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Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From Mormon Food Storage Facility

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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 07:35 PM
Wonder how long it'll be before the US lapdogs like the UK, AU ans CA fall in line with this..

Where I live in the mountains of S/E Victoria AU, I have around 30 years of stocked up food and fresh water. Even if there's a Nuke war, where I am will be reletively untouched.

Thanks to our forfathers for bringing Venison to this country 100's of years ago, we'll never starve out Thats how numerous the deer are, not to mention other fauna. The water comes right out of the mountains, fresh and clear.

Native plants up here can supply 1000's of tonns healthy food and grain Acacia Seeds make great bread and wholegrains, amongst other things. And the rivers are full of fish of all kinds. There's not a lot of people out here either, so if the big cities get pounded, there's plenty to go

Not much really that the Govt can do about that, unless they actually make Forests illegal...

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by zeeon

Originally posted by nenothtu
And also I don't appreciate being labeled. I simply stated that if you need a list of Federal Agencies that have employees that could serve as "Federal Agents" I could do so. Google is your friend.

No problem. Don't make the claim that you can provide a detailed list of Federal Agents and their Agencies, then.

Most Federal Agents would probably get a little sore about being outed like that.

I think your miss-interpreting what I was getting at - that I could find a list of agencies that have employees who act in the capacity of Federal Agents. I think your thinking that I'd post some sort of secret NOC list or something, lol
And infact my point was that I could google federal agencies that have agents who do work for them.
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Fair enough. I retract what I said then.

Any agency has "Agents". I believe that's what makes them "Agencies".

So then, you are correct - it could have been ANY Federal Agency. We can guess all day long as to which one by trying to apply Occams Razor and figure out which Agencies would most desire lists of citizens, but at the end of the day there's no way to know unless someone coughs up the information.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 08:41 PM
Why would a "TERRORIST" want to stockpile foodstuffs ? Aren't you a terrorist AFTER the fact? and don't they commit suicide ???? How are they going to eat ?

and wouldn't you go and tell people to bulk up...? would that not bolster the US economy?
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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 09:00 PM
Are we going to have our food taken and given to welfare people?

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by redrose123
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

This is the type of best thinking that got us into the troubles we are in now.. You actually believe the US government is about helping and protecting the general public? I guess Mao, Stalin and Hitler were helping their general public right.

I noted in the first lines of my post that the possibility wasn't much better. No, I don't see the government confiscating food with all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings of compassion for the population. I see them confiscating people's food stocks in desperate attempts to mitigate the population becoming lawless and riots breaking out when *TRUE* hunger actually hits a population that has never known it in living memory.

I see absolutely nothing positive about this at all. In fact, it's since occurred to me that something like food stock statistics would become stale VERY quickly. A matter of months could radically change who has what and where it's all I'm actually a bit disturbed by why time sensitive information like this is wanted right now?

My main point though is still how I feel. I don't think jumping to conclusions about being arrested for hoarding food is the problem....that likely won't happen unless someone resists. No, FAR worse is why this would be seen as necessary at all. THEY see scenarios..and quite honestly, I DO NOT see one, at all. So what the heck do they know that WE don't???
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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 09:40 PM
Still a bunch of heresay I see.
No proof and the peasants are grabbing pitchfork and torch.
Somebody or some bodies are laughing.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:05 PM

Originally posted by Indigo5
Hmmmmm....I'll wait for some evidence vs. a grown-up game of 'grape vine" before assuming my government is going to turn the USA into Nazi Germany.

You mean declaring any American with a missing finger a terrorist suspect wasn't enough to convince you? Declaring anyone with a 7-day supply of food as a terrorist suspect didn't convince you? Or how about we go back a couple of years and remember when anyone who talked about the US Constitution was declared a terrorist suspect, or anyone who had a Ron Paul bumper sticker.

I have some bad news for's time you start assuming.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

I've seen the "and so it begins" line quite alot from the USA recently...

Ain't it time for you guys to draw a line in the sand and say

"And here it ends".....?

or is it just me and my ignorant mind not understanding how a fully armed populace can let it get this far...?

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

reply to post by Vitchilo

Interesting. I'm no longer a member but was raised in the Mormon Church. We were taught as children to obey all laws and all government authority. It's one of the Articles of Faith in fact which is a code Mormons live by. I picked a different church as an adult, but I have nothing negative to say about the Mormons. Wonderful, law abiding people who believe in family, education and the rule of law.

What this may be is not about the food storage; it's because a Mormon is running for President. Obama or the Democratic Party is digging for dirt on the Mormon Church perhaps. Odd since most Mormons tend to vote Democrat.

Since there are dozens of companies selling food for storage that are apparently not being bothered, I highly doubt this is about food if true.

If this story is true, it will hit the MSM. This sounds like when they raided FedEx to stop them from carrying anything that was not genuinely urgent. Kicked their doors in in fact. Some I'm sure are old enough to remember that. The People said no way and they left them alone.

I'm not sure I buy the story though. Since Oath Keepers is pandering for donations, it's hard to know if it's true or not, since the story was confirmed by them and not a neutral source.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:16 PM
It's nobody's business how much food you have stored in your house! You are a citizen of the United States Of America! There is nothing in the constitution that says you cannot store food for your family! We are in the early days of Nazi Germany is this country. I know that state and local law enforcement have been watching me because of my membership on this site. I won't go into details at this time, but it is indeed happening. I guess they think I'm oblivious to this, but I am not. Freeze dried food is your best bet. It will last up to 10 years or more. There are many sites that sell freeze dried foods. I don't want to advertise for any site, so just google freeze dried foods, and you can check the prices. You need to do this soon, because the sources that are selling these goods could be shut down in the near future. Don't procrastinate, be ready!

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

I said something similar back on page 3. It doesn't matter if Romney is a RINO, GOP, shill or space alien from planet X.

The perception of wrong-doing associated with a religion that the candidate is connected with, may be enough to sway some voters, somewhere.

The clerk at the food storage site couldn't provide any answers for the investigators.

Political enemies could re-word it as;
"Romney's LDS Church refuses to provide answers to State Health Investigators".
"Romney's LDS Church wants people to die, remains closed mouth to investigators trying to save lives."
"Romney's LDS Church hates people and are hoarding food that will cause your children to die."

All above are untrue, but when has that stopped politcians?

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by beezzer

All Christians put up with plenty of lies and crap, but Mormons get hit harder even though they are among the most honestly decent people I've encountered.

After some searching I also find that JFK signed the order that gave the power to confiscate stored food and redistribute it. On the surface it sounds compassionate and sensible, but it may change my view of JFK. I'd never heard of the Presidential Order. The idea is that some don't starve while a few hoard and watch their neighbors starve.

May be a double edged sword here.

This said to me that most likely all companies selling these products are sharing their lists since it appears the government has the power to enforce. Bill Clinton apparently reinforced this Order and added to it. I do remember something about that when it happened.
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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:40 PM
Here is the latest i have got from another survival site that has a number of Mormon members and oath keeper people.

The fool in the video (Stewart Rhodes) was excommunicated from the LDS church about 5 years back for certain improprieties.

In fact the Mormons they checked with knew Stewart Rhodes all to well as he has been a problem before.

There is now a internal investigation going on by a number of state oath leaders and if this is a hoax Stewart Rhodes may be Excommunicated from the oath keepers org.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by ANNED

Interesting. I'll follow this thread. Please let us know.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555
I'm not LDS. But in the ward I lived in (in Utah) I gave one day a month to help out at the local mill (bagging flour, grains etc) and was part of the community.

Food stores, from what I learned, aren't just about SHTF scenarios, but go to people every day that can't make ends meet, those that lost their jobs, those that just may need a little help.

And that's the thing.

People are relying on themselves, their church, their neighbors, instead of the government for assistance.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:54 PM
The corrupted US government is only collecting the names of individuals and families that have enough sense and foresight to prepare for the coming world war that is about to begin. Why are they preparing to implement martial law that requires our citizens to live in a FEMA camp? We are human, we have survived in much more harsh conditions throughout our known history. Why do we need the government to survive when we can plant our own damn seeds! Why does the US Government have to control EVERY @#$@ THING?! I'm sick of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW... I was baptized a Mormon, but I questioned the religion and all religion at the age of 9. Ever since then I have been on a quest for the truth. I have seen the truth and it is ugly. Humanity is a lost cause. We reap what we sow.
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America in covert war with Iran over last year.... SHAME ON U.S.!!!

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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 10:58 PM
Interview here taped on AJ with Rhodes.

ETA Rhodes says that Rand actually verified this.
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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 11:23 PM

Originally posted by g146541
Still a bunch of heresay I see.
No proof and the peasants are grabbing pitchfork and torch.
Somebody or some bodies are laughing.

I'd say Feds demanding the seller of bulk food for his clients names is a pretty good form of proof for whats about to happen in the US mate..!!

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by Ironclad

Yeah... just read the headlines... World War 3 is only a few ticks away. The U.S. "Government" doesn't want to lose control of it's "citizens". They want to keep their slaves in check. I'm also ex-U.S. military (8 years - honorable discharge) I have been following the fall of the U.S. for some time.. it is so close that, the stench of blood is already permeating my senses. PREPARE PEOPLE!

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 11:42 PM
Sorry, but I'm not convinced. Not doubting the fed would do it, but not convinced the story is real.

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