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Ancient Aliens Testable Predictions

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posted on Apr, 12 2017 @ 11:24 AM
a reply to: oldcarpy

I'm as clean as a baby's rear end, drug free baby!

I am simply searching for the truth, when it comes to UFOs, our government, organized stalking, cancer cures, basically everything, I want to search for the truth regarding everything!!

posted on Apr, 12 2017 @ 12:02 PM
In regards to the theory, I made a mistake, the chemical is produced in the pancreas, not the spleen. Also B-17 is the next level of cancer protection after Trypsin.

Still, though we are on the verge of one of the greatest cures in human history.

posted on Apr, 14 2017 @ 02:21 PM
Looks like the world is getting "watered down", watered down politics, watered down science, watered down research, watered down truth, watered down activists, watered down "hipsters" or whatever, etc.

The only thing that isn't watered down is the power elite's control, that's distilled, unaltered.
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posted on Apr, 16 2017 @ 06:31 PM
a reply to: deloprator20000

I have been a big fan of Ancient Aliens theories for a long time.
I feel convinced by the evidence.

posted on May, 1 2017 @ 07:22 PM
I was on youtube listening to some audiobooks, like the Iliad and the Odyssey in hopes of listening to them so that I may broadcast them over my Low Power FM station, when I ran across an AudioBook Version of Mein Kampf:

I was thinking Hitler and the Nazi's most likely had no connections to the Establishment, in other words, there is no way he and the other Nazi's could have access to what I am saying, doing, or thinking in the privacy of my own residence in 2017!!

As a refresher, ever since about 2008, I have been a Targeted Individual. As a targeted individual, I am (and many others) are subject to nearly constant harassment, noise harassment, street theater, helicopter harassment, and remote neural monitoring. Every T.I. experiences nearly the same types of harassment, with some minor differences. In my case I see that major figures in the media, like famous personalities, actors, musicians, scientists, news casters, radio talk show hosts, make references to what I am saying, doing, or thinking in the privacy of my residence.

This occurs even if the recordings were made in the distant past, I could be watching a movie from the 50s and they would make references, I could read a book from the 40s once again references, I could even be reading a book with material over 1000 years old like Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and even he, would make references to what I was doing, saying or thinking in my home in 2017!!! Same goes for the Iliad, I was thinking, you've got to be kidding me, you're telling me that whoever composed the Iliad had contact with beings that could see forward in time?

This implies that all of these important historical figures, can see what we are posting or watching online, just imagine Marcus Aurelius and Homer (the Greek Homer), or Hitler posting on the internet?? That's wild.

So when I was listening to Mein Kampf even Hitler made specific repeated reference to what I was saying, doing, or thinking in the privacy of my own residence. This means even Hitler was part of the system, he played a role for some purpose.

After seeing just how far back this Chronovision goes, at some point I became convinced that we may not be dealing with just regular human beings, if this manipulation goes back as far as 1000 or more years into the past we may be dealing with advanced humans, extra terrestrials, or a mixture of the two, who are guiding human history for some purpose.
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posted on May, 1 2017 @ 07:26 PM
a reply to: AgathaLorentz

Thanks for your post, I appreciate your support. It has been a long time since anyone has said words of encouragement.

posted on May, 3 2017 @ 09:24 AM
I am considering testing Chronovision using writings from non-Western sources, for example reading the writing of well known leaders and generals from China, India, The Middle East, and Native America.

Also, I may be able to test Chronovision in a manner that is demonstrable to other people. For example I could wear spyglasses and watch a TV show that is being broadcast for the first time and that was not available online before that time. Then I could correlate what I am saying, doing, or thinking in the process of my own residence with what is said or done in the TV show.

I believe it was Richard Dolan and other UFO researchers who put forth the idea of a breakaway civilization who has access to technology that may be 100 or 1000 years more advanced. If these UFO and Aliens have been visiting earth for millions of years then it would be possible for humans, in the distant past, to have had contact with these beings and to then have access to technology that is 1000's more advanced. So it could be that these humans like the Greek Homer, like Marcus Aurelius to have been in contact with these aliens and to have access to technology that could see into the future.

Wouldn't it be interest if it was some person's job to live in the past and run an empire. They would be raised in our modern or future time and yet travel back in time to be the emperor of some region, that is wild. They would make history, they would be major figures in the past.
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posted on May, 18 2017 @ 03:34 PM
If the large mainstream media channels are, for the most part, owned by large corporate and financial interests and these large corporate and financial interests also "own" much of the government and the main concern of these interests is control of ideas, concepts, world events, politics, populations, etc, then do we really believe that they would let just anyone appear in their media?

I believe John Judge said something that is very true "if you have heard of someone, it usually means they're no good" and from I have experienced in the last couple of years, I find that to be very true.

The reason why is that before the proliferation of the Internet, most information flowed in one direction from the media to the population. From a few radio and television broadcast towers to millions of radio and TV sets, from a few news papers publishers to millions of readers, from a few news gathering organizations to the network and then to the millions if not billions of people around the world. So the few corporations and/or financial interests that own these news gathering organization can manipulate, guide, and control the public simply by controlling or more accurately framing, in the appropriate manner, all the news, entertainment, and education released to the public.

This implies that they must have some type of control of any idea, any concept, any movement, any person that is given significant exposure on their channels. This also implies that any person who is given significant exposure on their media channels most likely is under the influence or control of some large interest, a secret society, an intelligence agency, a banking interest, a large corporation, etc. Much of the time this has proven true, for anyone who is given significant amounts of exposure in the mainstream media.

One such person that has been given significant amount of mainstream media attention, though often portrayed as an extremist is Louis Farrakhan:

Now why would I focus on such a figure, well he was given significant mainstream exposure in the mid 90s with the million man march:

To be allowed to rise to the position of influence that could organize approximately 800,000 people and to be given that much media exposure and to never be subject to intense harassment by the government or it's agencies, should tell us something.

It also appears as if there is an attempt by someone, some entity to try to ensure that certain people are not given credit for significant ideas or inventions, and/or their ideas are dismissed as being derivative. This was very common with women, African American men, and races in the U.S. and possibly around the world before the 1960s. Innovative ideas were downplayed and dismissed and in many cases these people were sabotaged to make, other people feel better about their lives, if you can believe that!!! Often members of the aforementioned communities were given exposure in the entertainment industry like music, theater, acting, movies, and even then it was all contingent on how certain people feel. Though entertainment is important, accomplishments in other fields are often seen to be more important or at least important in ways that confer a different more prestigious level of publicity.

It's all about how their feelings, so lets sabotage people, take their ideas and make myself feel good about stealing and denying people opportunities.

Well it looks as if this has come full circle, for it appears as if not only are my ideas stolen and given to people the power elite think deserve to be given public credit, most often white males (often a little hickish and believe in the ole 88), it also appears as if there is a contingent of African American people who also want to sabotage a person or people of a certain race, so that the general public will view this race as being on the same level as themselves. So, even though they are not given the ideas or cannot take credit for them, they rest assured that the another race is also not given credit.

This appears to be not only restricted to African Americans but also to people of different racial background around the world. Their reasoning is something like, if this race can't get their act together, what business do "they" have telling us what to do. So most governmental organizations opt to present a European person to tell other countries what to do, because other countries who have had a history of colonialism are used to having Europeans, mostly males, tell them what to do. They see a brown face and they get sharp pains down the left arm, sweats, heart palpitations, they get the taste of copper in their mouths, they reach for their prescriptions drugs, they immediately think, what does this person know, why don't they fix the problems in their own country, why don't you get a white guy who obviously knows what he is talking about.

So ideas are given to someone of a race that most people around the world would consider to be worthy of having the ideas and receiving credit for the ideas.
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posted on Jun, 19 2017 @ 04:04 PM
I have recently become cognizant of certain cultural trends in the U.S. that began around 2008. There has been a tendency for cultural trends to lean or go in the direction of the being more conservative, more religious, more, as is known in the U.S., Right Wing. Often this was not actively intended but, sometimes, it was advocated passively by suppressing dissent, suppressing what some may consider to be eccentric, or too creative, beyond the "mainstream".

It also appears as if certain forces, influential people, groups, corporations, entities first identified every way humans group themselves, whether it be racial, ethnic, national, political interests, technological interests, educational interests, scientific interest, any and every way people can group themselves.

It appears that once they identified a group they sought out the most conservative, the most intolerant, the most close minded, the most resentful, the most envious, the most jealous etc and gave them influence and control over the culture. They weren't chosen based on talent, or merit, or ability no it was politically motivated to push the world culture in the religious-conservative direction.

As such it created divisions among all these groups at all levels, most likely it was intentional, as a means to sabotage any group from acting in a coordinated fashion. So most public and visible groups are not mostly conservative, religious, and intolerant.

In my case, if I express an opinion that is critical of their policies or points out an contradiction, an error, something they overlooked all of sudden they strike back with the word "bean" or "coconut", that's all they can do. This happens most often in movies, some director who had his lips on someone's buttcheeks, comes out with a "bean" or "coconut" if I am critical of their movie. If they have to rely on insults to get good reviews, that means they don't have the talent and they should instead be picking up coffee for a most talented director.

As I have explained in previous posts, from my experience, it appears as if nearly all modern electronic devices can monitor what we are saying, doing, or even thinking! Not only that, it appears as if the surveillance system can set information back in time, so that when a movie or any other media affiliated with the system, has access to what people will say, do or think in the future.

Also look out for the word "Love" because the surveillance system often uses the word when they are stealing ideas or harassing a person. Either they have a very distorted notion of "Love" and/or their notion agrees with more traditional notion, yet they "Love" someone, some group, something, just not us.
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posted on Jun, 30 2017 @ 03:40 AM

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posted on Jun, 30 2017 @ 03:31 PM

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posted on Jun, 30 2017 @ 11:42 PM

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posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 09:13 PM
In the last month I set up a low power Television broadcast station in my residence. I connected the transmitter input to a roku box with Internet access. The Roku box has an application that allows the user to search and stream videos from youtube. Furthermore, the app has an "autoplay" feature that automatically chooses a video to play after another video has finished, so you can literally have 24 hours of automated video play.

I often think of a topic and then choose youtube videos accordingly, for example, one day I broadcast nothing but videos of Bob Lazar, then another day, videos of Al Bielek lectures and interviews, the next day it was 12 hours of geoengineering videos by Dane Wigington, the day after that it was 12 hours of 9/11 false flag videos, and so on.

One day I decided to have an entire day of videos that deal with reverse speech:

According to "mainstream" science Reverse Speech is seen as a pseudoscience:

Though, as many have experienced in the last 10 years, "mainstream" science itself has exhibited many traits in common with their notions of pseudoscience. This is especially noticeable when it comes to topics of importance to the power structure. So simply because a topic is labeled pseudoscience does not mean it is so.

There are ways to test Reverse Speech, one such way is to use double blind reversal search. A group of people trained in reverse speech are randomly selected, then they are all given the same audio clip to analyze. Then the results are compared, if indeed this is simply a case of pareidolia, and there is absolutely NO reverse speech other than random sounds which people think sounds like words, then each reverse speech analysis should should in essence be completely different from each other. If we get a large enough group or reverse speech analyzers, then the time at which samples are chosen should eventually fit a random distribution.

Though this isn't what happens.

Researchers could also choose an audio clip in which a monolingual person is speaking a language that is unknown to all the reverse speech analyzers chosen for the study. If indeed reverse speech is nothing but pareidolia, then the RS analyzers should find reversals.

Also, this doesn't happen.

Both of these results, though not conducted under strict double blind study and repeated sufficiently to ensure good statistics, do give some indication that there is something of value in reverse speech.

As such the following Reverse Speech video is interesting:

I ran across the following video of Reverse Speech from Pope Francis: (warning the reversals deal with topics of an adult nature)

I was surprised to say the least, one would think that a holy man at that level would have thoughts that were pure, that dealt only with the contemplation of God and what is good for all mankind. If indeed impure thoughts did arise that he would have such control that in such a public situation, his thoughts would be appropriate.

Unfortunately, as many of have seen in the last 10+ years, those near the top of the power hierarchy are often the most corrupt, most depraved, and most vicious. What is also surprising is that there were indications that Pope Francis may have "raped the other kid", could this be a reference to child abuse?

This is consistent with the indications that pedophilia is rampant throughout the power structure of the U.S. and the world, as the allegations of pizzagate have shown us. There have been few documentaries that dealt with this issue one such documentary is, Conspiracy of Silence:

The story described by the documentary wasn't limited to Nebraska, for even the FBI did not want to investigate and it was the accusers who were punished for speaking out!! Some of the accusers even mentioned that they took tours of the White House at midnight.

There is another documentary that also deals with the topic of child abuse among the elites and that is "Boys for Sale":

One of the researchers in the documentary "Tom Philpott" makes it a point to mention that most if not all of those who participate in this practice are often high level businessmen, managers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, basically those above a certain level of responsibility and with public visibility.

The Pope is certainly someone with a very high level of responsibility, public visibility, and power, so it isn't too difficult to imagine that he too may be involved with such practices.

There are other more recent revelations:

It is getting more and more difficult for such people to hide what they do in the dark and what we can see isn't simply unrestrained hedonism but rather it goes to the point of harming and possibly murdering children.

So in essence it becomes a crime.
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posted on Jul, 8 2017 @ 08:42 PM
Ever since the change from analog to digital Television took place in 2009, some VHF and UHF frequencies previously used for analog television transmission are largely empty:

This presents a unique opportunity for anyone who wishes to broadcast the real truth about batman, geoengineering, aliens, CIA drug Running, behind those who carried out the 9/11 attacks, conspiracies of all types, etc. Almost anything at all!!

If anyone or any "being" (aliens may be reading my posts) in Canada, U.S. or Latin America would like to set up their own Low Power TV station this is how you go about it:

First: Obtain an "agile modulator" specifically a Blonder-Tongue model AM60-550A, you can easily find them on Ebay for about $30:

Second: Most Blonder-Tongue agile modulators accept only analog video input, so you may need to obtain an HDMI to RCA or Super Video converter:

Third: Some Blonder-Tongue Agile Modulators are able to accept inputs from RCA video+audio inputs others needs an NTSC RF signal broadcasting at some channel. So you may need to get a an RF modulator, the RadioShack 15-2526 RF Modulator is quite good and accepts an S-video input:

You may to get an S-video cable to connect the HDMI converter to the RF modulator. Also, don't forget that the S-video cable only carries the video signal, so you also need to connect the RCA audio output from the HDMI converter to the RF modulator as well. Get several RG-6 coaxial cables to connect the RF to the Blonder-Tongue and the Blonder-Tongue to the Antenna:

Fourth: Find an open NTSC broadcast frequency. If you are going to broadcast in the U.S. you can visit the FCC TV Channel Query site:

Scroll down to where the webpage reads:

Record Types:

Facility ID Number:

Facility ID number must be exact.

Antenna Structure Registration Number (ASRN):

7 digit ASRN number must be exact

Output -- Select TV Query or TV List
TV Query provides detailed information about individual stations
TV List options provide faster response for larger inquiries.
Text options provide output that can be saved
and imported into other programs like spreadsheets.
Data arrangement for Text file outputs

Choose: TV Short List (easiest printed, fastest)

Then type in the search radius, I usually type in 50km

Then type in the GPS coordinates of the location of your transmission antenna. You can obtain the GPS coordinates of an address at the following website:

Once you obtain the coordinates enter them into the FCC "center coordinates" box and press Results to this Page/Tab OR Results to Next Page/Tab.

This will provide a list of all TV stations registered with the FCC both analog and digital. Then look at the channel column. Any channel in the NTSC frequency plan that is missing from the column you can use. Also do a final check, get an analog capable TV attach an antenna and set it to your desired channel.

Fifth: Once you have found/chosen a broadcast frequency you must configure the Blonder-Tongue to transmit at your desired frequency and depending on your setup you may also have to configure the input frequency. On the front of the Blonger-Tongues there is a removable panel behind which is a set of DIP switches that configure the input and output frequency of the Blonder-Tongue. Inside the panel is a configuration table on a laminated piece of paper it looks like this:

Input Table:


Output Table:

Sixth: Now you need an antenna. You can make your own Antenna by cutting two pieces of wire to the appropriate length, like this:

You can also use the typical telescoping rabbit ears antenna, you simply need to set the angle between the antenna poles to 180 degrees. Here is the antenna that is preferable:

Depending on the antenna output you may need to get a Coax Matching Transformer 75 Ohms to 300 Ohms to be able to connect the antenna to the output of the Blonder Tongue.

And you may also need to get a female to female coax coupler:

Once you have everything connected you may wish to test the set up by connecting the HDMI converter to the output of a Blu-Ray or Internet Video Box like a Roku, Hi-Box or Apple TV. Then tune your analog capable TV to the broadcast channel, don't forget to get an antenna for your TV and determine if you can receive the broadcast.

The following website provides a good overview as to how to set up your own Low Power TV station:
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