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criss angel discussion...

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posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by Badge01

Thank you for posting that video Badge01!!! I have alot of respect for Chriss! He is very right, people do take advantage of vunriable people.
I cant wait for his new show Sucker! Thats very kewl, and open of him to say. Much respect to him for keeping it real, and lettting others know not to get so carried away with all.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 11:15 PM
"GoToTheLight" - what light are you referring to?

Originally posted by GoToTheLight
What is it with the Chris Angel Cult?

Just because they can't see wires and props it has to be mental powers----CHi-Kinesis

You indirectly bring up a good point. Many people like yourself cannot handle the idea that someone could have a Gift of Chi-Telekinesis without immediately assuming that a malevolent cult is involved. Most of the people in this thread that are in the camp of those who conclude that Criss Angel is an illusionist with also a Gift of the Spirit, do not consider him to be a spiritual person, much less a messianic figure such as you are implying. We do not worship Criss Angel. If anything, what we revere is THE TRUTH.

And the truth of the matter is that you can have a person with a Gift of Chi-Telekinesis that is not a spiritual person


You would already know that if you took the time to do some research.

Originally posted by GoToTheLight
There seems to be no rational thinking at all from the cult. I have read through this thread and see perfectly reasonable explanations for Chris Angels tricks...explanations that can be proven to work.

If that be the case, then explain to us how Criss Angel does his high levitations without props, wires, or paid-off witnesses. Since you have found all the "reasonable explanations" in this thread, then also elaborate on how he does his teleportations.

You do know what teleportation is...right?

Originally posted by GoToTheLight
All this talk of Chi-Kinesis (say what?) etc like it is fact. How do you know if you really have witnessed it before, could it be that you were not being deceived then guys?

It is said that experience is the best teacher.

The question that begs to be asked is: how do we know that you have anything to add to this discussion?

Originally posted by GoToTheLight
The man himself has said he has no real powers, yet you still believe.

Since you claim to have read this thread, then you already know our stance on this issue and there is no need for me to reiterate.

Originally posted by GoToTheLight
Let him go to a site unprepared, naked but for a sock on his genitalia and see what magic he will then perform.

He's been half-naked on a number of occasions while performing telekinetic feats. It makes no difference since his clothing or lack of it would not help or hinder his Gift in any way. Only those with experience in this area of life would know that. I guess you are not one of them.

Originally posted by GoToTheLight
Your delusion will still believe the man is magic.

Your ignorance is showing again. The correct term is "magick."

"Magic" is stage illusion. "Magick" is Chi or Telekinesis.


Originally posted by GoToTheLight
I swear the same few guys are continually running over the same old territory just to bump this thread into the top of the board

Not really.

We occasionally chime in to deny ignorance.

I personally could care less if it was bumped to the top of the board.

Originally posted by GoToTheLight
BTW the thread title is misleading. It is not a discussion thread. It is a Cult Appreciation Thread

What we appreciate is our experience, logical extrapolation, cogent arguments, critical observations, and overall reasoning ability; all of which supports the idea that Criss Angel is an illusionist who also has a Gift of Chi-Telekinesis which he uses on occasion for his more impressive feats.

If you have no experience in this area of life and have never witnessed telekinesis first hand, then how do we expect you to know what you are talking about?

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 11:26 PM
Ive watched his shows for a while now and I pay very close attention to his unbeliveable stunts and I have come to two possible explanations.One, he has a gift with telekanetic energy/magic. Or two he has(as my friend says) sold his soul to satan in order to do magic
spooky huh???

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 07:51 AM

I have a great deal of experience in dealing with discarnate evil, and have counseled people who have suffered from demonic attack.

Satan or the Devil is just a symbol of evil in the Spirit.

Evil contains the seeds of its own destruction.

What often happens is a bunch of common spirits, typically with a Dominant Aura Color of orange, sometimes red, combine their energies temporarily into a Group Entity and then project a presence and persona to someone in the flesh that they are a singular demonic entity.

When in fact, they are just a bunch of primitive spirits in the Lower Realms who wish to be thought of as a powerful demon.

There can never be a singular powerful demonic spirit. Simply because the very act of being evil towards one or more innocents weakens (shrinks) one's soul in The Light. So I advise victims of demonic attack to simply wait it out, as the abusive discarnate energies will dissipate on their own accord.

Criss Angel channels a large Group Entity that grants him his Gift of Chi-Telekinesis. They are located on the fourth astral plane and they generally have a Dominant Aura Color of yellow. The yellow connection is illustrated in his "A logo" when you view some of his videos - like this one. The logo can be seen first at about 1:20 in that clip.

People who align themselves with angels are often drawn to the colors of yellow because that is the Dominant Aura Color of discarnates on the fourth astral plane - that constitute the vast majority of Group Entities.

So it is with people like Criss Angel.

Just today my Guides provided intelligence on the numerical membership of the largest Group Entities in operation around this planet. To see this overview, go to our Glossary and click on the link near the top called Intel On GE Numerical Estimates. You will find that awareness to be illuminating.

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posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 09:23 AM
PaulRichard, you said it as well as it can be said. Logical extrapolation is NOT the forte' of the denier's, as is obvious. Either they are amazed that we do not assume that a total lack of evidence actually means something evidential , or they attribute the chi-kinetic forces to some evil plot by the devil. Amazing.

What really tickles me is the fact that when you pin them down, as I and you have done many times, they all fall back on one of only a few possibilities: Either they cliam that we are silly to believe that there is another explanation other than props when there is no proof of such, or they lambast us for assuming that if all other likley possibilities have been exhausted that we might actually be seeing what we are seeing!!

They say " Although there is NO evidence that shows props in the high levitations, the correct assumption is that there must be props..otherwise, one would have to believe that Criss has some ' special abilities ' that the average person does not ". They totally fail to see the illogic there; they cannot see the incongruity of their position. They are relying on ZERO evidence and calling it just a side issue; the fact that they cannot and have not shown us any way possible that certain events can be faked, they just claim that they have very limited imaginations and are unable to come up with a way that Criss can be doing it. They are actually satisfied to remain ignorant of the process and to admit that they do not know HOW it is done; to them it is a non-issue!!

Can you believe that one of the deniers actually stated the most ridiculous assumption ever, one I predicted? He actually claimed that Cyril had a special aquarium set up in the video we see of the event where he breaches the tank and gets the card back!! Now ' special tank ' can be added to ' film editing ', ' paid witnesses ' and ' cheap effects that can be bought for a few dollars ' !! One hardly knows whether to retch or laugh. It gets so silly that they are able to supress embarrassment and shame and even alleging such spurious nonsense.

They even have the nerve, the unmitigated gaul, to suggest that WE are the silly ones for not automatically assuming that there MUST be a trick involved, even though no evidence for such exists!! they are so limited in their thinking and reasoning abilities that they simply ignore the points we make and insist on staying with a point of view that totally lacks any substance whatsoever. They have to reach to the most absurd heights of illogic to come up with a way around the truth, and they have no shame about it!!

Here is a typical deniers quote: " Just because we don't know how Criss does certain things, we should assume that there is a prop or trick involved because to believe that there is no prop would mean that we have to enter a new and scary realm of thought that would upset our assumed reality too much ". Actually, they are not quite that honest, what they really say is that despite the total lack of evidence of props, to believe in another explanation is silly because..because.." Thats where they run out of steam.

They cannot come up with anything other than unproven and totally unlikley scenarios yet they see these are valid alternatives!! It really is remarkable. Pavil exemplifies the worst of the worst of the deniers: He, without shame, alleges the most incredible reasons for the deniers creed: He actually lists the most ludicrous and unproven assertions and thinks that they make sense.

Got to run, more soon.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 10:08 AM

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 10:49 AM
Now THERE is the type of intelligent reply we all look forward to: calling us ' homoerotic ' in reference to Criss is derived from WHAT? Typical answer to specific questions. Since the deniers CANNOT come up with anything relevant to say, the personal attacks start. Sounds to me like elementary school stuff.

This guy doesn't even see the difference bewteen a movie, staged and edited, etc. from LIVE events that are witnessed by real people. Staggering nonsense. They come with NO alternatives, only nasty criticisms and silly examples that have NO bearing on the issue. One cannot do anything with people so deeply into denial. If someone can say the kind of mindless drivel that we see above from a real civil and sincere poster that alleges some sexual scenario to cover his lack of proofs, then they can say anything at all and we can all see how empty it is.

We are NOT impressed by people who spout filth and stupidity; we might be impressed with someone who can actually come up with an INTELLIGENT AND LIKLEY alternative to our proposed scenario. Failing that, all we get is trash like seen above, contributing nothing, only meant to insult and demean. Is there an age limit here or are grade schoolers allowed to post? Hmm, I thought so. Oh well, we can';t deny the fools the right to an opinion and still be open I suppose.

Anyway, STILL NO likley and intelligent responses to my request. Only Pavil my favorite denier, the only one to actually have the nerve to proffer the actual ways that he thinks that it could be done; no one else has had the nerve to state the most ridiculous alternatives, like fake aquariums and paid witnesses..vast conspiracies among thousands of witnesses to remain silent that is altered to depict events that never occurred to fool the people..props that are so slick and so advanced that no other illusionist or adept can duplicate and that cannot be seen or touched..these are the realm of the denier.

I know that it seems embarrassing to spout such far out possibilities and have them seen as valid..but the deniers have nothing left!!So far we have heard the most odds challenging and dubious excuses for what we see, and still not ONE poster has actuall said " Here is how it is done ', in a likley and believable way. Not one. The alternative means are so unlikley that they are less possible than a man simply levitating.

If the deniers cannot do better than this, then the writing is on the wall. How could anyone accept the lack of proof as evidence? How? How can a thinking person see a total lack of something as being substantial enough to base a philosophy on? Hmm? they are actually saying that a total lack of proof of their position is nothing to worry about!! They think that we are all so vacant that we will say " Gee, since we cannot think of a good way to explain this, a likley way, we will just claim that we have all the proof we need and leave it at that". They really do not see the obvious.

Thetre are two kinds of logic; one is based upon observable evidence, and the other is based upon suppositions NOT supported by ANY evidence. The deniers rely on the second type and without shame.They simply deny that the lack of evidence means anything!! It is like a detective who approches a crime scene and automatically assumes that because they have a body that they have all they need to solve the issue; why bother to collect prints and interview witnesses and collate data? I mean, there is the body and its dead so whats the use of digging firther? it won't help that guy, will it?

They simply do not see the value in seeking the truth for truths sake; they are content to wallow in self assuring confidence despite the lack of proof. They ALL ignore the questions we ask:

HOW does Criss do the high levitations, based on all of the observable evidence? Why no answers to this that makes more sense than assuming what we allege?

Saying " I really don't know but it still MUST be", is NOT an intelligent and likley answer. Be detailed and give us some likley alternatives based on the evidence at hand.

HOW did Cyril put his hand and arm thru the tank and withdraw it, leaving the tank whole and with NO evidence of any holes, gaskets, etc. Remember that eyewitnesses were at arms length or closer the whole time.

Of course the deniers are stumped here and cannot answer without looking like they are desperately stretching reality to fit their preconceived notions, and so we hear nothing but nonsense. At least one guy had the nerve to suggest a massive set up with unknown materials that look like glass but really conceals a hole that heals itself perfectly after the event.

It makes no sense and is NOT supported by any of the evidence, but at least he tried, albeit pitifully. And to suggest the most incredible, far out, unlikley and impossible claims is telling: It means that the deniers have reached the nadir point and are sliding downhill at ever faster speeds.

Trying to explain an airplane to someone in the 1800's would be futile, as is trying to explain things like this to the uneducated of this era. They will never relent because to do so would shatter their illsusions about reality and upset them beyond the amount they can handle.

Any takers out there with intelligent and likley replies? Any more indecent and uncalled for assrtions concerning sexual stuff will be reported to the mods for their action; that only demeans the poster as well as the issue. If you cannot do better than that, save yourself the embarrassment and shame of being seen as totally without value to this fiorum and this thread.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by eyewitness86

They cannot come up with anything other than unproven and totally unlikley scenarios yet they see these are valid alternatives!! It really is remarkable. Pavil exemplifies the worst of the worst of the deniers: He, without shame, alleges the most incredible reasons for the deniers creed: He actually lists the most ludicrous and unproven assertions and thinks that they make sense.

You honor and flatter me Eyewitness86. I notice with some dismay, that you have stopped ignoring me. Since you are able to read this and respond please answer this:

Why is my experience of TWICE seeing the "coin traveling down arm" trick up close and in person and researching the way it was done, not valid?

You can go to a magic shop where they will tell you about the trick and where to get it from. Anyone can buy a trick, only a skilled performer can present it and pull it off as "magic/k" Did the magician who performed the trick in front of me TWICE have the same power as CA? Is looking up the trick and finding out that there is the exact same trick available somehow "ludicrous" as you put it.

You scoff off any attempt to show the chinks in your armor. I can't prove that Cyril palmed and passed off the card to an assistant, they wouldn't film that and let it get on the show. I can say with my limited magical experience that his hand movement is very very similar to many "handoffs' I have seen. Somehow that means nothing to you and you have yet to offer a rational explanation for his hand movement at that time (4:03).

I have told you I am not sure of the whole trick, it's a very good trick that adds layers to the "card through the store window" trick. I am pretty sure that if you go to that aquarium and look for that specific tank, you will not find it. Would that mean something to you?

I also notice that you have twice not taken me up on the "chicken with a car" demonstration. Why is that? I mean CA being able to physically get smashed through a cinder block wall by a speeding car and walking away unscathed surely is testimony to his Chi-TK, isn't it?

Every time I have given an explanation to a trick, you reply with nothing in the form of actual rebuttal to my explanation, just snide comments and generalities.

By the way, Chi-TK has a whole whopping two Google pages on it. Did you guys trademark that term or something?

I can just see it now, back to being put on ignore by those two.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by eyewitness86
Thetre are two kinds of logic; one is based upon observable evidence, and the other is based upon suppositions NOT supported by ANY evidence. ......
HOW does Criss do the high levitations, based on all of the observable evidence? Why no answers to this that makes more sense than assuming what we allege?

For a true look at his high levitations we must have more observable evidence. All we have is CA's version of observable evidence. That evidence is partial and I have proven and you have admitted it to be in at least one instance, edited for dramatic effect. That invalidates his whole work as using it as observable evidence to me. How can you take his word as this being the whole truth when you know he has edited things for dramatic effect?

You know the routine, give me shot of the 100-300 feet directly above CA as he is levitating, panning from CA to the area 100-300 feet above him in an uninterrupted shot. Or show me CA going through a 8 foot clear cylinder that is supsended in mid air as well. Till that is presented, his levitating by other than mechanical means will be suspect in my opinion. I don't see why that particular shot is so hard for him to produce cinematography speaking. That there is not one speaks volumes. Don't use the Luxor light levatation as proof as everyone was far away from that one.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 02:23 PM

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 08:18 PM
Good to see the first post removed, it was out of line. I'm sure the second was even worse or in the same vein. It makes no sense to get that worked up over someone you have never met, nor probably will meet, about subjects where everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

You just aren't allowed your own facts. And now back to the show........

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 09:16 PM
Did a little more work on the CA high Levitation.

At the building to building, if you look carefully the moment he starts to float, his heels come up first and his toes end up pointed toward the ground. Immediately, to keep from giving the impression he's hanging, he pulls his toes up and makes his feet flat, or parallel to the ground. It's obviously a 'correction', so don't blink or you'll miss it.

It's one indication that he's being pulled up by a wire.

(starting to rise) Toes pointed:

(one frame later) Toes pulled up:

If you look, in contrast, at the Luxor 'levitation', his knees are bent and his feet are parallel, toes up. It's one indication that he's standing on a transparent or mirrored platform. (a mirrored cubic platform is a standard magician's prop, by the way. Here he's just made it taller and put it on top of a pyramid, which is another way that Magicians make things seem magical when they're just grandiose).

Position of legs and feet roughly outlined in green. Best position for lowered center of gravity and stability.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 09:42 PM
On a lighter note here is Cyril vs. Magician Zero on a Japanese TV show. He does the same trick with a different tank. Wish I could hear some of the jokes.

Still an impressive trick.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 10:30 PM

Quoting eyewitness:
Always the same old tired stuff: Paid witnesses ( never proven or alleged )

Assistants or paid actors?

Tonight I watched CA MF Show on Discovery Channel. I think it was the show (from 2006), where he stops his pulse in 5 places.

During the street magic part, he does that thing where he rips a newspaper into pieces, and then he puts it all back together. The girl in the crowd (long dark hair, Hispanic looking) is the one he interacts with, and she at some point holds the paper, he kisses & flirts with her. and she acts all amazed, etc.

This girl is the SAME girl who was shown as a "Loyal" fan along with all his other fans, on last week's Naked Escape. She was also the main focus of the random crowd in this Naked Episode, going into the cell with him.

It certainly leaves the impression that the people in the crowds, who he interacts with and "amazes" are plants.

Or, would she be considered the "assistant" to the Magician?

Obviously she handed back/took the switched papers to/from him and aided him in the Jail break!

EDIT to add:

OK, found video links. Not very good quality.

Here is the Newspaper trick. The girl with the blue tank-top You can see the paper switch/pass with her.
Newspaper Video

This is the only Jail episode video I could find. You may want to turn down the volume, so as not to listen to the oversexed videographer! She must have filmed her Tv set or something. The "planted" girl in the video is called "Gloria".
Jaiil video

I think Eyewitness you said you do not have television and are viewing CA on youtube, correct? Obviously the TV is much better to notice these things. I noticed that girl straight away watching it on TV tonight, after the jail episode was still fresh in my mind.

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posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 11:04 PM

Originally posted by eyewitness86
I needed a good laugh today and sure enough, a denier has obliged!! MAGNETS moving the coin ( Coins are NOT influenced by magnets, by the way, except for pennies due to copper content ) under the skin !!! Incredible !! The depths to which the deniers will sink is really staggering. Magnets moving a coin under the latex skin...hmm.

Incredible !! Yes!
Copper is a non-magnetic metal. Coins are dipped in copper, and the metal under the copper is what is magnetic.

Canadian Coins are magnetic. Older coins with a higher silver content are not so magnetic. Maybe some american quarters are magnetic, because the metal content of coins circulating in different years varies. What was the date on the coin to check that year's metal content that was circulated and, was it an american coin?!

Edit to add:

How can you say it is crystal clear there are no magnets? He has the arm band, watch, fingers he passes over the coin, to be hiding this magnet.

I learnt this magic magnet coin moving trick at age 4! That would be a year before I figured out Santa, Rudolph & the gang don't really levitate!

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 01:56 AM
What magicians have realized is that their tricks could all be modified to adapt to them being shown to the audience on camera.

The frame rate of video is such that if you do the trick right things do look magical, especially card tricks where they pop the card, or other close up tricks.

Then they realized that with some video editing they could do even more amazing things, even though, we, the audience, might call it cheat.

Well, the thing is all magic is, in some respects, cheating. Cheating the angles, the perspective, the distractions and substitutions. They outright tell you 'which hand is the coin in', knowing it's in neither hand (for instance).

Doesn't make the magic any less entertaining, but at some point I think there's going to be a back lash and they'll start doing things to counteract the video editing.

CA already does something like that by giving a 'volunteer' a camera and saying they can film anything. Of course if that camera picks up anything they could even edit that, but anyway...the point is, some tricks are clever, but many of them are very dependent on the props and not even on the legerdemain.

posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 05:11 AM
double post

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 09:54 AM
Hi Pavil,

Originally posted by pavil
By the way, Chi-TK has a whole whopping two Google pages on it. Did you guys trademark that term or something?

No way

But it just goes to show that it is not something that we made up to deceive people.

A Google search on Chi-Telekinesis did bring up a couple of interesting sites (in addition to an ATS thread):

Chi Telekinesis (Positive or Negative Chi Mastery)

Kung Fu Martial Arts - How To Throw Chi Balls (Check out the YouTube instructional video towards the bottom of the page.)

By the way, that gold-yellow energy that he channels for his Chi balls, like Reiki/Seichem and most healing modalities, is essentially fourth plane angel magick...YUCKY

Originally posted by pavil
I can just see it now, back to being put on ignore by those two.

Apparently not.

EDIT: To counter a couple of recent wacky arguments made elsewhere by the denier camp...

1. US currency quarters are not attracted to magnets.

Try it sometime.

2. When Criss Angel did his "swallow the quarter and bring it down from the inside of his arm feat," he obtained that US quarter from a woman in the audience, i.e., it was not a trick quarter that was attracted to magnets

3. Being lifted in the air and having one's feet dangle DOES NOT indicate that wires are being utilized.

It just means that something - other than his feet
- is causing Criss Angel's body to rise.

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 11:23 AM
Hi PR ! I have been reading from the massive amount of really good info on the links you provide; although I am still on the fence about a few details, I am getting a lot from the material.

Before I get into a detailed refutation of the posts above that purport to show us some ' evidence ' supporting the denier's beliefs, I wanted to share a couple of CYRIL videos that I think are really telling: In one, the event is bringing a dead and dismembered fish back to life and wholeness, and the other is Cyril causing a pictyure(s) to turn into the actual objects that they represent. these two different forms of chi-kinetic energy differ in their applications, but still show us a lot.

My question, primarily to PR: How does a group entity manage to reverse death? What is the mechanism by which the combined powers of these discarnate entities allow for what we see/ I am curious to be sure!!

Criss can cause objects to be duplicated from a mirror, we know that. And elements have been created or exchanged in some events, but in the case of the fish, Cyril is literally reversing the process; he tears the fish into quarters, then puts it back together, and then from nowhere creates a head and brings it to life! Do the entities have the ability to ' simply ' reverse the natural and already occured events, or can they literally defeat death in the normal sense? Could a human be given the same benefits that we see the fish get?

Also, for those who may think that in the Hamburger video that the store placed a trick sign on the wall and that there was an assistant behind the wall feeding burgers thru the wall to Cyril and then somehow getting the correct BLANK picture outlines on the board, one of which shows the BITE TAKEN OUT, you are deluded and deceived. Cyril simply has the ability, or the entities do, as you wish, to create the real from the picture. When Cyril takes a bite and then places the burger remains back into the flat board, we see his hands are empty all the time and that the sign does NOT open up at all.

So, here are two different themes showing incredible abilities to effect material reality. I would be interested to hear some INTELLIGENT and LIKELY ways this could have been done other than the apparent. Any far out and silly replies will be ignored. LIKELY is the key; if it is less likley than the reality of chi-kinetics than spare us please.

After these, I will prepare a lengthy reply to the posters above and their contributions to the debate, but this should serve to stimulate some interest as these feats are in kind different than what we have seen from Criss and David. First the fish, and then the burger.

And the burger:

So while we are having lunch of revived fish and free bugers lets think of some better ways to support our various beliefs with evidence and common sense!

posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 01:13 PM
One of the extremely clever CA illusions is where he moves a group of people.

It illustrates how the audience inevitably makes an 'assumption' during the illusion.

Here's a simple example. The magician taps a coin on the table. He taps it twice and then releases the coin to allow it to fly to his magnetic wrist band on the second tap. BUT, he continues to make a tapping motion, only this time he taps using a hard object with his other hand out of view. This makes the audience assume that the same coin clicked three times. Then the magician exploits this.

Now imagine how much harder it would be to detect this 'tapping' when watching a clip or video. You don't have the advantage of stereo sound that you might have in person. Also, everything is reduced to 2-dimensional 24fps video image - really a succession of still shots.

Moviemakers take advantage of this all the time, using 'seamless' jump-cuts to make us think we're seeing what the first person is seeing. You really have to study film technique to learn to spot it. (in fact to enjoy a movie you can't be too aware of this or it ruins things.)

Remember when we all watched the original ST:OS and though Kirk was really doing all the fighting? It's only now, as we are more experienced viewers that we can see the pull back shot and the plethora of stunt doubles. We see what our assumptions program us to see.

Anyway, how did CA move this group of people in a seemingly impossible manner?

He tells you on the Penn and Teller video and it's really extremely simple, though he provides some aberrant cues which lead us away from this and so we are easily fooled.

Here's a short list of assumptions we make when viewing coin tricks.
1. coins can't bend;
2. coins are solid;
3. coins are not hollow;
4. copper colored coins are pennies and are a standard size;
5. a single coin is being used (after all, the magician said so);
6. it's not possible to make a trick coin, after all, they're too small;
7. a trick coin could not have been substituted for a real coin;
...and so on.

Things that can be more easily faked on TV
1. revealing camera angles actually obscure the action (a shot over the arm of a person in a blue jacket is the same arm when we see this shot a second time. It isn't always);
2. a flat object can easily be perceived as 3-d when viewed on film. (remember the roll up man hole cover);
3. what looks like a shadow could be a painted on effect;
4. viewing through the 'box' of the TV camera is often almost completely different looking than being there in person. (note how directors will carry an eyepiece and look through it to see 'what the camera sees');
5. frequent jump cuts (changes of perspective) can make editing MUCH easier. Many jump cuts=many edits;
6. it's much harder to spot mirrors on TV
7. and so on...

Things to look for to find edits:
1. changes in weather, cloud cover, or too-fast movement of background objects.
2. changes in background (missing spectators)
3. too close camera angles; too tight framing. (the magician can do something out of frame
4. too dark (looks like a film glitch, but is on purpose)
5. too jerky camera
6. reaction shots that 'sell' a trick are often added later, due to their importance to making the trick work to the viewer. Too many reaction shots, or 'too convincing' or sincere witnesses usually mean they're coached. (IOW, tricks that don't rely on this don't have so many of these 'WOW' reactions shots).
7. and so on.

With the correct mindset I'm sure you can spot many more.

Sorry to be long...

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