in the centre of Britain's most active window area known locally as "UFO Alley".


Police Constable Alan Godfrey was on patrol on the night of 28 November 1980. Just before dawn he drove along Burnley Road on the edge of Todmorden looking for some cows that had been reported missing. They were only found after sun-up, mysteriously relocated in a rain-soaked field without hoofmarks to indicate their passage.

Giving up his nocturnal hunt, Godfrey was about to go back to base to sign off duty when he saw a large mass a few hundred yards ahead. At first, he thought it was a bus coming towards him that took workers to their jobs in town and that he knew passed about 5:00 a.m.

But as he approached, he realized that it was something very strange. It was a fuzzy oval that rotated at such speed and hovered so low over the otherwise deserted highway that it was causing the bushes by the side to shake.

The police officer stopped, propped onto his windscreen a pad that was in the patrol car to make sketches of any road accidents, and drew the UFO. Then there was a burst of light, and the next thing he knew he was driving his car again, further along Burnley Road, with no sign of the UFO.

Godfrey turned around and examined the spot where the UFO had hovered. The road was very wet as it had rained heavily earlier in the night. But just at this one location was a circular patch where the roadway had been dried in a swirled pattern. Only when back at the police station did he realise that it was a little later than he had expected - although any missing time was probably no greater than 15 minutes from estimates later taken on site.

Concerned as to possible ridicule, Godfrey at first chose not to make an official report, but changed his mind later that day when he discovered he was not alone. After breakfast that morning, a driver who had been on Burnley Road three miles further out at Cliviger reported seeing a brilliant white object and contacted Todmorden police.

The time matched that of Alan Godfrey's. Furthermore, a police patrol from an adjacent force (Halifax) had been engaged in a stakeout for stolen motorcycles on the moors of the Calder Valley and had witnessed a brilliant blue-white glow descending into the valley towards Todmorden shortly before Godfrey experienced his close encounter. Their story, when it reached Todmorden police station, formed a second match.


Nov. 18, 1980 - Kirksville, MO:

Evening. Hundreds of people in north-central Missouri, including a dozen police officers, saw a large, triangular object over a period of more than four hours. It moved slowly back and forth over an area of nearly one hundred miles, passing over many small communities and the cities of Kirksville and Trenton, which are about sixty miles apart. At one time, the object was tracked on radar moving erratically at a speed of about forty-five miles an hour. The technician who saw this on the radar scope at a remote FAA facility north of Kirksville stepped outside and could see the lights of the object about six miles away. (NCS,191)


May 5, 1979 - Pampulhas, Minas Gerais, Brazil:

On this night an object with portholes landed in a field in Pampulhas, Minas Gerais, Brazil for 90 seconds. The witnesses were two police officers, who reported that the encounter caused EM effects on their vehicle. The ground was lit brightly, and figures could be seen looking out through portholes in the craft. It took off vertically at great speed.
(Sources: Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, July 1979, p. 14; MUFON UFO Journal, November 1979, p. 11, citing Cronica May 5, 1979; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 258).


Dec. 29, 1979 - N. Illinois:

11:00 PM. "We had a call from the sheriff's department at 11:00 PM, and they said they were looking at a UFO. We looked on the radar and observed the target in the area westbound, very fast. There were three controllers and myself. We watched the target and it stopped, changed direction to a north heading, went north for about three miles, stopped again, went southwest for five miles, stopped again, went westbound right up to the Mississippi River, stopped there, then continued westbound. It covered 54 miles in three-and-one half minutes, plus it stopped four times. We were receiving a strong return. There were no known aircraft in the area. I have never seen an aircraft at that speed turn that fast. The stops were very abrupt and the turns were very abrupt. I don't know of any airplane that can turn that fast. We picked up a second object at 11:04 PM and it proceeded southwest until it was directly over the Mississippi River at which time it turned southbound and paralleled right over the river for about half-a-mile and moved away to the west-southwest. After we picked up the second object, I checked back with the sheriff's department and was advised that they had observed another object. The position the sheriff gave me correlated with the targets we saw." (MUJ-186,13)


Dec. 9, 1978 - Reggio di Calabria, Sicily, Italy:

6:00 AM. Police watched a multi-colored object with intermittent flashing lights. When spotlighted the UFO seemed to enlarge, then emitted a beam down onto the police car. Five lights came on aboard the object. When the police spotlight was turned off, the lights on the UFO went off as well.
(Sources: Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, pp. 175 & 351; Larry Hatch, U computer database, citing Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue # 214).


July 21, 1977 - Porter, TX:

4:15 AM. Officer John W. Bruner, a deputy sheriff, was on duty and was the first person to observe the phenomenon. Officer Bruner and his partner Officer Coogler were parked west of the object which appeared to be approximately 1/2 to 1 mile away. Bruner and Coogler got out of their vehicle and tried to observe the object better by shinning their light on it. The object moved toward the men and the officers turned off the light because they became nervous at seeing the object's response to their light. The object then moved back to its first location. The two officers concurred that the object appeared to have six portholes surrounding a type of framework. The two officers observed the UFO for approximately 45 minutes. During that time period, the UFO appeared to stand still in mid air, pulsated, traveled at incredible speeds and flew with erratic mobility. The officers described the UFO's apparent size to be about that of a grapefruit. Officer Bruner is convinced That the object he saw was not a balloon or a helicopter.
(Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, October 1977, page 4)

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Multiple Police Report

Aug. 28, 1977 - Windermere, Cumbria, England.

12:10 AM An on duty police officer PC Ian Mackenzie observed two very bright horizontal lights in the vicinity of Langdale Pike that moved towards him and grew brighter. He ruled out any type of aircraft. At the same time PS John Mc Mullen also spotted the UFO from his location whilst walking through Keswick with three other officers. He described the object as being hang glider or diamond shaped.
At 0020 hours PS James Trohear and PC John Fiswick also reported seeing the object from their position at the Fallbarrow Park Caravan Site on the shores of Lake Windermere.
Other unnamed officers were also present at that location and saw the object. PS Trohear described the object as triangular or diamond shaped.
At 0022 hours PC Alexander Inglis was driving home with three colleagues along the A591Keswick to Bothel road when they too caught sight of the lights. As the object approached them he pulled the car over to have a better look.
Despite their efforts they could not make out a distinct shape of the object. All they could make out was two extremely bright lights attached to it and there was a faint purring noise associated with it.
At 0025 hours PC Joseph Maw and a colleague spotted the object heading in the direction of Buttermere. It was traveling at a low altitude over the surrounding fells.
At around the same time PC David Wild spotted the UFO whilst out on foot patrol on the A592 Rayrigg Road to Bowness. He described it as kite shaped and that it was a very large structured craft.
At 0030 hours a number of civilian witnesses also spotted the object. At the same time following a police radio request for officer sightings, two further officers, PS Geoffrey Merckel and PC Ronald Jones observed the same UFO from their position at Skelwith Bridge on the A593 road.
They described the object as being kite shaped as they watched it go out to sea over Morcambe Bay.
Multiple police witness corroboration reported from several geographical locations. On and Off Duty sighting. 17 Officers (nine named plus a number of unspecified officers). Source - A Covert Agenda by Nick Redfern. Pocket Books 1998. Pages 131-132.
(Reference: THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 HESELTINE British Transport Police )


Fall of 1977 - Nr. Lewes, Sussex, England:

5:20 PM. The policewoman noticed a curious, silent object, estimated to be as large as a four-inch plate held at arm's length, at no more than 300 feet altitude. A conventional plane was immediately ruled out by the witness, who had been fully trained in aircraft recognition in the Royal Observer Corps. She felt no fear and on impulse waved at the object, which then came closer. It seemed to be of a light greenish-gray metal with a moderately reflective surface. On top of the dome protruded a blue-green light, and underneath the object could be seen a very dense black circular section. At its closest approach the object was estimated to be no further than fifty feet away.
(Good, Above Top Secret, 115 457)


Oct. 13, 1977 - Champaign, IL:

3:55 PM. Retired police officer, ex-pilot, watched, along with other young men, a "star" in clear daylight rush from SSE to NNE, passing E of overhead in straight path w/o sound or trail. Estimated at mach 1 it slowed down and "stopped" for the last 10-15 seconds and vanished.
(IUR NF, 10/31/77)


Late Oct. 1977 - Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England:

A uniformed officer observed a UFO at an altitude of only 500-700 feet above the Plain. He described it as being oblong with a rounded top and a flat bottom. The object was seen to travel at a very slow speed across the landscape.
On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source BUFORA Vol 6 No 6 March/April (Reference: THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 HESELTINE British Transport Police


Jan. 25, 1976 - Gillette, WY:

8:09 p.m. A Sheriff's deputy was driving with his family when an object started coming toward the car. The deputy immediately stopped the car and turned off the headlights. The object appeared to be the size of a semi-truck and had rotating lights of many different colors. The center of the object was a bright light. As the object came closer to the car, the officer felt that "It was trying to catch us," and he tried to turn his car around. When he was unable to turn on the narrow road, he started backing away from the UFO. After traveling for almost a mile, he reached a point where he could turn around. By this time the object was about 100 yards from the car and about 10 feet off the ground. As the officer was attempting to turn his car, the UFO was lost from sight. Later the witness returned home and got into a truck in order to search for the UFO away from the main roads. Upon his return to the valley where he had seen the UFO first, a "bright light" rose swiftly and soon disappeared from view. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, May 1976, page 1)


Feb. 19, 1976 - Marysville, CA:

7:00 p.m. Sutter County sheriff's office received a call reporting a UFO being observed by two witnesses. Deputy Gerald Teplansky was dispatched to the scene and was able to observe the objects for about five minutes. The deputy stated he saw three red-orange glowing objects hovering in a triangular formation. He soon saw another object streak northward across the sky before all four objects disappeared.
(Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR, July 1976, page 3)


July 16, 1976 - Tokyo, Japan:

About 6:30 p.m. Seven staff members of the National Police Agency criminal investigation section saw an unidentified object that circled over the Imperial Palace, about 400 yards from the police building. The object circled at a low altitude for about 10 minutes, then flew out of sight.
(Agence France-Presse story, Washington Post, July 18, 1976.)


Dec. 18, 1976 - Caribou County, ID:

12:55 a.m. On Soda Springs Mountain Road, three police officers had a close encounter with a 30-foot diameter oval-shaped UFO. The object was devoid of seams or windows, and had the bulk of three to four cars. It emitted a light green light and hovered only 60 feet away from them. It made no sound when hovering, but made a whistling "wind" sound when in motion.
(Sources: J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies case investigations file, December 1976; International UFO Reporter, February 1977, p. 6).


Oct. 4, 1975 - Ramsey, NJ:

2:55 a.m. Two police officers, Francis J. Gross and C. Ragazzo were on routine patrol when officer Ragazzo received a radio call from Gross informing him of five "strange looking" lights in the south-west sky. Both officers were able to observe the objects for a period of five minutes. The lights were in a straight line formation and moving very slowly. They appeared to be solid and were reddish in color. The rear sections of the objects were blurred but the rest of the cigar shape was distinctly outlined. The officers watched the objects intently until they disappeared from sight. (Reference: UFO INVESTIGATOR. December 1975, page 1)


July 9, 1974 - Kingston, NY:

Elliptical object with body lights hovered low, moved toward police car; officer turned spotlight on it, brilliant white beam from object illuminated patrol car.
(Reference 1, Section I).


Aug. 11, 1974 - Concord, NH:

In the early morning hours eight police officers from several jurisdictions observed low-flying saucer-like objects with red, blue, white, and yellow body lights. One officer reported an elliptical object with dome on top. When some officers flashed their patrol car lights at a group of the objects, they appeared to signal with flashing lights in return.
(Concord Monitor & Patriot, Aug. 12, 1974.)


Sept. 24, 1974 - nr. Brunswick, Maine:

9:00 p.m. Police officers reported a brilliant elliptical object hovering above the Wiscasset Nuclear Power Station. After several minutes it rose straight up, leveled off and flew away in an arc across the sky. At one point it emitted two small satellite objects which operated independently, then rejoined the larger craft.

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