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Ancient Aliens Testable Predictions

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posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 04:38 PM
As the last 8-16 have shown us, it appears as if the power elite manipulate most world events of any significance, their control even extends to small everyday things like the shirts people wear, when people rev their cars, honking horns to harass dissidents, etc.

It also appears that the power elite engage in ritual sacrifice, wars are started by, what is most likely false flag attacks, so as to kill people as a sacrifice, in return that part of the world will get influence over world culture, business, media, politics, energy, etc. Not to mention that they also seem to want to balance deaths. For every person that died in the middle east, American citizens would have to die here in the U.S. via Gangstalking, it like blood for blood.

Furthermore, it also appears that the more important the person who dies in a possible ritual sacrifice the more "average" people they get to kill. For example there is some evidence that Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed may have died as a sacrifice, in return the British Crown would get control over segments of the secret societies around the world and change the world culture, business, media, etc.

This cycle of sacrifice and control seems to have been going on for a long time. What if we apply this principle of ritual sacrifice to Jesus Christ? I don't necessarily believe he existed but, what if he was a hybrid, part human, part alien? Even if we take that he was the son of God seriously, and knowing what we know about the Old Testament "god", couldn't we interpret the crucifixion of Jesus as a sacrifice? Since, according to his believers, he was the son of "god", he was the most important being on earth. So if we mere mortal humans crucified Jesus, then wouldn't his death not only mean "god" would get to kill many humans he would get to kill many humans in the future?

Indeed, the death of Jesus, has resulted in nearly 2000 years of religous wars, inquisitions of all types, torture, and the extermination of entire cultures. Indeed "god" got his payback, on us.

posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 05:36 PM
I remember back in the late 90s early 2000s there was a widespread fascination with UFOs, Aliens, the paranormal. Then starting about 2011, when I started posting here on ATS, the organized stalking escalated. Nearly all the people I used to trust in the UFO field were found to be agents, and stalkers themselves, like Art Bell, his guests, and even his callers. It wasn't just Art Bell, at the time it seemed like EVERYONE was an agent, a spy, every talk show host, became a gangstalker, and nearly every caller to the talk shows also seemed to be an agent. I remember many people on the "old internet" turned against myself and others almost instantaneously indicating that they were agents all along. I remember how groups of people were shipped out of cities and moved into other cities.

This isn't the first time this has happened, in the early 50s when UFO sightings were widespread, "they" also began a campaign of organized stalking but, it was hidden behind the veil of routing out communists, then they had 20 years of supposed societal unrest, and then again in the 80s there was also hints of gangstalking, then the 90s and then again around 2008-2016. People are never supposed to talk about "the organized stalking system", instead they are to blame "society" and "human nature" for all our problems, when in reality, it the power elite that is the problem. People are given prescriptions to psychoactive drugs to cope with this system, all the time using depression as a cover.

The organized stalkers will be back in about 20 years, around 2036. The power elite will create or manipulate some world event to start "the conservative-religious cycle" again and once again they will harass Ufologists, eccentrics, artists, scientists, etc. They will spy on everyone and harass everyone and murder millions, they will use remote neural monitoring to steal your best ideas and give them hacks who work for the system and/or to police your thoughts. "They" view us as society's waste but, since they live breath, and think deception, in reality they are the waste.

So be careful, this period we are entering is just a cycle, and most people are simply playing a part, they are like actors. Don't trust anyone, especially those who came of age in 2000-2016.

I know the power elite can read this, and to them I say you aren't god or gods, I don't care how much money you have or how high up you are in your little secret societies, or if you are a Korean War Veteran fighting your way off of hold. All of your "powers" are purely technological, which means they can all be reverse engineered. Roar all you want but you are still little men and possibly little reptiles. Go lay an egg
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posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 01:05 PM
In regards to massive solar power, one the barriers to building a 40,000 square mile solar panel array in low population density, highly sunlit desert is cost and a complete transformation of the national energy infrastructure.

This can be mitigated by starting small, namely at the home. One of the problems I see with solar roofs is that for most home owners installing solar panels amounts to additional costs above the costs of mortgage and upkeep, furthermore it may entail substantial changes to the structure of the home, finally, it requires the owner to make the often substantial effort to install solar panels. In addition many solar panel installation companies have problems financing the solar installations, since they often have to loan money to the home owner.

To address these problems it will be far easier if homes are built with solar panels on the roof in the first place.

Here is an analogy to help clarify the issue. Just imagine buying a home that does not have any electrical wiring, no outlets, and no breaker box. There are power lines running close to your home and there are companies that can not only connect you to the power lines but, also wire your house. Just imagine wiring a house that is already completely built, for electricity -- it is quite an undertaking. The owner would have to pay for every piece of wire, every outlet, every breaker box, etc. The business would have to run wire inside of walls, possibly drill through wall supports, install at least one outlet in every room, it may require crawling in the attic, or in the crawlspace, it would require time and money.

Yet, since electrical wiring, outlet boxes, breaker boxes, etc are installed as the house is being built it is less expensive, easier, and efficient. The businesses that install the wiring are paid by the companies that construct the houses and/or the workers who help to the build the houses, also know how to install the wiring, so there are less problems in financing. Eventually all parties who helped construct the house are paid by a bank of some type who in turn is paid by the owner. The owner has to pay only one bill for the entire structure of the house, the mortgage, the price for wiring the house, for plumbing the house, etc is all included indirectly in that one mortgage payment.

The buyer does not have to make the effort to install the wiring, nor does the buyer have to incur additional expenses.

The lesson is that it would be less expensive, easier, and more efficient if solar panels, storage batteries, power control units, etc were installed as the house was being built. Since most houses are built as a part of a community of houses, all solar panels, batteries, power control units, etc would be bought in large quantities, thereby allowing the economy of scale to take effect and lower the price of each individual panel, battery, control unit, etc. It would even more efficient if all contractors or workers building the house also know how to install solar panels along with storage batteries, power control units, etc.

Solar panels on the roof should, one day, be seen as a necessity like electrical wiring or plumbing. Prospective buyers would assume the house has solar panels, just like prospective buyers of most homes assume it has electrical wiring and plumbing. There would be less problems in financing the solar panel installation, since all parties involved in building the house are paid by a bank, business, corporation, etc. Finally the cost of the solar panel installation would only result in an incremental increase in the mortgage payment, as opposed to being a completely separate loan. In this manner the home owner would have to only pay one bill, the mortgage which indirectly would pay for the solar panels.

Also solar panels do not have to be restricted to the roof, solar panels could and should also be installed on the outside vertical walls of the house, thereby making the entire exterior surface of the house into a solar collector.

In certain ares of the U.S. there would be sufficient energy generated during the day such that it would leave enough energy to meet all energy needs at night. Houses, in these areas, could store this additional energy in the form of hydrogen. Large hydrogen tanks could be built in the attic, basement, yard, etc along with a water splitting plant using municipal water. The water splitting system could be closed so that no additional costs are incurred from using municipal water supplies. Excess energy generated during the day could be stored as hydrogen for use at night.

In fact in these areas houses could be completely independent. Electricity would be provided by the sun, which could meet all energy needs if all the appliances in the house are electric. Even water could be supplied if the electrical energy is used to extract water from the air using an atmospheric water generator:

Since the electricity used to operate the atmospheric water generator comes from solar power it will have a smaller Carbon Footprint! Atmospheric water generators are available for purchase online:

AquaBoy Atmospheric Water Generator

Large water tanks could store water for use in water heaters. To make these atmospheric water generators as efficient as possible they could also be built into the house, so that air from the exterior or interior, of the house could be used to extract water. During times when the air exterior to the house is warmer, the AWG would use exterior air. When the air inside the house is warmer the AWG would use interior air, or it could use a mix of the two whatever results in the most amount of water for the least amount of energy used.

Home owners in these areas could live a comfortable life with a significantly smaller carbon footprint.
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posted on Dec, 1 2016 @ 01:37 PM
The efficiency of atmospheric water generators varies with several main factors, among them are the humidity in the air, the temperature of the air, possibly the air pressure, etc. According to the wikipedia article most AWG are not as efficient in extracting water when the air temperature falls below 18.3 Degrees C or 65 Degrees F and/or the relative humidity is below 30%.

This may present several difficulties in extracting water from the atmosphere. This issue could be mitigated by storing excess water generated by the AWG, in storage tanks for use when the atmospheric conditions are not conducive to efficient water extraction.

There is yet another approach to water generation and/or conservation. The basic idea is that, for the most part, the water we used is conserved. For example the water we drink is stored in our bodies, some of it evaporates from skin, and the excess is expelled as liquid and/or in solid waste. If we collected all the water expelled from our bodies, then we would not need water from outside sources, it would be a closed system. Energy would still have to used to clean the waste water and to reclaim the water from the air.

Hence, if we collected all the water a typical house uses, for example the water we use in our toilets, to take showers, to wash dishes, all the water expelled as liquid or in solid waste and all the water that evaporated from our skin we wouldn't have to generate any new water.

So, it would be more efficient if each home collected all waste water and broke down all solids in the waste water so there would no solids above a certain size. Afterwards, we could process the waste water in the water splitter used to store excess solar energy as hydrogen. When the hydrogen is then recombined with oxygen to produce electricity, the clean water produced could then be used in the home.

Since most homes are not hermetically sealed, it would be very difficult to reclaim all water that evaporates from our skin, not to mention that when we go outside our homes, we may expel water and water will evaporate from our skin in places were we cannot reclaim the water. So we may still need an Atmospheric water generator, though it would only need to produce much less water.

posted on Dec, 5 2016 @ 10:58 AM
It appears as Arizona's top utility regulator want's to raise the states renewable energy target by 30% by 2030:

Of course there would be disagreements, some think we should consider other alternatives like nuclear.

Nuclear could be an option, though it has it's drawbacks. The amount of solar energy that falls on the state of Arizona Alone could supply ALL the energy needs of the United States. In the city of Yuma Arizona it is said that the sun shines 90% of the daylight hours, possibly making it the sunniest place on earth! Though we should look at the data collected by the national climate data center in order to verify the accuracy of the statement:

(as a fun fact, Yuma High School is the proud home of the Criminals!)

Some may think there may not be enough to supply peak power, due variability of the weather but, if the solar panel array is made large enough, it could easily meet all demands even at peak.

Not to mention that there are new technologies available to alter local and national weather patterns, this technology is used everyday. This technology could be employed to slow down or alter peak demand.
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