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CARET/Drones Debunked? – A “viral” fantasy

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posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 02:16 PM
double post..refer to post just diseappeared.

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posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 02:56 PM
wow, I did not know you were all following this here so closely..
The video was in the works a while back..I do not know why it was in the works so soon, after the drones pics release, much less why the fortune city site went up almost the same day with an attorney. or how latest Video allegedly prepared in "spare time".but these are two extremely talented people talent does impossible things. Razimus of spacetime news had a gut feeling about Salad the day Salad posted his own drone pics, one after the otheron YouTube.: particularly good ones too. But Razimus could not pin him down..and concluded he was not invoved.

This established him as a kind of "self appointed" Hoax hero to counter the Believers.IMO The kind of person..the extreme know..will tell a 4 year old there is no Santa or flying reindeer with a presentation of Charts and bar graphs to prove the point..He spent time at several forums Throughout this there was a leviathan6 that appeared at forums at same time as Salad..I thought this starnge that both cintinued arguing with the other.causing disruptions. I emailed the Forum moderator about findings and he stated it was ok.
It reminded me of a "mutt and jeff routine.".to kind of "persuade" a person being interrogated. Good Salad..Bad Lev...Good Salad ..Trust me. . In one early post at OM leve stated ..what is important is the myth keep the same forum Salad states this will "encourage more" people to look..perhaps for another 50 years..or words to that Neither case is the "Truth a goal", both are prods to another direction.
Now please undersatand..I see the world a liitle odd..from many..I can make mistakes prob more so because of that..So I put them aside.
Just because you cannot pin something down..does not mean stop looking..put it aside..come back later..but keep the players in mind.
I believe there is a Team, possibly two working togeteher playing both sides.One based in Texas..the other in Europe, possibly germany and England. They have "shepards for both sides of the camp.

Studios like Partizan ( the MGM of Graphics films and advertising) are notorious for stunts..the most recent the Haiti affair. THey work for who
willl pay."no bones" about revealing a Hoaxer film that may be in the works. They have the wherewithall to pull off things like they have manpower and locations in Cal Ny Canda France and Britain.. I was surprised about Salad not knowing who Partizan was. A reporter or writer knows who the New York Times is.That troubles me.but I must like other things put that to the that leaves me the following

A..Hide a disclosure or leak...or B..undertake a classic Psy ops behavioral study.
You know AI plays an enormous role in the new generation of weapons system. where are they going to get data on group behaviours, its flow and branching and decision not fire, enemy, friend, child , soldier, hold advance, retreat, , predict enemy postion, etc. They are not going to get it from the census beaureau, thats for sure.
Contrary, They need "real time" information. And our behaviours and decision making are monitored. Its no secret..yet we forget..and with time the "camera is invisible to us, like an overhead traffic camera. We provide them that info. they do not need a forums "cooperation at the top." The info is there for the taking. Data mining is a "Goldmine". , our choices are the gold. as the good Doctor says Now that didn't hurt did it?

I think not a leak..for this reason..Isaacs Documents..(based on my previous posts,) showed he " borrowed "(as those artifacts)from many past and current periods, China..anyone looking at that knows that is not an ET engine..nor did the Chinese reverse ET technology to build their astronomical amory sphere..later used in Europe.
The document is crafted exquisetly well borrowing concepts of Tai Chi used in nuclear and Plasma physics today. do a "googal" on physics..with "ying yang" will be surprised. Neil Bohr was no fool or a religious nut. Neither am I. Many thought I was heading to the seventh Heavens with my narratives, speaking in tongues.

why is this important?..because it means " too much" is layered in the documents to have prepared so quickly in response to a" Leak " as well as the redoctored lettered pig pipe cleaners (which are GPS AV also)
The document..Unless one is as Prolific as Stepen King ,took many months if not years to integrate concepts, anagrams, puzzles and so forth, by one man alone ,months if by 2 or more. know what I an talking about.. .Then the narrative preceded the Craft! , not the other way around. Isaac never saw the craft..just the parts..never the fan blades. We could use a microwave oven on a pogo stick ,plus Isaacs parts, story stays intact.! amazing
Here, The author(s)or They..Want us to go farther..into the documents..for clues..they work for me and will work for you.

The lead is that sloppy physicist in Baghdad our "Second Gunman".
But we can move on past Salad.....its more a distraction at this point than any revelation or remotely helpful lead. That work may deal with plasma particularly the max planck institute in, yes Germany.

so there is no harm in doing these crossword puzzles while waiting for the tram

most of the words that came out dealt with martial arts,directions,and measuerements..even the 45 paragraps, or references to 15 ..the length of lunar cycles. Dronesonline, musician in Germany, and who once lived in Texas, pointed me in thidirection..but all else stopped at the forum..When I put Chad, TY, Jenna , Rajman and Isaac, Caret one of the words that came ot out was not only its a secret..but Art A reyes. Earth, Ty Chi,
I can only do so much with these..for believe it or also yielded
"My Bitches" so it was just a curiosity as far as I was concerend..Enough letters you can spell anything. but the narrative analysis gave me probative results and leads.

I hope I have explained my insane state of mind..but you know where my heart is with you and not to hurt anyone the end.. OUR message should be to all should be this :That The fickled human Heart, not gadgets and self learning weapons sytems are what win wars.. and for the Studios..:A good story will beat out special effects any day of any century.


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posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 03:44 PM
I found this site dont know if it have any relevence:

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by ntenzpunishment

yes it is run by webmaster Tony sova usin the Joomla web site maker. Its very awkward navigating or underconstruction so to speak..It attempts to become the definitive resource for Isaac..but very few posts there. I joined just the other day..but no activity was evident...Nothing harmful or revealing about it as yet.Does have a eerie quiet feel about it. I would not be surprised if it declares itself as the "official site"...if this turns out studio related..The backlash should be rather amusing and well deserved.
Perhaps..the moderators should remove this blatant spam.Here..let me take care of that.


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posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 07:49 PM
Wow, I finally get it: We are overtly putting out anti-disinformation to muck up the disinformation some of us have detected. Neat!

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 08:25 PM
Nice work as always Sys... You deserve a vacation.

Reading the recent posts it also dawned on me, this band Drone whose music graces the video, have they worked out some 'deal' to use Issac's images. Remember that he didn't want the images to be used in alternative formats for profit, or something like that. Would this band be liable to some sort of copyright violation if Issac sees fit. I guess that might draw him out, eh?

And in regard to the Mutt and Jeff routine, I had not noticed that specific version here at ATS in the Drone scene (It has been hectic), but I see that routine or the bait and bash... I have also seen a lot of threads by "new" (what ever that means) posters that are artfully written to be debunked, or to 'create a scene' and rile the forum up.

I got ripped for even approaching the 'dis-info' meme in a thread about 'trolls' , but whatever. I have decided to try to be more stealth. I hope to check out NIMH when I get some more free time, and getting the 'news'

I thank the Drone Meme for bringing me to ATS. It almost makes you wonder if Los 3 Amigos weren't the ones who started it all.... They know all the players, know the tech, and their finger on the pulse. I am joking, but wouldn't it be a trip if that were the announcement on Nov 5... Haha

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled, and stay in touch.

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 09:23 PM
Doc Just a few minutes ago I ran into some info..There was a x day conest helt by the subgeniuos website. It is one crazy site.

if you peruse their site you can download fonts that mimic the isaac ones.
I still could not gauge what I was looking at..but I recommend you all scout it..they luv themseves church of the hoaxers. and they are all over the place.. Geez. But the philosophy I sa run thru the contray to what that is about..I am posting it only for perusal..Just like I do.till something pops out at you.

I will stay focused on the mmax planck..I am already hearing (posters) to stop..
But if I am wrong..Thank God I will be wrong on this thread..with you .
I am goind down here..on this thread..
but it is said..
"success has many fathers..but failure remains an orphan"

Yes Doc..What Isaac said would not be " him".. doing it..only the several people who put the script together will..and could very well be the people we are seeing now. by private agreement.. It has always been a red flag that. OM blames ATS for stopping them from selling ..I Don't think its ATS, but the fact OM was susddenly curious in itself..cause ATS never did that..

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posted on Oct, 2 2007 @ 01:46 PM
Doc I have not seen the video. I am at a tech disadvantage .If you or anyone could screen capture the credits and post them we can tell a few things, maybe.Just as an example statement here...Kaptiva could have subbed the video to Salad , then the audio to Drone..Partizan farms a lot out and in.

I understand it is preceded by a missle destroying the craft.. I recall
an excerpt from reyes dream logs
I dreamed the sky suddenly became filled with hundreds of UFO, mostly elliptical with saw tooth edges. They rotated slowly. There were UFOs of other shapes as well. Whitley Strieber happened to be on national radio at the moment the UFOs appeared. He said over the radio that mankind would indeed express itself into the cosmos on this cycle. I felt very relieved. I took pictures of the UFOs by simply pointing my camera upward & keeping the shutter release depressed (i.e., to take pictures continuously). I felt very excited

I perceive with my third eye that there is an object above our house. I mean a real object above our real house at the current moment in real time. I perceive the object as harmful. I perceive a real bump sound on the wall or roof.
I carefully imagine shooting a missile from the house to the object. My third eye vision becomes very clear as I attain the correct focus. I see the bright white circular explosion. I know that the object is no longer a threat. I feel relieved & satisfied with the quality of my vision. I drift out of this consciousness level and back into usual consciousness. "
end of quote

Fellow seekers..

I deem it advisable we alert the Federation Fleet and declare Arthurs House a "No Fly Zone" . and that answers some of many probing questions about the vulnerability of the craft..and why it is suddenly vulnerable to ballistic weapons, when Isaac stated they were not....simply put...maybe .because Arthur said so Salad. thats why. And who would dare argue with the power of the third eye and a missle to boot? Second Whitley Streiber would probably make a fabulous commander in chief

rather than go on goose chases ..this article helped me tremendously on understanding anti gravity, an aspect of this case ,.and what the state of affairs is. In short they are on to something and racing like hell to get to it. and may not even need those humongous stellarators or bose einstein condensates to do it.
iNot so surprising , Nasa seems to be playing stall or interference while feighning some interest. Worth the read I kid thee not. then go on to max

This is just eye candy below

these people at max work on everything from biology, psychology, to fist size satellites..



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posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 01:35 AM
Just to get an outside opinion on this I am posting this email sent from Nick Pope former British Defence analyst (brit xfiles) and now retired into professional Ufology to the UFO casebook forum yesterday. Thank you ABC for the effort and reply you recieved.

on Oct 1st, 2007, 6:33pm, ABCStore wrote:I've sent an e-mail to Nick Pope ( and he just responded:



I'm aware of the whole Isaac/CARET/Chad/drone saga, though I haven't
followed it in detail, because of the pressure of other commitments. I
can't recall any witness reports that match the drones, either in the MoD's
UFO case files or in the UFO literature. My gut feeling is that this is a
sophisticated hoax, possibly (as has been suggested) as part of a viral
marketing campaign, or as an initiative by somebody wanting to showcase
their skills in this area (in the same way as a filmmaker used the
Haiti/Dominican Republic videos to showcase his CGI skills). Other
possibilities include commercial gain and it will be interesting to see if a
book and/or a DVD appears at some stage, or if 'Isaac' breaks cover and goes on the UFO lecture circuit. It's also possible that the whole story is a
set-up by skeptical ufologists using it as a way to study the psychology of

I won't have time to join the discussion, but you're free to quote my
remarks above.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,

Nick Pope,


Very nicely said Nick..I think most of us already know that but it helps morale as well as cut down repeat questions from forums..and is very much appreciated.

Now..I am requesting anyone that can read music and know tones to u2u me. I have asked 2 people , one of them Droneonline who helped Salad with that great music score but ... did not respond..its been a week..I guess he is very busy now..but thats ok.. thats ok....just look and play some notes..on a piano xylophone banjo anything..Please u2u me..
I know next to nothing on music..except dance and buy the cd.

will you help us?
Iask in the name of one greater than I!

Yes my children Please help Sys as I help this Little lost Lamb ..For he shall leadeth thee to the truth and the light and help you cleanse ATS of unholy and unclean spirits, Take one step and I shall take two for thee..Go now Help him cast that spawn of Satan from these halls..!


Wow..I am humbled..

Dr Vonstorn Greetz ! if you are reading We need you too...Lord Have mercy You are a good man. I can't login just read If I missed your emails I am sorry.
UFOcasebook thanx also!



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posted on Oct, 3 2007 @ 01:25 PM
Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
perhaps...we have already stated hoax, manmade
to have undertaken digital photo analysis was an invitation to disaster.
the forums could have easily contacted early on the forensic journal people who would have told them..that it is virtually impossible to determiine, save having thousands of dollars in software,equipment and expertise.,
Ats used common sense and old fashioned footwork by Springer tried to deal directly with LMH recieving back in return nothing of value. If its a hoax..we don't want it here..

With motives unclear but narrowed down to government or commercial
the analysis of the diagram and narrative leads us to a different conclusion than other forums, ie more than one author, based on the narrative itself.

we have narrowed down onle one possible candidate Arthur Reyes, whos own dream logs, expertise, and zeal for the esoteric or metaphysical makes him numero 1. Joe schumacher, serves the purpose of pointing us to accerlerator technology and diagrams that want us to believe that this was a microsized plasma electron or positron device as the configurations of synchotrons are very similar.

Remember Salad ..that I put him on the side as I could not link him as anything other than talented..a freelancer..a maverick..Its time to bring him foward Ceasar would say.."Bring forth the Englishman..Bring him to me now!"

I have asked for the credits, and recieved kaptive 3d studios.a seemingly small outfit and small amount to work with. Yet is is affiliated with Sonic works , a not so small outfit that may include a dear friend of salad..Tim Venison.
Sonic Works is also in the business of 3d sound, animation and virals.., Like Partizan, but a tad smaller., but much bigger than Kaptive.and has done work for British petroleum, and Good Year aerospace as well. Not Partizan but a competitor. This episode would make a good one upsmanship for the Haiti incident. Kris and Drone certainly have and deserves that.

I may be mistaken Tim and Kris avery may have also run a charming site together..Biglittle tree ,If I am wrong..please correct and an apology will follow. Sonic Works covers a lot of Europe that also includes Germany..where droneonline is..I remain silent on droneonline..simply because I do not Know. But his silence in response to earlier help troubles me.
Zoom info link to one Kris and Tim

AS such,if Kris is an employee of Kaptive..then he cannot tell us who contracted him..if a confidentiality agreement was signed by the company..If he is owner operator..then he knows the identity of Isaac. He still cannot and would be suicidal to do most development, viral marketing require stealth and anonymoty of the client . Thus he may telling the truth that he is not the hoaxer but that is shadowed by the untruth that he does not know who it is by virtue of association.. By contract he can't..what a tangled web . A contract is a contract. And quite true also that he wants the saga to continue how could it be otherwise?..that is the point of the deal . So by putting himself in the spotlight, he needs to understand that by failing to mention Kaptive and the other tarnishes credibility and can expect the kind of vitriolic comments fermenting in the ranks.Is not about the the excellent video. Talent was never an concerning issue. But the lack of transparency is.

The presence of several people on forums thru out as teams essentialy are obvious in any viral campaign ..look at the screen header on the salad video and for example only as an analogy ,just for drone you see isaacx, c2c, drone, and so on. then salad as salad123456, saladfingers, I believe also ,donkeykong, etc...just 2 people can create havoc in terms of mudding or channeling or herding members. Certainlly there were more than that.
It was meant to be fun..and it has been..and it still is. The Hoaxers should not be upset at our trying as agressively as possible to peek behind the curtains. Its been that since time immemorial. Just as we try to unravel who and what we are, why are we here.
these things sometimes lead to great friendships and I do honour those I have made. As it i is appearing commercial then perhaps a code of ethics ought to be instilled..a rules of these things mimic an actual war at times, complete with injuries to mind and heart.

but , returning here, we know that it is no longer a small "one man shop" when Sonic Works is thrown into the fray. No, we see major commercial interest ..moreso than government influence, with access to immeasurable resources and technology, making it contrary as Kris ,I believe said recently, not so easy.", an astonishingly modest remark given the resources at his beck an call..I just don't understand that.Add to that LMH Earthfiles production under the coprorate non profit name Ancient Wisdom Foundation, and Production company ., why Good heavens, we have the makings of a Cecil B Demille project rivalling the Ten Commandments!, or at least something with considerable "pucker" value.

Why not let the "gov" offf the hook? never know, they are paying customers too,and when you have a conspiracy of silence..the law dictates.under Res Ipsa Locquitor ..that those closest all be held liable, until somebody speaks up..
Like waking up with a nasty bump after doctors speak up. well you can .bring in everybody until someone does and they drop out one by one.

I hope the rest of you can develop or expand on these leads...but we are getting closer to the truth..someone will soon say ouch my toes! I can can assure fellow is well said that "one truth can shatter a thousand lies"

God Speed to all of you

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posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 12:47 PM
1I have alluded to one man as a possible source or inspiration.
2we have looked at the document and can based on the error/statements physicist realize that 2 or more are involved
3. based on activity searches we see Europe and the Americas are involved a Global effort in fact. that implies collaboration
5we see team members guiding like spirits, though at times appear deceptive or distracting
5. The messages use Technology science, life art and yes the one I hankered on Philosophy
6 The message is we are one..over and over..
7we are told to go and look at history, the designs mimic life as some items resemble spermatta and ova and a portion of diagram, a mitochondria in a cell. ie the engine,
8Life is self organizing, this planet is self organizing, knowledge and information follows the same pattern, regarding everything, excluding nothing, following the path of least resistance, to the best answer , assimilation and growth and replication.
Arthur, in the end is just person of many in is a collaboration ..a consortium..seeking to replicate itself via the insertion of Caret into our consciousness, a very fertile ground I may add. we can only solve this through collaboration..mix the soup of life as in plasma science
Life is the resanant metaphor for God..we think thereore we does He/she..

There was no wrong answer..we are all to go in what ever direction we wished..based on the info provided

now..I would think another person and perhaps the most important ringleaders of many rings actually may turn out to be this woman. I stated along time ago..that it would be so appropo that a woman find the answer. they think holistically..we men are just a straight line 180 degrees and I guess they are 360 full circle the egg..but both must "tango". instead i may have found the woman..I rather like that..She may be this.., may as well be her..and literally she is a Diamond..

I introduce sara Diamond..
The creatress Composer

Open Mind

Open Source

Open Space

Open Game

No one owns it

Every one can use it

Any one can improve it

The concept as put forth be her company Zebra Technologies has been growing and implemented across the private and public sector.., too many to list here yet are beneffitting immensely from it., providing barcodes for DNA identification an enormous accomplishment and those clues were evident in the diagram..if you did not thats ok..there were other paths..that lead to other revelations, but you must seek..collaborate..grow..

A good Friend and Mentor..Reason and Sidharta and myself ..came to a spat ..because although I appeared to have grasped the answer..I was not content. I hope they understand that. I love them dearly. But I had to leave the nest. ..because I felt I was not growing..and there was more to this than one man Arthur or Joe..I needed to the start trek Vyger Probe, the perfect data collector..asking Is tttttthis all there is..? until he merged with the human consciousness,..and a vaster frontier opened for it must be with us..Collaboration..universal symbols..that any one can add to. no one open source..drawing from the many

This is more a demonstration of the power of collaboration as opposed
to a behavior study or attempt at govt blockage of truth. ..a lot less sinister I may add. Though the current crop circles may in fact contain these very messages and instructions. IF ET that knowledge will be impossible to supress and the PTB know that.
So I can say that yes as someone asked me before..its a living crop circle..that resonates through us all..Now I am content..I know I can fly..anywhere and everywhere..I am whole again. I embraced the tiger Arthur, Reason, is Sara. it is Arthur it LMH its Art is is is all of us..Now I can rest and return to the mountain..for me the journey is over..for least, a brief respite is in order..


follow the above links to find the answers and or this one to see the concept of ying yang full circle at work in social programming as Max Gail did several years ago..growing since 1980
Full Circle is a Sub Chapter S corporation formed by Max Gail in 1980 to produce content and events related to social and environmental issues. Several award-winning documentaries were created relating to Agent Orange/veterans (Secret Agent), nuclear power (Gentle Angry People), Hopi/Navajo land issues (Wrong Side of the Fence), and the relationship of traditional Native American cultural concepts to the modern world (For All My Relations).

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posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 02:29 PM
The Code Zebralites have some talent, obviously, though I'm struggling to make a strong enough correlation with our quest. Their symbol work and general artsy science (or is it scientific art) is certainly intirguing, but I would feel more enthusiastic if they themselves (though not necessarily Frau Diamond) were to claim a connection.

The Design Programming site (crop circles) is a theme having played out in several of the drone threads, though the link you provided, sys, to the cropcirclexplorers, had a rather lofty association claimed, where they showed the fin appendage from one of the original Chadsquito drones, and then, rather brazenly, IMO, asserted that...:

This is a fin of a ceramic dynamic scan probe used as a genetic imprinter for research it is primarily used to scan life forms genetic structure and surveillance of subjects. It uses a modulated shape geo program using dynamic energy compiled by a process of atomic geometric shape algorithms. The program is made of of multiple modules so it has continuous energy supply unless the main conversion system is halted then the whole thing false apart. Each section is part of the unit and the program that makes it up. How do I know all this? Let’s just say I have friends in High Places!

Well. My first question would be to ask for a better scientific explanation for exactly what a "...ceramic dynamic atomic geometric modulating genetic imprinting scan probe" is. Wow.

My second would be to see if the claimant actually has a physical human being in "High Places" that can confirm, or, better yet, translate into English, her drone "scan probes", and then, if possible, provide some correlation between such and the crop circles.

I'm still open to the idea that the drones/crafts whatever, and crop circles have something in common, an inspiration if nothing else. And, perhaps, that is all that this person actually has...

Nevertheless, I must repeat, I'm completely indebted and grateful, Sys, for your slogging through the ether-web, in search of, and sharing with us, your findings regarding this open-ended topic. You're saving me, and others I'm sure, lots of self-immolated time and energy by your efforts. Thanks...

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 04:02 PM
HEYYYY Outrageo!,
I know what you are saying thrust is that the zebra tech sector has a commercial interest in propagating this concept for use in business as well . the principles used seem to work quite well in the business sector, and note in diamonds page that american airlines, the us post office, etc all use her stuff. in fact the genome sector uses their printers and barcoding..I am not promulgating third eye stuff..what I am saying business is business.and they have pecuniary for promulgating this as it will expand their bottom line..yet everyone benefits.. It seems I read where salad had participated in one of the mass distribution technology conferences a while back ago. Zebras lettering printing schemes are quite unique, and used in pattern making on everything from paper to wool blankets. There is more to come..My respite was a cofee and a cigarette..There is no diffrence in this than the old days when Winston had the beautiful girls in minnies giving out free samples to passerbyers..people will get they are to this..go to the
, that was non profit, this is collaboration for profit, with a conscience...its the one size fits all concept..anyone can add anyone can . does it mean we get rid of the people we mentioned no no no no. keep those next to you..Its the sale of a holistic software management system that does what I for all and all for one, whether you are a buddhist , catholic, corporation, environmentalist, or wallstreet upstart company., or Inquisitive minds like us, so we become vitrual libraries as we move in it while others read us simultaneous as a resource.
Thanx for feedback it is so good to see another hand in this....I was feeling like i was doing the "diary of mad man"...but for certain the same application can lead some to perpetuate a false god..using its viral principles. The zebra genome coding example, for selection, and ID ..rfid tagging for monitoring..That is happening now.. There is a dark side as it can become a tool for one world government. lets not even go there.
the storybook html link i a nice wrapup of that. Remember the Hydra too as well as the Zebra. Guys you know what I am talking about. , and its not "chantilly lace and a pretty face"..I prefer the starfish..snip a piece becomes a new starfish..sign of the insurgency..
Don't the collective and collaborating PTB know it works both ways?

Verizon..can you here me now..?



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posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 07:40 PM
as evidence of collaboration of zebra type artists..or artists using zebra collaboration techniques..iI have good news!
Remember my plea for a music person to contact me..well someone in another forum sounded interested in my hypothesis..and guess what..inless than 24 hours!
he was able to extract the following from the diagrams and manual
honors to 45 letters at OM

Thank you for hearing and believing me..

enjoy this folx..

the beat was added to make it enjoyable..the other sound is so much like navajo hopi flute music..oe even japanese zen music.. now closer to interpeting symbols!

I am going home to sleep!!!

God Bess

ps. Dr Von stern where are You? you understand this totally and where its going..your link did not work please repost it here

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posted on Oct, 6 2007 @ 01:17 PM
DR. Von stern left this link to his website Von Stern Magazine on the UFC website..he no longer is a member having abruptly left. I do not know why..I felt a connection with him as others did. there is no email traceable to him That I am aware..He had been digesting my materials..I hope it did not cause too much of a stomache I have that effect on people some time. but on his site he discusses cloaking, as well antigravity oalong the lines of how the drone may have accomplished such with is quite revealing..note that in one video the 1991 ufo model used resembles without fins the object of our current affection. plesae do go both extremely short archives.

now the same person whom i asked to to check into the music and created a less than 12 hours actually..he said he had been working on it long ago too..and that I just happened to remind him of it..
So I imagine a thank you for me in return was unnecessary. no problem, at least it was done..I am happy about that. If we assume egos ..we will get nowhere.

he 45letters did it foward and backwards..Amazingly This very same resourceful person also discovered today the following video , and he is just a newbie at the site lord bless him.

it is a mislabeled video shapeshft
and has bob lazar at his lab..on the wall is a poster..on the poster is a duplicate of a device that resembles the diagram is a mass spectrometer dial..easily purchased for 15 dollars

another shows a manual on the table..resembling. on cover 2 barely visible symbols of the diagram..I will chuck that one out.

This is all it probative..why mislable the video..why are clues being left in such a manner if they are clues..ususally the clues stem from the manual inspiration to a historical or natural artifact ..not externally back. to the manual via artificial events in I am leary of that one.. both quite leary gut says..little not eat that cheese., I never liked limburger anyway.

Of all I liked Dr. Vonsterns it was most helpful learning some things

I am only troubled by this..after he left..a mysterious poster EpsilonDelta posted a what was supposed to be a link..that did not work to the world Researcher Institute at the Academy of Sciences and Humanitoria in Denmark. a statement to the effect that he was creating a nonprofit center for encouraging the pursuit oand devlopment of human Knowledge
when I tried to find Vonstern it was almost impossible but I did,,then his center which I did not
world researcgher does not yield anything but other world things..including something odd.. Psycholinguistics at the Max humans acquire intterpret symbols and languages etc . nothing..but it stayed with me. it was like a trigger word for study..that ominous thing we keep alluding to whether private,nonprofit, commercial etc..I will continue that avenue. I hope the good doctor posts here soon..he would be invaluable asset.

I see an onrush of helpful, and counter helpful tips coming as the grand experiment has a timetable..and they are behind schedule..I am thankful for my stupidity if that added to or caused the acceleration..I expect this will be wrapped up quite soon .. Its quite expensive having all those helpers tabbing us..layoffs are probably in the is business..after all , and its getting darker and darker on our road to the cheerful place I promised you in Shangrila. I am sorry to see the troubles occurring at UFC., I hope it is not an effect of the debate over this incident that has polarized communities across the world.I hope them a speedy recovery. we need as many forums as possible not less if we are to have a secure and freedom blessed internet. If this is a living cropcircle for the 21st cntury to replace the old Roswell event , which is approacing the sinking of the Maine in age, then it is succeeding inviting more questions than answers, but I am sure it is costing them a fortune as well, good... Cheaper to use a lawnmower in an open field..and great excercise too, i might add. I hope those tabbing us don't trip over each other as in a keystone cop comedy, to help us. No thank you we can help ourselves and find our way out the door.


Oh by the way I did mention , just what cropcircle is is complete without someone to admire and write about them..yes its been in the works and these promise to deliver THE answer soon.. and of course special people are chosen ..and you need that special crop circle designer software zebra code!

Specific people are chosen and like any desire it is easy to get them to do it through this process but many are not man made even though they may look like it. That is a great way to keep to much attention away from what is going on. Military establishments have known about these facts for some years now. (yes really..honest..I swear..err would you believe..Sys)
In order to understand the program you need access to the code call it a zebra code so it has a name we all can ID!
how about a code so we can see you coming.?.hmmsys
and while you are browsing..why not sample some of our books, videos and even essential oils ..You have to smell really good for any self respecting caret to come by your way..who needs soundwaves or a plasma generator.! hmmm rajon rajon rajamon raja..oh stop!

buy 2 get one free!
make sure you tell them Sys sent you for a discount..shhhh

High Egyptian priest is my favorite..Why I'll bet that would help get me Sara Diamond (sigh)into the old bailywick!

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posted on Oct, 6 2007 @ 04:12 PM
Wow, Sys...great find. Bob Lazar AND a possible CARET document source on the same jpeg? Here are two others sources for the electromagnetic spectrum chart:

Slightly different variations, but so similar to ISAAC and the crop circles templates, IMO.

You know, what we are doing here is having multiple researchers looking for ISAAC/CARET/DRONE links. Its akin to a gold rush or a treasure hunt, where miners/treasure hunters of every ilk and background search for gold/buried treasure. Yet this search has scattered to the four corners of the world and the internet is one of many powerful tools or metal detectors, as it were. Hundreds or thousands of eyes and ears listening, looking, probing. Fantastic!

posted on Oct, 6 2007 @ 06:21 PM
Hi Klatuu
Thanxx for the spectrometers.(I keep coming back to look at them they look great).I had a circular slide rule way back just like that..the kicker here is you can use any circle shaped object cause its based on 360 degrees..they like using geometric figures..because you can link them refrig , a rectangle windw square Heck I was moving xmas ornaments and they looked like atoms ..Geez . and there are formulas already for them its atomic nuclei works cause of orbits, that armor sphere based on orbits..yes they did this well and its a treasure..thats well put..very well put....the same music..use as harmonics.wave theory .for "activation..use the golden rule or some jazz like whatever your flavor it has it. for average bright and of course the self assured genius.
you know there is actually a UFO stock market? plenty of motivation for venture capitalists to get in the game. We have not seen the end of it,

After visiting the sites though Im saddened at the polarization..they were badmouthing mufon so bad its a shame..those people are on the ground..for us..for years..collecting data..what we are supposed to throw that information away?..disregard their efforts? like initiating FoIApetitions..
I was hopin this would pull people together..We the new wave did our selves in..between forums and dissing the old guard..who really is our first line of defense when you see something....if the PTB were in on this they won..because the infrastructure is badly damaged not by the hoaxes but by our own arrogance and self righteousness ..People If you are reading better mend those way towards mufon and the like. the old guard ..we need them more than we ned another hoax or we will miss the real thing! If we do that..maybe this hoax did lead to something good and better than a clever set of puzzles.

here is the manual i got from 45 letters at OM

As I said things will get interesting from now it the A team..the B team..or an unexpected new kid on the block..just how much money is driving this op..its like..Isaac is telling the truth..the gov is
Isaac was phase I Salad was phase II THis isPhase III I know you all can feel the wave on this, 45 is going non stop bless his soul, and feel space between each timing.
someone with better eyesight please oblige, I can't see well.

You all decide this is our show not mine..


Is anyone familiar with the DARPA grantee list..I think each school has one..Georgia Tech..UTA MIT Standford.. I would say Georgia and UTA both AI and psych ops and cognitive studies..I ran into Georgia Tech when researching the Titor story. where I discovered Karl Simanonok a phd in Cognitive brain studies, and Alexei..both advisors on the famous Titor Time Traveler Play,.Very nice self baking cake they are currently weening over there..someone else will have to fill in the blanks. Alexei Samsanovich Premier Phd in Cybernetics..developed a living neural system bieng used in the Feret faces..this system will develop a kind of self awareness and would be therefore autonomous..but then I lack expertise in this area so I will post links.

If I am not mistaken our old friend back from the early dayz of Caret is Keith Edwards PHD, Ubiquitous computing..kind of like an intuitive sytem of data points where key points know what the others are doing..please correct me..I really am ignorant on this..he heralds also from Georgia tech.All deal in computing and gognition, and poor Arthur..lets not leave him out the family album, he is into autonomous sytems, which I must assume is some kind of AI or other. I do not imply conspiracy here heavens no, yet its odd that we see all phds and darpa funding behind all four. This is all innoocent..let me be the first.! to say so..I prefer the notion of the zebra community..the happy Shangrila ending I know we can expect. perhaps even a real ET ..Yes The world is one..beautiful and lovely
yes we are world
we are the the children,
we are the ones (all together now)
want better life so keep on giving!

good night..sleep well


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posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 02:17 AM
Now that we have all these curiuos and ominous possibilities , what do we do..where is the truth?, I looked at the ominous outside, and looked at this wondrous work before me, and what it sprung previously from within me,
I choose the gift that I almost threw away.
This will be my last post on this far as looking for the creators.
because having written what I wrote..I was able to reflect and compare the ugly possibilities with the beautiful ones. If we look for ugliness we will find it not in the Gift that was left to us but outside of it..If we look for beauty so to will she find you..The fact this is so beautiful harmonious, it is beyond the mind of a cynical military complex ..they can create a duplicate but never understand its woven secrets. what they create now are not intelligent maqchines but chimeras not in balance with its would as much deformed life does ..eventually perish,,only humans take care of such..and help restore them to hopefully a full and productive life. So I have a choice..see the world as something to fear and turn my head looking over my shoulder at every corner. or embrace the future .I thought of every artisan who had a role in this..They will be honored more by letting it grow and we doing as they open minds, open source, no one owns it, everyone can make it better.. Some will say I gave I yielded to the message..Life..Klatuus words kept echoing in my mind, over and over, and I thought about the circle of friends I have made here, Kaminski, Outrageo, Springer,Schuler,.and how they embrace me never having met I do with the Artisans .and yes it is like a treasure hunt..what a wonderful metaphor. You are a treasure also Klatuu
Life indeed is a crop circle.
Imprint your own designs on life
and let others resonate with it
as you do theirs.
and become
one song


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posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 12:44 AM
New poster (yes) but no 11s here.

I am also a graphic artist and have been in marketing for over 13 years. I've done my share of photomanipulation work and am familiar with the techniques. I also worked outside construction for the phone company repairing and installing aerial cables. I actually came across Issac's work first, then the pictures by Chad (et al). As soon as I saw the photos of the supposed drone I knew they were fake:
1) The lighting was all wrong - the underlit surface clear enough to be read are a dead giveaway with such strong sunlight hitting the ground from a high angle
2) If you look at where the powerlines (at the top of the pole) come out and zoom in you can see an impossible bend in the lines. The cables would never bend like that in real life. The power lines are also thicker in the curvature then oddly become thinner during the straighter portion of the power lines - this also is a giveaway. Lastly there are some non-background pixels still in that cabling.
3) There are 2 powerline shots. I could tell immediately that it was the same pole used in both manipulated images. It simply is moved and distorted in photoshop - it can be laid perfectly overtop the photo to match from one image to the other. In real life changing your viewpoint would mean seeing a different angle of the pole as well.
4) You can make out what appears to be some airbrushing of the clouds in the photos.
5) The ship is too "clean" the materials have a definite 3d program rendered look to them (esp. considering the lighting (point 1)).

As far as Issac's photocopied document goes - wow - a lot of work went into this... a LOT. I must congratulate the hoaxer. There were a few typos in Issac's original post - not that bad spelling means you're lying. However given the person is a supposed engineer and supposedly older, and when he left a "manager" -- well -- it is very unlikely he would be so careless in typing when revealing a dark secret. Like the ship, the 3d models of the parts (with the exception of the parts on the tarmac (well done!)) all look like Maya renders to me. They are too plastic and too perfect. However I could overlook these things to be more open-minded. The nail in the hoax coffin for me was asking my brother (he lives in Japan/his wife is Japanese) to download and look at the fullsize language analysis "photocopies" - specifically the characters.

My brother promptly let me know there definitely are some recognizable characters from katakana - especially "fu" and "shi", and in one of the major lines in the diagram the text actually reads "shippu" which probably comes close to meaning "ship" in English.

He went on to mention a number of other characters from katakana looked like they were "messed with" to create the remainder of the "language".

So... all in all... a lot of faking. And a ton of work by either one very talented (or a few talented) folks with a lot of time on their hands who enjoy griefing the community and stirring things up.

Nice to see a lot of these things I point out now (late) were mentioned before as well in previous posts.

Interesting article as well on the viral aspect. From a marketers perspective I think I should take some notes

- Guts.

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posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 09:40 PM
Ahh, yes follow the light..why follow darkness, you cant see iin the dark now can we..better to see who is going in and out into itfrom the light..make sense.. Its a shame history is not taught well if at all in the holloccaust started gearing up in Germany..and families rounded up..there were teams of German youth and witers in this that spent time doing nothing but writing letters in hebrew to family members that had not fallen into the snare..yes..they painted rosy pictures if what a lovely and rent free .clean nvironment was..what an opportunity it would be for the rest of the family to be together.."come up here its great..the food is too..and we are taken care uf..there were thousands of these letters written..and those that came were never seen again.many above average educated people ..even machines will never be as creative as man when it comes to deception..especially as it starts off as games..its not 60 years that separates those times..its just a fragile curtain.

I read a story once that what killed neanderthal man was not the passage of time, but that coexisting with the modern, it was greater ability at lying, deception by the latter.that did him in..I can certainly understand that now.

Yes the diagrams when put in hi res actually refer to a figure 15 by 12 , feet this is a big file and can lock up and underpowered system best in photo shop.
manufacturing skllis use..also..but there are details even in the teeniest of lines and one at hires 1600 which is low the 47 meg picture posted is incredible..Woy at omf worked that..ergo a professinoanal studio has to be considered..cad design also..Reyes hads that access to tha and so did salad..but it seems to be something odder..a collective of new agers yes..and something else..quite different..a treasure hunt...who what is the treasure..yes someone is definitely oyster shucking..for pearls..or mining for diamonds in the rough..

worthy goals other than truth..but we do the best we can to survive..and we shall. Phase 3 is almost complete.clues are gushing in as if from nowhere...answers to the diagram. Phase iv will problably be mop and clean up, loose ends..members dropping suddenly out , websites closing, .or even opening as to lure any strays,,and help polish the edge for a final report..They could care less about the nicle and dimes stores that sprung..that was an unintended benefit for them any way..that would help hidethem better I am not going anywhere. The indians never bothered the Madman..whether he was a paleface or one of their own. I follow the light not like a moth to the fire..bu as a beacon in the night.and yes..the woods are lovely dark and deep..but I have miles to go before I sleep..miles to go before I sleep.(frost) I am resting..not sleeping as Edgar Allen Poe wrote..
Sleep ..those little slices of Death..How I loathe them...

oh kudos on the US canada database which Id war protesters..isn't that marvelous what they are doing...Its so wonderful we are letting machines keep an eye on everything..and protecting..I hope they come up with one that will wage level the playing field..amazing..a machine that will wage peace..what a concept ..someone download that so they won't steal it..its a den of thieves out here, they travel with the Zebra herd , understand the Zebras stripes,Zebras are black with white stripes, your enemy will be the Zebra that is white with black stripes. Good Zebra white tummy..Bad Zebra Black tummy..Look at the Tummy, focus, now becomes the Fly in a glass of the boxer, hit in the the tummy , and the head will follow...learn from nature..God has given us the tactics to Prevail..if the spark is in you.
AS a Sci fi writer Lem wrote.paraphrasing, .Aliens will be incomprehensible when they is incomprehensible what they do..If you can understand the alien and his technology..then iits not a real real alien.. If they did was a fatal doubt..the PTB understand history quite well , why can't we. why space travel when you can trave dimensionally..or quantum leaps..especially when man can't endure long trips.Why not the moon, perhaps we have what we want..all else is an abandoned chevy on the side of the road..who knows..and why am I asling so many questions anyway?



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