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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 12:48 AM

Originally posted by win 52
Last night my Son had a dream about people being loaded into large transport ships and air lifted out of here. He just slept till noon today. That is not normal for him. He is 23 and I havn't told him about what I know. He thought I was crazy and was poo pooing me.

He wouldn't tell me so I told him my story. He said yes to all of it.

Oh the times, they are a changing.

Win that is great, does your son know or dabble into the extreme topics we have here. If he slept till noon it could be that he had a oobe and saw the future maybe...thats what happened to the RiverGoddess on here the first post

But anyway that is great to hear, how did he feel after yous pilled the beans?

oh and this is one more thing i wanted to post but forgot about

a new James Gilliland radio show interview with Jz Night, it was top on the POA sheldan nidle website chat room

posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 05:36 AM
Hey Everyone !!!!!!!

I agree with Win52 that times are a changing.
It is good to see that the dreams are kicking in with people everywhere.
It is as simple as midniteracerx says that by telling yourself to remember you will. I will table my technique as you asked over the weekend. I just have think about how to present it so I only come off a half

I was also visited by the 'friends' last night for their weekly dream visit. As usual I became my dumbed down self not really understanding much that was going on around me. (I really play that role well now. I wonder if I will be like that on one of TD's I was at a base station with them and they took me on some kind of secret covert mission with them. It was so secret I don't know what it was, or what I was
They took on an almost human appearance but as usual their facial details were missing. I do remember teleporting between their base and a remote countryside on another planet. The rest is so secret I can't remember much more than scouting around with them

The key to all this is about bridging the gap between the sub conscious and the conscious mind. The sub conscious world I feel is actually our home. The place that we are used to. The more our conscious mind can be exposed to this world the quicker we can advance. It is what is holding us back.

Hey OTD !!!!!! I asked sleeper about the strange aircraft and if the ET sometimes take on the appearance of aircraft and helicopters. He just said that 'they like the twirly birds for some reason'
So there is one to look out for.

Ok only 13 hours more to listen to and counting

posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 06:17 PM



posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 10:32 AM
Hi, all!!

Sorry I've been absent lately. This week or so has had me running (social, familial, work stuff).

arpgme, I have TD's responses to your latest questions,

Originally posted by arpgme

I have more question (time travel)?

1) How many times did you see your young self so far?
maybe like 20 times, it is listed in this thread from OTD

2) By the way things are going...when do you think the aliens will appear to us and the concert will happen? What year?
I think by 2009 or 2010 the latest

3) When you say the concert in the future, what season do you think it was?
in the fall sometime, it is chilly out

Hi, frami12!! Nothing that isn't available on the Internet. TD hasn't sent me anything else on it.

A lot of the information Gurdjieff is sharing through his teachings was acquired during his travels,

He claimed that the teachings he brought to the West from his own experiences and early travels expressed the truth found in other ancient religions and wisdom teachings relating to self-awareness in one's daily life and humanity's place in the universe.


I believe this to be true, and I even think he credits, primarily, Eastern Mysticism, philosophy and religion for his own teachings.

Hi, win 52, ATSGUY, Cyber, and everyone following and contributing!! Thank you all for your efforts!!!

win, the dream your son had is crazy!! Our subconscious is telling us the same thing ahaha - Be prepared.

I have been distracted lately, but still intend on sharing new discoveries. I've purchased an Infrared lens, and plan on purchasing a zoom for my video camera. Hope my contributions, evidence-wise, will move up a level.

Have an excellent weekend!!


posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 11:55 AM
Pondering the state of dreaming,

It reminds me of the old sports statement, when your dreams are silent, you are living the dream.

That could explain why, for the past while, my dreams have been silent. The other part that is strange is that every corner has dejaview.

Also for the past few days, I am going to sleep at 8 and waking up at 3 AM. I seem to be about 6 hours out of sink with time. Other people were saying that and I realized I was doing the same thing.

"People will be taken according to their blood lines. Families will be kept together in a unit. People will be delighted and surprised to meet their complete family unit. This will be much differen't than what people are used to. Some will stay behind on Earth and with help, see the changes through. Earth will be transformed, renovated, and upgraded with new animals and more beautifull scenery."

Dare I say, this is part of my dream.... Dare to dream, Arnold.

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 04:14 PM
Hello to all that want to remember their awesome dream journeys !!!!!!!!!!

I have been given day release from the white coats so I am ready to post the easiest method you will ever be shown on how to possibly open up many door ways.

I have had much success using this method so it is time to see if anyone else is crazy enough....I mean able to have similar results.

For some reason I have always had the notion that there is more to water than meets the eye. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a web page
Miraculous Messages from Water - How water structure reflects our consciousness.

In a nut shell a guy called Masaru Emoto has spent many years studying water as outlined on the link. He places words (intent) on a container of water and then freezes drops of the water and photographs it. This way he can compare the reaction of water under many circumstances. The web page shows these comparisons.

If you read through this web page and think that he might be on to something then read on. If not move to the next

After reading the web page and the interview at the bottom of it I decided to do my own experiment.
For this you will need -
A smallish glass with smooth sides, Refrigerated Spring Water, Paper cut into a small label sized rectangle and a pen/pencil.

About 15 minutes before I got to bed I fill the glass with the water from the refrigerator and then let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes.

I write out my intent onto the piece of paper. I have used Dream Enlightenment or Dream Awareness.

As the glass has been sitting for 5-10 minutes it is now perspiring. This is the part where we place the intent onto the water. Place the intent label onto the lower part of the glass. It will automatically stick to the glass like a magnet because of the moisture, and hold it there. I then just stare at the water for about 30 seconds and mentally place my intent as written on the label on the water for added effect.

With the label still in place I then drink the water one slow sip at a time, each time thinking about the intent on the water. Think of it as like medicine.

I then retire to bed and lay on may back. You can feel the water being absorbed by your body. Think of it as nanobot crystals (as pictured on the web link) doing their programming to your body. Whilst laying there I also experience insane reactions in the 3rd eye area. It really starts to pulsate sometimes.

Finally drift off to sleep as normal, so easy.

In the morning you will know if it has worked because you will either remember a dream or two with a higher intensity or you
I have found that sometimes you wake up with no memory of dreams but they come to you after the 1st few minutes of being awake. It is kinda weird.

I chose to experiment on dreams as the results are quick. There is no limit on what words or intent you use. Just use powerful words. Like all things it may take time to work. One dose of medicine doesn't cure your illness for example.

I have found that different words cause the water to taste different even though it is from the same bottle in the fridge.

At the end of the day it does not matter if this method is mind over matter, placebo effect, or the power of water. If you believe in the process and it works, then who cares. There is no harm in drinking a glass of water at the end of the day.

Let me know if you have any results.

Come on said I could spend all day out.................

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 05:01 PM
Hi! OntheDeck and Time Traveler, I have a few questions to ask so here it goes:

1.) What will happen in 2008?

2.) How can we prepare for what will happen in the coming years?

3.) How do we know who is telling the truth and who is lying?

4.) During the mass landing the ET are benevolent beings correct?

5.) Can we have sex with an alien if she is cute or whatever?

6.) Who will win the Presidential election?

7.) Will we be able to reunite with deceased loved ones?

8.) Will we still have our family and friends with us after the transition?

9.) If all knowledge will be revealed to us and we become aware how can we progress further spiritually if we will know everything? most ppl are motivated by money/fear will ppl be motivated in the new age if we will have everything we need wont ppl get lazy (spiritually especially)??

..more to come..thanks...

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 11:08 PM

Originally posted by win 52
Pondering the state of dreaming,

"People will be taken according to their blood lines. Families will be kept together in a unit. People will be delighted and surprised to meet their complete family unit.


O.k. that has hit a nerve.

OTD, do you remember when I told you, a long time ago, about my ship crashing? I don't remember if I mentioned that my entire family was on that ship...including the ones that I knew had already passed away and yet there they were, alive and aboard.

I do believe that we have done this several times, but it has to be done over as some things did not go as planned before.

posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 11:16 PM
I would ask, "What time is it?"

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 12:20 AM
My question is how can i make my own time travle device so i can go back
and save millions of people from there untimly deaths? please feal free to U2U me with the details if the teck can't be shared with everyone..

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 10:57 AM
LOL i think this video fits all of us

his is the hardest part as you are alone, broke, scared, defeated depressed and worried about the future. The central banks, governments, the legal system, the police, the taxing authority everything is conspired against you. You wake up one day and begin to realize this and your first reaction is SHOCK. You can't believe that the government, your church, your local peace officer and all the corporations and even the teachers in the schools and everything on television has been orchestrated to keep you stupid, fearful and weak. In this state of SHOCK you just sit and stare and newspapers, television, the internet and listen to others in disbelief.

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by ShadowEyes

That is what I have been feeling, like I have been here before.

"People are having trouble with the last shift, over the past few days. We are working to stabilize the energies. They went through a huge surge. As the time line draws near these surges will become increasingly stronger.

This is a direct result of changes to your past which are having a domino effect on your future. Be advised that your fate, as Earth's population, is and has always been in our hands."

That was in response to your feelings. These are things I have come to understand as being a part of where we are heading. When you said about crashing, I assume that was a vision you had? That sounds interesting and might fill a missing piece or two.

My Son has not given me all of his dream yet. All he can say is things got crazy. People really need to open up more and get past the stigma of being nutters. Of course, most people with foresight are considered nutters. That places us in good company.

What I mean is we need to overcome being branded, as this is reality. This is the biggest reality show in the none!

I wonder when people will start to open up? Is there less negativeness around these days? Is that what has boosted the markets, the abscense of negativeness? Something to think about.

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 01:59 PM
Hello, puny Earthlings!! hehe

I've been pretty busy. What time I've had left I've put into an idea for a video narrative for TD's website.

I just finished compiling a sort of narrative of where we are and where we are headed for TD's front page. I took a bunch of various videos and tried to show an evolution...See what you think.

I have to tell you, some of those videos struck me to the core. I hope they bring out of you what they brought out of me - compassion for our race of beings, and hope for our future.

Also, TD responded to GalacticHuman's questions.

Dear, Mr. GalacticHuman!! Thanks for your questions!! And now...The answers!

Originally posted by GalacticHuman
1.) What will happen in 2008?
I have a strong feeling the government will start breaking up and undeniable ET disclosure

2.) How can we prepare for what will happen in the coming years?
talk about it to anyone keep the idea in the front that there is more to the universe and discuss it, these days the results have been good with innocent conversation, this may keep you and others around you mentally prepared.

3.) How do we know who is telling the truth and who is lying?
go with your gut instinct (use the force) and question outrageous thoughts in your own mind (that may be broadcast into your brain from other sources), your thinking must fall in line with YOU!!

4.) During the mass landing the ET are benevolent beings correct?
Yes, the government my try to fake a mass landing with stuff like project blue beam, but the good guys are prepared

5.) Can we have sex with an alien if she is cute or whatever?
of course, as long as she is into it!

6.) Who will win the Presidential election?
In the past I think I said either Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani but these days I believe it will be Ron Paul

7.) Will we be able to reunite with deceased loved ones?

8.) Will we still have our family and friends with us after the transition?
Those that chose to stay, some family members dont like being "contained" in a human body

9.) If all knowledge will be revealed to us and we become aware how can we progress further spiritually if we will know everything? most ppl are motivated by money/fear will ppl be motivated in the new age if we will have everything we need wont ppl get lazy (spiritually especially)??
You will not know everything, there will be very much knowledge available to you but it is more than your brain's capacity can hold, life can be quite an exploration with much discovery and entertainment. people become more productive and spiritual because they are not forced to work and there is nothing to fear, there is no money system locking everyone down.

I'd like to expand on your third question about how we will know who's lying. By their fruits ye shall know them. Think about how honorable, peaceful, and compassionate beings would act; and understand that your being - who you are - is a valued, divine entity. You are a part of the same creator as all other beings, and in that sense you are equal to all beings.

Some are more advanced, but we are all equal. All of that is to say that we are not looking for further subservience to other beings. I will say, however, that what is communicated to you will be more a call for you to take responsibility for yourself and your destiny. And this message will be communicated with great compassion.

TD is right - go with your gut. But I will add that (and I know TD feels the same) your heart and instincts will be singing as things progress. We are going to gain a greater ability to discern truth from fiction. We are starting out on the right foot, so there's nowhere to go but up.

The messages that are out there about sabotage, and about deceitful and malevolent ETs coming to take over are perpetrated by those that do not represent the beings who are in fact already here; and who are guiding us in a way that first contact events, etc., progress in the smoothest, most profound, and most beneficial manner.

These very advanced beings have no need for the limited number of beings on this planet, which they could easily create on their own. These advanced beings are here to nurture our growth. They could easily decimate us, and remove us from existence. If that were ever a desire, how many limitless times do you think that could have been perpetrated?

No, we are on the brink of something completely different. Many have called it a celebration, or a graduation; I say, it is both and much more than you can imagine.

ShadowEyes, that's cool!! You said,

Originally posted by ShadowEyes
OTD, do you remember when I told you, a long time ago, about my ship crashing? I don't remember if I mentioned that my entire family was on that ship...including the ones that I knew had already passed away and yet there they were, alive and aboard

I do remember that.

Jeremy_Vaeni, what's up? Welcome aboard!! My present time with regard to our galaxy is now. Did you know that neither time nor movement could exist without each other; that they are in fact equal? How is this possible? Actually I recently read this...It seems plausible...

If they are inextricably linked, then I my present time would simply be "motion". And movement can't exist without the object, or objects which are moving having a point of reference from (or toward) which to be moving...I think that's right...

Also, if you take into consideration that our super-multiverse (or whatever sciency term you prefer) stretches in all directions limitlessly, then the notion of motion/time becomes even more insignificant...I guess...Moving on...

Hey, Theblues!! I don't even have to send your question to TD. You asked,

Originally posted by Theblues
how can i make my own time travle device so i can go back and save millions of people from there untimly deaths?

Easy, you can volunteer. Either by stating the intention on your own (quietly, aloud, or in a message to yourself/your contacts/guides), by writing your intention here, or by signing TD's Volunteer Board (slash Guest Book hehe). TD is serious when he says people can volunteer. If you do, don't be surprised if you are called upon...

I know TD would say thank you if you decide to do so. I've already volunteered. Waiting for contact (Yes, we're still nuts)..ahah

Peace, Theblues!!

Hi, ATSGUY!! Great video...We were thinking the same thing...I see our current scenario is often portrayed in a negative or discouraging light in some of these videos. I also see that we are some how expected to extricate ourselves from this tyranny. This is only partly true. In fact we are going to be given the tools and understanding we need to effectively move forward. We are also getting a lot of help. Just wait and see...

Buenos Dias, win 52!! Great post,

Originally posted by win 52
"People are having trouble with the last shift, over the past few days. We are working to stabilize the energies. They went through a huge surge. As the time line draws near these surges will become increasingly stronger.

This is a direct result of changes to your past which are having a domino effect on your future. Be advised that your fate, as Earth's population, is and has always been in our hands."

Just as Kucinich and Paul have appeared in the public arena as representatives of the new energy, and are tearing asunder the old paradigms before our eyes, more and more surprises await. You may imagine you know how what has been foretold is going to come about - but don't let these preconceptions, as terrific as they may be, block you from seeing these changes as they actually unfold.

It is happening now. And this is how it happens. Clinging tightly to the idea of a mass landing, and only to that idea as THE one and only form of change and contact we will experience will blind you to the other multifarious and wondrous aspects of change and contact that are happening right now. It is much broader and much more profound than you can imagine. The visitations will continue as they have been, and will grow more profound.

Watch the signs unfold all around you. Ignore the negatively oriented messages. As soon as you close those messages you realize that you are fine. Don't let the negative messages pervade your consciousness.

Just like win 52 says,

Originally posted by win 52
This is the biggest reality show in the none!

By the way, I've purchased a 5x and 3x lens for my video camera, as well as an Infrared filter. I intend on taking a closer look at the craft that have just recently filled the skies over my area at night...

I suggest everyone look the the skies for similar craft...Don't think for a second that they aren't enjoying a little pre-contact flyby...How difficult would that be for them? Not very...

Kind of makes me wonder if the "chemtrails" aren't ET craft disguised as terrestrial craft...The streams are immense; and they're in your face...And the rainbows, if there wasn't the correlation with chemicals, would actually be a sight to behold...Just thinking aloud...We don't have to blame EVERYTHING on the government ahah


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posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 10:24 PM
I see they have night vision monoculars for about 200 dollars. I wonder what looking at one of those big Jets with one of those would show.

That is what I will do, get one of those and start watching the sky.

posted on Dec, 1 2007 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by win 52

That is what I have been feeling, like I have been here before...

When you said about crashing, I assume that was a vision you had? That sounds interesting and might fill a missing piece or two.

I feel it might have been a vision, but I'm more inclined to believe that it was a memory from long ago.

This 'clash' between the good guys and those who control the controllers has been going on for a long time, and not just in the general vicinity of the Earth. I feel there have been some flaming battles where some of the good guys were hit and their craft, mine being one of them, crashed.

What I mean is we need to overcome being branded, as this is reality...I wonder when people will start to open up?

What you say about being branded as nutters is quite true. There are some of us who could add just a few more pieces to the puzzle except for the fact that they would be branded by some. For instance, there is a reason why I am so sure that a number of 'humans' on this world are in fact descended from ET's, but they do not even know it.

The groundwork has been being laid down for thousands of years.

The controllers are well aware of this and it is for that reason that I must urge all who receive messages to be careful. As it has been said, by their fruits are they known. If one of you receive a message that seems designed to hurt rather than to help, you would be well advised to ascertain where that message is coming from, as it will be bogus.

Freedom should not hurt those it is intended to free.

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 12:05 AM
Ok i have to be fair, with the case of Sheldan Nidle i was a little bit concerned on why he didn't want to do the interview about like 4 weeks ago lool. Although i still believed him and everything i still thought that he was doing this all for money.I tried to get rid of that thought but it just kept popping into my head and i just couldn't get it out. I mean Sheldan was probably the best correlation we have had yet.

Td and Sheldan have been basically saying the same thing...Td has been saying it way before he even knew about Sheldan or even we knew about Sheldan.

- mass landing
-divine vote
- months before landings there will be technology/information (concert lol) given out
- The government we have now being gone

and many more correlations

But still in the back of my mind that i was thinking about the interview and why he didn't show ( which probably was a good reason). Anyway i just started going over his site and reading all his info again...and guess what i found.

read this

That is an excerpt from his book Your Galactic Neighbors 'Living with Sheldan Nidle' by Colleen Marshall.

It is basically his wifes little rendition of living with Sheldan, which would probably be cool as hell!! Anyway in there there is a section which Sheldan has a meeting with something like the Bellatricians.


here are just some quotes about them:

Several days later, I came home and, as I climbed up the stairs, I felt a very dense, coarse energy. Sheldan was lying on the couch barely able to lift his head to greet me. “Whom did you meet with today?” I exclaimed. “The Bellatricians,” he muttered. “They are a dinosaurian/reptilian hybrid. Their energy is very daunting. All day I felt hot, like I had a fever with strange aches and twinges that came and went.” It was obvious to me that his session with the Bellatricians had been physically challenging.

For eons, the Bellatricians had presented themselves as tyrannical overlords in our galaxy. They were the oppressive ruling class for the Draconian Empire. Now, they are transforming. It is their aspiration to be accepted as trusted members of our galaxy.


The Bellatricians are a dinosaurian/reptilian hybrid. They are former members of the Anchara Alliance, acting as the chief administrators for the Draconian Empire. Nine years ago, they signed the Treaty of Anchara and became members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

That last one really got me thinking, this seams familiar or something...i don't know i just couldn't put my finger on it. So i basically just didn't think of it much. My eyes kind of glanced over to the side of my desk and i saw the book

The keepers by Jim sparks pg 167+

I remember reading about the part when he had the meeting with the 12 reptilians in the old abandoned carnival place. Although they were scary looking he said they were really benevolent. It really goes astray from the stuff we have been researching about these Reptilians being the bad guys and stuff along with the Greys.

But the thing that caught my mind was that Sheldans wife said that the reptilians or Bellatricians signed that paper to enter the galactic federation 9 years ago. I looked at the date of which the excerpt was signed and it was basically they signed the Anchara in 1995.

I looked at The keepers book and tried to find a date, the book was written in least thats the date they have on it. So i thought since the meeting with Jim sparks in the carnival place was recent that it was in 2006...WRONG WRONG WRONG>>> i went back and looked at it...

chapter 20 Diamond in the sky pg 160

It was now March, 1995, and i had not been abducted lately.

WOW, March 1995 was the year and month that Jim Sparks said in the book he started getting the visits from the Diamond shaped space ship, and the meeting with the Reptilians in the carnival area was on march 23, 1995.

Kind of makes sense, They joined the GF, and now they showed up and introduced themselves to Jim Sparks and show amazing benevolence. It must be the new light creational energy that is changing the entire universe to light...VERY exciting!!!

Seems like i have gotten rid of my grudge against Sheldan...i don't no if this has any Karmic value but i feel like some pebbles have been lifted off my shoulder.

And i would just like to say this, even though i, like most people on this thread believe in our future, mass landing, and concert. Still i sometimes find myself questioning that, "is it really going to happen", "does it seems like we are getting to it". Even with all the massive amounts of information we have pilled up these past months i still find myself waking up in the morning , or even at work during my breaks this really gonna happen, have we been fooling ourselves into thinking this will happen. I guess it is the conditioning that we have lived through all of our lives, i can recall even times throughout this thread and even the radio shows were TD has even shown some doubt out of all of this...don't worry TD i feel for ya buddy, we all do of course, and we are with ya till the end!!! This will happen, it is inevitable...

Reptilains F""" ROCK!!!

“Remember, we are Spiritual Beings having a dinosaurian experience.”

“Remember, we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.”

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 08:27 AM

1. did alien have war?
2. how many shuttleships has gone to other planet
3. does ats still exis
4. am i married with the girl i love now
5. in what year the war between israel and palestina end
6. how old is george w bush? or he already dead

many more to liist

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 03:48 PM
Hello, all!!

First, welcome, brianstorm123!! I have responses to your questions,

Originally posted by brianstorm123
1. did alien have war?

2. how many shuttleships has gone to other planet?
from earth, I believe the german (nazi funded) disc shaped craft, I basically agree with what billy meier says on this subject.

3. does ats still exist?
yes, it is all archived

4. am i married with the girl i love now?
I marry her, just kidding, I don't know!!

5. in what year the war between israel and palestina end?

6. how old is george w bush? or he already dead?
I do not know/care

OK, you can see by TD's responses that his patience is growing short re: the changes/contact. ahaha

I want to share something that is of supreme importance. With the greatest respect and love to all beings (and this includes the ones causing confusion and trouble) YOU NEED TO LET GO OF FEAR AND APPREHENSION.

Right now, the cacophony of messages and information vying for your attention is terrific. It's unprecedented.

I received a message from someone recently asking about my opinion on the predictions given by a member calling himself "D4rk Kn1ght". You should all know who this individual is by now.

I want to share my thoughts on this individual, as well as EVERY SINGLE OTHER INDIVIDUAL sharing these messages.

This is a message from my light,







Whatever our future holds, there is no reason - NONE - to allow doubt, separation, fear, or hatred to discourage us.

We are loved and protected, and we are about to enter an awakening to this truth on a planetary scale.

The only truth lies within. Any words that don't generate love and light are meant to distract you from this one sacred truth.

Despite the fact that there may be difficult times ahead, to describe these events in detail is not behavior aligned with a higher purpose. This needs to be recognized as self-evident.

Any message that causes doubt that you are a divine being, with a divine purpose, and with a future that is blessed is not coming from your source; or from beings closely and consciously connected to the will of your source.


The message from D4rk Kn1ght and others offering a similar message of planetary dread and doom is what RA calls in the Law of One, ""issues of transient importance".

Something ELSE is happening, and it is larger than any conspiratorial government program of a false ET invasion.

The light has permeated our entire race, and continues to do so exponentially. Just as TD and others have said, the time for these things has passed, and a new era is dawning on our planet. Practically speaking, we can see this is so. To try to pull any stunts at this point would be apparent to every man, woman, and child on this planet.

But before these factions go, they are going to cause as much trouble as possible. Just do not become ensnared in these mischievous articles and revelations - they are meant to drain your power and discourage you.

Remain in a place of higher power and light (for lack of a better term). It is as easy as simply allowing those entities/beings to fulfill their role, and blessing them, and for you to move on with yours.

These negatively oriented/self-serving beings cannot sustain this energy long in this universe. As David Wilcock points out, at some point these beings realize that this multi/superverse is positively oriented, and that they just cannot sustain that energy. Wilcock says these beings literally dissolve unless they change their orientation.

Take THIS message to heart. Any message that values your sacred soul and beingness, which advances a loving and positive future - which is reality - is all you need understand. The rest serves its purpose; you just need to realize at some point that you have moved beyond that lesson of fear and limitation and are ready for the next level.


posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 04:29 PM
OTD - I have read Dark4Kn1ght story. I can't help but feel what he knows about will never be played out, I think. I have no proof......

There is a whole lot more going on than that. That is part of the old direction we were headed.....towards extinction or at least some type of collapse.

It seems, and the Bible supports, the notion of a transformation to a changed state of being. We will live in peace and harmony. There is also a promise of shelter and protection during those times. This request I respectfully ask of our Creator and I claim that promise on behalf of Earth's Children.

Well, I have started dreaming again...and sleeping for 12 hours.

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 10:00 PM
Wow!! And as if guided by providence I wander on over to the "We are gathering" thread started by menguard and find these terrific posts (from page 24),

Originally posted by menguard
The answer to that question would be to save our Earth's generations to come from an unfolding of Cosmic Times. I can tell you at the age of seven I was contacted by five different space races out there, that were upset with what was going on. But I will tell you that I am here to make sure there is a peacefull resolution to come. I can tell you that we cease to exist, in a future generations to come, that already happened but sent some of us back to fix the (futures present) Timeline to come for a peacefull outcome.

And that I was told that those other selves in other 'Time Lines' contacted me saying they came to a mends. And that we are all working together, (All races) are set in the field of motion to move the Universe forward. The feuds are over with the BIG BOSSES, it might be the sub-levels that are still griping on this, but this has no consequence for us. As long as we stay in the present moment, we will be on a different TimeTable of time.

It's just some Earthlings just haven't got the MEMO, yet.


OK, first, in the text I bolded, mengaurd talks about members of our "future generations" coming back to correct/fix this timeline to result in a "peaceful outcome". Tell it, brotha!! ahah

menguard continues on the same page, and sort of takes the position that I do, which is that all are from the same creator/source,

See this is what must happen, but it must happen with the maturity of our race to see the light. And far as the Unfolding of Cosmic Times, I am referring to The Lyran Death Squads that took place a time ago.

We must understand that each member of this galaxy at large is setup for the interest of its people. These so called (negative groups) as we percieve them are not, they are also from the light. They are catalysts for growth.
Some cut themselves off from the life cycle and created disasters for themselves instead of facing problems head on. But the groups out there that are self serving have been over ridden by the chiefs in command. If a society is to experience growth it must reach out to others in other points of evolution, so they can see a reflection of growth in themselves to move on.

One must look at this with a (UNIVERSAL OUTLOOK) because not doing so cuts off others for growth. We are all one big chain link guiding the world home. We are all trying to help each other out, that way we get back to our GOD LIGHT. The Divine Destination, has already been set in place we just have to be OURSELVES, iF we are to fullfill that mission. Our True Selves.



I agree that everything is a lesson to be learned. There is a universal perspective to all things. Accountability, retribution and karma are also, however, examples of lessons to be learned; and these things are heading straight for the shadow players (read dark cabal).

menguard, finally, offers his own unique take on what is happening now. His views are in accord with TD's, win 52's and many others - the greatest show on Earth!

See what happened back then created shock waves everywhere, That (Alien Agenda) all of us were once part of took place, still plays out here with the groups from foreign nations. But to fix all this mishap, which has been resolved in Central Space by the Peacekeepers of Time. Is now coming to our area. Everybody is free to be who they really are. So you could say that our karmic cycle from a times past still ended up here but is being resolved now. By INFLUENTIAL people. Starship Commanders.

And your (Starship Commanders) are (here) incarnate on Earth to baptize Earths sun in the Holy Spirit. lol. One way or the other, which means most will be kicking and screaming and resolving past issues.

All of this was done through Frequency waves, or Truth Vibrations. And you have yourselves to thank for that, there was a calling out into space and some were selected for Special Missions, Crisis Intervention, Time Coordinate conducting.

(Your work will have paid off if you stay true to yourselves.)

In General to the people.

I will tell you this that they are here to help without taking the credit, all they want to see is you succeed in becoming your light.

Take back what is yours, Your planet. It's a (responsibility) that pays off more than anything ever could.****** Take back your responsibility****

The part I bolded are my thoughts as well.

Big ups to menguard for his excellent threads!! And to TD, ATSGUY, Cyber, win 52, and everyone else making their way through...

Our thoughts are with you...

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