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Aircraft Projects Preservation Effort

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posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 03:34 AM
Hey everyone,

I've started a preservation effort for this great forum (and some of the more esoteric gems scattered across ATS's other boards) and I wanted to invite anyone interested to help make sure that as many worthwhile threads were saved as soon as possible. I've already started working through a preliminary list, but it's scope is largely limited to threads I commented in for some unknowable reason...

My hope is that the members here can help me collect a more complete and thorough list of everything that's made this the best board on ATS for a lot longer than I've been here. There's just too many great photos and discussions here that extend beyond the extremely narrow focus of threads I've commented in, so please don't feel like this effort is limited to the theme that runs through most of what I've collected already.

If you're interested feel free to suggest any thread you want to see preserved. Just a heads up, my archival method isn't perfect and direct reply links don't work, so saving the page as a pdf may be a better option for smaller threads and I'm not personally planning on that. But I'll do my best to capture anything posted here.

Additionally, any pictures that are hosted on sites other than, imgur, or photobucket won't be saved until those sites are identified. This is one of the main things I will need help with if I'm going to create a thorough archive of the content, so if you find any pictures that are broken/hosted elsewhere just let me know and they'll get included.

Lastly, I wanted to establish the most effective way to distribute these files to those who are interested. I suppose google drive links might work, but I know some people have privacy concerns with google and I don't know that I want to leave public facing links from my drive up like that, so hit me up with any other suggestions. I'm a little wary of free hosting sites given the potential to embed viral content and spyware, so maybe just email or something? I'm open to suggestions! '

Just by the way, if the list grows too large I may ask for further help from technically savvy users I trust to respect ATS's servers, but we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it!

Ok, here's the list of threads directly related to this forum I've collected so far. Some of it might make more sense in the secondary list of 'eyebrow raising' stuff, but I felt like any content posted in this forum may as well be included in the Aircraft Projects main archive:

Aircraft Projects
- 2011 DoD Black Budget: $57.8 Billion

- Acronyms 101, or "What the heck are they talking about?"

- Another "F-117 Companion" thread and a bit of history!

- Another fun video

- Ask a Skunk:

- B-21 Raider: Next step, First flight!

- B-21 Raider Officially Heading To Edwards Air Force Base For Testing

- Chinese and Russian Radars On Track To See Through U.S. Stealth

- Chinese Stealth Bomber H-20 Art, Hinting Reveal or Unoriginality

- cruise missiles, EW and opining a doorway for bomber

- Electromagnetic and acoustic supersonic drag reduction

- Fighter Aircraft Generations: A Reference...

- Lockheed Martin Mystery.....

- more plasma stuff

- More U-2 whiplash

- Plasma Stealth: Past & Present

- Pictures Of Mystery Plane Over Wichita

- Questions for You Aviation and Aerodynamics Experts

- Random aviation photos

- SR-72 Confirmed: Mach 6 Project Blackswift

- Stealth Technology (Military craft which cannot be filmed)

- the green flame

- The Aurora Top Secret Hypsersonic Spy Plane

- The secret program to hide a secret program, as told by an F-14 RIO.

- TR3A Black Manta Heres what I know

- USAF commercial mentions starships

- Weird California Sighting

- Welcome to the jungle - US super/hypersonic programs

- West Texas Spanloader

- What are the Black Triangles?

Area 51 and other facilities
- Lockheed HAVE BLUE demonstrator in flight-RARE footage

posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 03:37 AM
And while not directly related to this forum specifically, I've collected this secondary grab-bag of esoteric goodies that I think many here will appreciate. Please feel free to contribute anything else of interest to this list too!

The Gray Area - the astr0 saga
- astr0, Black Triangles, abductions and the Forever Men of ATS

- Black Triangle UFOs and an Alleged Breakaway Civilization- Discuss

- Breakaways and the Military Industrial Complex-Oh My! Eisenhower's Farewell Address-1961

- Is ALICCE real?

Military Projects
- Aurora project just a cover up?
- a classified discussion

- A TR3B topic on
- rods from god, area 51, and patches oh my

- HED physics

- USA's Very Own UFO

Area 51 and other facilities
- Some questions from a Skeptic about Area 51

- UTTR, Utah

- Antimatter weaponry. 1,000 times more powerful than nuclear weapons

Aliens and UFOs
- A proposed technical means of generating UFO-type liminal experiences.

- Dealing with Other Interstellar Civilizations: From Science Fiction to Reality

- Do tptb really know if alien life exists?

- Flying metallic discs, why do they emit light?

- Let's Have A Nuts And Bolts UFO Discussion

- Professor Robert Jacobs receives harassments after he goes public

- The Belgian UFO Flap Revisited – 30th Anniversary

- The ‘Tex’-Files : Engine Stopping UFO - Levelland, Texas 1957

- Top Secret Black Triangles

- TR-3B Antigravity Physics Explained

- Triangle wave continues. This time over Detroit. January 11, 2013

- UFOs & the Cold War: Project Palladium

- What Percent of ATS Members believe that the U.S. has recovered E.T. Craft and Tech? [results]

- Why are UFO's lit up at night??

- Where is the Rest of the Technology?

Science and Technology
- Eugene Podkletnov Plans Commercial Applications for Anti-Gravity Generator

- Shiny new tech to advance cell phone cameras in the future! And the untold story is...

- the speed of light = 299 792 458 m / s???????

- What needs to be done for faster than light travel?

- MSM Reveals Truth? Regarding December 21st 2012 LIES LIES and more LIES!

Space Exploration
-Near-Light-Speed Starships May Not Fly

- The TR-3B for civilian manned space exploration.
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posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 06:46 AM
Star and a big ol flag! This is my new favorite thread at the moment. Thank you!

posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 09:37 AM
a reply to: framedragged

Google drive is fine, no need to leave it up indefinitely.

The following threads are worth saving too IMO. They mainly contain information shared by certain members which cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

LRS-B thoughts

Additional Skunk Works Secrets

past and present black secrets

Musings about the F-117 companion

Documentary Shows what they claim to be F-117 comp

Another thread on the YF-24 (or rather: "what's in a name?")

Say Hello to the RQ-180

Meet the B-21

'F-117 Companion' data

LRS-B (new stealth bomber) speculation

USAF Said Poised to Award Bomber Contract Tuesday

Long Range Strike Bomber News: Multiple Sources Reporting Northrop Grumman has won the Contract

Is the Aurora spy plane retired or was it just a myth?

Lockheed Classified Programs Timeline

This is the amazing Lockheed Martin SR-72—the space Blackbird

WTF was that refueling

Looks like our boys saw something cool out there

Skunkworks reveals secret UAV


Spirit Ancestors

Raptor gets it's baptism of fire in Syria?

other subforums

Pictures requested by popular demand of planes in Groom and the NTS

Lockheed HAVE BLUE demonstrator in flight-RARE footage

Is the silver fox different than the Nighthawk? You be the judge...

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posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 09:44 AM
Pictures of Mystery Plane over Wichita

Lockheed Martin RQ-180 Confirmed

2008- German invents radar camouflaging paint

posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 01:14 PM
Semi on topic:
Where do we all go from here? What's our divert field?

posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 01:28 PM
a reply to: PhantomTwo

Check your PMs. We're hunting for a new home, just in case, but not many sites fit us well.
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posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 04:47 PM
a reply to: Zaphod58

Zap im interested,van you link me in a PM?

posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 04:50 PM
a reply to: yuppa

If we find a good home. We're currently in the hunting stage.

posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: Zaphod58


posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 05:39 PM
A great idea, this collection of data should never be lost. I've had plenty a sleepless night going through the aircraft and related forums, usually because I can't stop reading once I start. I've learned so much here and itll be sad if it all went...... I've been here ten years and still find threads that intrigue me.

I cant believe I may never find out what the companion is/was......... that stings.

posted on Jun, 30 2020 @ 09:31 PM
a reply to: Zaphod58
a reply to: mightmight

Ah, I can't believe I missed some of these! Thanks for collecting them!

I also realized I failed to copy Bassplayr's sighting thread to the list, but it was already saved anyway so I'll just list it here for consistency's sake.

Think I Saw Either a UFO or a Secret Military Aircraft Last Night

I'll post everything all together when it's finished, but in the meantime here's the first ~half of the list of just Aircraft Projects threads so far!

Hopefully some folks can spare a minute to skim through some of this to check for missing images, but I'm reasonably confident that I got most of the content! I'll update the archive for the still active threads as time goes on and will be taking submissions as long as possible, so keep anything worthwhile coming.

edit: Oh by the way. To view the files just download the zip folder, unzip it, and navigate to ~WhateverThreadTitle/, then open the pages in your favorite browser.
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posted on Jul, 1 2020 @ 03:51 AM

originally posted by: Zaphod58
a reply to: PhantomTwo

Check your PMs. We're hunting for a new home, just in case, but not many sites fit us well.

Ive got one I know you are a member of, asked the owner but he hasnt responded. It has an area which if well modded can keep some of the trolls off thread but to be honest the only ones usually are those threads are either those that know or those that are interested, its UK though.

posted on Jul, 1 2020 @ 09:12 AM
Thanks so much for doing this framedragged, mucho respect.

There's gold in them thar threads

posted on Jul, 1 2020 @ 10:58 AM
Thanks a lot for all the hard work. This is impressive.

I know I don't contribute much, but I do read a lot. If there's a big move, I'd really appreciate being included.

Also, Happy Canada Day!
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posted on Jul, 2 2020 @ 02:43 PM
Hey Everyone,

I'm back with the second chunk of strictly aviation related threads.

The only thread left from that set is Random Aviation Photos which I'll have up asap. It's just been a little fiddly, but shouldn't be an issue. Just a silly tidbit, downloading every single other thread in the list has taken less time overall (by a large margin) than even just partially downloading Random Aviation Photos. Not at all unexpected given that it's a thread dedicated to photos, but I found it amusing nonetheless.

I'll post again in the next couple of days with that complete thread and everything from the grabbag!

Oh, and I hope it goes without saying, but I hope to tag along in the event of a migration, so keep me in the loop

posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 03:52 AM
Ok, here's the Goody Bag! For those interested in the obvious theme don't forget that there's other bits scattered throughout the Aviation Projects archive as well! And I'm sure I missed some other curiosity piquing bits from over the years, so if there's anything egregiously missing just let me know.

Goody Bag

In other news, everything in the Random Pictures thread is saved and it just needs some minor post processing to fix image links, so I'll have that up next time I get a chance to work on this I think. 640 MB of pictures!

Cheers everyone

posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 12:05 PM
a reply to: framedragged

Hey framedragged. Thank you for preserving my sighting thread. I'm seriously impressed with all the work you've put into archiving the aviation forum. Seriously this is superlative work. I think i speak for many of us in the aviation forum that we're grateful for all of this you're doing.

posted on Jul, 8 2020 @ 05:45 PM
Hey framedragged check your PMs.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 01:29 AM
Alrighty then, it's finally done!

Random Aviation Photos!

Pages with high def photos get a little borked from a lack of script magic, but I think I got everything and am happy enough with the result to move on to a new project lol. If I missed an image hosting site let me know and I can repair it no problem, but I think the ones I excluded were all dead links.

And just to put the rest of it in one place:

Aircraft Projects 1
Aircraft Projects 2
Goody Bag

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