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Ancient Aliens Testable Predictions

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posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 03:24 PM
There are very few female Ufologists and Conspiracy researchers out there though there is on female conspiracy researcher that more than makes up for it, some of you may have heard of her, her name is Mae Brussell:

From about 1971 to 1988 she made recordings, nearly every week, on many different conspiracies or possible conspiracies, here is link to nearly all of her recordings:

Early on she focused on the JFK assassination conspiracy and then she gradually evolved to cover all types of conspiracies, except for UFOs. She held the belief that nearly all UFOs were simply aircraft designed by the Nazis or governments around the world.

She recorded nearly 900 shows, on her own without sponsors or commercials!

We can learn much from Mae, especially how to do conspiracy research and what type conspiracies are out there and who may be behind them. Though sad to say even she is part of the system, she has made references that makes it clear she too may be a perp.

posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 09:06 PM
a reply to: deloprator20000

I would imagine all female UFogists are fertile.

I'm not on the ass list.
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posted on Jun, 25 2016 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: InTheLight

What is that supposed to mean?

I think we may have a "perp" on our hands. This must be you at your MOST Sadistic! Please stop torturing your neighbors! Let's stay away from remote neural monitoring and synthetic telepathy,....ok! Just remember what organized stalking has done to innocent people:

Breaking into private residences, drugging people, burning people with directed energy weapons, using remote neural monitoring, why do you keep on supporting such an evil system?

Oh that brings up a good point. It is very difficult to find pure Iron sheets in the U.S. I've asked several metal suppliers and they often offer cold rolled steel. In fact several online metal suppliers have tried to redefine Iron to mean cold rolled steel, so people who buy supposedly pure iron plates end up buying steel.

As some of us may know steel is basically Iron mixed with impurities mostly carbon. The level of impurities maybe at around 1-2% so out of every 100 atoms in steel about 1 or 2 will be carbon or some other element. This has a large effect on the resistivity and magnetic permeability. The end result being that you will need more steel plates to get the equivalent amount of shielding that you get from Pure Iron plates.

Remember steel, cold rolled or otherwise, is NOT PURE Iron.

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posted on Jun, 25 2016 @ 02:54 PM
I was listening to an interesting M.B. show

wherein the 2nd half she exposed the background of the William F. Buckley and the Buckley family.

One of the more well known conservatives in the U.S.

The Buckley family has ties to the CIA, Royal Dutch Shell, they were involved in setting up networks of secret armies and death squads, and even to the Nazis! ole Buck jr.'s father was involved in overthrowing governments to make them more amenable to the interests of U.S. corporations, as usual. You know how the story goes.

As some of you may know William F. Buckley always presented himself as a poised, well read, educated, sophisticated man with an affected upper class British Accent:

But this is what his family was in reality

posted on Jun, 25 2016 @ 04:43 PM
I vaguely remember posting this video a couple of years ago. It is a UFOTV production regarding anomalous objects that were often seen during shuttle missions:

Now, some of the objects could be simply mis-identified natural or man made objects but, some of videos do clearly show objects that do not behave as if under the influence of naturally occurring forces outside the atmosphere of earth nor do they even look or behave like publicly known man made objects in orbit around the earth.

What brought this video to my attention were the comments, note how most of the comments are negative and critical of the video, even the infamous Jim Oberg made several comments! All this despite the fact that the video author did a decent job of eliminating natural or man made objects in his video.

This led me to believe that because of the undue criticism and the decent job that the author did, this video might actually show anomalous objects worthy of attention.

I hear talk about NASA or whoever planning a mission to mars, they have been talking about this for the last 60 years with very little progress. Not to mention that, NASA has been caught altering images, I even posted some of the images a couple of years ago. As we have seen in the last decade the power elite are capable of almost anything to protect their interests and to most likely keep us from the real truth about ETs. Are we really to believe that NASA, a government agency, is somehow independent capable of pursuing the truth without undue influence?

I wouldn't put it past the power elite using advanced CGI and the like to simulate a nice little TV show called "mission to mars". If you want to go to mars, lets make it as open and accessible as possible? Nothing hidden, nothing held back, nothing censored, no tricks please!

That money would be better spent making the U.S. energy independent, and/or building the massive solar panel array. That is something they can't "simulate".
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posted on Jun, 26 2016 @ 09:31 AM
a reply to: deloprator20000

I apologize for the hit and run about Mae (something was not quite right there in my opinion, but that is neither here nor there now), but as you stated previously, and I reword it now - extraordinary claims require extraordinary measures.

Perhaps the gaining of proof lies within a technology we have yet to explore/invent for testable results.

The brain is an electrical device. As such it has a faint electromagnetic field and even emits very, very weakly in the radio part of the spectrum. Specifically, it contains a portion of an extra-low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field wave at frequency between 1 and 30 hertz. The heart and musculature also develop electromagnetic fields in the extra-low-frequency range. A more acute technology than our own might be able to mediate mental and physical functioning to a great degree by the use of sensitive ELF transmitters and receivers. It is more prosaic, perhaps, than the magic of extrasensory perception, but it has just enough plausibility to suggest that external control of the mind, and even the implantation of perceptions (hearing voices inside the head), is not beyond the realm of possibility.” “ I should add here that the earth itself generates a good deal of ELF in the 1 to 30 hertz range. Perhaps there are natural conditions that trigger a response in the brain which brings about what is essentially a psychological experience of a rare and powerful kind. Maybe we have a relationship with our own planet that we do not understand at all, and the old gods, the fairy, and the modern visitors are side effects of it. Admittedly, this idea is farfetched. But what of it? So are all the others.“

posted on Jun, 27 2016 @ 05:01 PM
a reply to: InTheLight

No problem, I understand what happened. Let's try to approach Mae Brussell's work with an open, yet critical, mind.

I currently have an interest in the Apollo 11 moon landing and how it may or may not have been hoaxed. Oddly enough I was watching a couple of videos on youtube regarding how some, if not most, reality shows are anything but real:

After watching these videos the youtube video recommendation algorithm made some interesting suggestions like:

(A documentary by the BBC nonetheless)


I thought it was odd that youtube would recommend such videos after watching several videos about supposed reality shows?

The reason I gave it a second thought is because, since I have been gangstalked, youtube would often make very "convenient" video recommendations not just based on what I was watching but, what I was thinking and doing in the privacy of my own home! So, sometimes, the youtube algorithm or whoever often tries to send messages to individuals through video recommendations, could this moon landing hoax video also be another message?

The BBC video was quite compelling and somewhat convincing.

1. TV networks were not allowed a direct feed of the alleged Live moon landing. They were only allowed to record from a projection screen at the NASA control center. If the original video quality allegedly from the moon was not of the highest quality, the quality was further reduced by recording it from a projection screen.

2. Neil Armstrong has never given an in depth interview about the moon landings to anyone, which in itself is odd.

By in depth, I would mean, more than a few minutes, say greater than 45 minutes.

3. There were only a few photographs taken on the moon:

4. Though they were able to take moon rovers, they somehow never thought of taking a telescope, of course specially designed to withstand the temperature, atmospheric, and other variations on the moon. If they would have taken a telescope they could have seen farther and clearer than anyone on earth could have, at the time.

5. Finally, the BBC, while searching for media from the Apollo 11 moon landings, received a very interesting video from NASA, dated July 18-20 1969. The crew of Apollo 11 is seen "staging" their mission to the moon. The footage is in color and they are heard talking with ground control and a "third" party, allegedly. Furthermore, they are seen manipulating the camera to make it appear as if they are farther from the earth than they really are.

If the entire mission was real, then why the staging, why go through the entire process of blocking out light in the lander and focusing the camera on a round window to make it look as if they were farther than they really were? Also there is the problem of the date.

Let's say for whatever reason NASA wanted to test all their communications gear, or for some reason the astronauts wanted to test the low light capabilities of their cameras, or some other reason. If the date is accurate then they would have been very close to the moon and we shouldn't have seen the earth filling up the entire window as was seen here:

(The alleged moon landing occurred on July 20, 1969)

So maybe NASA made a mistake and the date is incorrect. Yet, this very same misleading footage was broadcast allegedly live to earth on those very same dates and disseminated by worldwide TV, and radio networks.

Even if there is some reason why they used this footage, there is one problem with most of the earth videos and photographs, taken from inside the lander, from these missions, it is a matter of proportion.

If indeed they were able to get past the Van Allen Belts, then they should have been able to simply point the camera out the window and see the Entire earth lit by the sun. Yet, when they show these videos, from the lander, you can see only a portion of the earth, even when they supposedly zoom all the way out. Not to mention if indeed it is even a distorted version of the entire earth, the relative size of cloud patterns and continents is all wrong.

They should have seen something like this:

Now what they saw depends on how far away they were, supposedly, and at what angle they viewed the earth relative to some reference point, say the equator. Something like this:

Actually it is challenging to find actual, non-simulated, videos of the earth rotating as seen at a distance, not in earth orbit.

If indeed the videos of the earth we saw from the lander are accurate, then we should be able to correlate them to more recent videos of the earth taken at a similar distance AND at different times. For if indeed Apollo 11 saw the entire earth outside of low earth orbit, at different times of our earth day, and they took videos then we should be able to correlate how the earth looks at the exact same time as seen by the Galileo spacecraft.

This may explain why it is difficult to find videos of the earth rotating from a distance of about the moon. Aside from the fact that it would be 24 hours long, they could easily speed the video so we don't have to sit for an entire day.

People may say, well what about other images of the earth, taken at a distance during the moon landings? Well, it is possible to send unmanned satellites and rovers to the moon, and they can take photographs or videos and transmit them to earth.
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posted on Jun, 29 2016 @ 04:58 PM
Yesterday (Tues Jun 28) it appears as if the organized stalking intensified again, so I did another round of posting on youtube helping potential TI's and arguing against potential Perps.

While I was posting about Organized Stalking I came across this website:

This webpage presents several news articles, written by respectable journalists, exposing the roots of domestic surveillance in the United States.

What really stood out was the semi-autobiographical book by Gloria Naylor named 1996:

She also gave an interview with NPR:

According to NPR:

Ms. GLORIA NAYLOR (Author): Since many of these things did happen to the real Gloria Naylor, by using myself as a protagonist, I was able to have the book act partly as a catharsis. Basically, what 1996 is about, it's about our loss of privacy in this country, that the government has moved well beyond just the simple following of people, and the tapping of their phones. But they now have technology that is able to decode the brain patterns, and to detect what people are actually thinking. And they have another technology called microwave hearing, where they can actually input words into your head, bypassing your ears.

This is exactly what I and many others throughout the world have experienced. The technology to decode thoughts is known as remote neural monitoring and the technology to project voices into people's heads is known as Voice to Skull or V2K. More importantly they had this technology as far back at 1996!!

Oh, I would like to add another piece of technology available to those who spy on the world, the ability to see into the future, or what I like to call "Chronovision". I can be watching a movie made in 1940, with Humphrey Bogart and even HE will start making references to what I am doing in the privacy of my own home.

On another note, most of those who believe that the moon landing was hoaxed often cite that it was not possible to pass through the Van Allen Belts because of the radiation:

The amount of damage to biological tissue caused by radiation depends on several factors. It depends on the type of radiation photon or particle, the energy of the radiation ionizing or non-ionizing, the density of radiation, how many photons or particles strike the body per square inch, how long the tissue is exposed to the radiation, and the amount of shielding between the tissue and the radiation source.

Computing or modeling tissue damage from radiation is NOT easy.

So according to Wikipedia, the Apollo moon missions tried to minimize the radiation by bypassing the inner V.A. belts and minimize the time spent in the thinner outer V.A. belts:

I actually found a somewhat thorough calculation of the dose or amount or radiation that the 'nauts, in the Apollo moon missions, may have received:

Now, it could be that the raw data that of the shape and the radiation values of the V.A. belts were modified to make it seem as if it was possible to circumvent and/or pass through them quickly. Furthermore, it could be that some of the moon mission was Hoaxed because the technology of the 1960s was not sufficiently reliable, to ensure an acceptable probability of a successful moon landing, which makes more sense.
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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 03:30 PM
I did notice a slight uptick in the amount of Organized Stalking and street theater when I sent emails directly to President Obama, his wife, and Joe Biden:

Here is what I sent:

Help stop organized stalking:

Dr. Hall Video:

There are many news articles in legitimate respected media outlets that also report of domestic survelliance:

Including Gloria Naylor:

I have noticed even going as far back as 2008-2010 that nearly anytime I sent an email to the white house talking about domestic matter and yes even UFOs, I noticed an uptick in organized stalking. Could it be that the White house and spy agencies do not want any criticism? Well they're going to have to take it, this is the U.S.

I also sent email to several people in the department of defense and to the CIA:

Their online comment form does not appear to be working. So I sent them a fax to the number:
(703) 482-0623. I used the following website to send a free fax:

It could be that the people behind organized stalking are not part of just one single agency but a conglomeration of corporations, spy agencies, bankers, monarchs, secret societies, etc.

There is a local company here in Phoenix known as Banker Insulation. I find the name interesting given that it may be that the Bankers responsible for directing most major world events are insulated from backlash and criticism and responsibility of any of their actions. Most likely it is the bankers that are behind much of the organized stalking.
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posted on Jul, 3 2016 @ 05:00 PM
I think the time has come to disband the CIA and affiliated agencies, they have proven themselves to be enemies not only of America but the world population at large. Though they may say they protect the interests, the freedoms, and the political institutions of the American way of life, in reality they oppose any and all true grassroots political movements around the world, they co-op and manipulate movements at the interests of the power elite, and manipulate events for the interest of the world elite.

They and all similar agencies around the world have, over the last century manipulated nearly all major and minor world events.

Counter Revolutionary and Regime Changes around the world:

Assassinations of all types:

The possible deaths of Rock Musicians:

(Possibly including Lenny Bruce and others)

The Mormons may also play a role in the CIA:

CIA Sponsors Terrorism:

It goes on and on

Of course it was proven that they established the drug trade. There are rumors that there are CIA families, meaning that there are groups of CIA agents chosen to portray a family in a neighborhood, this is more common than you think.

Looking back to about 60 years of CIA, about all they did was torture, shoot, drug and manipulate everyone, including people in the U.S..

Nearly everything they do, everything they are is so odious to the general public, that they must continually expand their influence over more and more people to avoid any backlash. They are one of the many arms of the power elite, the bankers, the military industrial complex, the media companies, the secret societies, the cults, the major religions.

Looking back at the general tenor of the culture in the last 20 years, it appears as if there has been an attempt on part of certain groups to change the culture of the U.S.. It appears as if the Rural/Southern/Small Town culture was hoisted upon America and the world. This could be a reaction to the ubiquitous spread of the internet as those in small isolated towns across the less developed portions of the U.S. interacted with those in more developed parts, a certain tension arose. So, the situation was reversed, the less developed portions were given control over the more developed. Racial tensions also rose as those in the less developed areas of the U.S. who are not-minority encountered minorities on the internet that made them feel bad, if you can believe that!! Little Kid Stuff/High School Stuff!!! So they had to get some payback.

Another reason was to stop, reduce, or degrade the public's interest in UFOs, yet another possible reason was to change the culture away from, what the more religious would say, secularism.

These interests have had literally 20 years to reshape the world according to their vision, unimpeded and backed by some of the most advanced technology to control and shape minds, and this "world" is what we are left with. We have less money, less oil, and less freedoms than ever before. We are being sprayed with heavy metals from the air due to Climate Engineering, the environment has suffered dramatically, every time they spray the ozone layer degrades and allows harmful UV rays to strike our skin, we are still nearing peak oil and yet the power elite still wish to continue on with their programs?

Thousands if not millions of Americans were tortured via Organized Stalking and many died from it. Many lost their jobs, homes, families and friends, some were driven to homelessness and mental institutions. In essence whoever was/is behind Organized Stalking "broke" many Americans and people around the world like a cowboy breaks a bucking bronco.

Here is a good representation of the the CIA is and what I think should happen to those responsible:

As I have said before:

Is this the future you wanted?
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posted on Jul, 5 2016 @ 10:43 PM
Hello everyone I made a video about how to protect one's residence by locking doors from the inside, etc. I posted it on youtube:

I will make more video detailing how to leave one's residence while reducing the ability of gangstalkers to get inside and other security methods.

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 02:58 PM
As I was perusing videos on youtube I found this very interesting video:

Mrs. Saunders puts forth, with considerable evidence, that from about the CIA's inception, 1947, to about 1967, nearly every public "intellectual", writer, artist, and even scientist were chosen and funded by the CIA because their beliefs coincided with that of the CIA. She revealed that Henry Kissinger stated that the CIA is like an aristocracy for the U.S., not elected by and unaccountable to the public. Furthermore, that each new member has "1000 days" to set up their own "pyramids and obelisks" which they then use to guide trends in culture, in other words to tell us what time it is.

Yet it didn't stop there, the CIA and others also influenced "the counterculture":

Yet another "false obelisk"

Even Timmy Leary, 60s counterculture guru was outed as "naming names"

It doesn't stop there it appears as if the CIA and possibly others seem to create and publicize "false gurus" and "false prophets" possibly like Terrence McKenna:

I remember listening to an Art Bell show with Mr. McKenna as a guest and yes even Terrence, drug guru, was making references to what I was doing and thinking in the privacy of my own home, just like many others.
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posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 06:15 PM
Apparently it appears that even professional sports is not immune to "fixing" or manipulation:

Nearly all sports, including some sports in the Olympics may be manipulated.

This brings up the question, is any significant world event real? Often the question is not whether it occurred but, whether it occurred organically rather than as a planned event to serve the purposes of "the power elite". Though, in some cases the event itself never occurred.

Sorry about the Terrence Mckenna interview, it sounded more like traditional conservative AM talk radio. It is as if Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly hosted a show on paranormal matters, they would make claims how the ghosts of past conservatives were haunting landmarks in the U.S. because we have strayed from their philosophies. They would channel people like William F. Buckley and Russell Kirk.
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posted on Jul, 17 2016 @ 05:26 PM
I believe the time has come to talk openly about the tensions that may exist between different regions of the U.S.

The reason why I say this is that it appears to me that whenever I or anyone else criticizes the culture of the Midwest or south, or even voices an opinion as to their ideas, I often notice that there is a backlash. It appears to me that they give criticism but, they can't take it. This holds for individuals as well as those whose cultural sensibilities guide the U.S. and world culture. Of course this does not include everyone from the Midwest and south, just most of them.

There appears to be an extreme defensiveness and sensitivity to opinions of small towns, rural life, abstract ideas (or lack thereof), cultural and racial diversity, creativity, innovation, new ideas, philosophy, technology, basically any topic of discussion of which they are unfamiliar. I am not a mental health professional by any means but, it appears as if there is a severe inferiority complex, and insecurities about nearly everything.

The reason I addressed this topic is that there appears to be a pattern in the most recent shootings and bombing. I don't want to give the impression that what I do in my private life has an effect on shootings and bombing but, it does appear as if when I criticize the Midwest or southern culture, and/or post odd-ball videos on youtube, within about a week there will be some type of shooting somewhere in the U.S. and/or bombing in the world.

There appears to be groups who wish to stop or slow down the spread of what may be termed "big city culture" around the world. They wish to influence or guide the tenor of the most influential cultures so as to be like a small town, a religious small town. Yet as new technologies are created and become ubiquitous there will be less and less drastic differences between different regions. It began with the advent of the automobile and air travel, it accelerated with the development of radio and TV, and reached a new peak with the internet and smart phones. The general trend is to continue this spread of culture and one day there will no longer be such a thing as small town. With the advent of inexpensive and very high speed travel, geographic divisions will eventually melt away.

So, we can either build a future that benefits most of us, or hold on to the petty divisions and insecurities of the past?
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posted on Jul, 25 2016 @ 01:48 AM
I made another video that will hopefully, will help people protect their residence when they are not present.

Sorry for the some of the audio issues, I may produce another video that addresses these issues.

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 01:44 PM
I haven't posted for a while, I've been busy with school and fortifying my residence. I may have addressed this issue before, that of Theodore Kaczynski but, I have found more information that may help determine the scope of the psychological government operations that are going on in the U.S.:

I mentioned that his ideas and thoughts give indications that he may have been a victim of gangstalking or some type psychological experiment. It turns out that Mr. Kaczynski WAS a subject of one of the CIA's mind control experiments:

I believe that he may become aware of the extent of their plans and/or discovered the scope of their operations. This is what may have lead him to believe that science and technology was evil.

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 07:15 PM
Since it appears as if many people are under the guidance and/or control of "the powers that be" and it also appears as if "the powers that be" made a concerted effort to get rid of people who would resist this type of mind control, one can no longer trust any event local, regional, or global.

Since it appears that "they" control nearly everything, from politicians, to actors, to athletes, to musicians, to scientists, and even regular everyday people, then anything anyone says, or does, or expresses is suspect. There will always be the thought in people's minds that, "maybe they are acting this way because someone else is telling them to", in essence "the power elite" have poisoned everything.

It would be very difficult if not impossible for them to control everyone, even they could literally control people like robots, they would not have enough jobs, resources, oil, and housing to entice people to work for them. So, there are a significant number of people out there that are not simply under their control, dare I say, the majority of the people.

Since it has been made quite clear that nearly all significant global and local events are under their control, there is no reason to watch anything on the news. Politics has become just another form of entertainment. It doesn't matter if politicians put on a show of spontaneous action, most people would say it is an "act". This also infects sports. In one of my previous posts I posted a link to an interview with an author that claims that most professional sporting events, including the Olympics are fixed to some degree. So even watching sports has been poisoned.

Even if there are protests or grassroots political action, including demonstrations in Charlotte, most people would say, most of the people involved are "agents" akin to actors, putting on some nice street theater.

This also infects the sciences, my area of some expertise. I have read papers in which the authors, including some more famous authors, make it very clear that they are "agents". Even if their research was "enhanced" or "artificially improved" only in certain areas, it will cast doubts on ALL of their research. For who is to say that the parts that I may not recognize as my own thoughts, are not coming from some other person the system is harassing? Not to mention, it also casts doubts as to whether they attained their position because of their own merits and efforts or simply because they paid their dues, performed some service for the "shadow government" or whoever?

As one can see, this has the effect of stifling innovation, for not only would actual accomplishments attained through honest methods, with one's own merits and efforts be tainted by all the others who did not use honest methods. In other words, people, including those in your own field, may categorize your accomplishments with all those others who attained their position only due to their service to the "shadow government".

This also sends the message that no one can succeed, or operate a business, without paying dues and performing service for the "shadow government".
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posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 04:02 PM
I have been noticing a pattern lately, now that we are closer than ever to grand unification of all physical forces, including gravity, the harassment is more pointed. The system or whoever tend to harass more often when we are working on physics and grand unification than we are not. They use all types of harassment at their disposal, including references to ethnic and racial background, they typical methods of "organized stalking".

posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 05:51 PM
I've come to the conclusion, that there appears to be at least two completely separate groups in the U.S. if not the world. There are those who keep on believing in ideas, histories, theories, results that have been proven and/or shown to be false, flawed, or incomplete, and those, on the other side, searching for the truth, has shown or proven the falsity of those ideas, histories, or theories.

Whether it has to do with climate change, weather manipulation, Extraterrestrials, Quantum Gravity, the "virus" that causes aids, artificially induced earthquakes, the existence of high speed tube travel, even history isn't what it seems, it's as if we live in two completely different realities.

Yet, eventually the truth will win out. Currently it appears as if many of the Tomes written about or based on non-relativistic quantum mechanics may have to discarded, and the results derived from QM may be shown to be fundamentally flawed as may Renormalization in QFT.

Like I have said we are closer than ever to real, workable, public Quantum Gravity. There may be difficult conceptual and even mathematical issues in Quantizing Gravity but, at least now there is hope. The infinities present in even the simplest of Quantum Field Theories can be done away with in a natural, simple and elegant manner. All it takes is to fully develop relativistic quantum mechanics, do the same with QFT, without using renormalization, then tackle General Relativity.

I remember one time Al Bielek said during one of Art Bell's interviews, that much of the physics taught in the universities was "garbage". At the time I though he was just an old "kook", a "crank", a "charlatan", he may have been right.

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