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I was born into the "bloodlines" and went rogue

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 04:18 AM
originally posted statement by OP clandestiny......

What we did to offset the plan before the winter of 1999 was to force the Clinton administration to flinch on July 26 by prompting a news reporter to ask questions around Washington about MTBE causing the drought. originally posted statement by OP clandestiny......

please give us the name of the reporter,,,,,, and we can certainly verify if he was given guidance by outside forces (you) to pose these questions to clinton/administration

to other posters,,,,,, please repeat this question in your posts so the OP can not overlook and ignore it

i'm betting he won't answer it becasue it may ruin it,,,, or it may prove without a doubt that he is telling the truth

either way,,,,,

please repeat this question for me

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 04:19 AM
It's 'rogue' damnit, not 'rouge'. I know it SEEMS trivial, but if people can't even get this right then what is the use in posting anything else, because obviously the attention to detail has diminished?

Show me the evidence...go on...give us something tangible rather than just up to your promises/contentions in the OP and deliver...until then I may be a harsh critic.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 04:25 AM
I have read all 18 pages of this thread, and it was painful at moments, and not necessarily because of the OP. The behavior of some posters on this thread has been almost juvenile. You people should hold yourselves to a higher standard.

As to the OP, of course it is fiction. Interesting fiction, but still fiction. One of the things that gets me is that people keep trying to correct the OP about Y2K. I didn't get the impression he was talking about the 'glitch' Y2K, but an actual virus that was never released. Supposedly, because of the actions of the OP and his 'group'. That's pretty thought provoking, wondering if there wasn't a virus created to do exactly what the MSM claimed the 'bug' was supposed to do. That is a pretty neat idea for a story, and the OP should look into getting it published.

The claims of people on this thread of the OP 'wasting their time' are a bit far-fetched. No one forces people to read these threads, no one holds a gun to your head. Honestly, I've said it before, if you don't like the premise, move right along, nothing to see here. Starve a fire of oxygen and it dies, same with Trolls and Stringers (as another poster so aptly called them). One of the main reasons this thread has made it to the front page is the heat generated by the nay-sayers. Think about that for awhile folks.


posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 04:37 AM

Originally posted by clandestiny
On extra extraterrestrials, that is a reserve plan where secret technology is used to fake an alien invasion who then cut a deal with the powers that be to rule us, while they announce to be from heaven, connected to the Hebrew God who created the universe and announce the twelve tribes of Israel to be their chosen people.

I think that is a possibility - I have been joining the dots on that for a while.

“North Korea and Israel are the last to holdouts, everyone else is pretty much ready to walk away, which is why they are so anxious. If I can get out, they will effectively be neutered. But they are ramping up their last efforts. I hope someone in the Pentagon is watching to see if the contrails from that rocket has anything biological. They should probably bomb the thing before it takes off and remove North Korea from the map but I couldn’t make that kind of assessment without seeing how everything lays out. They have the biggest bio and chem arsenal in the world and dump a lot of their economy into supporting their WMD programs. The jet stream flows this way from there. Israel is talking about going into Iran, which they have to do soon before we make friends with Iran.”

Well - this is all a lot of nonsense. North Korea is a problem for the NWO - it is not a NWO asset - the idea of that is preposterous, and your mind is obviously being effected by the MSM. While anything is possible - it is the far side of fantasy to think NK is a NWO bastion.

I have read everything you have said up until now, and had no opinion - just that your story is far fetched. Spending 12 yrs as an alcholic bum is an unlikely training program to prepare you to take down the globalists.

NK is purely peaceful - however they are constantly threatened, if you wanted to eliminate the NWO's real asset - you would remove Israel from the map, not NK.

Israel was created and bankrolled by the globalists - and they installed that piece of crap country and armed it so they could use it to control oil in the middle east.

Your claims seem to revolve purely around this idea of creating an Armageddon scenario through earthquakes and massive flooding. The relationship between flooding and earthquakes is obviously against mainstream science (not really an issue for me) - but I can not infer any possible connection between earthquakes and inundation - on whatever scale.

Also - you fail to mention the most crucial aspects of the current plan - which are financial. The theft of real estate using deflation and foreclosure - its not an accident, its not out of control - it is progressing as planned.

The NWO are not losing, they are moving forward at a steady pace - the financial collapse is simply a part of the plan - anyone who thinks it is a failure needs to review the evidence.

All in all - your story is entertaining, and highly imaginative - with more research, and a broader approach you could have been more convincing.

Anyone who is following current events and understands how the global economy is being manipulated can be fairly sure that it is not accidental - and that the central banks are still firmly in control. They seem to simply be using the process to accumulate real estate, which they are calling 'toxic assets' so they can buy and sell them for basically nothing - no-one knows how many mortgages are being held, I would estimate millions - they are not being resold.

Additionally - most of the worlds silver is now held at Barclays bank - which should make everyone nervous considering the upside potential of the silver price - it is destined to increase over 100 times in the next 2 to 10 years, that was without any collapse - god knows where the price will go during a currency collapse.

The NWO plan is progressing smoothly - any claims it is failing are optimistic fantasies.

The only problem that the NWO really face is the internet - because people can do effective research and exchange useful and pertinent information - categories your story does not fall into.

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 04:51 AM
The OP shot him/herself in the foot right out of the starting gate, IMHO. This remark right here is all I needed to read to know that this is a work of fiction:

Originally posted by clandestiny
I am probably not the first person to say that nor to combine that with the supposed Y2K virus and come away claiming the Y2K virus would cause some kind of cataclysmic end of the world as we know it. That wouldn’t be far from reality. Although if it was assumed that this plan was created by God, it’s theorist would have been mistaken, unless they knew God to be a man, or group of men, descended, or alleging to descend from, Jesus Christ, which are my ancestors.

First off, the Y2K bug, was a bug, it was not a virus. It was not done intentionally, as even I wrote software at the time with two digit years instead of four digit ones, and I certainly was not in on some plan. This was done either out of laziness, oversight on the part of the programmer, or more commonly to save on expensive disk space (at the time) in Databases.

Here is the real kicker though. Anyone who was in the software field during the time leading up to 2000 knew that the world was not going to end on Y2K, and that it was all overblown into a much bigger deal then it really was. At the most we were going to have some possible billing SNAFU’s, and a minor glitch here or there. The reason why none of us were worried was that MOST SOFTWARE just really does not care what the year is, and the year has NO EFFECT on how that software runs. Now some billing systems might have printed bills up that were dated 100 years back, and a few might have even billed folks for 100 years worth of service, but it was not going to make the machine crash.

The only systems where there was some serious concern were navigation systems that involved traveling in “direction X for Y minutes at Z speed”. An aircraft with an older ACARS system might have decided it had been traveling in the direction for 99 years too long and make a radical direction change. These systems were all updated prior to Y2K, and most were shifting to GPS by then anyway. Most other software or hardware could not care less if it was 2000 or 1900, it did not require or use that information anyway.

The only thing that the Y2K bug did cause was the 2001 tech market crash, as the companies who had been hiring thousands of programmers to become Y2K compliant started to let those folks go. At the time the field had been expanding at break neck pace, and was becoming highly saturated with people who were being told that computers were the ever expanding field of tomorrow, which was not the case. Many companies took that opportunity to punish programmers who had often been job-hopping contract hired guns pre-Y2K, and teach them a lesson. This was coupled with a massive push to outsource to cheap foreign labor, and crashed the entire field for numerous years to come.

Therefore, point is that the OP shows this to be a work of fiction, just as the story opened. Might be a good one to move to the collaborative writing forum…

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by Aeons

Hello my fellow orange lover.

Yes, you can grow oranges.

I grow dwarf oranges, lemons, and bananas in what was a porch that I made into a sun room.

You can also use grow lights if you have no room with windows.

I just planted tomato seeds and hope to have fresh tomatoes by Christmas.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 05:16 AM

I have read what you have had to say, and given it a lot of thought, however you seem to be transfixed upon two issues which at the start you claimed was the whole plan that the Families and corporations used to try and bring off their plan.

Climate change designed to make it seem like the end of the Human World, and Y2K, I can understand how with the climate control Y2K if worked right and done using technology on the night of 31/12/1999, would have made it a little easier for some control to be gained.

However, there seems to be a huge amount of information missing from the whole puzzle.

The two incidents or scenario's you have talked about alone would not have been enough in any way shape or form to bring about a NWO, not even to allow the start of the plan you claimed has been worked upon for hundreds of years, and I shall explain why.

First hundreds of years ago, how would they know Computers would even exist to create part of their plan, and second, the usage of fuel additives could not have been foreseen, because engines did not exist, so they could not have foreseen how anything could have been delivered into the Atmosphere, those ideas have to have been thought up within the past 80 years.

Okay here is what I believe would be needed to bring about a Bloodline plan to take over the World.

Please keep reading and tell me if you think I am wrong.

Firstly you would need Religion, but in several forms, and a different God to that what was being worshipped by the Families of the bloodlines, they would never use their own faith, that would be too precious to them, Knowledge is Power and that if used by thousands of years of the same bloodline, would have to be the biggest secret and never revealed, sharing the same knowledge would share the Power, that is what I believe is referred too in Genesis as the tree of Knowledge, not a literal tree, but a Family secret of Knowledge, once shared by a Family member who became an outcast for the biggest sin against their Bloodline, or Family.

History would have to be driven and made as time went by, starting of wars, controlling every aspect of it to ensure the winner was always chosen no matter how powerful they seemed to be, only ending when the goal or aim of that conflict could be achieved, hence the reason for wars, to control something in the guise of being threatened, like current events with Iran, and recent events with Iraq and Afghanistan, and other conflicts in Vietnam, and central American countries, I think Vietnam was nothing more than a huge chess game played out as a way of testing the technology and weaponry of the day, the only place really to test it for real is in a conflict, so it became a proxy war for the Soviet union who supplied the enemy of the USA, against the USA, a way to fight each other indirectly, to test each others abilities, using the population on both sides to test the technology without concern for the life's of those forced to fight.

History is full of conflict, in fact that is all it seems to be, hardly any history contains anything good, great or wonderful, sure there are a few examples, but just that a few.

So okay, lets get to the plan to create a NWO, and modern times, what would be needed to create such a thing? climate change and crashing of computers would only be a small part of it, control of the media, that is already in place, even the internet is more and more under their control, but not enough of it at this time, it is full of holes they need to plug, because news is leaking out from all over the World, so to try and slow this, the use of disinformation plays a huge part, disinformation contradicting everything even itself, just enough to keep people disagreeing so no opposition could be built or organised to fight back once the plan begins to break out into the public eye, for every truth there has to be created an opposite line to counter it, even here, all it takes is a doubt planted, too many willing to follow without making an opinion of their own, if everyone could and would be willing to make up their own opinion, the battle would be easier to fight by the people, but I doubt we would ever see that in the near future.

What confuses me most about your story is and has to be the Bloodline, if your speaking the truth then you would never have claimed it was the Bloodline of Jesus, the Bloodline has to go back thousands of years before that time, it is impossible to avoid that being the case, why? because the Bloodline of Christ was already lost by the time the Council of Nicea had decided who was going to be the figure head of the Christian faith, Christianity was already established when the first council got together, the problem they had was they needed a name, the name of the person who was to be divine, there where several names on the table, but they needed one, so how could the Bloodline be definitive as that of Jesus, the control had already began to fester itself around the known World, so the original Bloodline had to come from millennia before the date 0.

Again that information is forbidden knowledge, a knowledge that has almost shown itself several times, but has been suppressed time and time again by the real Bloodline, I agree it has gone through the Templars, and through many many other secret societies over the past 2000 plus years, but again they where just a means of control at the time they existed, it suited the Churches at the time, but was obliterated once the purpose had been achieved.

However the Bloodline became unstuck at a point in the bloody history, because there was a splintering and an understanding of the forbidden knowledge, which created an opposite force, a force that the Bloodline has fought and forced to be known as Evil ever since, call it what you want, it's known by different names throughout history, and only named to suit the times, but these opposing forces are out there, and being of the Bloodline as you say, this should be obvious to you, it's a creation that came about through the greed by the so called Bloodline, they simply became out witted through their own secrets, and the need by everyone to know what any secret is, as a race we can not help ourselves.

So on to modern times, events such as 911, corruption through politics, and blatant lies told to our faces, but the lack of the will to fight back (not making an opinion of your own)

I need to put this in a way where it does not seem like I have inside information because I don't.

Right now in the World the two opposing forces, the Bloodlines, and the splinter groups who gained the forbidden knowledge, are waging a war, right under the noses of us all, 911 and the pentagon discrepancies, the deliberate in your face unwillingness to share the records of that day, right down to going to war unjustly, and up and coming events, to doomsday stories breaking out day in day out, the latest being a nuclear attack within the USA this month, is that true? doesn't have to be, because the idea has been planted, just like every other terrible prediction, they feed off the fear, they need that fear, that fear and it's outcome is their sacrifice to their God.

Imagine right now if everything we have seen like the events of 911, is the war being raged, one side against the other, one side attacks while the other side strive to prevent it, TPTB cant have the populations knowing that is happening, this is why Presidents make promises, and then seem to break them, because they don't even know the truth of it all, anyone remember the face on President Obama after he had his intelligence briefing when he became President? that was the face of a man who wanted his life to end there and then, because he got told the truth of what was going on, it shocked him so much he knew instantly everything he stood for was about to be turned into a lie, he was not going to be in control of anything, he had a script he had to follow from that second forward.

Some previous Presidents already knew before taking office, and didn't care about how the World saw them, there was nothing the World could do to stop it.

We are and there are signs however, that the fight has intensified, and is beginning to hurt those who come from the supposed Bloodlines, for the first time in their entire existence, they can see defeat coming their way, and that is why all of a sudden the World seems to be going down the pan so quickly.

It is up to us all to figure out exactly what the plan is now in order to put them down for good, and make sure they stay down.

Fighting and arguing with each other is exactly what they want to be happening, because we are hurting those who are trying to bring about an end to the oppression that has plagued the Human race for all this time.

We want an end to our lack of Freedom, but we also want our cake and eat it at the same time, if every Man and Woman where to decide enough is enough, and create a common goal, this would all end within months.

I do believe Clandestiny that you have stumbled upon a small part of the plan by the Bloodlines, but that is all it is, a very small part, the evidence is all around us, we are just blind to most of it, because we are used to it being that way, we are easily distracted, you can see that in this thread, impatience and ignorance plays to much of a role, the cry goes up to think outside the box, what it doesn't say is examine the box, the box is not a cube, it has sides like a soccer ball, and each panel is a part of the way the Universe works, and each part is a part of the forbidden knowledge.

We as a Race or a Species have been taught to not ask, but to ridicule those things which look strange to us, but are they really that strange? strange enough for all of us to have the strangeness in our lives locked away in the closet with the words TABOO written right across the front.

I will probably hide now for ever, what I have just done will shame and burn me.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 05:34 AM
Lol, this just for some reason reminds me of Dan Tanna's story about how a fish alien attacked him. This was last Spring/Summer I think. It was good for a laugh.

As a previous poster pointed out, this guy's basically put together Hidden-Hand and D4rkKn1ght's stuff, mainly Hidden-Hand.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 05:51 AM
OP I am interested in discussing your lineage.

I will make it easy for you by starting in the late 1400's to present day.

You should know exactly where your ancestors were during this period of history and what they were doing.

I Believe most of us have knowledge of events since 1999 but we need to go back in time and then arrive at present time.

If we can back track from 1400AD we can answer most questions asked by my fellow ATSers.

As far as going rogue......I'm surprised you are alive to tell the tale.

Most that have great knowledge and go rogue are not allowed to be a threat to their family.

If you would rather go back further that 1400 I am able to match you there also. But I believe 1400 is a good starting point.

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 05:53 AM
Whoever thinks humans can be fooled that easily with fake weather or any fear-mongering agenda, underestimates us (even sometimes people seem very gullible), which is a good thing.
"They" may know wour behaviour or whatever, but that is not enough.

Whenever i look around i DO see fear, but only on "their" side.
These people fear us, because we are more than we can imagine. We could crush the system like a dry straw if we wanted to, wouldnt even take long or be too devastating.

Beeing underestimated is our biggest weapon.
Deep within we know how the universe works, its encoded into our very existence.
No one can change that.
In the end i laugh about those clowns and their delusion, that they "own" or "control" me. No one does that, not even myself

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by digginapony

And I am upset with those, including you trying to discredit this member on ATS, who has the same rights as you do as a membr on ATS to post information he thinks is valuable to share with others.

Weither you agree with the information provided or do not agree with it.

To demonise him makes you ten times as worse than he is and it also makes me think that maybe you are the one who has something to hide and not the O/P. If you do no tlike what he has posted, there is a thing called choice, ever heard of it.

Leave the thread to those who are interested in the information he has to offer..

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 06:28 AM
reply to post by azzllin

Good post, and I agree with much of it, but this is not correct:

Originally posted by azzllin
because the Bloodline of Christ was already lost by the time the Council of Nicea had decided who was going to be the figure head of the Christian faith, Christianity was already established when the first council got together, the problem they had was they needed a name, the name of the person who was to be divine, there where several names on the table, but they needed one, so how could the Bloodline be definitive as that of Jesus, the control had already began to fester itself around the known World, so the original Bloodline had to come from millennia before the date 0.

The Council of Nicaea did not do any such thing. The scriptures were already in existence before the council of Nicaea, which is attested to by the writings of Bishop Irenaeus, who quoted 21 of the 27 New Testament books in his work Against Heresies in 180AD, 145 years before the First Council of Nicaea in 325AD. The only significant thing to come from the Council of Nicaea was a decision on whether Christ was the same as, or a lesser being then God the Father. There was a movement at the time known as Arianism, which was teaching that Christ was not the same as the Father. This decision lead to the creation of the Nicene Creed. You can see this central theme of homoousios, meaning that Christ was of the “Same Essence as the Father”, is clearly pointed out in that creed:

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, begotten of the Father [the only-begotten; that is, of the essence of the Father, God of God], Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father;

The bloodline from which Christ came does still exist though, it is the bloodline of the House of David…

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 07:05 AM
Mother of god, how can this kind of post get so much attention? It boggles the mind. Just use common sense people. Not only the Y2K nonsense others have pointed out, but also consider this: just because you are born into such a "bloodline", do you think you would be automatically schooled in all plans of conquest, all facets of conspiracy, that you would receive a "Illuminati encyclopedia" of sorts, where they lay out ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING for you to see?

THINK, people!

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 07:26 AM
reply to post by clandestiny

I just have to ask...I really hope you don't take this the wrong way but, are you a demon?

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by aorAki

Rogue not rouge, thanks for proof read advice. An unintentional faux pas. Like you, it is also a pet peeve of mine when people don't check their posts for grammatical errors


posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by defcon5

Hey sorry this is way off topic but i think id like to know if i was in your shoes. Defcon 5 means nothing is wrong, unless thats what you intended with the name. However i assumed it was to state a sense of emergency which would be Defcon 1.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 08:38 AM
No offense but in 15 minutes I could have wrote a better story, and cited bibliography and stuff.


How come my thread(ancient vatican secrets) which is well written and sourced gets less responses and fewer flags?
Perhaps my self loathing shines thru, or my lack of a spell check turns off the higher minds.

I enjoy perspective and the OP creative writing. While simple in standard, and fruitless in subject matter... You have captivated a unique audience with repeats of ATS Brady Bunch. I applaud you and ask you to keep it up. Someday you will hit the precipice of creativity and birth an original thought

So say I am a US Marine who has taken up Minds in the real fight, and back home arms for the injured. Add me to your "team"!! while enlightened I may be a sociopath, like the former your enemy. Fight fire with fire, I allready proved to the world, to the Benevolents, to god... My sacrafices should not be overlooked. My life should be an example ( a poor one) I serve the hungry and homeless at a church soup kitchen, hand out money, and I live for freedom and the pursuit of your dreams.

So PM me ladies and gents, If your ready for a Martyr, let the worlds guilt lay on me. Sacrifice me for the benefit of all life. I mean. its wenday beside the new USMC video game, its a slow day for me.

Semper Fi

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 09:19 AM
article title "EPA concedes gas additive has polluted water supplies", Monday, august 2, 1999, Washington Times, by Joyce Howard Price. She mentions me in the last paragraph. She actually only told the part of the story I told her I didn't want written about and wouldn't return phone calls or emails later.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 09:55 AM
OP, can I have my wasted time back?

G'sus, haven't read something more confusing in months...

Are you trying to "expose" your articles? Make a pdf and send it to a gazillion of people. No facts, nothing new...

Bring in the facts as required by a lot of ATS'ers.

edited due to false grammar use

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 10:09 AM
On the bloodlines, I don’t know much about them. I used bloodlines to get you to come read my story. I suppose I am a bloodliner. If there is any truth to what my forefathers would like all of you to believe, then I am a member of a royal line of Jesus descendents. But then if all that is true, so are millions of other people, and most of them don’t know anything about any of this, which neither did I.

My father grew up poor, went to West Point, and wound up in the CIA, at least that is what he thought he was doing. The way these people tap members of their families for service is evil. I didn’t know what all the strange things in my life truly meant until I was 35 when I found out my father was CIA and started to put it all together. I had a pretty good idea but couldn’t prove it. I actually knew, it’s hard to explain. I learned to compartmentalize things I couldn’t do anything about.

I knew about MTBE, I knew about the plan to fake the end of the world and what my role was to be in it, which even after I defected, it didn’t matter. They still would have used me if they needed to. They didn’t need anything from me but a corpse and a story. They could turn me into anyone they wanted after 2000 because they would have controlled all access to the information about whatever they claimed. I mean what choice did I ever have but to fight. I was raised being told of the honor it would be to die for this cause.

This is where it will get hard for probably all of you to believe. “They” just don’t let pieces of their puzzle walk around knowing what the master plan is and what their role in it will be. They use hypnotism, drugs, and sexual and physical abuse to split a players personality, Manchurian candidate type stuff.

I grew up in a CIA program. I wasn’t supposed to know about any of it, it was done at night while I thought I was sleeping. Whatever I remembered was like a dream. In my dreams, which were real but I thought they were simply the same one reoccurring, there was this circle in the room that I wasn’t supposed to step into or I would die. That was where all the information I was programmed with was stored, which was this alternate personality they had created in my mind that knew about me but I didn’t know about it, except in my dreams.

I was a pretty crazy kid so they should have known it would happen. One time I stepped into the circle and saw the whole plan, everything. But I still thought it was a dream, sort of. The other personality was supposed to tell his programmers that I had stepped into the circle, which meant they would kill me. I knew this because I had stepped into the circle and absorbed the other personality. So we became each other, sort of. After that, it feared death like I did, or really wanted to live like I did, to have fun and be a kid.

It’s complicated but we cut a deal, I wouldn’t kill it before it told them I was awake and I wouldn’t keep try to get passed it to look at all the information it knew. That was the beginning of a life long very difficult relationship.

After that, I started pretending to my father that I was a broken machine, which means I no longer had a second personality that could perform the tasks and experiments that they wanted anymore. After I while I was booted out of the program after being told I would be killed or put in a mental hospital if I ever talked about any of it, which they didn’t think I was awake for any of this, and I wasn’t, I was only half awake, remembering it all like a dream. Then I and my other self worked out another deal where I would stop trying to remember what I had learned because it would get us both killed.

But still, the other me kept trying to kill me while I kept trying to remember. It never succeeded becasue it knew it would die too. I kept trying to discover the whole story because that is just my nature, while I allowed the other me to stop me when I was getting in too far. When, I lived on the streets, mostly when I was very drunk, I was allowed to see the whole story and only remember what I needed to know at that time.

I know it might not be the best idea to talk about this side of the story. It would sound like insanity to me if I was anyone else so it will likely send a lot of you to other ATS stories. But then that is the way a good conspiracy is designed, so no one would ever consider it to be possible and think anyone who did was crazy. The thing is that I can’t tell the whole story without getting over this hump. If anyone’s is still holding on after this, then we can move on to the rest of the story.

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