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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 10:25 PM
Odometer interesting, its tripped several times. and Hey welcome back man you had me worried and thank God you were the 7000,(just checked!!!),,I was worried it was going to be a troll. I was waiting on that result from our colleagues, which is why I thought it stayed opened. That tumor thing is true!! Great observation, and I wonder about that in this case, like those mufon and fixated people we have come across. In the old days , we would just get smacked in the back of the head, and bingo,,reality check.!
I hope you checked that Proposal in the email on the next phase. I have been porting over stuff into the library, ie the most recent analysis by Marvin, very elegant and simple even for a headless chicken like myself. Its basically where speculation stops, and physical reality takes over.

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 10:25 PM
At least they got a pretty picture of a house

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 10:51 PM
In before closing. GREAT
thread lol, literally and symbolically. Also superb debunking by some of the finest members of ATS. Dang, I miss 1111 though.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by CFandM
At least they got a pretty picture of a house

Why CF , Lets not be tooo harsh, they did get a rare airbrush by Brent. Those things are said to appreciate under the right circumstances, like a Rembrandt or Picasso. Then a genuine sketch by Real twins, great for twin psychic experimentation, and how can we leave out the Cam pinnochio drone, right thru the kitchen attic window.
If you ask me,
(I know you all want to , I can read your minds)I would say hang on to the kitchen utensiles ladies, there is gold in your kitchen cabinets. Thats one way to solve the landfill problem, and send evrything to c2c , Earthfiles, UC, if Mufon keeps up, what the heck, include them as well, your potato peeler might wind up on the History Channel!
Speaking of Mufon, I like using other sources to get a picture or handle on these sightings.

These are nuforcs world wide. Its noteworthy how reports follow the economy too. Maybe people arent looking up as much as they used to.
But June this year was a very very bad month compared to Last. Perhaps the fuel prices are having a dent on the aliens ability to travel and are cutting back on recreational flying. That may mean less cattle mutilations too. The possibilities are endless.
Reports Count

06/2008 110 Thats like a 60 percent drop.
05/2008 279
04/2008 404
03/2008 298
02/2008 339
01/2008 433
12/2007 343
11/2007 354
10/2007 417
09/2007 427
08/2007 439
07/2007 412
06/2007 388 ******
05/2007 296
04/2007 307
03/2007 351
02/2007 256
01/2007 431
12/2006 371
11/2006 402
10/2006 387
09/2006 305
08/2006 406
07/2006 400
06/2006 302 *******
05/2006 288

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by TheShadow

your no fun any more

Yes it "should" of been locked
but its NOT !!!

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 05:33 PM
Come on people, keep those short posts with off-topic pictures coming so that you can just rack up some more points.
What a great legacy you all are leaving.

I would honestly hope that in the last few hours of this thread (the locking of it which is just plain absurd anyway), some of the active members (aside from Sys) would want to post some valuable insights or summaries. But I guess that's too much to hope for.

There are some of us that are still not convinced that this a hoax, and we didn't allow ourselves to be bullied by the crowd and change our opinions just because it was the "cool" thing to do. We use our own minds to come to our own conclusions. To this day there are still many questions that remain unanswered and too many variables left unaccounted for. Until those variables are filled in and we have names of the people responsible for it, it is wrong and premature to proclaim it a hoax and I refuse to do so. However, I will be the first of the "non-convinced" to concede to your position if and when those variables are filled in.

It's been an enjoyable journey and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it since around page 20.

Peace, Love and Light to you all.

--- PJ Out

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:13 PM
I hate to bust your bubble, pj, but we are not here to solve this mystery on your terms. You have several places to go and play with like-minded people. Good luck!

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by Double_Nought_Spy

Right, but it's okay to accuse people left and right of being the hoaxers just because they happen to disagree with your standpoint of hoax.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:45 PM
Opinions are five cents a ton. You are entitled to as many as you like. It's facts that are rare in this mess. You need to study the ones that are here.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:51 PM
Thank you Double, it seems People forget where this was born, not on Nuforc, or Mufon, but on a Craigs list Column called "Casual Encounters".
And thats what it was, but the believers aren't satisfied with a one night stand , they want it it to be more than just a fling, like good sex they want more!
If they are patient, and are at the right bar, they may just get some from the next stranger, or even bar hostess who knows how to do a LAP dance very well.
But for us here , The Biednys, the Waynes, the Marvins, The SQTS, The Springers, The DRDils, who looked and studied the pictures, and also we who looked at the Witnesses and the promoters LMH UC C2C, have spoken, just what other conclusion will make others happy. I am clueless. There is no maybe in this case. Just on the Marvins and Tovalds persepective analysis , they provide it the TY photos came from a single photo. WE DONT EVEN NEED LINDAS 11 PHOTOS ANYMORE THEY ARE GARBAGE! And she and Whitley know it. Drone fans, want to continue absolving the promoters who have clear pecuniary motives for their little empire, for pushing even NOW , new sightings as well as the photos and questionable (being extremely polite here)witnesses that are fake. Even in the face of results , not only on informed educated opinion and experience but the very analysis done by their own OM colleagues ,such as Marvin , Sqt, and Trovals, as well as the the rest of the on record experts HERE and at MUFON. So then, Then who is the hoaxter. They don't ask LMH for reports, the VERY SOURCE, , why is that? WHY!? Not even the PIs who cant find a telephone pole, nor ANY of the original witnesses, Nor even based on Tomi who spoke with a Editor t several times, but forgets to keep a pencil and paper ready to get the name of who she spoke to.

The person I spoke to is in an editor position at the Sentinel. I don't record my conversations with people. I spoke to her several times, I know her position there at the paper, but I didn't get her name. It was difficult enough to get the information I kept going back in conversation to her for.

How much foolishness are you, who still "Believe" willing to allow for?!
So, Who is doing the damage to the UFO community? The hoaxter or the followers. Just what is a definition of hoaxter and Hoax to these people.?
Have after all the hoaxes gone, on record, to learn from, have they learned ANYTHING yet?There nothing I can express more clearly, except in a picture , to say, they are simply crying:

Give them a handkerchief and let them blow their noses on that.
There is nothing we can do for them.
For that, I am truly sad.
How much is enough for them?
Not all the proof in the world.
Not even someone
I am the Hoaxter.

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Good for you! Now I won't publish anything like new research of "the Drones"...

You seem to know it all, it's just a childs fantasy or all in your mind!

Go with that! Once we spoke as alikes, now you question my opinion on this matter! No, you do not have the answer, and no one else I know of do.

If you know more than I do, please speak! If not, what you say is only theory, and as such, just as good as mine. Period.

Best regards,

Erik von Stern

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 07:51 PM
Anyone see the new RING CRAFT reports on LMH?

Should we bother to discuss?

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 07:55 PM

Originally posted by klatunictobarata
Anyone see the new RING CRAFT reports on LMH?

Should we bother to discuss?

I agree Klatu , from which one of her fingers did it come from?

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 10:15 PM
You have a link? I'm curious to see them.

Nevermind, I found it. Here it is:

By the way, I think it's interesting that there are drone reports as far back as 1987.... around the time Isaac worked at PACL.

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 10:19 PM
You could check this guy out
He's been up to something called WEAV

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 10:24 PM
Why don't you guys start your own thread? It's easy.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by The Utopian Penguin
You could check this guy out
He's been up to something called WEAV

There are dozens of people doing research on EG or EM proplssion, what you show bears no resemblance to caret or its portable anti grav, Substrate technology, Cloaking whatesoever. google spacebot internally for those.If you go back you can see references to more applicable research than that from him.
Thanx anyway. That would be a new thread. Give it a shot, but no relevancy bearing to cause (ripped off idea maybe)here to hoax or hoaxter.

@PJslug, whats so interesting about those? you saw that posted by springer on the Chadquido along with these. And whats interesting they are almost all by people whos memory was "jogged" by an LMH report and all subsequent to the Our Raj Caret crew Bunch straight thru..Guess who? LMH! And shes been Yodeling for more, and copycats will oblige her.
So, Why in heavens name would you call that interesting?
here, Lets take them ALL, not just one. I enjoyed Shirley's the best.
This is LMHs Response to Springer. You know better than to ask that AGAIN..

I keep receiving email inquiries about your website "threads" concerning CGI explanation for the dragonfly-shaped aerial objects, both photographed, and not photographed, but described by eyewitnesses since 1987 in hangar at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. I don't know how to interface with your website threads, so wondered if you could place the following information for at least consideration about number of eyewitnesses and timeline of sightings? Thank you, Linda

For reference, a list of eyewitnesses and timeline so far from 1987 to 2007 (regardless of the CGI/Photoshop/viral video arguments).

1) Earthfiles 05/30/2007 —
Birmingham-Type "Drone" Seen At Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, in Mid-1980s
1987, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana: Eyewitness on air show tour who saw craft in hangar very similar to Birmingham, Alabama, dragonfly-shaped drone photographed in May 2006 by "John Smith." Have talked at length by phone and much email correspondence with Barksdale AFB eyewitness engineer who does not want to jeopardize his career, but wants me and the public to know what he saw. I have his full name, address and phone number.

2) Earthfiles 05/25/2007 —
Two More Eyewitnesses of Aerial "Drones" in 2005 and 2006
Birmingham, Alabama, May 2006: "John Smith" is a subcontractor for military and cannot jeoparize his career either. But he and I have corresponded by email frequently to date. I have his full name, address and phone number.

3) Report upcoming -
Tucson, Arizona, 1995: Dragonfly-shaped "drone" came down within 20 feet of hiker's head who talked to me last week about the encounter, how scared he was, but did not want the government coming down on his head if it was a secret government project no one was supposed to know about. He had a bad experience a decade earlier in the 1980s concerning a black military project and was threatened. But because I have been reporting eyewitnesses on the record, with or without, real names and locations, he agreed to talk with me because he wants to know what the dragonfly-shaped "drone" is as well. I have his full name, address, phone number, where he works and professional background.

4) Earthfiles 05/25/2007 —
Two More Eyewitnesses of Aerial "Drones" in 2005 and 2006
Sequoia National Park, May 2005: Shirley P., retired California state mental health worker. I have her full name, address, phone, employment details. She wants to apply for another state job and does not want any of the "drone" controversy to negatively affect her current application. But she became very upset when all the CGI and Photoshop arguments were being made and she knew she had seen with her own eyes, standing next to a Sequoia Park Ranger while asking for driving instructions out of the park, a strange aerial object that matched the Chad images of May 6, 2007. Shirley saw the same drone a second time when she stopped to get further driving instructions from a road crew. She did not have a camera with her either time.

5) Earthfiles • 06/08/2007 —
More Drone Photos and Other Eyewitnesses
Northridge, California, near big shopping mall, May 17, 2006: Robert Mariotti, C. Ht. D. D., Clinical Hypnotherapist and Doctor of Divinity, Canoga Park, California: Spoke with me on the record with name, profession, location about his sighting around 10 PM of a "horseshoe crab in profile" glowing apple green fluorescence that sparkled like snow globe glitter that just "popped in" to view, not traveling from anywhere. When Robert Mariotti saw my Earthfiles reports, he contacted me by email and phone to say the ring with the "wires curving up above" and the long tail was also the shape of the object inside the sparkling glitter, motionless about ten feet above a tree at the Corbin Avenue intersection near the Northridge Mall. Another driver next to Robert also saw the object, which after several seconds moved forward about five feet, he estimated, and then simply "popped out," disappeared.

6) Earthfiles • 06/08/2007 —
More Drone Photos and Other Eyewitnesses
Yosemite National Park, June 10, 2006: Mother and her two sons camping saw dragonfly-shaped "drone" for several minutes and the boys shone their flashlights on it which caused the "drone" to stop mid-air without sound or any perceivable motion. When it moved again, it jerkily went in another direction and repeated that odd behavior several times in response to the light from the flashlights shining on it. The mother sketched the aerial object which had an "arm" coming down from the ring that anticipated the evolving Big Basin images of June 2007. She has corresponded with me by email.

7) Earthfiles 05/16/2007 —
Updated: Odd Aerial "Drones"? Over Lake Tahoe and Central California
Lake Tahoe, May 5, 2007: MUFON Submitter 7013, two photographs of simpler version of the dragonfly-shaped "drone." Have had no independent communication with alleged photographer.

8) Earthfiles 05/16/2007 —
Updated: Odd Aerial "Drones"? Over Lake Tahoe and Central California
Bakersfield, California, general region, May 6, 2007: Chad took several clear, digital camera images of a dragonfly-shaped "drone" version more complicated than the Lake Tahoe images. I have corresponded several times with Chad, know his full name and might be talking with him in person in the future.

9) Earthfiles 05/21/2007 —
Updated: Odd Aerial "Drone"? Photographed Again Over Capitola, California
Capitola, California, east of Santa Cruz on Monterey Bay: "Rajman 1977" used his Konica Minolta DiMAGE X to photograph a dragonfly-shaped "drone" above a power pole that looks similar to the Chad photos, except the Capitola "drone" has two box-like appendages on the ring. I know his full name and have corresponded with him in email several times and hope to talk with him in the future on the record, whether he allows his real name to be used. This eyewitness, like most of the others, are angered by or scared of potential ridicule in the wake of all the CGI/Photoshop attacks.

10) Earthfiles 06/08/2007 —
More Drone Photos and Other Eyewitnesses
Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California, June 5, 2007: More complicated and more sinister-looking version of the dragonfly-shaped "drone" allegedly photographed by "Stephen" and submitted to via female intermediary. I have not had independent communication with either.

11) Earthfiles 06/17/2007 —
More Big Basin, California, Bizarre "Drone" Images
Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California, June 5, 2007: Another eyewitness bicycling in a group, Ty B., emailed me on June 11, about his June 5th encounter three times with the same dragonfly-shaped "drone" in the "Stephen" images. Ty B. hard mailed to me 12 photograph prints of the object he said kept turning slowly in the air not too far above where he and his cycling buddies stopped to watch and he photographed. He is willing to be interviewed and is currently trying to get some of his colleagues to join him in an interview.
yeah right Linda.

A smoking gun? I don't see anyone else n shooting these blanks at us, ehh?


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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Your comments are yet more reminders that this hoax island has a long and cluttered shoreline. Where clown fish and clueless urchins lurk in the coral, the surface is littered with the wreckage of absurdly built vessels that never made it past the reefs, let alone proved themselves seaworthy. It's an interesting place for snorkelers, but be very careful of the spiny appendages poking up from the depths and the evil aliens looking for lunch.

Heh, it's a good thing this island exists only in cyberspace!

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 01:06 AM

Originally posted by Double_Nought_Spy
Why don't you guys start your own thread? It's easy.

What do you mean "start our own thread" ? This is OUR thread. And obviously another thread on drones would get shut down by the staff anyway, unfortunately.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by Sys_Config

I must have missed where Springer was talking to her... Remember, I was away from this thread for awhile. Yes, it looks highly suspicious that so many of those people don't want to give her their names, but there are obviously a few that did and if she has really been in contact with most of those people, it should be verifiable by some methods, such as a phone record search.

I would like to get in contact with the man who lives in Northridge and saw those. That is about 2 miles from me. If LMH could give me his contact info or put me in touch with him, I'd like to do a personal telephone interview with the gentleman and find out as much as I can. If I spoke to him in person and felt he was telling the absolute truth, how would you dispute that? I am a good judge of character when talking to someone in person and I know if they have good or bad intentions, as well as if they are lying or not. Would this not be worth pursuing? I would think it would be, if you are truly interested in finding out the truth.... but it sounds to me like your mind is already made up.

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