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posted on Jul, 18 2015 @ 01:58 AM
Despite all the effort, to model and simulate a massive solar panel array or an upgraded electrical infrastructure, knowing how most politicians are, most likely nothing will be built. Furthermore, in regards to the Hyperloop, most likely that will take the rest of my natural life, I'll be deep in the ground before the first passenger rides between Phoenix and L.A.

So, to guard against Jack-Squat and crossing the river Styx, I treated the walls of the Iron room to ensure I regain the privacy of my thoughts so I can then work on physics research. I bought a propane torch from Harbor Freight Tools:

Propane Torch

This torch has a "turbo" feature which makes it look and sound like an afterburner on a jet

(Harbor Freight has some pretty good selection of tools at low prices)

The open air flame temperature is about 1995 C, hot enough to melt iron. I bought this torch and a propane tank and exposed the inside surfaces of the iron room to the flame, I repeated this about 5 times. I am currently testing the Iron room to determine just how many or how few thoughts they can read.

When I first built the Iron room, it worked perfectly. This was before I figured out ways to lock doors from the inside and use timers to open and close garage doors. So, I went to a local event here in Phoenix and when I came back all of a sudden the Iron room failed to block their ability to read thoughts. Also, I noticed strange markings on the inside surface of the Iron room, something that looked like a pentagram, and then later something that looked like a cross.

After that, no matter what I did the Iron room failed to block their ability to read thoughts. I figured I could buy new iron panels but, that is too expensive, I could take it to a foundry and have it melted down and recast but, once again too expensive, then one day I thought, why not simply heat up the surfaces to such a temperature that is breaks or disassociates any sensors they placed? I mean the sensors are very small, they can't be too robust. So I bought the propane torch and went to work.

So far it looks like it is working but, I have to test it thoroughly. Whoever is monitoring is very very sneaky, they could simply be bluffing. I'll keep everyone informed.
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posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 05:32 PM
I did a search on google for remote neural monitoring and this is what appeared:

Remote Neural Monitoring

One of the websites named "greatdreams" indicates and I quote

Robert C. Gunn, PhD, Arbor, Michigan, is a an NSA clinical psychologist involved in the human and Constitutional rights violations of Mind Control. He has committed unthinkable atrocities, worldwide

I did a search for "Robert C. Gunn, PhD, Arbor, Michigan":

Robert C. Gunn

Before we go accusing people, I wanted to find out for myself, so I called the number listed in the google search and no answer. First of all, if this person does exist, do we know for sure that he was involved in violations of mind control? Dr. Gunn appears to be simply a clinical psychologist for St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, MAYBE at one time in his life was involved in such programs, but now he could be treating people with depression and stuff like that. I'll keep on calling.

In other news it appears as if the Iron is working again, though i have to now start sealing any openings to ensure there is no leakage of EEG waves that can reach their sensors.

The "perfect" Faraday room with superconducting walls would not only stop all electromagnetic signals from going OUT, it would stop all electromagnetic signals from going IN. This would eliminate any directed energy attacks or any type of satellite control, furthermore it would block the signal emitted from any surveillance device built into computers.

This is not the first time most of the U.S. population was subject to gangstalking, the Church Commission confirmed that. What IS different is that, unlike before, we can defeat their technology and this time the "power elite" can lose.
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posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 04:36 PM
It does appear as if the Iron room does block EEG signals from leaking out to sensors. It appears as if exposing the surfaces to a propane flame damages the sensors to the point where they are no longer functional. Though further testing is needed.

A benefit of creating a space that is free from any type of surveillance is that it can be used to test any object for the presence of monitoring devices. For example I discovered that some books have monitoring devices inside. This is nothing new, many of us have seen those metallic security devices in books from a bookstore or library. Also most laptops, computer desktops, and computer monitors have monitoring devices built in. I have about 20 different desktop computers and about 5 different laptops built between 1995 and 2010, sad to say nearly all of them have monitoring devices built inside.

I am currently looking for a desktop computer that does not have any monitoring devices. My strategy is to test older and older computers. The reasoning being that there must be a point in the technological development of desktops and/or laptops where the surveillance technology was either not available or not feasible given space and computing constraints. For example take the original IBM PC:


Or the first personal computer, the Apple II:

Apple II

Given the processing constraints of these computers and the technology available at the time, they may not have monitoring devices built in.

The plan is to test pre-pentium processors like the 486 and 386. These processors are very slow by today's standards but if they are free of monitoring devices then the extra time to compute anything might be worthwhile.

On a completely different note let's talk about water.

As many of us know or have seen, water drips out from air conditioner units when there is significant moisture in the air. Most of the time for most air conditioners this water simply drips on the ground. I was thinking, instead of letting this water go to waste this water could be reclaimed.

It only takes a couple of cents or dollars worth of PVC pipe to redirect "air conditioner water" from dripping on the ground to going down the sewer drain. Furthermore, most places where Air Conditioners are installed have easy access to sewage drains, so there are no infrastructure costs involved.

My neighbors' air conditioner drips about 1 drop of water per second. This is about 0.125 Cubic centimeters of water per second or about 3.3x10^-5 Gallons/second. If we multiply this by the number of seconds in a day, 86400, we get about 2.85 gallons per air conditioner unit (approximately). There are about 1.58 million Air Conditioner units in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, so 2.85*1.58x10^6 equals 4,503,000 gallons of water.

This is about 4 million gallons of extra water that could be reclaimed with little cost and effort.

Reclaiming air conditioning water leads to the broader concept of of reclaiming water from the atmosphere. There are energy efficient machines that are designed specifically to extract water from air:

"Water from Air"

What if an industrial scale machine like this was built say in Flagstaff, where it is easier to obtain water from air? Then Arizona would have more water available for a growing population.

We may have read that California is going through a drought.

What if an industrial scale machine like this was built say in Eureka, where it is easier to obtain water from air? Then California would have more water to alleviate the drought.

Here is yet another idea, instead of letting the farmland of the central valley lay unused, why not instead pay the land owners to rent out their land to be used for solar power collection? There are solar power cells that come in flexible sheets that could be rolled out throughout the central valley. Most of these farms have access to the electrical grid, so all the solar energy that falls on the unused land would instead by collected and fed into the CA electrical grid. Here is a documentary on solar power that is most helpful:

Here Comes the Sun VPRO

In the documentary they show people rolling out flexible solar panels to collect electricity from rooftops.

Simply covering 9000 square miles of unused farmland would yield about 0.9 TeraWatts of power. You can literally power up the entire state just on the sunlight that falls on the central valley. Then you can construct hydrolysis (water splitting) plants on the coasts to store energy in the form of hydrogen. Then when it is needed the hydrogen would be converted to electricity by running it through a fuel cell and the waste product would be clean water. Water that could be used to alleviate or eliminate the drought. CA would no longer need as much water from the CO river.

I have heard it said that we live in the era of "humility". I find it interesting that the people who make decisions as to what era we are in are anything but humble, anyway this era is ending and a new era is beginning. The water, energy issue brings up a good point about humility. Here is a quote that I think best expresses why the "power elite" wish to inculcate humility:

The idol is not created by the gilder, but by the genuflector; he who knows, desires more that man shall need him than thank him. To hold them expectant is the art of the courtier, to rely upon their thankfulness, the art of peasant, for the first remembers as the second forgets. More is to be gained from dependents than from courtesy; he shortly turns his back upon the well who has drunk his fill, and the squeezed orange falls from golden salver into the dung. When dependence goes, decent deportment goes, and with it respect. Let it be a lesson and the first from experience, to keep hope alive but never satisfied, remaining necessary always even to the crowned head; but do not carry this to the point of silence that he may commit error, or so far as to make incurable the mischief of another, for your personal profit.

So the question then becomes, how does the "power elite" create dependents? There are many ways and many different levels but, at the level of a state or a nation this could be accomplished by showing people that resources critical for the daily operation of the economy is not completely under their control. In the case of the U.S. it is oil and in the case of CA it is both water and energy. Yet another part of this mindset is not only to realize that we can't control everything but that very little can be done, even in principle.

Problems arise when rational, practical solutions are found to resource shortages. For if the alternatives are well researched and in many cases are superior, then the entire mindset of "humility" is questioned; we can do more than we thought, we can address large problems, we can guide our destinies! So if we are in control, then who loses control? Yep, those who had a stake in the status quo, those who made promises to people that things wouldn't change, at least for now.

So, we can either wait for energy or rain to happen, or you can make it happen.

posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 04:17 PM
So far it does appear as if the Iron room is working again, it seems as if exposing the surfaces to a propane flame did work. I am currently testing a vintage laptop with a 286 processor to determine if they placed sensors in it, so far it appears as if the laptop is clean.

What I really wanted to discuss is massive solar power. As I have stated and calculated in my previous posts there is MORE than enough highly-sunlit low population density desert in the U.S. to meet ALL energy needs. I recently performed a more detailed calculation on the amount of sun-power per square meter that falls on my roof.

I found a website run by the U.S. government where one can download the amount of Watts/(square meter) that falls in a specific region in 30 minute increments, for the entire year:

NREL Solar Power Viewer

I downloaded the data for amount of sun-power than falls on my roof for the entire year of 2012, in 30 minute increments, here is a link to a google spread sheet:

Sunlight Power Spread Sheet

I created a column where I multiplied the "DNI" column in units of Watts/Sq. Meter by 1800 seconds (the number of seconds in 30 minutes), this is the "J/m2" column. Since Watts has units of Joules/second, multiplying Watts/Sq. Meter by 1800 seconds gives us the amount of energy that fell on my roof in that 30 minute increment, in Joules/Sq.Meter.

Then I added all the cells in the "J/m2" column giving me the total amount of sun-energy that fell on my roof per square meter for the entire year. I then looked up the total amount of energy used both by the world and the U.S. for the year of 2012 and converted it to Joules, these are in cells G3 and H3. Dividing G3 and H3 by cell I17525 we get the total number of square meters needed to provide ALL energy needs both for the world and the U.S. These are given in cells J9 and K9 and I converted them to square miles in cells J11 and K11. So we see that about 20,000 square miles of solar panels will produce sufficient power to meet ALL energy needs in the U.S. 105,000 square miles will provide sufficient power for the entire world!

These calculations are in agreement with Hermann Scheer's statements in the video "Here Comes the Sun". Mr. Scheer stated that an area they size of France, about 300,000 square kilometers can power the entire world. 300,000 square kilometers translates to 115830.6 square miles, this is very close to the 104806.7486 square miles computed from my spreadsheet.

If the U.S. decided to get ALL it's energy from renewable sources, then the money that the U.S. consumer spends paying for petroleum production owned by foreign companies will instead go to the American Worker. According to the NRDC:

America spends more than $200,000 per minute on foreign oil -- $13 million per hour. More than $25 billion a year goes for Persian Gulf imports alone.

NRDC Oil Money

Just imagine $200,000 per minute instead going to the American Worker? How about $25 billion a year going to American businesses? These are guys with boots, tool belts, hard hats, maybe they have overalls, they wear the Dickies pants, maybe they have a couple of tall boys in a cooler, stuff like that. All the oil money that would have gone overseas, instead goes in their pockets!!

Not only does the American worker benefit but, the U.S. as a whole, we save money on defense, and ensure national security for the foreseeable future. This saves us trillions in the long run. We also save money that would have been used to combat the effects of carbon emissions, in the long run. There are nothing but benefits for the U.S and the world by switching over to renewable energy.

There is a correlation with the energy density of oil and money density per person. Since oil is so energy dense, the money to pay for it can, in principle, go to only a few people. While to power the entire U.S. or world using renewable power would require an extensive workforce, meaning the money to pay for the energy would instead to to MORE people. This fact alone would make the U.S. and world more democratic. We have the following argument:

larger workforce --> Renewable power --> energy industry --> largest industry --> largest political power.

So instead of about 1% of the population holding most of the political power, political power would instead be spread among more people making the U.S. and the world more democratic.

So what are we waiting for?
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posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 04:53 PM
I just saw an informative post regarding solar power here on ATS:

Solar Power Regulations

Apparently many states are regulating power produced by solar panels, in what I consider to be, in an irrational manner. Maybe this isn't so irrational, for if the 1% have most of the political power, backed by an energy dense fossil fuel industry, then it would stand to reason they would try nearly everything in their power to stop or stall the progress of massive renewable energy and massive democracy. We currently have little democracy.

Both the market and the government need to be synchronized to make massive solar power happen.

Maybe the next president can change all that.
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