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Evidence at UFO landings....have a look!

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 04:37 AM
I want to start of saying that " people who witness a murder can go into court, testify to that effect, can put a man away for life, and yet the same people have a UFO experience and the testimony is no more longer valid"
Ted Phillips

How does one understand the concept?
Please watch this clip!

The 1966 Tully saucher "nest"


The actual site of the 1966 "nest" was in a locality called Horseshoe Lagoon. The lagoon is approximately 40 feet wide and about 90 feet across in an approximately east to west direction. The locality gains its name from the horseshoe shape of the site. The water in the lagoon at the time of the incident was approximately 6 feet deep, but was largely obscured by dense swamp (sword grass) reed growth. These reeds were about half an inch thick and extended about 2 feet above the lagoon surface. The floor of the lagoon was a clay base soil. In terms of access and view, Horseshoe Lagoon is open on its eastern side -- the base of the U shape. This shape wraps around an area of trees and scrub. The lagoon is surrounded in all directions for some 6 kilometres by flat lowland country. Some heavily forested areas are located some 2 kilometres to the south - south east and to the south. Further isolated patches of trees are found amongst the sugar cane fields that dominate the area.

The lagoon is situated on property owned by Albert Pennisi. The Pennisi family have lived there since 1947. His residence is approximately 1.6 kilometres to the north. A line of trees about a kilometre north of the lagoon obstructs the view from the house.


At about 9 am, on January 19th, 1966, George Pedley was driving a tractor heading south along a narrow track on Albert Pennisi's sugar cane farm. The weather that morning was calm, with the sun shining at approximately 30 to 40 degrees east. When he was approximately 25 yards from Horseshoe Lagoon, Pedley heard above the noise of the tractor, a loud hissing sound, "like air escaping from a tyre."

"The tractor tyres seemed O.K. to me, so I drove on," Pedley said. "Suddenly, an object rose out of the swamp. When I glanced at it, it was already 30 feet above the ground, and at about tree-top level. It was a large, grey, saucer-shaped object, convex on the top and bottom and measured some 25 feet across and 9 feet high. While I watched, it rose another 30 feet, spinning very fast, then it made a shallow dive and took off with tremendous speed. Climbing at an angle of 45 degrees it disappeared within seconds in a south-westerly direction ...". He added, "I saw no portholes or antennas, and there was no sign of life either in or about the ship."


When Pedley drove around the bend of the track to the lagoon, there, at the spot beneath where the object had risen, was a huge, round cleared area in the swamp grass. The water in this circular area was slowly rotating and appeared to be completely cleared of reeds. With this evidence of what he had observed, Pedley concluded, "I have really seen something!" He had passed the same spot some three hours earlier, as close as 12 feet, and had not seen anything unusual.

Within a few minutes he returned to his tractor which he found he had to restart. He had noted just immediately prior to hearing the hissing sound a sound like a misfire in the tractor motor. He was sure it had not stopped. As with most farmers it was not his habit to switch off the tractor motor until finished with it.

Later in the day, apparently about noon, George returned along the track and stopped for another inspection. The cleared area of the lagoon surface was no longer visible. What was clearly evident was a floating mass of reeds, approximately 30 feet in diameter, that had apparently come to the surface of the lagoon during the time Pedley was absent. The floating mass of reeds and grass was noticeably distributed in a radial pattern, in a clear clockwise manner. Pedley was certain the reeds were quite green in this mass, as they were in all the surrounding reeds in the lagoon.

Another awesome incident here

Photo scenes from more UFO landings:

Another awesome case investigated by Ted Phillips

Field investigation by Ted Phillips on September 25, 1972. The primary witness, T.S is 45 years old, a veteran of World War II, serving with the Navy. During the War he saw considerable combat duty. Mr. S. completed high school & two years of college. His wife is 40 years old. Mr. S. farms & is semi retired. The S. home is located in a heavily wooded area several hundred feet from the nearest public road. The home is surrounded by oak & evergreen trees. Their knowledge of UFOs is limited, they stated that they had read a few articles in the past several years. T. did state that he had heard of foo fighters sighted during the war
Extracted incident from

Mr. & Mrs. S. had turned on their battery powered television ( there is no electricity to the farm ) a Panasonic Model TR425R, DC 12v, 11w. “We were starting to watch television when there started this sort of pulsation, I though it was spark plug interference. The light was dimmed & then brightened, it would be as though you were adjusting the contrast back & forth--It would become bright & light--like that. The image would fade to a gray point. the pulses seemed to come & go in about two second intervals--brightest to lightest points. This pulsation lasted for one to two minutes. The pulsation's ceased & the picture started to roll--it was not a simple vertical roll--I’ll try & explain it this way--if you were holding a book in your hand, & you have the mass of it here ( facing you flat on ) & you would turn it slowly where you see nothing but the edge of it, & then turn it back one full revolution. in other words, the picture was turning over & over as if you would take a book & turn it over in your hands. First face up, then edge on. At one point a full picture--then the picture rolled over to show just a line in the center of the screen, then back to a full picture. When the picture was reduced to a central horizontal line, the surrounding screen was dark. The roll lasted for a short time, perhaps a minute.”
After the television disturbance ended, the witnesses went outside, there was no animal reaction at this time. They saw, in the south, a bright light. It was 170 degrees bearing, 30 degrees above the horizon & was stationary. Suddenly it moved upward about 5 degrees & stopped again. Mr. S. watched the light through 7 x 35 binoculars & was sure it was not a conventional aircraft, such as a helicopter. He stated that he could have heard the sound & seen running lights on such a craft. He could see a round shape, slightly flattened at the base.
When it was stationary, the color was blue-white, when in motion, a pulsation & various colors.

The light was the size of a pea held at arms length. The next motion was to the right ( west ), it moved about 5 degrees & stopped again, briefly. It then moved back to the east slowly. The light moved an equal distance east of its original position ( about 5 degrees, for a total west to east motion of about 10 degrees ) & paused again. It then returned to the original central position & dropped down. It repeated this complete maneuver five or six times. Mr. s. stated that it seemed to be controlled, the flight was so precise. The object then brightened & suddenly moved away to the west & was lost behind trees in two or three seconds. Its flight path angled upward slightly. after the object had disappeared the television operated normally.
The total observation was 15 to 20 minutes.

Nothing more was seen until the witnesses were awakened by their dogs. They have threelarge dogs & they are used for security & hunting, & they are well trained. The dogs werebarking & howling near the southeast corner of the house. When the witnesses went outside they saw the dogs were looking into the woods in the direction of the site, found later. The dogs “were all bristled up & growling. I took the chain from the collar & told him to go on down there, down in the direction he was looking. This is a courageous dog, but he started whining & pawing the ground, he didn't want to go. I thought this was strange & that something must be around, possibly a big cat. The other two dogs were howling, they kept looking down that way also. Well, the thing that really got me was the flash of light.” The witnesses had been looking around the area with a spotlight & could see nothing. Suddenly they saw a bright light, it appeared to come from a point on or near the ground. It illuminated the area around it & lasted only a split second. He saw nothing more. “I decided not to pursue the matter any further, I was rather skeptical of what was going on. My dogs were tense & excited. My wife was a little bit upset & we just decided to wait until daylight. My animals told me that something was going on, maybe I didn't sense it entirely, but they certainly did.” The dogs didn't calm down until dawn.
The witnesses were unable to sleep the rest of the night.

The next morning Mr. S. went to the area where he had seen the flash.

This place is 300 feet east of the house, down a narrow dirt road which cannot be entered from beyond the house. As he approached the site, not knowing the exact location, he noted an evergreen tree which was discolored.
“I was looking around & I saw these strange little marks in the ground & a place that looked like it was scorched, only it wasn't scorched. It was like a scorch but it looked oily, this also called my attention to the marks.

No farm machinery or anything has been in there. The road is an inside lane & is not open to outside traffic.

By the time I learned of the event & reached the site on November 25, 1972, there had been several inches of rain & snow. The evergreen tree is located 2.0 feet from the edge of a large oval area where the grass is depressed & dead. The oval area was still clearly outlined & we placed stakes around the edge & outlined it with a string line. The depressed oval was 19.6 feet across north to south & 14.4 feet east to west. The oval is located in the NW corner of a large field surrounded by trees.
The evergreen is still discolored, but only on the side nearest the site.

The side away from the site was still green & normal. Another evergreen some 25 feet from the site appeared quite normal. The blackened area was not visible as such but had a definite “baked” appearance in contrast to the soil & vegetation outside the oval. The imprints were covered by a piece of plastic & cans had been placed over the individual imprints in an effort to preserve them. Imprint A is 6 feet from the tree, 4 feet from the edge of the depressed grass.

It is just off the narrow lane in grass & was just visible. It appeared to be quite shallow compared to B & C. A narrow extension or “toe” is seen pointing toward the edge of depressed grass. In he dirt lane one finds imprints B & C. Imprint B was in the best condition & showed the toe mark extending outward, it had gone into the ground at least 40 mm. The extension went into the ground at an angle leaving a very distinct hole.
The imprints formed a triangle & showed no signs of elongation.

One has the impression that, if something did land there, it made a vertical ascent & descent.
It is difficult to be sure, as the print had been washed out slightly, but it appears that imprint B carried most of the weight. Judging from the size & depth of the imprints, one would assume that the object was fairly light. The greatest weight is indicated on the rear (?) imprints, B & C. The lane is on a slight slope & the imprint up the slope, imprint B, is the deepest, one might assume that B encountered the surface first & carried most of the weight. this is assuming a great deal after the fact but this is the definite impression one gets in looking at the site. I obtained a sample of the discolored portion of the tree, a sample of the normal portion & numerous samples inside & outside the oval. A plaster cast was taken of Imprint B which clearly showed the rounded configuration of the foot pad base & the toe like extension.
I asked T. S. what he thought the object might have been...”I couldn't make a rash statement, all I know is my observation. I will say this about it, it didn't fly like anything we have, that I know of. it was just totally different.
I was personally impressed with the witnesses. they did not attempt to color their story at anytime. They simply related the events as they had seen them.

There are numbers of very similar sites reported around the world. several of these cases indicate small imprints in a triangular pattern within an oval depressed or dehydrated area.

Bengough, Saskatchewan, February 19, 1968

Mrs. Martha Heggs, a Canadian farmwife living five miles west of Bengough, Saskatchewan, was at work in her kitchen shortly before noon on February 19, 1968, when she became acutely conscious of a high-pitched whine, the intensity of which was penetrating to a degree similar to a mild physical electric shock, causing a tingling sensation throughout her body. Looking out her kitchen window, which faces on the south, Mrs. Heggs saw an object approximately 100 yards to the south of the house, immediately above and circling around a 29-foot pole with an electric transformer on it.
This object, seen very clearly and distinctly at close range, consisted of a base approximately eight feet wide appearing like two saucers placed edge-to-edge, surmounted by a dome about four feet wide. A series of ports, round on top, extended straight down to the base of the dome. Atop the dome was a smaller structure, above which was an antenna-like super-structure topped with a small sphere. (See diagram, p. 000). The color of the body of the UFO was dull aluminum; the second- story dome was entirely vented, in appearance somewhat similar to a radiator grill. The ports, six or seven in number and encircling the lower dome, were slightly indented and white in color, giving the appearance of frosted glass. No light shone through.
The object, about one foot above the transformer pole, was slowly circling it in a counter-clockwise movement. After about four circuits, the object moved southeast, still remaining within the area of the farmyard, and descending to within three feet of the ground. The UFO hovered in front of several abandoned automobiles for approximately five minutes. (Mrs. Heggs noticed no visible exhaust and, later, found no evidence of melted snow in the area.)
Following this, the object rose up about 20 feet, or slightly higher then four nearby grain bins, and moved north, circling two parked tractors and several parked trucks and fuel tanks. The UFO then moved toward a well, about 40 feet east of the farm house. Mrs. Heggs had gone to a window on the east side of the house, and she saw that the object was about eight feet above the electric pump. Frightened, she locked the door on that side of the house, then watched the UFO move toward a windbreak of trees. It followed the windbreak north, rising somewhat, then veered to the left as it came to a row of trees north of the house. At the center of this north windbreak, the main road enters the yard; the object, still nine to twelve feet above the ground, left the farm yard through this entrance, keeping low and heading toward the north until it disappeared from view. The entire episode had lasted approximately twenty minutes.

A short time later, Mrs. Heggs' husband returned home and found the door locked. When his wife let him in, his first words were, "Woman, what has happened to you?" He told the NICAP investigator his wife was "white as a sheet." Mrs. Heggs reported that when she first saw the UFO she noticed their dog cowering and lying in the snow, trying to cover its ears with its paws. As soon as the object left, the dog attempted to get into the house. Sixteen head of cattle, running loose in the south central section of the farmyard, bolted when the object moved into the area,entering the cattle sheds, from which they did not emerge until at least a half-hour after the disappearance of the object. The witness admitted that she had been badly shaken by the object's appearance, since she had been alone, except for her baby and pre-school son.
Physical traces can be...

* unidentifiable artifacts and objects
* landing traces (depressed grass, soil, burned and broken vegetations, out-of-place-toxins, etc.)
* Scars, Marks, Wounds reported by Abductees
* Implants reported by Abductees
* Damage to physical objects caused by UFOs
* Parts of UFOs themselves (unknown metals, liquids, toxins)
Thanks for your time reading this thread…

Thread by Skyfloating:

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 04:43 AM
Fantastic thread man, youve put a lot of effort into it, star and flag for you.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest visitations out there!

This is just scratching the surface, but if you was to post every last piece of evidence this thread would probably be 100 pages or more long just on the evidence.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 04:56 AM
Good thread, here's a couple more physical trace cases:

The Bourkes Flat UFO Case

The 1966 Westall UFO Incident

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 05:30 AM
Great collection of cases, I appreciate your effort in compiling this information.

Here's one more to add to the pile:

The 1981 Trans-en-Provence UFO Case

Abstract-Following information received through law enforcement channels, the Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Study Group (GEPAN) of the French National Center for Space Studies decided to investigate an observation of an unusual flying object made on 8 January 1981. The witness reported that the phenomenon had left a circular imprint on the ground. Samples gathered within this "ring" were independently analyzed by four laboratories and were compared to reference samples collected outside the trace. These analyses led to the conclusion that a significant physical phenomenon had indeed interacted with the environment at the site, producing abrasions, thermal impact and unexplained effects on plants.

Report on the Analysis of Anomalous Physical Traces: The 1981 Trans-en-Provence UFO Case

The above link sends you to a lengthy scientific analysis of the case contributed to the Society for Scientific Exploration by Jean-Jacques Velasco.

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 06:47 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Awesome case Chadwickus!

Thanks for the link.

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Evasius

Thanks Evasius!

Here is a list of cases....from 1930 untill 1995 just think how many other cases there still is..

Report 4/15/1930 Largentiere, France: multiple witness, cone-shaped, lands very close, projects beams, traces.
Report 8/??/1933 Nipawin, Sask., 0700: multiple witness, disc with 6 legs, occupants, 30 minutes, traces.
Report 2/5/1934 Malselv, Norway: multiple witness, humanoids, footprints, traces.
Report 12/25/45 Newland, MO: multiple witness, 2 minutes, house damage, traces.
Report 7/11/46 Njurunda, Sweden: multiple witness, sphere, human effects, 7 ft crater liquid traces.
Report 1952 Lamonte, MO: multiple witness, 16 ft dehydrated ring.
Report 8/27/52 Lumberton, NC, 0030: 5 witnesses, blue-white object 30 ft away, 30 ft diameter, depressed traces.
Report 11/??/53 Gjersjoen Bridge,Norway: multiple witness, human effects, EM, traces.
Report 6/21/54 Ridgeway, Ont.: multiple witness, round 50 ft object, EM, dehydrated ring.
Report 9/10/54 Quarouble, France, 2230: multiple witness, animal reaction, area heated to high temperature, imprints.
Report 9/24/54 Becar, France: multiple witness, humanoids, traces.
Report 9/24/54 Ussel, France, 2300: multiple witness, 5 minutes, tree damage, traces.
Report 9/27/54 Premanon, France, 2050: multiple witness, disc, humanoids, traces.
Report 10/2/54 Benet, France, 2130: 2 discs, 5 minutes, oily traces.
Report 10/3/54 Montmoreau, France 2250: multiple witness, oval object, traces.
Report 10/4/54 Montceau, France: multiple witness, disc, 10 minutes, traces.
Report 10/10/54 Donjon, France 1830: multiple witness, fired at glowing object, metal traces.
Report 10/14/54 Meral, France: orange disc landed, humanoid, 10 minutes, luminescent steam, layer of white, sticky substance at site.
Report 10/20/54 Lusigny Forest, France 1830: 6m ovoid, intense heat, rain falling, steam, area dehydrated.
Report 11/5/54 La Roche-Brenil, France: multiple witness, orange object lands, humanoids, human effects, 12 ft ring, ash-like appearance.
Report 12/12/54 Campinas, Brazil: multiple witness, 3 objects, liquid dropped from one object, like a silvery rain, brilliant glowing stain.
Report 8/??/55 Cayerer, France 2200: multiple witness, egg-shaped object, humanoids metal traces.
Report 8/21/55 Kelly-Hopkinsville, KY 2030: multiple witness, humanoids, luminous traces.
Report 11/2/55 Williston, FL 2220: multiple witness, disc, humanoids, human effects, traces.
Report Fall, 1956: Bethel, CT: multiple witness, ring of burnt grass 18 ft in diameter, traces of nickel & chromium.
Report 5/10/57 Beaucourt, France 2250: multiple witness, 8 minutes, humanoids, traces.
Report 11/4/57 Fort Itaipu, Brazil: multiple witness, EM, radiation, burns.
Report 10/??/58 Stroudsburg, PA 1900: multiple witness, disc, beam, traces.
Report 10/??/59 Mariannelund, Sweden 1855: multiple witness, disc, EM, humanoid, gray-white substance found at site.
Report 12/9/60 Carignen, France 2030: multiple witness, glowing 14 ft object, animal reaction, humanoid, dehydrated ring.
Report 10/21/63 Trancas, Argentina 1900: multiple witnesses, disc on ground several minutes, animal reaction, EM effects, humanoids, numerous traces.
Report 04/24/64 Socorro, NM 1745: daylight, egg-shaped object with four structured legs, primary witness, several confirming witnesses, humanoids, burns, imprints.
Report 07/01/65 Valensole, France 0530: daylight landing, single witness, humanoids, human effects, dehydration and imprints + central shaft hole.
Report 09/15/65 Silverton, South Africa 0000: multiple police, road landing, traces.
Report 01/19/66 Tully, Australia 0900: daylight sighting, single witness, 30 ft trace.
Report 05/??/66 Whiteman Air Force Base, MO: multiple witness, daylight landing in wooded area, humanoid, tree damage, burnt traces, imprints.
Report 11/22/66 Roaring River State Park, MO 1000: multiple witness, daylight, photographs of object ascending 300 ft away, tree damage, multiple traces.
Report 3/20/67 Tuscumbia, MO 0630: daylight landing, single witness, animal reaction, occupants and object 15 ft away, central shaft, traces.
Report 3/21/67 New Baden, IL 0200: multiple witness, landing, Air Force investigation, imprints, human effects, very odd liquid.
Report 5/20/67 Falcon Lake, Canada : single witness, daylight, 0 ft away from object, human effects, traces.
Report 07/13/69 Van Horne, Iowa 2300: multiple witness, disc, 40 ft circular area- dehydrated in soybean field.
Report 08/30/70 Itatiaia, Brazil 2145: multiple witness, 35 ft away, shots fired at object, light beam, severe human effects, dehydrated circular trace.
Report 11/02/71 Delphos, KS 1900: single primary witness, 4 confirming witnesses, 40 ft away, several minutes, human effects, animal effects, 8 ft glowing ring + tree damage.
Report 06/26/72 Fort Beufort, South Africa 0800: multiple witness, long duration event, daylight, imprints.
Report 08/17/72 Norton Sound, Alaska 0000: multiple witness, long duration landing, Air Force investigation, traces.
Report 9/14/72 Houston, MO 2000: multiple witness, two events, animal reaction, EM effects, scorched oval+3 imprints+tree damage.
Report 06/28/73 Columbia, MO 0100: multiple witness, animal reaction, human reaction, EM effects, close approach, 35 minutes, tree damage, imprints.
Report 09/0174 Langenburg, Sask. 1100: single witness, daylight, 15 ft away, 5 objects, animal reaction, human reaction, 5 rings.
Report 10/08/78 Jenkins, MO 0700: multiple (7) witness, two objects, one on ground two hours, 180 ft away, traces.
Report 12/29/80 Piney Woods, Texas 2100: multiple witness, object close over road, heat, possible radiation effects.
Report 01/08/81 Trans en Provence, France 1700: single witness, small disc lands briefly, 8 ft ring at site.
Report 01/20/88 Mundrabilla, Australia: multiple witnesses, multiple confirming witnesses, object attempted to lift car, witness touched base of object, damage to car + traces.
Report 10/01/95 Piacabucu River, Brazil 2300: multiple witness, luminous object, 5 m circular site + four 10 cm x 15 cm imprints, 1.5 cm deep.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 09:57 AM
thanks.... great thread...

S&F.... cherio

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 10:13 AM
Hydrophobic soil could indicate a plasma field.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 10:23 AM
Don't forget to mention Ted Phillips trace cases website

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 10:54 AM
Wonderful thread. Yes there is alot of physical evidence including testimony and experiences. And there have been ongoing negotiations for ages as well. That this has been suppressed as rigidly is one things, but most people know it as well.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:14 AM
cool story OP...

second line.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by GUNSINWAR

Great thread, S/F...

I love presentations such as these in the UFO forum. Well researched, presented, and professional, This is the type of threads we should ALL want to see and do for ATS.

You have some excellent physical trace compilations, I would like to add a few more if I may.

  • This thread about the Height 611 UFO Crash by internos is FULL of in-depth trace evidence and has been heavily studied with no conclusions reached.

    **NOTE: The Height 611 Crash is classified a CE3 and a Reported Crash.***

    [color=lightblue]The following cases are from the following thread:

  • Three of The Best UFO Trace Cases (New Bob White Evidence Included)

    The Bob White Artifact (CE3)
    Date and Location: 1985, Utah-Colorado boarder near Grand Junction
    Witness: Bob White and friend

    Image of artifact courtesy of

    Image of Bob White courtesy of

    This case has some breaking news that was just made public last night in the History Channels UFO Hunters. We will get to that in a moment, but first a brief history of the incident.

    White and a friend were driving from Denver to Las Vegas on a desolate highway near the Colorado-Utah border. It was 2 or 3 a.m., he said, and White was sleeping in the passenger seat. At one point, his friend woke him up and pointed out a strange light in the distance. White didn't think much of it and went back to sleep.
    Then his friend woke him up again. This time, White said, the lights were blinding.
    He got out of the car and stared, dumbfounded. The object was about 100 yards in front of him, he said, "and it was huge ... absolutely huge."
    In time, he said, the lights bolted toward the sky and connected with a pair of neon, tubular lights — "the mother ship," White guesses now. And just like that, he said, the entire contraption zipped eastward through the Colorado sky and disappeared.
    "What I saw," White said, "was not of this Earth."
    As the craft flew away, White said, he noticed an orange light falling to the ground. A locator probe? Something that simply broke off? It was red hot when he reached it, he said, but in time it cooled enough to pick up. White shoved the object into the trunk of the car.
    The object is about 7-1/2 inches long and shaped like a teardrop. It has a coarse, metallic exterior and weighs less than 2 pounds. It looks a bit like it could be a petrified pine cone and is composed primarily of aluminum.

    Did the ‘Holy Grail’ of Ufology literally fall from the sky that night? Well Bob White has since had the object tested multiple times by such renown labs as Los Alamos National Lab. In 1996 White took a piece of the object to Los Alamos for testing, according to him the lab first stated this object was of extraterrestrial nature, later they retracted this statement and gave him a “misleading” report on the object. I can not find the actual copy of the test results but it was shown on last nights UFO Hunters and is referenced in many research sites. It is important to note that White also took and passed a polygraph test and signed a notarized statement of what happened that night. Interestingly enough further research as shown some striking similarities with Mars….

    Dr. Robert Gibbons, former scientist with NASA, and current Executive Director of the Museum, made this statement. "We recently came across scientific data that linked Bob's object with the planet Mars.

    Isotope abundance ratio tests were performed on Bob's object in May, 1999 in La Jolla, CA and the numbers are virtually the same as obtained from Martian meteorite samples. The ratio of isotopes of Strontium for the QUE 94201 meteorite found in Antarctica in 1994 was 0.701. The ratio of isotopes of Strontium for Bob's object was 0.712. The ratio of isotopes of Strontium for the Shergotty meteorite found India in 1865 was 0.723. Bob's object is right in the middle of two proven Martian meteorites!"

    The Martian meteorite data came from a scientific paper published on the website of the Planetary Science Research Discoveries, an educational website supported by NASA's Office of Space Sciences and by the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium.

    Dr. Gibbons is calling for more scientific tests on the Bob White object to prove its origin once and for all.

    The most recent information on the artifact comes just recently as mentioned earlier. Two independent labs stated that the chemical composition of this artifact “shouldn't exist” and shows complex isotopes and nano chemical structure, that even now (and especially in 1985) don’t exist. The artifact is also apparently giving off some kind of radiation as well, this has been documented with dental x-ray films and mechanical malfunctions of electronic safes.

    There have been over ten labs to study this artifact and the results have been oddly split down the middle, some labs say it is nothing, but others say it is something extraordinary. In this case it seems the newest information is the most solid, currently there is no video available online of last nights UFO Hunters, as it is new. I will post it when I can get a hold of it. This is the hottest case in Ufology right now (thus why this is the longest entry in my OP) and has some strong potential to break wide open. It is odd that this object is made up of 70% aircraft grade aluminum, as well many complex isotopes of aluminum and other rare elements.It is important to note that not all labs have stated this is anything extraordinary, but considering the rest of the case and the reluctance of the labs to come forward and work with other labs that did find something one could postulate that this is intentional disinformation, which is not unusual in cases in Ufology.

    Over 10 labs have tested this object and some of the conclusions in favor (as the ones against simply said it was normal) are as follows:

    Test Results

  • Dr. Robert Gibbons (former jobs; NASA, Northrop-Grumman, and Hughes)- Joined White in 2002 to help give his expertise as a physicist. As stated before the electric safe where this object was stored at one time malfunctioned three days in a row as the object was doing something to the batteries, draining the power. After this Gibbons ran a dental x-ray film exposure of the object and detected radiation coming from what he calls “2 lobes” in the object, the films match up to support this theory. The “lobes” look like two black spots in the center of the artifact.

  • Los Alamos Isotope Abundance Test- This is highly disputed and believed to be disinformation directly from the United States government. White claims that after the initial test the lead doctor (which was called in special) called and told him “I have been waiting for this my whole life”, he also reportedly repeatedly said “aluminum,aluminum” in the sense that he detected complex isotopes of an unknown origin, which is what the original report was. However this was quickly changed according to White.

  • Mass Spectrometry- A few years ago a mass spectrometry test was run on the object and apparently could not identify a small percentage of the object, which leads many to believe that is because it is an unknown and totally new element.

  • Test Results from New Mexico Tech-

    Image courtesy of
    White was not happy with the results of this test and stated he believed it was intentional disinformation. This is one of the tests that are dismissive of his claim, but still shows the high aluminum content. Are they omitting something? Or do they not have the technology there( at the time,which was 1996) to do a better analysis? Or are they telling the truth?

    The following is the newest, most up to date information on the analysis of the artifact. This information was just released last night!
    All information is from last nights episode of UFO Hunters on the History Channel

    * Expert 1: Physicist Chris Ellis, expert in solid state physics, aluminum alloys, and superconductors. Test result showed the object is an alloy of unknown origin. It is also his expert opinion that this is a manufactured alloy.


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  • posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:34 AM
  • Expert 2: Research Scientist David Lamb, expert in physics and material science. Also works at a major US university. Findings were achieved using X-Ray Diffraction Analysis: The artifact showed an unique “amorphous peak and is a polycrystalline semiconductor”. To his knowledge this type of material is not found anywhere on Earth. Also there is silver concentration of 4.3%, here on Earth silver is used in this form by experimental scientist as a catalyst for a superconductor. It is sprayed over aluminum and thus is in small amounts as we see here from the test results. He postulated that this could be used on a craft as a way to dispel magnetic fields, especially in space as there is no energy expenditure needed for superconductivity. Lamb has further speculated that this artifact is in fact a “quasi-crystal of complex structure.” This is only in its early stages on Earth in the form of nanotechnology.

    Wow, amazing, this adds to the ever growing list of overwhelming evidence supporting the UFO phenomina.

    Hoax or not?

    This case is a tornado of information back and forth, with some being supportive and some being dismissive. This is the hottest case right now and likely will get hotter very soon. Some speculate that White is trying to make money, as he is trying to sell the object for 10 million dollars and has made some other questionable decisions. However as the case gets more attention and more and more tests are being performed by top level scientists and labs (who want to remain unknown at present) it seems that this may be the real deal. Just because the personality of the person who has the object is not the most respectable and professional does not mean this isn’t real. This case deserves the most attention right now in my opinion and definitely warrants getting the information out and further research.


    Not likely, as the latest expert opinion (Physicist Chris Ellis) states this is a manufactured object, plus the composition of it is not what meteors are made of.
    This is obviously a very heated topic from both sides, but it needs to be researched much more.

    The Falcon Lake Encounter (CE3)
    Date and location: May 19th, 1967 in Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada
    Witness: Stephen Michalak

    Image showing Mr. Michalak’s burns courtesy of

    This is a case where close contact with a UFO was devastating to the witness, who suffered severe burns and sickness after coming into contact with a UFO:

    Stephen rose early that morning, heading into the vast beauty of the wilderness. Only a couple of hours had transpired before he found a quartz vein by a small brook. After breaking for a quiet lunch, he resumed his work. At about 12:15 P.M. his attention was drawn away from his labors by the sound of geese passing overhead.Looking up to see them fly over, he was shocked to see two red, glowing, elongated objects descending from the skies. As they came ever closer, their shape was defined more as disc-shaped. As he stood mesmerized by the sight, one of the craft abruptly stopped and hovered in midair. The other continued its downward flight until it landed on a big, smooth rock only about 150 feet from him. The hovering craft began to move away, and as it went, it changed colors from red to orange, and finally gray.It disappeared into the clouds above him. The landed craft also began to change its color in the same pattern. Finally, the gray turned into what appeared to be "hot stainless steel," with a golden glow.Michalak had been wearing his protective welding glasses earlier, and now they protected his eyes from the brilliant purple lights shining through openings in the front of the craft. He could now smell sulfur, and hear a type of hissing sound. Curiosity overcame him. After approximately 30 minutes, he was frightened to see a door open from the side of the object. He could now see inside the craft!

    Image showing Stephens drawing of the craft courtesy of

    The interior was brilliantly lighted. Pulling all the courage together that he possessed, he moved ever closer to the other worldly craft. As he reached a point about 60 feet from the mysterious flying machine, he could hear two voices conversing above other sounds coming from inside the object.Being a multi-linguist, he tried several languages to communicate with whoever... or whatever was inside.

    All of his efforts failed to draw a response from inside.Undaunted, he moved even closer. He reached the door, and stuck his head inside. He saw a large panel of different colored lights, and other light beams crossing in different directions. Michalak would later describe the flashing lights as resembling lights on a computer. He saw no one in the craft, and decided not to push his luck any farther. He moved back away from the door. Suddenly, three panels moved together, hiding the door.

    His attention was now on the exterior of the craft. He later described the surface as "highly polished colored glass with no breaks or seams in its surface.”He reached out his hand to touch the polished surface, and his glove was melted. Suddenly the object suddenly moved, and as it did, a vented opening was exposed, like a type of exhaust port. He estimated it's size as about nine inches high by six inches wide.Heat was vented through the opening, setting Michalak's shirt and undershirt on fire. He was now in great pain. He quickly tore off his top garments, and turned to see the craft ascending back into the skies. He felt a rush of air as it made it's departure.

    He could still smell the craft after it had disappeared.Knowing that he needed medical attention, he quickly tried to mark the spot. Using rocks, pine cones, loose dirt, anything he could find, he made a landmark. A severe headache now was complicated by a sick stomach. He broke into a cold sweat, and vomited. On his way back to his motel, he had to stop several times to ease his stomach pain. After being refused help from a passing police officer, he finally reached his motel. It was now 4:00 P.M. He entered the coffee shop, and asked someone to recommend a doctor. The nearest doctor was in Kenora, 45 miles east of Falcon Lake. Because of the distance, he decided to return home instead of making the trip to Kenora. The next bus would not arrive for about four hours, so he rested in his room, and phoned his wife. He told her only that he was in an accident, but was OK. He instructed her to have their son meet him at the bus terminal in Winnipeg. He arrived there at 10:45 P.M. His son took him to the Misericordia Hospital immediately.

    Here is the police report that he made that day.

    Summary of Physical Evidence

  • Severe, grid-like burns on chest of witness.
  • Severe radiation-type sickness associated with close contact with the craft

    Alternate Hypothesis

    1. The only other possible scenario is that this is a hoax, but considering the physical evidence involved that is highly unlikely. It is important to mention that Mr. Michalak did not receive any money at all for telling his story and paid for all his medical bills (which were many because he had to go to over a dozen doctors for his injuries) himself. The police officer who took the report stated that he did not smell alcohol on his breath either. The officer also stated that it looked like Mr. Michalak tried to rub ash on his chest, which is something commonly done for burns in the wild.

    The Socorro UFO Landing (CE3)
    Date and Location: April 24th, 1964 Socorro, New Mexico
    Witness: Officer Lonnie Zamora

    Image courtesy of

    This is one of the top cases in ufology and also has the primary witness being a police officer. This report is also in the USAF Project Bluebook. Here is a brief report on what happened that day.

    The witness in the Socorro case is a well-respected policeman, Lonnie Zamora, who claimed in the report he filed (included in Project Blue Book, Brad Steiger, Ed., 1976) that he saw a flame in the sky, "bluish and sort of orange too...sort of motionless flame, slowly descending...


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  • posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:38 AM

    narrower at top than at bottom...Sun was to west and did not help vision. Had green sunglasses over prescription glasses. Could not see bottom of flame because it was behind the hill....noise was a roar, not a blast..." The policeman drove around the area trying to see the flame again, and said he suddenly came across "a shiny type object ... oval in shape. It was smooth - no windows or doors. ... seemed like O in shape and I at first glance took it to be overturned car." He also described "two people in white coveralls...two persons..." Zamora said he saw the two people at a distance of 150 to 200 yards, and that "they appeared normal in shape... but possibly they were small adults or large kids." He also noted "what appeared to be two legs of some type from the object to the ground...the two legs were at the bottom of the object, slanted outwards to the ground." Zamora then got closer to the object, got out of his car, heard a loud roar, saw a flame, ran, bumped his leg, lost his glasses, and kept on going. He saw the object fly up, and move 10 to 15 feet above the ground, and then leave the area "travelling very fast." He radioed his dispatcher to look out his window for "an object .... it looks like a balloon." Nearby, the bushes were still smoldering. News reports in the local paper, El Defensor Chieftain, also mentioned "an unidentified tourist" who remarked about how "aircraft flew low around here," and that the strange object was a "funny-looking helicopter, if that's what it was."
    Zamora's earnest nature and credibility, along with the physical traces, brought the Socorro "landing" to national attention. J. Allen Hynek came to town, and was very interested in the pod-like tracks and burn marks at the scene. Ray Stanford wrote a whole book about the incident, Socorro Saucer in a Pentagon Pantry. Phil Klass came to investigate. The Socorro event has appeared in numerous books and articles, and was even featured on Unsolved Mysteries.

    Summary of Physical Evidence

    * Scorch marks on ground in reported landing site.
    * Abnormal readings in surrounding plant life.
    * Indentations on ground in reported landing site.
    * Burnt brush around reported landing site.

    Here you can see two of the original photos of the site, beware they are not great quality...

    This shows the circular burn pattern...

    Image courtesy of and

    So what really happened there? Is a distinguished police officer lying, or perhaps he was mistaken on what he saw? There are several alternate hypotheses which I will go over now.

    Alternate Hypotheses

    1.Propaganda hoax by the cities mayor or hoax by college physics students.

    Either one of these are highly unlikely as there is no supporting evidence for either of these scenarios.

    2. Test of Apollo lander or a helicopter carrying a Lunar Surveyer.

    The lander scenario is not possible because there were no lander prototypes operational in 1964. The Lunar Surveyor is more plausible of an explanation, however after further research you can see from the range log from Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM the only tests of the Surveyor were conducted in the morning. Zamora’s sighting happened at 5:45 PM, although tests can be carried out ‘off schedule’ there is no evidence that this was the case on the evening of April 24th.

    Image of test log courtesy of

    Of course any hot air balloon is out of the realm of possibility because the maneuvers described by the witness. This case is still officially open and unresolved, but the evidence is extremely strong in favor of a UFO landing.The following is a direct quote from the investigators of Project Bluebook:

    "There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which left quite an impression on him. There is also no question about Zamora's reliability. He is a serious officer, a pillar of his church, and a man well versed in recognizing airborne vehicles in his area. He is puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we. This is the best documented case on record."

    Here is some information on the surrounding plant life and the fused sand…

    When interviewed by McDonald, Mayes reported that she and two others had worked on studying physical evidence from the Socorro site, but she could not remember the names of the others. According to Mayes, she had examined the site the day after the event, and had gathered plant samples for analysis. Mayes later determined that the plants which had allegedly been burnt by the UFO's flames were, unusually, "completely dried out". (Druffel, 219) Mayes also found no evidence of radiation, but found "two organic substances" she was unable to identify. (Druffel, 219)
    Mayes also reported to McDonald an area of apparently "fused sand", where the sand had taken on a glassy appearance, near where the object had allegedly landed and then departed. The area of glassy sand was roughly triangular, measuring about 25 to 30 inches (760 mm) at its widest, though it gradually tapered down to about 1 inch wide; it seemed about a quarter of an inch thick. Mayes thought the glassy areas looked as if a "hot jet hit it." (Druffel, 219)
    Picture of the researchers investigating the area, you can see some of the charred brush in the photograph.

    Image courtesy of

    We have a police officers testimony of seeing a UFO land and two of its occupants coming out. Then we have physical evidence left at the site in the form of burn marks and radiation type readings in the area. All the alternative theories for this case are lax at best in my opinion, but you can judge for yourself.

    I wanted to do more, but seeing as my OP is going to be 3 or 4 pages long already. I will post two more later on in an effort to save room and for ease of reading. I picked these three cases for various reasons, varying from witness credibility, tests done, and abundance of physical trace evidence. There are many more, but these are near the top, the Bob White artifact, in my opinion, is the top right now and need much more research, as it easily warrants the time and money. I feel we are getting closer than ever to the truth right now and the more information gets out to the masses the faster we will get there.


    Again, GREAT thread.

    posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:40 AM
    I found that the soil for the landing site was very interesting in that it was so dehydrated that it floated to the top undisturbed.When the soil just some feet away reacted normally.There was no doubt in my mind that some thing most have happened there...good thread my friend

    posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:41 AM
    Why does it seem that most of the storys on scientific data seems to be from the 60's/70's when the technology was no where near what we have today. I would like to see some high tech scientific data collected with up to date means I know there out there it just blows my mind how most of these data files are from like the 60's- 70's

    posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:51 AM
    reply to post by tsloan

    Here is a newer one from Golabki, Poland on August of 1998..


    Golabki, Poland Trace Case
    Location:Golabki, Poland (CE3)
    Date : July or early August, 1998 at 2 am
    Witness: Mrs. Evelina Kuss (Interview date: July 19, 2003)

    Image Mrs. Kuss and grandson courtesy of

    This is another astounding case in which yet again the UFO left trace evidence, that once again was tested by professional labs. Here is a brief summary of the encounter:

    Mrs. Kuss reports that it was about 2 am (in July or perhaps early August) and she couldn't fall asleep: "I don't know why, but I couldn't. And suddenly the room simply became all red ... the whole room became red because there was something glowing outside the window. I saw this object in the sky. It had the shape of an ellipsis and glowed in red, a very intense red. ... And it was very slowly lowering itself onto the field. The glow from this thing was enormous.

    The whole object was emitting such light that it reminded me of a bright ball, but with a distinctive shape inside the glow. And it was going down, very, very slowly." At first Mrs. Kuss thought it might be a meteorite, but realized it couldn't be because it was descending so slowly. Sometimes it even "stopped" for awhile and would then continue its descent. The object, which was about 150 meters away from her, appeared to be 3-4 meters across. "I think it could have been several meters in length ... I saw it very clearly, it wasn't very far away, glowing like a piece of [hot] iron. There had been wheat [in the field] which my son had sown, but it had been reaped already. And I thought that, since this fire landed there, the field might catch on fire from it. I even wanted to wake up my family, but the light began to dim. It was dimming out very, very slowly. I saw that nothing was on fire, so I went to bed and in the morning during breakfast I told my family about it, I said that this object had landed there. And I showed them exactly where it landed."

    Mrs. Kuss reports that about 15 minutes elapsed from the moment she first saw the red glow in her bedroom until the object landed and became so dim she could no longer see it. She continued to observe the field for about another hour before finally going to bed. She reports that she noticed no unusual smell and experienced no tingling of the skin or other possible electromagnetic effects, and she doesn't recall hearing any unusual animal noises.

    The object itself was silent. There are no street-lights in her area and none of the lights in her house (or the radio or TV) were on, so she is unaware of any electrical interference which may have been caused by the object. The only clock observed in the house was hand-wound.

    Now for the discovery of the “stone ring” and the vitrified soil. The next morning Mrs. Kuss’s grandson after hearing of the event went out to search for evidence of the encounter. He went out to the farms field and discovered not any scorch marks but a ring of about 10-15 stones placed in a circular pattern. The stones were anywhere from small to about sized and relatively heavy (her grandson was only 11 at the time).

    Image of vitrified stone courtesy of

    Here is an image of the field and a drawing showing the location of the stones:

    Both images courtesy of

    Upon further inspection of the stone we can clearly see the glassy and bubble like vitrification of it:

    Image courtesy of

    Now for some tests run on it by Frontier Labs of Iowa:

    The following tests were performed:
  • Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis (SEM)

  • Electron Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)

    Physical Form: The two glassy stones are shown in the color photos, above. As may be seen, the larger sample (before being later split in two) was approximately 1.2 cm long; the smaller was slightly less than 1 cm. Both are seen to be of similar color, a very dark green-black. We also observe that small (< 2mm) bubbles and voids are present in both, consistent with the immediately apparent notion that these samples are essentially glass.

    EDS and Comparative Analysis: EDS scans taken from assorted spots on both stone samples are quite consistent. We find Si (silicon), O (oxygen), Al (aluminum), Mg (magnesium), Ca (calcium), K (potassium) and minor amounts of Fe (iron) and Ti (titanium).

    Here is the image courtesy of of the spectroscopy results:

    Findings showed that the rocks were not radioactive but highly vitrified, the molecules were fused together indicative of temperatures above 1500 degrees F.

    Image showing bubbles on rock courtesy of]

    Two analogous materials may be found which resemble these samples. A semi-precious gemstone originally derived from ancient meteoric glass in the region of the Moldau River--called Moldavite--resembles our samples somewhat in form, but not necessarily in color, as Moldavite is usually a brighter and lighter green. However the samples do very much resemble vitrified soil, produced by a well-known toxic or nuclear waste remediation process known as ISV: in-situ vitrification. In this process electrical arcs are made to flow deep into soil areas contaminated with toxic wastes or radioactive substances, liquifying the soil components and producing a non-permeable glassy material as the liquid soils cools. This glassy residual can then either remain safely underground (since the toxic wastes are now contained) or can be subsequently safely hauled away.

    Alternate Explanations

    Yea , I am sure Mrs. Kuss had access to top of the line toxic waste clean up technology!! Okay so that option is out. What about lightening? No, because the shear volume and size of the affected stones. A hoax? Possible but as shown in the most recent UFO Hunters episode it isn’t feasible, here is why.

    For one there is only two forms of welding torches that could achieve this or be readily available. The first is a “Arc Welder”, but that is extremely entropic and can not cause the widespread, large sized deformaties. The second would be either a hydrogen torch or a oxy acetal one. But it took a professional welder over 2 minutes to create a coin sized piece of vitrified soil.

    It is extremely hard to do with welders. In her expert opinion you would need like 15 of them directed in one area just to make on basketball sized piece! So that is highly unlogical and unfeasible to do that, not to mention the money it would cost, considering the witnesses got nothing out of the report I would say the torch explanation is out. This case is still open and unsolved.

    BLT Research Team Inc. , PO Box 400127, Cambridge, MA (617-492-0415)

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  • posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:57 AM

    Originally posted by wanderingwaldo
    Hydrophobic soil could indicate a plasma field.

    I especially liked the swamp and the 1927 photo, because for one the swamp incident would have takenl alot of time and effort to DRAIN the swamp and hope to do a radial spiral without breaking any of the wet or dry vegetation. It would have been easier if he was doing a hoax to do it in his dry field and hope he doesn't break any of the vegetation (which people really didn't know how to do until the 90's. And the 1927 photo was well before the advent of UFO's, and we get the same circular pattern. I believe our correct about some form of plasma field in use. Also I do believe that we are dealing with either 2 or more different species or the same species but different types of crafts. Some crafts use plasma jets from some form of fusion process and thats why we can get burned up vegetation (actually it's so hot that the vegetation and ground really doesn't do the gradual burn phase but goes straight to ash and the ground to class or whatever condition certain soils and clays get when high temperature hits it. And other vehicles use a form of plasma field system where the craft lands and takes off using a rotating field of magnetism for propulsion. Given why you see in many field the Coriolis effect on the vegetation and even lose dirt.

    Also here's a clue also, the water missing from the swamp. You remember the photo shot back in the late 60's or late 70's of a craft in a small bay off florida floating over it and forming a small water spout. Either thats the effect that happens from the field system or it was refueling. If you have fusion you could use water, but if the system needs not water itself but the hydrogen in the H2O then it may have been seperating the oxygen from the hydrogen and so we get the water being coverted to Oxygen (which may use some of it to replenish it's life support) to bleed off into the air and the hydrogen to fill the fuel tanks and/or fuel systems. Now you can say (as an example lets use the swamp incident) these crafts don't have enough space or are big enough to hold the amount of hydrogen in it's hold after evaporating all that water. I will hypothesis that if they have the ability to manipulate gravity and use it to move from one point in space to another, then it shouldn't be hard to design or invent materials and systems to hold and to press in a small space tons of gallons of Hydrogen fuel into a small space. Why can't they use the same gravitic forces that are used to keep; them at a standard g (artificial gravity) from being squashed while doing maneuvers that would be in the 100's of G's, to be reversed in in sections of the small ship to reduce space for fuel by squeezing it down under an artificial gravity of 100's of gravities.

    It's possible and it makes sense, all they are doing is inverting the field in part of the system. Actually if you really think about it, it truly makes alot of sense.

    posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 12:00 PM
    Nice post S&F

    I must say one thing though, about the opening quote:

    I want to start of saying that " people who witness a murder can go into court, testify to that effect, can put a man away for life, and yet the same people have a UFO experience and the testimony is no more longer valid" Ted Phillips

    I have to laugh at that, as a murder trial has 2 things that a UFO sighting doesn't. First, a murder trial has a suspect and secondly it has a victim's corpse.

    Other than that
    for the work put into this.

    posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 12:05 PM
    In many of the ufo abuduction cases you have a victim, sometimes a family of victims, often with wounds, marks, strange memory flashes, and often with unusual implants that when tested have been found to not appear to be random shrapnel, but cosmic origin.
    Further more is discovered if regressive therapy is used. Not to mention the physical evidence, which is equal to a body as evidence, at ufo landing sites, and amongst some of the crop circles as well.

    I know that lie detectors when used as one form of evidence don't stand up to testing for accuracy but are allowed in court, yet this is a cohesive whole with many aspects of evidence.

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