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UFOs and the Mystery of Canneto di Caronia

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 05:32 PM
Since January 2004, something of very strange is happening to Canneto di Caronia, a small town located in Sicily, Italy.
Here's a quick list of the unexplained phenomena occurred so far in Canneto di Caronia: all stuff witnessed, reported, observed, caught on camera etc..

  • UFO sightings
  • TV, refrigerators, washing machines, mixers etc. that switch on by themselves.
  • Cell phones charging their batteries spontaneously, even when unplugged.
  • Boats, Cables, beds, sofas, chairs, cookers, vacuum cleaner, TV, refrigerators, washing machines, cables catching fire spontaneously, even when unplugged.
  • Air conditioners literally melting spontaneously
  • Car glasses imploding
  • Car glasses found with small, perfectly rounded holes, as being hit by some invisible bullets
  • Aubergines coloured like rainbows
  • Plants burst into flames selectively, on a squared area
  • Unexplained magnetic fields peaks detected
  • Pen drives getting erased spontaneously
  • Compasses … loosing their orientation
  • Automatic gates opening and closing randomly
  • Car alarms ringing with no reason, and randomly
  • Mysterious death of animals, both from ground and sea

    …and the list continues, up to fill in a database containing 350 records about cases documented / witnessed / reported / caught on camera by common people, military, journalists, policemen etc.. 
    Just to have an idea about the situation, you may want to know that the inhabitants (39 people) were evacuated for three months. And the phenomena continue, until today: even after ENEL, the Italian power utility, cut off the town's power supply the outbreaks continued.

    On April 29th, 2005 the Italian government charged the region of Sicily to create a Task Force (composed among the others by high-ranking army officers, engineers, architects, geologists and physicists) in order to both investigate and monitor the situation in Canneto di Caronia, a very small village located in Sicily, 39 inhabitants whom experienced a long series of extremely strange phenomena: so far, the task force has NO CLUE what is going on there since January 2004: or, better, they know what’s going on but they don’t know why. What follows is the official truth (not to mention, of course, what the speculations are): the task force is the only group of study which had the opportunity to work on all the documentation available, so the independent analysis are based on incomplete data.

    What the task force did:
  • Aerial Photo-Remote Sensing campaign by Aeronautica Militare
  • Physical, Geo-Physical and Geo-Chemical data assessment campaign by National Geophysics and Volcanology institute
  • Oceanographic campaign by the boat "Galatea" from Water institute of Marina Militare on a wide sea area, in front of the coast of Canneto (magnetometry, Physical and Chemical parameters, sedimentology)
  • Detection and measurement campaign made with Geo radar
  • Magnetometric and Electro-magnetic fields detection and monitoring campaign by Marina Militare
  • Radio-electric spectrum monitoring campaign by the Ministry of Telecommunications and by the Regional Agency for the protection of the Environment - Sicily
  • Measurements of the environmental and meteo climatics parameters by Regional Meteo-Agricultural Institute - Sicily
  • Mapping of all the devices involved within the radio electric spectrum within a range of several Kilometres from Canneto, by Ministry of Telecommunications
  • Aerial detection, mapping and measurements of the total intensity of the ground magnetic field by National Geophysics and Volcanology institute on a wide area of side between Ustica e le and Aeolian Islands

    See: Ordinanza del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri n.3428 dell'aprile 2005
    The official document with which the Italian government charged the region Sicily to create the Task Force.

    (see location in Google Map).

    Among the various experts, researchers, journalists, curios etcetera, even the Vatican’s chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth added his two cents: "I’ve seen things like this before. Demons occupy a house and appear in electrical goods. Let’s not forget that Satan and his followers have immense powers." Maybe a good chance to spare two cents was lost
    Note to self: add “demoniac presences” to the list.
    Given the complexity (and the length) of the story, I’d rather to focus to the Aliens & UFOs - related side of the story:
    In 2007, the task force, after closing the investigations and monitoring, leaked an interim report which raised more questions instead of providing some answers: and the conclusion was that the “bizarre” events were "caused by hundreds of high-power electromagnetic emissions which were not man-made and reached a power between 12 and 15 gigawatts." Francesco Mantegna Venerando, Sicily's Civil Protection chief who co-ordinated the report, also said "This is just one possibility. We are also looking at another one which involves the testing of top-secret weapons by an unknown power which are also capable of producing an enormous amount of energy."
    "This is not the final report. We are still working on our conclusions and this has been leaked," he concluded.
    The aforementioned database is not yet available to US: in one of the videos I will provide, the chief ot the task force explains why.
    See also the article
    Aliens caused Sicily fires, say officials
    By Nick Pisa in Rome
    Last Updated: 12:10AM GMT 29 Oct 2007


    I Misteri di Caronia (9:12 ) [ITA]
    National RAI 2 – Voyager Report
    A writer reports about the sightings by fishermen: she says that the spheres of light spotted coming out the sea were blue, and that they enlightened the sea surface for a while, before disappearing into the sea.
    Interview with a resident (who prefers to remain anonymous) who caught on camera several spheres of light. He claims that when he goes to “hunt” for UFOs, he brings a compass: when he sees that the compass doesn’t indicate the real north, he points the camera toward the direction indicated by the compass. In this way, he had a ratio of 10% success. Note: I usually don’t take seriously anonymous sources, but in this case there are some valid reasons that make his decision perfectly understandable: closed-minded people is one of them. A woman, who has lost her animals (you can see her interview in another video), says that one night she woke up and saw “two small floating bright green lights, like two eyes looking at me”: the writer says that many children of the area, coming from different families, reported their encounters with small grey beings, and that their descriptions wee almost identical. At the end, the coordinator of the Task-Force says that natural phenomena were ruled out basically because the natural sources parameter were normal during the events.
    Gli incendi misteriosi di Canneto di Caronia
    National RAI 2 TV report

    TG2 Dossier – Canneto di Caronia (8:37)[ITA]
    Some actual scenes of fires taking place at the presence of TV crews and fire-fighters. Interesting statement by a physicist member of the task-force: he says that one of the “electro-magnetic impulses” was some type of ray which travelled over the surface of the sea, at an altitude between 0 and 15 meters: he adds that its power may be compared with the one of the last electro-magnetic weapons developed by some super-powers BUT is characterized by a totally different course of action. A woman reports a huge silver UFO coming out from the sea: it was hovering “as if it was dancing” at an altitude of five meters, then disappeared above the car. Back to the physicist, he says that the absence of casualties has been just “a lucky coincidence”. Some mattress burst into flames while a couple was sleeping on it. There’s also an UNRELATED video from Hessdalen. Then they show four cameras that record, continuously 24/7, oriented toward N,S,W,E. Then, images of an Helicopter of Civil defence carrying instruments of the National Institute of geophysics and volcanology, and onboard a technician reveals that among other tasks, they are looking for some metallic submerged object.

    Speciale Caronia a Verissimo (4:00) [ITA]
    National Canale 5 TV report
    Talks about the decision taken by the Magistrate to reopen the case after it was first closed with the motivation that the fires were “man made” by “unknowns”
    Here we see actual scenes of fires taking place at the presence of TV crews, a cell phone “in charge” while unplugged, witnesses describing the boat which burst into flames and the mysterious death of animals, people who have lost everything, some pictures of UFOs, some descriptions of sightings, including a man describing a bright sphere hovering over the beach, then vanishing toward the islands with a progressively increasing acceleration, the president of the National UFO Centre saying that spheres of light have been sought hovering over the hills, over the beach, coming out from the sea, disappearing into the sea, many of them of size relative small.

    Alieni a canneto di caronia (02:25) [ITA]
    Regional RAI TV report about UFOs activity in the area
    NOTE: Super-crappy quality, never seen before

    National RAI news 24 special, 12 parts
    Canneto PT1 (2:46) [ITA]
    Overview of the task force, with actual clips and first part of the interview with the coordinator of the task force: he makes a brief overview of the task force.

    Canneto PT2 (2:38) [ITA]
    Second part of the interview with actual clips and the second part of the interview with the coordinator of the task force: here he says that natural occurrences, Electric power transmission implants activities, rail transport activities, telecommunication systems etc. were conclusively ruled out. He also explains how the ministry of telecommunication conducted a census of all the transmitters, transmission media and receivers within a range of 5 Km. (approx. 3 miles), and after each one was checked no anomalies were detected. And he adds that continuous investigations were made with boats, helicopters and vehicles equipped with special instruments in order to detect electric, magnetic, geo-magnetic anomalies.

    Canneto PT3 (2:46) [ITA]
    The interview continues: here he explains how something of incredibly powerful, not man made but with all the indication of being artificial in origin, hit the town with some “magnetic impulses” that MUST have been generated by something, but this something is neither natural nor human made. He concludes saying that further investigations will be made and more reports will be leaked as well. Interview with a writer, Adriano Angelini, and the general secretary of the National UFO centre (CUN), Vladimiro Bibolotti.
    The writer talks about his book, a Novel: interesting reading in which he mentions phenomena actually happened in Canneto.

    Canneto PT4 (2:41) [ITA]
    What’s really interesting is that the writer went to Canneto and talked with the inhabitants: he reports that most of them are convinced that behind the events there must be some top-secret military weapon tests, and talks about his own surprise when he learnt that the task-force mentioned aliens as possible explanation, or some ultra top-secret military weapon. (Note: it’s important to notice that both army and secret services were investigating in the area among the others). The writer also guesses that in case it was some military weapon test, it would make sense the choice of that place, since it’s inhabited but just by a few people and remote enough (meaning reduced general risks).

    Canneto PT5 (2:49) [ITA]
    The writer also reports to have heard many witnesses telling him stories even more scaring than the ones reported by media. The anchorman asks to the coordinator of the Task-force if the phenomena are still taking place. The answer is that the “critical phase” has finished, but the phenomena continue: just with less frequency. Here he adds that this makes the military theory unlikely: after the clamour raised world wide, with experts, TV crew, independent investigators and the task-force in place they would have most likely at least interrupted, if not ceased at all, every test: but the strange phenomena continued, even in presence of all the aforementioned people, plus their monitoring instruments. He also adds that the international specialists in weapons within the task force are aware of electro-magnetic weapons, but nothing even close to what may have generated the phenomena.

    Canneto PT6 (2:58) [ITA]
    Here it gets interesting: the journalist ask to the coordinator of the task force why aliens were mentioned in the report. The coordinator replies that “the alien hypothesis is to be considered in some interrogative way”: here he adds that they have a “HUGE documentation on UFOs in the area”. Here the writer argues: “Well, interrogative or not, it IS one of the two options left” and the coordinator “yes, but no one has met up with some aliens so far, in case it would happen, we will disclose it” and the journalist: “of course… I hope” and “in that case, we would dedicate to the event our programs 24/7”
    It’s the turn of the secretary of the National UFO centre (CUN). Question: what’s CUN’s take on the story? Answer: “I have to state beforehand that we still aren’t allowed to see the documentation (including the database)”. The secretary also explain the investigative method based on ruling out all the possible mundane/natural explanations, and that the military tests explanation is not so likely for some reasons, including the involvement of the inhabitants in a highly dangerous situation. Besides, once people coming from all the world were in place, (and the phenomena continued taking place) it would have been unwise to keep on “experimenting” in presence of potential spies.

    Canneto PT7 (2:50) [ITA]
    The secretary of CUN also points out that the description of the place is inaccurate: while it counts less than 50 inhabitants, the area is visited by many tourist on regular basis, since the close Aeolian islands are known worldwide
    (Note: Being a volcanic archipelago, they are also constantly being monitored). The journalist also points out that many documented events took place while Canneto was “invaded” by all type of researchers, investigators, journalists etc. When asked about this detail, the coordinator says that the phenomena continued at its highest level even during the first six months of screening. At this point, the secretary of CUN reveals that “40% of UFO sightings reported to us, took place in the area of Caronia, in a very narrow range.
    He also add that in general, the appearance of the objects both spotted and photographed is spherical, or semi-spherical, while the witnesses report that their movement is apparently intelligent: he adds that he could just look at the photos available to the “common people” (and that he knows that the task-force is in possess of more, extremely clear photos): and that the photos show mostly non-conventional stuff.

    Canneto PT8 (2:44) [ITA]
    The secretary of CUN continues, claiming that most elements in the documentation gathered so far suggest that we’re in presence of some form of extremely advanced technology, and that he doesn’t believe in the existence of some kind of “Spectre” like organization, hiding so much of the technological evolution of our species. He also points out the non-sense of charging the civil defence (in cooperation with army, etc) instead of involving straight the army/aviation and so on, since some unknown flying object not recognized by the security system should be automatically considered a matter of national security. The journalist poses to him the same question regarding why there: “If they are aliens, then why there, just there, only there?” Answer: “If someone would ever be able to answer to such a question, then UFOlogy would have no reason to ever exist” and “I consider this phenomenon as something that falls into the advanced/not yet explained technology basket, rather than into the paranormal one”.

    Canneto PT9 (2:44) [ITA]
    The journalist points also out that alien would eventually act in a way out of “our logic”, and also what apparently makes no sense to us may make perfectly sense to them. Brief debate about the ongoing releases of files from UK MoD and French CNES-GEIPAN. Back to the coordinator of the task-force:
    Straight question: “Are the phenomena still occurring?” Answer “Yes, after the critical phase of six-eight months, we kept on detecting a series of anomalies, occurring with less frequency, until today”.

    Canneto PT10 (2:51) [ITA]
    Question to the coordinator of the task-force: “Are all these phenomena confirmed? Did you make some assessment on their reality?” answer: “We applied a criteria: we considered all the cases that were related to that specific type of cause (strong electromagnetic impulse): now, it’s hard to say whether there’s some case that has nothing to do with the “main cause” (i.e. some guy who deliberately burst something), but the majority if not the totality is related. Besides, there’s the UFO facet: I CONFIRM that we have in our hands a remarkable, significant amount of documentation, witness, photographs, videos about UFOs. Were UFOs stands just for Unidentified Flying Objects. We can’t say much about what we saw so far though: we couldn’t assess they actual structure, altitude, performances etc. Journalist: “Listen but can we see these photos or not?” (answer in the next video)

    Canneto PT11 (2:39) [ITA]
    The secretary answers: “Well, actually you saw some of them in TV: but in general, we do prefer to reach the end of the work, and then I think that all will be disclosed, but with the evidences we’ll disclose some explanations too”. Question from the secretary of CUN to the coordinator of the task-force: “Since in 1994, Tullio Regge (note: at the time member of the European Parliament) tried, within the European Parliament, to create an European Scientific Commission of Investigations on the UFOs, and since we have seen how UK MoD and french CNES-GEIPAN declassified documentation regarding UFOs, wouldn’t be adequate to work on the same way, and possibly to create an international scientific group of study, in order to share documentation, evidences, know how etcetera?” (The journalist clarifies that maybe the coordinator is the wrong person to whom pose such a question, but he answers anyway: ) “Actually we did something like that, but let me point out that we are working on that specific, narrow area and on that specific series of cases: during the investigations, we stumbled upon a series of UFOs sightings, and since it was our task to investigate every anomalous occurrence, of course we couldn’t ignore UFOs appearing in the area. Journalist: “UFO’s aren’t ruled out as possible responsible of the strange events, is that correct?” Answer: “Of course, yes.” Question: “With the present budget, how long will you be able to keep investigating?” Answer “Basically, there’s no limit, since each member of the group has his own budget: but even if theoretically we could investigate forever, of course we hope to give some answer to the many unaswered questions ASAP”

    Canneto PT12 (2:31) [ITA]
    Conclusion, greetings, thanks and arrivederci a tutti: nothing to see here 

    Note: there are more videos available all over: there are also some videos claimed to have been filmed in Caronia, but definitely inconclusive and lacking of corroborating information: I prefer to omit to share them.


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  • posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 08:21 PM
    This is amazing stuff. I've read about entrances to underground cities inhabited by aliens or some unknown entities, are any located near here?

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:04 PM
    I remember seeing a special on TV about this. It was very puzzling. They didn't cover any of the UFO angle however, I didn't realize there was one, going to research this one fully.. this is good stuff. Thanks for the info!

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:14 PM
    Wow, that's a lot of information to digest.

    You must have been working on this one for a while!

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:19 PM
    This is an active area of tectonic activity, where the African plate is pushing under the Eurasian plate. This area of Sicily is right on the major fault line, and this city is right in the area of a major push.

    I would say this is all a precursor to a major tectonic event. They have lots of volcanoes and earthquakes here, and I'd say they were about to have another major one.

    Electro-magnetic activity along fault lines is a well known event. Even if it is not understood very well. It does appear to be a lot of it, more than I've ever read about before.

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:20 PM
    I wish I had the money to fly there and capture footage and data.

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:25 PM
    Hmm to me it sounds like the italian government is slowly admitting that
    there are aliens. And I look forward to seeing the "extremely clear photos" well not all of them for sure.
    And I think that the Vatican’s chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth is sent
    by the Pope to retrieve some information rather than chase demons.
    Internos I could not check all the links, are all this informations from 2004
    or they are recent if not is there a recent update on the case.

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:30 PM
    Great post. But I'm going to have to look up the meaning of "aubergine". I have no clue what that is and why it's unusual for it to be multi-hued

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 10:07 PM
    reply to post by ZPE StarPilot

    But with the amount of scientists investigating, geologists and volcanologists surely that would have been the first avenue to venture down.
    The fact that UFOs are still in the frame shows they cant explain the events in a terrestrial way.

    Good stuff OP

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 10:13 PM
    reply to post by sabrinaleena

    Its a fruit you vegtable.

    Think you would know it as eggplant but aubergine sounds better IMO.

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 10:25 PM
    Starred and Flagged for sure. You've definitely done your research. I'm gonna do my own homework on this subject when I have time and see what I can find out about the story. Quality stuff here.

    First of all I would like to know the opinion of some of those who were regulars in that 'What you should know about Lower Astrals' thread. Anything you know about this location?

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 10:26 PM
    internos first off, thank you so much for your time to comipile this information. Once again you have outdone yourself to help all of us in the search for the truth.

    I am really impressed of the amount of data you have researched here, I have heard about this place but didn't have all the information that you have provided us with. What ever is going on there I hope it isn't just military secret activity going on, there has to be a reasonable unknown explanation about this, especially with the things spontaneously catching on fire, charging of cell phones, etc.

    I will be monitoring this events myself as close as possible to contribute with anything I may come across with. I have been to Sicily myself way before this events started happening back in 2004 and obviously there was nothing to talk about at the time (with regards to UFOs that is).

    Again, thanks for all your findings and hard work!

    posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 11:56 PM
    I have heard some stories about that place and I am glad you posted all of this information. Looks like I have something to do this weekend. I live a couple hours out but I am heading that ways anyway so why not spend sometime there. I will tell you if I get abducted

    posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 12:16 AM
    Thanks for one doozy of a post Internos. ATS is lucky you have you on board. Now I’m going to step out on a limb here and throw out a theory. Some of these occurrences seem to have a energetic/electrical mutual induction of power affecting each target. This power is obviously coming from some source somewhere. Now where’s that source? I'm sure theres no huge array of copper coils or a microwave transmitter anywhere near, the next place to look is up or out to sea. Nice pictures of big bright lights in the sky in the OP. Any ideas on what those are? Or how about that Ufo coming out of the sea? Could he be recharging his battery and this poor town is getting hosed by misdirected power? This theory leads me to hypothesize that an amazing amount of power is using evanescent wave coupling from X source to Canneto di Caronia via a focused tunneling beam of power. Were talking huge amounts of directed power from who knows where or how far away. Wireless energy transfer is here on a much smaller scale. It’s all about keeping that energy focused over distance.

    Now don’t go asking any techie questions I’m way outside my league here guys, it’s just a theory that I thought I’d post while it was fresh in my mind. The first thought that came to mind when reading this post was Wireless Engergy Transfer which led me to the above. My next step is to go back and watch all of the vids and catch up on this very interesting topic. Star and Flag.

    The Undertaker

    posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 12:37 AM
    Very interesting. This is near the Vatican? Could these events be why the Vatican told the Catholics that they could believe in UFOs?

    posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 01:01 AM
    The Vatican is nowhere near Sicily
    long way up north my friend. Unless its some kind of secret Vatican..

    posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 01:05 AM
    reply to post by Ebaneeza

    As the poster said, electrical phenomena in relation to tectonic and volcanic activity is well documented but POORLY understood. Some of these phenomena, such as earthquake lights, were reported for 1000s of years but only recently proved beyond doubt with photographic evidence.

    It would have to be the major possible cause for this activity. As for strange electrical activity in houses, that's usually caused by faulty wiring somewhere.

    posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 04:22 AM
    wow - looks like I'll be using the Windows + M key or alt + tab again all day at work....the subject sounds fascinating and not something Ive ever heard of....look forward to it.....

    posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 04:51 AM
    Well done great post this is the sort of thing that makes me love this site, I have never heard of any of this before.

    posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 04:57 AM
    reply to post by internos

    Star and a flag Internos, you are a legend.

    Does anyone know of any flightpaths used by the US, Russia or the UK over the area, I'm thinking some kind of electro magnetic propulsion being used by a terrestial UFO.

    An extension of the Aurora project perhaps?

    Or an e-bomb launched from a sub. It would disrupt on a large scale, and a population of 49 isolated on an island is better to test on than a larger city which would make world news.

    My 2 cents.

    [edit on 28-11-2008 by Molech]

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