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Ancient Aliens Testable Predictions

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 04:44 AM
Now a little background on Cattle Mutilations. Cattle mutilations may have been occurring for centuries, but people may not have had the forensic background to distinguish the patterns that make the mutilation suspect. It was in the mid 1960's where the mutilations caught national attention, the most notable researcher in this field is the Linda Moulton Howe with her documentary A Strange Harvest:

(scroll all the way down)

Ranchers reported scores of cattle mutilated, local officials called in the FBI to investigate, here is a good website with links to actual FBI documents:

We find that the cattle mutilations share 11 common traits:

1. They're completely drained of blood

2. The left ear, left eye, sex organs, lips and anus are missing, as if targeted

3. In addition to being completely drained of blood, wounds show no signs of bleeding, nor is any blood found around the immediate area where the dead animals rest

4. No foot prints are found in the immediate or surrounding areas where the dead animals rest

5. Entire major organs are missing without obvious entry or excision marks

6. When incision marks do exist, they're precise as if made by a surgeon's tool, and bloodless

7. There exists a total absence of predation signs, such as teethmarks, tearing of skin or flesh, or animal footprints near the dead animals or surrounding areas

8. In the rare event that a minuscule amount of blood is left within the dead animal, it possesses peculiar discoloration and does not coagulate for days

9. The ground on which the animals rest is depressed as if the animal had been dropped from a great height; indeed, many of the animals' bones were found with fracture injuries consistent with a fall

10. Other cattle instinctively avoid the carcass and the area in which it's found

11. Unidentified helicopter activity in the vicinity of the dead cattle around the time that the animals go missing, reported by eye witnesses

Some websites may claim that high levels of atropine are found in their "blood systems" implying that atropine was injected by some outside source and was the cause of death. Doing a little research on atropine, one finds that atropine sulfate is: "For use as an antidote in the treatment of organophosphate insecticide poisoning of cattle, horses and sheep.":

If atropine is routinely used in cattle then we cannot conclude that simply because high levels (what constitutes high levels?) of atropine were found in the "blood systems" a) must have been the cause of death, b) it must have come from some outside "source". That atropine may have come from injections to treat insecticide poisoning. Furthermore atropine does not sedate cows.

This still leaves the ET hypothesis in tact, it could have occurred that ET happen to abduct a cow with high levels of atropine in their system to begin with. Furthermore some ranchers, sheriffs, etc notice what appear to be intelligently controlled lights in the sky correlated with the discovery of mutilated cows:

Look around 3:15

Furthermore many ranchers have reported government activity AFTER the cows have been mutilated and "dropped off"

Interesting you would think there would nearly as much government activity Before such abductions, but it seems as if the governments are nearly always responding to an event, implying that maybe they don't know when such events will take place.

Ranchers in cattle mutilation hotspots have a unique opportunity to possibly advance the human race, for if ET's are responsible for cattle abductions, then we may be able to ask them questions via the cattle. It may be possible to brand the cattle with little messages asking whoever is abducting them why? We can take this farther, if the ET - Cattle Mutilation hypothesis is true then we can brand the cattle with questions like:

1. How do we construct a high temperature superconductor (T > 500K) using present human technologies?

2. What is the "correct" theory of quantum gravity. Explain in concepts humans understand, using mathematics, and extended or new principles of physics, etc.

3. How do we cure cancer.

4. Does, what humans call, the "Higgs Boson" exist? If so at what accelerator energies will we find it?

5. What energy technologies do you use to move your space craft, can you explain in detail how to build such technologies?

6. Where do you come from, how long have you been here, etc?

The list is endless. It could happen that the ET's choose not to answer your questions, but if you do get an answer that will nearly prove that ET's are real, these are questions no human (as far we know) can answer completely with certainty. In addition if you do get an answer the whole of the scientific community can test it. Whoever gets the answer questions 1, 3, 5 will make much money and help the world tremendously.
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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 04:54 AM
Given all the evidence for ET presence and their advanced state of technology would it not be easy for such beings to monitor all of our electromagnetic signals? If so then it would be easy for them to monitor the internet furthermore, could they not surf the internet as we do? Possibly they may even post messages on the internet?? They may even have email addresses and facebook accounts (I'm stretching it a bit).

Somewhere in the vast reaches of the internet there may exist a message(s) posted directly by an ET. This may open up new areas of ET research, it would require internet forensics to determine the origin of any message.

We are now closer than ever to obtaining proof of ET presence, right here, right now on earth. All it takes is courage to go all the way, meet with potential abductees, meet with the ranchers set up the equipment and wait, and if you get close enough, ask questions.

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 02:10 PM
I noticed that a link to the video with anomalies recorded from NASA shuttle missions is no longer functioning, but thanks to a courageous youtube member we can see the video again:

Secret Space Episodes

Some of the objects in the videos are difficult to discern with the screen resolution available on youtube, one can see far more by watching the DVD:

What is NASA Hiding DVD

You can try to see if you local library has a copy of the DVD:

World Catalog Search

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 07:38 PM
Now, the United States Air Force has publicly admitted that "flying saucers" DO exist and they even went so far as to speculate that they may be from intercelestial origin:

Flying Saucers Find a Friend

If you read the article, the air force received a telegram stating that "Remarkably advanced aerodynamics indicate probably intercelestial origin". Also it was stated that "no one is going around shooting at these objects". Now this from an Air Force Official!

The Air Force was far more open to PUBLICLY admitting that SOME UFO's are ET UFO's

Here's more

Air Force Admissions

It is amazing that material like this was printed in newspapers and taken seriously back in 1952!!!

Not all reports are as blatant about the reality of ET UFO's

Air Defense Command

A little toned down

Once Again the "Mystery Objects" Buzzed the Capital:

Capital Buzzed

Note, how the article said "Air Force calls in top scientists to find out what these flying saucers really are". So this shows that these objects DO exist, as to what they are, well if you read the previous articles you see that the Air Force thinks they are from "intercelestial" origin!!

Saucer Elude Fast Jets

So in conclusion we can see that the Air Force has admitted that "flying saucers" are real, "that a more advanced civilization could be keeping this planet (earth) under surveillance through flying saucers", "instructed it's 24hr air observers to watch not only for enemy planes but flying saucers". Amazing admissions, absolutely amazing.

Now, air force officials later stated that these Saucers were nothing but weather phenomena and balloons, really? Those must be high performance balloons to elude some of the fastest jets of 1951.

High Performance Balloon??

If it is weather phenomena then why wasn't the air defense command put on alert nearly everyday? Nearly every day there is strange weather phenomena, yet you don't read about the air force putting its "air force observers" on alert for strange weather phenomena 24 hours a day, or the White House ordering the air force to "shoot them down" (Amazing Bravado):

Shoot them Down

They must giving out order to shoot down nearly everything in the sky!

In addition, aren't radar operators trained to distinguish between odd weather phenomena and actual solid objects? How many of these weather phenomena occurred in 1951, 1950, or 1949 yet none of them entailed the response that these "saucers" did. Not to mention that lights and temperature inversions don't give the same consistent radar return that solid objects do.


This appears to be the typical response admit the truth, then invent some cover story that is so easily found to be untrue.

This is more evidence that ET UFO exist and are currently visiting the planet!!!
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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 02:49 PM
It is getting more and more difficult to study UFO's in the United States, not only do you have the massive secret government to contend with, but its vast resources.

The problem is that even if you do study abductees or cattle mutilations AND actually experience an ET UFO abduction event, by the time the abductee or cow is dropped off the military will be all over you like white on rice (the color white completely covers something as small and as curved as rice). There have been many reports of military officiers picking up abductees that have been dropped off:


Granted the sources may not be the most credible, but these are TESTABLE predictions. If Alien Abductions are occurring then if we monitor potential prior abductees long enough we might be able to catch an Alien Abduction AND a military involvement afterwards.

This a problem, because even if you get good REPEATABLE evidence of alien abductions, your information may never get out if the military is there after the abductions.

There is almost no breathing room between the drop off and when the secret government would most likely arrive. Not to mention that nearly ALL internet traffic is monitored, so by the time you plan to meet they probably already know.

There are solutions to this problem, one solution is to consider moving to other countries where the intelligence gathering agencies may not have as many resources or be as quick to move or to move at all after alleged abductions. Now it could be that US would then take over the role of securing the potential alien abduction site, BUT this would require time for them to get there, (time is really the only factor, whether or not the country cares about foreign military in the borders doesn't seem to concern the secret US government). If there are alien craft visiting the US and they land within the borders of the US or there is a crash of such craft, generally the US military is there within minutes and like a vacuum they leave very little, if any, physical evidence.

In other countries, on the other hand, there may be hours, days, if not months before a potential alien craft crash or siting is investigated. This would give the resourceful and industrious UFOlogist time to get very good physical evidence without government intervention, but act quickly because the local government may inform the US, and before you know it they'll be all over you like "white on rice".

The tenor of the country may be slower and things may take a longer time to get done, BUT it is exactly this slowness that will allow you investigate potential ET UFO's with more freedom.

There are some drawbacks, the very same freedom to investigate potential UFO's unimpeded, could also be used by governments to send agents in the country and terminate UFOlogists that get too close. So, keep a low profile. There are many other issues to address before moving to a foreign country, so do your research, I will post more later.

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 03:51 PM
Looks like the government is preparing to monitor nearly all internet activity around the world:

Data Eye in the Sky

Notice how they focused on Latin America and Africa, how they want to use this technology to predict and control populations, but for whose benefit?

If you are an enterprising UFOlogist, and decide to do research in other countries this is a way they could track your research, they could find out IF you did actually did retrieve something. In addition, the secret US government can respond to alleged UFO crashes in other countries, they simply monitor internet traffic to determine if something did land.

Even so you may still have some breathing room of a couple of hours, if not minutes. Plus you can "trick" the data collection system by bombarding it with false non-UFO sightings, or by doing some other type of "interference".

Not to mention many areas of these countries are underdeveloped and don't have access to internet, or any communications for that matter. This will slow down the UFOlogist, but will also give you breathing room, because without any communications of any kind it will be difficult for governments to find out what happened. By the time they do, you may already have real ET proof in your hands and would have given the world knowledge that will help everyone tremendously.
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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 02:44 PM
In this posting we explore the interesting case of Thomas Mantell. You can read the background story here:


To verify the accuracy of the story here are headlines from actual newspapers:

New York Times Mantell-UFO

Pittsburgh Press Mantell-UFO

Sarasota Herald Tribute Mantell-UFO

The official explanations is that Thomas Mantell was chasing the planet Venus (which though visible during dawn or dusk in January is NOT visible during the day). Another explanation is that it was a balloon, which is amazing. Aren't pilots trained to distinguish between different types of craft, aren't they trained to determine the type of craft by looking at the performance characteristics? Also, balloons don't have the same performance characteristics reported by the ground personnel. Albert Pickering, an observer at Lockbourne Army Air Field, reported the object to ascend with a speed of nearly 500 mph to 10,000 ft:

Albert Pickering Report

Weather balloons with 1lbs of lift can ascend at 1000 ft/min performing a unit conversion this translates to 11.36 mph.

Weather Balloon

(search for 1000 ft/min)

To ascend at 500 mph to 10,000 feet we must make some assumptions. First we can assume that it accelerated from 0 to 500 mph within the time the observer noticed it taking off, let's say about 2 seconds of acceleration. 500 mph = 223.52 m/s, so a = dv/dt = 223.52/2 = 111.76 m/s^2. suppose the balloon was carrying 7kg of air and a payload of 3 kg, for a total of 10kg of mass. So the force necessary is 1117.6 Newtons or 251 lbs of force. The balloon itself can only really provide about 1 - 5 lbs of net lift force, 251 lbs of lift is quite a bit.

This are very rough calculations, more details of how the object accelerated, details of the weather balloon construction, and how gases expand and behave as the balloons acend must also be explored. From the looks of it, the top secret balloon explanation does not seem to fit the observed performance characteristics of the object.

Objects accelerating to 500 mph in a matter of seconds, out running jets with top speeds of 600 mph (previous post), cannot fit the performance parameters of balloons.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 02:59 PM
The first thing you need to do to find testable predictions based on the Ancient Aliens theory is find a prediction made (or interpreted) from the available data about something we currently have no knowledge of. For instance, the number of major planets around a nearby star. Find the number, and when we eventually (soon) find out just how many planets there are -- or their configuration -- we can test it against what the ancient data said.

The problem with most of this stuff is that you're looking at data and trying to retroactively fit it to a hypothesis. That's not the way science works. We need to find instances where the ancients gave us specific information (not subject to a lot of flaky interpretation), and then test it against data we gather later.

None of this after the fact data manipulation.

Nobody ever said it would be easy.

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Blue Shift

I have addressed this issue in previous posts, eliminating what an object cannot be, does not tell us what is CAN be. This is why I pointed out that balloons do not fit the official explanations, but I did NOT state what they must be. What I am pointing out is that their explanations do NOT fit the data, hence it cannot be the cause of the data. Granted, an explanation that fits the data does not necessarily mean it was the cause of the data, but it is preferable to an explanation that does NOT fit the data at all, even with modifications.

I agree, retroactive fitting of the data can give strong support for a theory, but it cannot "prove" (notice the quotes) the theory, testable falsifiable predictions are necessary.

Furthermore what counts as a prediction or explanation varies according to the science you are studying. For example a prediction and explanation in physics must give specific numerical predictions along with appeals to laws that explain the causes of the phenomena. Not all sciences require or can give these types of explanations YET they are still considered sciences and yield useful data. For example in biology, the theory of evolution though widely accepted and verified, CANNOT make physics-type predictions (e.g. this species of x will evolve to y in N years), yet we consider it to be a valid theory. I believe UFOlogy is similar to biology in this respect.

What makes UFOlogy a science is that it can make falsifiable, testable, predictions and give explanations, BUT as of yet it cannot give physics-type numerical predictions. For example, by studying human and cattle abductions we can make the predictions that a certain person or cattle rancher will experience an abduction experience with a probability P.

If we find that nearly all abductions are the work of animals or humans, then the theory would be falsified, BUT if we find that some abductions are not the work of animals or humans, then our theory gains more strength. This is easy enough to do, we simply monitor the potential abductee or cattle ranch closely, reduce the probability of human or animal abduction to absolute minimum levels and then determine a) are abductions taking place and b) if a) is true who is doing the abducting.

What leads me to believe that Abductions are the work of ET's is the evidence from NASA astronauts stating that they have seen alien craft, statements from Air force officials stating that they may have encountered alien beings, statements from Ranchers about cattle mutilations, Project Sign report, Project Blue Book Special Report 14, anomalies from NASA photographs and video, airbrushing of NASA photos, anomalies from commercial air line pilots, anomalies from history, etc.
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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 02:29 PM
Before we do research on human or cattle abductions we must first make sure that our methodology is appropriate for the phenomena we are trying to study.

First, we must make a decision, study human abductions or cattle abductions. Human abductions have the advantage that they may be Repeatable, this gives the researcher some control as to where and when the potential ET UFO's will appear. The disadvantage is that you are working with a human being, who may have a job, family, and responsibilities that may impair the effectiveness of the research. In addition, if non-human abductions are taking place, then it is easy for secret government forces to "influence" the decisions of the potential abductees to NOT partake in our research. Also, it is easy for disinformation agents to claim they are abductees, when they are really not, and to negatively influence our research.

The advantage of performing research with cattle is that they don't have "responsibilities" or "jobs" other than to stay healthy and we can study many of them at one time. We can move the cattle around, attach GPS units (in a humane way) to them, some of them may even carry radiation, electromagnetic, etc detectors. It is more difficult for government disinformation agents to "influence" the cattle NOT to partake in the research.

The disadvantage is that cattle mutilations are not repeatable, in the way that human abductions are repeatable. The researcher loses control as to where and when the potential non-human abductors will appear. Ranchers can be "influenced" not to partake in the research, disinformation agents could bypass the security and plant faux mutilated cattle.

These are some of the issues related to the research.

Now, there is one very powerful tool researchers can use called Mill's Methods:

Mill's Methods

We can use Mill's Methods in the following manner.

Suppose we are doing research on potential human abductees. We can use the Method of Agreement; we look for people who are as different as possible, different age, ethnicity, political philosophy, economics, they come from different areas of the world, different language, belief in ET UFO's etc., BUT they all have one thing in common they ALL claim to have had repeated abduction experiences and we did background detective work to choose those with the highest probability of having had an abduction.

If we find that non-human abduction scenarios do occur, even if the research subjects are as different as possible, then it gives good correlations between the claim of an abduction experience AND actual repeated abductions.

We can also use the Method of Difference; we look for people who are as similar as possible, BUT one group claims to have had repeated non-human abduction experiences, while the other group does not. Also, we can do background checks to determine that there is a high probability of each claim being true.

This one is quite powerful, for if we notice that the group that claims to have had an abduction experience, actually experiences more non-human abduction scenarios than the other group, it further strengthens the correlation between the claim of abduction and actually experiencing an abduction.

Not to mention that if researchers find that a person is missing for hours, while under heavy 24 monitoring, it show that such abductions do take place. If the person is on camera (another issue is what about the bathroom?) 24hrs a day, like big brother, and we notice them missing AND we can detect non-human craft right before they went missing that shows that the phenomena does occur.

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 07:40 PM
Here is another tool in the disclosure chest.

To give the political establishment a chance to disclose this on their own, without completely losing control, please sign the following UFO disclosure petition:

Disclosure Petition

Then send a link to the petition to 2 different people with instructions to sign it and for each of them to send it to 2 different people, make it grow exponentially like this:

Post a link to this petition on as many forums, newsboards, chat rooms as you can. Text this to your friends, put a link to it on twitter account, facebook, webpage etc. Hand out leaflets, announce it on PA systems, etc.

There may exist techniques for constructing high temperature superconductors, computing equipment that is thousands of years more advanced, advances in molecular biology, advances in medicine, advances in Quantum gravity, and most importantly, the one that concerns the politicians the most, highly advanced energy devices. . They could also have access to economic philosophies so far superior to ANY thing we can conceive that it would fix nearly all our problems quickly!

The United States Goverment may have access to science and technologies that will greatly advance humanity. These technologies could create giant new industries that may provide the world with millions of jobs, there will be more jobs than the world's economy can handle, people will making so much money they won't know what to do with it. All of this can be ours if the secret government could only let the world have access to it. I don't think a small group of people should hold the world hostage like this, the future can be incredible.

With all this knowledge that could help us in our hour of need, they deny it to us, you start to wonder whose interests are they really serving?
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posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 03:24 PM
I had a conversation with a lawyer today regarding ET UFO research in the areas anomalous aerial phenomena, potential anomalous abduction experiences, and cattle mutilations. The following is a paraphrasing of the Q and A session:

Q1: Is it illegal to investigate; anomalous aerial phenomena, potential anomalous abduction experiences, and cattle mutilations, even IF the government is unwilling to disclose any information that could bear on the research.

A1: It is NOT illegal, it is LEGAL.

Q2: Is it illegal to investigate; anomalous aerial phenomena, potential anomalous abduction experiences, and cattle mutilations, even if the government denies that such phenomena exists?

A2: It is NOT illegal. The government's denial of the existence of the phenomena is irrelevant under the law. It is LEGAL.

Q3: Is it illegal to bring to light, flaws in official government (police, military, etc) explanations of possible sitings of anomalous phenomena?

A3: No. All of the activities mentioned above are generally considered to be protected speech under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Q4: 1. Are there any legal actions the government could take, IF (a big IF) we find strong evidence of actual anomalous phenomena?

A4: The scope of this hypothetical is so broad, the only answer could be "yes". Example, hypothetically, the President and Congress could change the U.S. Constitution. However, if you are asking whether there is any foreseeable or expected action that they could take to suppress the findings, the answer is "no".

So even if the government decides not to disclose testable, factually accurate information about possible ET UFO encounters, it does NOT imply we as individuals cannot go out and get our own evidence and do our own research. It is NOT illegal.
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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 03:18 PM
There is another difference in the way the government treats anomalous phenomena and, how should I put it, metaphysical noumena?

One can clearly see this distinction in the way UFO sightings, UFO researchers, and UFO conferences are treated and the way religious "sightings", researchers, and conferences are treated.

Whether it be the Roswell incident where actual military officers stated to the press that they captured flying saucer, or project blue book, or the Rendelsham forest incident, the "flying saucer" air "wars" of 1952, the shoot down orders in 1952, Air force speculation about the origin of UFOs, the Mantell incident, NASA video, NASA astronauts actually reporting to Houston about alien craft etc, etc.

Also, there are serious efforts to discredit people who believe ET UFOs and attend the conferences and to PREVENT people from contacting these beings. We clearly see a strong military presence related to beings (ET aliens) that supposedly don't exist or aren't visiting the planet. Yet we don't see the same amount of military involvement with powerful metaphysical beings which many people believe do exist.

I'm not here to cast doubt on any religion, but isn't prayer or religious experiences a national security issue? For if a person is truly in contact with God and God is omnipotent and omniscient, then what's to stop God or an evil spirit from revealing sensitive information with serious implications for national security? Also, rarely, if ever, has there been heavy military presence around sightings of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, or any other religious figure. You would think that messages from the most powerful being in all of existence would entail some serious military involvement?

Also, if "evil" spirits do exist and can be summoned then wouldn't Satanists or other believers in "evil spirits" be the most dangerous people in the world? You would think that Satanic books would be classified above top secret. Also, wouldn't Satanists, who supposedly cavort with the "devil", be under serious surveillance, wouldn't there be snipers around these Satanists to ensure they don't utter phrases to summon the "devil"? You would think there should be a national program to monitor the "prayers" and utterances of individuals to ensure they don't get close to verifying the existence of evil spirits or contacting these evil spirits?

In short, we don't see a similar effort to discredit people who believe in these beings or to STOP people from contacting these beings that are MORE powerful than any potential ET alien and pose a far greater threat to national security.

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 04:34 PM

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posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 05:06 PM
Given the controversial nature of ET UFOs, you may start to see a campaign attacking any and all beliefs about ET UFOs. Think about it this way, if an established, rigorous, experimental science like global climate change was/is attacked publicly due to political concerns, what do you think they'll do to ET UFOs? Global climate change science has a long history, it is an established field of study with rigorous mathematical models and research programs, it publishes in prestigious peer reviewed journals by some of the best scientists and yet it was attacked.

Almost all of the attacks were specious arguments that, when analyzed in detail, did not stand up to scrutiny. Yet, these attacks were taken more seriously that the actual peer reviewed articles.

The lesson is that whenever there are political and economic incentives to make certain beliefs true or false you will see arguments supporting or attacking certain beliefs INDEPENDENT of whether the beliefs are logically, mathematically, or experimentally accurate.

So keep your mind sharp.

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posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by deloprator20000

I think it would be a fantastic development if the UFO question came up in the mainstream political conversation at all. Although, I believe this to be highly unlikely in the foreseeable future.

Also, comparing the UFO issue with climate change is kind of stretch... it's not as though the ufology has anywhere near the support that climatology has within the scientific community. It also doesn't seem as though there is nearly as much at stake, because it's not clear what could be done even if popular opinion was in support of the ET explanation. As far as I can tell, even when serious investigators - governments or otherwise - conclude that conventional explanations are not adequate for some UFO reports, and even when the investigators decide the ET explanation is the most likely explanation currently available, there's not a lot anyone has been able to do once they get to this point. The anomalies continue to be reported and the phenomena continues to be very difficult to study thoroughly.

If the majority of people believed that at least some UFOs couldn't be explained conventionally, and if they believed the ET explanation was probably correct, and if they thought this issue was important, and if elected officials agreed and wanted to take action based on these beliefs, what would they do?

I think that having the UFO conversation take place in the mainstream is basically the best we can hope for at the moment. Except, of course, that ETs land on the 50 yard line during the superbowl for a meet and greet... But, I always hope for that.

posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by OnceReturned

Those are some pretty good points, I agree that ET UFOs don't have the same support in the scientific community, hence my research agenda. I suppose what I was trying to get across was that some beliefs may be questioned and attacked independent of rational, scientific questions of the belief itself.

For example, when people attack Global Climate Change they sometimes use specious arguments, here is a list of common specious arguments:

Each argument, when analyzed closely meaning, compared to data, theory, and experiments turned out to be specious. So what I was trying to say was that many attacks may not be rational; not based on data or based on erroneous interpretation of data, based on erroneous interpretations of theory, may attack individuals as opposed to questioning the theory, may use reason by authority, etc.
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posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 03:25 PM
Hello everyone, I'm back again. You may have noticed I haven't been posting as often as I used to. I'm trying to regain some peace and quiet in my personal life. Investigating UFOs is difficult, especially if you want to remain objective in the face of operations created specifically to discredit said UFO investigator.

That said, here are some words on SETI:

SETI is a great program whose goal is to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, I support this research project wholeheartedly. Though, some of its most public proponents often claim that evidence for ET visitations is weak and unconvincing. I find this interesting because how much evidence is there to indicate that ETs are using radio signals? Up to now, none. The Drake equation (when calculated within acceptable parameters) gives a high probability for the existence of ET civilizations, but this is NOT proof and cannot be counted as evidence. All the while myself and many others have discovered strong evidence for ET visitations. So technically some SETI scientists have demonstrably less evidence than researchers who believe that ETs are visiting earth.

This puts some SETI researchers in an irrational position; some believe in something for which they have NO evidence (ETs are using radio signals), yet the very same disbelieve something for which there is SOME evidence (ET visitations). These beliefs are not mutually exclusive, you can believe some ETs are using radio signals and some ETs are visiting the earth. There is no problem in theory, but it may be a completely different issue in politics.
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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 05:26 PM
Given the recent news stories that the US government doesn't have any evidence of ET yet, the only conclusion is that we have to aid them in obtaining this evidence.

The first question we must ask ourselves is who did they ask? How hard did they look? What data did they look at? Was the conclusion biased? Was the data biased?

Did they look at the shoot down order of 1952:

Shoot Them Down

How about the "official and important" admissions by the air force in 1952:

Air Force Admissions

"Admission No. 2: Is that flying saucers could be space ships from other planets"

How about the fact that the Los Angeles Airport was Ringed with anti aircraft guns in 1952, in response to flying saucers over the white house!!:

LAX AntiAircraft Guns

How about the fact that two satellites appeared in orbit in 1954 three years before sputnik:


Also, note how the article mentions that such studies may go on in SECRET.

How about the NASA transmission of astronauts stating "we have the alien spacecraft under observance":

NASA Audio 1

How about the Apollo 14 NASA transmission stating "we had visitors again":

NASA Audio 2

There are many many indications of ET UFO visitations, whether or not ET visitations are occurring is not just a scientific question but a political question as well.
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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 05:44 PM
There may be a method that will allow people to distinguish between flare lights and non-flare lights.

First, most flares use a chemical reaction to generate intense light. This light, when analyzed using spectroscopy, will reveal the chemical components that generate the light, this is a way to distinguish between flares and non-flares.

The only drawback is that special equipment must be used at the time when potential ET UFOs are seen. There is an attachment one can buy to perform spectroscopy using a regular DSLR camera:

DSLR Spectroscopy

So right as the potential ET UFO is seen, have the camera ready, shoot then analyze the light. If the light indicates a strong presence of flare chemicals then most likely it is a flare. If there is NO trace of flare chemicals then you have in essence proven that the lights cannot be flares.

Furthermore, one can analyze the light further to determine what kind of phenomena is causing the light, one can distinguish between LED lights, Tungsten lights, Halogen lights, etc. This way people can determine if those lights are anomalous or not in an OBJECTIVE way.

Now, lacking a DSLR Camera and a spectroscopy attachment, people can still distinguish between flares and non-flares. This is only possible IF you can adjust your camera to take TRUE-COLOR photographs. You may have to adjust your ISO, F-stop, and shutter settings, but once this is done, we can then perform a spectrum analysis on the color of the lights. We can determine the spectral shape of the intensity, fit a curve to the spectrum then determine the peak wavelength. The peak wavelength then tells us the Temperature of the reaction using Wien's Displacement Law:

Wein's Displacment Law

We may have to adjust for atmospheric conditions, transparency, etc., but we can in theory determine the "temperature" of the light. Once that is done we can then compare it to flare reaction temperature and determine whether or not it is a flare.
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