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The TRUE story behind "The Hoax Heard 'Round the World." (Exclusive e-book for ATS visitors)

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 09:07 AM
In March of 2010, an extraordinary claim seized the internet. A claim, purported to come from nothing less than a NASA Astrophysicist, a claim that an alien signal had been intercepted and was at that moment being decrypted. The claim was released, of all places, at the Facebook page of one Wayne Herschel, a purveyor of extroardinarily bad theories. From Facebook, the claim was relayed to Above Top Secret, where it was immediatly subjected to rigorous dissection and analysis. From here, within a matter of hours, it was splashed all across the internet.


ATS Member, nenothtu, has authored an extraordinary e-book that delves deep into the phenomenon of one of the largest and most controversial threads ever to appear in the Aliens & UFOs forum on

The_Hoax_Heard_Round_the_World.pdf (3..14 mb)


It was, of course, a HOAX, perpetrated by "Dr." Judy Faltskog and Wayne Herschel, the "Alien Signal Hoax".

What the ATS sleuths found initially was that there was no evidence of a NASA scientist named Judy Faltskog, much less an alien signal. The story got stranger from there, eventually encompassing worldwide conspiracies, hoaxes by accomplished long time hoaxers, a sex change operation for one of the primary hoaxers, international intrigue and espionage, even to the founding of a new cult religion. It branched out into nearly every field of human endeavor, up to and including a "cyber war" prosecuted by members of the start-up cult of "Oneism", minions of the above mentioned Wayne Herschel. That "cyber war" continues to this day as the hoaxers strive to keep the hoax alive in the face of all of the mounting evidence against them, and silence those who would expose the hoax. It morphed from an initial claim of UV LIGHT having been received by a RADIO telescope (much like trying to take a photograph with a transistor radio), to the latest incarnation of the hoax, claiming to be employing secret "Tesla Technology" to receive these signals.

This is the story of that hoax, the hoaxers, and the investigation into perhaps one of the best-known hoaxes of recent years.

Some excerpts of what the reader will find within:

I find it nothing short of phenomenal the lengths these people, Wayne Herschel and Judy Faltskog, will go to in order to keep the truth contained in this book from getting out. They have labeled those who would expose this work every thing from "paid government disinformation agents" to questioning and taunting the sexuality of those involved in this exposure. They have mounted coordinated cyber-attacks in order to try to erase this important information exposing their hoaxes from the internet. During one such attack they had a blog, run by dcmb1490 completely knocked off of the internet because it presented the facts that would lead to their exposure as hoaxers. They tried several spamming attacks, some at dcmb1490's blog, and some at ATS. They tried, unsuccessfully, having the thread erased from ATS via a cyber-spam campaign.

They have called us "liars", and charged us with everything from "defamation" to "slander" to even “murder”, and yet never, not even once, have they been able to provide any facts at all to back their case. As a matter of fact, when pressed for evidence, they just shout the same things over and over again, just louder, and STILL provide nary a whit of evidence to back up their spurious claims.

ATSers investigated in-depth, leaving no stones unturned:

So then, we really can't take Judy's self-written profile as indicative of very much, at all.
Unfortunately, UC Berkeley had never heard of her. This detail was made up, as was her claimed doctorate. “Dr.” Judy Faltskog was no doctor at all.

Yes, it was checked out - right at the source. UC Berkley, where Judy claimed to have gained her doctorate, was contacted.
It's almost a manual in how NOT to run a hoax:

That's just Wayne. As we shall see, whenever Wayne can't respond in a cogent manner to questions raised, he typically erases the questions if he can, in order to hide the fact that he has no response, or - if that's not possible – he sidesteps the questions altogether and goes on the attack against the questioner.
As far as the situation “turning ugly” goes, both of the hoaxers, Wayne Herschel AND Judy Faltskog, should really have expected that, and prepared their hoax with a bit more care. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, not a mere parroting of technobabble taken out of context and which is non-sensical to those who actually understand the terminology. That sort of technobabble is meant solely to “wow” an audience not well enough versed in the jargon to actually grasp the meaning. It's another of the hoaxers stock in trade. The theory is that if one uses terminology sufficiently incomprehensible, the average listener will assume that the speaker knows what he is talking about, and will be suitably impressed.
ATS listeners are not average.

There are international plots to silence groundbreaking pseudoscience:

Notice again the claims that his book vendors have been “shut down”, his book “forcibly deleted and removed from stores”, all of this in the USA – where those pesky First Amendment rights allow anyone to spew any sort of pseudoscience they like! Those problematic TPTB at work again, no doubt... it simply couldn't be something as mundane as no one wanting to buy the book! There HAD to be a plot against it, there just HAD to be...
As far as it having done more harm than good to his “research”, there is an old saw among hucksters that “any publicity is good publicity!” If anyone reads his books with an analytical mind and a modicum of scientific understanding, they can see without a doubt that his “research” has done more harm to itself than any possible “NWO plot” could possibly have done.

That's just from the first two chapters. There is much, much more.

Alien Abductions and SETI Signals....

International espionage and intrigue...




The TRUE story behind "The Hoax Head 'Round the World".

The vast bulk of the evidence gathered proving this to be a hoax, and these two charlatans to be hoaxers, is included withing the pages of this book. Photographs, passports, letters from official agencies and communications from bona-fide UFO researchers - it's all there. The readers won't have to take my word for it - they can evaluate the evidence presented for themselves, and further research it using what is presented as a springboard to discovery if they so desire.

The book is free. Please feel free to download it, distribute it, and re-upload it to any where on the internet you can think of. Spread it far and wide. This story is too important to let it die - people are STILL being taken in by these hoaxers, and they deserve a warning as to what these people purvey.

- nenothtu



This is an independent work by a member of, and is not endorsed or otherwise authenticated by the staff of, or the ownership of The Above Network, LLC.
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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 09:42 AM

Originally posted by
In March of 2010, an extraordinary claim seized the internet. A claim, purported to come from nothing less than a NASA Astrophysicist, a claim that an alien signal had been intercepted and was at that moment being decrypted.

I've only skimmed the book so far (after all, it is 399 pages long with a Volume II promised at the end...), but I'd like to thank nenothtu for putting this material together, editing together relevant posts and adding some commentary.

Given the organic growth of the relevant thread (which quite a few members, not to mention non-members, may not be familiar with), I've looked for some sort of executive summary or conclusion which highlights what was learnt and the key evidence that emerged. I've read the foreword and various parts of the book, but haven't spotted it so far.

I've read most of the relevant thread in the past, but would welcome nenothtu's input in highlighting relevant pages/posts/material. While I'll probably read the full book, I think many members would find more of an overview helpful (which may be somewhere within the book, in which case a reference would be great).

In the hope no one objects and that some people will find it useful, I'll quote a large part of a the summary post by DrHammondStoat in another related thread here:

Originally posted by DrHammondStoat

There is so much information and disinformation on this person that it's hard to know where to start. I would like to contribute to the thread by giving a kind of summary on how we discovered the true identity of 'Dr Judy'. I'm sure I will miss plenty out so hopefully the other members who were working on this will chip in.

I will try to summarise the story from the point where people initially became suspicious of 'Dr Judy Faltskog' and just a few minutes of googling uncovered an interesting history and links to a known hoaxer by the name of James/Jimmy Van Greunen. As I'm sure everyone knows, Wayne Herschel (self published author of 'The hidden records') announced on facebook to the world, that his 'friend' Dr Judy Faltskog was monitoring a possible alien signal in her capacity as a SETI/NASA scientist. Wayne Herschel's involvement would later be questioned as facts surrounding Dr Judy were revealed.

The Van Greunen/Faltskog connection

'Dr Judy Faltskog' linked herself to the name Van Greunen through messages left on a message board where she talked about being at school in South Africa in her 'Van greunen days' and mentioned her 'brother' James. Van Greunen is a german name and Judy seems to have links to South Africa, Sweden and Germany. On other personal web pages, Faltskog has also claimed to have been born in Sweden and a number of different countries are listed as where she resides. Either our friend 'Dr Judy' gets around a h*ll of alot or she is being slightly economical with the truth.

On one of Judy Faltskog's many personal web pages: she claims to have written a book about 'The Kalahari incident' and to have had a book written about her childhood abduction experiences. These books don't seem to exist anywhere. This is were the person calling herself 'Dr Judy Faltskog' has incriminated herself with the UFO hoaxer from South Africa by the name of 'James/Jimmy Van Greunen'.

Van Greunen and the Kalahari Hoax

James Van Greunen tried to pass himself off as a South African airforce Major or Captain (depending on the occasion) and tried to sell forged documents relating to a UFO crash in Kalahari that supposedly happened in 1989, the documents and 'Major Van Greunen surfaced in 1993. You can read about the Kalahari crash here on Wikapedia. A number of UFO researchers worked with him until uncovering his deception. In 1995 documents are 'leaked' again detailing another UFO crash in Lesotho Africa and once again researchers link these to James Van Greunen. At this stage many ATS members are thinking that 'Dr Judy Faltskog' definitely has a link to the serial South African born hoaxer James Van Greunen. As a result few are taking the claims published by Wayne Herschel on facebook seriously.

Judy's deep voice!

A blog radio interview found where 'Judy Faltskog' (interviewed by a friend) talked about her abduction experiences. I had listened to get clues on Faltskog's background and to see if there were any inconsistencies what she said about her self on the web.

The one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me was Dr Judy's voice. It was deep! I initially thought that this woman could be alot older than she said she was. There was also one other possibility that seemed too ridiculous to contemplate. Was Dr Judy a man? for some reason this stuck in my mind so I kept on digging.

After a few minutes googling I returned a thread from ATS on 'The Kalahari incident'. I was shocked to see that it was documented by UFO researchers that James Van Greunen had changed his sex!

German UFO researcher Michael Hesseman had this to say about Van Greunen:

"James van Greunen was in the military for only a few months, then discharged after they found out he suffers from epilepsy. James has a history as a young UFO enthusiast, alleged contactee and salesman of tickets for non-existent UFO conferences in South Africa. I sent a full report (including a copy of the tape) to Walt Andrus of MUFON and Prof. Jack Kasher. My conclusions were fully supported and confirmed by Cynthia Hind, MUFON's representative for the African Continent, one of the finest and most experienced UFO researchers on this planet.

From time to time I heard about van Greunen's latest adventures. He married his German fiancee, which was a case of bigamy, and fathered a child. He got into trouble with the German authorities after he applied for a job in Germany's "Bundeswehr" (Army), claiming he was a Captain of the SAAF Intelligence and producing a faked service record. He was sentenced for forgery of a document and using a fake rank. When his wife found out that he's a con man and bigamist, she threw him out.
A few months later, he called me and told me he was so frustrated that he had decided to undergo a sex change -- and became Judith Helena de Cadenet-van Greunen, a glamorous creature who later worked in a night club in Johannesburg."

More can be found at and this is discussed on ATS on this thread :

So it seems that after two failed attempts at profiting from fabricated UFO crash stories, James Van Greunen (who impersonated an airforce Major) has changed his identity and is possibly the Judy Faltskog (claimed Nasa scientist) who has leaked the detection of a possible alien signal on facebook of all places.

More digging by member dcmb1490 uncovered the name Oliver Gerschitz in connection to Dr Judy. Googling those names together brought up this german message board where there were some very interesting posts indeed.

Members on this board were discussing a lecture given by Oliver Gerschitz. Gerschitz is linked to a controversial crowd in Germany that consists of authors and speakers who mix conspiracy topics with right wing extremist views. Apparently Judy Van Greuenen had turned up with Gerschitz and another controversial author Jan Udo Holey (pen name Jan Van Helsing), to talk about 'The Kalahari incident'. It seems at least one attendee was expecting to find a Major James Van Gruenen not Miss Judy Van Greunen! No surprise either to see that this person ordered merchandise from our friends and it never turned up.

I'm looking for Major Greune probably because I have a couple of days before I "The Aenstrianischen revelations" read, had a visual hallucination. Why is "woman" at the meeting with Greune Gerschitz and Holey is disengaged? Last year was Greune (as man) in guest. I have ordered the consignment, but never received, and now I find them on the page no more.

ATS member Rich-England had the bright idea of contacting researcher Michael Hesemann to see if he could tell us anything about the Faltskog/Van Greunen link. It turned out that Mr Hesemann was more than happy to provide documentary evidence proving James Van Gruenen and Judy Van Gruenen are the same person. He went on to testify that from photographs posted on the web, 'Dr Judy Faltskog' started life as James Van Gruenen. Mr Hesemann has confirmed that 'Dr Judy' has never studied astrophysics or was even in the US when she claims to have studied at the university of California Berkeley. Michael Hesemann was able to copy passports from Jimmy/Judy when researching his/her claims;

Other documentation provided by Michael hesemann relates to Van Gruenen's sex change and legal status and legal action taken against him/her for using false titles.

The information from Mr Hesemann together with the work of ATS members was enough to consign the Judy Faltskog/Nasa Signal debacle to the hoax bin. So it seems Judy Faltskog is just the latest incarnation of a serial UFO hoaxer.

Incidentally, while the OP stresses the hoax here on ATS in March 2010 the book (and the related thread) also covered various earlier hoaxes which had more of an impact in ufological literature. The March 2010 hoax was fairly quickly dismissed. However, the Kalahari Incident (generally regarded as a hoax, as I mentioned in the relevant thread on ATS at "Connect The Dots: Kalahari, MJ-12, Area 51, and EBE-3") has been mentioned in quite a few books, including the following:

* 2 page discussion by Jerome Clark in his “The UFO Encyclopedia: 1st edition: Volume 1 – UFOs in the 1980s” (1990) at pages 69-70 of the Apogee hardback edition in an entry entitled “Crashes of UFOs”.

* 2 page discussion by Jerome Clark in his “The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon from the Beginning - 2nd edition” (1998) in Volume 2:L-Z at pages 870-871 (in an entry entitled “South African Crash Hoax”) of the Omnigraphics hardback edition.

* 40 page discussion by Tony Dodd in his “Alien Investigator” (1999) at pages 33-42 and 46-75 (in Chapter 2) of the Headline paperback edition.

* 2 page discussion by Kevin Randle in his “A history of UFO crashes” (1995) at pages 211-212 (in Appendix A, “The UFO Crash Data Base”) of the Avon paperback edition.

* 11 page discussion by Kevin Randle in his “Case MJ-12” (2002) at pages 276-286 (in the Appendix generally) of the Harper Torch paperback edition.

* 4 page discussion by Jenny Randles in her “UFO Retrievals” (1995) at pages 151-154 (in Chapter 7) of the Blandford softback edition.

* 3 page discussion by Nicholas Redfern in his “A Covert Agenda” (1997) at pages 248, 250-251 (in Chapter 17) of the Simon & Schuster hardback edition.

* 2 page discussion by Nicholas Redfern in his “Cosmic Crashes” (1999) at pages 191-192 (in Chapter 9) of the Simon & Schuster hardback edition.

* 7 page discussion by Daniel M Salter in his “Life With a Cosmos Clearance” (2003) at pages 29-30, 32, 33-34, 35, 36 (in Chapter 3) of the Light Technology softcover edition.

So, I shall be reading this book with a particular interest in finding any material on the Kalahari incident (which was my main reason for reading the thread on the March 2010 hoax).

Thanks again for your work nenothtu,

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 07:03 PM
These are posts confirming the HOAX nature of the subject of this book, just from the first 120 pages of the HOAX thread. I compiled them as I was going through that thread researching, and originally posted them in that thread in installments. As such, they are dispersed across several pages of it, and here I'm putting them all together in one place for reference.

An executive summary will be difficult, because of the way the hoax, and subsequent discoveries, were all over the place. I'll give it a try in a bit, just hitting the high points and avoiding the side branches.

Posts that confirm HOAX nature of the story in this thread:

Confirms Herschel's involvement in the hoax, and Faltskog's origin of it.: link

Bedlam discovers problem with receiving light by radio: link

Claims Judy is a NASA astrophysicist: link

Further clarifies problem with UV identification of signal: link

Bedlam Clarifies problems with receiving UV light by radio: link

Tom_Proctor Confirms UV vs Radio impossibility: link

LifeInDeath questions Faltskog's credentials due to a lack of peer-review publications: link

Isis_Is_I post - Stars the signal is alleged to come from, and some technicalese jargon that is gibberish: link

Bedlam points out HUGE holes in the story which kill it dead: link

Unium reports that Judy claims signal is definite and not local - contrary to recent claims that it had a local component indicating communication between Earth governments and "them", also provides too many details of the "signal" that prove it is gibberish: link

Portugoal reports that Judy has started erasing her web pages: link

DrHammondStoat reports that NOTHING in her background story can be confirmed, an impossibility for a real astrophysicist in this day and age of the internet: link

thomas_ reports her full claimed CV from Facebook, which will later be thoroughly debunked: link

Atlantican reports that Richard C. Hoagland calls it a hoax as well: link

Further analysis from Bedlam proving HOAX: link

Phage analysis of UV transmission through atmosphere proving HOAX: link

Chem breather reports more gibberish jargon being spewed in an effort to recover the hoax, but failing miserably: link

Bedlam provides further explanation of why it is a hoax: link

Bedlam reports an inability to find any confirmation of Judy's alleged credentials: link

GerhardSA reports that he Hartebees Observatory in South Africa is NOT tracking any such signal, despite Judy's claims: link

GerhardSA posts actual denial response: link

Korg Trinity confirms that Jodrell Bank is not "locked on to he signal" as Judy claimed: link

bgood1968 reports inability to confirm any of Judy's credentials: link

Byrd notes a lack of refereed papers, an impossibility for the holder of 2 PhD's: link

Bedlam's analysis of "HOAX" vs. a prank on Judy: link

Buddhasystem's analysis of Judy's lack of credentials: link

Nenothtu points out the obvious logical flaw in Judy's statement that "I dont think we have the technology on our planet at present to do this form of communication at this frequencies.": link

Nenothtu's refutation of Judy's claim that light emits radio frequencies in an attempt to save the hoax: link

Nenothtu's refutation of the likelihood that the stars Judy claims would be sending signals: link. Incidentally, not specified in this post is the fact that only two of these stars is "nearby", per Wayne's claim. All of the rest are at distances in excess of a round trip signal's travel time for a single message within a human lifetime. Of the two "nearby" stars, proxima would need 8.5 years for a round trip message at the speed of light, and Epsilon Eridani would require 21 years. The rest all involve message round trip travel times in excess of a human life time. The next nearest, Aldebaran, would require 130 years. The last two each would have round trip message travel times of about 600 - 620 years.

ElijahWan's post where Judy Faltskog herself claims to have had "van Greunen years" in South Africa: link This link also introduces James van Greunen into the mix, in connection with Judy Faltskog, but the relevance wasn't recognized at that time.

Cosmicpixie reports that Judy herself backs off of the story and says it wasn't "the real McCoy": link. This is of interest because Judy and a variety of clones later returned to try to resurrect the story yet again, after they thought the smoke had cleared. Wayne has repeatedly done the same.

Buddhasystem comment on the two main glaring problems inherent in the original hoax, generalized: link

Cosmicpixie post about Wayne deleting all the information from his Facebook page 3 days into the hoax (IMO a transparent effort to destroy the evidence): link

Bedlam's analysis of the "information" presented by Judy indicating a botched hoax: link

Another good debunk by Bedlam concerning Judy's claim that Arecibo was receiving the UV signal: link. [begin tongue in cheek comment] In connection with this post, I have had a PhD. confirm that I am the reincarnation of King Gilgamesh of Uruk, and a demi-god in my own right. Going by precedent set by Wayne and Judy, there is no need for me to reveal the name of this PhD., nor provide any other evidence of my claim whatsoever. You can just trust me. [/end tongue in cheek comment]

Phage provides a general overall asessment of the particulars up to that point, which add up to a glaring hoax: link

Bedlam's debunk of Judy's first attempt to save the story by saying "All EM reemits EM": link

Nenothtu's assessment of the validity of the original hoax and doctorate claims up to that point: link

Dcmb1490's rundown of the information present in Judy's BlogTalk Radio interview, demonstrating a lack of "credentials", but a plethora of "abductions". This will become important later, re: "Aenstrea" in linking Judy Faltskog and James Van Greunen, as is the birth date: link

DrHammondStoat reports on Judy's claim to have written "The Aenstrean Revelations"" as an autobiography. In truth, while that book claims to be an autobiography, the author listed in the book itself is James von Greunen (sic). I know this for fact - I have a copy (PDF, unfortunately in German). This further stregthens the Link between Judy Faltskog and James van Greunen as being the same person. link The website that this was found on has now been erased from the internet in Judy's efforts to conceal evidence, but I have it archived, and will be happy to post screenshots if that is deemed necessary for verification.

Son of Will posted the reply he got from UC Berkeley stating that there is no record of a Judy Faltskog in attendance, meaning that her claim of a PhD from there was falsified: link

DrHammondStoat first made the connection of a possible sex change undergone by Judy, and linked to a document claiming that to have been the case: link

Netties Hermit finds an Aenstrean connection: link. An even firmer connection was later made when it was discovered that both Judy Faltskog and James Van Greunen wrote a book called "The Aenstrean Revlations", and in both cases it was claimed to be an autobiography concerning abductions by "Karne".

RICH-ENGLAND asks some questions which show the defiance of logic in this story: link

Bedlam points out the holes in the story, and the details that got Judy caught, and proved it to be a hoax, and the fact that Judy then came up with MORE erroneous details in an attempt to salvage a botched hoax: link

Smokingun visited us from the German website to report on the findings of his own investigation of Judy - chock full of discrepancies - and the fact that she started trying to erase her web presence after the hoax was found out: link

Nenothtu points out some specific changes Wayne has made in the original story in an attempt to salvage it, the problems with those changes, and the fact that the feeble attempts to salvage the original story on Wayne's part indicates that Wayne was a willing accomplice in the hoax, rather than an unwitting dupe of Judy: link

Dcmb1490's list of things that had been debunked in the story already, up to 19 May 2010: link

RICH-ENGLAND reports Michael Hesemann's testimony and visual verification via Judy's photos that James IS Judy, and was staying in South Africa and Germany during the time she was allegedly studying at Berkeley. Mr Hesemann would know this because he was dealing with James on documents supporting the Kalahari Incident at the time: link

Michael Hesemann confirms James/Judy's involvement in the Lesotho Hoax as well, which he investigated on site in 1997. This shows James/Judy to be a serial hoaxer: link

RICH-ENGLAND's posting of James and Judy's passports, confirming they are one and the same person: link

Nenothtu's post of James and Judy's photos side by side for comparison, and analysis of the passport document comparison, confirming that they are one and the same person:link

Further clarification from Michael Hesemann: link

On the cult front, dcmb1490 discovers and posts a direct quote from a "press release" by Wayne Herschel announcing the launch of his new "religion" (again, a direct quote) in connection with the Blossom Goodchild GFL hoax, indicating that Wayne Herschel is a serial hoaxer as well, and has a penchant for capitalizing on hoaxing - both his own and the hoaxes of others: link

Michael Hesemann comments on the German legal documents that confirm James and Judy are the same person, having undergone a sex change operation: link

RICH-ENGLAND's post containing scan of the actual German legal documents confirming the sex change from James to Judy: link

Michael Hesemann's translation of the German court documents from German to English: link

Link to another ATS thread stared by dcmb1490 and called "The Alien Lie - a Debunking", to condense the evidence presented into a more easily digestible and compact form: link

First post by Warlockandjudge, trying desperately, and failing miserably, to defend this hoax - not by providing ANY sort of evidence, but by attacking the messengers instead: link. It is interesting to note here that Warlockandjudge wasn't "banned", in spite of pretty severe provocation, and contrary to Moaningmartel's claims that all Judy supporters have bee banned. WaJ wasn't, and neither was Wayne. They simple couldn't hold up their ends of a debate involving logic, and slipped off back into the shadows. Also of interest to note is that WaJ registered SOLELY to post in this thread, made 11 posts over the course of a few hours, and disappeared - but was NOT banned.

Nenothtu's post pointing out flaws, inconsistencies, and failures of logic in Warlockand Judge's posts attempting to support Judy's claims: link

Michael Hesemann's refutation of Warlockandjudge's claims: part1 - part2. These were originally posted in reverse order, and that order has been corrected here.

More evidence courtesy Michael Hesemann: link

Janice Fugea's sister confirms, through RICH-ENGLAND, that James and Judy are the same person: link. I have been in contact with this individual myself, and can confirm that the link made by her is indeed factually reported here, and that she has been in the actual presence of James AND Judy in both roles, and has first-hand knowledge of the events surrounding and including the sex change operation.

More background information on James/Judy provided by Janice's sister: link and here, and here, and here, and here (FWIW, the family resemblance mentioned in this post is still under investigation), and here.

Dcmb1490's timeline, to assist in keeping the various facets of this story in a logical order: link.

Dcmb1490 provides yet another link to Wayne's attempt to start a new cult, a blatant promotion through a "press release" that uses the euphemism "belief system" in place of the previous term "religion": link

Michael Hesemann's refutation of Wayne Hershel's "Vatican City Star Map" interpretation: link

Dcmb1490 points out that a post at a German website connects "James Forbes" to Judy Faltskog's username of Aenstrea. The post also admits that "James Forbes" is an alias: link. This is an important bit of evidence in light of the fact that both are also linked to the writing of the book "The Aenstrean Revelations", and tell precisely the same abduction story.

Nenothtu comments on excerpts from Wayne Herschel's pages which prove he is trying to start a cult intended to supplant all other religions. Those excerpts further claim that Wayne is a "prophet" predicted by Nostradamus:link.

Dcmb1490 posts verification from Judy's own mouth on 13 February, 2010, that she is in Germany, not Sweden, which gives the lie to her claim to live in Sweden: link. That radio interview also ties her to James Forbes/ Van Greunen via the Aenstrea story and Aenstreans. This post also has some good information debunking Wayne's "Star Map" claims.

Dcmb1490 posts an excerpt reporting in the South African crash hoaxes, Van Greunen's part in those hoaxes, his misrepresentation of his avocation, the investigation leading to the discovery that the incidents were hoaxes, and Van Greunen a hoaxer. All in all, a remarkably similar series of events to this current hoax: link and here. This shows Van Greunen to be a serial hoaxer, who apparently reuses the same hoax templates from time to time.

RICH-ENGLAND post presenting the argument for Judy trying to contact Janice, pointing out the inconsistency of that if Judy truly never knew Janice: link.

RICH-ENGLAND post of a photo of James Van Greunen and Janice Falcus together, confirming that they knew one another: link.

Dcmb1490 posts a critique of Wayne's "work" by a REAL PhD, debunking it rather thoroughly, and indication the codes used by these hoaxers in general meant to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting: link.

Post by Marrr pointing out the similarities in writing style between Judy and "Bjorn" indicating the actual authorship of those posts: link. Marrr goes on to point out his suspicion that Judy reads this thread more than the "regulars" do.

RICH-ENGLAND post of a rsponse from Michael Hesemann refuting Judy's claims that he forged the passports, and her spurious allegations that he had other criminal activity in his background: link

RICH-ENGLAND points out an inconsistency on Judy's "Vampire rave" profile where she places herself in both Sweden and Germany at the same time: link.

Dcmb1490 posts abut Wayne's admission at IReport that this initial hoax was a "false claim": link.

BIAD points out that Wayne admits to the hoax with the words "I think since no proof ever emerged it is probably a hoax." at iReport: link.

RICH-ENGLAND posts of e-mails from the British Museum debunking the Wayne Herschel sock-puppet "john801" as being employed there, per his own claim: link and here - link.

Dcmb1490 post of what he believes to have been the origins of the various elements of this hoax: link.

Dcmb1490's post of a debunking of Wayne's "UFO on the Sphinx" hoax by an actual academic: link.

Dcmb1490's post debunking the "UFO on the Sphinx" hoax by the British Museum: link.

BIAD shows one instance where this thread is being monitored and replied to elsewhere: link.

BIAD shows another instance of the same: link.

Nitromaria's first post, in which she testifies as to personal experience of her family at the hands of Judy Faltskog, who tried to extort money from them: link.

Nitromaria post proving that Judy did NOT have her husband's baby in August 2010: link.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 07:29 PM
congrats, hoaxers have no life

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 12:14 AM
Finally! Good work!

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 01:32 AM
I love it when a plan comes together!

It would be so nice if we could have this go viral and /or more comical!

Excellent work compiling this nenothtu and a big thanks to those researchers (some fallen to the needless banhammer and others still amongst us) for putting all your efforts into exposing this hoax for what it is.

One up for not taking things at face value and for fighting for the truth in this shytster filled depths.


posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Thank you Nenothtu for everything!!!I learned so much

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Good work mate..
But why does ATS post it in the Information account but put in this dissclaimer.?


This is an independent work by a member of, and is not endorsed or otherwise authenticated by the staff of, or the ownership of The Above Network, LLC.


posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 05:55 AM
Well done Nenothtu and all the others who assisted in bringing
this to the fore.
Although at times, the trail went cold... you guys never gave up
and here's the final product.


posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 06:01 AM
Freaking epic!!! Wow......nice work!

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 07:41 AM
Wow, this is a bloody damn good piece of work you have done here.
star and flag for you.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 07:49 AM
Wow you are really going out of your way to prove this is a "HOAX".

Why did you capitalize HOAX?Was it to emphasize that it was a real HOAX?

I'm sorry but why waste your time?

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by GodIsPissed
Wow you are really going out of your way to prove this is a "HOAX".

Why did you capitalize HOAX?Was it to emphasize that it was a real HOAX?

I'm sorry but why waste your time?

I'm sure this question is for Neno and I'm sure he'll answer it himself, but I think it has something to do with the fact that the hoaxers continued to spread their lies across the web and attack ATS and its members personally wherever they go (only to delete it later and clean up their tracks). If the perpetrators of the hoax had admitted they were wrong and not attacked ATS members, there would have never been a book. But..
some people just don't know when to stop.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 01:43 PM
Excellent volume of work Nenothtu, I am truly impressed.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 02:34 PM

Originally posted by GodIsPissed
Wow you are really going out of your way to prove this is a "HOAX".

Why did you capitalize HOAX?Was it to emphasize that it was a real HOAX?

I'm sorry but why waste your time?

I agree with Portugoal regarding Nenothtu answering this himself, but if you had
followed the trail of this hoax and endured the constant rants instead of answers
from the 'sock puppets, you'd proclaim 'HOAX' in a proud manner too!!

The deceit that some of the ATS members attempted made me ashamed to
be on this site... even the owner came to 'cyber-blows' with another conspiracy

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 02:40 PM
I'd like to thank nenothtu for coming on the ATS live radio show last night and doing an interview with us about this book.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 02:41 PM
good job, btw way..but i have a question..

The TRUE story behind "The Hoax Head 'Round the World." (Exclusive e-book for ATS visitors),

is it really supposed to read like that? . . .The Hoax head round the world...

shouldn't it be "heard"...?

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by baddmove

I suppose you are someone who has never made a 'typo'? In the bigger picture a missed "r"

is neither here or there in the time and effort spent by Nenothtu to bring this HOAX together

and small change if it saves others from being conned by these two who have been at it for

25 years.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by eletheia

You go girl!!
2nd line.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 03:53 PM
Firstly a BIG thankyou to Mike Hesemann, who introduced me to Rich England and ATS.
The input of everyone at ATS, but especially Rich England, DCMB 1490 and Nenothtu,
whose total dedication has made this book possible.

An AMAZING job, some 25 years in coming, but well worth it !


As the sister of Janice Falcus (Van Greunen, Fugea).


and for my GRAN, who bore the FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL brunt, here is your Justice.

James/Judy and your many other alias, your judgement day has arrived.
Think of this as KARMA.

Again a great BIG THANKYOU to everybody, I have met some genuine people on this thread,
I will miss you all.
I Feel truley vindicated, my work here is now done.

Back to the book,


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