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posted on Sep, 24 2014 @ 04:12 PM
Another technique I found effective is traveling light, meaning whenever you go in public to leave all electronic devices at home and carry only non-electronic devices.

Unfortunately many people carry many electronic devices with them and many building are just stuffed with electronic devices, so it is possible to track and read thoughts by combining all the data from other people's electronic devices and devices located in buildings like computers, projectors, remote controls, etc.

Large open spaces far from any type of electronic devices is ideal.

Also, I found a paper that very clearly shows that it is possible to detect ELF emissions from the human body:

Electromagnetic Emissions From Human Body

Now all that is needed is a way to jam the frequencies emitted from the human body.
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posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 06:05 PM
After watching the movie "Brainstorm" with Christopher Walken, I realized that it may be possible to use the "mind reading" technology to explore the death process, from the point of the view of the dying person. This would be quite fantastic, it may also be a test for metaphysical theories of the afterlife. Also, it may be possible to get an insight into the thought processes of animals, especially those animals that are similar to humans like primates. For example Koko the Gorilla is a primate that can communicate with humans via sign language, it would be interesting to correlate the brain states when Koko is signing, in this manner we may be able to get insight into how primates reason.

posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 03:33 PM
I have been busy with school, so I haven't posted in a while, until I read something that piqued my interest.

I was searching online about possible future energy resources. Some of the Fossil Fuel proponents state that "renewables" provide only a very small percentage of our total energy consumption, but this is not a fatal problem, all that needs to be done is to expand the renewable sources.

They also claim that the main disadvantage of renewables is that they are intermittent. This is a problem mainly of geography, location, and scale, if the solar array is located in the same location and is small compared to the weather patterns then yes intermittent light conditions will be a problem. Yet, if the solar panel array stations are strategically located around the country, in such a manner as to minimize the effects of weather which could adversely affect the intensity of light falling on the panels then intermittent energy production will be reduced. Even under the worst weather conditions there is still light, especially in parts of the country that usually sunny year round, very rarely is the weather so extreme that it appears like night. So, if the solar panel arrays are built sufficiently large that even under extreme weather conditions it can provide sufficient energy output, then intermittent energy production will be further reduced.

Some critics also state that the production, installation, operation, and infrastructure for solar panel arrays depend on oil. My response is yes, but only for the time being, when the solar panel array and electrical infrastructure becomes sufficiently large and ubiquitous such that it will be possible to construct solar panels and all the infrastructure using energy solely derived from the solar array, then Oil will no longer be necessary.

Some critics cite that because of intermittent energy production, renewable energy sources will require energy storage on a large scale, for which, they claim, we do not have an adequate solution. This isn't a fatal problem, it simply a technical/scientific/engineering problem, with sufficient research I am pretty confident it can be adequately solved.

Finally some critics cite both the political and financial difficulties of building such an array, it usually has to do with environmental regulations and/or taxes, subsides, etc, etc. I find it interesting that the power elite, many of whom are oil companies, have no financial nor political trouble controlling almost everyone from the neighborhood dog, to your busdriver, including politicians, have no financial nor political trouble when it comes to starting wars under false pretenses, manipulating the media and the world at a massive scale, hiring actors and / agents to shift societal norms, hiding the truth of ETs, hiding the truth about viewing forward in time and possible time travel, possible weather manipulation, and/or invading nearly everyone's privacy. Yet, when it comes energy sources, they act as if Not even God could change our reliance on Oil, Vishnu could come down from the heavens, and all we are getting are these old, worn out, energy leads, we need the new stuff, the new energy leads.

Not to mention, the power elite, find it easier to view forward in time and to manipulate the weather, both of which require extensive scientific research and exotic technology. Yet, when it comes to energy storage, especially when used in conjunction with renewable energy sources, all of sudden it is an impossible scientific/engineering hurdle. Almost everything is possible for the elite, Except energy storage and renewables, that for them is impossible (smirk).

The point is, they have both the finances and the power to do quite literally whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, so the political and/or financial barriers are mostly of their own making, not ours. They have vested interests in keeping Oil the predominate key energy source for the world, so of course anyone trying to offer an alternative to Oil and/or a complete replacement for Oil will run into political and financial troubles.

Now, renewable energy sources will, in a sufficiently long time scale, be the only alternative. All other energy sources are finite and by finite we mean will peak and/or be completely exhausted within a couple of decades or so, eventually we will use renewable energy solely. Complete dependence on renewable energy sources is the ideal, BUT we may have to compromise a little in the mean time. In order for renewables to supply all of our energy needs we will need to upgrade the electrical infrastructure so that it can control and deliver the amounts of power necessary. All of a sudden coal, natural gas, nuclear, and other energy sources become equal, especially become equal with Oil. So now they can all compete more or less fairly because the infrastructure exists to allow it. So, it will serve the self-interests of energy production, heavy industry, etc, it will open up new frontiers for production and use of natural gas, and nuclear power.

Constructing the upgraded electrical infrastructure, will allow for a more natural and smoother progression from fossil fuels and nuclear to renewables. No longer will the world economy depend on just one key energy source (there are other energy sources, but oil plays a key part in transportation). In nearly every other area of fundamental importance there are backup systems, systems in place just in case another system fails for some reason, from braking systems, to uninterruptible power supplies, to back up generators, etc. Yet, when it comes to energy, one of the most important resources for the operation of the world economy, all other energy sources rely on only ONE key energy source, that is inconsistent and deadly.
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posted on Dec, 12 2014 @ 07:35 PM
Here is another world-shaking idea, we have seen in the last couple of years the power the elite wield in regards to manipulating world events and keeping ETs hidden. Among the many things that was revealed in the last couple of years has been their ability to view future events, that ETs actually do exist, and nearly all electronic devices can monitor you.

So if they can see into the future and the past, can they travel to the future and the past, physically? This raises a whole host of questions and paradoxes, but if it is possible then what if someone goes into the past and stops the crucifixion of Jesus? Will the supposed "God" react because as many Christians believe, Jesus was destined by God to die on the cross. So, this means if we can stop it and God exists, what will he/she/it do? Not to mention, we can bring "Jesus" into our present time and see for ourselves if indeed he was the Son O' God. What if we can go back in time and view other religious events? Like the parting of the red sea, or a guy going to heaven on a horse?

This is yet another problem with time travel, it may have devastating effects on religion.

posted on Dec, 13 2014 @ 10:32 PM
I have found a very informative website on gangstalking, it is quite comprehensive in scope. The website details nearly all the methods of gangstalking as experienced by people worldwide. Here it is:

The author(s) speculate that it may be the freemasons, though it is has not been verified. There may be other groups affiliated with gangstalking. The freemasons may be just one among many other groups, there may be involvement by the military industrial complex, certain religions, certain countries, the Illuminati, certain very wealthy individuals, bankers, anyone and everyone who has a stake in manipulating world events, wants to control the actions and thoughts of individuals.

The reason why I believe that these groups have escalated their level of gangstalking is because the general public is starting to become aware of their existence and of their ability to manipulate the government and the world at large. Furthermore, we can now see that many world events are manipulated, for whatever baloney reasons they think are valid.

The most significant reason why I believe gangstalking has escalated is due to our breakthrough with regards to ETs, Time View or time travel, and the ability to read thoughts. They are losing the advantages they had over the public and that really tightens all of their jaws.

Since I installed padlocks on the inside of all doors and locked all windows, the gangstalking stumblebums can no longer enter my house. Often at night and certain times of day, I swear I can hear them on the roof, trying to move in a quiet fashion adjusting or moving sensors or whatever.
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posted on Dec, 15 2014 @ 02:02 AM
I might as well get it off my chest, I myself have experienced sabotage in my own education, due to extensive gangstalking. Because they can monitor thoughts at all times and all places, many of my most creative thoughts have been stolen and given to others that "they" have deemed more worthy. This not only affects my mind in the immediate sense, but it leads to a gradual degradation of the ability and motivation to think about anything at all. Hence, after having your mind monitored for an extensive period of time, you start to lose your perspicacity, (Like Lisa Simpson, in that one episode), creativity, precision, rationality, ability to learn and master new subjects, ability to solve problems, and in some cases sanity. I believe I was kept out of certain higher ranked universities because of my beliefs in ETs and even in the University I currently attend I have also been sabotaged.

On the other hand, things are getting better for me. Now that I have a 3000 F blowtorch, I can literally burn off any sensors the gangstalkers have placed on the walls of the Iron Room I built. Also, now that I have an 8000W amplifier I can jam their thought monitoring sensors. So, in the end, they are the ones who lost, because once I completely defeat their ability to read my thoughts, I can gradually rebuilt my thinking, start work on real Quantum Gravity and ETs research and make some good progress, without fear of having my ideas stolen!

One last note, beware of those who tell you grades don't matter, prestige doesn't matter, books and ideas don't matter, effort doesn't matter, because if you look at their backgrounds, often, they themselves have attained perfect grades and attended the most prestigious schools. Of course, it is easy to say that prestige doesn't matter when they are at the top. These types are often the ones who are the first to try to sabotage you.

P.S. Often the elite sometimes let it slip out that certain people were "created" or "destined" for certain roles or accomplishments or that certain awards or recognitions are reserved for certain people and not for others. The implication is that despite your best efforts and even your best personal accomplishments you will not be allowed to be given public credit. Yep, this is a great world (eyeroll).

P.P.S It appears as if the powers that be are trying to return to the Zeitgeist of pre-2011, but in my opinion, it's too late to go back, too much has happened, too much world manipulation, too much gangstalking, etc. In any case for those of you who didn't sell out your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc for a couple of shekels or favors, beware of those, who all of a sudden, are filled with "love" and "compassion" for the world and all living things. A few short hours ago they may have been partking in gangstalking in person or online, but all of sudden they have the love of Jesus in their eyes... whatever. In fact, the more they try to appear "compassionate" the more they may be trying to compensate for all the harm they may have done.
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posted on Dec, 15 2014 @ 02:25 PM
In the last couple of years we have found that the power elite control basically everything and that they cannot make an accurate, truthful statement about anything really. Strangely enough, it is exactly because they cannot tell the truth that we can find the truth. From experience, we have learned that some if not most of their statements are opposite of what we experience in reality, so, by taking the opposite of their statements we can find some of the truth. Obviously, if we know the truth from direct experience and/or rational thought, then this method is of little use but, in some cases it can be useful.

If nearly everything the elite say has to be inverted to the find the truth, then what does this imply when the elite talk about religion? Yes, now you see the power of the method! If we apply the method to their statements about religion, then it leads to the conclusion that religion is false.

There is another related method that can help find what has a basis in reality, the comparison method. If ideas about the material world that have both a basis in reality and pose an ideological (not physical) threat to the power structure are suppressed, denied, hidden, stifled, hacked, etc. Then what does this imply for ideas that are allowed to spread, unfettered, freely in society?

For example, consider how ideas about ETs, peak oil, alternative energy, global warming, time travel, and thought reading are treated? Very clearly nearly all of these ideas can be shown to have a basis in reality, through strict scientific procedures, and they all have the ability to radically alter our world, yet they are all suppressed, denied, and their followers harassed.

Now, compare this to the beliefs of nearly any religion, yes in some parts of the world minority religions are oppressed, but in the West you are allowed to practice nearly any religion. Furthermore, most religions claim to be in contact with an all powerful being(s), force, entities, etc. So, according to the believers, their religion has both a basis in reality and the power to radically alter the world. YET, take note how freely and unfettered they are allowed to practice and delve into the very depths of their beliefs, how freely they are allowed to spread their beliefs, how easily they are able to talk about their beliefs. There is no harassment, no government agents, no gangstalking, no crisis at the highest levels of government and business. I seriously doubt all these different Gods do the bidding of the elite, so what does this tell you about most religious beliefs?

Some may say, certain religious beliefs that lead to violent actions are suppressed, but take note, the beliefs themselves aren't dangerous, rather it is what they lead people to do. In comparison the aforementioned beliefs about the physical world, appear, to be dangerous in and of themselves. This indicates that the threat isn't physical rather it is ideological.
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posted on Dec, 15 2014 @ 04:28 PM
See here is a more accurate depiction of God:

No Tears Now

posted on Dec, 18 2014 @ 03:21 PM
Though some of us know, through personal experience, that the "powers that be" have the ability to read thoughts, others are not convinced until they are confronted with a research paper published publicly in a peer reviewed journal of qualified scientists. So, in response to the skeptics here is such a paper:

Reconstructing speech from human auditory cortex

This goes to show that it is possible to reconstruct thoughts, using brain waves alone, using currently available technology. This paper does have one caveat, the brain waves were detected with a grid of EEGs placed over the frontal lobes, not exactly reading thoughts at a distance but, this could be considered as a proof of concept. Later on the technology used to detect the waves could be modified so that they could be detected at a distance.
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posted on Dec, 18 2014 @ 05:44 PM
I have been noticing a recent spate of news stories about World War 2, I often notice such stories when I post about how to defeat and/or how certain surveillance devices may work, hmm could the power elite be trying to send a message? If so, could they be trying to make analogy, then who are the allies and who are the axis powers?

They may try to portray themselves as the allies, but as I have detailed in my aforementioned posts, we have to invert nearly everything the elite say to find some truth. If we apply this method to the WW2 analogy, then the elite have more in common with the Axis powers! Also, let's take the inversion one step further, if certain groups of people were persecuted in WW2, then by inversion, they are now doing the persecuting.

posted on Dec, 19 2014 @ 03:41 PM
There is another technique that "the powers that be" may use to secretly gain power over large swaths of population. It may work something like this, any group or individual with sufficient influence, willingly and voluntarily, admits in public to some wrongdoing. This could be admission of torture, corruption, misdeeds, admission of guilt, lies, molestation, harassment, abuse, basically anything that would cast the group or individual in a bad light.

In return, the elite, secretly give and/or allow these groups to have power and influence beyond their usual capacities. They see it as keeping "balance", however they define balance, in world dynamics. Unfortunately, this system is prone to abuse. Who is to judge whether the power and/or influence that is secretly granted is equivalent to the damage from negative public admissions? Also, the worse the admissions the more secret power they are given. A problem with such a system is that many of the groups who admit to the worst wrongdoings often use the secret power to commit even more crimes!

If this method has some basis in reality then, we can reinterpret events in our world. For example, if the elites "allowed" the 90s to be influenced by anything and everything paranormal, then in order to keep balance in "their" world, somehow the following decades would have to be the inversion of the 90s and possibly one or two decades before it. If people were free to follow their own path in life before, now we are free to follow the path they set before us. If authority was to be questioned before, now we have do what they tell us. If we were "allowed" to express ourselves freely before, now we have to watch what we say and think. If religion was downplayed before, then religion will be at the forefront today. This also applies to groups, if a certain ethnicity of people were oppressed throughout much of European history, then just imagine what that means for us today, yes it's payback time! If certain forms of music and ethnic minority groups were emphasized before, now we have to emphasize more mainstream forms of music and emphasize the majority.

This may explain some of the impetus for world events but, there are other factors like the economy, natural resources, payback, religions, etc. In the very least we can discern the most significant factors.

So we must be very careful of powerful groups or individuals who publicly admit to wrongdoings, because they may be given powers to quite literally do whatever they want in return for such admissions.
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posted on Jan, 11 2015 @ 11:36 PM
Happy New Year everyone!

I was thinking about the "official" explanation as to why the twin towers fell on 9/11, how they looked as if they were demolished and how they fell perfectly into their own footprints. The "official" explanation is that the weight of the structure that was damaged due to the jet crashes and the ensuing fire caused the supporting structure below to fail almost instantaneously, hence the picture perfect collapse.

Yet, I thought, when have we ever seen any building fail in that manner? IF the twin towers fell strictly due to structural failure, then they should exhibit common features with other buildings that also fell due to structural failure. Yet, the collapse of the twin towers shares more in common with a deliberately planned demolition than it does with unplanned building collapses.

Taking a look at video of actual unplanned building collapses on youtube shows that nearly all unplanned building collapses rarely, if ever, completely collapse and fall directly into their own footprints. Not to mention that the underlying supporting structure, if not demolished, can actually sustain remaining portions of the building. Also large portions of the building often simply topple over completely intact.

Building Fails

It has gotten to point where the governing elite no longer have any rational justification for most of what they present in public, their only option is to "dumb down" the population.

posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 12:17 AM
Oh and I have some good news regarding unwarranted in-home surveillance, I believe the tables have finally turned!

I placed all electronics in iron containers, I am replacing all Flat screen monitors with older CRT technology. Now, we have to be careful not all CRT displays are free of surveillance technology. I have found that some analog TVs have the ability to monitor people, like an old Symphonic brand 19 inch analog TV made in 1992 is not secure, also an old CRT monitor made by Envision in the late 90s also is not secure. Yet, paradoxically, an RCA analog TV made in 1999 is secure and a Dell CRT monitor is somewhat secure.

The problem with some analog TVs is that some of them contain small microprocessors used to process remote control commands, to display information on screen, etc. These microprocessors and or integrated components are composed of silicon chips in a plastic container, it is all too easy for some nefarious entity to place additional components onto the silicon chip, making it nearly undetectable. The safest TVs are those that do not have any solid state devices at all, all the active components are composed solely of tubes. The reason why is because there are limits to how small tubes can be made, so there is a limit to how small the circuits can be made. So, in principle, and with enough patience, you can trace out every circuit in an All-tube TV and determine it's purpose and behavior. Hence, it is very easy to detect if there is any "funny" business going on. Not to mention that much of the technology used to secretly monitor people has to be hidden, hence, most of the time, it has to be small. In order to make it small and yet effective requires properties that only solid state materials can provide. Just imagine trying to make a small video camera using only tube technology!

Also, there are other objects in your home that are often overlooked that can monitor you, in fact these other objects can monitor you when the most advanced technology cannot. There are two appliances in the modern home or apartment that cannot be turned off and most people cannot live without. You can turn off or live without a computer, a TV, a smart phone, in fact you can turn them off for days on end, but you cannot turn off or live without your refrigerator or water heater for an extended period of time. Strangely and oddly enough, in my case, the refrigerator was a major surveillance hub. I only discovered this when I turned off nearly all electronic devices and also unplugged the refrigerator, all of a sudden, they could no longer monitor me as easily. I thought, come on, a refrigerator? Yes, it turned out to be a major surveillance hub!

posted on Jan, 16 2015 @ 02:17 PM
Currently the "power elite" are trying to temporarily change the tenor of the U.S. for the upcoming election in 2016. They are toning down the gangstalking, the harassment, the aggression, the overt control of the U.S. government. All of this so that they can build some kind of public support for some presidential candidate. I'm asking myself, does it really matter who we elect? Anyone we elect to office in a short couple of months will return to the same behavior we've seen in the last couple of years.

The power elite are so bent on keeping power that nearly all news stories are manipulated, including the stories on supposed terrorism in Europe.

So, don't be fooled, this is a temporary respite until the new president assumes power, then it will start all over again. As long as the power elite are left intact, we will never be free.

posted on Jan, 18 2015 @ 03:08 PM
The Fox TV network is considering brining back X-files:

I would like give them my 2 cents; please don't.

The power elite, which also control the media, have ruined nearly every form of entertainment they touched or created in the last decade. If the current batch of wannabe "gods" get a hold of X-files I predict they will KILL whatever little interest or mystique the show had. Since nearly all forms of public entertainment, in the last decades, have been used to gangstalk people, any current form of entertainment is suspect and few people will watch it or have interest in it.

The general public may be afraid to watch this new "X-files" lest they be the target of excessive surveillance due to their interest in the paranormal.

(message to power elite) You've killed almost everything you touched, please don't kill the X-files.
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posted on Jan, 18 2015 @ 10:24 PM
Looking back at the entire gangstalking phenomena, I try to look for factors that may have preceded the rise in gangstalking so as to look for possible causes and to try to determine who may be responsible.

From what I can see, there are multiple factors that can explain who is responsible for the gangstalking phenomena and why. Among the factors are; economics, religion, ethnicity, debt, favors owed, social control, etc.

What I did notice is that back around 2011 when I began posting on ATS, the British were among the first to start gangstalking. Furthermore, I noticed many stories about how Great Britain will stand behind Israel. Then the U.S. government also started making statements about "supporting Israel". Then people from nation after nation began to take part in gangstalking, online of course. This often occurred immediately after a public announcement by the representatives of those governments of their support for Israel. Could Israel be the major player in the gangstalking phenomena worldwide? Quite possibly.

I also noticed many of the oil producing nations often make statements when I start posting about gangstalking, like Saudi Arabia, could they also be financing gangstalking? Quite possibly. The Catholic church also has a stake in gangstalking, so what is it that ties all these groups together? Money? Power? Influence? Respect? There was period in 2012 when nearly everyday there was some news story about how Iran was about to develop or obtain materials for a nuclear weapon, hence Israel needed our support more than ever. Hmm, looking back that sounds more like propaganda, could they have been manipulating news stories simply to retain influence over our government, you bet! Iran and Israel may be bosom buddies!

Also while reading through Richard Dolan's book, UFOs and the National Security State Vol 1. There was an interesting story about James Forrestal. On page 71 Dolan wrote "[Forrestal] was convinced that "foreign looking men" were following him and that Symington was spying on him". Also on page 71 "..Forrestal complained of "being followed by Jews or Zionist agents"". All this a couple of days before his "suicide". This story has very clear elements of gangstalking, though quite primitive by today's standards.

In regards to the Maura Island saga on page 37 "That evening [Kenneth] Arnold received a telephone call from Tom Morello of United Press, who informed him that some "crackpot" had been calling his office, telling him everything that had happened in Arnold's hotel room the entire day. Arnold was stunned. He initially suspected Dahl or Crisman of leaking information, until Morello quoted conversations Arnold had had with Smith when they were alone. The two spent the next hour looking for a microphone in their room". Notice the stunning similarities between today's gangstalking and what occurred to Kenneth Arnold in 1947. Today's gangstalkers monitor people's residences and leak private conversations to the general public.

Looking back at Forrestal's comments and my own experiences, I wonder, how are UFOs somehow a threat to Israel, or the middle east? Could it be a new energy source? Do they know the truth behind all major Abrahamic religions and can prove whether or not they are accurate (just imagine ending religions with one fell swoop)? Are they an economic threat? But how and why?

The end of the oil era is on the horizon, with the end of oil will also come shifts world money flows and thereby power.

I believe most people will have a very difficult time trusting their governments again, especially after the last 8 years of torture for so many. Not only will people not trust their governments but, they will no longer trust their neighbors, co-workers, law-enforcement agencies, military agencies, news sources, major media, minor media, movies, TV shows, kids on the street, strangers, or even the neighborhood dog or cat basically there will no longer be trust in anything or anybody.

There is a way governments can begin to regain the trust of the public and that is to publicly admit that gangstalking exists. Once they do that, people will see that they are willing to tell the truth, the real truth not some watered down story, then they will be able to trust somewhat.

Look at it this way Barack, whether you admit to it or not, after you leave office, eventually one day those responsible for gangstalking will be made public. So, why not do it now and get if over with?
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posted on Jan, 19 2015 @ 07:07 PM
Since today is Martin Luther King day, it is interesting to note that even Dr. King experienced some aspects of gangstalking:

According to GmB Bailey in his book, Bridging the Gap:

In section 2.5 Mr. Bailey states "Martin Luther King Jr was one such target. The FBI sent him a note suggesting that he kill himself or they would expose an affair that he had been having. He refused to comply."


"Congressional leaders were warned "off the record" about alleged dangers posed by
Reverend King. The FBI responded to Dr. King's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize by
attempting to undermine his reception by foreign heads of state and American
ambassadors in the countries that be planned to visit. When Dr. King returned to the
United States, steps were taken to reduce support for a huge banquet and a special "day"
that were being planned in his honor.

The FBI's program to destroy Dr. King as the leader of the civil rights movement
entailed attempts to discredit him with churches, universities, and the press. Steps were
taken to attempt to convince the National Council of Churches, the Baptist World
Alliance, and leading Protestant ministers to halt financial support of the Southern
Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), and to persuade them that "Negro leaders
should completely isolate King and remove him from the role he is now occupying in
civil rights activities." 6 When the FBI learned that Dr. King intended to visit the Pope,
an agent was dispatched to persuade Francis Cardinal Spellman to warn the Pope about
"the likely embarrassment that may result to the Pope should he grant King an
audience." 7 The FBI sought to influence universities to withhold honorary degrees
from Dr. King. Attempts were made to prevent the publication of articles favorable to
Dr. King and to find "friendly" news sources that would print unfavorable articles. The
FBI offered to play for reporters tape recordings allegedly made from microphone
surveillance of Dr. King's hotel rooms.

The FBI mailed Dr. King a tape recording made from its microphone coverage.According to the Chief of the FBI's Domestic Intelligence Division, the tape was intended to precipitate a separation between Dr. King and his wife in the belief that the separation would reduce Dr. King's stature. 7a The tape recording was accompanied by a note which Dr. King and his advisers interpreted as a threat to release the tape
recording unless Dr. King committed suicide. 5"

Nearly all of these actions taken by the FBI correlate well with what many people experience during gangstalking.

This brings up another point, some of the people that are gangstalked may have no interest in revealing the truth about UFOs, the power elite, or any interest in politics at all, rather they may have some special ability, a talent, or a ideas that somehow may pose a threat to the power elite. They may state they don't want "divergent" people or ideas to emerge because they don't want disruptions in society but, as we have seen in the last couple of years, the actual reason is that they don't any one person(s) to be so capable as to pose a threat to their power and dominance. If they know that the extent to which a person can pose a threat to their power is limited, then the person can be used as a reliable nylon gear or belt pulley in their society machine.

Nowadays the power elite emphasize groups rather than individuals. There is nothing wrong with groups but, it is wrong to try to force, manipulate, stunt, or sabotage an individual so as to reduce or eliminate their ability to work alone. They think groups are safer because they are less secure, information can leak out from multiple sources, also they are easier to infiltrate and manipulate. Also, since no one person can work on their own, everyone must work in groups to accomplish something. This may be why the power elite continuously monitor the thoughts of scientists and even artists. They wish to reduce their ability to be seen as great by stealing their ideas and giving them to every "belt pulley" out there.

What the power elite want is Control and they don't trust anything or anybody they can't destroy. The destruction isn't necessarily physical often it is sufficient to destroy their reputation or their ability to be seen as great or creative, hence they destroy their ability to think.
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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 01:21 PM
It looks as if scientific researchers are cheating again, stealing ideas and working with the secret government. Of course once they do so they damage their own credibility, they show they are incapable of developing ideas on their own and that they must resort to stealing ideas from others.

Not to mention that if their current research papers clearly show they are stealing ideas then what does that say about their past and future research papers? Barack Obama says we are living the "sharing economy" but if other countries are paying the U.S. for scientific ideas stolen from researchers then this isn't the sharing economy it is the stealing economy.

So here is a link to "researchers" in General Relativity and I use that term very very loosely:

Let's take the paper "On the convexity of Relativistic Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics"

by José-María Ibáñez, Isabel Cordero-Carrión, Miguel-Ángel Aloy, José-María Martí, Juan-Antonio Miralles

Here are their emails, why not let them know how you feel about them stealing ideas. There is a price to be paid for working with the secret government.,,,

Now, if we look at their previous publications we see that they are experts in numerical methods for simulating phenomena involving General Relativity. The only problem is that the timing of their papers on Arxiv are far too coincidental to my own thoughts. They are also trying to show off, trying to show how superior they are to me by outdoing my ideas but, of course, when you're stealing ideas, you can make yourself seem like Newton+Maxwell+Heisenberg+Einstein+Fermi+Feynmann+etc.

Of course all this "research" is simply fluff, distractions. From what I have seen and experienced it is very evident the power elite can see into the future, also some researchers have made cryptic comments like "Einstein beat you to it" regarding quantum gravity research. So, there is strong circumstantial evidence that Einstein did succeed in unifying general relativity and Quantum Mechanics way back in the early 30s and that technology was developed that could see into the future.

So too all the researchers on Arxiv, Einstein beat ALL of you to GR-QM unification, the Joke is on you. Not to mention that the power elite will try to sabotage all attempts to unify GR-QM publicly, so technically no one not even those researchers mentioned above will be allowed to publicly reveal a full GR-QM theory. So to Quach and all those Einstein Wannabes, you won't be allowed to even smell the REAL GR-QM theory, you'll be pulled away by complex flights of fancy and blind alleys and of course you'll enjoy the fruit of other people's labor by stealing ideas.

Also there is a concerted effort to divert certain people with natural talent in the sciences (as opposed to stolen talent) to entertainment. There is nothing wrong with being an entertainer but, it is not viewed with the same level of prestige as an original researcher. One is taken seriously the other is seen as a clown; in their minds they may think "make me laugh".
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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 02:48 PM
One more thing, the power elite and secret government are now working against their own goals. The reason why is that by ganstalking people they inadvertently prove some of the conspiracy theorist correct, AND by using advanced surveillance technologies that can read thoughts they inadvertently show that stealing ideas is technically possible.

Hence when a person sees their own private thoughts expressed on the internet, or their own thoughts stolen and given to some Hack halfway around the world, they can now PROVE that the person or person's given public credit is actually a fraud.

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