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UFOs, USOs and the Island of Puerto Rico.

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 04:57 PM
Following on from this (great) thread about Unidentified Submerged Objects... looks like there exists an almost unprecedented number of USO/UFO reports, accounts and testimonies coming from the island of Puerto Rico and the place is a veritable hotbed of bizarre reports, strange sightings and freaky incidents.

If anyone knows of any other unusual goings on from around the island then please post.

Puerto Rico - UFO/USO phenomena


Puerto Rico, the Caribbean's so called Island of Enchantment, lies in one corner of the area that has become known as the Bermuda Triangle, renowned for the disappearances of ships and boats, and for sightings of 'flying saucers'. It is here, in this former US. colony, whose politics and defence are still inextricably bound up with America, that much of my research into the USO phenomenon has focused.

A great deal of the strange activity around the island has centred on the 28,000 acres of mountainous rainforest known as El Yunque, on the north-eastern coast.

Jose Orlando Golis, who works for the Puerto Rican government, lives close to El Yunque. 'Many people have seen UFOs flying over the water close to the surface,' he told me. 'Once, at 1am, we saw one with many coloured lights flying next to the sea just over the surface.

'At first we thought it was a boat. It seemed to be dark underneath and had lights - mostly red and blue at another, upper level. Then it angled and moved upwards. It made a humming sound, and seemed to head in the direction of El Yunque.'

Felix Rivera is a diver with an underwater salvage company based near the American Naval Air Station which adjoins El Yunque, one of many U.S. bases on the island. He confirmed to me that UFOs and USOs have frequently been observed often by American military personnel.

'Navy Seals - America's elite special forces - have seen USOs here,' he revealed. 'Some have told me that these things will often come up close to boats, then shoot off. They move too fast underwater to be ours.'

Timothy Good,Unearthly Disclosure



Highlights include the 1967 "Shag Harbour Incident", a government-documented USO crash off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and a trip to the area around Laguna Cartegena in Puerto Rico, a reported hotbed of USO activity.


Puerto Rico USO incident involving fleet of US Submarines:

In March 1963,American submarines were involved in exercises with a fleet of surface ships one hundred miles off Puerto Rico.
One of the submarines broke off from its assigned course and began pursuing an unidentified object which their instruments told them was travelling in excess of 150 knots at a depth of 20,000 feet.

Optical physicist and ufologist Bruce Maccabee had investigated the incident and stated that such speeds and depths were, and still are, impossible for today’s submersibles (with the crush depth for submarines being about 7,000 feet).


MUFON Report Censored:

"We were invited to participate as lecturer in the MUFON UFO Symposium held on the days 2, 3 and 4 of July of 1993, in Richmond, Virginia, USA In our lecture we informed on the UFO / alien situation in Puerto Rico, but we also lectured, on certain facts pertaining to the UFO situation in El Yunque, a series of encounters with alien beings and our suspicion, due to certain facts, of the possibility that the U.S. Government kept flying saucer type crafts there, we also expressed ourselves on the possibility of there being official U.S. / alien contact in a site close to the rain forest: Roosevelt Roads U.S. Naval Station.
Right after we sent our paper on all this to Mr. Walt Andrus, general director of MUFON, for it to be published in the Symposium's Proceedings Book ,a strange set of events started happening. Apparently, the content of the paper touched a sensitive nerve somewhere and 'someone' seemed to be very alarmed by it".



In the night of February 19, 1984, a UFO allegedly crashed in a slope in one of the mountains of the National Caribbean Rain Forest, also known to our people as 'El Yunque' [after the name of the best known mountain there]. According to many sources we have interviewed on the issue, a flying saucer type craft DID CRASH there that night, and the whole situation was covered up by the U.S. Government. The craft and several alien corpses were allegedly taken to the U.S. by military personnel working out from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, as well as intelligence / security personnel from several federal agencies in Puerto Rico.


Eye-Witness account:

They looked toward the sea and saw a black disk come out the water with pulsating red and orange lights. It flashed it lights heading north and strait up and out of site in about15 seconds. Some other persons like the Puerto Rico Police Department also viewed the incident, and reported to his headquarters.
The USO was tracked for four days by the carrier group, with the object moving at impossible speeds before stopping - reports were sent to CINCLANT (Commander-in-Chief Atlantic Command), but no determination was made as to the nature of the unidentified craft.



"At about 1:00 A.M." - he said -, "a group of the soldiers went down in a jeep to Palmer [a sector at the foothills of El Yunque, in 65th. Infantry road] to get some cigarettes and other things in a gas station, said the officer. When they arrived to ‘La Coca’ waterfall sector, down in road 191, the men heard some strange noises in the brush which sounded like heavy footsteps on the dry leaves and branches in the forest. They stopped their jeep, got off it and checked the area in order to see who was there. Remember, they were there in a secret mission and no one was supposed to know about our presence in the forest. When they stopped, the jeep went dead. The lights, the jeep’s engine, the radio communicator... everything went dead. Their watches wouldn’t work anymore, even quartz watches."

" about half an hour El Yunque was full with military personnel. They were everywhere, and the area was declared off limits and under U.S. military control. At about 2:00 to 3:00 A.M. a lot of people from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station arrived, and with them came an unknown group of men in U.S. Navy marked vehicles. They all were dressed up in white one piece anti-contamination suits with masks. Only their eyes could be seen, through crystal openings . The type of clothing you use to prevent radiation or bacterial contamination. This people with the suits entered the forest with what seemed to be detectors of some sort , doing a extensive search in the perimeter, that was extended to the slope that descends to the west from the antennas sector in the summit of El Yunque and towards El Verde. I heard these men had found a trail of a strange green luminescent liquid substance on the ground and leaves, following it to an undisclosed place, where they found something."

"Later on, the soldiers involved with the incident were ordered to board one of the trucks and go immediately to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, in Ceiba.
Once there they all were submitted to psychological tests, a rigorous medical exam and an intense debriefing session about the incident in El Yunque. Their weapons, equipment and all their clothing were analyzed and then destroyed, burned. In the morning they received new orders and classified instructions and they all were told that from that moment on they were out of active duty and of any military service, that they should continue with their civilian lives as if nothing had ever happened and that they could not talk to anyone ever, under no circumstances, about what happened that night in the forest."

"I was informed on this due to my involvement with the work being done in the forest when this happened and because of my rank and security clearance", and added: " would be impossible at this moment to obtain any verification of this incident from the soldiers military records through the Freedom of Information Act because their records were placed under a high security classification and there’s no possible access to them. What’s more" - he said - "at this moment there’s no mention in their records of their ever having been involved with any special forces unit. Their records were altered so this wouldn’t show up either."

"Finally, and to my surprise, with a grim and worried look he said: "Look, I know you are going to ask me...and I’m telling you... Yes, there’s official contact between aliens and the U.S. government. in Puerto Rico. Everything is controlled to the highest level by a military and security elite group related to the CIA The U.S. Army, the Air Force, the Navy and several security and intelligence agencies are involved in this, specially elite corps from the CIA"


Newspaper Article:








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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 04:59 PM



Unknown object photographed by Policeman over Levittown, Puerto Rico,1980Puerto Rico:


Background Information / Description:

Hundreds of witnesses observed a disc, illuminated by bright lights, flying at a low altitude over a residential quarter of Levittown. When dozens of people called the local police station, a patrol car was sent. Police Officer Sgt. José Cordero arrived just in time to observe the large disc passing directly over him. He was able to take ten photos with his official Polaroid camera.
The case was investigated by Puerto Rican UFO researcher Jorge Martin. A computer analysis performed by members of German MUFON (MUFON-CES) confirmed that it must have been a large craft.


Another incident on El Yunque:

Suddenly, they noticed a glow to their backs, over the brush and turned around to see where the glow was coming from. They all were surprised to see that a flying saucer type craft was coming down from El Yunque mountain. The craft landed in front of them,it had three powerful and blinding lights in front of it which prevented them from observing the craft's details clearly. At the moment the craft landed they all felt unable to move, they are not sure if this was due to some effect imposed on them or due to their fear, not knowing what might happen next.


More eyewitness testimony:

There have also been numerous important UFO sightings in the rain forest. In Feb. 14, 1994, Mr. Víctor Delgado, who resides in Cubuy sector, close to El Yunque, saw, at 5:30 A.M., as he was driving down the road to go to his work in the town of Carolina, a huge flying saucer type craft with three levels and many colored lights circling on its underside, suspended over the edge of a slope next to the top of El Yunque mountain. According to Delgado,"... it was about 1,500 ft. in diameter and had many colored lights around it, as well as a huge yellow-green light on top of it that looked like a bright dome. " The same type of craft has been observed in that same area on many occasions by many people. The residents in the communities around the rain forest call it the "carrousel", as it resembles a fairy wheel circling around horizontally, with its many lights.

Another example of the many such sightings there is the following one. On January 14, 1995, Mr. Orlando Morales, a well known radio broadcaster in Puerto Rico, who works in WSKN, a news network based in San Juan, was, together with four other friends, camping in the Mount Briton watchtower, up in the summit. At 10:30 P.M. they were all surprised to see a huge flying saucer type craft that came down from the sky and over-flew the watchtower at low altitude. The craft, emitting a low humming sound, flew downwards and was lost from sight as it entered the mist and clouds in the area, going down between the mountains. Morales and the others left the place at once. One of the campers had to receive medical assistance, as he suffered a nervous breakdown due to the experience.

The craft was described as huge, about 600 ft. or more in diameter, with the shape of a classical flying saucer with many colored lights all around its underside [blue, red, purple, yellow, orange]. It also had many squared window like openings on its underside of about five ft. in size each, through which a bright white light was issuing out. The surface of the craft was described as metallic, dull grey in color.

Interestingly, whenever some of the residents have tried to reach the site by foot after the sightings, U.S. soldiers in both black uniforms or camouflaged fatigue uniforms without any IDs stop them and order them in a gross manner to get out of the area, this at gun point. This area of road 191 is not a military restricted zone, as the Navy radar site in Pico del Este is. So, what is happening there?


Huge Triangle shaped UFO in Cabo Rojo makes two U.S. Jet fighters disappear:

The situation continued going on and " in crescendo" until the night in which two U. S. Navy jet fighters were apparently abducted in mid air by a huge triangular shaped UFO and disappeared in front of more than 115 witnesses that have surfaced up to this moment. This event happened in the night of Dec. 28, 1988, at 7:45 P.M.

According to most witnesses, there seemed to be three jet fighters involved with the incident, two of them disappeared in mid air as they intercepted and closed in on the huge triangular UFO, and the third one fled the area flying to the north, being chased by several big red balls of light that came out from the UFO. After this, the UFO split into two separate triangular objects in a silent flash of light, after which one of the objects or sections flew off very fast to the north and the other one flew to the east, disappearing. As readers must realize, this incident has profound implications to all of us, and is one of the most important UFO incidents reported in the recent years in Puerto Rico and abroad.


From Puerto Rico comes an astounding account of two Navy F-14 ‘Tomcat’ fighters that engaged a gigantic triangular shaped UFO in the Cabo Rojo area. This encounter took place December 28, 1988. Eyewitnesses alleged the ‘Tomcats’ intercepted the object and then were somehow ‘trapped’ or taken aboard this huge craft.
Quoting Timothy Good from his book Alien Liaison:
“Although the FAA denied this incident had occurred, investigator Jorge Martin subsequently obtained confirmation from a U.S. Navy source who said there were radar-tapes showing what had happened which were immediately classified and sent to Washington D. C.”


US 'Leases' UFO hotspots in Puerto Rico:

The area is now under U.S. control by this agreement for 50 years, and possibly for other 50 years after this. Later on, the federal authorities took control of another UFO hot spot in the Sierra Bermeja, a field next to the Pitahaya-Olivares sector, in the coast-line, next to the mangroves channels between La Parguera and the Cabo Rojo lighthouse or beacon, another area in which many UFOs are seen regularly going into the water or flying out from it, an area that has been closely watched upon by U.S. Navy vessels and planes, and by those days was restricted and placed under the control of numerous U.S. military troops for 2 months, with no explanations to anyone [the lighthouse area]


Witness testimony:

"I was driving on this road in Olivares sector at about 2:00 A.M. after leaving the home of some friends in Las Palmas sector to go home...when suddenly I got here and saw a very weird thing there in front in the mountain, and stopped my car and got off it to have a better look. What I saw was something very strange that was suspended in mid air over that mountain that divides this sector from La Parguera sector, just in the farm Freddie Guindín administers. Look, it was something like one of those so called flying saucers, but it had something on top... You know the conical upper part of the witches hats? It was something like that, conical on top and a circular base around it. It was big and it had many lights around it. It was metallic, like silvery. But the strangest thing was there was something coming out from underneath it, like a swirling mist that went directly down to the mountain, to the ground, in a column, but swirling, in a spiraling column. That column was semi-luminous. It was a column of light and clouds or mist coming down from that object...I believe that thing was an OVNI [UFO]."

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:13 PM
Cheeky Roadsign:


Scientific Report may confirm UFO presence in Puerto Rico:

Many of the unidentified objects and luminous anomalous phenomena originate in a zone south of the island of Vieques, coming out from or entering the sea.

The object was sucking water from the sea, and the water was swirling like in a blender. A column of bright green light, similar to that of a powerful spotlight, was coming out from under the object.

Dr. Mark Carlotto recently made public an excellent report and scientific analysis on the several anomalies that appear in the videos of space shuttle STS-48 and STS-80 missions. (See Anomalous Phenomena In Space Shuttle Mission Sts-80 Video in Dr. Carlotto's 'New Frontiers in Science' web page -

Something that called our attention more specifically in that report was the event he identifies as F-1 in the STS-80 mission video, that originates, according to Dr. Carlotto's findings, in an area located to the east of Puerto Rico, specifically in a zone south of the island of Vieques.

The 'anomaly' consists of a large luminous object that seemed to come out from the sea at a point located in the south of the island of Vieques, and ascends to space, all the while being registered by the shuttle's camera. As it approaches the space shuttle, the object veers to its left and disappears from sight.

In our latest book in the English language, Vieques: Caribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind, I report on many UFO/ alien related incidents that have occurred in that same area. We believe Dr. Carlotto's findings pertaining to event F-1 are very important because it CONFIRMS the situation we have been reporting for five years now: Many of the unidentified objects and luminous anomalous phenomena described in the book originate precisely in that same zone, coming out from or entering the sea.

There have been many such important incidents reported by both Puerto Rico State policemen as well as Vieques Municipal policemen, US Navy security personnel, Vieques Municipal government employees and officials, fishermen, pilots, civilian pacifist protestors and many residents.


Triangular UFO - Multiple witnessess

The first sighting took place during the summer of 1997 (around 9 p.m.) when Feliciano was driving his car on Route 997, which runs from Esperanza sector to Isabel II. At the intersection of a place known as Marta's Alley, he became aware of an intense yellow light hanging motionless in the sky some distance away. Intrigued, he parked the car at the left edge of the road to observe the light more carefully

"It was a real big triangular object," he stated, "completely engulfed in a bright yellow light ... It seemed to be at an altitude of about 500 feet above the ground, over property belonging to Camp Garc’a. I figured the altitude based on the height of some trees in the area. What intrigued me the most was that the thing was suspended right over the area where the US Navy has an airstrip or runway for their planes to land and take off ... And that it was an unidentified flying object.

"There were no military exercises at the time, so what was that object, that triangle of light, doing there over the runway? Thinking that I was observing something I shouldn't be seeing, I left the site at once. But from that moment on, I realized something very strange is taking place on the lands controlled by the US Navy.

"Some days later, my wife told me that she saw a similar object, also at night, suspended over the exact same place I had seen the object, over Camp Garc’a's runway. The next weekend, as we were driving to her mother's home, we saw another one of those triangles. This time our sons were with us in the car; they saw it too."


Large UFO witnessed above the seas around Puerto Rico:

"I was fishing with some other fishermen out at sea. We were a couple of miles south of La Esperanza. It was about 9:00 PM when we suddenly saw something unexpected. We saw several very bright spheres of light come out from the top of Cerro Ventana (mountain located in the south of Vieques)".

"These globes of light were of a blue-white hue and seemed to come right out from the top of the hill. They circled the hill and flew out to sea to the south, flying right over us. They made several quick circles and angle turns. You could hear a slight hissing or whistling sound, almost inaudible, which seemed to come from them".

"After that, they returned to Playa Grande and Cerro Ventana, areas controlled by the US Navy, and disappeared inside the mountain. It was as if they had merged with the side of the mountain".

"The most impressive event was when we encountered a huge object at night while out at sea fishing. I was with An’bal Corcino and his father, and we had just come out from La Esperanza".

"I wasn't aware of the object at first because I was the captain and in charge of the rudder at the time. An’bal and his father saw it and yelled, 'Carlos, look at that!' I looked back and saw this huge ... a sort of craft. It came out from the sea near the Playa Grande lagoon, in the south, where the Navy's (Raytheon) ROTHR radar system is installed. It rose from its position and started moving closer to us".

"It was an extraordinary huge craft, immense, with many lights all around it. It was a flying saucer, a round disc-like craft, but really huge in size. It was at some distance from us, but clearly visible due to its size and the lights it had all over it, yellow, blue, and red lights".

"The peculiar thing about all this was that the object, that saucer, was taking in water from the sea. The water at the sea's surface was swirling in a circle, and jumping, as if boiling. It was like a whirlpool. It seemed to be going up into the saucer in a column of water.

"We were all very impressed. It was the first time in my life that I have seen anything like this craft. From where we were, it looked to be about 40 to 50 feet in diameter, and we were about a mile and a half away from it. That can give you some idea of the size.

"But what impressed me the most was that it was sucking water from the sea, and the water was swirling like in a blender. A column of bright green light, similar to that of a powerful spotlight, was coming out from under the object. There was a hole there and the beam came out downwards, vertically. The water went up into the saucer through the beam of light. After that, the object flew away to the west at a fantastic speed and disappeared in a matter of seconds.


Local Disinformation Campaign and Offical US 'acknowledgment of
interest' in the Puerto Rico/UFO subject:

In the last months of the year 1992 a strong disinformation program was set forth by Mr. Aníbal Roman, the director of the Mayaguez area Civil Defense Agency office and police Lieutenant Rodríguez, from the Lajas police headquarters, using all the Puerto Rican TV, radio and press media in order to show as lies and fabrications the reports by the witnesses and investigators about the UFOs and aliens seen in the area and ridicule the situation, this together with officers from the U.S. Wildlife and Fishing Service, such as Mr. Fred Schaffner.

As this was being done by Román, his supervisor, Colonel José A. M. Nolla, Director of the Puerto Rico Civil Defense State Agency, sent an internal directive order to all the regional offices in P.R. stating the guidelines for a secret investigation on the UFO situation in the island by the Civil Defense Agency and stating in the memo that the situation pertaining to the UFOs and USOs sightings in Puerto Rico was real and important. Copy of that directive was given to us by a source within the Civil Defense Agency. The source explained the findings, even after stating they were the responsibility of the agency, were really for analysis by the U.S. Defense Department. and the U.S. Air Force. In that way, this military agencies would not be seen as officially involved with the UFO investigation.



".. the weight of testimony emerging from Puerto Rico is breathtaking.."
Timothy Good

Daily Mail Article November 11th,2000.

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:22 PM
I was going to suggest that Puerto Rico very much deserves a thread of its own. Good job

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
I was going to suggest that Puerto Rico very much deserves a thread of its own. Good job

Sky, thanks for the reply my friend and its certainly an intriguing place with some very interesting reports - I think the island (particularly the El Yunque and Mona channel regions) must be a contender for the one of the biggest UFO/USO hotspots in the world and collating all the eye witness testimony into one place is revealing because, as with your USO thread, it allows us to see 'just how many' credible reports there actually are.

A lot.

Nearly forgot to include this case which is perhaps the most (in)famous of all the unexplained incidents from around the island -as mentioned in the other thread, the pilot's voice sounds extremely anxious and its still a complete mystery as to what actualy happened.

The Disappearance of flight N3808H, Puerto Rico, 1980:

Location. Mona Channel, Caribbean Ocean near Puerto Rico

Date: June 28 1980

At 1810 Jose Antonio Maldonado Torres and his friend, Jose Pagan Santos, took off from Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in an Ercoupe aircraft marked N3808H.
The Ercoupe was owned by Santo’s father Jose Pagan Jimenez, an Aero
Police officer in Puerto Rico. They were bound for home in Puerto Rico. At 2003 the Las Mesas radar site and several aircraft picked up radio transmissions from N3808H:

“Mayday, Mayday, Ercoupe ocho cero, eight zero, zero, Hotel. We can see a strange object in our course, we are lost, Mayday, Mayday.”

An Iberia Airlines flight IB-976 en route from Santo Domingo to Spain responded to the Mayday and received a reply:

“Ah we are going from Santo Domingo to ah San Juan International but we found ah a weird object in our course that made us change course about three different times we got it right in front of us now at one o’clock, our heading is zero seven zero degrees…our altitude one thousand six hundred a zero seven zero degrees…our VORs got lost off frequency…”

Iberia Flight IB-976 then relayed a message from San Juan Center asking N3808H to turn on their transponder.
N3808H replied that the Ercoupe was not equipped with a transponder. At 2006 Iberia IB-976 asked for their call sing and estimated position and received this reply:

“Right now we are supposed to be a about thirty five miles from the coast of Puerto Rico but we have something weird in front of us that make us lose course all the time I changed our course a second (unintelligible) our present heading right now is three hundred we are right again in the same stuff sir.”

They were not heard from again. At 2012 the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range verified the last radar position of N3808H as thirty five miles west of Puerto Rico. A search that included Santos’s father was then mounted which centered on this last radar position. It was discontinued after two days when no trace had been found. No trace was ever found.

Flight recording - pilot's last transmission



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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 07:38 PM
Good thread

The dissapearance of those two F-14's has always been an intriguing case. Ive heard that there was more than a few witnesses to this on the ground at the time.

Hopefully one day we can get the full story

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 09:12 AM
Sorry to beat the same old drum but I would say of course Puerto Rico would be a high traffic area.

There are many different species in our deepest waters and some of our deepest waters are near Puerto Rico in the Puerto Rico Trench. Also remember this is close by to the Bermuda Triangle.

I believe that another area is in the Mariana Trench area and maybe all the way down to the Solomon Islands which is nearby to the Dragon's Triangle somewhat.

As they say:

We are safe and secure there is no equipment made on Earth that can reach us, as you can see we are in your waters, in the deepest of your waters.

One thing that has interested me is that man from Arizona that went missing that rich old man. Well, it seems he was just about to launch a submersible that was supposed to be able to go deep into our waters, hmmmmmmm wonder if the government appealed to his patriotic duty parts and he is alive and well working on his pet projects.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 12:28 PM

Originally posted by OzWeatherman
Good thread

The dissapearance of those two F-14's has always been an intriguing case. Ive heard that there was more than a few witnesses to this on the ground at the time.

Hopefully one day we can get the full story

Oz, thanks for the reply -its certainly a fascinating report and the incident was apparently witnessed by a great many people ( heres hoping

The incident was covered in this MUFON report and its also interesting that another group of people witnessed another military jet chasing another UFO over the Sierra Bermeja mountain ridge just one week earlier:

December 28, 1988, 7:45 p.m. Area of the towns of Lajes and Cabo Rojo in the western end of Puerto Rico.
(see January 1990 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal for details).

Numerous residents of the area reported seeing jet fighters flying through the area, starting at 6 p.m. A week earlier, some people had seen jet fighters chase a small UFO over the Sierra Bermeja mountain ridge and Laguna Cartagena (a lagoon), sites where a number of UFO sightings had been reported since 1987. At 7:45 this evening, residents saw a large triangular UFO flying over the Sierra Bermeja. It seemed to have some kind of extended appendage on its frontal section with many brilliant colored lights constantly blinking on and off. It was slightly curved at its rear end, had a gray metallic structure and had a large central yellow light that was being emitted from a big bulging luminous circular concave appendage. At the triangle's right "wing tip" were brilliant yellow lights and on the left were red lights. As the people watched, two jet fighters tried to intercept the object. They passed in front of it, at which time the UFO veered to the left and made a turn back, reducing its speed. The jets tried to intercept it three times, and that's when the UFO decreased its speed, almost stopping in mid-air. One jet stationed itself near the UFO's right side and the other at its rear. Suddenly, the jet in back just disappeared on top of or inside the UFO. One witness who was watching with binoculars said he never saw the jet emerge from beyond the UFO. The second jet remained very close to the right side of the object, looking very small in comparison. As the UFO flew a little to the west, the second jet also disappeared, apparently inside the UFO, and its engine noise stopped. The object then began descending and came down very close to the ground over a small pond known as Saman Lake. It stood still in mid-air for a moment, then straightened its corners and gave off a brilliant flash of yellow light from the central ball of light, like an explosion, but without making any noise. It then divided into two different and distinct triangular sections. The triangle to the right was illuminated in yellow and the other in red. Then both shot away at great speed, one to the southeast, and the other to the northwest. Red sparks could be seen falling when the object divided itself. A retired Army veteran living in the area said that at 8:20 p.m., a bunch of black helicopters arrived and flew over the Sierra Bermeja and the Laguna Cartagena areas without lights until midnight and appeared to be searching for something. UFO researcher Jorgé Martin checked with all Puerto Rican and U.S. Government agencies that might have knowledge of the incident but all denied knowing anything about what happened. Martin said that a week later a U.S. Naval officer whom he could not identify confirmed all that had happened and said radar tapes had been sent to Washington, D.C. and that a lid of secrecy had been placed on the whole affair.



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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 06:03 AM
Why do so many idiot-threads receive hundreds and hundreds of replies and this thread only 2-3 within days?

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 07:50 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
Why do so many idiot-threads receive hundreds and hundreds of replies and this thread only 2-3 within days?

Well its not as if theres a lack of incidents to report

Heres an interesting summation by Jorge Martin:

“Vieques : Caribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind”

This is an in-depth investigation on a large number of UFO / alien related events that have occurred in the island-municipality of Vieques, which is part of Puerto Rico and was, until recently, used by the US Navy for military exercises, bombing practices and experimentation of new weapons.
Martin examines the angle of the Vieques situation that the media, intellectuals, US Navy representatives and Puertorican and US politicians were afraid to discuss and report, and describes astounding incidents occurring there, such as:

1. A large number of UFO sightings of all types and sizes (saucer-shaped, trianglar, cylindrical, etc.)

2. Reports of Unidentified Submergible Objects (USOs) and underwater humanoid beings.

3. Visits and landings of UFOs with the subsequent presence of humanoid beings

4. Clashes between UFOs and US jetfighters, as well as UFO sightings during military maneuvers.

5. Encounters with non-human entities.

6. An apparent covert US NAVY UFO / Alien contact program &advanced alien technology testing program

7. The location of underwater alien bases in the Archipelago of Puerto Rico, in the south-west and east.

8. A joint US military / alien activity?

9. An alien presence in El Yunque Rain Forest - with photos.

10. An alien nation in Puerto Rico?

Witnesses and sources include members of US NAVY civilian security personnel, officers from the State Police Department of Puerto Rico, Vieques Municipality Police officers, Vieques Municipality officers and employees, pilots, fishermen, residents of Vieques and the main island of Puerto Rico, and civilian pacifist protestors who acted like human shields against the US NAVY’s bombing practices. With many photographs, official documents, illustrations and maps.


El Yunque Forest:

"El Yunque" is a rain forest located at the South side of the island of Puerto Rico, towards the end of the central mountain range. This rain forest has been visited for many years by tourists from different places of the world for its picturesque and beautiful mountains, natural resources, and huge old trees.

Also El Yunque is being "visited" by unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrials. Residents and neighbors of El Yunque, from all different ages, religion, beliefs, education and professions have testified seeing UFOs overflying or entering this place. As a matter of fact, this place is just one of the many places throughout Puerto Rico where people have stated seeing these strange objects. Because of the many testimonies that have been reported in relation to this strange phenomenon serious investigations are actually taking place. Scientific groups from all around the world have traveled here to observe and investigate these UFO sightings. Puerto Rico is one of the most visited places by UFOs in the world.


In February 1988, a group of persons and neighbors, residents of this area, heard a loud strange, whistle sound. When they ran to see what it was they saw a huge UFO. The description that they gave of this UFO was that it was approximately 75 meters diameter, round and the color of its metal construction seemed to be white-grey and it emitted green, blue and white bright lights. The witnesses of such an extraordinary event keep track of the UFO and saw how it impacted and crashed against a mountain causing a great explosion. The explosion was of such great magnitude that these witnesses state that the same must have been heard miles away.
At dawn the next day there were helicopters overflying the place where the UFO incident occurred. Governmental militant personnel were rapidly stationed at the place seeing that all investigation and information was to be kept "top secret."

This incident was videotaped the next morning by a local news television station. When the moment came to transmit the videotape on the television news, there was abrupt silence: the personnel from the news station informed the public that "the videotape had mysteriously disappeared!"

During the following months curious spectators, who surround the place carefully observed that the land where the UFO had crashed was arid and the vegetation ceased growing. This incident is well known by the UFO investigators here in Puerto Rico.

More recently a governmental document, denying all information in relation to this incident, was published. The sole purpose of such article was to confuse the general public as to whether what had been reported of this UFO incident really occurred or rather was just simply "false" information. Also, its purpose was to ridicule the witnesses who testified about what they saw. But ironically, as life can sometimes be, this same document came from the "Civil Defense State Agency offices of Puerto Rico" where its Director, Colonel Jose' M. Nolla, also forwarded an official guideline to his agency with specific instructions on "how to proceed to investigate this phenomenon!!!" Also, Colonel Nolla has been known for many years to be the "connection" between Puerto Rico and the Civil Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States, which is the parallel central intelligence agency as to a militant level.


Camper Incident:

In 1974, in the wake of a dramatic UFO flap which included
cattle mutilations, strange creatures and Marian apparitions, an
hour-long documentary aired on Puerto Rican television
recounting highlights of the incredible events. One of the
documentary's segments involved the curious story of a a group
of young people who had found themselves besieged by thoroughly
bizarre creatures during a visit to the rainforest.

Mr. Heriberto Ramos, the group's official leader, stated that
at one point during their ascent along the trail, they met three
persons heading downward. There was nothing "alien" about the
trio aside from the fact that they all dressed exactly alike and
with similar features. One of the group members, who had stayed
behind, took a photo of both the other group members and the
three mysterious walkers, but only a patch of mist appeared on
the developed film where the trio stood.

At a given moment that night, thoroughly convinced that an
otherwise uneventful vigil lay ahead, the campers were
surrounded by five or six vaguely humanoid figures which darted
about the thick vegetation with claw-like hands and elongated
ears. Some of the "monsters" blocked the precipice-flanked
trail that constituted the only way down from the mountain and
back to the safety of their vehicles.

From a prudent distance, one of the creatures regarded Ramos
intently. Upon noticing this, the latter tried walking
cautiously toward the eldritch being, hoping to show that his
group's intentions were amicable. Ramos stood less than ten
feet away from the creature, and was able to describe it as
having a triangular head, and "extraordinary" eyes. Amazingly,
he managed to touch the strange being, which did not stir. Its
skin felt neither cold nor rubbery. Almost simultaneously, one
of the students lit a large, powerful flashlight in the direction
where the contact was taking place, flooding the area with light.

The clawed creature reacted by racing away from the scene,
literally tearing a path right through the dense vegetation,
which led to a 100 foot drop, giving the startled Ramos reason
to think he had frightened the being into jumping. To the man's
amazement, it reappeared instantly at the side of its fellows,
which were still blocking the downward path.

For endless hours until the sky began to lighten, the beseiged
campers were surrounded by the beings, who remained in constant
motion around them. Terror had led one of the students to bang
himself repeatedly on the head with a flashlight, hoping to
escape the situation by passing out. Seized by an inexplicable
urge, another camper expressed a desire to take a walk in the
woods. Fearing for his mental state, one of his companions
offered to walk with him. Before they'd taken more than a dozen
steps, they found what could only be described as a glimmering,
polychromatic "egg" lying on the ground. While entranced by the
curious flashing object, neither one felt brave enough to touch
it. Later that night, they would see it in the claws of one of
the nonhuman besiegers. Was it "bait" of some sort, its
pulsating colors designed to mesmerize prey?

At sunrise, the campers made a mad dash for the cars they'd left
parked at the bottom of the mountain. Not a trace of the alien
intruders remained aside from their footprints, which were much
larger than a human's and appeared to have been made by very
heavy creatures, in comparison to the smaller footprints left by
the humans. Their valor rekindled by the morning light, the
campers made plaster-of-paris casts of the prints and photographed
them. These materials were stolen by unknown parties months after
the incident, including valuable infrared prints.


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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 08:03 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
Why do so many idiot-threads receive hundreds and hundreds of replies and this thread only 2-3 within days?

Hi Skyfloating, good question and quit remarkable indeed.
I came here because you posted the link in your thread USO Research.

Really great work karl 12,
strrd and flggd.

I saw that there are earlier some treads posted about USO’s and they also didn’t get very much attention.
It’s too bad because it is also a very interesting phenomenon.
Perhaps it comes because the USO phenomenon is really too unknown by many.
It was no doubt the UFO phenomenon that absolutely has got the most attention during all those decades now.
You also see it because of the lack of books about it.
I am personally convinced that both, the UFO phenomenon and USO phenomenon are in fact the same phenomenon.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 08:20 AM
Mother and daughter witness humanoids

Aguada, Puerto Rico, April 28th, 2006:

Witness drawing:



On November 10, 2005, at approximately 3:00am, my daughter and I heard a weird humming sound like a hurricane wind going by my house. The sound was so strange that penetrated our ears. When my daughter and I looked outside, we observed what appeared to be a disc-shaped object moving westward towards the rear of the house where an enormous rainforest and a huge antenna are located and which leads all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The disc was silver in color with a row of windows around it and had a greenish haze or aura covering the craft. All the windows appeared to be a darker greenish color. The craft appeared to be descending as though it was about to land somewhere behind the house.

Almost exactly two years ago, on Friday, April 28, 2006, at approximately 3:00am, I heard again the same sound going by my house. At about 10 or 15 minutes later I heard my dog (Dora) barking continuously in my backyard. When I went to investigate by turning on the backyard light (the light in the house was off) and by looking through my dining room window, I observed my dog lying on her back with her 4 legs up apparently unconscious. The dog was chained to a metal pole next to the back fence which separates my property with the rainforest in the back. I called her name, "Dora, Dora, what's wrong Dora?", but she did not respond. When I lifted my eyes and looked at the back fence, which is about 25 feet from where I was standing, I observed two creatures (extraterrestrials) standing close to and behind the chain-link fence looking at me. One of the aliens was about 3 feet from the dog and the other alien was about 5 feet away from the other alien.They were about 3 and a half feet tall with a large oval head and big black slanted eyes. They had pale grayish skin and a barely visible slit for a mouth and two little holes for a nose. They also had very skinny arms and they seem not to have any clothes on..


USO/UFO filmed over lake Cartagena in Puerto Rico:

Footage at 2:30

Laguna Cartagena, a lake near Puerto Rico's UFO hotspot of Lajas, is itself connected to a similar phenomenon dubbed "Unidentified Submerged Objects" by the late, great investigator Ivan T. Sanderson. These USO's have been seen countless times over the years both at the lake as well as in the deep ocean waters surround the island. Some who study this phenomenon believe it indicates the presence of a secret underwater base from which extraterrestrials launch their craft.

Among those who study USO's and UFO's in Puerto Rico are the members of "Project Argus", and it is primarily through them that much of this is known.

On the 8th of October 2002, a police officer and Project Argus member, Carlos Torres, claimed to spot a red USO fly out of Laguna Cartagena and then hover. Torres said it then flew away, returned a short while later, and hovered once more before it dove again into the water.

On November 20, two years later, Jusepe Quiñonez shot video [click here] of what he believes is either the same USO or a similar one. It, too, was hovering in the vicinity of Laguna Cartagena.


Multiple UFO sighting in Anasco,Puerto Rico:

According to the Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero, "flying disks" were sighted by several eyewitnesses during late April 1997.

People living in the Playa section of Anasco, P.R. "reported the presence of strange flying objects over Anasco's skies. Although some of the residents declined to be identified out of fear of being laughed at, they stated that the flying disks crossed the sky in a south-north direction."

"A worker at a filling station located near State Highway #2 explained that one of the objects was circular in shape, extremely shiny, and moved at a prodigious rate of speed. 'It stood still for a moment, and six more lights came out of that thing. They flew off in different directions,' noted the witness."

"Following this, he explained, the strange flying discs fell into formation and returned to the larger object. 'They flew two-by-two and reentered the large light,' he indicated. This version was confirmed by an Anasco farmer, who claimed having seen the strange lights as he traveled along State Highway #2 from Mayaguez to this community (Anasco)."
Article from Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero,April 26, 1997.
"UFO Traffic Jam in Skies Over Anasco" by Julio Victor Ramirez.



Letter to the editor, SAGA UFO REPORT, August 1977

While not one satisfactory explanation for the strange
activities that take place in the rainforest has been put forth,
the fact remains that a vast menagerie of creatures reportedly
has the tenancy of El Yunque--ranging from the claw-handed
entities seen in 1973 to the large-headed Greys and hairy,
Bigfoot-like creatures sighted in more recent times. The
increasing volume of UFO sightings over the rainforest has
created a "de facto" belief in an alien base lurking somewhere
in the forest. Many of the vehicles sighted are seen hovering
above Pico del Este, one of the rainforest's peaks which houses
a JSS (Joint Surveillance System) radar and communications site
attached to the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base.



Fieldhouse, Alan.

"Nuclear Battlefields"

Cambridge: Ballinger Publications, 1985.

Page 230.

UFOs have emerged from the mountainside, hurtling skyward at
dizzying speeds to the startled eyes of a growing number of
witnesses which includes forestry service workers. In 1987, one
such vehicle allegedly crashed into the rainforest, prompting
sudden military "training exercises" which were construed as
efforts to recover the downed UFO. It is further alleged that
this crash left a huge bald patch in the jungle, which has been
fenced off due to high levels of radiation.

Humans have often populated mysterious or poorly explored places
with exotic and downright bizarre creatures, and this is
obviously the case with El Yunque, but can so many reports of
encounters with non-human entities be dismissed as "folklore"?
What are we to say when "folklore" walks out of the hills and
into a residential neighborhood?

In August 1992, Mrs. Soraya Collazo, a resident of the Colinas
del Yunque neighborhood, witnessed a truly peculiar sight: two
green-skinned beings were walking down the middle of the street,
plainly visible from her house. She described them as being
some four feet tall and very thin, with the curious detail that
they wore white cutoffs with a red stripe on each side.

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 09:02 AM
lots of good reading to go through. Nice job... But I didnt see any photos of the aliens in the forest as you sugested.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by karl 12

Hey Karl,
Here is a old thread that talked about someones first hand knowledge about aliens and Puerto Rico. Pretty interesting if you haven't seen it.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:20 PM
Sometimes I just want to sit and scratch my head and just think..... you can tell them but they don't have the sense to know when they are being told something that is truth.

And I assume you do wonder why this subject goes nowhere fast!

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:23 PM
Hi karl, during searching for special USO cases for Skyfloatings thread USO Research I found this one.
I posted it in your thread because of this.

Allegedly, the unknown target continued to be tracked for four days as it maneuvered down to depths of 27,000 feet! (This must have been in the vicinity of the Atlantic's deepest point -- 28,374 feet below sea level -- in the Puerto Rico Trench.)


A sonar operator aboard a destroyer reported that one of the subs suddenly commenced pursuit of an unknown submerged object that was moving at "over 150 knots" (170-plus miles per hour!). According to most accounts, similar sonar reports of a high-speed object began coming in from all of the other ships and from the sonar-trailing aircraft. One of Sanderson's sources stated that no less than 13 craft recorded in their logs that their sonars had tracked this object. Allegedly, the unknown target continued to be tracked for four days as it maneuvered down to depths of 27,000 feet! (This must have been in the vicinity of the Atlantic's deepest point -- 28,374 feet below sea level -- in the Puerto Rico Trench.)
If the above story is true, nothing of known earthly origin can travel underwater at such speeds or maneuver at such depths. The fastest nuclear subs can attain 45 knots (52 miles per hour) and dive to around 3,000 feet. The bathyscaphe Trieste, with a specially constructed pressure-resistant hull, descended to a record 35,820 feet in 1960. However, it was incapable of maneuvering about.
It is unfortunate that more than 21 years elapsed before the Preston case reached the attention of a UFO investigator. We have here yet another example of government UFO secrecy at work--this time a foreign nation, Great Britain. Largely due to his apprehension over potential repercussions if he revealed his experience, Tom felt compelled to keep his knowledge of the event to himself. Since it hadn't occurred to him at the time that the radar log notes would be removed, he had only his memory to rely upon during our interviews. He expressed uncertainty about some of the details and about his exact location off the coast of Norway. Nevertheless, the gist of what took place seems quite clear.
If we assume that the observer's recollections are approximately correct regarding the UFO's 35,000-foot vertical height, 70° elevation angle, three-second descent, and approximate 10-mile-distant entry point, then we can infer that the object's 30° descent path covered 14 miles at a speed of about 17,000 miles per hour--in the neighborhood of a slow meteor's velocity!


The radar target apparently was not confirmed visually. This situation would ordinarily lead one to believe anomalous propagation might be responsible. AP arises when abnormal atmospheric conditions interfere with the normal propagation of radar waves, causing a display of false targets in places and at altitudes where no physical object should appear. For example, super refractive layers in the atmosphere may bend radar beams at such an angle that they pick up distant surface or airborne targets below the horizon and make them appear at elevated locations on the radarscope. Nothing would be evident to the naked eye in the sky.
Nevertheless, according to the witness, none of the conditions that might lead to AP were in fact present at the time.
But there are other arguments against anomalous propagation and natural phenomena in general being the cause of the radar-sonar targets. Was it just a coincidence that the target suddenly darted away at the moment the jets approached after having remained stationary for quite possibly some 10 or 15 minutes? Was it a coincidence that an unidentified, high-speed sonar target appeared in the same direction of the airborne target's point of disappearance below the radar horizon and within seconds of loss of radar contact? What sort of airborne natural phenomenon can suddenly submerge and maneuver almost equally well through a water environment?


The image on radar gave all the outward appearances of reacting to the jets' approach and then successfully eluding further detection by submerging in the ocean and eventually retreating from view. Another example of apparent intelligent behavior: The target appeared to follow the fleet’s evasive "Z" maneuver.
Owing to (1) the lengthy passage of more than two decades since the experience occurred and the resultant diminished accuracy of remembered details, (2) the unavailability of written data or records concerning the instrumented readings, (3) the availability of only a single witness, and (4) the lack of visual confirmation, I might ordinarily have listed this reported experience as "simply" an "unknown.”
But because of the credibility of the witness and the report's unique and potentially important nature as a combined radar-sonar UFO contact, l have elected to upgrade the status of this report to that of "significant unknown."

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 12:44 PM
YES! I'll be in Puerto Rico in two weeks, I'll keep a look out haha.

Numba 2.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by spacevisitor
Hi karl, during searching for special USO cases for Skyfloatings thread USO Research I found this one.
I posted it in your thread because of this.

Allegedly, the unknown target continued to be tracked for four days as it maneuvered down to depths of 27,000 feet!

Spacevisitor - 27,000 ft? 170 Mph ? Independently verified by 13 Sonar screens?

Fascinating stuff.

I also found this to be a very pertinent question:

...What sort of airborne natural phenomenon can suddenly submerge and maneuver almost equally well through a water environment?

I'm a little rusty on my Spanish but theres a great hour long documentary below about OVNIs/UFOs/USOs in and around Puerto Rico.

It shows some very interesting footage including that of the US Airship which many people beleive has been placed there by the US Government to study this phenomenon.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:


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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Timothy Good has written several books about phenomena happening in Puerto Rico. The state seems to have an unusually high rate of sightings, and there are many rumors of an alien base on the island. I am one to be skeptical of an alien base, but I do think the cases are quite fascinating.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:35 PM

Originally posted by testrat
Here is a old thread that talked about someones first hand knowledge about aliens and Puerto Rico. Pretty interesting if you haven't seen it.

Interesting read,it sounds very much like she's referring to the island of Puerto Rico (although I don't know about the 'George Bush being a saviour ' bit
)-thanks for posting.

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