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CARET/Drones Debunked? – A “viral” fantasy

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posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 02:16 AM
Meme-plex don't operate in a vacuum of neologistic recycled techno-tripe. They require conspiracy and doubt. Conspiracies require ideation and intention. This is a corporate-deal foisted upon the unsuspecting public-of-doubt for profit. No trail, no blame. Months of pre-load and spin. Expect more.


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posted on Oct, 28 2007 @ 05:32 PM
I am familiar with dell strategies as with alienwares autonomus style michael is not a micromanager Alienware is an asset..I remember the conversation both CEO s had.its on their website one time just prior to the was a friendly takeover is this caret thing..a synergistic relationship. Its a business yes.and this is business adapting to a new way of doing things. Idealistically this has the goal of all inclusiveness whereas the old capital model would have led to erasing the middle class,what the need most us. or they would be out of would have had the old pyramid structure eventually collapse..on everyone. Yes there will be I said they too are new to this but have a year or so advantage. We can make it work for them ..but only if it works for us. Its amazing how they got groups that dont talk to each other to work together..that is good for us..but still amazing..go to alienware and dell island..imagine many islands like that.
A question arose perplexing the other forum as to how the patterns component of a letter had the same parren element..
easy think nano lithograhy like this

colors look familar ehh?

it looks alien out of this world..but we are manipulating things at the atomic and molecular level..caret is a display of our techno; not zeta reticulii
this was done back as far as 1998

now we are using virus as batteries (are we the new tommyknochers?)
nano machines that can use our energies and repair cells self assembly the same cosmically and on the quantum level

now enough of my windbagging
Iam just collecting these for pleasure
for the fans as I was..I was wondering why an all american outfit backed by siliconlaude server is in canada..

Dell computers (Copy)
IP address country: United States
IP address state: Texas
IP address city: Round Rock
IP address latitude: 30.524799
IP address longitude: -97.679497
ISP [?]: Dell Computer Corporation
Organization: Dell Computer Corporation
Local Time: 2007-10-28 01:16

isaac caret
Default IP address Info
Big IP to location satellite map IP address Info / IP to

IP address:
IP country: United States
IP Address state:
IP Address city:
IP latitude: 38.000000
IP longitude: -97.000000
ISP: Level 3 Communications
Organization: Level 3 Communications
isaac server in Bellingham or Lynden Wa.

IP address location & IP address info:
IP address [?]: (Copy)
IP address country: United States
IP address state: Washington
IP address city: Lynden
IP postcode: 98264
IP address latitude: 48.956600
IP address longitude: -122.432503
ISP [?]: Network Access Services
Organization: Gideon
Local Time: 2007-10-27 22:01

Examples: (IP address) or (Host)
IP address location & IP address info:
IP address [?]: (Copy)
IP address country: United States
IP address state: Texas
IP address city: Austin
IP postcode: 78713
IP address latitude: 30.283899

uta university of texas arlington (Reyes) and (possibly silicon via Kroneig))

IP address longitude: -97.741302
ISP [?]: University of Texas System
Organization: University of Texas System
Local Time: 2007-10-28 00:03

silicon laude

IP address location & IP address info:
IP address [?]: (Copy)
IP address country: Canada
IP address state: Ontario
IP address city: Toronto
IP postcode: m5h3s5
IP address latitude: 43.666698
IP address longitude: -79.416801
ISP [?]: InQuent Technologies
Organization: InQuent Technologies
Local Time: 2007-10-28 00:07

IP address country: United States
IP address state: n/a
IP address city: n/a
IP address latitude: 38.000000
IP address longitude: -97.000000
ISP [?]: Level 3 Communications
Organization: Level 3 Communications


IP address country: Singapore
IP address state: n/a
IP address city: Singapore
IP address latitude: 1.293100
IP address longitude: 103.855797
ISP [?]: QALA Singapore Pte Ltd
Organization: QALA Singapore Pte Ltd

egrd (Copy)
IP address country: United States
IP address state: Illinois
IP address city: Chicago
IP address latitude: 41.867500
IP address longitude: -87.674400
ISP [?]: Internap Network Services
Organization: eNom
Local Time: 2007-10-28 01:25


IP address longitude: -80.293900
ISP [?]:
Local Time: 2007-10-28 03:35 final

IP address [?]: (Copy)
IP address country: United States
IP address state: n/a
IP address city: n/a
IP address latitude: 38.000000
IP address longitude: -97.000000
ISP [?]: Level 3 Communications
Organization: Level 3 Communications crossed silicon once

I will sort details out later will map them out too and satellite..thats one D only dont add another or you will wind up on a virus

they can run but they cant hide

this is not your average baseball coming thru the window though the perps did run away..or are they right next to me


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posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 10:26 PM
Man, these AlienUnderwear dudes are riding this thing all the way to the bank. Looks like the viralmemeees are going to pay off for these guys.

See the interesting clip (glomming a bit from Roswell too, it seems).

Well, I'm kinda glad someone had the guts to step in and flesh things out if nothing else. I mean, t-shirts and coffee mugs is one thing, but to weave an entire marketing campaign off of another's tedious work is something else.

Before this is all over, the Alienwhere's will have to be exposed as the originators , OR, the guys(s) who actually dreamed it up from the beginning will be steaming in a closet somewhere ready to explode. When the tipping point is reached - head for the hills: you should have a good view of some spectacular fireworks from there!

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 11:11 PM
Hi Outrageo. They may need the AlienExchange program? Really; there is one. Goog-it. I wanna know who knew what when. There exists a possibilty of someone(s) cooking this whole drone-delio deal up specifically to SELL to Dell/Alienware acknowledged or not. Dad's fascinated by the "meme" factor. Little carets and carrots. Dollnean.

Just a conspiratorial hypothetical ideation. Dollnean to you and yours! Thanks for the kind u2u. I've read your work and have learned. Your research is very thorough. Thank you.


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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 01:26 PM
I agree mira it makes sense as Dell has a very nice environmental recycling, sharing ,you name it philosophy. The alienware project would be a good wayfor dell and alienware thru Caret to introduce that.

Again the appreciation of life and whats important and what we do such as contaminate the environment with electronics, as well as deplete it of resources for electronics (think of african conflicts (its more than diamonds and oil) and what they supply for electronics and why the moon is so important..not just helium3) Yes this would be a most favorable thing for them the caret cow has more milk yet to give. I just want to see the other players who helped create the thing ..especially if children were involved and contributed ..that makes it really universal special for me) By meeting demand thru recycling we cut down the bloodshed and preserve our environment. Remember.Even corporate heads have children and grandchildren..they have an interest and desire for a safe and clean world for their kids too.

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 01:41 PM
Hi all -
I've been following the drone discussions for months, but have never posted. I love all the twists and turns of this story. This Alienware twist made me laugh - with delight. It's the chicken and the egg... which came first?

However, I really have an unsubstantiated hunch that someone at Alienware is just one of us (ie: fasnicated by this evolving story and can't let go of it), and is just capitalizing on the cool factor of the drone and Isaac's CARET papers. I mean, who would sue for copywrite infringement?

I love art inspiring more art, inspiring more and more creative output. That is worth a great deal in this world of ours.

Thanks to all of you, by the way... I have enjoyed all the intelligent discussions so much and have visited many of the links posted... it's quite a ride, isn't it. Will continue to read......

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 08:13 PM
yes I love your avatar..that stained glass look, the shell mystical .always captures the eye
I agree on art begetting art as well as words begetting words..all living and changing..I know the advertising community is getting a jolt with the art tech fusion as the way the Zebra and other groups are doing..there will be radical application to our mundane paisley ties..why they apply the the lithography of vitamin structures to ties..leds to clothing..(i always wanted a technicolor jacket for the kids I read to) can you inagine a mood ring type thing for a womans dress..changing colors inviting or stay away..dispenses the need for expensive perfumes I would imagine. asking for a dance or date would be a more mixed signals..

God knows what they will do with cereal boxes..stuffing dvds and confusing puzzles silly..back in the dayz reinforced their reading skills on cornflake boxes you know..
radical art is not radical its now as is the sci fi of old..yet you must retain the old just in in making hybrid scientists are ever searching for he original kernels to bring them back..they were it turns out heartier ..remember the to speak.
Thats why this project caret intrigued brought the past foward again. certain things should not be forgotten.

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by Tadarida

We would enjoy very much your perspective on caret from an art standpont rather than the ususal banter on wheteher or not its real or artificial .or even the viral aspect.(they are always stealing from each other).just the purists view on the outside and inside..especially the art within the diagram.its occupying minds and therefore doing something creative aside from consternation and selling. it touches the universal from micro to macro..IMO ..I would love you sharing your perspective..

Looking foward to your comments
thank you

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by Tadarida

A hearty, artsy welcome, Ta-Da!

Ah yes - this one has been suggested: unsubstantiated hunch that someone at Alienware is just one of us (ie: fascinated by this evolving story and can't let go of it), and is just capitalizing on the cool factor of the drone and Isaac's CARET papers.

" just one of us..."!?! Well, well - wouldn't THAT be interesting! "The cool factor" - yes indeed - just look at the thousands of posts this thing has generated. Of course, we can just as easily opine that one of the other forums engendered a perpetrator, could we knot? IMO, without naming names, I've avoided one site in particular that has made the CARET/Drones their raison d'etre lo these many months. I'd spend more time there, but I'm a bit disillusioned with their incessant bad-mouthing of ATS. I hang here because ATS owners, mods (and members) seem infinitely more professional, courtly, and inspired. I do however, like many of my ATS compatriots - sleuth on over to scope the scene now and then...

But I digress. Your premise is potentially valid. A forum (not necessarily this one), UFO web site, or other self-aggrandizingly motivated entity could very well 'kick it up a notch' through a stealthy meme campaign. I mean, there are many benefits, little cost in doing so, right?

On the other hand, if you're suggesting that this is a one-member show inspired for personal glorification - I'd have to It's too much, too big, too complex, too, ...what's the word - sophisticated? This took a lot of planning, a lot of resources, and a lot of time. Even if it's all fake - I can't envision a sole proprietor-member sort gaining enough from the exercise to make it all worth it.

I've asked many times before, (and your idea, in many respects, may have merit), but: WHAT'S THE PAYOFF? . If this is all just a viral show of hyped exaggeration - to what end? I don't think, at least not yet, that the Alien-Underwear folks, awesome digirati as they may be, are the originators here.

To date, I must concur with the virtual consensus: AlienWherever are merely opportunists who saw an opening (a chasm is more like it) and decided to jump in with both feet. They're not stupid. A huge built-in following, superior marketing material already prepared, and (can they be this lucky?) already distributed throughout the prospect base. Heck, all our pals at Alienwired had to do was rubberstamp their web site with it and they can ride it all the way to the bank - in a limo! Their marketing guys must be sitting around the conference table giggling into their breakfast martinis at the genius of it all! The whole scenario would make a great novel or movie script (hmmmmm....). The PACL deciphering contest was a little goofy, IMO, however (see my own version in sig below)...

Anyway - we're a ways off yet from this playing itself out. If nothing else, it sure pumped some new life into the whole Issac/CARET/Droney-Baloney saga. Which begs the follow-on question: Would the real Isaac PLEASE STAND UP? Chad? Anyone?

Even Earthfiler Linda has distanced herself (er, ran at full speed) away from Isaac. Her Isaacness went dead silent back in July or something, and, curiously, she hasn't a peep to say about this latest Alienwhatchamacallit effort (which to me, still may just be a clever way to bird-dog Isaac into the open).

So - we march on. We listen. We study. We observe. I propose that when this thing finally reaches an academic conclusion that we all get together for a little "Ding-Dong the CARET's Dead" party to compare notes.

First round is on me...

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 03:56 PM
I am posting this from another forum where Bonzai a member wrote the alienware people. ithe borrowed the linguistics..its not their project

"Hi ___________,

Thank you for your email. It’s great to hear that our promotion has reach out to you and your Forum group regarding the CARET document. Alienware did NOT create the information regarding this phenomena or the CARAT linguistics. This is NOT an intellectual property of Alienware. The information has anonymously spread throughout the web for some time. We have taken the CARAT linguistics and have applied this as a marketing tool to draw attention to our promotion.


(name withheld)

Director of PR Communications

Alienware Corporation"

So that's that.

endof quote

now we can talk about talk about talk about..

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 04:41 PM
Thank you for the warm welcome!

Thanks for the comment on my avatar – it is an example of the Fibonacci Grid found in nature, and employed by artists and architects for centuries… at least back to ancient Greece and up to the present. I can point anybody in the direction of info on Fibonacci if they are interested, or just google it.. you will get lots of sites. It’s math, numbers, art, proportion and emotion all in one.

Sys_Config, I love the idea of a “mood dress” – that is fantastic and perhaps just around the corner. Where do I sign up?! What about pheromone clothing? (Although theoretically that may get people in a lot of trouble!) But yes, there are things happening that used to be the science fiction of our childhood. We live in interesting times and I want to embrace the experience of living now- in this time. With all of complications, all of the messiness – this time is like nothing else in history. This is ours, let’s live it.

Okay, as far as the Chad’s Drone/Isaac’s CARET story goes… you’ve asked for my thoughts and here they are. Just thoughts, just hunches, nothing more.

I want to think it’s real – all of it. But honestly, I think that it is somebody’s project – and yes, a group of people, not an individual. But maybe a small group, like 3 or 4 people. The sticking point for all of us who remain interested in this story seems to be “why?”.

When I first saw the drone photos on the C2C site, I was drawn to the unusual shape of course… and I was fascinated by the symbols – I thought it looked like the Japanese alphabet Katakana – some of the symbols are perfect mirror images of Katakana – I know this has been brought up before.

But when I saw the Isaac papers, that’s when it got interesting – the idea of so much power being encased in the symbols themselves was very much like the alien alphabet description put forth in Jim Spark’s book "The Keepers". The concept of symbols being more than symbols, being more powerful than the already powerful concept of a written language --was completely compelling to me. The designs in the CARET papers looked like crop circle iconography to me – I saw that right away. I read and re-read the papers on the Isaac website trying to take it all in. LMH’s excitement and interest was contagious. And then she seemed to drop it altogether… curiouser and curiouser!

All of the ideas and research put forth on the ATS threads were mind-blowing as I followed them… tracking down existing machine parts, tracking down people and their careers, tracking down marketing/viral schemes… it has been fascinating to read it all. The CGI animation of how the drone might move when taking off… then the song (by the German based musician… “Drone”…! Coincidence?? I don’t know!!) and the video… it’s all great fun!

Look, if it’s really all an art project that keeps expanding, or being picked up and carried on by different people who may or may not know each other…. Wow! I applaud the creative fire and the storytelling. It remains completely valid art - not a typical art installation........ an installation made out of pixels with the internet as a canvas.

I have certainly done elaborate projects in the past that have been for my own entertainment alone. My projects (hobbies??) haven’t been on any kind of scale like this, of course – I don’t have the technical or science background for something like this… but I am certainly a captive and appreciative audience.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by Sys_Config
This is NOT an intellectual property of Alienware. The information has anonymously spread throughout the web for some time. We have taken the CARAT linguistics and have applied this as a marketing tool to draw attention to our promotion.

Yes. This is exactly what I was thinking ----- if you were designing an ad for Alienware and you knew about the CARET papers---- wouldn't you be remiss in NOT using something from it? Yes. I say.... a resounding yes!

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 05:54 PM
thanks so much for a most splendid insight..i share, we share, (most 0f us anyway) your excitement as this continues..

I would avoid those phermones..I hear they cause fights..hehehe.., they have a thermal bra I understand that does something I cant remember..I am a man so I would not needt and you know how clumsy we are at , well you know, things like that.
The europeans seem to be innovating on the these kinds of things and I hope we don't loose our edge. TBA has an annual workshops, zebra people..all integrating these types..well I know you already are in the field and have seen these on a daily basis..I am like a kid in a candy shop..hope it never wears off.

I almost forgot..if you have some thoughts on the little prince character in one of the pix how did that strike far as symbolism .I will be posting it on ad hoc for those that want to download it and have plenty of cpu power. its right above on an alien letter ..directly above the image of a little atom I made a notation on. next to last photo I believe. it seems the group is conveying a message.
when we go deeper resolution into the fabric of letters itself..they resemble fragmnts of DNA..incredibly they are able o convey so many messages..on one hand there is a T that is used to mark horizon astronomically..then under flourescence 3 more ts appear on each node..
T is also uses for a DNA subgrouping..this boogles my mind the multuses for any one thing we see..I have not addressed music which I predicted and was found on another forum. this is why it IMO went to more than just one person. and more than an exercise in skills posturing.

yet there is no mistake on the little prince right before the + sign. and other characters strewn about. as well but all I needed was him...but would love to hear your thoughts on that as well.
My sincerest Regards

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Sys - my Dear friend...

Please bear with me and help me out here a bit. I've taken your phat file, all 47Mb of it and zommed, and panned, and enhanced, and zoomed some more, but I can't (and I;m sure it's just me) see your prince or pretty much anything else you've been so eloquently describing in the large CARET illustration.

I mean, I see lots of huge colorful pixels, some unusual gradation bisecting parts of the image, a few anomalous blocks and squiggles, etc. - but hard as I look I just don't see the Cleaver's sitting around the dinner table. Where are they already?!?!

Can you kindly just enlarge the portion of the image you're describing and draw a little circle and an arrow or something directly to it so maybe I can try again? You've been very informative - visionary even - and I really am getting desperate to see what you see.

In any case, regarding the MarginallyLegalAlienWear letter - at least they fessed up to exercising a little viral-licensing gleaned from the web. I wonder if they also did with the "INTENT" of capitalizing on its built-in popularity on ATS and elsewhere. In the meantime, I ask again:

Isaac - won't you please STAND UP?!? STEP UP! CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN!

We now return you to your regular scheduled programming...

p.s. Tada - had studied Fibonacci numbering/codes/spirals/strings/sequences myself. Never ceases to fascinate. So elegant. So definitive. So universal. It's everywhere - architecture, film, literature, music. How superbly humanitarian. Thanks for rekindling the interest... and yes - I'm sure if one looked for it the Fibonacci function is likely embedded in the CARETs as well... Welcome aboard...

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 07:09 PM
do you have the color 47 meg or the greyscale one you cant see zit..cleaned by woy..I downloaded the colorized one so I have the original as soon as he put it the disappeared or something and he reput one up there was green or something. If youbhave the 47 color set your monitor at 1600 or more make sure nvidia or ati controls are set at high quality...from there zoom in on largest colorful node clickon till outside markers are big,,its on outside of dial can tell from my pix where. If you have anything good.

he went on to letter cleaning ie wiping out what I was seeing..I had a small falling out with him as to why..never have gotten an answer..the odd thing was he told us about posting the people playing twist which are all over the place. please tell me do you or do you not see in the pic right here anything unsusual..without even zooming just look at it for heavens sake ,he is there there! above the the atom ..i sure did not put them there God someoone give me a confirmation, Outrageo I have no interest and I dont want to be a visionary I just want a simple confirmation of the work and I have several people outside the forum that say yes. I have not been challenged on any of it even at why because its the truth!
evrything I have done has come to pass. why is it so difficult to accept this it because he's copyrighted..? and someone did not get permission?..sorry He is staying..he is not going anywhere folx.
I don't need anyones patronizing at this point in time..i have gone too far..
all I need is tadas input..even only if its on an "iF he's there basis..then it would mean..such and such..I dont care about virals anymore! we knowthat already.

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 08:05 PM
I am sorry, Sys-Config... I must agree with Outrageo... I even copied it into photoshop at 300 dpi and played around with the color and contrast. I don't see anything unusual.

The arrow with no text that was drawn in, is pointing right at the symbol that looks like the Katakana "Ri" - what is this pointing out? And why "Family"? The "Atom Hoolah Hoop" was pretty self explanatory as to what it is pointing out - an oval.

I don't see the Little Prince or anything else - perhaps post this again with something outlining what we should be looking at?

Looking at things closely make me ask questions about how it was originally scanned - at what resolution? Did it go through Photoshop at some point? Was it compressed into a JPG or a PDF? Weird things can just appear sometimes in innocuous file formats.

More info or detail please?

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 10:41 PM
Of course I understand, I absolutely agree , "trust me"
If you and outrageo dont see it ... well far be it from me to Make you see something thats not there. like the emperors new robe!

However, This was not unanticipated..this portion of it was not necessary at all to establish artificiality .my prior findings did that IMO..this would have been if you could have seen it nothing less than icing on a cake. I see too much sometimes..unfortunately..take your nick would be "ad art"
signature "part of this complete breakfast "also ad related , almost like the ancient 1930s eat at Joes Diner..billboards men would wear walking around drumming up business. thus accounting for your like and appreciation of art that subconciously you would incorporate in your nick..absurd but fascinating... its like a Carl Jung comedy, sorry doctors, my headaches gone..I dont think I will be supplying anymore details or Rorshack drawings as a matter of fact ..not right its not my place to play paul revere and warn people after all, .I have nothing to prove..just discover..or uncover. its on the table we can take it or leave it.. bon apetite!
I just coulldnt resist and have to do a Colombo routine: drop ashes all over the carpet..a total klutz..I love words..the have power even the mispelled ones. No one noticed the mispelling of CARET on the alienware letter.. Its spelled CARAT ..never do that in front of me..add insult to injury
or can it be something else.?.lets take a look shall we?

NetShelter Carat Fusion " ... on our core technology audience and Alienware has experienced excellent results. Our Alienware campaign runs on a set of hand-picked ...
just alienware? kets look further

Digital Marketing Agency Carat Fusion Hires Rob Hollander as Senior Vice President, Content Strategy As Carat Fusion's new Senior Vice President, Content ... in new media initiatives for Dell Computer, and Sprint Business-to-Business. ...

my grandma what long fingers you have!

Interactive Agencies - Interactive Marketing Agencies - Interactive Advertising Agencies ... Worldwide earlier this month to fill Gabriner's role fills key Carat Fusion post. ... Vonage (U.S. and U.K.), Dell (Singapore), Coca-Cola (Argentina) and ...

So we have a global op and a game not over..

well, I have to go and meet the rest of the global third wavers suddenly popping in ,coming thru here to resurrect Lazarus. Good guys and bad guys..the mutt and jeff..only they are paid we are not. greetz Razor and crew of UFC and the Chilluns at Om..we are one..we had a smackdown yesterday at OM by raz score good guys 1 caret fakes 0..oh yes we will work it..
lets level the playing field shall we?

as a courtesy i have labeled where to look on top of typed text

I love it when articats self organize into fact its a veritable story book sim city!

Now, Bring me Sarah Diamond. Bring her to me now! I ordered a stunning striped mood outfit for her....matching LED handbag too

Good Night!

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 11:08 PM

Attempt 1 Right Side Up:


Bummer, Outrageo says it's been solved. D'Oh.

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posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 11:59 AM
Sys_Config ---

Bravo on the "CARAT" - much to think about here... I am, unfortunately, so used to mispellings these days that I just skim them by. Thanks for pointing it out and doing a little digging... verrrrrry interesting!

You are right, I do enjoy advertising lingo and branding... certainly not in a "fine art" sense, but I definately get a kick out of word play for the masses. It's sick, I know, but along the lines (vaguely) of what I do for a living.

I wish I had been more clever when setting up my name here at ATS --- but Tadarida it is, and will remain. Tadarida is a species of bat, and I am really a big fan of them - that's why I chose the name. It's not "ad art", but I really love that you saw it in there - kudos to you! Tadarida is a name I use here at ATS only. No mystery here - just wanted to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

I will take more time on the images and notes you posted - thank you for taking time to do so. If I figure something out that is worth saying, then be assured that I will! Otherwise I promise to keep my internal ramblings to myself and try to stay on topic!

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posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 12:50 PM
Tadarida I know you will be most thorugh

Heaven an advertisers dream unlimited space.unlimited customers..(well thats arguable but then again more space in hell too..).but .space here is at a graffiti friends have been driven to find new forms to express resistance..or face jail and even new nanite polymers to prevent paint embedding, or worse..get a job putting it to commercial use..why not the government is not creating any jobs lately is it?
This reminded me of the current rumors circulating that the scale of detail in the diagram are proof that the original objects in the diagram must have been huge..and I mean "Geechie Huge" (only southern folx will understand and appreciate that) and that therefore the technology to even make the diagrams must be 'exotic'..
madison avenue would be flattered but disagree..merely look at pre war advertising anf foward and going home look as you drive the roads and highwaways .you will note billboards an both sides. some creative ones and very very big Whereever there is space ..advertisers will fight tooth and nail to get it ,.
thats why highway billboards are expensive..with that running out is outerspace, the surface on ships and rockets..the moon is a target of that as well.

on the internet your ipods your pdas cellphones and desktops are being fought over as we speak..

so scale is not an insurmountable was conquered a long time ago..
the tech innvolved reducing a billboard down to a few megs of space is not the shock and awe some think it is...the fact some forgot we have done this already is an amazing thing by itself..we must work on our retention more than we work on our expansion..
especially .if the mind is the next frontier..(dont tell the brainmapping people that they have first dibs)

i will post these for your entertainment they even have adv. for declassified documents..precious ..lets see what our adv are doing to persuade you their way


what will we think of next..dont ask MIT ask madison ave..or carat
if you can sit on it..they can sell it..

cats revenge..

from the same site oKfuture

and Tada internal ramblings have been the most productive..especially when logic fails us, Please do not hold back..ever..


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