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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 05:52 PM
Some of you may have read that the "FCC Advanced Net Neutrality Regulations":

FCC Net Neutrality

From what I have read, the new regulations do not Slow down access to non-paying website, they simply speed-up access to paying websites.

This may be a problem though, because of finite data rates. If a sufficiently large group of people wish to access the resources of a paying website or service (like Netflix) at higher data rates, then eventually people who wish to access the non-paying websites or services may have to use the data transfer capacity that is left-over. This may lead to an unintended slowing of non-paying websites.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 09:25 PM
What is now needed is a vision of the future energy economy. To help orient ourselves here is a chart of the Consumption by Source and Consumption Summary:

Energy Consumption by Source

If we look at the Consumption Summary chart, Demand Sectors column, we see that the largest demand is electrical at 40.1%, then transportation at 27.8%, Industrial at 20.6%, and Residential and Commercial at 10.8%.

Though the transportation sector is only 27.8% of the whole, it is the sector upon which all others depend. The vast majority of energy sources require petroleum products to operate the machinery that extract and transport the resource. For example mining for and transporting coal, uranium, metals, and other raw materials requires machines that operate on petroleum products. Hence, without petroleum, the other sectors cannot function, so petroleum (for the most part) is the linchpin that holds the entire economy (not just the energy economy) together. With finite reserves and increasing demand from rapidly industrializing countries, petroleum prices will keep increasing which may adversely affect the U.S. economy.

Since the economy runs on petroleum, petroleum energy will be required to transfer the economy over to non-petroleum. Since the price of petroleum, for the foreseeable future, will most likely keep on rising, the longer we wait to transfer the more it will cost. Some may argue, why not wait until the market tells us to transfer to non-petroleum? The problem is that it may require a decade or two to completely transfer the economy. Waiting until the price of petroleum is comparable with other sources will drastically raise the price of transfer since the cost of all raw materials, labor, machinery operation will most likely also increase. This may lead to even more public debt, a decreased standard of living, and possibility permanent economic shrink. Also, isn't it irresponsible and a mark of immaturity to wait until the last possible minute to initiate the transfer for something critically important to the economy?

So what I propose is to fold or incorporate the transportation, industrial (as much as it technically possible), and residential sectors into the electrical sector. Physically this implies that we convert nearly all forms of transportation, machinery, space and water heating, etc to electrical. The reason why is that nearly all forms of energy can be converted into electricity, hence they can all use an upgraded electrical infrastructure. We can use solar, wind, natural gas, nuclear, clean coal, petroleum, anything that can provide energy. This is unlike our current infrastructure, only oil or derivatives can flow through a pipeline or be carried in a tanker, only natural gas or derivatives can flow through special pipes or carried in pressurized tanks, current machinery can only use gasoline, diesel, or some close derivative.

Since almost any energy resource can be converted into electricity, the economy will become far more robust. No longer will the economy depend (at its root) on just One form of energy. If any form of energy becomes too expensive or too troublesome to obtain, we can, with relative ease, use some other form. The electrical economy can easily accommodate new technologies and will make the evolution from fossil fuels to a combination of renewables and nuclear/fusion much less expensive and less troublesome. Furthermore, since the electrical infrastructure, in a sense, renders all energy sources equal, true competition between energy sources can take place. If the "Free energy" proponents can create a workable technology that can provide multi-megawatts of power, then it will become possible to actually compete with other energy sources. This will lead to benefits to the consumer and businesses.

This will also create and provide jobs for millions of Americans for decades. Since the infrastructure must be built, operated, and maintained in the U.S., this program will lead to the synthesis of foreign and American labor. Raw materials can be mined, processed and equipment can be manufactured overseas and brought into the U.S. It may require a little bit of money to build but, this is something that will Have to be done Anyway at the end, we will have robust infrastructure capable of generating economic growth in the far future.
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posted on May, 18 2014 @ 04:53 PM
There is a thread on ATS that provides evidence that HAARP can indeed manipulate weather:

HAARP Weather Modification

This may have tremendous benefit for solar energy production, especially in the southwest, of course depending on the capabilities.

posted on May, 26 2014 @ 02:37 AM
In one of my previous posts I outlined the concept of upgrading the electrical infrastructure of the U.S. so that it can provide all of our energy needs. This implies changing nearly all of our transportation to run on electricity rather than on oil or its derivatives. Some may comment there is one form of transportation that, as far as is publicly known, cannot operate on electric power - flight.

I believe I have found a solution. Now some may have heard of the Hyperloop concept as developed by Elon Musk and friends, it is touted as an open source public works project:

The Hyperloop

It appears to be technically possible with currently and publicly available technology and it touts a top speed of 800 mph, this is faster than most commercial airliners which travel around 500 mph maximum. Hence, this form of transportation can eventually replace continental air travel. The reason why the Hyperloop is relevant to our discussion is because it operates on electric power! So here we have a potential replacement for continental air travel that operates on electricity.

Yet, the hyperloop isn't simply air travel in a tube, since it shares many features common to a subway it can be developed in such a manner where it becomes akin to very high speed subway/lightrail travel. So in a sense the hyperloop can become like an extension of public transit. It will have the high speed of air travel with the convenience of the subway/lightrail, as such it has the potential to be used by far more people, far more often than commercial air travel. So the hyperloop could be as fast as plane ride, yet as cheap as a train ride!!

The hyperloop can be integrated into existing metropolitan subway systems, for example BART in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Los Angeles Metro, Chicago “L”, or New York subway system. Let's try to deduce some of ways in which people could use this new “Hyper speed subway”.

The notion of a commute will radically change. Just imagine working in Los Angeles, where wages are higher, and living in Phoenix, where the cost of living and housing is lower, with a commute time of 30 mins! How about working in San Francisco with a house in Scottsdale? How about attending Stanford while still living at home in Salt Lake City? How about a Friday night on the town in Vegas when you live in Denver? Want to spend a weekend at Venice beach, Laguna Beach, Seal Beach, or Bolsa Chica, but you live in Tucson. How about taking the kids to Disneyland, Universal Studios, or to see Hollywood with the ease of visiting your local park in Kansas City? The hyperloop doesn't only make all of this possible, it makes it faster, cheaper, and far more convenient than commercial air travel.

If a complete hyperloop circuit is built from Phoenix → Flagstaff → Grand Canyon --> Salt Lake City → San Francisco → Los Angeles → Phoenix, then this entire region will eventually become one very large metropolitan area. Furthermore the hyperloop could be extended SLC → Denver → Kansas City, Phoenix → Albuquerque → Dallas. Eventually the entire Western Half of the U.S. will become one large metropolitan area. If other regions of the United States adopt the hyperloop, we can have Chicago to New York in 1 hour, New York to Boston or Washington D.C. in 30 min, New York to Atlanta in just a little over an hour!! Pittsburgh to New York in 30 min. All of this with the ease and expense of a subway ride!!

If the hyperloop can break the sound barrier magical things can happen. If a special “line” of hyperloop can be constructed between Los Angeles and New York, with a top speed of Mach 3+ or about 2500 mph then, it will be possible to travel between Los Angeles and New York in 1 hour!!

Furthermore, since all travel takes place in a tube, it is immune to weather conditions, hence weather will cease to be a factor in continental travel. The hyperloop tube can be buried deep underground in areas of the country subject to snow storms, tornadoes or hurricanes. Indeed, the hyperloop will be like a hyper fast subway system for the entire U.S.
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posted on May, 31 2014 @ 03:31 PM
Some may be wondering, what about all the small towns and cities between major hyperloop stops, will they have access to the hyperloop? Sure, it is technically feasible to place stops along the way of the hyperloop, unfortunately this means that the hyperloop vehicle will have to stop and accelerate several times during the trip, thereby reducing the average velocity and increasing commute times. This can be addressed by constructing separate express hyperloop lines. The express lines will not have any stops between major cities, hence the commute times will be as short as is safely possible. So there will be at least two lines, the regular hyperloop line that makes all the stops and the express line that does not make any stops between its origin and destination.

The hyperloop also has an important advantage over typical high speed rail, it will be much easier to add new hyperloop tubes than it will be to add new high speed rail tracks. This is because the hyperloop tubes can be stacked vertically, so if we wish to add a new tube, we can simply build atop pre-exsisting tubes without increasing the footprint on the ground below. Also, the hyperloop concept allows for separate capsules, so it may be possible to reserve the leading capsule for 1st class passengers. These passengers may have their own entrance and waiting areas, similar to the “admiral's club” or “VIP” clubs in air travel, of course they will have to pay additional fees for the service.

The societal implications of hyperloop travel are astounding, it will democratize travel in a way that the U.S. has never seen. Price isn't the only democratizing factor, both time and convenience play a large role. When nearly all major U.S. cities are at most 2 hours away, at the price of a train ticket, and with the convenience of riding on a subway car, then distance will play a much smaller role in U.S. culture. As much as the Internet has brought us together remotely, there is still much that is difficult to convey and/or not conveyed through text, images, or even remote speech and video. Actual physical presence at a location reveals much that isn't or can't be conveyed remotely. So hyperloops will be akin to a “physical internet” transferring all those aspects of culture that are difficult to convey remotely.

More practical benefits of hyperloops are, increased job opportunities. Since nearly all points in the U.S. will be at most 2 hours away, people will now be able to look for work anywhere in U.S. without having to relocate. Any job in the U.S. within the reach of the hyperloop will be available to anyone in U.S. within the reach of the hyperloop. Want to work upgrading the electrical infrastructure of the U.S. in North Dakota, but you live in Atlanta, no problem! Want to work building new hyperloop lines in Alaska, but you live in Dallas, no problem! It will be possible to commute to any job in the U.S., with the ease of using the subway. People will be able to work where they want and be able to afford a house, since now they have ALL of the U.S. available for housing. Or the reverse, you can live where you want and find a jobs that allows it to happen.

Furthermore, companies will be able to relocate to parts of the U.S. where it is least expensive to operate, without relocating the employees!

Also, possibly in the near future, it may be possible to build an underwater Mach 3 hyperloop linking New York with London England. So people from nearly all points in the U.S. can be in Europe in 2 hours using the Mach 3 hyperloops. So now the whole of Europe will be conveniently available to everyone in the U.S. or conversely the whole of the U.S. will be conveniently available to everyone in Europe. So now people can kick back in Rome sip an espresso, check out some Roman ruins, go to the Vatican, hang out with the Pope and be home, in Seattle, in time for dinner.
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posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 10:28 PM
Now, in regards to the plan to cover 100,000+ square of desert to provide for all the energy needs of the U.S., we can think globally and ask how many square miles of highly sunlit land will be required to power the entire world? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration the world consumed 524 quadrillion Btu in 2013 which is equal to 6.6 x 10^20 Joules, lets assume on average each square meter of sunlit land receives about 1000 watts or Joules/sec, one year has 3.155 x 10^7 seconds divide by two for night time gives us 1.58 x 10^7 seconds. So each square meter of land receives 1.58 x 10^10 joules of energy per year.

Now 6.6 x 10^20 / 1.58 x 10^10 = 4.177x10^10 m^2 this is how many square meters of land are required to power the entire world.

Now the total area of all deserts on earth is 4.96 x 10^13 m^2, if we subtract out the surface areas of Antarctica and Australia (because it may be too costly to run power lines from Australia to other continents) then we get about 7.97 x 10^12 m^2, this is more than enough desert surface area to provide for ALL worldwide energy needs!!

Oil producing countries may be concerned that they may lose capital and influence if countries begin to meet most, if not all, of their power demands via electrical transmission, but this is not so. Many of the largest oil producing countries are in highly sunlit area of the earth, with vast deserts. These deserts could be covered with solar panels and transmission lines run to European and Asian countries. The entire Sahara could bloom with solar panels, providing the largest amount of electrical power in their hemisphere of the world!

Not to mention the sun will provide safe solar radiation for the next 5 billion years, while oil and its derivatives will only last at most for the next 200+ years and that is at reduced production rates. We could turn to coal, shale, or natural gas, but it is not certain that they could meet the demands of energy for transportation and if need be other sectors for the U.S. or the world for an extended period of time especially with increasing consumption rates. Nuclear is another option, though it can be problematic.

Even if there are breakthroughs in fusion and/or free energy there are problems, namely that many power plants would have to be built to provide all of our energy needs. Also, (I would imagine) they would have to be serviced quite often, and might need a steady supply of raw materials. Each of these factors serves to limit the amount of energy that these power plants can produce on a continuous basis. With solar energy, as long as the sun it shining and there are an acceptable amount and type of clouds it will produce all the energy at once!! No need to wait around for parts to arrive or waiting for the next shipment of raw materials.

People may say I must be "on some mixture of brain altering chemicals" to believe that we will change the energy infrastructure of the world to electrical transmission, let alone solar power. I ask the question, who are the real dreamers? Is it those who rationally plan for the future, taking into account increases in demand and decreases in production rates and act to build an infrastructure flexible enough to allow for a "mixture" and evolution of energy sources? Or is it those who act as if they believe we will never run out of oil and/or who disbelieve some of the most rigorous and established results regarding global climate change? Who make very few plans for the future, who would rather fight wars than switch, who keep us locked to just ONE (for the most part) source of energy for transportation? If there are perils for monoculture farming, there are just as many perils for mono-energy supplies.

Even if we can't agree on the sources of energy, we can say one thing for sure, that most if not all of the energy needs in the future will be met via electrical transmission.
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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 02:48 AM
In order to allow true originality and creativity to flourish we must be able to protect our ideas at the source, our brains. I will outline a method by which everyone can protect their brains from being monitored.

1. The brain produces and emits low frequency electromagnetic waves 0-100+hz:

According to wikipedia, the magnetic component (MEG) may have higher field strengths than the electric component outside the brain. Brain signals may be emitted primarily from the head, neck, torso. Other parts of the body may also emit detectable amount of brain waves. Another theory as to how they can detect weak signals may have to do with the random polarization of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the brain. This will require more research.

2. These electromagnetic fields are very weak, especially at distances far from the brain and body, so very sensitive detectors may be used. Something like Squids:

I recently ran across a patent on google that claims to supposedly detect signals from molecules, which can be used to detect signals from our brains at a distance:

This information may be useful to those who may wish to develop a system that can reconstruct thoughts at a distance.

3. So the question becomes, how can we attenuate the signal from our brains to the detectors? The goal is to attenuate the brain signals so much that they fall below the detectors ability to distinguish the signal from the background. According to classical electromagnetism, materials with both low resistivity and high relative permeability have the ability to attenuate low frequency signals, this is known as skin depth:

Low frequency signals require thicker material to significantly attenuate the brain signals. I have found that IRON (the purer the better, 99.999%+), 3 mm thick, attenuates brain signals sufficiently so as to render them undetectable. Since the brain signals may be detected from any part of the body, just to be safe, it is best to build a tight fitting IRON room.

Now, if proper security precautions are not taken, someone may place sensors on the surface of the iron that can transmit brain signals through the iron, hence defeating the purpose. These sensors are difficult to remove or disable, you can try sandpaper, chemical baths, exposure to high heat, or torches. One method may be to expose the iron room to high current electric shocks. If none of these methods work, there is a method of last resort that has a high probability of working. Disassemble the iron room, take ALL the iron to a foundry, have the foundry melt the iron completely and raise the molten iron to temperatures higher than the melting temperature of Iron > 1538°C, 2800°F, but lower than the boiling point < 2862°C, 5182°F. Most semiconductor materials melt below 1538°C, so if there are any such materials they will be disassociated. Afterwards have the foundry cast the molten iron to the proper dimensions and purity as before, then reconstruct the room.

Make sure to be in direct visual contact with the Iron at all times (no remote monitoring of any kind) from the initial deconstruction of the room to the final reconstruction of the room.

Now if this doesn't work you may consider mining and purifying raw iron directly from the earth (under your supervision), this iron will be completely untouched, no funny business.

4. You can also construct a high powered Helmholtz coil in all 3 axes, inside the Iron room, for added protection. Combine this with a random noise generator 0-100hz and a high powered amplifier and you have some nice protection. By the way you can use almost any high powered audio amplifier, since they can still amplify low frequency signals. I use a Crown PS-400 with frequency response of 0-20000hz, just to be safe.

5. Once you are satisfied the IRON room sufficiently attenuates your brain signals, the next step is security, to keep the surfaces of the Iron free of sensors. Given enough time or resources nearly any security system can be bypassed, no matter how sophisticated or advanced. So the only security systems left are those where it is physically impossible to bypass, without completely and irreversibly breaking the structure. One such system is to lock all doors, windows, and any other type of access from the inside.

One such method is to use a hasp and padlock mounted on the inside of every door something like this:

Make sure to use a good, difficult to pick padlock, one of the best padlocks on the market are made by mul-t-lock, these locks are nearly unpickable, though just to be safe mount them on the inside:

It is critical to not have any part of the lock or mechanism accessible from the outside, given enough time they can be bypassed. Also, make sure to keep all doors tight fitting with the frame, so as to reduce the probability of inserting some wire-thin picking devices.

Next is windows, I used a simple pliers tightened sliding window lock on all windows, something like this:

Very difficult to open from the outside, for ultimate security you can high-torque bolt the windows down from the inside. Don't' forget to lock down the garage door it is all too easy to open the garage door from the outside by pulling on the emergency release handle with a wire. Unplug the door opener (if it has one), sometimes you can use window locks on garage doors too, along with high-torque bolting.

Don't forget to lock down any access from the roof or attic, lock from the inside.

So how do you go outside your residence if you can only lock it from the inside? This is a tricky dilemma, though there is a method that has worked for me. Nearly any remote control locking device can be bypassed by emulating the signals, BUT there is a way to make it secure, get a digital power timer like this:< br />
Also get a DC to AC inverter like this: SwooKoAQ&ved=0CMoEEKYrMAI

Then get a car battery (deep cycle or not depending on the application) like this:

Connect the deep cycle battery to the DC to AC converter, then to the digital timer, then to the remote locking device. This way you eliminate the possibility of communication via power lines. Set the timer to turn off one minute after you leave (make sure to watch the door) and to turn on 1 hour or so after you come back. This way you have nearly complete security.

If you are worried that it may be possible to communicate with the digital timer via Electromagnetic signals you can place the inverter and timer in a thick cast iron pot with a lid. As a last resort you can make your own timer using discrete components.
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posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 09:25 PM
I was searching through some videos on youtube and I ran across a set of videos involving something called "gangstalking":


As I watched some of the videos I began to realize that much of what the people described mirrored almost Exactly what I went through in San Francisco and in Phoenix. Random strangers revealing details of your personal life in random conversation in stores, complete strangers honking their horns whenever they pass you on the street, helicopter harassment, dog barking harassment, and even jet stream harassment!! (They like to use airplanes flying overhead to "paint" the sky with jet streams, they're not really original artists).

Even some of other forms of harassment also fit, for example some people report that "they (secret government)" have equipment that can read thoughts! Doing a little more research online I have found that such technology does exist and has been known since the 70s:

Covert Thought Surveillance

So I was and am not the only one who was subjected to these forms of harassment, thousands of people in the U.S. and around the world have been subject to these forms of harassment and many people have died as a result. Many became mentally unsound and were committed to mental institutions and some were driven to suicide. Most of the people who were/are harassed were/are not criminals or a physical threat to the government, rather they were vocal critics of the government, possible whistle blowers, Ufologists who refused to compromise their integrity, and sometimes people who the system no longer wants.

So let's make this 4th of July a true celebration of founding principles of the U.S. by speaking out against electronic harassment and gangstalking. I am doing my part by finding ways to defeat their technologies and spreading the ideas as far and wide as I can.

P.S. If you are or know a scientist, most likely they unknowingly have had their thoughts read while in their labs or homes. There is a strange pattern I noticed in the sciences after the 50s or 60s, individuals like Feynmann or Einstein became rare if nonexistent. I wonder if this is a result of thought reading technologies, no one scientist is allowed to be given credit for too many ideas. The "idea trade" may be a multi-million dollar underground industry, sometimes they like to "spread good ideas around" to people that are more publicly presentable, more pliable, of the desired ethnicity, politically convenient, etc.
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posted on Jul, 4 2014 @ 10:50 PM
If you believe you may be a victim of microwave harassment, there are materials you can buy that will significantly attenuate a broad range of microwave frequencies, the most important material is ECCOSORB:


This will reflect and/or absorb a wide range of microwave frequencies. (Thanks to George Noory and Roger Tolces, I heard about this on Coast to Coast).

posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 02:28 AM
I have been on vacation for a little while, I went to Lake George near Albany New York, very nice place no UFOs sightings, and San Francisco, it made me realize a possible problem with the Battery - Inverter - Timer locking mechanism. It all has to do with when the timer turns on and for how long. If for whatever reason you can't make it back in time before the timer turns on and/or you forget the keys to the Mul-T-Locks then the battery will be continuously supplying power to the garage door opener and it will discharge after a couple of hours depending on the door opener.

So to combat this problem, depending on the timer, it is best to have the timer turn on when you are supposed to arrive, then if you don't arrive within 7 minutes, the timer turns off. Then you can have the timer turn on every 4 to 5 hours for 7 minutes. In this manner the battery power is conserved and you give yourself multiple chances to open the door.

Also, I have been slowly identifying nearly all items in my house that may have microscopic surveillance devices. Some of these items most would not consider as containing devices, for example corrective lenses (glasses), car keys and fobs, USB drives, PS3s, Flat Screen TVs, Flat Screen Computer monitors, computer cases, etc. Realizing that these items contained devices was quite a challenge, realizing that the corrective lenses contained these devices was quite difficult. I finally realized why it was possible to monitor my thoughts even in the presence of very strong low frequency random magnetic fields, the glasses made direct contact with my skin. SQUID devices may not be necessary, they could simply read the EEG!

In any case, I placed all these objects in a cast iron pot and all electronic devices in the IRON room and it seems to work.

Here is an idea, would it be possible to use a 3-D printer, to print plastic corrective lenses?

Now for something completely different, in my physics studies in QFT, we derived the basic equations governing spin-0, spin-1/2 particles and we encountered the famous zero point energy:

Landau QED

If you scroll down to the bottom half of the page you will read the "standard" explanation of the infinite additive constant in the energy equation for electromagnetic fields (Landau et. al. series of books in physics are some of the best textbooks around). This is one of the origins of the zero point energy term:

Zero Point Energy

I'm no expert in QFT, at all, so I am simply speculating, this infinite additive constant could be one of the problems that makes a theory of quantum gravity nearly impossible. Here is why, QFT is difficult to learn so I looked for other books that may help to learn QFT, one of the best books for the beginner is:

Student Friendly QFT

On page 50, he made a comment that the governing equations for Spin-0 fields admit "other" non-standard solutions, and he provided a link to his paper on Arxiv:

Mechanism for Vanishing Zero Point Energy

Also on pages 55 and 56 he made a good argument against zero point energy. If the vacuum is filled with nearly infinite energy then how can light rays travel in straight lines even for a short distance? Not to mention the energy doesn't appear virtual in the equations and since the governing equations represent non-interacting fields the infinite constant must be a legitimate part of the fields.

On the other hand if we include these supplemental solutions, then the Zero point energy disappears, unfortunately these supplementary solutions have "negative" energy. Despite this, it may be worthwhile to explore whether including these solutions allows for an easier unification with General Relativity.

Some researchers (thank you secret government) have recently published something along these lines:

Vacuum Energy and Cosmological Constant Problem in Krein Quantization Approach

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posted on Aug, 20 2014 @ 09:33 PM
Here is an extension of the Hyperloop idea, something I may call the HyperTrunk (if this idea takes off, we'll probably change the name). The idea to compare one hyperloop to a highspeed internet backbone connection, driving long distances in a car would be equivalent to dial up, flying long distances would be equivalent to DSL or Cable internet. (Just imagine constructing a hyperloop router or switch!)

So just as the internet has a communication backbone made of combinations of SONET fiber networks, would it be possible to "strand" together multiple hyperloops to increase passenger "bandwidth" or better yet passenger "throughput" across long distances? For example we can construct a total of 20 or so hyperloops constructed together something like this:

Copper Strands

The differences will be the number of strands and the amount of twisting, (to reduce g-forces). The center most hyperloops could function as express lines between major cities while the outer most hyperloops could make multiple stops between cities. These hyperloop "cables" could be constructed nationwide to serve as a highspeed public transportation backbones.
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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 11:32 PM
We are getting ever closer to building technologies that can manipulate gravitational fields in a manner similar to the way we manipulate electromagnetic fields. Just recently papers have been published on Arxiv that analyze how the gravitational field of a moving electromagnetic field affect particles:

Scattering by an electromagnetic radiation field

This reminds me of what Al Bielek said in his supposed description of the Philadelphia experiment, rotating electromagnetic fields couple to gravitational fields, which then rendered a Ship invisible. It appears that there may be something substantial to the late Mr. Bieleks perception of the physics of the experiment. Quite amazing.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 09:56 PM
I just had another idea, while I was listening to a 1993 Art Bell Interview with Al Bielek and the Philadelphia experiment, I remembered back to a class I took in General Relativity where the students brought up the idea of wormholes and time travel. The usual objection to wormholes and time travel, from a strictly General Relativity point of view is that they both require Energy-Momentum configurations that may involve "negative mass" or "negative energy".

Then I thought back to Robert Klauber's alternative solutions to QFT, they had "negative energy"! These negative energy states arose when the Hamilitonian was changed from classical to special relativistic and squared. Negative Energy states, as far as I know, don't appear in non-relativistic quantum mechanics, because of the form of the Hamiltonian.

Hence, "negative energy" states were introduced in the process of combining Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Furthermore, since "negative energy" configurations also appear in General Relativity, it leads me to believe that "negative energy" is a part OF General Relativity (though it may be an invalid part). So, if N.E. states are a part of G.R. then we could infer that it must also be a part of Q.M., if we wish to unify both.

By introducing "negative energy" states into Quantum Mechanics (along with special relativity) then it may open the door to actual time travel, time view, or wormholes. Then again I could somewhat or completely incorrect.
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posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 10:20 PM
Time Travel, time view, and wormholes actually pose some serious ethical concerns. If it is possible to travel back into time and change events then, almost anything is possible. Furthermore, it would be no longer be necessary to take responsibility for anything. If some sequence of events or some actions results in an intended or unintended negative consequence, then all one has to do is jump in the time machine go back before the actions were initiated and hence escape any and all responsibility. According to G.R. this is nearly impossible since, according to G.R., there is only ONE reality. Yet, according to Q.M. there may be multiple realities:

Many Worlds Interpretation

This interpretation may imply that all possible realities allowed by Q.M. and G.R. are realized. Hence, it could happen that in some or many such "worlds" any individual person is committing crimes galore, is a saint, or anywhere in between, if indeed there is a monotheistic God, then how is he/she/it to judge an individual person? If every world is equally "real"?
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posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 07:24 PM
Here is another idea, we can "discretize" the G.R. equations approximating the "special derivatives" with their discretize approximations, approximating the symbol h with the actual planck's constant "h".

There is something strange about the way Gravity is treated compared to E&M. For example, E&M has been developed to a very high degree, not just in terms of technology, but in the way the mathematics is developed and analyzed. In essence there is a near continuous development of E&M, starting from Coulomb's law to Maxwell's equations (though there may be something to the Quaterion formulation of E&M).

If we compare this to Gravity, it is almost as if we jumped, in a drastic fashion from Newton's theory to Einstein's. This could be due to the lack of technological applications, but what is missing a physical intuitive thread of continuity from classical gravity to general relativity.

For example Newton's theory could have been developed via Heaviside's formulation, where the theory is developed in a manner analogous to E&M, in terms of the GEM equations. Gravitational Potentials, Gravitostatics, Gravitomagnetism, Gravitomagnetic-like particle spins, are developed, analyzed and understood. Gravity would be introduced in Schrodinger's equations in a manner similar to how Electromagnetic potentials are introduced. Then finally Newton's theory of gravity would be quantized in a manner similar to E&M. Since the GEM and EM equations are so similar it would stand to reason that if GEM is quantized that anti-"gravity" particles would result, similar to how anti-"electromagnetic" particles exist. In the quantization of E&M antiparticles "pop-out" (somewhat naturally) when the fields are quantized, so could it be that if we quantize GEM equations we would we get anti-gravitational particles?

There are some differences between E&M and GEM though, these could cause differences during quantization, leading to differences in the result and hence differences in the type of particles that "pop-out" from the quantization procedure. E&M particles are spin-1 while GEM particles are spin-2.

We could make a chart with all the developments of E&M on one side and on the other the potential developments of GEM.

posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 12:30 AM
I must state a correction in regards to the anti-gravitational particle idea, from my previous post. In QFT, there are different governing equations for particles of different spins, spin-0, spin 1/2, spin 1, and so on. In the simplest case (spin-0) researchers found anti-particles when they solved the Klein-Gordon equation for two separate fields (the original field and it's conjugate), then ran it through the quantization procedure, they found that the solutions needed to satisfy certain commutation relations. This then led to appearance of two different creation-destruction operators in the Hamiltonian.

Mass plays a role in the equations of motion in a way that charge doesn't, (as in the Klein-Gordon equation) so the interpretation of different operators corresponding to particles and anti-particles respectively doesn't necessarily mean that anti-gravi-particles will arise in the exactly the same way. Certain key assumptions go into "molding" the operators to correspond to what we think is reality, herein is where the flexibility lies. So more thought on this idea is necessary before it can be considered as physically possible.

As a side note imagine if mass had an imaginary component, imaginary mass could lead to imaginary energies. This isn't as crazy as it sounds, in the path-integral version of of QFT the concept of imaginary time is used.
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I think I may have found a way for negative mass particles to "pop-out' or "pop-in" from particle version of relativistic quantum mechanics (when it comes to negative mass/energy particles, I would welcome the "pop-in").

Let's go back to basics, if we use the relativistic Hamiltonian in Q.M., without reference to fields, just particles, we get the Klein-Gordon equation. The solutions include negative energy states and states with negative probabilities, which "pop-out or in" when applying the Hamiltonian and computing the probability. In Special Relativity, E^2 = (p^2 + m^2) (in natural units), note that a particle with negative energy and/or negative mass could satisfy the equation. For a particle at rest E^2 = m^2, or rather E = m, so a particle with negative energy could also be interpreted as a particle with negative mass, in the rest frame. Hence the negative mass particle "pop-out".

In order for this to work E = -sqrt(p^2 + m^2), a negative sign in front of the energy term, which is valid since we are taking the square root of both sides of E^2 = (p^2 + m^2) (from basic high school algebra). This could also be interpreted as a particle with positive energy/mass going backwards in time.

If particles with negative mass existed, how would we know? Hermann Bondi and Robert L. Forward have analyzed this very question:

Negative Mass

Furthermore Dirac interpreted these negative energy states in his Dirac sea:

Dirac Sea

Eventually these difficulties led to the reinterpretation of QFT in terms of fields and anti-particles. The Dirac sea, in some respects, was replaced by the vacuum energy, which itself is suspect, yet is tolerated because of the success of QED.

Now let's just suppose particles and antiparticles of both positive and negative mass, existed. Then an accurate description in terms of fields would require 8 operators:

1. particle creation, positive mass.
2. antiparticle creation, positive mass
3. particle destruction, positive mass
4. antiparticle destruction, positive mass
5. particle creation, negative mass
6. antiparticle creation, negative mass
7. particle destruction, negative mass
8. antiparticle destruction, negative mass

This is exactly what occurs when we include the -w solutions as quoted by Klauber. Furthermore, they have properties which Klauber himself noted of the extra states, negative Hamiltonian expectation value (negative energy), and momentum directed opposite it's velocity, which also makes sense for negative mass particles p = -m*v, momentum opposite the velocity (I'm using non-relativisitic momentum to clearly show what is occurring).

So there is some evidence these negative energy states are the same as negative mass states and/or backward time states.

Often "weird" states with no apparent experimental evidence and/or fruitful, testable interpretation are sometimes cast as "virtual" states, the negative mass states could be cast as virtual states, useful for calculations, but no real existence.

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Now, let's suppose that negative energy/mass states existed and, in analogy to anti-matter, the overwhelming amount of matter is positive energy/mass. This would mean that negative mass states could be created in the laboratory OR created as a result of high energy particle interactions in space or in the earth, but either way, the amount is very small compared to the amount of positive mass.

Nuclear and particle physics have developed many methods by which to measure nearly all properties of particles. Most of these methods rely on electromagnetic interactions, some on nuclear reactions, but the basis of most technology is electromagnetic. So how would a negative mass manifest itself?

Let's take mass spectroscopy for example, a charged particle is subjected to a magnetic field, the particle (according to the Lorentz force) and the detector design, setup, etc bends in a circle with radius: r = m*v/(q*B). Now if the mass is negative (and all other distinctions of mass are equivalent) and the radius must be a positive quantity (distances cannot be negative) then we would see a particle that behaves as if it has a charge opposite to what is actually has. For example if, let's say, a negative mass electron is produced, the electron has a negative charge, but because it has negative mass, it would behave like a positron and we would interpret it as such.

There is a difference, though, negative mass electrons would behave like positrons, but it would not annihilate. If you brought a negative mass electron and a positive mass electron together it would be attracted by the negative mass electrostatics and repelled by gravitostatics. So, we would have a particle that behaves in some respects like an antiparticle with regards to detectors, but behaves like a regular electron when it comes to interactions with other electrons.

Another issue would be, how and when are they "created" in interactions. Maybe, the circumstances needed for negative mass production are different from those needed for other types of particle creation.

More thought on the range of interactions is needed.
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