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My first contact with another being

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by Beamish
reply to post by smokingman2006

They are my words. Nobody's denying that.

Please explain what you would call this, I would call you a spin-doctor

That's one explanation, but an incorrect one. Care to try again?

ah, Beamish, an actor and a writer? very good; perhaps with aspirations of playing the new perry mason with all your posturing and attempts at convincing the members of the court and the jury with motive, intention, allegations of guilt and chicanery?

plus writing to deliberately influence and corrupt the beliefs and opinions of people as a social experiment to prove a point to yourself?

and admitting that you don't care? My, what a find and upstanding member of our little community you have turned out to be, reminds me of all the hoopla around sleeper when he was identified as a writer.

tsk,tsk, well, so much for any credability for you, for you have managed to put yourself in checkmate.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Still, don't you think that many of your posts are stopping the freedom of expression of ideas on this thread.

So what am I to do? If I have an opinion that my whole being tells me is right, am I to ignore the council of my instincts? Do you ignore your beliefs? No, you don’t, and I for one admire that in anyone.

There are many many people coming forward with contact stories, some on project camelot, some disclosures from high ranking citizens and militia, some from famous names in ufology, some from ordinary citizens, some just on a thread. For most of them I would have to say they're sane, and their not delusional.

There are, and always have been, people who have come forward with accounts of meeting or encountering the divine/supernatural/spirits etc. A large proportion of these are due to a very human need to belong, some are definitely down to delusional illness, a sizeable portion are the product of hoaxing, but others-the smallest proportion yet the most interesting-could well be genuine.

That is a fair portrayal of a strange world, isn’t it?

So to say:

To me the possibilities are that either they're geniune or they're working for someone.

to me is quite unnerving. How can you place them into only two schools of thought? Are you honestly discounting fakery and delusion as contributing factors?

I give him the benefit of the doubt and "choose" to actually believe him because I have no reason not to, he can't possibly affect me one way or another if he's taking advantage of people…

No, he cannot directly hurt you. But doesn’t it worry you that if he is faking, or is self-deluding, then the future testimony of your experiences will be tarnished by association?

‘Oh, don’t listen to mystiq, she believes anything she reads. Remember that long thread she got involved in, that fake one? Yea, she backed him up all the way…’

How would you feel if everything you’ve been through was no longer meaningful to anyone who read of it? You might not feel foolish for supporting him, and once again that is an admirable trait, but you have to balance out what it may cost you.

I am not asking you to change your mind, but to continue to be open to the possibility that we are reading fiction, posted here for any one of a number of reasons. And I ask this because, in these times of the cult of internet celebrity, it is, unfortunately, a distinct posibility.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:01 PM

Originally posted by the seeker_713g

reminds me of all the hoopla around sleeper when he was identified as a writer.

Really? Is this why he went away? I must admit I joined just as he left I think but still kept hearing about him for ages afterwards.

However just because someone is a writer doesnt mean they dont speak the truth does it? Sleeper is a totally different case to this dont you think?

Do you think he ever came back under a new name..sleeper that is? Were his stories really far out? Were they ever proven to be just stories in the end? There was that really interesting character awakened sleeper but hes now disappeared too.


posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by seentoomuch

Oh, I haven’t left, seentoomuch. Sorry to disappoint, but far from it. I will be away for the next few days on a little R&R break, but I’ll be back. Keep a seat free for me, will you?

(Mystiq, you know, you just might be right, lol, only the gov would hire someone of this caliber, lol.)

Thanks for the compliment! Much appreciated.

It’s funny that even though I’ve explained comprehensively what the job description post was all about, the inkling that I am not entirely telling the truth lingers, even under the guise of humour. Do you now see the power of words, and how they can alter the perceptions of people who harbour strong a desire to fit in?

As someone who has “writer” below their ID, this really should not have escaped you.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Beamish

But I really don't care if people notice what I say a great deal, in fact I've been warned on many occasions to stay under the radar, and have tried. I'm not good at it, I confess, and usually have to say something because I'm very angry at the programs, even the joint ones, and end up writing when I was trying not to. But, in the very end, its really hard to explain, but even if I thought someone was believable and they turned out to be conducting some social experiment for example, that doesn't really stop many other experiencers, or those with some core need to explore these things to still find most of the experiencers. People often accuse those sharing their stories as being arrogant or seeking attention, but actually I don't care how many follow what I write.

What I do care about is 1) listening to a story all the way through and supporting anyone who may be an experiencer, because we know how darned hard it is to talk without intensive ridicule. So, I will willingly be "fooled" 100 times, so that 10 times the support is still given. I can judge the whole book, later in its complete state. I don't want to be prevented from hearing the details, because the thread is too nerve wracking to post on for the OP, and hence we are censored by omission of information.

2) people who offer support to people naturally, who are caretakers, (although not a believer in astrology I am like my sign, Cancer, the a nurturer and mother symbol) are well aware that some people use other people. They will wear it in the end, not me. But what, should I then go out of my way to try and be less of a perciever and more of a judger. No, Im also an INFP, and I have the tendency to not judge anyones statements, unless they seem too negative and then say or think at the end, "and how did that make you feel?"

So if that means some of the others who do snap judgments on people absolutely judge everyone with guilt by association, its no skin off my nose.
I don't really care. lol.

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by the seeker_713g

If you think that I’m using this forum to practice my writing, then you really are a million miles off the mark. I am here for the same reasons you are, though in honesty we are on opposite sides of the fence.

plus writing to deliberately influence and corrupt the beliefs and opinions of people as a social experiment to prove a point to yourself?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Reread that post (not that you will), as you've completely misunderstood it in your haste to find something to bring down one of your "lords of reality".

If you took the time to understand the very simple concepts involved, you’d see that I use my abilities as an actor and writer to alter the readers/audiences perception of what they believe and understand to be true temporarily.

I believe that hoax/deceptive threads do exactly the same thing.

Do you enjoy novels or movies that are unconvincing? Would you finish reading a poorly written book, or stay to the end of a dreadfully acted play?

No, you wouldn’t.

and admitting that you don't care?

You really should walk before you run. It can often trip you up, otherwise. If you are referring to this:

Do I have a conscience about this manipulative activity? No. Not at all. Someone has to do it, and I’m glad I have the opportunity.

then you should have read it in context as opposed to jumping up and down and proclaiming how awful a person I am.
Do I have a conscience about being an actor, heck no! It’s great fun! Someone does have to do it, and I’m really glad it’s me! It’s a wonderful opportunity to mix with film stars! Get the idea? You have become evidence number two that supports the fact that if you read something that is suitably well angled, it will hook those who need to be hooked.

So, in that light, can you please retract the following:

My, what a find and upstanding member of our little community you have turned out to be, reminds me of all the hoopla around sleeper when he was identified as a writer. tsk,tsk, well, so much for any credability for you, for you have managed to put yourself in checkmate.

You don’t have to do it on the thread, to save any embarrassment. A U2U will suffice.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

I don't know where and when over the years this even came up. I have tried to access my memories in full via meditation. I get glimpses of the base, and the company we shared there, and some scenes that make my hair stand on end down my spine, and if I got hypnosis I would have to go there to unravel it, but it might be scary.

The recent key script that did wake me up is part of the work that greys do on their program, not the cabal, I feel this strongly. It felt like a program layered on top of a program.

Looking back at scoop marks and bruises, soreness down below, and 2 long 2 1/2 months missing cycles in a rock solid cycle schedule that wouldn't budge for moves or stress, I do know this wasn't restricted to my childhood.
Trouble was, even writing about this in part to a friend brought on several days of rage and trauma in me, and some kind of memory of a pool and girls, and made all the hair on the back of my neck and spine stand on end.
That memory is greyed out but it feels like something very bad happened there. What I do know about this kind of joint program is that the compromise the ets made in working with the cabal and putting children or families in their presence is like throwing pearls before the swine. Its offensive beyond belief to me.

Edit to add: (this isn't a memory) but thinking about this stirs something, and I may actually pursue this more on my own. Due to what Jim Spark's mentioned about being before a viewing screen both in terms of the script and in terms of his past life experiences, and then relating that to what my son said about the viewing screen memory he had, it does follow that this is how its done.

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 06:15 PM

So far it seems as though many well read members do not understand many of your posts correctly; at this point it must be your writing abilities that are in question. ATS has a creative writing forum where members will help you with your writing skills to communicate clearly. When you submit an experience or story for critique you will be given the title "Writer" if it is accepted (along with advice if you ask for it).

Here is a link to my one and only submission and it is a true experience, just as all my writings are based on true experiences. (I don't have much of a imagination). I felt that the best way to communicate experiences was to try to invite the reader to feel as though they were there with me in the experience and let them decide for themselves just what it all meant.

My method is to relax and just relive it being as clear and vivid as I can.

Perhaps you should utilize this method and work on your own thread about the special voices in your head that speak French, should be fascinating. At that point we can all visit your thread and read as all your buddies grill you line for line. Then perhaps you'll learn empathy and realize that perhaps you need to give some quarter to people sharing experiences. At the very least you'll allow OPs to get it all out before going on your "must keep people from making up their own mind" posts. Not so many interruptions at the very least.

Here's my one and only experience that gave me the Writers status:

Shame on me, right? Oh, and also I don't have a website, don't have any books out there, never tried. I just wanted to share,

Could be friends, maybe down the road,


Edit to add: Note to the Seeker, Amen, I totally agree. Checkmate, Beamish you definitely need to change your ways and write straight up, no spin, no experiments. Take the critique, Beamish, and work on yourself imho. I'm rooting for you.

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posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by Beamish
actually I do re-read every post, Beamish, contrary to your assumption;

For some time now I have been employed, by various groups and concerns, and often under the auspices of my own agenda, to utilise what talent I have at my disposal to alter, even temporarily, the opinions and viewpoints of the general public.

Whilst this may not be the most lucrative job (it pays in varying degrees depending on the resource I am asked to apply to any given situation) or even the most agreeable form of service (most do not know how to react to a watered-down job description; reactions vary to an indifferent and uncomprehending ‘Oh, that’s interesting’, to, ‘Really! Tell me more!’), I have to admit that sometimes I just do what I do purely for the sense of immense satisfaction it provides. Many might, if they were acquainted with my rate of success, question my record of accomplishments in these fields, and rightly so. It is not an easy business. But any failings I encounter do not deter me from engaging in what are difficult, and sometimes uncomfortable, scenarios. In life, occasionally one has to just get on and perform tasks that one finds unnerving and unpleasant. That is what is expected of me. But once again, it does not put me off, as more often than not my superiors have been pleased with my results.

Seems you are quite adept at your admitted profession by your statement;

In this employ, the opinions and viewpoints I put across may well not reflect my own. Often, they go against everything I believe in, but I have to maintain them in a believable and reasonable way for the success of the assignment. Often I’ve ended up feeling physically sick and terrified, but elated, after the execution of my duties. It is not easy, believe me, to maintain a consistently credible facade whilst trying to persuade committed minds that I am something I am not, or that the concepts I ply them with are not only more enlightening than their own, but more important.

again, by your own words, a serious spin aimed solely at directly influencing free choice and free will while maintaining a false front to hide behind, yet you fail to see how this admission automatically cast enormous doubts on anything you post? That we are supposed to sit back and believe you when you maintain your purpose and integrity are straight up and honorable after posting this?

So why do I do it? I know that to take someone out of their contrived comfort zone by the power of suggestion, if only for a few minutes, can leave behind profound differences in that person’s psychological make-up. But more importantly, with each confrontational concept I represent, or impassioned presentation I offer, they become more susceptible to the efforts of others in my field. And slowly but surely, under the barrage of my efforts and of those far more skilled in these arts than I, the ingrained perspective of what humans insist they know is either altered, or at least the seeds of intellectual transformation are planted. Either way, it’s a positive result.

and you make a definitive statement of deliberately attempting to change the perceptions of others; you are the first I have seen admit openly to psychological manipulation, Beamish, yet since it's cool for you to brainwash others then we are supposed to bow down,eh?

Do I have a conscience about this manipulative activity? No. Not at all. Someone has to do it, and I’m glad I have the opportunity.

This a classic example of what's wrong with this world, and the objects that claim to be people. It is never right to manipulate anyone for any reason.Period. You preach and prattle and obfuscate this thread about the OP wanting to be a guru, develope a following, and you are here to save everyone from falling in his trap? I fail to see how your admission to this puts you in any manner different from the Likes of all the rest, for the majority have manipulated all they met.

and you have the sand to ask me to retract my statement after all the above?

Again, checkmate, for I will set back and let you write your manipulative spin since you feel you obviously have to save everyone in the gray area and will continue to LMAO for I will never seriously believe anything you have to say.

Seen, pass the popcorn,please.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 09:14 PM
If i went to the theatre I wouldn't have gotten this much drama in such a short time, comparatively speaking. Talk about good Sunday night entertainment...

Now, everyone turn around so I can administer a good kick in the butt to all...I promise I'll put the big rubber boots on with hard tip toes.

What's wrong with you all? I sense this bickering in the air, people taking shots at each other (politely I suppose), but still...

We are going to get our butts kicked soon, all of us, and instead of banding together we are creating divides among ourselves. The forces we are up against don't even have to do anything, it seems we are doing the job for just fine.

But I'll quit the rant...

@ mystiq

Thanks for that brief about Miriam Delicado. I have never heard about her but then again I wasn't looking either. In any case my point stands. NO SECRETS. If she knows something she should share that knowledge with the rest of the people. Or we'll have the RussianScientists syndrome of "better than thou".

And speaking of that person, what happened to him/her? Were we not receptive enough...

@ all

Which brings me to something I heard recently in a documentary or a lecture and it sort of rang with me. It went something like:

It does not matter if people are selling lies, but whether we buy them or not. If we buy those lies then it is our fault not the fault of those selling them.

I am not insinuating anyone here is lying - I'm trying to instill the notion that we must always question everything, even our innermost sacred beliefs. If they fall then they were not true to begin with. The truth stands on its own and does not need scaffolding. When there is scaffolding, other people will go at it attempting to take the whole thing down (and rebuild it based on their likeness - in YOUR backyard).

It appears to me that most of the population in the Western world is devoid of critical thinking. Instead they are all compliant working little drones who don't want to rattle the cage. And each time I think about it, I remember those lectures from David Icke where he talks about sheep policing themselves. Members of our society will take care of culling the heard if anyone is sticking out, just as the programmers intended.

Therefore, critical thinking is stripped from the curriculum and anyone asking questions is labeled with one thing or the other. I need not elaborate how easy it is in today's world to execute a character assassination, especially if those doing it are in positions of power.

So speaking of critical thinking and asking questions...

@ smokingman2006

I will re-iterate to you what I have been writing all these months, take it as you please. I somehow feel that you have taken it for granted that your alleged "friends" have your and our best interests in mind. Not for once have you indicated to us that you have asked any "tough" questions of them. Remember, they approached you...

I even sense a kind of reverence for them in you, based on what you wrote to us, which I believe to be very dangerous because it leads to confusion and delusion. Once people are "mesmerized" (although that's really a mis-used term - Mesmer was not a hypnotist) it is very easy to manipulate them.

Have you even established in your mind for a fact that they are who they say they are? None of us here can do that because obviously we are not part of the event, but because of that it gives us (somewhat) objective (if that's even possible) stance on the proceedings.

Need I remind you that history of mind programming and manipulation goes back at least a century. Yeah, that's 100 years, as in "a lifetime." And this is by our own people none the less.

Once again, you experience could be true, but it could also be false. From my perspective it is 50/50 which is to say the least not really good odds, knowing what the alternative is.

That is why I keep saying to you all the time, for the sake of your and my sanity, QUESTION EVERYTHING. Otherwise we all will be caught with our pants down and it'll be too late to do anything about it...

[edit on 8-2-2009 by amigo]

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by amigo
Hi Amigo

Most of us agree that critical thinking and questioning are important, (I think you're preaching to the choir on this) but at what point does it become redundant and also obsessive? At last count BM was up to 104 posts. We do want to discuss this with the OP ourselves on occasion and it seems his time is mostly taken up with BM's constant repeats. Is there such a thing as a thread hog?

We don't need a continual mind policeman, we just need space to post our own thoughts on the subject to the OP.


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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 03:28 AM

Originally posted by amigo

@ all

Which brings me to something I heard recently in a documentary or a lecture and it sort of rang with me. It went something like:

It does not matter if people are selling lies, but whether we buy them or not. If we buy those lies then it is our fault not the fault of those selling them.

Yes I have to totally agree with you on this one. It IS our fault if we believe someone and then it turns out they were lying to us. Sometimes the person isnt lying as such because they really believe in what they are telling us too.

Last year when I was GURU'D I had an awful time finding a way out of the whole affair. I was angry with this person, very angry , he had totally messed with my mind, health and energy points. I became almost obsessed in getting back at him for what he had done to me. It seemed Id never find peace from his wierd spiritual practices that had become so deeply imprinted in my subconscious. No matter how hard I tryed I could not break free , I had become dependant on him and his exclusive access to his universal source. It was almost as if he was controlling my mind thats how bad it had become.

Then I suddenly realized just what amigo has wrote above. It was NOT the gurus fault at all, it was my own. I had chose to believe him , it was my doing, no one told me to follow him. Once I took total responsability for my actions and surrendered to this I became free of his ideals.

So really it is up to us if we believe someone or not, and any consequences of their tale turning out to be a lie is our own fault, we chose to listen and believe.

Im interested in SMs tale I must admit. Id like him to continue but after past mistakes I will not be following any body elses new age beliefs any day soon without very careful considerations. The trouble with me is Id get really into his story, Id know doubt even try to contact the Pleiadeans myself
(no joke) so I will just sit on the fence with this one. Im easily guru'd so to speak, not saying SM is a new age guru but this is why I cant say I believe him 100% because I dont, there still are many questions to this story and I will not follow blindly.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 04:48 AM
Anyway folks it seems SM has much more important threads to cover, which is why is hasnt posted in here maybe for a while

I must admit I object to being called ...I quote from the British Press here

a member of " a little known web site calles ATS, which dresses up gossip and anti state paranoia as fact for its gullible subscribers"
What a liberty!!!

Anyway I know its fine for members to start other threads like this, and Robbie is an interesting character, but would you even be posting things like this if you needed to "sort your own mind out" as SM has said to us he needs to do. If it were me Id be U2U other messengers on here who had also been contacted by the Pliadeans and the last thing onmy mind would be starting threads about Robbie Williams.

Im not attacking SM here, Im just pointing out my observations OK. I dont want to lower this thread down to personal jibes, but I think this is a good point.

Maybe this is a little light relief for him after days of under the spot light on this thread??

Maybe its just me that thinks this? At least SM is defending ATS in this thread.

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

Mr Green you are starting to sound like another Beamish you have been on this thread for 1 week and already are swamping it with postings.

Are you my personal policeman now?.
I like to read the news every morning and came across a story which upset me and posted my opinion on it.

I have avoided posting here because I am waiting for this thread to cool down a little as it is starting to resemble a zoo here.

[edit on 9-2-2009 by smokingman2006]

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

Life IS a zoo, we are , after all animals, trying to soemthing more, and I don't think MG is trying to be your personal policeman/woman. She has questions like the rest of us, and an intellect to voice her opinions, same as the rest of us.
I don't think this thread is degenerating into a 'slagging' match ( yet) but its a bona fide 'discussion' . The more discourse the better the thread, If we could all say our piece without fear of ridicule then we'd get somewhere.
We all want questions answered, some have the answers , most don't, we have to try and 'weedle' the info out of those that have the answers, but sometimes they just won't tell us, thats why some of us, ( I include myself , in the past I might add) get so frustrated the only thing we can do seeing we can't phsically shake the answers out of the infopeople is throw insults and tantrums online.
I wish we wouldn't but sometimes we can't help ourselves. We are animals remember?
Still looking for answers , and contact. Hopefully before the years up .
Not looking to get GURU'd, but looking for genuine answers I can understand. If the info is pertinent and relevant then why shouldn't it be told? Im sure the ones on here , once the information is learned can actually let the info leak out into the world so that the majority can then learn it.
I shouldn't have had so much sugar this morning..
I need a nap at lunchtime.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 06:59 AM

Originally posted by smokingman2006
reply to post by Mr Green

Mr Green you are starting to sound like another Beamish you have been on this thread for 1 week and already are swamping it with postings.

Are you my personal policeman now?.
I like to read the news every morning and came across a story which upset me and posted my opinion on it.

[edit on 9-2-2009 by smokingman2006]

Im sorry you feel Im swamping your thread with postings. Would you feel I was swamping it if I praised you and said how I believed your every word? No you wouldnt youd praise me for praising you.

No Im not your personal policewoman and you know this. I saw in the recent postings a thread on Robbie Williams (who Ive even done threads on myself, so this proves Im interested in him and didnt go to it because it was by you) clicked on it and was suprised it was by you thats all. Like I say it was probably some light relief for you from your "Zoo".

You see to me, who you are, your personality, your motives, background and frame of mind is just as important as the message you are giving. To me the message is just as important as the messenger.

I agree with data . I like everyone else on this thread is here for answers. You've posted extreme claims in an area Im very interested in, it would be foolish to not try and find out if you were telling the truth or not.

Im sorry Robbie has upset you. Yes I can see this but you must realize you put your self under the spot light, you must be prepared to be questioned.

Im becoming Beamish...I only wish I could write and put my opinion across as good.

Seems you wish me to leave and stop swamping your thread as you put it. Who or what is it that you want swamping your thread then? Whats the point of a thread full of yes people anyway. Ive explained above why I will not become a yes person ever again. Why? Because no matter what we are told we must question it, question it and then question it again and again until we know in our hearts and soul it is true. Only until that point where beyond all doubt it is truth is when I will accept this as the absolute truth.

My heart and soul sees many questions in this thread so I will carry on questioning until it says that this is MY truth also.

[edit on 9-2-2009 by Mr Green]

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 08:24 AM
This is the grey area for a reason. If you only knew the difference between experience threads here and on another forum, and what that difference means in terms of personal information, depth of information, insights that would never be able to be drawn out here, without the constant ravings of skeptics, you'd wonder why the grey category here wasn't like that.

One of the most interesting threads on the other forum was over 100 pages long, and the responders where mainly experiencers themselves. I take it it was somehow self-moderated because no one got away with doing this, as the OP shared what he was going through since childhood, but it covered so many related things including psi development. Due to his personal skeptical nature, and anger at his life, and definate lack of trust, a few pages would get bogged down with paranoia at times, and then the brilliance would shine again.

I had high hopes for the grey area. I thought we could end up with some better threads like that one ourselves. That's the kind of thread, where information that many people possess gets passed on, because an atmosphere of trust is built.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by mystiq

The difference between the post you are describing and this one, I think is mainly the difference in ourselves.
I mean , there are those that HAVE experienced and those that haven't.
The majority of us haven't and therefore we look for answers from thost that have.
The ones that have , come here and try to post their experiences , those that haven't try to disprove them.
That other site is probably run by 'experiencers' for 'experiencers' and only 'experiencers'. They probably 'vet' their clientelle or people go on there and keep their opinions to themselves, but read and listen, we on this site argue and throw in opinions of our own.

Its not a question of trust, its a question of belief and hope.
We hope for contact, or the experience, but we ALL believe, except those that come on here and rant about "it's all a lie , you haven't had an experience".
( plus on a side note I think ( rumoured only in another thread) that ATS is co run by the CIA) ( yeah right) .

We want to experience , so we keep looking. We keep looking for someone to tell the truth , but after years or programming by TV , the MSM and ( this morning on radio) ( the DJ on LBC97.3 UK said RWilliams is insane to believe in Aliens) that we are told there is NO such thing as Aliens. We are told that Aliens want to eat our brains, ( or is that Zombies?) and want to steal our women? ( or is that a caveman film?) or they want to hurt us or destroy our civilisation in some form or other in film TV format. so we are made to feel scared. We're told what to think.
We want answers, we need answers , we can't make up our minds what to believe, thats why we keep searching, latching on to those thatsay they have contact. Until I actually meet an Alien or see a UFO up close and personal, no offense SM but I'll remain on the fence, and to be honest I've sat for so long on this bloody fence I got a sore bottom.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 09:32 AM
Actually the other forum isn't just for experiencers, and some bring up criticism, they just don't do it over and over again, and often get addressed as best as can be. Its open to everyone, I don't send people there often, except for the few, just in case its not self moderated, and a few of them are lucky in the crowd on the thread!

On that thread a scientist who has experienced ets both in his private life and in his work, can freely wander on and challenge the OP in his more negative interpretations and lack of trust and they can have pages discussing the true nature or agendas of ets, and bring in interesting details. Can't do that kind of thing here.

Something was written about being mesmerized by the visitors and again back to the "gurued" concept. If you're in a business program offered by your chamber of commerce where a more successful local business volunteer takes you under his wing like a "mentorship program" and helps your new business out, would you consider such a person a guru. Now, this isn't about the OP as much as its about ETs? Or a teacher?

When it comes to experience type threads, I always picture it in my head like an informal gathering of like minded people, perhaps started by someone who wants to share a something, and then generate additional information. Theres a level of equity in the group.

But back to the mesmerized by ets for a moment. I had some stirring of trauma in me for days related to memories of a base. That part scares me.
Yet when I started thinking about the viewing screen I got some flashes of being aboard a craft. They're not crystal clear. I can't describe the substance the walls of made of in the least. I remember what I felt awe and respect for the visitors, and thorough acceptance. Whoever thinks that they would feel differently (providing they're not just being picked up and tagged medically in some terrifying way) wouldn't if it was happening to them. The don't give you that option by their manner of psi communication.

The more natural response would be a child eagerly asking, "Can I stay with you. Please don't take me home!"

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by DataWraith

Data my friend, welcome to the world of programming on a massive scale; of course we all are portrayed as loons or as being as nutty as squirrel poop, just as all the media is to convince us that when a public undeniable event happens everyone is going to soil their linen and automatically believe that the visitors are going to eat us or rape us or both.

They put too much effort into de-bunking for there not to be a reason,no?

just watch for splinters on that fence. We'll all know someday what is what and who is who.

cheers, mate.


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