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Ancient Aliens Testable Predictions

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 01:51 AM
Now we explore some of the best evidence for artificial structures on the moon! First, we must ask the question:

By what criteria can we determine whether shapes visible in images of the moon are of natural or artificial origin?

Actually, it may come as a surprise, that there is a field of study dedicated exactly to answering this questions it is called Remote Sensing:

Remote sensing is broad field with many subjects each of which may be useful:

To help us decide in an objective fashion which shapes may have a high probability of being of artificial origin we can study image interpretation:

Image analysis may also be helpful:

Here is a link to the basics of image interpretation:

Once we find objects with a high probability of being of artificial origin, we can begin extracting quantitative information about the size, shape, and geometry by using photogrammetry:

A good book on photogrammetry:

A good overall introduction is:

These methods can provide ufology with valuable quantitative methods that can allow it to become a mainstream field of study.

Now, for the image, there are many websites that have lists of moon images that may potentially have artificial structures, one of the most popular is the livingmoon website:

There are many many images of the moon, some interpretations of the images are very speculative, though every once in a while there is an image with shapes that have a very high probability of being of artificial origin. One of the best of I've seen is the following:

Take note this is an image directly from a legitimate NASA website.

If you look very closely at the crater near the parallel hills:

You will see what appears to be a square structure of some sort, if we use the criteria of image interpretation:

We can with some certainty say that the shape we see in the moon image has a high probability of being of artificial origin, the shape is very rectilinear.

Next time I will give the exact operations I performed on the image to view the square structure more closely. In addition I will present a method by which we can analyze videos using a mix of videogrammetry and physics to distinguish between aerial objects that have a high probability of being ET vehicles and human aerial vehicles.

Also, we will explore discrepancies between earth based telescopic photographs of the moon and moon satellite images, they do exist!! In addition I will post digital scans of microfilm from the Washington Post and Seattle Post Intelligencer where NASA publicly admitted that there are "spires" on the moon!

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 02:33 AM
Hello everyone:

Issue #1:

It may be more useful for Ufology that instead of debating whether or not an image or video does or does not contain an intelligently controlled UFO of non human origin, to instead assign a probability to the image that conveys to the viewer the chances that it contains an actual, intelligently controlled UFO of non human origin. This way instead of arguing over a yes/no question which by it's nature is polarizing and somewhat subjective, people can argue over a probability which could be analyzed objectively. The main advantage of a probability is that it can be analyzed into its component parts, each of which could be calculated objectively (in principle), hence any argument would have to give clear, logical reasons as to why a certain component should or shouldn't be calculated in a certain way. I envision this probability as something similar to the Drake equation, which estimates the number of intelligent civilizations there may exist in the milky way.

Drake Equation:

Issue #2: Sincere Ufologists vs. Government Agent Ufologists

This is very thorny issue in Ufology, earthly powers have the finances and resources to quite literally hire or train Ufologists to carry on the government agenda. They are quite good at it and very subtle, for example certain radio shows about the paranormal may have started out looking for the truth, but once they get popular enough it seems as if they begin to more and more tow the government agenda.

I first started noticing this when I heard Art Bell interviewing Don Ecker about potential artificial moon structures. Art Bell was very skeptical and sometimes outright hostile, which is quite strange because Art was willing to discuss almost any topic no matter how little proof or thought it had. In fact the topic of moon structures is downplayed on the show and if it is mentioned usually they assume it is from a long past civilization, and sometimes they simply deny that they see anything, this is very strange.

We have to be on the lookout, because earthly powers hire people to post certain opinions or to portray a certain persona on the internet. Be assured earthly powers probably have many people posting on this website. They can't all be skeptics otherwise they give themselves away, rather it is a mix of skeptics and believers, meant to muddy the waters.

It is challenging to determine who is real and who is an agent, SO there are 3 things you can truly trust,

1. what you see in your own telescope, with your own eyes or equipment.

2. Reverse Speech of an event that you recorded yourself AND were allowed to ask questions (certain people may be trained to talk or think in a certain way so that reversals will not occur, by asking questions you can throw them off balance a little and possibly get some reversals.)

3. Clear Logical reasoning, with verifiable reasons for each component of each belief -- methodical doubt.

Next time I will address the operations I performed on the images mentioned above, along with the newspaper articles, AND a very interesting reversal of Buzz Aldrin, he DID see something. Also, on a completely different issue, some very interesting reversals regarding the JFK assassination.
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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 09:30 PM
Now that I think about it, the SETI program, never really had a significant chance of success.

You can tell how far or close to non-human intelligently controlled UFOs you are by the reaction of the authorities; the amount of and intensity of responses, the character of their responses. The harder they try to discredit or disprove the more it seems as if something is truly there, for if there was truly absolutely nothing there, they would not have to argue so vehemently or try to discredit so quickly.

The very fact that SETI was allowed to operate publicly and unimpeded for nearly 50 years, tells us something, that they might have been "far away" from actually finding something. The reason is because space missions, since the 60's, have encountered intelligently controlled non-human UFOs yet somehow we can't detect how they communicate, indicating that maybe they don't communicate through traditional forms of electromagnetic signals.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 10:17 PM
In this posting I will post digital scans from microfilm where NASA publicly admitted there are "spires" on the moon. This may be "old news" but, it is still quite informative especially since the Washington Post gives a different perspective than the aforementioned newspapers. So here are links:

Washington Post:


Article Zoom

Full Newspaper Image


Next Day Article

Seattle Post Intelligencer:


Article Zoom


Next Day Article

Now, if you read the articles, it is clearly apparent that the NASA did find what appear to be "spires" on the moon. Furthermore, NASA geologists appeared surprised and amazed at the discovery. Scientists even said "these are some of the most unusual features of the moon ever photographed". They couldn't explain them at first, but then they postulated that they might be boulders. Even this explanation was simply a guess, if you read the 11/24/66 Washington Post, it still very apparent that they don't really know what exactly is casting these shadows. In fact, I don't think I've ever read exactly what these "moon features" truly are?

The tone of the articles indicate a kind of cautioned exuberance, one advantage of these articles is that these "spires" should appear on NASA images from the Boeing Lunar Orbiter. NASA cannot edit the images since they are public record. In fact NASA cannot edit any images from this region on any mission, since it would appear as a rather blatant discrepancy, once again since this is public record.

Now, before we get too excited, we too must temper our enthusiasm. The reason is that given enough time and effort geologists could develop some theory to explain the "spires" through some geologic process, even though the theory may not be plausible, or accurate. Being able to detect and point out the inaccuracies may require time and detailed knowledge of geology which works against us. Like I have said before, the only way we will find out what these "spires" truly are is if we design, build, test, and launch our own moon rovers and receive and decode the signals with our OWN antennas and equipment.

I'm kinda busy, so i'm a little slow with Buzz Aldrin's reversals and the image interpretation, but they will come!!

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posted on Jul, 21 2011 @ 02:41 PM
I'm back, I've been quite busy as of late, so I haven't had the time to post all the things I promised, but I have been developing more and more ideas.

To give everyone a small glimpse:

I am working on developing research techniques to determine if we can attain a high degree of probability in proving that non-human intelligently controlled UFO's exist, from here on earth. It may requires much equipment and mathematics.

Also, I believe I have developed a method to attract ET UFO's to a general area, i.e. UFO bait
-- This is very important because it means that we can have repeatable, testable predictions.

Furthermore the news media is hyping Google's Xprize, this is the ideal time to design, build, and test your own moon satellite or rover and to show the world that the moon towers are real.

Also, I am compiling a list of equipment we will need to analyze aerial phenomena; we can use passive radar to track nearby aerial objects and determine if they are ET UFO's.

Amateur groups in the Netherlands designed and launched their own rockets, little by little amateur space exploration is becoming reality.

Keep working hard, let's make 2012 the year that we prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that ET UFO's are real. We've got the mathematics, the physics, the software, and the hardware to accomplish this goal, all we need is the will to do so.

The goal is to have the ET UFO's land and make contact, In highly populated areas. This way it makes it more difficult for governments to discredit and to hide the evidence. ET UFO's must be seen by thousand if not millions of people at the same time in different major cities.
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posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 02:33 PM
Hello I'm back again!! So much is happening right now, governments around the world will quite literally do anything to make sure that we don't get repeatable, testable proof of ET UFO's.

Recently, the news media has picked up a story where a researcher supposedly "proved" that time travel is impossible.

First of all this is an overstatement, Time Travel to the FUTURE is possible via Time Dilation. Time Dilation is the phenomena where time for a particle moving close to the speed of light slows down relative to a particle at rest. This is time travel to the future. Traveling back in time is the problem.

What the researcher proved is that faster than light, backwards time travel, in a flat space vacuum is not possible. This is NOT the only scheme to travel back in time, there are many schemes for backwards time travel that do not involve moving faster than the speed of light in the local frame. There are wormholes, warp drives, Tipler cylinders, Roman N-rings etc. Here is a good link:

Basically without an accurate theory of quantum gravity, it is not possible to prove or disprove ALL backwards time travel schemes.

How does this relate to ET UFO's, well my thinking is that if governments can get people to believe that it is not possible to travel faster than light, then many people will no longer believe in ET UFO's. People would reason that it would take too long to get to Earth from some habitable solar system somewhere in the universe, even traveling close to the speed of light.

Why are governments around the world so obsessed with disproving the existence of ET UFO's? Because they pose an economic threat. Imagine this, imagine if by some fluke we missed a habitable solar system near the earth. One day ET's from that solar system are seen cruising around the earth. We notice that they are only slightly more advanced than us, they use chemical rockets for landing on earth, they use traditional electromagnetic communication, and their deep space propulsion systems reflect that they are decades or about a century more advanced.

Would this bother us? Probably not, if we deem that they aren't using any "new" physics then we know the extent of what is possible. They still need fuel for their rockets, and it might appear that even their deep space propulsion systems still operate on principles bound by inertia, thermodynamics, and conservation of energy. Their technology might be disruptive to some areas of the economy, but nothing that severe.

But what if the ET UFO's are 1000, 10,000, or more years more advanced? What if the way their vehicles move show that they do posses "new" physics that we cannot as of yet conceive of? What if their vehicles show that they move as if they don't have inertia, that they have nearly instantaneous control of almost unlimited energy, or that they can accelerate a vehicle the size of an aircraft carrier from 0 to 100,000 mphs in a matter of seconds, or that we can't detect how they communicate or even if they have to communicate? In other words they have access to physics and technology that we as of yet cannot even conceive of? As such we don't know the extent of what is possible.

Would this bother us (better question is does this bother us
) YES! Imagine if they helped us develop the same energy technology they posses? Nearly unlimited amounts of Free Energy! Well the entire energy economy would crash. What if they taught us their version of physics in a way comprehensible to humans? It would make almost any research being right now look quaint. They would be several theories beyond quantum gravity, they would have a grand unified theory and beyond. They might have access to accelerators (if they still use accelerators) that could detect whether or not strings exist.

What if they were so intelligent that they could cure almost any human disease in a matter of hours? Or they could analyze DNA with tools and precision unimaginable? What if they had philosophies of governance far superior to our best human attempts, what if they had theories of economics so perfect that the world would literally become heaven?

In other words they would be like gods compared to us, they would be nearly omniscient, hence nearly omnipotent.

Making repeatable testable contact with UFO will quite literally usher in another stage in human evolution. It would be the Biggest event in all of human history, the person or persons who makes this happen will go down in history and will forever be remembered!

Here is a little something from Tocqueville that will inspire you:

We must first understand what the purpose of society and the aim of government is held to be. If it be your intention to confer a certain elevation upon the human mind, and to teach it to regard the things of this world with generous feelings, to inspire men with a scorn of mere temporal advantage, to give birth to living convictions, and to keep alive the spirit of honorable devotedness; if you hold it to be a good thing to refine the habits, to embellish the manners, to cultivate the arts of a nation, and to promote the love of poetry, of beauty, and of renown; if you would constitute a people not unfitted to act with power upon all other nations, nor unprepared for those high enterprises which, whatever be the result of its efforts, will leave a name forever famous in time
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posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 06:02 PM
Now, that you have been inspired, it is now time to get down to doing the actual work to prove that non-human, intelligently controlled, aerial phenomena are real.

The biggest problem of the ET phenomena is repeatability. Not, to downplay the strength of eyewitness testimony but, one cannot determine, through eyewitness testimony alone, whether what they saw was a non-human, intelligently controlled, aerial phenomena OR aerial phenomena explainable through natural, human, or animal causes.

Skeptics argue that all eyewitness testimony can be explained via natural, human, or animal aerial phenomena, but this is NOT the case. There are many well documented cases that cannot be explained via natural, human, OR animal causes but, Unfortunately this doesn't mean it is non-human intelligently controlled aerial phenomena. Simply because it is NOT explainable via natural or human causes, does not automatically imply ET UFO, it raises the probability but it is not proof.

In order to get proof we need more than eyewitness testimony, let's make an analogy to the method used to find particles at FermiLab or the LHC. It would not be sufficient to prove the existence of the Higgs Boson if all we had were eyewitness testimony of the data OR if something did occur it only occurs ONCE. The basis of the scientific method is that a result is repeatable, meaning that it could be checked independently using your own equipment, taking your own data, and analyzing your own data. --- This is the main problem with the ET UFO phenomena.

So before I give out an idea that may result in repeatable testable ET UFO phenomena, I will present an idea that may be able to prove that a UFO is an ET UFO.

So if you are an avid UFO hunter here is a new piece of equipment that may be able to prove once and for all that what you see is an actual ET UFO. Yes - RC planes and helicopters:

So right as you see what you consider to be an ET UFO have the video helicopter ready and launch it to explore the ET UFO up close. If possible get some video and pictures close up and if you are really daring have the helicopter ATTACH itself to the potential ET UFO and see where the UFO goes!!! The helicopters have GPS tracking so you can determine the path of the UFO (obviously if it can attach itself then it proves that it isn't natural or animal phenomena) Just imagine if you get video of where the UFO is heading!!

There may be lower cost solutions if you search for "rc video helicopter" on google.

Now, if you have a pilots license and possibly own your own aircraft, it could be used as a platform to explore UFO's up close (if you act and take off quickly) . It might even be possible to equip the aircraft with a little drone so that if you do spot a UFO, then you can send the drone out and explore the UFO up close and possibly attach itself to it. Another idea is to have private aircraft circling around the air around UFO hotspots, equipped with drones and many sensors.

You might even want to equip the RC helicopter with a laser. So, as the RC helicopter approaches the UFO it can shine a laser on it to determine how it reacts.

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 12:51 AM
Things have become much clearer now, given that there is stronger and stronger evidence for ET's visiting the earth, then the probability that some governments around the earth have had contact with ET's of the fifth kind is increasing:

Definition of Encounters of the Fifth Kind:

So if governments have had encounters of the fifth kind, and if the ET's have mastered quantum gravity and have a grand unified theory (or can explain it to us in terms which we can understand like theories, etc) then there is a probability that some governments around world actually already have an accurate fully verified grand unified field theory !! Hence, our search for Higgs Bosons, gravitons, quantum gravity, string theory, etc may have been a giant farce!!

Just imagine if there is a fully verified and accurate Unified Field Theory and the technological development to implement it!! All of a sudden in one fell swoop most of our cherished Sci - Fi technologies like faster than light travel, wormholes, tractor beams, transporters may already exist nearby earth!!

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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 05:17 PM
Governments and corporations around the world will stop at nothing to discredit people who research UFO's and make sure that Proof of ET UFO's does not get out.

My friends and family have indicated to me that I am being monitored at all times and in all places. Information about my private life is now being leaked to friends, family, and even strangers. There are even indications that information is being leaked out to other countries around the world. Things that I say in private where no one outside my apartment can hear are leaked. Nearly everything I write is also leaked. Complete strangers come up to me and take pictures of me near my apartment.

What is most strange is that the major worldwide media has access to my private life and routinely craft their stories around it, hopefully this doesn't sound crazy but, I even think that politicians around world are routinely getting information about me.

Needless to say that many of you reading this posting may also be under surveillance. The way it works is that the powers monitoring you leak out information to agents and they spread the information as rumors to everyone.

I think this has been going on for a couple of years now, I have a website where I would post all my ideas on how to learn math and physics:

(yea I know I have to work on the html)

I have noticed that ever since i started writing in the blog section I have had indications that I have been monitored. This occurred far before I developed ideas on how to "capture" ET UFO's, indicating that powers are monitoring individuals around the world even if they don't pose a threat, simply to get ideas and exploit them.

So, be careful who you trust, so be skeptical of the media, politician, friends, ATS, and even family. Many of the stories you see on ATS have been crafted by individuals under the influence of major powers, very few are left that are truly sincere.

Remember to trust only 3 things; data acquired by yourself, with your own equipment, analyzed on your own with your own equipment, reverse speech of an event that you recorded yourself and reversed by yourself with your own equipment and were allowed to ask questions, and methodical doubt. There are exceptions to these so they should be regarded as general principles.
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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 05:30 PM

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posted on Aug, 2 2011 @ 05:30 PM
One more mile to go before ET UFO proof!! To put my mind at rest I will post ALL my ideas on how to "capture" UFO's. They are written in stream of consciousness so they may not appear well written:

Do not completely believe a UFO report until you, with your own equipment, go and verify. Whether it be a picture, video, or some sonar picture, until you go there and verify it will not merit belief. What you want is repeatable testable results. Not a one time eyewitness account, picture, or video. An approach to repeatable testable results is explained below:

Researchers should get to work on this quickly and right away before earthly powers get to work on making the ideas difficult to implement!!!

Take persistent action right after you read this entire post!!!

More UFO proof ideas:

Animal mutilations have been reported for many years, often cows, often credited to UFO's. So this is a testable prediction, why not equip every cow with an inexpensive GPS unit, Camera with video recorder. GPS units report to central computer program so that at any time a cow is detected to be several feet above earth or moving rapidly > 100mph it will trigger the video camera and start to take video.

We can use the cows as “UFO bait”. So if an animal abduction is detected, then the aliens must be close by, so then we can use other detection systems. So we can position high pixel count cameras around the range, along with laser ranging systems, homemade radars, infrared cameras, gravitational wave detection systems, carbon-based fuel combustion chemical detectors, Radiation Detectors, ElectroMagnetic Detectors, and possibly an RC controlled airplane or helicopter equipped GPS, Camera, chemical combustion detectors, and laser ranging. So if UFO do show up, then we can spring into action and view the UFO close up.

Must determine maximum operating range for the equipment described above.

May be a good idea to use the RC airplane or helicopter in general so anytime a potential intelligently controlled non human UFO is detected we can view it closeup AND if possible attach itself to the UFO and see where it goes.

Also if human abductions are true then we can also equip them similar to the animal mutilations.

Now, it may also be possible to view UFO simply by staring at a piece of sky long enough, must perform statistical calculations to determine just how long.

Criteria to determine if UFO in camera is non human intelligently controlled. Use physics principles to rule out human aircraft. Must first determine how large object is, also determine accelerations, distances, etc. Determine how much energy is required to perform movements, specific impulses, make a comprehensive list of all human-thought out propulsion systems.

Make a comprehensive list of all non-alien aerial phenomena and the adjust for them in the camera-time exposure method. - Take note that nearly all aerial phenomena behave as if they have inertia-easy to rule out, this is one of the aspects of non-human aerial vehicles that distinguishes them from nearly all other phenomena.

Shine lasers at potential UFO's see if they respond.

Shine lasers at moon towers see if it appears on LRO

Confidence level in UFO images.

Underwater UFO's around the Bermuda triangle, could have buoy's with GPS and cameras to detect if the UFO's come out. Sonar, etc.

UFO research center similar to SLAC, or LLNL, research UFO scientists could come from around the world, bring their own equipment, or use the laboratory equipment.

Create the “UFO Camera” A Camera meant specifically to capture UFO images and Video. Everything about this camera will be known from the lenses, the CCD Chip, to memory storage. The camera will also record it's GPS position, focal parameters, where it is pointing, also people will be able to download images, but NOT upload images or videos. Must be hack proof, relies on time stamping from multiple sources, internal clock, GPS signal, and atomic clock signal.

Have Low, Medium, and high altitude balloon over UFO hotspots equipped with all the aforementioned sensors. So when the UFO's appear they will be ready!!

Corroborate images from moon by NASA with actual telescopic images to detect discrepancies.

Moral imperative to help people who believe they have been abducted, the suffer from symptoms similar to PTSD. Our research will help them determine IF they are truly being abducted, if not then it is all in their mind, IF they ARE then we can bring worldwide attention and prove the ET's exist, they are physical, and it is a testable hypothesis. Furthermore, we can meet with the ET's and try to get some answers.

It has been reported that the military “picks up” abductees after their encounters, this constitutes extra proof that the phenomena is real.

Maybe we can somehow concentrate the Abductees and Cows in a local area, to maximize the probability of Alien UFO's appearing. Easier to concentrate all detectors in one place and one time.

Another idea is to interview Abductees to determine the statistics of when and where the aliens abduct them, so we can maximize the probability.

Abductees may be abducted only 1 every couple of years that is why it is critical to have a certain minimum number of them monitored or at the same place and time to maximize the chances of an abduction- must calculate the probabilities

Also determine the most common explanations for UFO sitings and research them to determine how these Natural explanations can account for the UFO sitings. Must determine the physical mechanisms, what conditions must exist in order for the sitings to attain, etc. Then set up equipment, look at geophysical reports, flight information, to exclude the natural causes.

Also to reduce the amount of noise, we should locate the UFO detectors and abductees, and cows in an area that is; far from military installations, few overflights, well knows and stable atmospheric physical phenomena, etc.

Have an RC airplane or helicopter or an Actual airplane flying around the area 24/7 to look for UFO's.

Once we have enough data we can statistically determine how long one must look at one part of the sky until one has a 99% probability of seeing what may be an alien UFO

Look at peer reviewed research journals and textbooks to determine all the different types of atmospheric phenomena, exo-atmospheric phenomena, geology, geophysical phenomena, planetary phenomena, aerodynamics, sonic boom, determine ALL types of human types of propulsion.

Good idea to concentrate abductees in Major Cities making it more difficult to cover it up and making it more obvious that UFO's are real especially if the military is willing to take such dramatic steps to cover it up.

Make a list of the reasons for nondisclosure

Gristmill – like answers to counterarguments

Approach UFO research similar to looking for rare natural phenomena. See how serious research approaches (methodology etc) looking for rare natural phenomena.

Interview abductees to determine how the typical non-human intelligently controlled UFO looks like, this way we can get an idea of what we are looking for when we review images or video.

We can design a net supported by large floating balloons around the abductees or a laser net around the area, so we can determine if the UFO moves or if it somehow appears or disappears through wormholes, or some other method.

Statistically analyze UFO data to determine, hotspots, data mine to look for patterns, correlations between weather, atmospheric phenomena, geologic phenomena, airports, military bases, etc. Also, determine what days, months, years they are most active, statistical reasoning.

It might be possible to verify MJ-12 documents, if we analyze them there may be something that is testable and repeatable.

Underwater Cameras, sonar detectors, submarines, around USO hotspots.

Also, must investigate all underwater phenomena to exclude natural causes.

Hyperspeed detection system in water MIGHT make it easier to detect USO's than Hyperspeed in atmosphere. The technology to move that quickly underwater is FAR less developed than to move that quickly in the atmosphere.

If there are anomalous structures on the moon and mars, AND there are reports of USO's then it may be possible that their exist anomalous structures underwater and we can find them and explore them much easier than those on the moon.

If there are glass structures on the moon, then it should diffract light at the terminator crosses the glass structure, this can be empirically verified through telescopic observations.

USO's may prove or disprove the existence of ET easier than UFO or aerial vehicles, since there may exist a slight chance of human built and controlled UFO's with characteristics similar to ET aerial vehicles, BUT as far as I know there are NO human built vehicles that can travel at high speed underwater and suddenly transition to the air. Submarine launched missiles travel or a short distance underwater and are easy to identify.

Must explore private corporations that specialize in private spacecraft, like Burt Rutan, Virgin, and even the group of amateurs in the Netherlands. So it may be possible to place a satellite in orbit at low cost without costly rockets.

Must define what type of UFO's we are looking for, non-human, intelligently controlled aerial phenomena. Must make definition neutral, unambiguous, and value-free. Also, must address what we mean by hoax. Definitions are powerful because they create categories, so if we define these categories carefully it will greatly aid our search for ET UFO's. The reason why is that if we define the catagories carefully then in order for aerial phenomena to “fit” the catagories it must first pass some serious, testable, falsifiable, tests.

Dedicated UFO researchers can equip a private aircraft will all the detections equipment
mentioned above to get a close look at a potential ET UFO once they are detected by the balloons. It might be the only way to detect any combustion products if the UFO is human controlled, or any electrical, gravitational, or radiation effects if indeed it is an ET UFO.

Chemical detection could be done cheaply using paper coated with chemical that reveals the presence of burnt or unburnt hydrocarbons.

Since we don't know the specifics of the ET UFO propulsion system, it may be good to consider Cosmic ray detectors and other highly sensitive radiation detectors.

Gravitomagnetism has been predicted and as of yet no one has definitely proved it, could GravMag be A key to how UFO's move?

Even if they are using GravMag, it still requires energy to create the GravMag fields to move an object the size of a UFO with such rapidity, what kind of energy source could produce Possible GravMag fields of such intensity?

In UFO research it is recommended that any modeling or predictions be based strictly on established physics. Not because “fringe physics” may not work, but because “fringe physics” may not have been proven to be accurate, also people may not accept the results because they may not have the time or interest to learn or prove different theories of physics.

Have hackers, hack into the LRO and see if they can make it send back unaltered images of regions of the moon with Towers.

Create a startup that will launch any satellite or moon rover (within reason) for a fee, advertise that as long as the satellite or moon rover is not dangerous it will be launched, to encourage UFO hunters, UFO hotspots in the nearby solar system will be charted AND special deals offered to send satellite or rover to those Hotspots.

Previous UFO research may be useful to determine what the characteristics of ET UFO's are.

Details: (Could we get all the equipment used/cheap?)

GPS, video, sound recorder:

Infrared cameras:

Must perform analysis to determine the temperature of the exiting gases of jet, rocket, and magnetohydrodyamics exhaust to specify the IR camera. Also, must determine the smallest angular resolution.

High Pixel Count Cameras:

These cameras can be configured to trigger automatically, may have to do research to determine if they can be triggered by other detection systems.

Laser ranging systems:

(3km – 25km)

(may not have to do laser ranging, if we can triangulation using well-specified cameras)

Marine Radar Systems:

(Do a google search for “marine radar system”) Must determine range, could it detect objects in the air?

Build your own Passive Radar:

Radiation Detectors:

Geiger Counters: (detection)

HPGE Radiation Detectors: (assay)

Scintillation Detectors:

Electromagnetic Detectors:

Hyperspectral Sensing:

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing may help determine if there is any exhaust (burnt or unburnt hydrocarbons) in non-human, intelligently controlled aerial phenomena.

Gravitational Distortion Detectors:

RC Airplanes and Helicopters w/ cameras and detectors:
Camera Kits for RC:

Telemetry Kit (GPS, etc)

A List of Propulsion Systems thought of by Humans:

An Interesting Article on Gravitomagnetism:

Links to UFO hotspots:

Good idea to concentrate all equipment and reliable abductees at the hotspots.

Also good time to work on USO detection.

While the rest of humanity is still trying to reconcile GR with QM, those who where brave enough to take the risks, will gain knowledge about physics 1,000,000 years in advance. We have historical inevitability on our side.

Passive Radar Components:

Universal Software Radio Peripheral:

Good Radar Website:

Organizational ideas:

We must clarify certain concepts regarding ET UFO research

First Definitions:

The word Ufo is too broad to accurately categorize what we want to find. We need a more precise definition. Like non-human, intelligently controlled, phenomena.

Also we must define exactly what we mean by hoax

In addition we must invert the methods governments use to obfuscate the ET UFO phenomena. When they present UFO's they have to be presented as if they were here way back in the ancient past, or are present but very far away, or both. Now if the are seen in the recent past and closeby the evidence must be ambiguous, meaning; primarly only ONE or a FEW eyewitness, not repeatable, indistinguishable from other non-ET phenomena, difficult to determine if it is a hoax, no physical machinery, etc.

So to prove that ET UFO's exist we must invert this. They must be see here in the present, closeby, and the evidence must be unassailable, distinguishable from non-ET phenomena, repeatable, many eyewitnesses, easy to rule out hoaxes, and we must get knowledge or devices that could not be made on earth.

Observation Balloons:

Determine weight limits, equip with passive radar detectors, cameras, different types of detectors.

More Gravitational Distortions:

UFO movements may create gravitational distortions, as such they may have time machines, or wormholes, OR maybe not, they may have found out a long time ago that they Can't exist.

When they appear or disappear, nearly instantaneously are there severe gravitational distortions?

This requires very sensitive interferometric observations.

Abductee Selection Process:

Given the nature of the Abduction process a rigorous selection process must be employed. psychological memory regression, Polygraph tests, reverse speech, forensics, and detective work must employed to select the abductees with the highest probability of actually having had an ET abduction process.

Attach small cameras with GPS tracking to birds around UFO hotspots to determine if they can detect UFO and get close to them.

Now that you know everything,

Go out and capture some ET UFO's!!!!

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 12:25 AM
Apparently eavesdropping is a multi-billon dollar underground industry. Here are some warning signs of Covert Eavesdropping:

Look at the wording from the 1st paragraph:

"Often the loss of your secrets will show up in very subtle ways so you should always trust your instincts in this matter. When your competitors know things that are obviously private, or the media finds out about things they should not know, then it is reasonable to suspect technical eavesdropping or bugging."

It looks as if I'm not the only one who has noticed this. So beware!!
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posted on Aug, 5 2011 @ 11:07 PM
Given the state of the economy and the potential devastating effects that proving ET UFO's are visiting earth may have, it is best to postpone the research until the economy gets better. We should set some metrics, maybe 5 years of sustained growth, etc. THEN prove ET UFO's are here. Unfortunately, by then the powers that be may have already found ways to stall any progress in UFO research.

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 04:12 AM
There appear to be several discrepancies in some of the photographs that NASA displays on the internet, the following discrepancies were found by "luna cognita" presented in the following video:

Take a look at AS11-36-5319:

There appears to be a white glowing "shape" on the right side of the earth's limb. It is completely missing from the same photograph here:

Some may argue that it was an emulsion error and it was edited out of the final photograph but, the same argument doesn't hold in the following photographs:


Take note of the white objects near the earth's limb.

The same photograph now shows signs of severe editing, note the white objects are no longer present:

If you adjust the gamma a bit you can clearly see some serious editing:

(I used XnView and adjusted the gamma correction to 2.00)

With all this "editing" going on can we be sure that we are getting accurate information? Like I have said if we want completely accurate images and videos of what is going on in space and on the moon we must send our own satellites and moon rovers and send and receive signals with our own equipment. This gives additional credence to what Donna Hare has stated:

Another Great Moon UFO video:

You can clearly see UFO's maneuvering around the moon with the appropriate telescope!!! To ensure these videos are not hoaxes it is recommended to view the moon (under good conditions) with your own telescope and verify these UFOs for yourself with your own equipment.

The story of a "dead" lifeless solar system is itself "dead", our solar system appears to be full of intelligent life everywhere we look!!

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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 05:34 PM
Here is a better comparison between photographs AS16-118-18873:

Hig-res or low-res versions are available:

The "edited" version:

Some of the best evidence for anomalous objects comes from NASA itself:

Though some of the narrator's comments are speculative the footage was recorded directly from the NASA feed from the space shuttle.

Take Note, satellites and other man made objects are not self luminious, make 90 degree turns, follow the space shuttle on the exact same orbit, make circles around the ISS, or orbit to the West. Also, meteors are not self luminous outside the atmosphere, make 90 degree turns, follow the shuttle, circle the ISS, or visibly accelerate and decelerate. Even the CATO noticed the objects.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 02:43 PM
I'm back again!! What we as ET - UFO researchers may need is a curriculum. A curriculum to help aid novice and beginning researchers learn how to perform rigorous research that can stand up to skeptical scrutiny.

First, a good review of the philosophy of science will give the beginning researcher a systematic method by which to begin to reason scientifically about UFOs. The philosophy of science will also introduce the major concepts, questions, problems, and solutions that underlie modern scientific research. It will enable the novice to find the holes in a line of reasoning, and to know when research is being done in a scientific manner.

One very good introduction is "The Philosophy of Science" by Jeffery Kasser PhD offered by The Great Courses Company:

The Philosophy of Science by Jefferey Kasser

Some of the subjects presented in the course can be be quite challenging to understand, so repeated listening may be necessary.

You may be able to find the course at your local library:

WorldCat Search For Philosophy of Science

After the philosophical bases of rigorous research have been established, now it is time for methodology of how to actually carry on the research. The philosophy of science establishes the methods, questions, and patterns of reasoning now comes the details, how to actually carry out the method(s) in varied circumstances.

Fortunately this has already been done for us. Forensic science has established methods by which to investigate crimes, these methods can be adapted to investigate ET UFOs.

The Insight Media Company offers a large selection of Forensic science videos simply do a search for them:

Catalog Search

You may be able to find some of the videos at your local library. Do a search on World Catalog.

They also have a good selection of videos on how to do research:

Simply click on "research methods" under "Research, Writing, and Study Skills"

Also there are many good books on how to do research:

Amazon List of Research Books

The books on scientific research may be more helpful when designing an experiment. For example when trying to attract ET UFOs using cows or Abductees, the researcher should make sure that the "experiment" has been designed in a such a way as to allow data to be collected in an unbiased manner. Also, the experiment should be designed to lower the uncertainty in measurements, have adequate signal to noise ratios, proper calculation of probabilities and statistics, etc.

Now that the methodology has been established it is also useful to know the history of ET UFO research. In this way we can look for patterns, derive experimental consequences, etc from prior encounters with UFOs. A good introduction to UFO history and documentation is given by Isaac Koi. Mr. Koi's website presents the history of UFO research in systematic manner making it easier to learn and master UFOlogy, his "Starter Pack" is quite informative:

Starter Pack

It may be possible to divide UFO research in to 3 branches:

1. Experimental UFO research - Performing experiments to determine if ET UFOs are visiting the planet.
2. Historical UFO research - Examining documents, investigating potential ET UFO cases.
3. Legal UFO research - pushing for more disclosure.

Each branch may require a separate field of study, in the case of experimental UFO research a good working knowledge of mathematics and physics is necessary to build models, analyze data, and perform experiments. So my website may be helpful:

Now are on our way to establishing a UFO curriculum.
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 03:20 PM
It was recently announced that neutrinos may be able to travel faster than light:

Faster than Light

If this result is verified and is able to be consistently reproduced by independent investigators it may be one of the great modern discoveries in physics. Furthermore, if repeated verified, it may shed light as to how ET UFOs move and how they could travel large intergalactic distances in short amounts of time.

We must first temper any excitement, because this result could be due to some error, or be attributable to some problem with the detectors or data.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:36 PM
Now that it has been discovered that NASA does edit some images without telling the public, the question then becomes, how can we trust ANY of the images NASA presents to us?

If so, then how extensive is this image editing? A reason we found the previous edits is because they did a poor job of editing, but this raises the question if NASA edits without telling the public what is to stop them from editing images in such a sophisticated manner that we can't detect it. There are entire courses of study dedicated to creating and altering images for artistic purposes, what is to stop NASA from hiring people to alter images in a way that can't be easily detected?

Maybe some objectors within NASA did a poor job of editing these images on purpose, to send the public a message, that many of our most cherished images of space have been altered for political purposes.

To regain the trust and respect of the people, NASA should allow people to have direct access to their satellites in real time in such a way that the average person can prove to themselves that the data they are receiving from the satellites is accurate.

Also NASA can implement a space lottery, where anyone can sign up, pay a fee, and enter to have a chance to go up in space with astronauts. Obviously the person will have to pass a rigorous physical and background checks but otherwise ANY person will have an EQUAL chance of going into space. This way people feel that they have a real connection to NASA as opposed to an aloof and arrogant posture that NASA often puts forth.

Maybe the problem isn't with NASA, rather it is with us. We are told NASA is a civilian space agency, but experience tells us otherwise. We expect transparency and accurate information, but the way NASA officials and NASA bureaucracies behave show the heavy hand of secrecy, characteristic of a more military nature.

NASA appears to be more of the public relations arm of military space programs. A cover for secret space missions and a reason to spend exorbitant amounts of money on missions that, in public, never materialize, but in reality may be used for "other" purposes.

I really think it's time for individual space exploration, government bureaucracies are too subject to secrecy and serve as a bottleneck for accurate information.

posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 04:32 AM
In this issue I address a serious matter; reactions of the government.

There is another testable prediction that gives very strong indications that the ET UFO phenomena is real; government response.

You can test this for yourself, go out and investigate potential UFOs, attend the conferences, publicly proclaim that you believe in ET UFOs, attempt to contact UFO using abductees or cows in areas with animal abductions and in a short while you will experience the government monitoring you. This should tell you something, that the government considers the possibility of ET UFO's real enough to use resources to monitor the people involved in UFO research.

People may say that all UFOs are simply secret experimental craft, but if so then why do commercial airline pilots see them and why do they fly so recklessly around commercial aircraft carrying passengers?

UFO Sightings by Pilots

If they are experimental craft why do think it necessary to endanger the public?

Why did these experimental craft find it necessary to fly over the white house in 1952, which is restricted airspace:

Saucers over the White House

Also, there is a problem with chronology, when exactly did we develop or "gain" the technology for these craft? These craft have been seen before the "official" invention of the jet engine (invented around 1937). Take note of the UFO pictures taken before 1937:

UFO Pictures

In fact one photo was taken in 1870, 33 years before the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight, on December 17, 1903:

Wright Brothers

In addition photographic technology was not sufficiently advanced to "hoax" an image, so this clearly shows that not all these craft are of human origin.

That said, we must be careful because, many UFOlogists have died under "mysterious" circumstances:

Did they Know Too Much?

Good article written by Otto O. Binder. It would be interesting if these deaths could be statistically analyzed to determine IF they present a significant statistical anomaly when compared to the average life expectancy and cause of death for the average person back in 1965-67.

Here are more recent alleged "mysterious" deaths:

Lest We Forget

Furthermore, several witnesses of the Roswell incident report that government officials actually issued death threats:

Roswell Intimindation

I find this odd because attaining UFO knowledge does not physically hurt anyone, and I don't see how it could be used to physically harm anyone or any nation. In addition these craft fly all over the earth, so it is not as if it other nations don't know, or don't have knowledge of them. The reasons for keeping it secret are vague, it could be these craft pose a threat to the interests of a certain small group of people or sector of the economy.

The fact that they are willing to threaten people shows that there is something in the UFO phenomena they don't understand, can't control, can't match scientifically, technologically, or militarily, and don't feel comfortable talking about openly.

So what can we do, as a partial measure we should seek legal counsel and develop strategies to deal with potential government threats. This is only partial because, many of these "forces" work outside the law. The most important thing we can do is to get as many people as possible to run their own research and to grow it continuously. Research should be carried out in public in large populations centers that never sleep, so that at any given time there will be many witnesses.
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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 07:24 PM
Hello everyone, for the more daring, willing to risk incredible odds and take heroic actions to contact ET's, there will soon be an opportunity that may bring you one step closer to incredible discoveries. On Friday, October 14 2011 there will be a rodeo at the Cow Palace sponsored by the California Police Activities League:

CowPalace Rodeo

Not only will you be helping the Police Activities League, but this is also a great opportunity to develop contacts with cattle ranchers. These cattle ranchers may have had some of their cattle "abducted" by potential UFO's or in the very least may know of someone who has had their cattle "abducted".

Apparently telemarketing works, at least on me, the Police Activities League called me and asked to buy some of their Rodeo tickets and wanting to help out I did. At first I thought, when am I ever going to go to a rodeo? At least it helps someone out, but then realized hey I can make contacts with people who know about cattle and may have experienced cattle "abductions", perfect!!

I have about 4 tickets left, each ticket admits 5 people, at $40 each if you want to buy one I can send them out to you post haste, overnight, just email me

See you there!!

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