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My first contact with another being

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 09:45 AM
I always wish for some form of 'contact' just so I can then relate to what a lot of you are trying to tell the rest of us. I understand that it can be difficult to relate to us in 'laymans' terms of what you saw, what you felt.
Sometimes words don't express enough meaning of what you are trying to tell us.

As for the fear part , like you say unless the ET's are experimenting on you, then I can only describe the fear as a natural emotion when confronted by something you don't understand or have experience of.
I was thinking on the way into work this morning of a film I saw many years ago, It was of a cross country motorcyclist who ended up travelling back into time to teh 'cowboy' era, he met an old Mexican , who promptly died of a heart attack. Can't remember the name of the film except that it had Fred Ward as the main character.
We are currently the Old Mexicans, we're scared of the unknown. We told to fear, but I think we are only scared of fear itself, We must stand upto fear.
Treat any experience of fear as a part of life, same as laughing.
Like the saying goes , face the fear, don't let it consume you, otherwise next time it happens you'll be aprehensive and scared, don't be .
We only have to fear fear itself.

If your scared , laugh it off. That way you'll be able to talk about it.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by DataWraith

Hi data. But you see I have experienced yet that doesnt make me accept every single "Ive met an alien" story. I still question, you have to.

If the Grey area is a forum where people can write their experiences without being questioned then maybe Id better not come in here anymore, because I think we always have to question. Its mad just to let people type pages and pages of very extreme claims without questioning them, that would make it more of a short story to me.

Anyway Id better go or I'll be accussed of swamping this thread.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 10:46 AM
I think its more traumatic living in this world as a silent witness to the atrocities committed here enmass to so many people and, children than change providing its not the end of life for most on this planet.

Writing a bit my experience seems to bring back memories a little more than meditation did. The "fear" in the past related to my opening glimpses, were more rage in response to trauma. I had to go through co-dependency counselling ending a dangerous relationship, and spent a great deal of work dealing with anger/rage. This isnt' just something that blows over like the various emotes, including brief flare ups of anger, in our daily lives. Rage is connected to trauma and burrows inward, affecting your holistic health. One community worker that shared with me her own escape from an abusive relationship was taking her rage out and abusing her position of authority, twisting out (she thought anyone expressing strong emotions was crazy and it was too unladylike for her to do the work to heal herself), others can become seriously ill, or develop heart issues or cancer.

I went through journal and meditations (I didn't buy the punching bag which is a very good way to discharge rage, by the way, from what I was taught) and was doing a guided meditation to go across a river to new possiblilites, across a bridge. Well, the meditation went its own way and this mean nasty huge troll kept coming out and pounding me backwards. It wouldn't let me cross the bridge. Finally after many attempts I finished the meditation and had an interesting journey, with tidbits of information. Then months later, the words flew off my pen in my journal, concerning that experience "the troll of rage".

When I had some glimpses into the cabal connection thing, I had trauma/anger/rage issues. I didn't want to go through all that or the work (and pretty hard to do it even without full access to the memories). So, catching a glimpse at other things that made me realize, I like ets just fine and the experience with them was over the heads of the cabal/nazis, they truly have their own agenda here. I just calmed right down. For once I got a glimpse at something that tells me to put the other memory into perspective, into a bigger picture, perhaps to free this world.

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 11:03 AM
This is just freaking me out, I left this thread with the words "prime directive" in my mind, because I wasn't going to share something that popped into my head while I was so angry the last few days, when I was doing the dishes, because it was a subjective experience, not involving a siting or anything tangible, just in my head. And the first thread had Prime Directive in it:

I thought maybe I should share this brief subjective thought, but won't do it on that thread because it looks like the company isn't right.

So, after I the memory on the base deepened a little and I started having these anger issues, I felt like I was being monitored, almost like damage control or something. We have often experienced feelings of being monitored, including my son hiding out in the bathroom for over an hour late at night because he saw a "ghost like" small person going down the stairs that when described seemed grey-like.

Well, I was doing the dishes, not thinking of anything at all for a moment, and this nordic womans face came into my mind, blond and pretty. And she asked me, "what is the prime directive?" I was shocked. But I played along and said "to love everyone and save people!" She smiled as if a child had given an ok answer and then said, "to free the world!" It was fading so I quickly asked, "but not to have too many people dying in the experience" (paraphrased here, because I can't remember my exact rush of words!) She said, "that's all I can reveal, or I'll be in trouble."

Meaningless perhaps, but it was the first thing that helped put the anger into perspective, I saw a larger picture. But then this thread popped up about the prime directive.

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by Mr Green
Ms green, no one said we aren't allowed to question and inquire, that is all a part of the program;it is simply a matter of decorum and civility, and to not be vehement in the dogged pursuit of trying to dis-prove something that most times is un-provable;

we all have to draw our own conclusions about matters like these, and questioning is the way we gather info; I have a tendency to re-read the thread several times to make sure I do not overlook anything or to see if a question that pops in my mind has already been answered;

in a thread this long a lot of times that does indeed happen and info gets dropped or overlooked as we focus on the current stage of posting.

whether you choose to accept the message as factual or not is up to you; But Smokingman himself has stated that he hopes the details of the message are wrong, and is waiting as we are for april to roll around and see if the info is good or not ;

we'll just have to wait and see.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 02:02 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
Well, I was doing the dishes, not thinking of anything at all for a moment, and this nordic womans face came into my mind, blond and pretty. And she asked me, "what is the prime directive?" I was shocked.
[edit on 9-2-2009 by mystiq]

Thank you mysiq, now something about this post has made me want to share something with you. Maybe because to me the post is simple and to the point Im not sure. This may be my last post on this thread as what Im about to admit seems mad considering how Ive asked SM for proof. However it is the sheer volume of information, data and its content that accompanies his claims that has made me ask for more proof, not the original OP.

You say as you stood not thinking of anything in particular an image of a Nordic came into your mind. Blonde and pretty.

Several months ago whilst meditating and with a clear mind free of thoughts, I too suddenly had an image come into my mind very very clearly of two Nordics stood next to each other. One was a female Nordic with shoulder length blonde hair and was very pretty. The other one was a male Nordic again with blonde hair and attractive.

The images I got of both of them was to just their shoulders and they said nothing. The image lasted for only seconds.

So what does this mean? Is it just an image that popped into my head? It wasn't like a thought it was an actual image like a clear colour photo had been placed in front of my closed eyes. Im not saying these were Nordics at all, not real live Nordics contacting me, Im just saying what happened to mystiq can happen as it happened to me but without any speech.

Do we self project these images maybe? Was mystiq talking to herself about the directive? I have no idea at all but the last thing on my mind when meditating that day was Nordics.

Strange how some posts like mystiqs hit the right note isnt it. Anyway I just wanted to share that with mystiq and everyone else can no doubt say they want proof.

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by Mr Green
you just don't get it,do you? you are in the gray area so we won't be asking for proof, only more details if there are any, and perhaps voice our thoughts or opinions on this post;

if you were in a meditative state and having no extraneous thoughts then I feel that you were being shown this for a reason, whether to stimulate you to search for more on the nordics or to meditate and strive for contact; either way, it is an interesting experience.
thanks for sharing with us.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

The very subjective things that occasionally come up, I feel very reluctant to share, its not like I even have a siting of a craft, or an orb at a tree, like the one time both my son and I were pinged and twice had this soundless craft fly over our house, and a connection, a message that they gave me. I couldn't keep up with the strength of their mental images. I don't share those. The last siting and message was November, don't know if it will happen again. But at least its a craft and a pinging (no sound but I knew to go outside and look).
This one doing dishes is just in my head.

But mine was a shoulders up shot too. She also had shoulder length hair, hard to describe features because they were classic, oval shaped face, medium sized nose, slightly wide, fullish, but not too full lips. The image was not sharp, rather dreamy kind of and fading off at the edges. I saw just enough to say she was wearing a medium dark blue uniform, like a second skin, yet I knew it was comfortable, that knowledge just popped in.

Edit to add: And I'll share another time an image came into my mind, this one occurred sometime shortly after May 17th of last year. We saw a black triangle craft fly low and direct over the house, with 3 whitish lights in each corner. I wrote that one done, it was in the evening.

Then, within a couple of days in the aftenoon, I saw a cloudship, my first and only such siting. It was at least 50-60 feet, large, low, out in the back. It was such a crips clear image that only a couple of pictures when I google searched images came close, and the edge was detailed somehow. In any case, there were other clouds, slowly changing shapes. I was feeling danger, and went into the house, then back out a moment later. Completely gone, just vanished! The other clouds were still slowly changing.

The next day or so later, my son, then 6, just after school runs in to tell me about a cloudship (I had never discussed such a thing out loud, and my native friend is the only one I heard about things like that from and thought they were hippy inventions!) He took me out back to roughly the same spot, and it was gone too!

The next day, roughly 10 or 15 minutes before I had to pick the kids up from school, I was suddenly pulled almost directly into sleep, suddenly changing from walking around and noting the time continually, to on the couch. This happened very fast. An image, crystal clear like the high definition computer screen I have, of a reptilian, possibly a renegade, came into my mind as sleep was being pulled over me. Knowledge of things came all at once, and I similtaneously fought the experience off and forced myself up, with "Im sorry I have kids to pick up, go away!"
He was green, with yellow, snake like head and dark wine red eyes. He was definately a reptilian. He projected very strongly into me his energy to "lure" me, I don't know. His energy felt human, like a positive, vibrant man, with emotions, and even a kind of outgoing guy who I could easily have spent time talking to for hours drinking coffee. But he was "cheating" and I knew it too. This one way direction of image mixed with feeling was a little bit two ways, because Im a bit psi. So, I sensed that he had to get my "yes" to the whole thing, because I had different "handlers", not a word I like by the way, but one I've read many times so it will do. But that "yes" did not have to be a conscious one. The cheating was that all of this snapshot knowledge came at once as I was pulled to sleep and if I didn't resist in a second or two, it was a yes.

People can say thats just imaginary or something from my own conscious, but I know its something from the black triangle and didn't like it.

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 03:21 PM
Good evening Readers

Nice to see this thread is getting back on track.

Mystiq and Miss Green very early in my postings I mentioned that there was a small network of Nordic trying to get their messages out by contacting many humans in different was, after my first contact with amizarac I suffered great headaches for days, but sometimes during those bout I recieve vivid images and vision from amizarac.
I also had vision on waking nearly every day for over two weeks.

Our Nordic friends can contact certain people thru their mind eyes if the pineal cone is clean and not blocked with certian things like fluoride and other matter in our food which blocks our senses from picking up these signals.

I also explain that my connection with Amizarac is that in another life we shared a soul before it was split at creation and redeployed we are soulmates so to speak and it is this connection that allow her to by pass certain rules and contact me direct.
Orzeml is the wise one who directs this group of enlightened beings and their work is slow because there are many trying to prevent them heping us.
all my puters at home are acting strange lately crashing or some just dead.
Tonight I lost all satilite connection for my TV from france, germany, And the two cable networks I pay for each month Canal + and Canal sat

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 03:57 PM
The craft that flew soundlessly over, and often in the back, projected an image of a nordic couple in my mind. They were both very attractive, the woman had slightly above the shoulder medium-dark blond hair and he had shaggy, dark blond hair and striking bone structure, stronger more Russian type cheekbones and jawline. They were very scientific feeling. My son called me out for one siting, and then when I felt the pinging when we were inside I tried to convince him not to go out and watch for anything (this was after he started sharing his experiences so I think it was useless to convince him, as he seemed to have this core need to) and just as I was telling him this, he jumps out of his chair,
and says "they're back!" We race outside and they flew slowly, soundlessly over again, and then he pointed to a rather large orb, inbetween the size of a basketball and beachball at our distance, at a grouping of evergreens across the fence.

We had watched this same craft, or it looked like the same craft, be chased by a helicopter against the mountains. You could still hear the chopper from that distance. It was cat and mouse with the chopper gaining, then the craft under the oversized red light, blinked ahead. This happened several times and then it was gone.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 07:09 PM
OK....Normally I would not share these things because I do not care to have my personal stuff tainted by strangers.

However my friends here Mystic and Mr. Green are so what the heck.
I have seen Nordic's as well but I know who they are, oh and just in my minds eye, not in the physical.

One was ( I am so going to get blasted for this) Semjase the Billy Mier chick. She showed up whilst I was very involved in an engertic technique, this after I used to plead to met her and at the time she showed up, I was not to interested in meeting her. Dressed very much as Mystic described a very snug dark jumpsuit. She looked very 60's James Bond movie type. I know LOL

The other is an aspect of myself ( if you want to believe fine, if not fine, I don't care, I am not even sure) She looks much like Seven of Nine my Avatar but I do not think she and I are playing on the same team. So thats it.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by cindymars

Hi again

I do believe you as we are suppose to get more and more personal contact from this enlightened race this year.

many mind opening event are on the cards.

A very soul and mind blowing song will be release that will wake many from their prison life and slowly the snow ball effect will start to change people,

more on this later.......

way past my bedtime

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Oh and I forgot. Also I have seen almost your exact description of a reptilian, also while in a meditative state doing an energy technique. I just laughed and said whatever. As I was in a protected place of being.


posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by cindymars

Hi Cindy
Thanks for sharing that with us. Wow your energy exchange sounds an amazing technique, I love for you to u2U me it. Ive got into trouble in the past with energy exchanges though (when I was gurue'd lol) let all sorts of lower dimensional stuff in, I practise discernment now though as its dangerous to just let all in. You say you can protect yourself from this, do you use the white light as a shield?

Thanks cindy .

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 02:35 AM

Originally posted by smokingman2006

A very soul and mind blowing song will be release that will wake many from their prison life and slowly the snow ball effect will start to change people,

more on this later.......

Sounds good. Now this I can see would work, this is how real lives are changed. When Lady Diana died the song Elton John released for her candle in the wind changed people lives. It opened hearts so that grown men cryed in the street when it was played. I saw this happen, that song did alter the way people looked at life.

This makes much more sense to me, this is a very down to Earth way of awakening people. People dont understand red suns, polar shifts, maya calanders but the population will react on a spiritual level to a powerful song.

Now its funny you should mention a song. You know that time when you are not asleep but not awake, maybe in a very lucid state, maybe astral projection I do not really know. Im aware but not awake . Well three times now this has happened and Ive heard beautiful music, ive posted on cavemans thread about this so Im not making this up, I can find my post if people want.

It happened again today very early this morning, I was not awake but I thought where is this music coming from? I looked out of my window and I saw it was dark but lit with moon light and I saw maybe 10 white objects in the sky. I thought to myself well they must be birds. I then looked around to find where the music was coming from and then I dont remember anything else.

Does anybody else ever hear really clear music in vivid dreams/AP? Thats why I asked caveman DD on his astral projection thread but not many people had heard it. Its like a radio is playing in my head, I dont have a clock radio. The first two times it was angelic classical music but today it was more modern but still very lovely and moving music.

Dont you think this is strange?

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 04:14 AM
Good Morning readers

I need all your imput here so please reply constructively.

Amizarac once said to me that a great awakening had started here but needed to move along faster.

these words confused me she said " A revolution of the people mind is needed but it must be bloodless peaceful, and done using positive ideas only.

A bloodless revolution is a big ask I thought then thoughts and visions started popping into my head.

My question to you readers is I want to start posting how I believe this can be done in a very short time span and also want your imput.
Should we do it in this thread or start a fresh one?

I await your answers
Peace & hope

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by smokingman2006

The only way I can think of, of hurrying the 'awakening' along at a faster rate is to get the ET's to do more 'flyby's and more contacts.
And nothing is ever bloodless in our society, even giving birth to a new life , one the biggest moments of anyones life is still blooded ( being a man and not having kids I might add, but I WAS born

There is no chance of us changing by only ourselves, the anger and fear is with us on a daily basis, the need to depend on someone else is so ingrained into us by the media is one thing we cannot change by ourselves unless we destroy ALL TV and radio and newspaper studios and printers.
Even if we change our diet to one that isn't as poisonous will still take time , a lot longer than the ET's want supposedly.

By the ET's doing more than just giving individuals messages isn't helping the cause along any, they also need to help by showing the world that they exist by exposing themselves to more and more maybe even actually allowing themselves to be photographed.
After all if this is ALL for their benefit AND ours then its not only us that need to change to move forward.

I propose , should you be contacted by your friends again when trying to offer solutions , that you tell them this, 1 low level flyby a day by a large craft, over a major city, for at least 15 mins in DAYLIGHT, That should be long enough to show they are there and be filmed but not long enough for any combat aircraft to get anywhere near them before the scoot off again.

The more people that see , the more that will want to know, the more that wil change their minds , the faster the change.

That way if they appear over a period of time say a week at the same time every day , maybe 3 days before the military cotton on to the 'visitations' timetable.

Should you be , or anyone else for that matter ,in contact this way is as 'bloodless' as it can get, but be advised there will be people so scared and fearful of the change that they will commit suicide or self harm themselves.
Its an undeniable fact that a person is smart but people are dumb panicky animals. People will be lost, but not as much as a full revolution, unless they ET's willingly give us a display we cannot ever hope to change into the beings they want us to be, in the timetable they have given us, by ourselves. We need for lack of a better term, guidance, , we need to be aware that there is more to aspire to than just the next dollar or pound.
The current need for humans is the next gadget because TPTB tell us thats what we need, we are not given anykind of alternative incentive, so the majority of people don't and won't even try to change.

And keep the thread here please , makes it easier to find and is supposedly related to this thread.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 05:01 AM

Originally posted by DataWraith
reply to post by smokingman2006

The only way I can think of, of hurrying the 'awakening' along at a faster rate is to get the ET's to do more 'flyby's and more contacts.
And nothing is ever bloodless in our society, even giving birth to a new life , one the biggest moments of anyones life is still blooded ( being a man and not having kids I might add, but I WAS born

There is no chance of us changing by only ourselves, the anger and fear is with us on a daily basis, the need to depend on someone else is so ingrained into us by the media is one thing we cannot change by ourselves unless we destroy ALL TV and radio and newspaper studios and printers.
Even if we change our diet to one that isn't as poisonous will still take time , a lot longer than the ET's want supposedly.

Hi data! I agree the ETs need to contact more people even if its just subtle like the visit I had in 2004. All they need to do is remove the fear instinct in our brain and just stand there for 5 seconds. This way we remember the visit but without fear, this then sets of a reaction of questions that most would follow.
I do think we can do alot of this our self. You say we are consumed by fear which I agree but if only people lost this fear it would be a whole lot easier. Like this morning I recieved one of those letters from an insurance company with WHAT IF...written in massive letters on the envelope. I threw it straight away, I thought well what if, I'll deal with the what if when it happens thanks, that letter was just playing on my fears. Who knows what if and what will be, I live in the now not in the what if.

This is the majority of peoples problems, they live in their past and future, worrying about both but never actually ever visit their now, the very second they actually live in. There are no fears in our now. Stop working for a moment and ask yourself this....."What is wrong with this VERY moment in my life now....?" The answer is nothing, nothing is wrong with that moment because that is your now, your now is all you have and never has any fears attached to it.

Speaking of work
Id better get on!

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 08:42 AM
This is something I've spent a year trying to sort out, including some of my sessions outside at night claiming galactic laws for the people, including the most fundamental, the right to know the full meaning and wording of the laws, and understand how they apply to us. Imagine every person on earth having this downloaded while awake into their consciousness while, there were many sitings.

Then I thought of (again with many flyovers and sitings) a few small groups having very close contact in a mentorship way, with strong ideas given to peacefully withdraw support from the renegade leaders and change the world
(their high IQs do give them great advantages in problem solving!) and publishing this along with asking other groups to form, with no concern whether they're skeptics testing the waters, or what their mindet. Within a short while this would be happening all over the world. So I sent these ideas outwards under the stars. The problems of course would be with militia trying to disrupt these.

Then I thought of (again with many flyovers, sitings, contact, psi downloads) a magazine about ufos, somehow put out for free or at cost (and donated for free in the third world) with interviews and pictures of ets, and telling us the truth about our situation. Yes, that one is way out.

The message in November was about doing things in the community, staying hidden or low key (by this I didn't take it to mean hiding, it pertained more to waking up your town or area, but having these groups all over, and refusing to let anyone become a media celebrity so its like a ground work campaign without easy targets). I know we are also to prepare communities for possible disasters to not act in a mad max, or every man for himself way, but to think in terms of community. To ensure the town survives, to educate people with films and a variety of ways.

I also believe they can take many shortcuts with flyovers, downloads of information. Perhaps this song.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 08:59 AM

there are now enoughn of us to make a difference but we are spread out and unorganised most of us dont even know what our strenght are.

Data your idea would not work first the masses would freak out after seeing all those hollywood dooms day movies.

The power to be would say theses are hostile aliens and most the people would believe it. then the same beings who are coming to save us would be attacked.

No we must be more ready and people must be told in advance by humans that these things are going to happen and that they are friendly.

We have to start reversing the mainstream mind set and we have to start soon.

I will be working on and Idea that came into my head as a vision a few week back over the next couples of days I will post it here for feedback and fine tuning and if we can agree on it , I will get the ball rolling .
There are many who have contacted me and said they have felt their whole life as if they are sleeper waiting on a greater purpose lets see if my idea wakes anything inside of them.
No Guru stuff here just a different look at things.
Peace & hope

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