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My first contact with another being

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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by Mr Green
No, this is about your motives, for you are the one concerned with his motives; this is not a witch hunt, this is about his message and his story of how he received it;

attack the message all you want and that is business as usual: according to mod jackatmtn:


This forum IS dedicated to personal experiences revelations and whistleblowing topics, that more often than not have ZERO PROOF other than the words posted by the OP.

To those of the members who responded in ridicule, snide remarks, and outright degrading the OP, ask yourself.

"Have I contributed anything to the thread?"

Key word : contributed

If not, take heed, these types of posts will not be tolerated in a forum dedicated to the possibility of events that might be hard to swallow.

If you can constructively analyze and question the voracity of an OP , by all means post, if all you have is ridicule & scorn, post at your own risk.

Courtesy Is Mandatory

You never know if YOU will be the one with a story to share, that cannot be proven....

so it is simple; either take the message at face value or blow it off as BS.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by headlightone

Comrad "headlightone" at this period in time, it is for me to know. Later when the time is right, then all will know, but now is not the time, and you should go and try to become a better person; until then, I bid you adieu.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 10:33 PM
Holy crap (and wtf)?

These last four pages were just like a blur in my head, a veil of confusion. What was everyone talking about ?! Are you all EDP or something like that? It felt as if it was a conversation that a DID person would have (between themselves).

This red dwarf business, if it truly shows up maybe it will be a catalyst for people on this world and so things might change (for better). I always have (the fool's) hope.

Now...once again I don't understand this and I wrote about it at least once but smokingman2006 ignored me, as always:

Originally posted by smokingman2006
I am not selling nothing and only really want to wake the sleepers amongst us to question the world they live in a little more.


You have picked a wrong place to preach the gospel because everyone is already an apostle here, as far as I can tell. Even the skeptics are awake (in their own fashion) just as much as are the believers, and alleged experiencers.

I'd love to befriend me a knower though, that would be good, me thinks...

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 10:38 PM

Originally posted by RussianScientists
reply to post by headlightone

Comrad "headlightone" at this period in time, it is for me to know. Later when the time is right, then all will know, but now is not the time, and you should go and try to become a better person; until then, I bid you adieu.

This really smells like the "better than thou" attitude. I wrote about something similar in my short essay on secrets in general, couple of pages back.

If you know something, and I mean *know*, then please share it, otherwise...

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 03:10 AM

Originally posted by RussianScientists
reply to post by headlightone

Comrad "headlightone" at this period in time, it is for me to know. Later when the time is right, then all will know, but now is not the time, and you should go and try to become a better person; until then, I bid you adieu.

You dont know anything about me, how can you say to me to go away and become a better person for asking a very valid question.

WHAT SACRIFICES ARE YOU MAKING? You claim to be some being of higher knowledge making sacrifices for me but now you cant tell me,how convenient, get off your high horse mate and look in the mirror. Do you see a higher being?

So is this the message from the aliens then, Dont ask us anything we cant tell you, but we know and only select few humans know, until then go away and become a better person.

And how many light years did they travel to tell me this

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posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 03:31 AM
So how many of these people have joined this thread, the ones who claim to have recieved an answer from the moon people
. I count three, smoker, mystiq and comrade fella. Mr. Green is a believer who is not buying into this, and that is good. The more someones eyes become open the better. Remember keeping an open mind does not mean letting everything

I have noticed the one thing common about abduction stories and contactee stories. They all set a have recently been in contact...keeping it simple. Then the believers swarm in and begin to star the thread or congratulating the OP. Once the trap has been sprung then you will see that the OP (once they feel the attention they seek is there) tales become much more ridiculous and outrageous. I hope I am not the only one who see this common trap.

Believers ask why we come on thread like these...I cannot speak for anyone else, but I feel that it a duty to stop this type of marlarky from going on. Why?....because we will never get anywhere in the UFO research by having claims that are questionable.
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posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 05:18 AM
Good grief.

I really didn’t think that such passion would be involved when someone simply changes their mind. And sceptics are the ones called narrow minded.

Aren’t we all allowed to alter our perception, no matter how it manifests? Is it wrong to allow ones eyes to be opened to the possibility that what we previously considered real is not?

If Mr Green has chosen to see smokingman2006 in a different light, then that is her prerogative. There’s nothing wrong in that. There’s no agenda involved. There’s no harm done-in reality-but from the vehemence of some replies it would seem that she is being viewed as a traitor. Quite, quite bizarre.

mystiq, the seeker_713g, russianscientist, et all; take a step back from this for a minute and just let yourself consider something; smokingman2006 could be hoaxing. Just because he is reading from the same hymn sheet as you does not automatically mean that he is reading it for the same reasons.

In all probability, is that not possible?

If you think that I am just talking through my hat, then answer me this; do you honestly think that everyone who comes to ATS with an abduction/contact story is telling the truth? If you do, then our conversation could well be over, as, with respect, it is impossible to teach someone who does not want to be taught. A sign of a fanatic, in the words of Churchill, is someone who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. Do you fit into that category?

smokingman2006’s story has gone from a Billy Meier-esq tale to near farce. Has this not concerned you even in the slightest? If you don’t know what I mean by farce, then read his posts again; they have devolved from near plausible to a poor X-Files script; MIB, alien artefacts, disinfo, talking to Zeus (!) etc.

We are all entitled to our opinion, and are at liberty to declare it on these boards. This forum is for the purposes of “vetting” member’s stories. That is what we are doing in our own individual ways.

And where is the calming voice of the author, advising us to calm down and reconsider the facts? Nowhere, that’s where.

And why? Because he can see our arguing will drive an impenetrable divide between us, create sides, and that is what this thread was designed for, consciously or not. Do not let us lose our focus and shared curiosity of the significance of what ATS is all about; finding the truth and denying ignorance.

Please, I ask in all sincerity, don’t help promote it.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 07:48 AM

Originally posted by amigo
Holy crap (and wtf)?

These last four pages were just like a blur in my head, a veil of confusion. What was everyone talking about ?! Are you all EDP or something like that? It felt as if it was a conversation that a DID person would have (between themselves).

I have no idea what this means EDP and a DID . But from the way Im feeling its probably a correct description of the last few pages of this very bizare thread!

I first noticed this thread when it was only a couple of posts long and I thought oh I cant be bothered to even read that as theres been so many of these first contacts recently. So I ignored it, however as its replies increased I thought Id give it a read. The message seemed genuine to me so I decided to post in the thread.

At first I believed SM and his meetings with Amizarac. I as a rule always try to see the best in people who have the courage to come on here and speak so openly about alien visitations. ATS needs genuine accounts of alien experiences so the last thing people need is a hostile environment to put them off posting very real encounters.

The exact moment my mind began to change was regarding the post headlightone mentioned a while back, I think he said IT READS LIKE A SCRIPT. And it does, hes right, multiple locations, smart Americans, spies from Africa, lost gold, threats and robbery, alien discs and cubes, people in his back garden, snow, 4 x4 tampered with and fast get aways all mixed in with alien contact. This post when placed along side all the other stuff about having to disappear for 3 years, working for some undercover operation,moses, ancient dragons, 144,000 on a mothership, chosen ones, red dwarf solar systems colliding with the Earth, reptiles wanting gold oh need I go on....

To me folks this is far too much for one contactee to have experienced. Its also the way the "story" has unfolded, its almost like its been writen as the script has also unfolded.

To not mention he had TWO alien objects to me seemed very strange. This is a MAJOR thing to have, Im sure only a handful of people in the world actually have alien objects and Im sure they have taken many a photo of these too.

I am a contactee and I believe in alien life. I believe there are many races out there and I also believe some of these are trying to contact us. I also think a major shift is happening to the human consciousness, some call it ascension I prefer to call it an awakening. The word ascension is a difficult concept to realize, it brings visions of rising into the clouds as some angel or light being. Awakening is far more easier a concept to understand, we are just becoming more awake. It is through this awakening that we shall evolve.

2012 to me is starting to become all about fear. Fear is a disease and some thing we need to rid ourselves of to progress. Its also a form of control. Maybe there is an agenda being played out here as we approach 2012, but for me the only way to approach this date is without fear. I will not have people tell me for the next 3 years a great mass is coming, it will kill many, only a few chosen ones are to be taken and that they have great knowledge and secrets regarding this, however they are unable to tell me them and that I must become a better person before this date.

I have felt this awakening and I will embrace it without fear. What ever SM says about his thread it has become about control and fear. He wishes to control his audiance with his exlusive rights to this information , and he also wishes to gain fans or followers in the process, and this can be seen very clearly. His message has gone from a very simple concept to something far more elaborate. I stand by what I said that he is acting this whole thread out through his ego and is gaining followers by playing to theirs. By claiming he and other members are far more enlightened than me purely because they believe him is using ego what ever any body says.

I agree with mystiq, there probably is a programme in which individuals are being tested with alien contact and monitored but this thread has become too much like the script from a 007 movie to fit into this now.

Ive made my desicion on this thread, and yes your right I did change my mind. I changed it because I chose to not blindly follow yet another message from the Pleiadeans. My instincts started to say I should start to question a little more rather than believe. As 2012 approaches we cant blindly follow all these so called Pleiadean messages because if we do we will loose our grip on reality and also the truth.

Now if you dont mind I think I need time away from this thread I dont want to become one of those DIDs that amigo spoke of (whatever this may be) .

Much love to you all, you all provide a very good debate with passion, I havent got into a thread like this in ages so there is something here within these many pages that has hit a chord with me, Im sure were all very similar deep down you know.

One thing I will add is this. Although I dont believe SM I think he is a very genuine person who is not lying. Hes not lying because he totally believes in this and that it is really happening, why this is is the subject matter of an entirely new thread.

Also to seeker, your post to me at the top of the page. At no point have I as this post states ridiculed SM, made snide remarks or degrading remarks to him whilst not contributing to the thread. I feel I have done none of these and I have also contributed to this thread. My posts have not been about my own agenda (what ever this means) they have been about trying to find out if this is really happening or not. Im not getting at you here in the slightest but I just felt your post to me was totally unjust. If you can find a post that is full of ridicule and snide and degrading remarks then I will stand corrected but until you do I felt I had to stand up to your accusations of me. There is a difference between not agreeing with some one and being plain rude to them. This aside I still see you as a friend within these boards.

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posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

"One thing I will add is this. Although I dont believe SM I think he is a very genuine person who is not lying. Hes not lying because he totally believes in this and that it is really happening, why this is is the subject matter of an entirely new thread."

This is the part that doesn't make sense. He is sane, well written, and controlled in his responses. Have you ever been around someone who is delusional or mentally ill? They are none of those things.

He is either an outright liar, having fun with people, or possibly on an agenda for the cabel, or he's on this program, and this program is either solely an et one, or its something else. This is logic.

Beamish: I don't have proof that he's not a genuine experiencer, and also, I feel something from this case. I do see a similarity with his waiting for something to become apparent at the end of April, and Miriam Delicado saying that there is a possibility Kachina may return, it depends on our consciousness rising, and that danger may occur for this world, she says in 2010. She talks about the safe zones as being ones you may be able to find by studying the myths and legends and seeking the knowledge of the first nations people, for they are the keepers of the knowledge, and the only ones where certain groups were protected during the cataclysm that killed most of the earth off.

If something is coming, by the sounds of it depending so much on our enlightenment, I believe its a scenario like Robert Miles where the federation has decided to reset earth, rationalizing that we are dangerous space age primitives.

If you're asking me to consider he's not authentic, and on that possibility alone to continue posting on his thread in the grey area under an assualt of criticism like the last 4 pages were, then thats the wrong way of looking at it.
To me, if there is a possibility he IS authentic, then I will accord him this, as what he is posting is about us waking up, eating healthy foods, seeking to rise above the situation this world finds itself in and try to turn the tide for this planet. This isn't a negative, fear based message as Mr. Green says, except for the red star part. But if things continue as they are, that red star could be a nuclear war that destroys the world entirely, or any number of disasters, all of our making.

I want to hear what he experiences, or will share, and see this play out.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 10:10 AM
The talk earlier about keys, and from someone else, about keymasters was very interesting for me. Not that in a case of direct face to face contact, with the message or mission being given with conscious memory recall, there would even be a need for such a thing.

This relates to a compartmentalized experience, such as many experiencers have with most of the memory being kept behind the curtain, and my words in mediation "access denied" which a certain person found so funny. I sure didn't, these are my memories, and I don't allow compartmentalized things. Im not someone's tool that they can just use as they wish! If someone wishes to ask for help, or for you to do something for them, they can at least accord the dignity of allowing you to understand consciously why this is so urgent, what it entails, etc. so you are being treated with respect.

So, Jim Sparks is a key master of sorts, and I wonder if he even knows it. His script that did so very much in bringing together memories and giving me another glimpse at something momentous in my life, then 2 days roughly later, psi contact, and a family siting of a craft hovering. All tied up to this script. The first 6 years of his abductions was spent in learning to write it too! But only the skeletons of memories and the things that do come at times make me very angry. Last spring I felt amazement, and then a core need for more knowledge of agendas, and a wish to protect my children from being treated as "tools", a feeling of mission. For the last little while, anger has started. This only one key.

What about all the people who are waiting, feeling like a mission is going to start sometime soon (perhaps hoping it really won't). There is another keymaster coming. Will things occur in the open, as in SM's case, with everything being consciously remembered? Do people have dignity or any rights at all?

If you'd read some of the threads and posts I have, and when my son was telling me of his own "experiences" last September I was having vibes of him being trained in a certain fashion. Very subjective, can't prove any of it, but that isn't going to stop me from finding out what this means to my children, and how to make absolutely certain that if they're going to be used in some kind of situation, that this won't be in some kind of sleeper capacity, where they wake up, possibly risk death, and then forget the whole thing.

The reason this thread is interesting is that to say pleiadians wouldn't give such a severe warning is not exactly true, many of them give many such warnings in many of the accounts. And if something happens that warrants survival groups, safety villages, then the need for establishing eutopian moneyless style communities occurs, not slowly by convincing people, but more swiftly via a disaster, as an alternative to the mad max thing everyone else is concerning themselves with.

So, I'm following this thread because it ties into others, and into the sense of mission, though I really hope its not going to happen this way, and the fact that many experiencers are waiting. If such a thing happens late April, then his mission has just begun, otherwise his life may take a more normal turn, or become more complicated if the visitors still keep coming! But my sense of mission will still be there, as will many others.

There is also information given by others I've been following that a war or military action with ets and this world may occur, as well the wish to be careful about this considering all such things project bluebeam, but if so it complicates things enormously, because we don't really know what lies ahead. What would even be worse is if all of the above happens, a celestrial body coming close to earth (that may be of the federations makings!) and a police action by ets (that may be project bluebeam!)

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posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 11:37 AM
Something else that I have been thinking about, when wondering why a lot of anger issues have been building, because I feel uncomfortable with this emotional response that keeps being steadily there lately, I've been examining the entire programs issue. In my case, initially, decades back, the program was obviously a joint cabal/grey and there were nordics involved in my initial memory, because the woman with the dark blond ponytail was incredibly psi as well, more so than any human, much like the grey female. But obviously we were on a list, possibly to do with bloodlines, such as the Walter Scott thing, where my fathers family was Masons, or possibly to do with genetics, such as having both the nordic and teutonic strains through my grandparents, or possibly to mess with my father who was quite active in the local ndp party, extremely intelligent, and charasmatic, and to shut this down in some way. idk
This is the cabal list!

But the grey that scanned me in my grandparents garden and I guess this would be the start of the whole experience, I can't imagine it took place before this event, had other plans for us.

Which is what I always sense strongly that there really are no authentic joint programs with ets. Its only a surface thing. Ets are far above cabal's heads in their motives, and in their capacities. And I always get this very strong dislike for our leaders, and the renegades or controllers behind them. But, they still compromise many people when they cooperate with our cabal, and people are still victims in every meaning of this word.

So, now there is this disconnect, this removal of that association, with a strong focus on grass roots people, and its occurring the world over. But I'm really angry.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Beamish
Beamish, my old friend, of course he could be hoaxing; we'll find out soon enough; I am just glad to see so many people actually interested and putting forth the effort to dig into it; I just don't want anyone to get so involved that blood pressures go up and tempers flare;

let's all discuss it and add or subtract to it and enjoy it.

too many times the heat goes up and the quality goes down.

it's all good with good intent.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 01:57 PM
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posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 03:35 PM
No one has told me of any safe places personally. Miriam Delicado in her project camelot interviews and in her book which I have talks about the keepers of the knowledge being the natives and to look to their myths and legends. That the 4 corners area will be a safe area, kept that way by the ets.
But they would only allow certain people to be there, so to look to the myths and legends of the natives for other safe areas.

This in itself sounded highly elitist, as if we needed this special area set aside for mentoring from a special priestly class, almost. No what we need is absolute equality, and cooperation and grass roots solutions that empower everyone.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 05:04 PM
To all the readers of this thread

Today I decided to take a little time away from this board and evaluate my commitment to this encounter I came to the decision that the hard love some of these posters are throwing my way is just part of what one can come to expect when the story is stranger than fiction.

There is no madness in my family and no royal blue blood floating through my veins.

I have kept some information and encounters of the boards but surely this is not a crime.

I too have been trying to process this information and experience to understand in which way it is best to use but there are no reference guide to use here so I have to act on judgment.

My story is off the wall and 6 month ago I too would have reacted in the very same way as some poster have if not worst.

Then again 6 month ago I would never have even come to a site such as this.

So I see both side of the argument here and can understand the anger as well.

This all said I am here to stay at least till I see for myself if what has been told to me is correct.

The name calling on this thread has to stop not only is it uncalled for it only increases the negative vibes and belittles us all.

I need no one to take my side here only read about my experience and give your honest view as to what you think in a constructive way if possible.

I am not after fame or attention quiet to opposite if you really knew me.

As for being a hoaxer what is the point? Have I ever ask for anything?

Have I ever contact any one of you posters out there by U2U first?

I shun the limelight like a vampire shuns the sunlight and I have my own reason here.( No I don't believe in Vampires)

I have only told a small potion of my total experience because I too believe that certain things should happen before I can tell the rest as some of the things I have been shown are beyond thinking about and keep me up at night.

I really hope that what has been shown to me is not part of our future and that I will be wrong.

But if it is then I will be ready to move ahead.

I will depart with a question for you all to think about
One day may it be 3 years or 3000 years this beautiful planet of ours will cease to exist either by our sun going Super Nova or some other reason.

Do you really believe that all the energy sources (soul) would vanish forever or would we all be reborn at the creation level to follow other paths and experiences perhaps even into the bodies of those we today call Aliens.

Now if we truly believe in this 3 years or 3000 years makes little difference.

Creation has the master plan and we human only have the time it has allocated for us to reach our goals if we have fallen behind in those goal then there is no-one to negotiate with for more time.

If creation feeds and grows on positive energy than you could say that at this present point in time we are in serious overdraft.
Bidding you all a good night.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Beamish: I don't have proof that he's not a genuine experiencer, and also, I feel something from this case. I do see a similarity with his waiting for something to become apparent at the end of April…

In those few words you have unintentionally corroborated my whole argument. Please do not take that as me being smug; it is simply an observation.

I do not have absolute proof. I do have seriously strong indicative and circumstantial evidence, however, which I have presented several times over.
I have drawn attention to a telling and conclusive flaw in smokingman2006’s narrative where I pointed out inconsistencies with his comments regarding Billy Meier. He made no attempt to address, or answer, this.

My point is that he is supplying the similarities in his story with a mind to making it easily accessible to believers. And lets not forget he said that his story is only for believers. See page two of this thread if you doubt me.

…Miriam Delicado saying that there is a possibility Kachina may return, it depends on our consciousness rising, and that danger may occur for this world, she says in 2010. She talks about the safe zones as being ones you may be able to find by studying the myths and legends and seeking the knowledge of the first nations people, for they are the keepers of the knowledge, and the only ones where certain groups were protected during the cataclysm that killed most of the earth off.

I recently watch Richard Hoagland's new video presentation; "The Hyper-Dimensional Election of Barak Obama". There are several subjects he touches on in those three hours that I found fascinating, especially the Global Consciousness Project. If their findings are correct, our collective consciousness is a potent, symbiotic, cohesive force, and their research could pave the way for mainstream attention. Hoagland presents his research extraordinarily well, and is a persuasive orator. After watching the video, I was left with more exciting questions and concepts than when I started. That is what I expect from those at the cutting edge of a new era of human enlightenment.

I simply do not get that from the author of this thread.

smokingman2006 has woven previously established narratives into his story, therefore making it appeal to like-minded individuals. If, by some bizarre happening, this much touted red dwarf does appear in April, then he, and certain others, will see it as proof of the reality of his prophecies, irrespective of the fact that hundreds of other predictions said the same thing way before he did. He calls it “his” prophecy when in fact it belongs to no one.

mystiq, there is nothing wrong with you getting a sense of import from his story, after all that is what it is all about, but I simply ask you and anyone else who has researched the subject matter touched on in this thread, or who have had a significant experience, to realize that their exploration and discoveries have led them to a unique and individual understanding.

But that does not necessarily mean that other who profess the same understanding do so for the same reason.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

I’m wondering what on earth your insinuations towards me were intended to do.

Create doubt as to who I am? Generate reservations as to why I am on this thread? Proclaim a mistrust of skeptics?

Comrad "Beamish" I just wonder where in the world that you get all the time to write all the posts that you put out here on ATS; you must be a wiz kid working for one of those three letter government agencies; like CIA, NSA or something similar.

With respect, what has the amount of time I spend on this forum got to do with you? Is our time limited on ATS?

For your information, and not because I think it appropriate to the thread but I will always answer questions posed to me; I write long posts because I believe I have pertinent and applicable opinions. And I like writing. There, does that satisfy?

And please, when addressing me in the future, do not precede my ID with “Comrad”. I not only find it oddly bothersome and gratingly irrelevant, but an inconsequential attempt at feigned formality. Thank you.

If you aren't working for them, then you are seriously missing your calling; I'd check into joining them if I were you, that is if you haven't already.

Strictly freelance, RussianScientists, strictly freelance.

I can tell you right here and now Beamish, that I made some of the greatest discoveries in history because other people thought that other people had lied about what they had saw and had experienced;

Forgive the sarcasm, but...oh really.

Care to divulge some of these “greatest discoveries”? Or all they all secret, only to be revealed to special people at the right time?

… but I believed in them, and because I did believe in them, I went on and made many great discoveries while my scientist friends are just regular scientists doing a job and haven't discovered anything important.

Forgive me for asking, but, as a scientist, is good grammar a prerequisite for your chosen discipline? Or is English your second language?

I try not to be too cynical if I can possibly help it. But sometimes it just leaks out. And it's late here so I'm tired.

Welcome to the thread. You’ll bolster smokingman2006’s reputation for attracting well balanced believers no end.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by Beamish

I think I said, I don't have proof he's NOT an experiencer. And currently I'm tired, so I want to keep my words very short and simple, because even when I'm more alert it seems they aren't getting across the point right.

Because I accept him at his word that this really happened to him, and no reason not to yet, and may even accept that something strange is definately happening, some kind of program, even if the end of April is ordinary, I prefer to hear his story. It's not harming me any to follow along and allow myself to accept his occurrence. Its not like strange occurrences haven't happened in my life.

And I don't know if I expressed what I was angry at earlier either. I wasn't angry at anyone on this thread, or anyone on ATS, or my family or friends.
Its from having memories of being put in a bad situation from childhood, and then being activated for more involvement (I can only guess) as if the bad stuff from the past was irrelevant, and of no concern.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 07:20 PM

Originally posted by smokingman2006
reply to post by Beamish

yesterday I was at a diner in Kaiserslautern ( Germany) around 2pm having some lunch two well dressed business types men approached me both had American accents after joining my table uninvited they asked if I was ( They knew my full name)
I asked who they were they replied friends concern about my wellbeing.
I asked what they wanted...
They replied that it would be best for all if I stopped writing that NONSENSE on the internet ( I only post here)
Now having run across spooks in the early 1990s whilst working in some African countries these guys had the same smell.
Got home this morning and found that my safe at home a very complex one has been opened only I have the combination all the valubles and cash as well as some gold coins are intact the only thing missing is some notes I have made regarding some things I have not posted about yet as well as two small metal disk and a small blue crystal block both given to me by Orzeml which I have never told anyone about and kept it off the boards.
This afternoon I had to go to luxembourg place called Ettelbruck and because it has been snowing in those parts I decided to change cars and take my 4x4 (only I have the keys to it) as I got behind the steeringwheel and was about to reverse out my garage I notice that my rearview mirror had been moved out of position.
needless to say I took my sedan for the trip.
strange days are apond me.
Peace and hope

Men in Black, obviously I would say

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 07:28 PM
Tired also nd heading for my bed.

but on a lighter note is it not funny or strange that each time I put up a large post beamish does his up most to swamp it will gibbishish rabbles regardless of what time of the day or night it is.
and never reference to it.Sheesh

In a casino I would take all his chips he is soooo readable

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