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The Las Vegas UFO Crash - April 18,1962

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 12:50 AM
The Las Vegas UFO Crash - April 18,1962

Case Summary: On the night of April 18, 1962 there was a mass sighting of a Very bright and strange UFO that flew over more than ten states and was seen in the sky by thousands of people as it made it's way across North America. The unidentified flying object was first noticed by witnesses in Oneida and Cuba New York and was heading in a westerly direction. Air Defense Command was alerted by NORAD who was tracking the object for 32 minutes on radar as it moved west and Jet fighters from at least two locations were scrambled to investigate. Sighting reports from witnesses who saw the object in Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California evidently confirmed the UFO had indeed traveled towards the west coast.

In Eureka, Utah witnesses reported the bright UFO triggered photocells causing street lights to shut off and some observers claimed the object "arched over" and crashed just west of town which caused a service disruption at a nearby power plant. A local sheriff said he saw the lights of retail stores go out or became dark as if there was a power outage and according to reports the Air Force later admitted there was a problem at the power plant while something "mysterious", possibly a meteor had landed. Search parties under the watchful eye of the military attempted to locate any remains of the object but nothing was found and interestingly some witnesses said the UFO didn't crash and claimed they saw it land and take off again.

Exactly what happened in Utah is unknown but the object was seen as far west as Reno, Nevada and California and sighting reports from there now claimed the object was traveling from the west towards the east. Apparently the UFO had changed direction and then turned south towards Las Vegas and eventually disappeared from Nellis AFB radar at 10,000 feet over the Mesquite Range of Nevada where it reportedly exploded.

April 18, 1962, National Air Defense Alert
From New York to Las Vegas - A Ten-State Incident

The Air Defense Command was alerted after the object was tracked by NORAD and ground witnesses as it traveled for 32-minutes from Oneida, New York across the midwest, through Kansas & Colorado, Utah, and the disapeared from Nellis AFB radar at 10,000 feet. Jets had been scrambled from two locations. Power outages were reported and the object made a turned toward the east and landed.

April 18, 1962, Power out for 42 minutes

"an incident on April 18,1962, involving a UFO that had been tracked from New York, through Kansas to Eureka, Utah, was well documented. The Air Force spokesman admitted that the object had landed, and during the 42 minutes that it was on the ground near the power station there was no power, but it was restored when the UFO left. The object was pursued by jet interceptors summoned from Phoenix and Stead Field in Reno until it exploded over the Mesquite Range in Nevada in a brilliant glare that was visible over five states".

The following day the incident appeared in a Las Vegas Sun newspaper headline

The April 19 edition of the Sun reported ...


"Weird Object seen Through Entire West" : Article - part 1 - part 2

"Flash, Boom Over Utah - Fireball Lights Skies In Ten States"
(Article from Blue Book files)

The huge "ball of fire" which flashed across the Western U. S. between 8:15 and 8:19 p.m on 18 April 1962 was so brilliant that it triggered the photo- electric street lighting system in Eureka, Utah. The object was traveling from east to west. All street lights turned off in Eureka as the object passed over. Authorities thought the fireball crashed about 10 miles south of the small town. Residents saw a "blue flash" and heard a "rumbling" off in the distance immed-iately after the sighting.

Salt Lake City observers said the light of the "meteor" was as "bright as day." It was seen in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, Kansas and Utah. An FAA spokesman at Salt Lake City said the object vanished over southwestern Utah about 35 miles northeast of Delta. He also said aircraft and ground observers in the area confirmed the report.

Descriptions of the UFO varied considerably and some witnesses described the object as a red or blue fireball - a red flaming sword - a yellow-white flame - an object shaped like a polliwog - object shaped like a luncheon cloth with a round ball in the center - while other observers said it was just a very bright light with a grey smoke trail following behind it accompanied with a series of twenty or thirty explosions. A couple witnesses in Utah described it as a flaming object and claimed it was no higher than five hundred feet when it passed overhead and caused their pick up truck to malfunction or almost stall. One of the observers said "he thought he could see a series of square windows on the object almost hidden in the glow of it". Meanwhile some folks said the object was making "whooshing sounds" and others reported it was "alternately emitting a gasping sound, had a retarding forward movement and was surging ahead three or four times before the flame at the tail of object turned from bright yellow to blue".

continued ...

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 12:50 AM
A pilot flying a cargo transport at 8500 feet and located two miles west of La Van, Utah reported he saw a bright light that was so intense he was able to see objects on the ground as bright as day and after the intensity of the light decreased he noticed off in the distance there was a long slender white-yellow colored self illuminated object shaped like a cigarette.

According to Captain Herman Gordon Shields, who was interrogated at Hill Air Force Base by Douglas M. Crouch, the chief of the criminal investigation sections:

I was flying a C-119 aircraft from the left seat [captain's seat]. We were approximately two miles west of La Van, Utah flying at 8500 feet MSL. Our true airspeed was a little less than 170 knots. We were making a right turn from a heading of about 068 degrees to 165 degrees. We were approximately 25 degrees of bank on the aircraft and we had turned for about 30 degrees to a heading of about 098 or 100 degrees, somewhere in there, when it began to get very bright in the, cock- pit.

Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar

The illumination was from above. It built up slowly. My first impression while the intensity was low was that it was the landing lights of another aircraft. Of course, when the intensity increased this was ruled out automatically. The cockpit was illuminated from above. In the C-119 aircraft there is an instrument panel in the middle of the cockpit up above on the ceiling of the cockpit. The light source was coming from this area that was blanked out, in other words, straight behind this instrument panel because neither Lieutenant Larson, who was in the fight seat nor I saw the source of the illumination. We continued the turn. The light intensity increased until we could see objects [on the ground] as bright as day for a radius of five to ten miles from the aircraft. This would probably be a diameter of twenty miles or so. Objects on the ground, on the hills around us, were clearly distinguishable. Colors were distinguishable. It was as bright as daylight. The intensity of the light diminished faster than it had increased. After the light had decreased in intensity we were still looking for the light source, and I noticed an object to my left between the wing and the lower part of the fuselage of the aircraft against the hills. By this time the light had decreased so that the hills were dark. It was night again. And this object which I saw was illuminated. It had a long slender appearance comparable to a cigarette in size, that is, the diameter with respect to the length of the object. The fore part, or the lower part of the object was very bright, intense white such as a magnesium fire. The second half, the aft section, was a clearly distinguishable yellowish color. I would say the object was just about divided in half, the fore part being intensely white, the aft section having a more yellow color to it.

Later in the same report, Captain Shields said, "I saw only a slender object. I don't know what the shape was. It was only a slender object ... There was no exhaust, no trail following after it. It was clearly defined. I saw it for a period of maybe one to two seconds."

The following information was extracted from the Air Intelligence report and various other documents found in the Blue Book case file. note - Some parts of the text on the micro-film page scan images can be difficult to read. Above each document found on the Blue Book archive there is a "page text" feature you can click on to see the text of the scanned image but it's mostly illegible. I had to compare the scanned image with the available text (as best I could) and decipher the information so it could be presented here.

Air Force Intelligence Report - April 24, 1962

Date of info: 18 - 19 April 1962

[1b]At 0319& on 19 April 1962 a brilliant mid-air Illumination appeared.''over Nephi, Utah, visible in Idaho, California, Arizona and Kansas. One violent explosion and 20-30 sharp''explosions followed illumination. AF pilot in area reported clearly defined white object falling toward ground after illumination. Resident of Lynndyl, Utah, stated a bright white object passed over him traveling north-west at 3OO-5OO feet altitude, having bright white trail, turning to smoke trail after object passed. Observers at Jericho, Utah, (39 ^5M, 112 11W) stated object passed east of Jericho in north-west direction. Observer 3 miles south-west of Eureka, Utah (39 58K. 112 0?^) reported object passed over in northwest direction, alternately emitting gasping sound, retarding forward movement, and surging ahead three or four times, before flame at tail of object turned from bright yellow to blue. Observer stated object arced over and estimated that object landed in vicinity'' of M6 -

[2]At 06202 on 19 April 1962 Captain Herman O. Shields, A02210541,?33rd Troop Carrier Squadron, a reserve AF pilot and civilian Attorney at Law was interviewed at Bill AF3, with a tape recording being made of the interview. The following information and answers received to questions...

15a(l) Shape - A long cylinderical shape like a cigarette.

15a(2) Sisse - At the distance object appeared to be the size of a cigarette.

15a(3) Color - The forward or lower part of object was a bright intense white. the after half was a clearly distinguishable yellow color.

continued ...

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 12:50 AM

From Sec & Law Enforce Div, Hill AFB Utah

6. Four sheepmen and herders located at Jericho, Utah (39 W 112 11W) were interviewed on 19 April 1962 with regard to the object. The four interviewees con-curred that the object passed east of Jericho on a north-west heading. After their attention was attracted by the brilliant illumination, the persons observed the object and described it substantially as a bright white object which left a trail
of dark gray smoke* Also that the object seemed to burn out or turn dark after passing over the Immediate area* The descriptions of the 20 to 30 sharp explosions heard after the object passed over given by each of the men generally agreed, with the noise likened to that of anti-aircraft fire*

7. On 19 April 19&2 Mr. Bob Robinson was interviewed at the Silver City Mine at Silver City, Utah, and the following information obtained:

15a(l) Shape - Bound ball of fire*

I5a(2) size - About the else of a soccer ball.

15a(3) Color - white with a yellowish tint and a bright yellow Jagged flame coming from the rear of the object*

15a(4) Number - one

15a(5) Formation - none

15a(6) Discernible features - None he could see*

15a(7) Tail, trail or exhaust - The object had a bright yellowish flame coming from the rear* After object passed overhead, a dark gray smoke trail remained in the sky.

15a(8) Sound - Object emitted a gasping sound three or four times when it slowed down in flight and then speeded up again* After object had burned out, approximately 20 sharp explosions were heard in direction from which ?objwt *.

15a(9) Pertinent features - Yellow Jagged flame at rear of object. After object had slowed up and surged ahead three or four times, the flame at the rear of object turned from yellow to blue, and Jagged ends,of trailing flame turned into a sharp pointed flame at the rear*

15b(l) What called attention to object - Bright illumination overhead caused him to look up and see object*

15b(2) Angle, elevation and aalmuth - Object traveled northwest over mountain east of his location on a flat trajectory* Could not estimate altitude*

15h(3) Angle, elevation and aslmuth at time of disappearance - Traveling north west with descending angle* Below top of mountains to west (3,000 feet).

15b(4) Flight path and maneuvers - As object passed over R0BIN30H, it slowed down in air, and after gasping sound was heard, the object spurted ahead again. After this procedure was repeated three or four times, the object arched over and began descending to earth after which the object turned bluish color and then burned out or went dark* After object began to slow down it began to wobble or "fishtail" in it's path.

I5b(5) How did object disappear - After beginning to arc over toward the ground, the object turned dark or burned out, Still on a northwest heading.

15b(6) How long object visible - Two or three seconds*

15a(l) Shape - A bulky form, a little wider than long,

15a(2) Size - At the distance about the size of a basketball*

15a(3) Color - A white color with a bluish tint* Like the color of burning metal at white heat*

15a(4.) Number - One*

15a(5) Formation - None.

15a(6) Discernible features - None he could see*

15a(7) Tail, Trail or Exhaust - a long trail of flame approximately 500 feet long. After flame went by there was a trail of dark gray smoke*

15a(8) Sound - Object had a "Whooshing" sound as it went over* After object went over, approximately 30 sharp explosions were heard in mid-air like dynamite explosions set off at close intervals*

15a(9) Pertinent features - : none he could see.

15b(l) What called attention to object Mas tending water in garden when entire valley lighted up as bright as day, looked up to locate source of illumination and saw object*

13b(2) Angle, elevation and azimuth - Passed overhead about 300 feet east of his location* Estimated object was 300 to 500 feet above him when it passed over going in a northwesterly direction*

15b(3) Angle, elevation or azimuth at time of disappearance Appeared to be descending in a shallow glide on a north west heading at the tine object seemed to burn out*

15b(4) Description of flight path - A flat trajectory from the south east to north west in a slightly descending glide* No maneuver*

15b(5) How did object disappear - Seemed to burn out while going away into north-west*;:"

15b(6) How long was object visible - two to three seconds*

15e(l) Manner of observation - Naked eye*

15e(2) Optical aids - None,

15e(3) Airborne sighting - K/A

15d(l) Zulu time date group - 03152 to 0320Z on 19 April 1962*

15d(2) light conditions - Night.

15e location of observer - North end of Lynndyl, Utah (39 $gg.i 112 22 1/2W).

15f Information on observer - Roy Nielson, age 60, Lynndyl, Utah, Storekeeper and Garage Operator* Neighbors have a high regard for the honesty and veracity of Nielson* Interview and comparison of estimates of distances indicate KSXL30H may be a poor judge of distance*

15g (D Weather and winds - NXESL3QN reported no winds, with moon shining brightly and a few high scattered euraulous cicada*

Object description from, Mrs. George T. Jones - Orem, Utah

15a(1) Shape - Shaped like a luncheon cloth with a round ball in the center about
the size of a large coconut.

15a(2) Size - The size of a luncheon cloth.

I5a(3) Color - Yellow with black corners, a bright red object the size of a coconut in the center.

PAGE 7 OF 7 Pages
FROM: Sec & Law Enforce
Div, Hill AFB, Ut.

falling meteor is questioned due to the statements of three observers describing the flat trajectory, plus the description of sounds emanating from the object and the account of "table cloth" and the final object falling to the ground. Due to tho inaccessibility of the valley, ten miles wide by 15 miles long in which the object apparently came to earth, no further search for the object is contemplated. With the completion of this initial report, no explanation has been developed for the brilliant illumination of the area, the object itself, or the explosions in the wake of the object*

Douglas M. Crouch, Chief
Criminal Investigation Section
Sec. & Law Enforcement Div.

Charles W. Brion
Major USAF
Chief Sec. & Law Enforcement Div.

Subject: April 18, 1962, Northern Colorado, F-100 Encounters Flash

North American RF-100

1st Lt. E. E. Craver, 120th Tactical Fighter Squadron, flying in a USAF F-100C jet fighter at 25,000 feet observed a bright flash 270 degrees bearing from aircraft that appeared as an explosion on horizon with trails of fire extending to clouds.

continued ...

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 12:51 AM
A letter of inquiry about the UFO from a concerned citizen sent to Air Defense Command received the following response...

RE: Request for information - September 21, 1962

Dear Mr. Trifon:

The official records of the Air Force list the 18 April 1962 Nevada sighting to which you refer as "unidentified, insufficient data." There is an additional note to the effect that the reported track is characteristic of that registered by a U-2 or a high balloon but there is insufficient data reported to fully support such an evaluation." The phenomena reported was not intercepted or fired upon.

Major, USAF
Public Information Division

Office of Information
Mr. Louis Trifon
11 Glenwood Road
Plainview, New York

Interestingly the incident was recorded in the project Blue Book files & notes as two separate events. One record card for a Nellis AFB-Las Vegas report dated the 18th and another card dated the 19th for a New York to Eureka, Utah report. note - imo it appears as if someone corrected the Utah card and changed the 9 to an 8. - see document

Project Blue Book record card

Date - 19 (18?) April 62
Location - Eureka, Utah - Rocky Mountains
Length of Observation - Varied
Course - Westerly
Source - Civilian & Military
Number of objects - one exploding

Obj. came in over Cuba (Cuba-N.Y.) & apparently landed. Multiple rpts. Attempted in rough terrain West of Eureka, Utah - recovery by Col Friend & Dr. Hynek. Bright enough to trip photo electric cell which controlled city street lights - See case file

Project Blue Book record card
Date - 18 April 62
Location - Nellis AFB, Nevada
Length of Observation - 32 Min.
Course - N.E.
Source - Military

Insufficient Data for Evaluation


Radar sighting. Blip. Speed of object varied. Initial observation at 060 no elevation. Disappearance at 105 az 10,000'' altitude. Heading tentatively NE, however disappeared instantly to S. Observed by search and height radars. No visual.


There is insufficient data in the report to form a valid conclusion. Speed, changes in course, and altitude not included. Appearance on both search and height finder confirms that some object was there. Track characteristics indicate possible balloon as the source.

Subject: Object Tracked On Radar - No Meteor

This is one document that shows a final listing of Insufficient Data for the April 18 (32-minute!!!!) incident, rather than explained as a "bolide" as Friend/Hynek had suggested, and also again confirms the object was detected on radar!!! Also interesting is the reference to another "meteor" incident for the next day in the location of the April 18 landing area.

Project Blue Book document - April 1962 Sightings

[1]Date 18 - Location Nellis AFB, Nevada - Observer Military (Radar) - Evaluation Insufficient data

[2]Date 19 - Location Eureka Utah & Rocky Area - Observer Multi - Evaluation Astro Meteor

continued ...

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 12:51 AM
Author and UFO researcher Kevin Randle investigated this case and wrote a very informative article called "The Las Vegas UFO Crash, April 18, 1962" and is required reading if you want to know all the aspects of this incident. The article includes information about his investigation such as witnesses he interviewed and one observer in particular who supposedly saw the UFO land and take off in Eureka, Utah. He also offers reasonable solutions for the date and time discrepancies in the Blue Book files and discusses why the documentation may have been purposelessly noted with different dates.

An air force spokesman at Nellis Air Force Base said that meteors are not normally tracked by radar. The ionized trail left by them is sometimes detected, but that is a streak on the scope and not a single moving point as described by the military operators in Las Vegas. How do we know that the object seen in Las Vegas is the same one that was reported in Utah and over Reno? It looked as if we had two sightings: one over Las Vegas on April 18, and one over Utah on April 19. With two sightings, there isn't all that much unusual to explain. A meteor fell near Eureka, Utah, and something else tracked on radar near Las Vegas.

But I knew that wasn't quite right. I had talked to a man, who wishes to remain anonymous, who was in Eureka, Utah, on the night the "meteor" fell. He was driving through town and watched the glowing orange ball. He saw it close to the ground, but then saw it take off again. It knocked out the lights all over Eureka, before climbing out again. Something that a meteor could not do.

He was close enough to the object to see an oval shape and to hear a quiet whirring noise. It took off toward the west, heading into Nevada. He watched it until it faded from sight over Nevada. The point here is that there was a witness who had seen the object come down near Eureka as had others. But unlike them, he had seen it lift off again, streaking toward the west. It suggested that the object hadn't ended its flight in Utah. Linked to the reports in Nevada, it suggested that a single object was responsible for all the sightings.

The air force, which had received all the findings, initially did the same thing, linking the reports. Officers at Stead Air Force Base, Nellis Air Force Base, and NORAD all drew that conclusion. The reports from Utah and Reno claim the sighting was made about fifteen minutes after the hour (Utah, on Mountain Standard Time, reported the incident at 8:15. Reno, on Pacific Standard Time, reported it at 7:15). The Nellis radar case, according to the official air force file, listed the time of the sighting as sixteen minutes after the events in Utah, but the official spokesman at Nellis said the Air Defense Command was alerted by the fire trail that was seen at approximately 7:20 P.M., Pacific Standard Time, or within minutes of the reports from Utah.

More importantly, fighters were scrambled from Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix after the radar sightings. Other documents included in the Project Blue Book files suggested that fighters had also been scrambled from Nellis. Another point must be made. The reports, as filed in Project Blue Book, were deceptively dated. The Utah case had the time logged in "Zulu," or Greenwich Mean Time, which means it was advanced at that time of the year by six hours. Add six hours to the 8:15 time, and you advance it to early morning the next day. A quick glance at the file shows the Utah case dated April 19, and the Las Vegas case logged in local time as April 18. On paper it looks as if they take place on separate days when, in reality, they happened within minutes of each other on the same day.

With the cases separated, the air force was able to deal with them piecemeal. The Utah case could become a bolide. Robert Kadesch, a scientist not involved with the UFO project at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base or the Foreign Technology Division, made a plausible witness. His statement, reported throughout the country, sounded good, when the testimony of the other witnesses is overlooked.

ft is easy to accept the Air Force explanations of the case if they are taken as separate events. It is easy to believe that the Utah sightings were the result of a meteor, although the original investigators, Crouch and Brion, said that they had no explanation for the sightings.

link - Web Archive - Way Back Machine

So what do we have here?

We have the story of an object that was seen to begin its journey over Oneida, New York. It was seen by thousands. In Utah it neared the ground, landed, and took off not on April 19 as claimed by the air force, but on April 18. It was close enough to the ground that people in the center of Utah got a good look at it. It maneuvered while close to the ground, slowing down and speeding up. The witnesses in several Utah communities centered around the Eureka and Nephi areas thought that it landed. One witness reported it on the ground and then taking off. It continued its journey until it was close to Reno, then turned to the southeast, flew over Las Vegas, where it was tracked on radar, and then blew up.

1st Video Presentation - Air Force UFO Sightings

2nd Video Presentation - UFO Eureka, Utah & Nellis AFB

continued ...

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 12:51 AM
Other Sources:

"In the wacky world of UFOs, few events are harder to explain away than those of the night of April 18, 1962. Within a span of 32 minutes, an object was reported in the skies from Oneida, New York, all the way to California. Over 1,000 witnesses reported seeing the object over Utah, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona and California".

"The data points to a singular object, intelligently controlled, which traveled west over the U.S., touched down in Utah, returned to the air on a southern trajectory, and exploded over a U. S. military base. Randle concludes, “The air force offered a series of explanations ignoring the facts. They ignored the information that didn’t fit with the bolide theory. But the witnesses know the truth. They saw something from outer space, and it was not a meteor. It was a craft from another world.”

Book References:

Majic Eyes Only: Earth's Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology
By Ryan S. Wood

By Vikas Khatri

Weird Las Vegas and Nevada:
Your Alternative Travel Guide to Sin City and the Silver State

By Joe Oesterle, Tim Cridland, Mark Moran, Mark Sceurman

Search results for Las Vegas UFO Crash, April 18, 1962

Closing comments: I don't think anyone can say for sure what the object was or what really happened especially since none of us were there and seen it however based on the evidence currently available to me I would have to say I don't think it was a bolide meteor mainly because the object was tracked on radar and the flight time was for 32 minutes or more. Some people might say when it comes to seeing UFOs people in general often make bad witnesses and perhaps we could ignore some of the seemingly crazy descriptions given by a few of the observers involved in this case but we (or at least I) cannot ignore the radar tracking and the flight time of the UFO. I believe there was something more to this case other than just a meteor and I also think the military has kept from us some of the more important pieces of this puzzle so we could never see the whole picture. After all, this was the time frame when it was mandatory for the military to hide evidence and explain away cases so the public wouldn't become alarmed.

A few guesses on my part for what the object might have been:

1- Astronomical anomaly never previously encountered or seen before ?

2- A covert test of a secret weapon from the American military ?

3- A secret weapon sent from another country and the USA was actually under attack ?

4- Two objects, not one and America was being attacked on both coasts ?

5- A real UFO as in something not man made or possibly Alien ?

Thread comments: This case is being reposted because the previous thread "The Unsolved UFO Mystery" was titled wrong and due to the lack of my case knowledge at the time it was poorly presented and contains misleading information. Also, the old thread is missing images and many of the links in the opening post either don't work or have been disabled. This new thread is my attempt to redeem myself and correct any mistakes I previously made and to give the members of ATS and the general public a better presentation so we all could have a second chance to examine the evidence and discuss this case. If anyone has opinions on this case or relevant information they would like to add please let me know. I'll BBL to comment after I've had time to consider any replies so Thanks in advance

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 02:40 AM
Wow 5 flags and no posts i must say you have presented quite a post of information to look over here im about halfway through and it is a very interesting read. I have never heard of this story before but its a good one funny how these stories are kinda forgotten or should i say hidden swept under the rug and forgotten about. Thank you for bringing this case up. S&F for good read

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 03:33 AM
Thanks for an excellent post/thread. I'd only heard about this case briefly so I can't wait to get to the computer and give it the time and attention it really warrents...

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 04:35 AM
OP you forgot possibility number six.

6: A Bolide meteor, the appearance of which has been purposefully exaggerated and mis-represented by UFO enthusiasts in order to argue for an ET explanation.

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by kristobal

Since I mentioned the Bolide explanation and provided a link how is it I forgot ? I also offered other explanations so it's kinda obvious I'm trying to be objective and not just considering only one explanation. Maybe you didn't read the thread or shouldn't be so closed minded ? And since your defending the bolide theory please do tell us how the object could have remained in the air for over 30 minutes and changed direction and while your at it maybe you can tell us why it was chased by fighter jets.

Perhaps one explanation I didn't include is the re-entry of space stuff ...

Debris from and as a weapon

One major source of debris in the past was the testing of anti-satellite weapons carried out by both the U.S. and Soviet Union in the 1960s and '70s. The NORAD element files only contained data for Soviet tests, and it was not until much later that debris from U.S. tests was identified

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 12:12 PM
Now this is what I call an informative thread.
Good job, jeez..

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by easynow

Well, you have certainly redeemed yourself in my eyes.

Excellent thread with interesting info, thanks for the read.

Btw, I noticed you had mentioned Bolide Meteors too. Some people just get can't wait to pick fault without reading the post properly(I have done it before, we probably all have. I have learned from that mistake though).

ETA: I need to pitch in with an opinion...

I reckon of all the UFO cases I have read about, this is probably the most likely to be an 'alien' vessel. So many witnesses, credible ones too who had no idea wtf it was. I found the part about the illumination coming from underneath really interesting. What the hell kind of known object does that?
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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 02:40 PM
I haven't gone through all the information yet, but I am reminded about my own experience with the cigarette shaped featureless object. I made a thread about it, linked here
Now I will look at the rest of the post!

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 03:38 PM
This type of UFO is not new, there has been hundreds of sightings/reports about cigar or tube shaped object been seen all over the world and also Gary Mckinnon the computer hacker that reportedly saw a similar object on one of the NASA computers.

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by hotbread

So the thinking is that some government of ours is in control of these cylinders?

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by SLAPurMAMA
reply to post by hotbread

So the thinking is that some government of ours is in control of these cylinders?

Yes, that is "the thinking" file they are trying to install into your mind.

Okay, or Decline? That is up to you.

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by easynow
The Las Vegas UFO Crash - April 18,1962

In Eureka, Utah witnesses reported the bright UFO triggered photocells causing street lights to shut off

Photocells in 62? Really?

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by easynow

I have been waiting for something as equally good as your ongoing thread, you have not disappointed! keep up the good articles, a thoroughly good read and TBH the meteor explanation just doesn't add up, not if you look at ALL the evidence, IMHO we are looking at

UFO (alien to this planet)

UFO Secret Test Flight

Keep up the good work

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Well I probably should have done a better job and elaborated a bit more on the bolide explanation that way nobody could say I forgot something so if there was any confusion it probably is my fault. when posting this much evidence at one time along with having to break it up into six posts can make it difficult to extensively cover all the bases. just saying.

@ everyone Thanks for the replies

I can't say for sure what the UFO was and I do have to admit some of the descriptions given by a few of the witnesses does seem to resemble that of a bolide meteor but at the same time other descriptions given contradict that theory which is why this case is so puzzling.

Video with bolide meteors

other videos

I'm not sure how something similar to what's seen in those videos could have lasted long enough to even make it from upstate New York all the way to Utah. Even with a relatively flat trajectory it seems unlikely an object like that would last long enough to make it that far.

The Air Force is on record saying the meteor explanation is questionable

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FROM: Sec & Law Enforce
Div, Hill AFB, Ut.

"falling meteor is questioned due to the statements of three observers describing the flat trajectory, plus the description of sounds emanating from the object and the account of "table cloth" and the final object falling to the ground."

"Observer 3 miles south-west of Eureka, Utah (39 58K. 112 0?^) reported object passed over in northwest direction, alternately emitting gasping sound, retarding forward movement, and surging ahead three or four times, before flame at tail of object turned from bright yellow to blue."

Here's a few questions worthy of consideration:

Was one object responsible for all the reports that night ?
If that is the case then it definitely wasn't a meteor.

Was it two objects and separate events ?
If that is the case what are the odds of these events happening the same night ?
and perhaps more importantly, ... at the same time ?

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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 05:08 PM
Awsome post OP, i never new that this even happend, since i live in Mesquite NV, and iv'e been interrested in this subject since i seen strange lights out here in the dessert..

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