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Ancient Aliens Testable Predictions

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posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 01:11 PM
I have noticed that back in 2011 and 2012 nearly every time I posted in this forum the stock market indices would drop, nowadays though it seems to be much more stable. This is good news because now we can research ET-human interactions and still have a good economy!!

The public reason the major media leaks rumors about me is because they are trying to "guide" me to a personality they consider acceptable, much of the time they make reference to certain websites I looked at and then use that as an excuse to continually monitor me. The problem is that I'm not the only one looking at those websites, yet out of all the people they focus on me.

Like much of what politicians do it is partially intended and partially a cover. It is partially intended because they are trying to get deals to allow certain states to allow certain people to marry hence, to assuage the religious, they made a deal. In addition, it seems that in order to legalize certain smoking products they also made a deal with the religious. You can let certain people marry IF you downplay and discourage people from looking or even thinking of certain websites or acts. You can let people smoke until their eyes are red, if you also emphasize certain values - namely guilt.

Other deals were made, they will go along with the results of Global warming, peak oil, and to a limited extent UFOs but, in return certain people will be monitored and nearly all their ideas will be exploited to make money - of course the people they monitored will get no credit. They will sell ideas to other countries, because (I have been told this) it costs too much money to allow one person to advance too far in the sciences.

They are also going to use this intended outcome as a cover to guide's people's interests away from certain fields of study - namely Ufology. If they emphasize certain religious values that downplay creativity, individual ambition and initiative, and interest in the strange and exotic, then little by little they will shape people minds to no longer think in certain paths that may lead down to meeting with ETs.
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posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 03:12 AM
Ok, now a way to get some information about Area 51, just one word, drones! The great thing about drones is that they are difficult to detect both on radar and visually, so all one needs is to mount a camera on a drone and fly it in.

There are some things that must be taken into account: remote controlled drones may be subject to jamming, this can be countered by using frequency hopping remote controls OR simply preprogramming the drone to fly a specified path. Also, because the area around Area 51 is restricted, you may have to modify the drone to extend its range, unless you are transmitting the images/video back and don't mind losing a drone or two.

You can use old school fighter jet tricks like coloring the drone the same color as the sky, mounting LED lights on the edges of the drone and let it blend in with the sky, also mounting a night-sensitive camera and fly at night.

Now, there is a cheaper alternative to flying drones and that is flying trained birds like pigeons, you can mount a harness on the pigeon to carry a lightweight camera and have it fly around Area 51. Good thing about pigeons is that you can grow them cheaply!! Carrier pigeons have a range of about 100 miles and you can monitor their progress through a telescope.

Actually there are some benefits to being monitored, because they have revealed all their strategies and tactics along with the technologies!!

I have even more ideas on Area 51 involving HAARP!! Just a hint for next time - Earth Penetrating Tomography.
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posted on May, 14 2013 @ 08:39 PM
I have found some VERY interesting information regarding the NSA, Echelon, and economic espionage conducted by American Intelligence agencies.

There are several online news stories indicating that the FBI wants to extend their ability to wiretap the internet:

FBI Wiretapping the Web

Well the NSA already beat the FBI to it with a program called Echelon:


ECHELON Revealed

Though the NSA has not publicly stated the current purposes of ECHELON, much evidence points to it's use an a worldwide surveillance tool.

According to the evidence presented:

The report concludes that, on the basis of information presented, ECHELON was capable of interception and content inspection of telephone calls, fax, e-mail and other data traffic globally through the interception of communication bearers including satellite transmission, public switched telephone networks (which once carried most Internet traffic) and microwave links.

More evidence:

Big Bros. Spying on France

This report was issued around 2001, by now they most likely are also able to intercept nearly all data on the internet as well.

Several journalists claimed that it was used for industrial espionage as well:

ECHELON Industrial Espionage

Economic Espionage Text

Big Brother Without a Cause

If you read the BBC link you'll see that a former CIA director did admit to economic spying and in effect said "we did it and so what?" check it out:

But former CIA director James Woolsey, in an article in March for the Wall Street Journal, acknowledged that the US did conduct economic espionage against its European allies, though he did not specify if Echelon was involved. However, he poured scorn on the Campbell allegations that the US was using its technological edge to gain unfair advantage in international business.

"We have spied on you because you bribe," the ex-CIA boss wrote.

"(European) products are often more costly, less technically advanced or both, than (their) American competitors'. As a result (they) bribe a lot."

Like the CIA doesn't bribe, come on!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

So here we have evidence that government surveillance may be used to conduct industrial espionage, this is consistent with my own experiences, where many, if not most of my ideas, were given to others (mostly the newsprint media, like the New York Times, Mother Jones, Wash. post,, etc) for economic gain. This also implies that the intelligence agencies have contacts with important industries in the United States. Another question we could ask is, how did the purpose of ECHELON evolve from military and diplomatic signals intelligence to also include industrial spying, or has it always included industrial spying?

There are many unanswered questions, but one thing we know is that there is very strong evidence for a worldwide surveillance network.
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posted on May, 14 2013 @ 09:43 PM
According to the Long Island Press: "Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances'"

Something to think about.

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 01:55 PM
Looking back at my experiences with constant surveillance, it never occurred to me that the government could be monitoring others for purposes unrelated to terrorism.

Then I thought, if they are able to do brain scans on the street from 50-100 feet away, what is to stop them from doing brain scans on anyone on the street? - Nothing. So, what is to stop them from simply stealing innovative and creative ideas from anyone on the street? -Nothing. What's worse is that this person would never know.

Once that realization was made, I wondered if the government did something similar to scientists at universities? It is known that the CIA did infiltrate colleges in the 50-60's, could they still be be infiltrating college? This is a very real possibility, considering the expanded surveillance powers granted government agencies due to the "war on terrorism". Not to mention the CIA usually does what it wants whether or not the official U.S. government approves.

Here are two links that support my argument:

There is some VERY interesting information about "the new president" of a certain university:

(Take note of the banner at the top, indicating that even Hollywood has been infiltrated by the infamous CIA)

So, if universities have been infiltrated, then they must monitor their sources to ensure they don't reveal secret information or break their cover. Most likely they have monitoring equipment installed around the university, if so what is to stop them from monitoring the ideas of other scientists and then giving them away? - Nothing. Furthermore, looking back through the lens of my experiences with surveillance, (this purely opinion) I think that other scientists may also have had their best ideas stolen. I have also gleaned that whoever is doing the surveillance uses blackmail to ensure that some people don't talk.

Some professors have made some cryptic remarks to me:

I have been told that "their are structures of power that must be respected", also that "[things, ideas, institutions, structures of thought] aren't destroyed just willy nilly there are very definite rules", also the most telling (in reference to a scientists career) "A comet's path is completely known, but it's composition is not". They make references to "rules" that govern what is created and what is destroyed and algorithms that govern our lives.

None of this bothers me too much anymore, because I have hit upon one area of research that they cannot or are unwilling to steal, and will lead to some of the greatest advances in human history.
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posted on Jun, 29 2013 @ 04:50 PM
Some of you may have read the news story about using low power Wi-Fi to track people behind walls:

Wi-Fi Track

Chances are this technology has been around for many years in the classified world, but now it is becoming public. Though it may present a problem in the wrong hands, it may be more of a problem in the hands of oppressive governments.

Though there is hope, since any technology is based on the known laws of physics, as such any technology can be countered. There are four fundamental forces of physics, currently known:

Strong, Electromagnetic, Weak, and Gravitation

Hence there are four possible forces that could be used to gain information about an object. The main force used today is Electromagnetic via radio waves and light, so all one needs to counter Wi-Fi tracking is a well engineered Faraday cage. There may be other methods of tracking, basically any particle or EM wave emitted or reflected from the body could be used to gain information. So all one needs is to take inventory of all possible interactions and to counter them.

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 06:47 PM
Everyone hello, I haven't posted anything for a while, I was studying for qualification exams and I didn't want to tempt "fate" by posting on the forum. Now, though we have some time, my most recent efforts have been directed towards a reduction of "brain reading scans". Such technology does exist as described in the link below:

The paper used fMRI data to reconstruct images, such technology uses powerful magnets to align molecules within the blood, it may also be possible to reconstruct images using EEG:

EEG is an older technology than MRI and has less spatial resolution. Though, the specific form of the technology shown in the wikipedia article requires probes to touch the skin, it may be possible to obtain an EEG or EEG-like signal from an array of antennas. The reason is that the brain produces radio waves from DC to 100 Hz, these are extremely low frequency compared to AM (KiloHz), FM(MegaHz), Cell Phone (GigaHz).

The reason why I focus on EEG is that it is passive, meaning the brain generates the radio waves and all that one needs is an array of antennas and probably much processing (DSP) to detect and make use of them, which can be easily hidden. Other thought reconstruction techniques may require large magnetic fields and large equipment, which is easily detectable.

So the question may arise, how can we stop such signals from our brains to the antennas?

This is related to the "tin foil hat" phenomena:

Though the concept of a metal "blocking" radio frequencies, is not incorrect, more thought is needed to make it truly functional. Also, there are clearly some issues regarding style and subtlety. First, we need to be more specific, very rarely does the strength of an EM field go from something to nothing, what is more common is an EM field weakening or attenuating as it passes through materials. Since there are different levels of attenuation, we may ask, how do we quantify this?

The amount of attenuation depends on the type of material, thickness of the material, and the frequency of the EM wave. In order to be completely specific we must refer to some textbooks. One of the most well known textbooks in Electromagnetism is:

Classical Electrodynamics by John David Jackson

Reading the reviews, the book is both famous and infamous, it is widely used throughout the United States in graduate physics programs from MIT to UC Berkeley. It is famous for both for it's depth and breadth of material in electromagnetism and it is infamous for the difficulty of its homework problems. What concerns us is a description of fields at the surface and within a conductor. In the 3rd edition of "Jackson" page 354, eqns 8.8 - 8.10 we find a series of equations that describe the behavior of an EM field within a conductor. What concerns us is the skin depth:

If we look at the most widely used form:

One can see that the skin depth depends on the type of material and the frequency, take note of aluminum, the skin depth of aluminum for frequencies 0-100 Hz is 100 mm that is 10 cm of material, so we see that a tin foil cap would have attenuated the desired frequencies very little. In order to significantly attenuate frequencies of 0-100 Hz we would look for a metal that has the lowest resistivity and the highest relative permeability. There are several choices, 1+mm of Mu Metal, 2+mm of Electrical Steel aka transformer steel,1+cm of steel 410, etc. Strangely enough steel 410 is sometimes used to make salad or mixing bowls, so stacking a series of salad bowls would work. It may also help if the metal is grounded. It also helps if the mu metal isn't bent too much as it loses some of it's ability to significantly reduce low frequency signals.

Even if we make a hat of 1+mm of mumetal we would still have problems. Since low frequency waves have such large skin depths for most materials, it may be reasonable to conclude that it may be possible to pick up EEG signals from any portion of the head and body. Simply covering the top of one's head with a mu metal helmet may not shield the signals emitted from the face, eyes, the lower rear of one's head, and possibly the rest of one's body. In this case one one have to wear something akin to a suit or armor like the knights of old, in that case it is best simply to construct an enclosure, like a room.

In public though a hat or cap made of 1+mm mumetal may be sufficient, wearing exposed aluminum or mumetal on the head is not recommended, it draws negative attention, and with enough snarky comments eventually the person will stop wearing it. It has to be done subtly and with style, a little pizzazz may help.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by deloprator20000

Well folks this is as far as I go, the powers that be have been getting way too close for comfort, as in insinuating that bad stuff would happen to me if I don't stop research into ET's and UFOs.

All I have to say is that there are certain countries and government agencies that have incredible powers to control nearly everything and everyone, including the congress, senate, local police, local TV, school instructors, everyone you know, civilian research scientists around the world, university admission boards, aircraft pilots, the movie and music industry etc.

There is a country in the middle that east starts with the letter "i" ends with the letter "L" 6 letters long that has incredible influence over the world and on ET disclosure, the B_itish are involved in this too, oh and a certain region of the United States that likes (or at least used to like) to fly a flag similar to the British Flag, they too somehow got involved in all this baloney.

Not only do they and certain government agencies control how UFOs and ETs are viewed and researched, they also control civilian government scientists, directing and guiding research scientists into certain areas and dissuading them from researching other areas, and worst of all employing highly advanced brain scanning technology to "extract" thoughts from researchers minds to give to other scientists. It has less to do with cheating as it has to do with some strange odd notion of economic/scientific equality, paying off America's debt, and transferring economic/military/scientific power from the U.S. to Certain countries on the Asian continent. We have to prepare for the U.S. to be a 3rd or 4th rate nation from here on out. Anyhow, It has the effect of stifling mastery of any significant, advanced scientific theory, stifling creative thought, stifling thought in general.

I would dissuade anyone from researching UFOs or ET's, because all of the aforementioned forces tend to "go wild" anytime someone even puts the letters U, F, and O together. It's been a good run, we have made some tremendous progress (as far as the powers that be will allow), we can't win them all. I wish all of you the best.

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posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 11:20 PM
It has been a long while since I last posted here on ATS. My primary focus for the last couple of months has been how to counteract the secret government, multi nationals, military industrial complex, and/or banker's ability to monitor my thoughts via radio waves emitted from my brain.

The reason why it has become the focus of my efforts is that it has the effect of stifling all serious thought, since any idea they think they can market and sell is stolen and sold/offered to others in lieu of favors. One becomes afraid to think, since you can never know which thoughts they may find offensive and hence lead to reprimands by giving your ideas to others. The only ideas they are unable or unwilling to steal are those which eliminate or reduce their ability to monitor your thoughts, hence those are the ideas I have been working on for the most part.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that Mu-Metal had, in principle, the properties to attenuate low frequency radio waves. So I bought some thin sheets of Mu-Metal cut them into strips and then placed them in a cap, I placed enough of them so that I had 1.5 mm of Mu-Metal covering my cranium. This worked for a little while, I did notice a marked decrease in "their" ability to monitor my thoughts. After about a week though, they once again were able to monitor my thoughts. So I wondered what went wrong, the skin depth equation was correct, the metal had the properties to attenuate low frequency radio waves, so what did I miss?

It was a combination of factors, among them was a probable increase in the density and type of sensors in the neighborhood, the variability of the properties of Mu-Metal, and the realization that the body (not just the brain) emits both low and high frequency radio waves (in the Mhz+ range).

Some of the factors that affect the performance of Mu-Meta are shape, temperature, and most importantly the strength of the applied magnetic fields. A large magnetic permeability is critical in the attenuation of low frequency radio waves, the problem was that the magnetic permeability of Mu-Metal only reaches it's maximum value at sufficiently strong applied magnetic field, the magnetic fields from the brain are so weak that the magnetic permeability of Mu-Metal is low, hence reducing it's ability to significantly attenuate low frequency radio waves. Attenuating high frequency (Mhz+) radio waves is not difficult, the skin depths are small since the wavelengths are small, so all that is required is a thick fabric like metallic material made of woven copper. It may be possible to apply higher powered magnetic fields to the Mu-Metal, thereby raising it's magnetic permeability and hence allowing it to attenuate low powered magnetic fields emitted by the brain. - I haven't tested it.

So I searched for a new material that could significantly attenuate low power, low frequency radio waves, and I finally found it, it is one of the most common metals in the crust of the earth, IRON. What lead me to iron was an inference, I found it strange that Iron was left off of a list of the magnetic permeability of different materials on Wikipedia. Also, I found that it was difficult to find any information on the magnetic permeability of Iron furthermore, I called several companies that sell metals and only 4 out of all the companies I called sold pure iron sheets, only 1 of them was in the U.S., I thought this may NOT be a coincidence. So I pulled out an Iron pot from my kitchen and put it over my head and it worked!

This worked far better than expected, it worked for a couple of weeks, and then it began again. By this time I thought it must be that my entire body is emitting low frequency radio waves, in order to attenuate these emissions I must build an IRON Room. Actually I found that most of the low frequency waves come from the cranium while high frequency waves come from the cranium, spinal cord, heart, and stomach (weird isn't it). So all that is really needed is 2.5 mm of Iron on the cranium (Iron attenuates both low and high frequencies) and a metallic fabric covering the torso. Just to be safe, I built an Iron room using 99.99% pure Iron, 2.5 mm thick and so far it works.

When I asked most metal companies about Iron they usually wanted to sell me "cold rolled" steel. Steel is basically Iron with impurities, mostly carbon, (up to 2%), yet the magnetic permeability of steel varies greatly depending on the amount of impurities and how it was produced, so it may no longer have the ability to significantly attenuate low frequency radio waves. So get Iron, 3 mm thick, the purer the better, preferably get iron sheets large enough to construct a room and then call a carpenter, they can build you the iron room in a couple of hours.

Here are some companies that sell pure (99.99%+) Iron sheets: (Make sure to get large iron sheets)

Pure Iron can be quite expensive and it is quite dense. A large sheet with dimensions of 1.2 m x 2 m x 2.5 mm weighs approx 100 lbs! The shipping costs can become significant. Another issue is to determine whether the material you bought is Iron rather than something else, just to make you aren't being decieved. Also, it is very important that the iron room be completely sealed with no cracks, otherwise the high frequency components can sneak past, be careful though because a person can suffocate if they stay too long inside the room.

I will keep everyone informed, just in case the powers that be develop some novel method of reading brain radio waves through the iron room.

The Iron room is a passive method of blocking their ability to read brain radio waves, next time I will detail my efforts to construct an active method to block their ability to read brain radio waves.

Please only use this information to protect ideas and enhance privacy, not for purposes that most people would consider negative.
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posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 02:11 AM
Now I will detail my efforts to construct an active countermeasure to the reception of signals from the central nervous system.

The problem with the iron room or in fact any effort to simply attenuate the signal is that, according to the analysis given by J.D. Jackson in his seminal work "Classcial Electrodynamics", the strength of the signals never go to zero no matter how thick the material. This implies that given a large enough antenna or array of antennas they can simply collect all the signals no matter how weak, average over a long period of time thereby reducing the ambient noise and be able to pick up your "signature" as they call it. Another method is that they could simply place "wearable" electronics on your clothing which you then take inside the room, or if you happen to have any electronics or lamps in the room, they could place sensors in those items and monitor you (they can monitor your electronics via the power lines as well)

So what is needed is an active countermeasure, this is accomplished by producing noise across a range of frequencies at power levels higher than emitted by your nervous system. Higher frequency components are easier to attenuate, so it may not be necessary to produce noise at Mhz+ range (not to mention it may interfere with some home electronics), but it is worth investigating. Anyway it is the lower frequencies that are the most difficult to attenuate, so lower frequency noise generation should be the focus.

So the goal is to generate "white noise":

From 0 - 100Hz+

Now what is needed is some way to transmit these frequencies, this can be accomplished by constructing several Helmholtz Coils:

One for each direction (east,west,north,south, up, and down)

So how does one generate white noise, there are several circuit designs on the internet:

White Noise Circuit Designs

But, if you want a piece of hardware that is built to specifically generate white noise you can buy some on ebay:

General Radio White Noise Generator

They are a little older, but they work quite well, and since the 1390-B model is based on Tube technology it is difficult for the "secret government" to sneak in some nasty piece of hardware to render the signals no longer random.

In any case you can connect the white noise generators directly to the helmholtz coils, though the noise generator may not produce enough power to produce a strong enough magnetic field in the Helmholtz coils to jam their recpetion. Also, the Helmholtz coils have a frequency response, they behave like very large coil inductors and if placed near each other have mutal inductance which further alters the frequency response. So what may be needed are filters and impedance matching circuits so that the output will be the same over the frequency range of interest. Then finally what is needed is a power amplifier to drive the coils so that they can produce a strong enough E&M field over the the frequency range of interest so that it can jam their reception.

There are many research papers online that detail the construction of a Helmholtz coil and papers that analyze the frequency response of the Helmholtz coil. Now as for the filters and impedance matching that requires some RF engineering and simulation, in fact it may not be a bad idea to simulate the coils completely in software to determine the strength of the E&M fields as a function of frequency.

The Helmholtz coils generate magnetic fields that can jam their reception of magnetic fields, but what is also needed is a way to convert electrical currents into electrical waves, this is accomplished by building an antenna:

This may require substantial engineering since the wavelengths we are trying to jam are very large. Though, if the nervous system can generate low frequency signals that can be detected, then it shouldn't take much to construct a similar system that radiates in roughly the same manner and is around the same size. I'll read up in J.D. Jackson's book see what he says.

I will keep everyone informed.

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 07:33 PM
Hey everyone, I have more information to help you circumvent the arbitrary and unjustified use of surveillance on innocent people, with no intentions to harm anyone.

First, the Iron Room. A room with 99.999%+ Iron walls, 3mm+ thick, does work, even without additional jamming technologies. I noticed that some drawings, in the form of smudges on the "thin film" of oxidation atop the iron surface appeared. Apparently someone got access to the Iron room when I wasn't home. Second, I brought in a laptop into the room and connected it to an extension cord. Finally, it was discovered that "they" may use regular cell phone frequencies to transmit sensor data to whoever is monitoring.

First, it appears as if they have developed sensor technology (cameras, microphones, radio antennas, storage devices, etc.) so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Also, it appears, these sensors can be attached to any surface and transmit through barriers, like walls. So I thought, what if they attached very small sensors to the walls, if they are that small then it could be easy to break and/or remove using the very simple technology of "sand paper". So I bought an electric sander and some 40 grit sand paper wheels and sanded down the walls, both inside and outside, afterwards they were no longer able to monitor thoughts while inside the Iron room. The curious smudges is what gave it away.

Second, it appears as if any laptop no matter how old, can be modified to monitor your activities and transmit them through the power lines AND/OR transmit them using radio waves. I noticed this when I was using the laptop inside the room, they were able to monitor my activities on the laptop even though it does not "officially" have any built-in WiFi hardware. Once I removed the laptop from the room (an old Inspirion 1100) they could no longer monitor what was going inside.

Third, one question that i haven't thought about until now is, how do "they" get the data from the sensors to whoever is monitoring? They could use wires, though it would be too inconvenient and troublesome, so most likely they use some type of radio signal (they could also use optical signals). Funny thing, I stumbled upon this almost at a whim. I had an old cell phone signal jamming device I bought a couple of years ago and I decided to try it out, it had an effect on their ability to transmit sensor data to their receivers. I thought they were using some very exotic, jam resistant, spread spectrum, frequency hopping, fractal based, radio or optical transmission scheme, but no, just regular cell phone frequencies. They may change the transmission scheme quite easily, though.

Hopefully people find this information helpful.

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posted on Apr, 4 2014 @ 09:26 PM
Hello everyone, we are making progress towards attenuating whatever entity is responsible for the highly invasive monitoring of thoughts. I just found a website that addresses this very issue of monitoring thoughts from what appears to be an engineering perspective:

The person cites research articles and possible technologies that may be used to monitor people's thoughts. Most importantly are that both EEG and MEG can be used to monitor thoughts. Also, it appears as if MEGs are more useful than EEG. Many important aspects of thought monitoring are covered, except the origin of the EEG and MEG waves, which is still being researched.

Now if it is possible to recieve and "decode" brain waves, is it possible to transmit brain waves and somehow implant a thought in someone's brain. This is more difficult, if thoughts are simply the result of the interaction of EM fields, Quantum Mechanics, and the movement and interaction of molecules, then manipulating individual or even groups of molecules using a directed radio wave is going to be difficult, especially at the scale of the molecule. Though, it may be possible to trick the human nervous system into thinking that external EM waves in the nervous system is part of it's own signals.

Anyway, now that we have some idea of how thought monitoring may be done, we can use this information to block or attenuate their ability to monitor thoughts. If they are converting brain waves from ELF to Microwave, then we simply find the Microwave signal and jam the frequencies. They most likely have some control over these sensors remotely, this means that they most likely use radio waves to issue commands to the sensors, hence with a little research and experimentation we find the reception frequencies and jam those frequenices as well. We can use highly directive antennas and spectrum analyzers to locate the transmitters.

Many of these technologies require highly advanced, small sensors, in close proximity to our person. Hence, we can remove an inconspicous piece of sheet rock, metal, carpet, etc and inspect them for sensors, we can even look at our home electronics. Most of these sensors are too small to see with the naked eye, but they may be detectable with a common microscope. We can even use more advanced technologies to detect and locate these sensors, like electron scanning microscopes, STEM electron microscopes, Atomic force microscopy, LEEM, RHEED, and everything else in the arsenal of surface science. It may be possible to remove or damage these sensors using the proper techniques, like chemical baths, exposure to extreme temperatures, or simply replacing the sheetrock, carpet, and/or metal, etc.

Now, these are simply stop-gap measures, for they can develop new sensors that use different frequencies or simply circumvent Radio waves altogether, using optical transmission. What I am looking to develop is a technology that will jam brain signals at the source, starting with the human nervous system. If we can map out any and all Radio emissions from the human body, everything from frequencies, bandwidths, power levels, modulation schemes, radiation patterns, emssion locations, then we can get to work to jamming all the radio emission from the human body. Furthermore, since the human body signal attributes cannot be changed, once these signals are effectively jammed, it will be nearly impossible to circumvent.

As a side note, skizit, mentioned that it is possible to "see" through walls using a radar type device, well to every technology there is a counter-technology. If they can see through walls using radar, we can develop a wall radar jamming device. If they can monitor thoughts using sensors, we can develop a thought monitoring jamming device, if they can implant small NMR devices in the body, we can develop a small in body NMR jamming device. Since we all use the same laws of physics, we can always develop a counter technology.
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posted on Apr, 12 2014 @ 03:20 PM
I would have to say that the Cell phone jammers do a decent job of impairing their ability to transmit "thought data" from their sensors. I recently bought a higher power multi-band cell phone jammer that operates on 110V AC, this way I can jam all cell signals throughout my house 24 hrs a day. Though, I had to buy attenuators for the Cell Phone jammer, because the signal radius was 40 meters and I began to hear my neighbors complaining about the loss of cell phone signal. I have now fine tuned the signal radius so it extends more or less around my house. Since brain radio emission sensors are everywhere, I also bought a high powered multi-band portable cell phone jammer.

Both the whole house and portable cell jammers jam all U.S. Cell phone frequencies:

4G (LTE): 725-785MHZ
4G (Wimax): 2300-2410MHZ

Now it also appears as if these sensors can transmit in a range of frequencies, because once I jammed all cell phone signals I still noticed they were able to transmit. So I thought they might be using the WiFi signal from the router, so I turned that off as well and so far it has worked quite well. The portable cell phone jammer can also jam WiFi signals in a certain radius.

After all this I noticed they were still able to send thought data, but only when I am in certain rooms or close to certain electronic devices. Some of these devices were not connected to the internet via ethernet, Wifi, or cell phone signal, so how could they still communicate? One such way is through power lines, the power transmission network is one of the oldest networks in the U.S. capable of sending data and (unlike telephone lines) nearly all electronic devices in our homes are connected to it. Once I unplugged these devices their ability to monitor thoughts was significantly degraded.

So far about 7 electronic devices have shown themselves to have thought sensors built in:

1. HP laptop
2. Dell laptop
3. Compaq laptop
4. Apple TV
5. Ipod
6. XtremeMac Ipod docking station and radio.
7. Samsung Blu-ray player (uncertain)

Now I am only speculating that they communicate via power lines, they could be communicating at frequencies outside the cell jamming bands or Wifi, but it seems that communication via power lines is also viable option.

To find most viable transmission frequencies I bought a used HP181T / 8559A spectrum analyzer. It has a range of 10Mhz - 21 Ghz. There are other such Spectrum analyzers for sale on ebay,

RF Spectrum Analyzers

they too may help you find the broadcast frequencies and/or locate the sensors. There are lower cost spectrum analyzers that can interface directly with your computer, BUT the reason I chose HP is because they are what is used in the industry, they are very well built, well engineered, and in essence I trust this equipment.

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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 09:41 PM
Now that we can control, more or less the privacy of our own thoughts, we can now turn to rational, logical thought and solving major problems.

It has been rumored that the U.S. and other governments actively engage in weather modification. One of the projects that many in the alternative media associate with weather modification is HAARP.


This is accomplished by heating the ionosphere and pushing it above it's normal height, thereby disrupting air flows and thereby modifying the weather. Though official sources may state that HAARP is not intended to modify the weather, lifting the ionosphere, even if it is very small, may have some effect on the weather. This is so because weather is a chaotic system, so disrupting even a small part may have some effect.

Even if HAARP is NOT intended to or does not manipulate weather, this raises an interesting concept, how could we control or at least "influence" the weather to our advantage? Would it be possible to construct weather control zones, large areas of land constructed specifically to channel winds, store moisture, reflect or absorb sunlight, etc. We can then model it's effects on the weather above. Would it be possible to store energy in the earth's ionosphere, like a capacitor, and to input energy at the correct resonant frequency, then somehow use this energy to modify weather? It is often been quoted that the weather patterns have too much energy to control, there should be a caveat, there is too much energy to control directly. So we should look for indirect controls, meaning, instead of controlling a fully formed hurricane, instead control how, where, and when it is formed. Instead of controlling the end product, control how the product is formed. Also what may be needed are micro-weather structures that are easy to control, that can be used to build or influence macro-weather structures, analogous to electrical or mechanical components.

Here is an interesting possbility, cover 100,000+ square miles of Southwest desert with solar panels. This will provide energy to meet ALL of US energy demands. Now, to keep the skies above the solar panels more or less sunny, we use HAARP and other weather modification schemes, the end result is that the U.S. will be completely energy independent
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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 09:56 PM
Here is even more about the solar panel Mega Array:

The strange thing about some alternative sources of energy is that many of them still require oil products to operate the machinery that extracts the resources from the ground and to transport the resource across the country and the world. Isn't is strange, that producing electricity or running machinery on alternative energy still requires an oil infrastructure?

This won't change unless there is a sufficiently developed non-oil infrastructure and there may not be
enough of the resource or the production rates of the resource are such that it may not be possible to change the infrastructure in a significant way. This is a problem with nearly all forms of alternative energy, very often the resource is consumed at places other than where they are produced, which usually means that oil may have to be used to transport it.

There is a form of alternative energy that, once it is built, will not require oil to produce OR to transport and that it solar energy. Though critics may scoff at the low power density, solar energy does have some advantages:

1. As long as the sky is clear and the sun is shining, the power is "right there" all one needs is to
collect it, no machinery is required to "produce" solarpower, no oil necessary.

2. Once the energy is collected it can be distributed via electrical transmission lines, no oil

3. What solar power lacks in power density it makes up for in sheer size. Each square meter of surface on earth receives approximately 1000 Watts of solar energy, let's assume that solar panels are only 20% efficient so each square meter produces 200 Watts. Just as an example let's take Arizona and New Mexico, the deserts in those states cover approximately 100,000+ square miles, this is about 2.58999e11 square meters, so multiply 200 Watts/sq meter x 2.58e11 sq meters = 5.17e13 Watts!! The U.S. consumes 9.06e19 joules of energy per year, 5.17e13 watts x 3.15e7 seconds / year = 1.63e21 joules, divide by 2 to take into account night time, we get 8.17e20 joules. So we see that by covering 100,000 square miles with solar panels will produce more energy in one year than the U.S. consumes in one year. We can cover far more areas of desert, just ensure that power will not be disrupted due to weather. Once it is built, it will not need oil to produce or transport the energy.

4. No new exotic technology or technological breakthroughs are needed to build the mega array, this array can be built with conventional and currently available technology. Though, in order for solar power to supply all of the U.S. energy needs, it will require a significant upgrade of the electrical infrastructure. Another issue may be power storage for use at night. This may be addressed by using
the energy surplus, produced during the day, to split hydrogen from oxygen in electrolysis which can then be used to power the country at night. Water to hydrogen electrolysis is about 80-90% efficient, while converting hydrogen to electricity, using fuel cells, is about 83% (max) efficient. So assuming 85% water to hydrogen and 78% hydrogen to electricity we have 66% efficiency. So 8.17e20 * .663 = 5.41e20 still enough energy to power the entire united states. The Great Basin desert is also over 100,000+ sq miles, this desert could be used to produce electrical power which is then stored for use at night. The energy could be produced in the deserts while the hydrogen storage/production facilities could be located near the coasts, close to large bodies of water. Otherwise more conventional sources of electrical power may be needed until a desirable power storage is found. There will be a tipping point, where enough solar power will be produced and the electrical infrastructure will be sufficiently developed where it will be possible to produce and transport solar panels, and related equipment using strictly solar power. About the only piece of exotic technology that may have to be used is weather control tech, which does exist and does work. HAARP like systems may have to built around the mega-arrays to ensure a certain minimum level of clear skies.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 09:52 PM
Hello everyone, some of you may have heard/seen/read that the FCC is planning to modify it's legislation in regards to net neutrality:

FCC Planning New Net Neutrality Rules

Much of the new legislation would strike down the requirements that ISPs provide equal access, meaning, allow it's bandwidth to be used without preference to any website. If the FCC would proceed with their planned revisions, it would be a terrible blow to forums and websites like ours, the presentation of such controversial matter would surely bring about limited access to the world at large. So please, help fight against the FCCs new net neutrality legislation and help keep all information on the internet equally accessible to everyone:

posted on Apr, 25 2014 @ 11:39 PM
Most of us, by now know the power that the secret government, cabal, infinity, Nirvana whatever name they want to be called, wield. They have the ability to read thoughts at a distance, they have a large army of spies/actors, they can make or break world leaders, and Yes they can see into the future.

If they have this much control over people and events currently, chances are they had similar control in the past. I have detailed in previous posts that they most likely had the ability to see into the future since the late 40's!! Einstein may have actually been successful in unifying General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics!! Much of Al Bielek's story has come true!!

Anyway, this means they most likely had foreknowledge of the 2008 economic collapse, and the power to avert it. So why did they let it occur?

Could it be they foresaw that the combination of advanced technology available to the general public and progress in ET research could lead to individuals literally meeting with ETs on their own? So to avert this they decided on two things:

1. Start phony baloney wars in the middle east so that the American public would be willing to accept massive and intrusive surveillance which they could use for blackmail purposes. This would slowly morph from protecting us from "terrorists" to making sure we don't meet with ETs.

2. In order for the public to go along with this surveillance they cooked up and or led people down the road of massive debt and job loss. This way they could employ regular people as spies and/or offer debt amelioration in exchange for spying on neighbors. With the mass surveillance they can ensure they don't "break character".

3. Since the public is in such massive debt, the legislature really no longer listens to us, rather they do the bidding of the cabal, so we can't appeal to the government either.

They have got us good.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 12:04 AM
Oh when I said "they can make or break world leaders" this includes U.S. presidents as well, there are two presidents that come to mind, clearly JFK and surprise, surprise Richard Nixon.

This is pure speculation, I have nothing to support my theory, but here it goes:

There are a myriad of explanations and reasons why JFK may have take a couple of slugs, which in some cases are quite convincing. But Richard Nixon?

Let me explain, it is well known in the UFO circles that Jackie Gleason was an avid UFO buff and it may be likely that Richard Nixon took him to an ET morgue:

Jackie's Trip to Alien Morgue

Anyway, here is what I think happened. The cabal responsible for keeping ETs secret, whoever this is, most likely found out that a president gave a civilian (Jack Gleason) very secret knowledge about ETs. So in order to "punish" Nixon and embroil his presidency in a crisis, they may have suggested Daniel Ellsberg leak the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. It is well known that the New York Times is heavily influenced by the CIA and other agencies, so I thought, why would the NYT willingly publish these documents, unless their handlers had a reason. This eventually led to the Watergate scandal and to Nixon's impeachment.

It looks like their plans worked perfectly.

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 01:59 PM
Now that most of us have in one way or another seen some evidence for the existence of a small group of people who run or influence the world, the next question is who? I believe that Jim Marrs makes a good argument in this respect:

Rule By Secrecy

The problem with such groups is that they take it upon themselves to unilaterally and arbitrarily (at least to the general public) make decisions that affect the whole world.

Common justifications are, the general public isn't capable of making such decisions, "they couldn't decide how to get out of a wet paper sack". How do they know that? Are they any better? They sometimes make the comment that if the decision making processes were up to us, well the world would go to "hell in a handbasket" Yet, if they have guiding the world for a long while, then how can we compare? With no experience of a pure democratic republic, without outside covert influence, then they have no justification for that comment.

They sometimes imply that our thought processes are like those of children. Also like children we are told and must believe unquestioningly, stories or fairy tales about religion, world events, world leaders, science, technology, government and how the world supposedly works. This argument has a several effects, one is to undermine the general public's ability to understand and question world events (in other words to think as an adult), the other (paradoxically) is to inculcate a childlike view of the world (to think as a child). By criticizing our ability to ask questions, rationalize ideas, to determine the causes and effects of an event, and to propose rational and cost effective solutions to problems, they are in effect guiding people towards a childlike view of the world.

If they are so willing to guide or "run" the world, then shouldn't the public hold them accountable when they make a mistake? If they guide our lives then should we blame them when we meet with unfortunate circumstances? This is exactly the problem with these groups, they never admit big mistakes (little ones yes like picking out the wrong tie or something), in fact they have the influence to simply cover up mistakes. It is one thing for an individual to be free of undue influence, it is quite another for a well-financed cabal.

Finally this "cabal" group, whoever, has had the ability to read thoughts for a while. I am not certain, but it may go back as far as the 60's or 70's. Also, it appears that they have been "sharing" or as I like to put it "stealing" ideas from researchers for at least that long. So, this brings up a question, IF they have been appropriating ideas from one scientist to give to another since the 60s, then how certain can we be, that the people who received credit, prizes, awards, etc. for major scientific discoveries or advances did so because of their own efforts or because they were given ideas from another person? This casts doubt on every major scientific, technological, and literary award given since the 60s? Will we have to go back and erase the names on these awards? (I guess I'm thinking like a little baby now)

posted on Apr, 30 2014 @ 01:33 PM
There is a good thread on the possible fate of net neutrality:

Net Neutrality

Please help spread the word, with a little effort, we can defend and possibly make net neutrality permanent.

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