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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 05:21 AM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

I don't know anything other than this has been doing my head in.

For what it's worth, I don't buy into the whole sex-change thingy. I read that Mr Hesemann actually met the real [male] James (supported him and his fiancee financially??) - and then afterwards talked to the sex-change version on the phone but never actually got to sight 'her'. It's my humble opinion this whole sex-changey-thingy was a hoax (maybe Judy on the phone?).
Another bit of light reading here
(Disclaimer: I have no idea if these links are authentic or not - I just found 'em ...)

I like a bet - and my bet is that they are siblings.

Gotta sign off for now ...

- regards, Hermit

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 05:44 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Just saw that you had a theory too Nenothtu - don't mean to be rude but I really have to sign off now.
It's Saturday night here, I'll try to come in tomorrow and go over your theory ... but family commitments might hinder ...
I value your judgement - will try to decipher this tomorrow.
Good luck guys

Regards - Hermit

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

good post nonethtu. thats looking like a highly likely scenario. i think i might go right through the thread and links again to see if weve missed anything.



posted on May, 15 2010 @ 11:01 AM

Originally posted by nenothtu
The theory I'm working from at the moment is that Judy is 2 separate identities, likely 2 separate people. The 'astronomer' Judy, and the 'abductee' Judy.

[edit on 2010/5/15 by nenothtu]

It was me who posted about the 'sex change' theory about 20 pages back. I never thought 100% that this was the truth about Van Gruenen/faltskog. The reason I posted that theory is that there was testimony (from researchers at the time) that James Van Gruenen had changed sex. The possibility of this being an attempt at disinfo or a smear on the man's character has been considered.

I totally agree that 'Dr Judy' could be a complete fabrication by some one (abductee lady, or James Van Gruenen) that found a real astronomer with that name to give them credibility. It's true that there have been contradictory reports of a lesbian Judy, a Judy who has kids and so may have been married at one time and a Judy that asked 'where are all the hunks?' on one of her web profiles.

One of the reasons I suspected identity theft earlier on is that in a radio interview with Judy (regarding her contactee stuff) she sounds way older than 30 or even 45, more like 60. So the theory of a youngish woman (40's) impersonating an older astronomer seems very feasible to me.

Another possibility is that James Van Greunen hatched a plot to construct a person soley in cyberspace who's identity had things in common with an actual living breathing astronomer in the real world. He would write all the profiles and use a picture (Woman in Nasa cap) to give her a face. All the time there would be the background of the real Judy Faltskog that comes up in things such as the South Africa arrest. Then he could perpetrate his latest hoax, who knows if Wayne Herschel was a willing participant or not?

Now it's funny that someone should point out Wayne Herschel being named after a telescope. That telescope is no doubt named after famous astronomer William Herschel who discovered various planets and a kind of radiation. So again I find my self thinking along the lines of identity fraud. How convienient that Wayne is named after such a famous astronomer with the subject matter of his books being astronomy related. If you google for a biography on our friend Wayne it will tell you he was born in South Africa where he still resides. (Edited to correct: actually his website states he was born in Zimbabwe and later moved to South Africa. Zimbabwe is where one of the hoaxed crashes pedalled by J Van Greuenen took place!)

Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen James Van Gruenen, Judy Faltskog and Wayne Herschel in the same room at once?

I'm going to do some more digging on Wayne......

[edit on 15-5-2010 by DrHammondStoat]

[edit on 15-5-2010 by DrHammondStoat]

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by DrHammondStoat

hi DrHammondStoat.

ive been trying to contact mr michael hesemann on to see if he will join us in this thread, no reply so far from him, only a reply from another member of that site that wasn't impressed at me "promoting" A.T.S on their website! lol. maybe we need a german speaking A.T.S member to join that site and ask them a few questions.



posted on May, 16 2010 @ 06:43 AM
Hi Friends!

I came from the German Website and what i can tell you about Judy is that i can make a research before she shut down all of her Accounts in The Internet.She definetly never study something.On MSN she wrote the name of her University wrong.on Twitter she posted only Contactee Youtube Clips (Greer ect.).I saw a Photopage of her with Photos with Witch Ritual things in a Forrest .And the Cap shes wear have not the original NASA- Logo..its a cheap replic mayby from turkey.Also i read what kind of things she study..cosmolgy,Astrophysik,Spirituality esothings blabla...and on 1 Account she said living in Germany. Another one somwhere else Schweden?cant this Places are no NASA or SETI!

So shes a natural born liar and a crazy Person living in her own Fantasy.Then its no Wonder when she use different Names...after i post things about her ,20min later she clear everything in Internet.I think shes German..

sry 4 my Englisch and i hope i can help a bit



posted on May, 16 2010 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by smokingun

hi smokingun. thanks for joining us, would it be possible for you to send a message to Michael Hesemann on the german website and ask him to join us in this thread please?



posted on May, 16 2010 @ 11:13 AM
Seems Wayne is a busy man. Book signings and running a UFO website.
BTW, one of the writers on the website, a Ms R. Lee, looks like an older picture of judy faltskog that I ran across a while back.

Snippet from web site:

Archive for the ‘Events’ Category
author, Wayne Herschel in Cape Town with SAUFOR
1 Comment

Wayne Herschel on Red Ice RadioYou’re invited to the next SAUFOR UFO event with author, Wayne Herschel, in Cape Town.

* When: Saturday 2 February 2008, 2-5pm
* Where: Pinelands Library, Howard Centre, Pinelands, Cape Town
* Entry: R20,00 per person at the door (RSVP by Friday 1 February 2008)

Join internationally renowned author of “Hidden Records” Wayne Herschel and Founder of South Africa’s UFO Resource (SAUFOR) Cristo Louw for two exciting presentations at SAUFOR’s monthly UFO gathering. Wayne will be speaking on “UFOs through the Ages” and Cristo on “South Africa’s UFO Secrets”. Wayne will also be autographing copies of his book which was banned in America for 3 years.

Contact Details for Bookings:
- Cristo Louw on 084 3022 660

Popularity: 81% [?]


note: One site stated he was part of Saufor but can't verify this as fact.

I hope this new SB15 lotion protects me from the UV waves.


[edit on 16-5-2010 by dcmb1490]

[edit on 16-5-2010 by dcmb1490]

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 12:04 PM
And the tangled web weaves.

More on South Africa and players in this saga.


Roswell in South Africa

At the beginning of this month, a UFO conference was held at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Dubbed "Unbind Your Mind," one would have to, to believe some of the more prominent accounts that highlighted the get together. This meeting was part of the "World UFO Day," which relates to the Roswell case. Several discussions were given, with the most controversial being that of a UFO landing with alien contact in the Kalahari Desert. This "second annual" event is the project of one Cristo Louw, who recently had his 15 minutes of fame when he reported the sightings of several people who claimed to have seen a UFO fall into the Indian Ocean near Port Shepstone. Louw generates his reports and other UFO related information through the SAFOUR, or South African UFO Resource organization. After a brief flurry of interest the case was soon dismissed. Louw states his case for UFOs this way: "People who have seen UFOs are often dismissed as attention- seekers,' he was quoted as saying while also telling the newspaper about his own experiences of seeing 'some unexplained lights', but nothing major like being invited to board a UFO and being taken for a trip to the moon or Mars."

UFOs and ET Life Under the Spotlight was authored by Benita van Eyssen, and is a very informative piece. In a case highly reminiscent of America's Roswell event, Louw discussed one of South Africa's most heralded UFO cases, the 1989 shoot down by the South African Air Force of a UFO traveling at a high rate of speed. This incident occurred near the border of Botswana. A large craft was found, with a strong magnetic field. The craft was 150 feet in diameter and had a crew of humanoid beings. The beings very much resembled the so-called "greys." This case, like so many others like it, ends in mystery and government cover-up. For many years, the most famous South African UFO case of all is that of contactee and meteorologist Elizabeth Klarer, who snapped a series of UFO photos, one of which is included at top of article. She claims to have contacted the aliens in the Drakensberg Mountains, and even had an alien lover. She traveled to his home planet, and ultimately bore his offspring. Although her 1980 book, Beyond the Light Barrier was popular with many readers, eventually she became known as a member of the "thrown hubcap" group of contactees, and was either delusional or mentally ill. I wonder if she had a weather report for her alien lover's home planet. Folks! This is the reason that ufology gets such a bad name sometimes. It is sad, but we must continue to separate the wheat from the chaff.


posted on May, 16 2010 @ 02:54 PM

Originally posted by dcmb1490
Wayne will also be autographing copies of his book which was banned in America for 3 years.

This is another of those maddening 'factiods' that causes everything in this story to reek. Now, I realize that this quote isn't from Wayne himself, but I've seen elsewhere that he's made similar claims, so I believe him to be the ultimate source of this 'book banning in the US' flight of fantasy. I'm not aware of ANY book that has ever been 'banned' in the US, and at one time or another, I've been in possession of some pretty rough stuff (dealing with explosives and such) that by rights ought to have scared the bejesus out of folks, yet was never banned.

Based on first amendment freedoms, I don't think Wayne's book was EVER banned here, and if it had been, such ban would never have stood for an entire 3 years. It's hype, to sell books.

Just because a book doesn't sell very well, doesn't mean it was 'banned'. I believe this hype is pure BS, intended to make purchasers think they're in possession of some sort of 'secret insider knowledge that TPTB just doesn't want them to have'. If these folks will 'stretch' that, which is so easy to check, they'll 'stretch' ANYTHING.

Hype on 'book bannings'... hype turning IT specialists into SpecOps 'experts'... hype, hype, hype, this story is founded on smoke and hype! And no, that smoke didn't come from any book burnings...

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by DrHammondStoat

Another possibility is that James Van Greunen hatched a plot to construct a person soley in cyberspace who's identity had things in common with an actual living breathing astronomer in the real world. He would write all the profiles and use a picture (Woman in Nasa cap) to give her a face. All the time there would be the background of the real Judy Faltskog that comes up in things such as the South Africa arrest. Then he could perpetrate his latest hoax, who knows if Wayne Herschel was a willing participant or not?

Now, see, I hadn't even considered that it could be an entirely cyberspace based construct, without ever even having a real, living, breathing 'Dr. Judy'. That's entirely possible, however, and would greatly aid in 'erasing' her from the face of the earth, and creating a mythos that 'THEY GOT HER!'.

Very strange that there are sporadic 'net comms from 'Dr. Judy' going back several years (like the South African schoolmate contacts), but not really enough to establish a 'real' internet presence, certainly not enough for an academician. It's been my experience that academicians have been heavily dependent on the internet, going back to at least 1993, for communication, coordination, and dissemination of ideas and data.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by nenothtu


Your post got me thinking of the banned book claim (hadn't thought of it until you mentioned it.)

From the US Barnes and Nobel's website:


Product Details

* Pub. Date: December 2003
* Publisher: Hidden Records
* Format: Paperback, 292pp

* ISBN-13: 9780620308861
* ISBN: 0620308869


Wayne Herschel, in a culmination of 15 years of research on archaeo-astronomy, has unraveled an extraordinary secret. It identifies the origins of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian man" human blueprint code with Stonehenge and the pyramid sites around the world. Herschel stumbled on 'Da Vinci's secret geometry' at Giza in Egypt and realized that all 50 of the pyramids of Lower Egypt appear to represent the brightest stars forming constellations along the length of the Milky Way. But more importantly, there is the proverbial x that marks the spot and that claims cryptically that human lineage is associated with what appears to be another Sun-like star. The author also proves that Stonehenge has the same cosmic solution and that the pyramid layouts of the Maya, the Incas, the Khmer and many others around the world, all repeat the same star map theme. They all exhibit the same obsession with one nearby Sun-like star in Taurus, a star that the ancients passionately refer to as the star of their gods. This 289-page full-color glossy book takes the reader on a riveting journey from one clue to the next, presenting numerous forgotten ancient texts and artifacts. The Hidden Records presents the strongest evidence to date that humans have never ever been alone in this vast universe.

Wayne Herschel was born in Zimbabwe and later moved to South Africa. He has always had a passion for the unexplained and the mysterious. As a child, he saw strange lights in the sky, later well publicized in the media as a mass sighting. Years later, in his early twenties, a near-death experience from a motorcycle accident gave him an out-of-body experience. These two critical life experiences are the prime reason his research base would be different to that of scholars. Herschel eventually began his own personal investigation into subjects like astronomy, the pyramids and ancient paranormal events, a hobby that would ultimately culminate in intensive and relentless research. With qualifications no greater than college, he researched everything he could in his quest for the meaning of life. After seven years of exhaustive research he came across Robert Bauval's The Orion Mystery. It was after reading this author's breakthrough finding that Herschel co-ordinated a manuscript of his own, looking a larger interpretation than that of Bauval's. The book is co-written by Birgitt Lederer, a language graduate from the University of Johannesburg. Her extensive background in broadcast journalism and publishing made the book project possible.

And from , The Book Depository

Short Description for The Hidden RecordsIdentifies the origins of Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian man' human blueprint code with Stonehenge and the pyramid sites around the world. The author proves that Stonehenge has the same cosmic solution and that the pyramid layouts of the Maya, the Incas, the Khmer and many others around the world, all repeat the same star map theme.
Full description

* Publisher: Hidden Records
* Published: 31 January 2005
* Format: Paperback 289 pages
* See: Full bibliographic data
* Categories: Mind, Body, Spirit: Thought & Practice | Mysticism, Magic & Ritual
* ISBN 13: 9780620308861 ISBN 10: 0620308869
* Sales rank: 3,985
Wasn't banned, i could buy it (i never will) all over the web and have it shipped to me. Did read some bad reviews about it and so it probably just didn't generate enthusiasm.

Yeah, it reeks.

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[edit on 16-5-2010 by dcmb1490]

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 05:51 PM

He wrote only one Post!so i think he read your comment...

i Have no details of this Poster

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 06:17 PM
This might rate a new thread that needs to be started.
It appears that Wayne's books either take pieces from or mirror Dan Brown's books. And it seems that they are published surprisingly close to one another. (answer to difficulty in distributorship ?).

Snippet from a Dan Brown's bio and book promotion page. The lost Symbol.

Archive for the ‘Dan Brown’ Category
A Guide to Washington DC Lost Symbol Landmarks

(Dan Brown also has layouts and cipher puzzles, see below)


Now from Wayne's:


After years of interference with Wayne Herschel's book project, mainly involving certain society connections to the hypotheses he proposes on the ancient civilizations explored in his book - Wayne is making the following announcement:

The intellectual property book and film rights covering the following topics seen on this website are being offered:





After discussing the interference problem with his investors, the majority opinion for now is for wayne to sell the book and film rights of the sensitive material mentioned above. All the material in this website is copywrite protected, published in periodicals internationally and recently strongly secured in the US screening it on a TV show.


There is an on going interference that appears to be preventing Wayne's book " The Hidden Records" from marketing in the USA and an investigation is under way with the AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR in South Carolina.


Very strange indeed.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 08:37 AM
hi all, does anyone know if there's been any updates on wayne or judys facebook accounts?

im not a facebook member and i think wayne has a full friend list so would appreciate someone having a look.



posted on May, 18 2010 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

To nenothtu, DrHammondStoat and dcmb1490 - your theories all sound very plausible.

Sadly I think at this stage the trail has gone cold, I doubt we're going to hear much more from this.

Rich_England - Both Wayne and Judy's facebook accounts appear to be deleted as of this arvo.

You know what - I'm surprised we haven't seen the OP come back in with any updates since she has been in contact with Wayne AND Judy's webmaster and even got a free pass into Judy's member's only website.

cosmicpixie - would you please come back and give us an update? That would be great.

Take care
- Hermit

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 04:07 AM
reply to post by Netties Hermit

I think Wayne set his Facebook account to 'private', and isn't accepting new friends. Since I wasn't on his friends list, I can't get any updates from him. He appears to have gone underground, too, so that he can preach primarily to the choir.

I think Cosmicpixie got pretty wore out with it, what with folks chucking aspersions at her (simply casting aspersions just doesn't cover what was done in some cases), so she may not be too overly amenable to jumping back in, even if she still has access to Wayne's Facebook page (which I presume she does).

I'd love to have an update from her, too. It would be good to know what Wayne is saying (or, possibly more importantly, NOT saying) about this these days.

The trail may be going cold, but I ain't willing to call the hounds in just yet!

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 05:09 AM
i managed to get a look at waynes facebook comments, it would seem that he has moved on to the voyager 2 data story and trying to link that with the judy faltskog and paul vigay storys!. it seems he is taking it as gospel that aliens have taken over voyager 2 and are sending messages! haha.

from wayne herschel facebook :

First it was a reply message in the fields near the Radio telescope in the UK that was an answer to the SETI message scientists sent into space, but the world laughed at
Then a radio astronomers claiming we have advanced radio signals measured in an unknown emf frequency originating from some nearby stars which i was fortunate to relay from this facebook account here. Once again it was laughed
Now ... the deep space probe Voyager 2 that has a message who we are and where we come from suddenly started to send back a signal that is completely new and something the probewas not designed to do... Probably another account that many will prefer to below...



i like the way wayne directs his loyal fans to a website that only has one post thats pointing out the problems with judys story instead of directing them to A.T.S where they will see it being ripped to shreds.

[edit on 18-5-2010 by RICH-ENGLAND]

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 10:58 AM

I don't think Cosmicpixie is part of this. But the rest of the original cast, stink to high heaven in a bid to sell books, IMO.

I'm digging and digging and it smells worse the deeper you go. IMO the radio signal tied into the book and was going to reveal something to shoot sales to the moon or to Karne's home world.

I'm currently researching:

1. Birgitt Lederer - Lives with Wayne in South Africa and translates German into English. Co-wrote the hidden records.

WR Fix - A king (going back more than 4000 years) referred to in author WR Fix’s book,‘Star Maps’,corroborates exactly Wayne’s theory that the Pleiades star cluster is the legendary ‘Leg of the Bull’ constellation that was revered by the Egyptians as the imperishable .

3. James Van Gruenen,Wayne Herschel ,mr michael hesemann,
judy Faltskog - R. Lee, The Aenstrean Revelations, Kalihari incident,
James Forbes, Cristo Louw, Benita van Eyssen, Elizabeth Klarer
Ove von Spaeth, Robert Bauva, Graham Hancock, Roy Bodie, Dr I.E.S. Edwards, Adrian Gilbert.

Wayne claims the Sphinx is Leo in star charts (not new others claimed this before him) He seems to state a lot of previous therories, he just put them all together in a book.

One quick debunk:

"Also, zodiac constellations are not Egyptian, and there is no evidence that Leo was recognized as a lion by anyone, least of all Egyptians, 12,500 years ago. The Egyptian astronomical system was

completely different from the Mesopotamian scheme that eventually gave

us the zodiac. The oldest Egyptian representations of a lion

constellation are New Kingdom, and there is good evidence that the

Lion is not Leo. The zodiac we know was not introduced into Egypt

until the Ptolemaic period, and it is a Graeco-Roman transplant.

"If the star-aligned shafts in the Great Pyramid tell us the

Egyptians wanted the north sides of their pyramids to face the

northern sky, and south sides of their pyramids to face the southern

sky, why would they arrange Giza with the southernmost pyramid

matching the most northern star of the Belt and vice-versa? If the

Egyptians intended the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx to reflect the

arrangement of the sky in 10,500 B.C., why is the Sphinx on the wrong

side of the Nile? In fact, Bauval and Gilbert had to turn a map of

Egypt upside-down to get the Giza pyramids to match the stars in the

Orion Belt."



Anyway still digging and money,websites,books,etc (the almighty dollar) appears to be the real motivator in this story.

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by dcmb1490

what... you mean he theorises that leo the lion matches up to the sphinx which is also a lion or mancat!. wow.. leo is my birth sign so now im sold.... where do i sign up.... ive now converted to being a herschelite and you lot are just a set of bullying black ops disinfo agents...... ONLY JOKING. lol wayne must have had a team of monkeys up all night thinking of that one for him!.

my you have been a busy bee dcmb star and soup for you, good work and good post. gives me some more reading to do, hopefully we can find enough links to show exactly what these people are, and if wayne is directly involved in perpetuating a hoax then i hope we can show enough people the truth and do their little scam some damage.



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