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Ancient Aliens Testable Predictions

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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 09:48 PM
Happy new year everyone, it's 2013 and we are still here!!

Anyway I have even more testable UFO ideas, though there is a problem, I have noticed starting in 2011 there appears to be a correlation between the "economy" and the posts in this forum. I have noticed that every time I post ideas that represent a significant advance in testing, obtaining, or analyzing ET-UFO evidence the stock market suffers a "crash" of hundreds of points. - In other words there appears to be a connection between the stock market and ET evidence.

As an outsider, from what I can glean, the most significant factors for the secrecy of ET-UFO evidence are religion, energy, and the economy. There also appears to be another correlation, between posting on this forum AND gas prices. Anytime I post on this forum gas prices sometimes also go down, this is odd?

The religious reasons are a bit unclear, could it be that intelligent ET beings not mentioned in the bible are a threat? Well Native Americans also weren't mentioned, yet it didn't constitute a threat. So, there may be something deeper more threatening, could the ancient aliens theorists be partially correct?

Anyway, the main focus of this posting is to reveal and explain the possible psychological warfare tactics used against individual UFOlogists. The reason why I believe I can speak about this in any manner is because I have good evidence that such methods have been and are still being used against myself.

When did it begin? It was around 2008, when I knew for sure, way before I posted here on ATS. I remember I was arguing for anthropogenic global warming and peak oil on many newspaper forums and I emailed nearly every senator and house representative. Apparently my arguments were so effective that in a couple of months my apartment was bugged and I was monitored.

My suspicions were given support when I found that many of the radio talk show hosts were repeating what I was saying in my apartment, even though no one else was home and no one outside could hear me. I used to listen to AM talk radio specifically KGO 810, KNEW 910 and other radio stations around the San Francisco bay area. This didn't happen once or twice but in nearly every program and often just minutes or seconds after I had repeated something. Furthermore local TV newscasts also began to make references to something I said or something I did in my apartment, this also spread to Cable TV, CNN, Fox, Etc. This didn't happen sporadically but often and it still does happen often. - This ought to tell anyone and everyone about the level of influence the secret government has on major media.

This isn't new, I remember that the KGB did something similar with the life a dissident, they bugged his apartment and turned his life into a "funny" comedy show. I can't remember his name at the moment. It may have been funny when the Soviet Union was at the peak of their power, but it wasn't so funny on 25 December 1991 when the Soviet federal government was abolished, in the end the dissident got the last laugh.

This may sound strange, but the secret government influence doesn't just extend to major media, but to music and movies as well. It has often been rumored that the Illuminati/secret government somehow influence major artists, and to some extent this is true. Artists help shape the public imagination, can influence the public on an emotional level, and can help strengthen and give shape to the Zeitgeist of an age. They can also influence the less politically active public. - This isn't a direct intellectual method of influence rather a subtle, indirect method.

One of the first artists that I noticed made reference to occurrences in my private life are Mumford and Sons. Their song "little lion man" made reference to things I would say in my private apartment. Their new song "I will wait" also make reference to things I said in my apartment. The British really went crazy when I began posting here on ATS. I remember you tube featuring a video from Top Gear where Richard Hammond made some really unfunny comments regarding the car Mastretta

Top Gear Mastretta Comments

apparently the British and the rest of the Europeans are practicing the time worn strategy of Divide and conquer. I have noticed that the British media tends to react most violently against possible ET-UFOs.

Aside from unfunny comments the most insidious are regular people working on behalf of the government. The most recent is a police officer from the suburbs of Chicago, that somehow got hold of my high school transcripts and police records from when I was a child and leaked it to my in-laws. It was a fun New Years having to explain to my in-laws why I got certain grades, etc. Also there are several students here at ASU that are definitely working for the government, you seen them everyday. I may or may not name them later.
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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 02:57 PM
So, now that we have revealed the structure of the psychological warfare tactics we can now get back to actual possible experimental confirmations of UFOs, but first some history.

The Roswell incident is often the most popular possible ET-UFO story, many people know about it, countless shows have discussed what occurred, and so have some movies. The problem with the Roswell story is that the evidence is not sufficient to prove that what crashed was a possible ET craft. In 1997 the USAF published a report that claimed that the Aliens that were supposedly seen by Mac Brazel were actually test dummies from experiments regarding high altitude balloon and that the "Flying Saucer" cover story was invented to cover up a Project Mogul balloon crash.

Fortunately, this report has some glaring inconsistencies. (The following is an excerpt from Richard Dolan's book "UFOs and the National Security State Vol 1):

[1. In neither report did the air force make any attempt to interview still-living witnesses of the 1947 events.

2. The air force ignored its own experts, such as Lt. Col (Ret.) Raymond A. Madison, a project officer on Project High Dive, who told the Associated Press that there is no way dummies could be confused with aliens. Each dummy had a reward notice, and were stamped as property of the USAF.

3. The USAF ignored the fact that that not dummies fell near Roswell.

4. The dummy tests were known to the public through extensive air force publicity as the time, a fact the air force mentioned.

5. The description of Mogul's apparatus in no way fits with the consistent description of Roswell reckage by the people who say they were there. Can one truly consider glue-treated balsa-wood sticks to have the toughness and durability ascribed to the Roswell Wreckage? Were Marcel, Brazel, Blanchard, Wilcox, and the rest unable to identify rubber, tinfoil and balsa wood debris?

6. A Mogul balloon was not large or heavy enough to have caused the kind of widespread remains and incisions into the ground that witnesses ascribed to the Roswell Crash.

7. Neither report tried to answer why the army incarcerated Brazel, interrogated him for a week, and held him incommunicado. Brazel's detention by the military was corroborated by his family, friends, neighbors, Roswell base provost marshal, and Wilcox's family.]

The next comment by Mr. Dolan that is very very interesting Once again an excerpt from Mr. Dolan's book UFOs and the national security state Vol 1.

[ 8. Other Mogul launches did not exhibit the level of security that Roswell witnesses attributed to the crash recovery. For example, Mogul flight #7, launched July 2, 1947, crashed off course. Before the balloon train could be recovered, some of the balloons were stolen by civilians. In this case, however, no military squad was sent to round up thieves. ]

Comment number 8 was the most compelling, if indeed the Roswell incident was simply standard military operating procedure, then they should have followed the same procedure in the July 2, 1947 - which incidentally was before the Roswell incident (July 5, 1947)!!! The very fact that Mogul flight #7 was stolen by thieves, the USAF never sent out any squad, and was never recovered indicates that the Roswell incident was significantly different from the Mogul #7 crash. In fact there was no cover story, no detention of the thieves, no military squad sent to pick up debris by hand., no flight of the wreckage to Wright Field Ohio, no reports of alien bodies, no handling of the material. In fact I haven't seen anything about the thieves who stole the wreckage, -- the USAF treated Mogul #7 crash as if there was nothing really sensitive about the balloons at all.

Again from Mr. Dolan's book, UFOs and the national security state.

The Mogul #7 balloon crash wasn't the only incident, Mogul #6 launched June 7 also crashed and was recovered by rancher Sid West. Sid West found the remains of the balloon train and payload, West easily identified the balloon and knew immediately who to to contact. The next day, two men associated with Mogul came by to pick it up.

Now compare the military response to the crash of Mogul balloons #7 and # 6 to the military response of the crash of Mogul balloon #4 (the supposed cause of the Roswell incident). We see there is a significant disparity between the response of the military with regard to the crashes. Now this doesn't prove that what crashed at Roswell was a flying saucer, but it present good evidence that what crashed at Roswell was most likely more that just a Mogul balloon.

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 03:07 PM
I have more testable UFO ideas, I have been working on this for the last year:

Now given the significant amount of public and private surveillance the only real way the individual will be able to interact with these being is if you disappear, meaning create a new identity in an unknown location. If you do this then you will be able to investigate UFOs with relative freedom IF you take the proper precautions to avoid raising suspicion. The following are some of the best books on how to become invisible and disappear:

How to Disappear

How to Be Invisible

Now in order to remain hidden AND be able to obtain information useful to the Ufologist you may have to use social engineering:

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

Of course you must read one of the masters of social engineering, Kevin Mitnick (also it won't hurt to learn how to do a little computer hacking)

The Art of Deception

Ghost in the Wires

24. “Luna Cognita” has proven that NASA does indeed edit pictures without telling the public. So if there are detectable edits in NASA moon images could there be similar edits in photos from other planets? In addition could NASA try to edit video or film? People may note, if NASA edits photographs, then why trust the video recordings of shuttle mission anomalies. The reasons are that it would be difficult if not impossible to modify or “cover up” anomalies with only a 20 second delay especially with the technologies available in the late 90's. This coupled with the fact that first the anomalies must be detected and then “edited out” on the fly make it difficult for them to do so. Another reason is that the anomalies don't move in a predictable path making it even more difficult to cover them up with a 20 second delay. Also they would have to make sure to take care of the background to not make the edit too obvious in video. In other words even with the most advanced special effects it still takes quite a bit of time to make special effects realistic and detailed, far more time than 20 seconds. Photographic film, on the other hand, is first received by NASA and no one else, it is then developed, once again only by NASA. If any anomalies are seen, there is more that enough time to edit them out before selling it to the public.

25. Now, that it has been proven that the air force admitted in public that flying saucers may be objects from other planets AND that a shoot down order was given, there is very strong evidence that ET UFOs do exist AND they are currently visiting the planet. If so, then ET abductions may be possible. Some people who claim to have had ET abduction experiences also claim to have had objects implanted in their bodies. One such implant supposedly emitted radio waves, if so then why not use an RF spectrum analyzer to look at the spectrum, determine if there is a detectable transmission. If we can detect some evidence of transmission of information, then could it be possible to “hack” into the object, by sending it radio waves of similar frequency? Would it be possible to “call” an ET ship with it? These implants may also indicate when ET ships may be close.

26. Would it be possible to somehow place a tracking device that potential abductees could leave behind inside the ET spacecraft?

27. One of the biggest hurdles to finding people that may have had actual ET abductions is the number of people who may claim to have had an abduction when they really didn't. Four factors

1. Disinformation agents who falsely claim to have had an abduction experience.
2. People, who for whatever reason, may lie about having had an abduction experience.
3. People who truly believe they had an abduction experience, but it is the product of imagination or dreams.
a) People may have been trained to believe that they have had an abduction experience, when it is simply a product of their dreams or imagination.
b) People who never had any training, who truly believe they have had an abduction experience, when in reality it is simply a product of imagination and dreams.
4. People who have actually had a abduction experience.

We can use detective work and deception detection methods (lie detectors, facial analysis, MRI scans, EEG scans, and reverse speech) to exclude 1,2, and 3a. For 3a we simply ask if they have undergone any training of taken part in any study that included manipulating memories or dreams OR if they have ever taken hallucinogenic drugs etc ANY activity that could lead to creating false memories.

Distinguishing between 3b and 4 is more subtle and should use methods by which people can distinguish between false memories and actual memories – there are psychological and brain scan techniques that can maximize the ability to distinguish between the two. It may be beneficial to also determine how false memories are created, so that we can somehow distinguish between real and false memories. We can also look for people for whom it is neurologically impossible to tell a lie or create false memories. People with nearly perfect memory exist, if we could somehow find a person who has both a demonstrable perfect memory AND claims to have had an abduction experience, it would be beneficial.

Do a search on Google for deception detection and how to distinguish between a false memory and a real memory.

I have many more ideas, I'll post later.
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posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 05:33 PM
Now, to give more insight into the psychological warfare tactics used against UFOlogists.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts that much of what I would say in my own private apartment when no one could hear me was leaked to the media, so have many of my ideas in physics.

Once again starting around 2008 after arguing for anthropogenic climate change, I also started noticing that there was a strange correlation between ideas that (at least for me were original) and their appearance on ArXiv and physical review. At first I thought it was simply a coincidence, but then once again it was apparent that "the powers that be" were stealing some of my ideas in physics, especially ideas regarding Quantum Gravity.

Of course I would get none of the credit

Apparently this is another tactic to punish scientists that would dare speak out against the government. Sometimes I think the government laboratories, and research universities don't always promote the most able or most creative researchers, rather they promote or hire researchers that have proven themselves to be loyal and are willing to go with the program.

Some might think, if this is true then won't the laboratory or government suffer from lack of creative or imaginative ability? You might think so, but what they do is monitor the highly creative scientist, steal their best ideas and then give them to the "loyal" scientists. So the "loyal" scientists get all the credit and the "creative" scientist is forgotten, like a stain on history.

It could also be a way of paying back countries to whom we own money, like China and Brazil - they don't pay them in money, but in creative scientific ideas, giving their universities some prestige. Also, appearances count, governments around the world want to celebrate countries that have high GDP's thereby celebrating capitalism and democracy, so they give them a couple of ideas making it seem as if they have geniuses all over the place, because of capitalism and democracy.

To make things worse, some of what I consider to be my best QG ideas were "stolen" when I was NOT posting on ATS. I was trying to give the government a chance, apparently they took full advantage.

Despite all of the advantages the government may posses, if ET's exist, and there is very strong evidence that they do, chances are they have figured out Quantum Gravity 1000's of years ago and may be working on theories beyond QG.

So studying ET's may be the ultimate research project that WILL lead to some of the greatest breakthroughs.

posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 01:57 PM
It looks as if the powers that be are still stealing ideas, in this posting I will post links to specific papers. Now, many of these ideas have been around since at least the 1960's but the fact that these ideas are being explored again exactly when I was thinking about them is curious to say the least.

So when did this begin? I've had an interest in Quantum Gravity since the mid 90's, at the time I only knew them on a conceptual level basically what was presented in science books for the general public. I also remember around 1993, Art Bell had a very interesting guest on his show, Alfred Bielek. Mr. Bielek told an amazing story regarding his involvement with the Philadelphia experiment:

Though much of his story has been debunked:

There is one part of this story that did turn out to be accurate. The gist of Mr. Bielek's story is that the US government, in 1943, supposedly made a destroyer, the USS Eldridge, disappear but it went much farther than that. He claimed that they accidentally opened up some type of wormhole and that the entire destroyer was transported in time to 1983 and that he met Dr. John Von Neumann in 1983. Clearly such a story would engender serious skepticism, among one of the strongest arguments was the lack of quantum theory of gravity (as far as the public is concerned).

I remember there was one caller who asked him how did the scientists manage to warp a local gravitational field sufficiently to send an entire ship forward in time? What physical theory did they use? Mr. Bielek then made reference to a paper by a Russian Scientist Dr. Braginskii where he claimed that there was a coupling between electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves. Though much of Mr. Bielek's story has been debunked, this is one part of the story that turns out to be true.

I did some searching on the internet for a Dr. Braginskii and sure enough the paper does exist:

Braginskii Paper

Dr. Braginskii claims that high frequency gravitational waves will induce an oscillation in electromagnetic waves due to the bending of space time, so there is a coupling.

This claim was later disputed by Dr. Ralph Bairlein

On the electromagnetic detection of gravitational waves

Though more recently, Nov 2012, Shahen Hacyan has claimed that such oscillation do occur:

Electromagnetic waves and Stokes parameters in the wake of a gravitational wave

Though there may be a coupling between Electromagnetism and Gravity is seems as if it only works in one direction, a passing gravitation wave induces oscillation in a specially designed EM cavity. Is it not so clear whether a specially designed EM cavity can induce a Gravitational wave resonance, as Mr. Bielek claimed.

Later on Dr. Braginskii did some research with Dr. Kip Thorne of Caltech and produced another paper involving gravity:

Laboratory experiments to test relativistic gravity

The authors outlined a series of experiments to test relativistic gravity. More recently experiments to test Quantum Gravity have been proposed:

Testing Planck-Scale Gravity with Accelerators

The famous Dr. Bekenstein has also recently proposed methods to test for quantum gravity:

Can quantum gravity be exposed in the laboratory?: A tabletop experiment to reveal the quantum foam

Now though many ideas regarding Quantum Gravity have been thought of before, some of the ideas like a Gravitational wave amplifier, Gravitational Wave Resonance Cavity, or Graviton Laser that I thought were original to me have "magically" found there way to Arxiv:

A Gravitational Aharonov-Bohm Effect, and its Connection to Parametric Oscillators and Gravitational Radiation

This idea has already been explored by Ho, Vu B.; Morgan, Michael J. in 1994:

An experiment to test the gravitational Aharonov-Bohm effect

Anyway, since the ideas will most likely be "given" to others I might as well expose them right here. In the next posting (there is a character limit).

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posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 03:18 PM
So here is the gist of my idea. Let's start with fundamentals, there is a very close connection between the form of Coulomb's law of electrostatic attraction and Newton's law of Gravitational Attraction:

Coulomb's Law

Newton's Law of Gravity

Now the derivation from Coulomb's Law and other related electrostatics laws and magenetostatic laws is described in many undergraduate and graduate books on electromagnetism. Here is an example:

Maxwell Equations Derivation

So why don't we try some similar with Newton's Law of gravity? There is only one little piece that is lacking - gravitational magnetism. Imagine an electric charge moving in a circle, according to electromagnetism there will be a small magnetic field produced in the area of that circle.

Moving Charges

So if we image a mass moving in a circle could there then be some type of gravitational magnetic field produced in the area of that circle? If so we could imagine a gravitational analog of the Biot-Savart Law:

Biot-Savart Law

With a gravitational analog of the Biot-Savart Law in place we can then derive the gravitational analog of Maxwell's equations, and here they are:


If these equations are accurate then we should be able to derive them as "weak field" limits from the more accurate General Relativity and indeed you can!!

Now, these equations are simply approximations, BUT very informative approximations, why? For the same reason that Newton's Laws of Dynamics are used to describe the trajectory of planets, forces acting on suspension in a car, forces on buildings, the movement of satellites, the analysis of objects moving in the atmosphere - it is easier to use and interpret the results of Newton's laws than it would be to use and interpret Einstein's laws of dynamics-which are more accurate than Newton's laws. Imagine having to deal with Tensor calculus to describe projectile motion?

As often happens in science, ideas once thought to be original have already been thought by someone else, this someone else is Oliver Heaviside.

Oliver Heaviside

Not only did Mr. Heaviside formulate the modern form of Maxwell's equations he also derived an extension to Newton's Gravitational theory:

A Gravitational and Electromagnetic Analogy

Which lead exactly to the GEM equations. Take note he derived these equations in 1893 before Einstein's General Relativity. The question may arise, in Electromagnetism the E field describes the electric field, the B field the magnetic field, in GEM the Eg field is the gravitational field, but what is the Bg field? What does gravitational magnetism mean? We would have to wait until Einstein to interpret this.

Well now that we have the GEM equations we can make an analogy between the full gamut of electrical engineering and Gravitational engineering - All the books on RF engineering, microwave engineering, the electromagnetic properties of materials, and photonics can be adapted to GEM. There are certain problems though, all charges in GEM attract each other, so we may have to reconsider how we engineer circuits to provide resonance.

Here's an idea, radio transmission works by accelerating electric charges, so we can produce gravitational transmission by accelerating masses --- though it would be more difficult. Just like there are electrical antennas we can design gravitational antennas, just like there are optical lenses that bend light waves, we can somehow create gravitational lenses that bend gravity waves. Just like there are electrical superconductors could there by gravitational superconductors?

By accelerating many many masses up and down and somehow creating a gravitational wave resonance cavity you may be able to pump the cavity and create an intense gravitational field that could be used in experiments with Quantum gravity.

It isn't difficult, there is something called (according to John David Jackson's book "Classical Electrodyamics", Section 6.5)

Retarded Solutions for Fields: Jefimenko's Generalizations of the Coulomb and Biot-Savart laws; Heaviside-Feynman Expression for fields of point charge.

These describe how electromagnetic waves are produced by moving point charges, so if we apply these ideas to GEM we can describe how gravito-electro-magnetic fields are produced by accelerating masses.

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 04:30 AM
Hello everyone, it's time for another posting.

It has come to my attention that I may have been monitored since at least 2002-2003, this is far before I began posting about anthropogenic climate change, in fact I don't believe I was politically active at all in those years. One thing I do remember is that I got one of my first cellphones around that time. Also, I vaguely remember arguing with someone, on yahoo chat, who may have been important, on the internet around 1999-2000 it sounded to me like it was Paul Harvey or someone like that.

If there is one thing I have learned is that if you inadvertently argue and win against someone who may be important, on the internet, you may end up being monitored. So be careful what you say and to whom on the internet, you may be arguing with the President, or a powerful senator (like Hillary Clinton), or someone with enough juice to order your continuous monitoring.

Some of the more popular ideas that have been pilfered are the following:

1. Some aspects of Ray Kurzweil's philosophy on Trans-humanism were derived from my old website, especially the notion of “reverse-engineering” the human brain, use fMRI machines. Also, I was one of the first who informally proved the Artificial intelligence was possible using computers. Clearly if the human brain is a physical object then it is subject to the laws of physics, which means that it could be modeled using the known laws of physics. In principle we could adequately model the interaction of every atom in the brain, if so then that simulation would be artificially intelligent, here is a snapshot of my website before the official publication of the book:

Wayback Machine Snapshot

Now to be fair, the concept of an artificially intelligent machine was around way before I addressed it. The difference is that before I addressed the problem, researchers did not know whether it was possible to program a computer to be artificially intelligent. This is not the strongest instance of pilfering, but it is worth mentioning.

2. Another idea that has been pilfered is the concept of storing data in DNA. Yes, I know that it has been popular in the media recently, but I developed the idea in 2010. I was an intern at LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories) and while I was musing on the BART train from South San Francisco to Livermore I thought wouldn't it be interesting if someone trying to hide information hid it in his DNA. Well, I told one of the other interns at lunch and a couple of months later it showed up in the media, the credit was given to other researchers, NOT from LLNL mind you. (The name of the country starts with a C ends with an A, you can guess).

3. Now the most interesting pilfering of ideas came from the entertainment industry. Yes, I know it is strange for a physics PhD student interested in Aliens to be developing movie and TV show ideas, but it happened quite organically.

I really have no clue what I could have done to warrant some type of wire tapping but, apparently ideas appeared on one of my favorite TV shows The Simpsons. What is more strange is that I only found out about this recently. I received a DVD box set of the 14th season of The Simpsons as a Christmas present.

The 14th season covers years 2002-2003. Furthermore, just to allay concerns that I am pilfering ideas from them, it was only in January 2013 that I FIRST saw the episodes.

After Christmas break I began to watch some of the episodes. I began to notice some coincidences, for example in one episode. EABF07 the city rerouted airliners so that their landing and take offs were directly above the Simpson's house. This was exactly how it was at my parent's house in South San Francisco, (those 747's and 727's can be quite loud as they accelerating to cruising altitude.). In episode DABF22 Homer makes comments to the effect: that marriage is like a coffin and every kid is a nail (a little rough), but I used to make comments around (2002-2006) that once you get married you are partially dead, but once you have a kid you are fully dead. (I have since changed that opinion) Also, in another episode, Homer drives his car through the garage door, I often used to joke with friends in high school, circa 1996, that it would be funny if we drove a car through a garage door. There are other strange coincidences. Furthermore, to test my sanity I compared the 14th season episodes with episodes from all previous seasons and I find no "strange coincidences" in any Simpson episode before the 14the season.

The most blatant example of pilfering ideas is the movie the Hangover. My brother and I used to tell stories involving many of our old high school, junior high, and college chums, and they evolved into stories akin to the Hangover, Far before the hangover (Circa 1996-2006).

Due to character limitations I will continue in another post.
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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 05:20 AM
Here is a list of characters; former junior high school instructor John R., high school friend Charles P., the infamous Nick D., we had college friend David D., slightly funny comedian Ernie G., and the shrill Gabe R..

Some of the ideas pilfered:

They found a half-Pinto half-Yugo car (I don't know how this is possible) with a lawnmower engine, the car had an office chair for a drivers seat and bucket for a passengers seat with ropes as seat belts. They rode it to Las Vegas where police officers forced them to eat pieces of metal and rope.

It gets even more crazy as they met a boxer and I believe Nick D. just tapped the boxer with a change cup and the boxer knocked him straight out. --- Just like in the hangover.

They also went to France in a large box shipped as freight, where they met rapper Petey Pablo, and stayed in a dog house. Somewhat similar to the hangover part 2.

The story goes far beyond just a trip to Vegas, other parts of the story have been used in other movies and TV shows. I may just post the entire set of stories here.

This way my brother and I can get a little credit for the Hangover 1 and 2.

Aside from funny movies and TV shows, what is most troubling is that I was told that there are certain "rules" as to who can get credit for ideas. Apparently the person or group that gets the credit isn't necessarily the one who created the idea. There appears to be an ethnic or racial component to who can get credit and for what.

From what I can glean, who gets credit depends on many factors, among them are GDP, PPP, crime rates, prior history of the group the person comes from. If you look at the GDP list:

GDP Rankings

And PPP list:

PPP Rankings

Only those researchers whose country of origin (racial) is from the Top 10 GDP and PPP can get credit for real substantive advances in physics.

There are other factors at work, it also seems to depend on how long the country has been in existence, how much trouble the country causes to its more wealthy neighbors, or at least how members of it's group are portrayed in the media. Other factors are that countries in the Top 10 PPP bracket don't want to "reward" the member of other countries, where they may "let it go to their head" and do something reckless - whatever that means. Also, if the country has "lost" a war sometimes they are compensated by praising their scientists or technology or by praise of their individual citizens.

They also take into account the countries prior history with physics or mathematics, they find it strange to "reward" a country that isn't usually associated with scientific progress. Other more envious countries often poke fun by comparing my ideas to the utterances of naive children and reckless teenagers. I suppose they reason that since the people from my background haven't had sufficient experience with "serious physics" , we can't possibly know what we are talking about and we can't possibly contribute.

It seems as if they feel that the members from countries below the Top 10 GDP and PPP list should first focus on getting their people to a certain level before any member anywhere in the world can possibly even think of working in the "adult world".

There also seems to be a moral component, if most of the world doesn't view the individual of the group as being publicly moral, they also seem to think that the researcher doesn't deserve credit.They have some sort of decision matrix, that weighs all the factors mentioned above, that guides them to determine who can get credit and for what.

The problem is that I view scientific progress as the Olympics, while they view it as public relations. Just imagine if the outcome of any Olympic event was guided by the same decision matrix? Medals aren't given to who came in 1st, but who the judges think deserve it the most -- Now that sounds childish!!

So, from I can glean, I can really only contribute substantially to movie and TV show ideas.
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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 11:26 PM
Ok one last rant before I get back to studying.

This time it has to do with religion. I am not against religion, I find some of their tenets agreeable, and I find that it does serve some purpose in helping those less fortunate and provides a guiding light easy to understand, though it has a dark tendency.

This dark tendency is similar to a religious version of Marxism. Here is an example of what I'm talking about, suppose we have group of people who follow a certain religion, suppose this religion has tenets similar to those in most Western religions, a monotheistic God, who judges people based on their actions. What if all people of a certain religious denomination in a certain town are equally good and it can be verified, that they are all equally good. Furthermore, what assume they are all of similar background and economic status.

Now let's assume one or some of their members have far more talent in a certain area that is highly valued by people in the town. Then the others, in the religious group, who may be less talented, may wonder if we are all equally good, how is it that God has given them far more talent or "luck"? They may try to be even "more righteous" without being able to equal the others who have far more talent. Then they may wonder if those others are truly good, they may wonder, maybe they made a pact with the "horned one", they may think how can God allow such things to happen. They may blame God, why would God give them the desire to be talented, without the ability -- and the envy and jealously just grows without bound.

They may think that when God was giving out canvas or paper or plastic Bags of talent, it (God) may have mistakenly given a bag of talent destined for them to another person.

It could be that the cause of this intense envy and jealously is not strictly religious but stems from Democracy itself. I think Tocqueville addressed this far more eloquently that I ever could:

It cannot be denied that democratic institutions strongly tend to promote the feeling of envy in the human heart; not so much because they afford to everyone the means of rising to the same level with others as because those means perpetually disappoint the persons who employ them. Democratic institutions awaken and foster a passion for equality which they can never entirely satisfy. This complete equality eludes the grasp of the people at the very moment when they think they have grasped it, and "flies," as Pascal says, "with an eternal flight; the people are excited in the pursuit of an advantage, which is more precious because it is not sufficiently remote to be unknown or sufficiently near to be enjoyed. The lower orders are agitated by the chance of success, they are irritated by its uncertainty; and they pass from the enthusiasm of pursuit to the exhaustion of ill success, and lastly to the acrimony of disappointment. Whatever transcends their own limitations appears to be an obstacle to their desires, and there is no superiority, however legitimate it may be, which is not irksome in their sight.

Here is the source:

Democracy in America E-Text

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 03:43 PM
Now, that we have straightened some things out, I have to post one of my grandest ideas, before they are leaked out and every researcher wants to take credit. The great thing about this idea is that even if others have thought of it before, it has a high probability of leading to provably original ideas. Given enough time of course.

I have been thinking of strategies to accelerate scientific progress, one of them is meeting with ET's, there is very very strong evidence that they exist AND are currently visiting our planet AND are far more advanced than humans in science. The problem is that the entire military industrial complex, with all of their technology and military power is arrayed against the general public having contact with ET's. Not to mention that talking about meeting ET's has negative consequences on the stock market and on other people.

The other strategy is to focus on creating an artificially intelligent machine, the problem is that the most powerful supercomputers can only accurately simulate up to about 160 billions atoms. This may sound like many atoms, but the human brain, if we assume it is composed mostly of water, each molecule of water has a mass of 3 x 10^-26 kg, the average human brain mass is 390 g, or 0.39 kg. The human brain will have approximately 1.3 x 10^25 molecules of water, or approx 4 x 10^25 atoms.

160 billion expressed in scientific notation is 1.6 x 10^11, this is 14 orders of magnitude smaller than what is required to simulate a brain. Ok, maybe we don't need to simulate every atom, maybe we can focus large molecules or maybe even simulate larger portions of the brain and still be able to attain an artificially intelligent program, though it is uncertain whether it is possible and if possible how it could be done. As we can see, artificial intelligence is possible in principle, though very difficult in practice.

There is a 3rd strategy that will accelerate science, furthermore it is within our technological grasp. It is very simple, if the internet contains most of human knowledge, then we can analyze all of this data linguistically, look for a hidden Markov chain, and then generate potentially new human knowledge.

The great thing about this idea is that we can write a computer program to check most websites, check every journal, every posting, every pdf, every text file to see if an idea similar to the idea generated exists. IF the generated idea DOES NOT match any idea on the internet, on any journal, website, pdf, etc, then chances are it is original.

Clearly if we simply rearrange letters or words at random, then most groups of words or letters will not make sense. If, on the other hand we generate potentially new ideas by perturbing, combining, or generating new groupings of words guided by a computer program that is able to check or create text that makes sense grammatically, then we can generate ideas that might make sense. Now, if we limit ourselves to a niche in science, for example quantum gravity, or protein folding, etc, then we can analyze all or almost all papers in that area, then using a hidden Markov model in linguistics we can "predict" what types of words may be used in future papers.

With enough work and focusing on one specific area of science, this approach may lead to provably original ideas. Just imagine applying this idea to finding cures or treatments for diseases, or treatments for injuries that currently have limited treatments!! .

This approach may not have the certainty of leading to new and useful ideas like meeting with ET's, or like it does by creating an artificial intelligent machine, but it is within our current technological grasp and is far safer than trying to meet with ET's.
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posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 05:16 AM
Hello everyone, I'm back after a little hiatus. I have many more ideas to share with everyone about to attain possible ET-Contact.

Now, if you are a dog-lover or just a dog-person, you will really like this idea. As we know dogs have much better sense of smell than do humans. While the human brain is dominated by the visual cortex, the dog brain is dominated by the olfactory cortex. The olfactory bulb is 40x larger in the dog relative to it's brain size compared to the human brain. This olfactory bulb contains from 125 to 300 million receptors.

Some of us may have seen Bloodhound Dogs, using their exceptional sense of smell to follow the scent trail of a specific person (Like in the movie Cool Hand Luke).

So why not use these dogs to "track down" where ET's may have been. The ET's may have a scent that the Bloodhounds can track. If we can verify that an ET-Abduction has taken place, a craft actually touched the ground, or may have even crashed, then we may be able to track or in the very least store the scent (in hermetically sealed containers). This way we can explore the terrain in areas with a high concentration of rigorously verified possible ET-UFO activity to determine if they may have landed when no one was watching.

We may be able to use the "scent database" to verify the accuracy of the abductee's story.

Now, there are some details to take care of:

1. Is it possible to distinguish between two different scents on the human body?
This indeed may be possible, especially since Bloodhounds are able to distinguish between the scent of the vegetation from the human scent.

2. If indeed it is possible to distinguish scents, how can we be sure the scent that is found is that of the ET?
This one is more challenging, though we may be able to use a method similar to what I mentioned earlier. If we collect enough scents in the database and we are careful to include a wide range of people that have only one thing in common, a high probability of actually being abducted, then we may be able to somehow distill the ET scent and use it to test for ET tracks in new cases of potential ET abduction!!

It may be possible to categorize an even broader sources of scent like landing trace cases and possible ET crashes. In fact if we can verify and distill the scent of possible ET's then we may be able to use bloodhound tracking to determine whether or not a fresh landing case OR possible crash may actually be due to ET's.

This may require more work and I may have missed details, but at least the idea, in broad strokes, is present.

Later Ideas!
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posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 04:51 PM
Ideas more! Given the unfortunate events in Boston, I must make it clear that I am against any form of violence to further or bring attention to a cause.

Here are even more ET contact ideas, I've got heaps and/or tonnes:

In regards to reliable deception detection:

Google search for deception detection:

Decption Detection

Google search for distinguishing between false and real memories:

False and Actual Memories

Helpful wikipedia article:


It is best to focus on deception techniques that have been well researched by qualified professionals, some of the best sources are intelligence agencies that have a non-monetary vested interest in deception detection like the FBI, CIA, etc. It has to be reliable, accurate, repeatable, and testable.

(Some of the ideas may be repeats of ideas I have presented before, sometimes I forget I posted it in previous posts. Some ideas are plausible, some not)

28. Another question that may arise is, what kind of economic system to the ET's have. From a modern human perspective capital is required to build anything, since there are ET visiting earth, we may ask are they paid for whatever they do here? Do they still use money? What kind of economic system (if any) do they have. Where do they build their ships? Where do they get the money to pay for this exploration?

29. We could use spectroscopy to distinguish between flare lights and non-flare lights. This method could help researchers determine if lights seen in the sky are or are not flares. A narrow beam of light could be directed towards a diffraction grating, if the light shows bright bands corresponding to the chemical combustion in typical flares then it proves that it is a flare, BUT if it does NOT correspond to chemical combustion of flares, then we can effectively rule them out. Furthermore, this method could be used to determine the composition of any light source, we could determine if it is a halogen light, tungsten, etc. More importantly we may be able to determine any signatures that may indicate ET craft.

30. Some of the best potential ET UFO citing cases note that sometimes the craft accelerate rapidly from 0 to 100,000mph almost instantaneously, this is strong indication of ET Craft. Another even stronger indication is NO SONIC BOOM. When a craft accelerates from 0 – 1000's mph near the surface the sound barrier is broken a loud sonic boom should result, BUT they are completely silent This is another strong indication of ET Craft. Though before one can conclude that sonic boom should have been heard it must be established that there is a solid object present.

31. Another way to analyze light from consumer grade camera is to digitally analyze the color spectrum of the light. First the image or video must be taken in true color, must adjust ISO, F-stop, and shutter settings. Color could be analyzed by fitting a function to the spectrum, find the peak then use Wein's displacement law to determine the temperature of the light. This could be compared to flare reaction temperature, tungsten light temp, halogen light temp, etc. Furthermore, the light spectrum could be Fourier transformed so that the we can see the relative intensities of the frequencies of light. Then we can compare the potentially anomalous light to standardized signatures of other common light emitting objects. This is another way to rule out flares or jet lights.

32. Spectroscopy is the strongest way to prove or disprove the anomalous nature of lights, the method is even more powerful. Spectroscopy could also determine if the lights are that of a jet exhaust or rocket exhaust. So when people see quickly moving lights we can determine if it is or is not a jet or rocket. So when people in Russia or in far Northern Europe see what they believe to be anomalous lights we can rule in or out Rocket tests or jets.

33. Video and photographic evidence is usually taken with consumer grade cameras, so the images may be distorted by various problems with the optics and CCD, electronics, and processing. Would it be possible to model the optics, CCD, and processing so as to deconvolve the effects and possibly sharpen the image. Might look into photo and video enhancement techniques.

34. Could also model adaptive optics in software and further enhance.

35. Scientific crater analysis, to determine the signatures meteor impacts, sinkholes, crash craters, etc.

36. Could make an array of cameras like a slit grating, then add images.

37. Determine the “best” still and video camera settings to record UFOs. Like exposure time, ISO, F-stop, shutter.

38. Should study acoustics to determine range of sonic boom.

39. Should study dynamics of balloons and other phenomena.
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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 06:39 PM
Here are even more ideas: (as before, some may be repeats, some ideas are plausible, some require more research)

40. For abduction cases, first find the people with the highest probability with being abducted. This should be accomplished by putting them through all the protocols – then look for similarities in the experience, patterns then create a checklist. Look for other testable predictions.

41. Some UFOs are very large, if the photometry could be worked out this would be another way to distinguish between potential anomalous phenomena and mundane phenomena. Compare size to known sizes of aircraft.

42. In many cases it is often difficult to determine how far away or how large the objects are just by looking at a photo or video. The main problem is the magnification. It is easy enough to determine the make and model of the camera, the missing factor is the magnification. This is much easier for videos, often videos show min to max zoom, or often we know that the video or photo was taken at max zoom. So we simply get access to the camera or a camera of same make and model, take a meter or yard stick, mark a known distance from the camera and go to min or max zoom. Measure the length of the stick in the video or photo, then by using similar triangles we can determine the size of the object in the video and how far away it is. Sometimes the zoom is somewhere between min and max zoom, this case is more difficult if we are dealing with video footage it might be possible to determine the zoom by noting how long the person zoomed in. Using the same type of camera we can then hold down the zoom for the same amount of time and use the procedure described above. – This needs more work, work on the mathematics.

43. It may be possible to deduce the distance to object and the size of the object by analyzing the optics. Once we know the make and model of the camera we can get the details on the optics, then we can work out a model that could in principle determine the distance to object. We may be able to combine this with the meter stick to determine the size of object.

44. ET Craft are often seen around nuclear power plants and nuclear weapon storage areas, so this could be another way to photograph or videograph potential ET craft. Place cameras around a legal perimeter of nuclear power plants.

45. How do the UFOs know where a certain abductee is? Do they track via radio, or some other form of communication. OR, do they simply wait at the abductees place or residence until they are asleep at home? If they track via radio, then it should be detectable. Also, if they wait until the abductee is at home, then their craft should also be detectable.

46. UFO craft may be detectable through means other than simple radar, if so what are they? One possible method is tracking very strong atmospheric microwave sources.

47. Possible UFO craft seen around the moon, would it be possible to analyze IR and UV, X-ray domains to determine if their craft have certain signatures? An advantage of potential Moon UFO is that, if proven true, is a repeatable, testable evidence of UFO. Furthermore, we may be able to study them. Aside from studying the light from the UFOs we may be able to determine if there are any radio waves associated with the UFOs. Also, we could shine lights at those anomalies see if they respond.

48. Must learn more about telescopes so that a method could be developed to view potential ET-UFOs. One way to track UFOs is to start with a Moon-UFO and then track it see where it goes after it “disappears” from the visible spectrum. The UFO may emit strong E&M waves that are detectable.

49. Another good idea is to identify and track the LRO and determine if its cameras are within range to image the Moon-UFO. If we see the Moon-UFO and the LRO, then the LRO should show a good image of the Moon-UFO.

50. Could there exist sea-animal mutilations similar to cattle-mutilations? If USOs exist and are related to the airborne UFOs then the occupants could perform similar mutilations on sea animals? Which sea animal is closest to a cow? - A Whale?

51. Do fish “ranchers” experience loss of animals similar to cattle ranchers? This may another way to test the sea-animal mutilation, raise sea animals close to suspected USO sites.

52. Do underwater USOs have characteristics similar to UFOs? Massive acceleration, 90 degree turns w/o slowing down, no sonic boom? Is it more easy to detect such craft in water than in air?

53. Use Physics Track education software to track UFOs in video files. The software can generate numeric data that could be analyzed to determine distances, accelerations, and velocities.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 08:33 PM
54. In order to photograph and video record potential ET-UFOs AND be able to obtain numerical information regarding size and distance, we could use a staggered camera approach. Two identical cameras separated by a couple of feet, with one camera in front of the other, separated by a couple of yards up to a mile. This arrangement will provide sufficient information from which we can determine size and distance.

55. Analyze how Mr. Walson used his telescope to record satellites that “transform” expand and then contract quite rapidly. Cross-check the shape and behavior of objects with known objects in space. Determine the period of orbit, then determine distance, then determine size of object. Such large objects that are able to “transform” rapidly must have required extensive work by astronauts. When exactly were these objects sent up, if they require human to construct and the only official space program we know of is through NASA, then when did they launch the object? Also, must cross-check with other countries, if it becomes apparent that no publicly known mission placed it up there, then these objects are good evidence for a secret space program.

56. Explore mathematical transforms that could be used with passive radar to verify that a certain detected object is solid. It may be possible to determine the density of the object by the way the radio waves bounce off the object – the Radon Transform.

57. It would be great if we could have high-powered telescopes on motorized mounts so that when the passive radar system detects a possible ET-UFO the system could aim the telescope towards the area of the sky where the potential ET-UFO is located, we may be able to get a close up glimpse.

58. A 2 camera system can determine the distance to the object, has been worked out. Though it is limited to only one plane, a 4 camera system can record in front and behind.

59. Private investigators may have methods to help in UFO research. One such idea is to place detectors and cameras into a van or car, then provide sufficient battery power, park the car in a desirable spot and let it record for many days. This may be useful in abduction cases were it is often noted that abductees are not taken if the abductee knows they are being watched. So covert surveillance may be necessary.

60. In regards to abductee research, we should vet a statistically significant number of abductees using the most rigorous testing. Then we could let them know that a random number of them will be observed at random times. It could range from monitoring nearly all abductees to monitoring none, it could also include “white lies” stating that someone will not be observed when in reality they will be.

61. Landing trace cases should correlate with other forms of detection, if someone experiences a landing trace case then the potential UFO might have flown through the air and have been detected on radar near the place where the land case occurred.

62. In regards to the Mexico UFO case in 1979, that appeared in the UFO Hunters show, if a nuclear bomb was detonated near the area where the craft supposedly crashed, then the US military may have records of it. Nuclear blasts give off a very strong gamma ray signature also if the US military continued it's acoustic nuclear detection project (Mogul) then there may exist records of a statistically significant event near that area.

63. Another idea is to research important events in history for the presence of UFOs, for example in the Chernobyl meltdown, the start of war, a terrorist attack, etc.

64. It may be possible to signal UFO using a morse code and a flashlight. It may even be possible to signal the potential UFO near the moon with a strong enough light source.

65. At almost any large gathering of people, there may be a statistically significant portion of abductees, hence at a concert, or ball game look out for UFOs.

66. It may be possible to discount a temperature inversion, if we can calculate the probability that a fluctuation will hold it's exact same shape for a certain length of time.

67. Temperature inversions simply bend light, hence the light coming from a Temp inversion should have the same spectral information as the emitting light. Also refracted light will only reflect in certain directions, hence if two or more independent observers view the object from different angles chances are it isn't a temp inversion.

68. It may be possible to use surveying techniques to determine distances to objects when they are seen only with the naked eye or when only one camera is present.

69. It may be possible to determine the size of the object in the Arizona lights, since there is a video where some radio towers are seen in the distance, if we could determine where the video was taken and the zoom we could determine the size of the object. Since we know the height of the radio towers and the distance, --- more thought is necessary.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 09:56 PM
Might as well post ALL of my current ideas, oh just as a heads up, a significant number of people in San Francisco and almost everyone in Tempe, AZ have been compromised, meaning they are given information about UFO researchers and report about UFO researcher activities to their "handlers".

70. Another idea is to model the entire situation of the Phoenix lights, on a computer, then test several size models, then test against actual testimony.

71. The 1952 Montana UFO case were they were filmed flying in formation, looks very similar to a recent UFO case from Peru or Chile (it was on one of those UFOtv videos). Where a dentist took video a formation of UFOs that look very similar to the 1952 case.

72. Compare Roswell incident, with other incidents where a Mogul balloon also crashed, compare the witness testimony, the military response, who was notified, radio reports, etc. Look for such reports both before and After the Roswell incident, this may indicate that the Roswell incident was handled far differently than other incidents both before and after Roswell that supposedly were crashed balloons.

73. Both Project Grudge and Project Blue Book Special Report 14 indicated about 20-22% of all UFO sightings cannot be explained, this also corroborates well with the COMETA findings that nearly 28% could not be explained.

74. Could there be someone out there who has an original recording of the other Roswell Radio transmissions

75. It may also be a good idea to speak with Native American tribes in the area of the Phoenix lights. They may have seen such lights before the arrival of Europeans, also their myths may give indications of where such originate from. Since they are seen so often through the Southwest, it could be that there is a base around that area.

76. May be useful to post a link to the FBI memo from July 8, 1947 stating that they were transporting a disc to Wright-Patterson Air field.

77. One of the UFO videos has stated that the military built a UFO listening post, how does one listen for UFOs? - This is a good research question.

78. It was mentioned that Ronald Reagan stated that in regards to ET- The movie that only a handful know the real story, could this mean that such event actually happened? If so when and where, we can try to find the person.

79. We may consider giving Crop Circles a second thought, though some may be hoaxes, some might actually be real. This is perfect for a test, carefully monitor the field to make sure no people enter and see if there is a statistically significant change in crop circle formation. Also, this is prime for private investigations.

80. Often times some of the most credible UFO videos are taken with only one camera at one position so it is often difficult to determine the size of the object and/or the distance to the object. A possible approach to solving this problem is to first determine when and where the video was taken, IF the video shows significant landmarks then we can use surveying techniques to determine the distance from the camera to the landmark. Comparing the actual size of the landmark with the size on the video will help us determine the amount of magnification. If we combine this information with the size of the UFO on the video we may be able to extract useful parameters. For example if we know the UFO is between the camera and the landmark then we can place bounds on the distance. The magnification will give us the actual angle subtended by the UFO at the lens of the camera. Though we still have the distance and size unknown.

81. It may be possible to use the brightness of the lights to determine the distance. For example if we analyze the video and determine that the lights have a certain peak emission. We know that air scatters light and it scatters light of different wavelengths differently. It may be possible to determine the distance by analyzing the color spectrum of the light. If we know the “temperature” of the light, then we can find the peak of the light, determine the shape of the spectrum and compare with the measured spectrum, light at the red end should be scattered more than light at the blue end, hence the shape of the spectrum should be altered.

82. Another possible method to determine the distance to the UFO, is to model the shape of the light source. Given that most light sources are Gaussian in shape, it may be possible to determine the distance by analyzing how the intensity drops off and differs from the Gaussian dropoff. If the light source were near but small the the drop off should be nearly Gaussian, but if the light source is large but far than the drop off in intensity should differ due to scattering and absorption in the air. This may be represented as a convolution of the Gaussian shape with some attenuation function due to air.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 09:58 PM
There's more!!

83. What I predicted about the Roswell incident was correct. Indeed there WERE other project mogul balloons that crashed in public lands, and in fact were stolen. Yet none of these other crashes brought forth the same response as did the Roswell incident. There was no military unit called in to clean the site by hand and there was no military unit called in bulldoze and make sure there were no crash marks left, there was no statement by the military about crashed saucer, no cover stories, in fact these “other” balloon were never recovered. If the explanation about the significant military response due to the Roswell incident were accurate then the same level of response should have been expected with these other incidents but it did not occur.

That's all for now, don't worry I'll come up with even more!!

P.S. One more thing. The world behaves in very strange ways, oddly enough I regained some privacy when I started watching the show "Game of Thrones". Now that I am watching the show, many of the brain scanning, surveillance, and leakage of information to almost everyone in Tempe, AZ (trust no one) has lessened. They must have some algorithm that controls how many news stories are derived from information about my private life, before I started watching nearly every story was a comment on my private life, now maybe one or two stories are derived from instances of my private life.

The people who produce the show (the British must be flexing muscle or something) must have influence over nearly all aspects of our government and media, though it prompted the most significant advances in Ufology and will lead to contact between ET's and the general public, I still have more ideas!! I'll post them later.
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posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 03:24 AM
I was just perusing the news and I found that the military industrial complex is STILL listening and leaking information out to the public, specifically to

If they have nearly every place I go to bugged, including the streets, cars, buses, public areas they must be listening to YOU as well, if you happen to have good ideas and are creative, they will attempt to "suck you dry" if you don't go along with them.

The ultimate goal isn't simply to detect anomalous craft or even to obtain convincing, scientific evidence of abductions, or cattle mutilations. NO!, the goal is for the general public to meet with the occupants of the craft AND to have it be made public all over the world on major media in prime-time front page - NO Tricks!! - that is the goal.

I have just thought of even bigger ideas, a way to get information about and possibly get into Area 51, but that will have to wait for a future time!!
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posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 11:19 AM
Just in case you are new to this thread and have jumped directly to this page, you are viewing the most recent in a long line of ideas on how to obtain ET contact. There have been many ideas posted before these, in fact much of the most quantitative ideas have been posted previously, the most significant ideas have been posted in the following pages:

especially the following post:

Another informative page is:

especially the following posts:

The previous post links are the most important methods to quantify and verify potential UFO phenomena, what I want to stress is passive radar data (with protocols to ensure the object is solid), mathematical modeling of the entire image chain, digital forensics of existing images and computers, and investigative techniques to ensure the integrity of the people who claim to have taken the images. Each part in the chain is based completely on well researched methods and technologies based on accepted science.

BTW: The powers that be are still doing brain scans, on me, I just checked the news and there are a couple of stories that are suspect.
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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 03:02 PM
Hello everyone, I am still working on the idea of how to obtain information about what may or may not be inside Area 51, I will reveal that later - don't worry the powers that be are still using brain scans and leaking out information so you might read about it in the news soon.

Talking about leaking out information and agents, there are several people here on ATS that I can say, with some certainty, have received information about me from brain scans. I am keeping a list and images of people that I have personally met that I suspect are agents (which in Tempe, AZ is almost everyone), I am also keeping a list of ATS usernames that I suspect are receiving information about me from brain scans, so here is a partial list from today's postings:

Username: Majic:
Reason: I was thinking about some pirated music and movies I downloaded a long time ago, as the only real pseudo-crime that could explain why I am being monitored.

Username: Saurus
Reason: Not too strong a case, but I did mention something related to the topic online.

This is so hypocritical: You can start wars on false pretenses and kill thousands of innocent civilians and injure American soldiers(Link1, Link2), perform tests on American citizens without their knowledge (Link), you can spread lies about Global Warming, Peak Oil, Aliens, and manipulate history for selfish purposes, monitor innocent people 24 hrs/day 7 days a week (including monitoring their thoughts) and leak out intimate details of their private lives to the public, but god forbid you have or even think of sex because it is a crime greater than any other apparently.

Well there is one crime greater than sex and that is trying to meet with Aliens.

Oh and there is even more!!

I haven't made this public, because not even I am ready to believe it, I made reference to it back in the post regarding the Simpsons, it seems as if the US secret government not only can monitor your thoughts, but they can somehow predict what you will think or say in the future, this has occurred with a frequency greater than that of pure chance. Now, it could that they are using techniques similar to those in the movie "The Adjustment Bureau", they may have access to information in the future via time machines, maybe advances in Remote Viewing have allowed the secret government to "see" the future, and/or some other techniques we are not aware of.

Even I am skeptical about the secret government having access to time machines, remote viewing has had a spotty record, so most likely it has something to do with "Adjustment Teams" or something similar.
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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 03:34 PM
Here is a particularly "hardcore" example of government testing, check out what Oncologist Cornelius Rhoads wrote:

Did this guy "tangle" with a couple of Puerto Ricans in a bar someplace, maybe his wife ran off with one of them!!!

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