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Separation of Church and State has gone too far

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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 05:27 PM

originally posted by: MrConspiracy
a reply to: Quadrivium

A very sincere post. And a lot of truth was spoken. If only it was the accepted belief amongst those who HATE "Religion" because of what the men running it have made it to be. It's like they blame God for man's mistakes because they do it under the veil of God and faith. What they do give our faith a bad name but it shouldn't be used to disprove - That's bogus.

Thank you for your kind words. Many people have blinders on. They rag others about having "closed minds" when in all actuality there minds are closed tighter.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:02 PM
a reply to: iosolomon

Lots of talk about separating church from state.

Somehow, much less talk about the influence of corporations, banks, or secret societies over the state.

I wonder why that is...

I am fine with the concept of separation of church and state. Just... be aware that the church is far from the only entity influencing the state.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: Meteoritic

Somehow, much less talk about the influence of corporations, banks, or secret societies over the state.

Now that would be the definition of heresy and blasphemy in today's society. After all....Separate who exactly?

By comparison, the Church is the underdog here, I think.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 08:43 PM

originally posted by: Quadrivium

originally posted by: MrConspiracy
a reply to: Quadrivium

A very sincere post. And a lot of truth was spoken. If only it was the accepted belief amongst those who HATE "Religion" because of what the men running it have made it to be. It's like they blame God for man's mistakes because they do it under the veil of God and faith. What they do give our faith a bad name but it shouldn't be used to disprove - That's bogus.

Thank you for your kind words. Many people have blinders on. They rag others about having "closed minds" when in all actuality there minds are closed tighter.

People don't have blinders on, at all. They know full well what religion and those within it are and have been capable of and likely just refuse to allow themselves to fall for such stupid idiocy.

If the god that you believe exists, does it fact exist - surely it doesn't give a damn about religion. If it did, it doesn't deserve to be pissed on by any of us.

Have faith, I think it's a wonderful thing to have if it suits. It doesn't suit everyone, though but if you're a defender of faith you might like to constantly remind people the difference between a person's quiet faith and an organized religion that's out to control people.

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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 11:53 PM
a reply to: BasementWarriorKryptonite

Actually your post show that you do or you have tunnel vision.
In your blinded dislike of religion you actually overlooked the content of the back and forth between mr Conspiracy and myself.
Peace, I pray you find it.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 12:50 AM

originally posted by: Quadrivium
a reply to: BasementWarriorKryptonite

Actually your post show that you do or you have tunnel vision.
In your blinded dislike of religion you actually overlooked the content of the back and forth between mr Conspiracy and myself.
Peace, I pray you find it.

As I've said - I have my eyes wide open. I've tried to be tactful, mate, but you simply don't get that religion is destructive.

What you also don't seem to get is that no religion has any place in a person's life unless they specifically choose for it to be.

Your faith or religion or whatever it is that you have is your own business and nobody else's.

The irony of you calling me out for having 'tunnel vision' is ironic. It that wasn't as dangerous as it is, it would be funny.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 01:10 AM
a reply to: BasementWarriorKryptonite
Lol that's just it. I nor anyone else will make you have "religion" in your life.
That is your buisness.
Return the favor "mate".

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 01:16 AM

originally posted by: Quadrivium
a reply to: BasementWarriorKryptonite
Lol that's just it. I nor anyone else will make you have "religion" in your life.
That is your buisness.
Return the favor "mate".

Excellent, we agree!

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 01:22 AM
So long as any religion is receiving special treatment in the
form of tax exemptions then it has not gone far enough.

There is nothing special about a bunch of people playing pretend and
demanding that everyone else sit at the tea party and "respect" their
fantasy to the point of things like tax breaks and mandating that their
fantasy be indulged on our currency..... ugh what a strange planet we

So long as the religious amongst us demand a say in others choices
then things will never change, have your choice all you like but let
others have theirs without your say too.

Religion is oppression, weather that be in the form of islams treatment
of women/atheists/those of different sexual orientation or christianity
treatment of the same groups. It is easy to be the oppressor when you
believe that not only will you be rewarded for doing so but others
will be punished for disagreeing with you..... what a crummy thing
to believe.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 07:25 AM
I can feel where you are coming from.

And here is a gold coin.

The reason we must have a seperation between church and state is because we cannot find a Global consensus on these issues using a Global Democratic Vote.

For Democracy to work there can be no borders and Humanity must work as one,Democracy is a Human condition.

A muti-diety multi-religon System has evolved along with a multi-border multi-government System on our Planet.

These Multiple projections of Human free-will ALL each and every one of them require VOTES to self-sustain their strucrural and tanible survival as entitys.

Waht we have is a fire-sale on Human free-will nd VOTES.It s a free-for-all and MONEY is your ticket to the ballgame.

This must stop.

Each human is an individual note of music unto themselves and we all must choose to sing the same song or we are out of synch with everyone else,and we CAN live our lives this way ,we will make our individual note of music as long as we are alive .


We DO have the power to create our own futures within the boundaries of Natures rules and parameters.

Think about it for a second,who in their right mind would challenge Nature and claim to have some interaction with input to and relationship with NATURE?

To what end would one make this type of claim?

To control and manipulate the uninitiated that is why,if good folk believe someone has a connection with something greater than Nature which is something WE ALL must realise and accept as a cumulative reality then they accept leadership from those people.

Some crafts KMOWLEDGE GUARDIANS who may have started out based on good intentions in preserving Humanitys One True History figured out how to fool people and by todays standards it would be consider to be an AMATURE JOB.By historys standards they were genius.

The connection between an imaginary god or dety and the weather and our Natural world is a must have,because NO ONE can lie about Nature which we all see and interact with in real-time.

Back before when Global communicaton as interuppted we returned to basics,when that happened one Group of Humans would see the results after-the-fact of a tragic Natural act like a flood or a hurricane or a drought and because it didnt happen to them they attributed the specific action at the specific location as a tangible act of punishement .

SOMEONE attributed acts of Nature to a non-existant and invisdible diety or god.The people bought the sales story.

As soon as people of different groups were given this BS story they began to attribute their physical states to these dietys of gods,these non-existant imaginary ides that someone made up to basiclly steal credit from Nature and to fool the masses into believing there was some type of two-way communication between the man behind the weather and their Knowledge keeprs,at this poit they werent called religous clergy,they were historians and knowledge keeprs.

Now we can envision the PURE POWER these knowledge keeprs or priests CREATED FOR THEMSELVES,they hi-jacked Mother Natures full power finality and fury as if it were their own to weild as if they had some connection or input into how Mother Nature would behave,as if how the masses behaved was a deciding factor in how the communications between their Knowledge keeprs and Morther Nature would evolve,if they were "good Boys and Girls" and brought the Knowledge keeprs or priests food and water and clothing and protectio and concubines then these people would make positive reports to the now impactfull ideas of imaginary diestys or gods and there would be no terrifying surprises from Mother Nature.

Then because these priests coud not reliably predict the wether or natural disasters they had to build in a fail-safe feature to their con-job or they would lose their jobs,so they cretaed a dynamic where people were AT FAULT when bad things happened and this was the causality,so because people are not perfect and will always make mistakes of interpretation these monsters fed off of our human natures and taught people to believe that they were actually responsible for natures actions by their own personal actions.

When the masses were bad or really in the beginning even one individual could be the ignition source of Natures retribution,whatever or whoever was most convienient,one things was for sure there was ALWAYS SOMEONE TO BLAME UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES AND RULES WERE CREATED AND PLANNED TO ENSURE THERE WAS A STEADY SUPPLY OF SINNERS.

Fake rules were created by knowledge holding people who were targeting our Human nature to build their BS story,they had limited ways to screw regular people back then and they used what they could acces easily Human Nature,they learned it and how to prey on it,even that action is a survivalist Human nature act.

All knowledge of Human nature and sciences was SUPPRESSED AT ALL COSTS because this would be the undoing of the Fraternity of lazy selfish thieving Knowledge keepers.

The knowledge they were charged with keeping was advanced knowledge with no tangible proto-types or infra-structures to physiclly validate them.

It is critical to understand that ALL of these Knowledge keeping groups would turn into seperate self-serving religons or secret societys.

A competition amongst now quickly learning groups was created,a race was created, we even refer to it as the human race,anyone ever ask what we were racing over?

The Fraternal Groups which possesed and maintained the KNOWLEDGE BASEs for each group were learning Humanitys One True History,and the more they learned the MORE EXTREME they began to become in their suppression methods,their very jobs and existance was at stake for they had become politicians and completely relied upon the ,masses for their daily bread and sustenance and had made wuite a comfortable kingdom for themselves,work free.

As competeing groups learned more and more about Nature and our One True History they in a very natural human action suppressed this resource for themselves.

Surely no one was telling the masses that NATURE was really at the helm of the good-ship Earth,ha ha ha,no one was giving up their jobs that easily,these peope had it easy,no wars no starvation no wanting for anything at all every creature comfort provided for,in fact they CREATED their own job positions and they had no competition until SCIENCE came along and because of the Dark Ages we can see how they reacted to that,Global knowledge suppression.

Da Vinchis code has got nothing on this folks.

In fact this One True History is Messoninc in nature,imagine that a Messiah that is not a human being but that is a cumulative History of all of Humanity.

One with the sheer power to bring together 80 % of the current Global Population or 5 BILLION people.

Can you imagine that!!

Bringing together 5 BILLION humans under one united reality,onto one real-tie page!

ONLY HISTORIANS could action this type and level of misguidance and deciet.

Only science could catch them.

Now Humanitys One True History can validate them all.

Religons were started by knowledge keepers who had a greater than average understanding of human nature and dynamics and the Earths natural phenomenoms or processes which they had inherited from the Earth Cycle of Humanity they stemmed from,the one they survived from out of,they did not understand the knowledge they were preserving,after several generations the ability of the masses AND the Keepers to understand everything was as gone as the languages were,destroyed by Nature in a Cyclical event,not destroyed by an imaginary diety or god.

Humanitys One true History was all about human nature and how to tame it enough so that our Species can learn how to work within and without the boundaries of Earths Natural realitys to ensure our Species survives these Earth Cycles which decimate everything.Our One true History is all about the mental and psycological growth we need to undergo in order that we be prepared for the next coming Cycle.

The duration between Cycles is 3600 years so there is really no place where we can have delays or screwups if we want to create an optimal survival situation where 6 billion people are all trying to prepare and survive together,you see friends it is to late,we are at the end of OUR Humanitys Earth Cycle,and everycockroach that conspired throughout this current Human History and has knowledge of our One True History is DEATHLY AFRAID to tell the truth,now they want to sink out of view and take their chances along with the rest of us,they want to dissolve themselves into humanity and claim ignorance and USE us once again to ensure their survival.

If Humanity knew The One True History we all share they would hunt down and punish every single person involved in the cover-up and suppressions.

Now here is the punch-line, the hour is short now and there is no longer a true need to suppress and hide much,the Earth Cycle is about to end and TPTB are all going underground trying to save themselves,using Humanitys vast resources to ensure only their survival.

They are still claiming they are more important than we are because they still hold the knowledge,and now with the Cycle ending they definately will not surrender that dynamic,they extended us in darkenss via knowledge suppression long enough that they could use our resources to build themselves better shelters this time and save more of themselves.

They only need to work within the bounds of a 3600 year timetable.Each Cycle is the same and they very well know it.


This is the ultimate crime against Humanity.

We ALL have a right to this knowledge and we ALL have a right to support out own survival.

There is some justice to 5 Billion people coming together in one cumulative reality,but the fact is that these Cockroaches only need to suppress knowledge for less than 100 years of our 3600 year timetable to create the end-game we see now.

What can we do now??????

They know there is no time to orgnise against them and right their wrongs against Humanity.

They will simply claim they were the good of Humanity when the Cycle ends and begins again,they intend to come out of hiding as SAVOURS to select numbers of Humanity when the rebuild occurs,as they have done in the past.

They use BILLIONS of Humans to thrust just FEW of them beyond the borders of the Cycles devestation knowing full well Humanity will be shattered and seperated Globally nd tht KNOWLEDGE will be the key to re-building.

The TRUTH is that the Cycles end is so Globally devestating that there are NO SAFE PLACES.

This does not mean that Humanity does not survie in reproducable numbers,it just means that is is a chaotic process and is 100% random.

There will be humans surviving everywhere in small numbers individually,they will need to find each other over vast and great distances post-event.

ABillion prepared people have an astonomiclly higher chance of producing a higher number of prepared random surviors which by extrapolation hugely increases Humanitys survival chances as a Species.

The Church wants to survive and they use knowledge preservation on behalf of all of humanity to abbrogate our basic Human rights exactly as the US does when it breaches its citizens rights in the name of Natl. sec.

The State also wants to survive to provide infrastructures also supposedly to ensure Humanitys survival.

Both Groups KNOW the LEVEL of DISASTER the end of an Earth Cycle brings,the TOTALITY of it all,and they are very well aware that it is a 100% crapshoot and it will be every man woman and child for themselves when this occurs.

You WILL NEVER seperate the Church and Government now we are to late in this current Earth Cycle now.this action had to happen 2000 years ago for it to have had optimal impacts,the cockroaches didnt have to suppress this entire time,the dirty job did its thing after the 1st 1000 years,the rest will be History.

These groups will ride this Cycle to the end hand-in-hand on a Global Scale.

Below the surface in every country and within every major doctrine there are cabals of people who posses our One True History.

In the Pubilc Domain exist mountains of data proving this reality,all of the history of Humanity revolves around this one dramatic Earth Cycle and it always has.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 07:43 AM

originally posted by: MrConspiracy
a reply to: Krazysh0t

Do you not get it? Religion is ran by man. MAN IS CORRUPT. So your talk of priests being corrupt, therefore the religion loses it's moral value or credibility is ridiculous. Don't judge the faith based on the actions of those who run it. I don't look to the Pope or the priests for my answers - My faith runs a lot deeper than that. So no, a priest being corrupt doesn't make the faith any less credible. It just ruins it's public image.

You are missing my point. I know that it is ran by man, but it is SUPPOSED to be about communing with god. Why isn't god involved with the process to stop these corrupt men from leading his flock astray? You keep defending these people in charge of your religion like just because they are corrupt (again THEY are leading and guiding the religion), it gives the religion a pass.

You also just gave the "OK" to prostitution and substance abuse because it makes people happy. Well fat load of good it does for people. Religion doesn't STOP them from doing it but for you to say they should be allowed to do it because it makes people happy is hilarious. Law anyone? These things aren't made illegal by Religion.

I sure did. Prostitution AND substance abuse are BOTH illegal DIRECTLY because of Christians as well as due to a healthy dose of yellow journalism and blatant propaganda that is only just NOW starting to be revealed for what it is. Do NOT pretend like they aren't. Here some links:

When Prostitution Wasn't a Crime: The Fascinating History of Sex Work in America

At the same time anti-prostitution policing and social campaigns were stepped up, cops who had enjoyed bribes and graft for protecting brothels came under increased scrutiny from religious reformers and early “women's rights” campaigners. The turn of the 20th century saw the opening of New York's first women's jail.

Also this:

Temperance movement

Who cares what good it does for someone? Isn't the point of life to be happy? I can never understand why people who enjoy bettering themselves get upset when people who don't care about that and are just content with where they are in life enjoying vices and try to push THEIR version of happiness on the people who are just content. If someone is content to just enjoy a few vices, let him, he's not hurting anyone. And the vices should definitely be legal, it's not like people aren't doing it when they are illegal. We just put non-violent people in jail and waste tons of money on them. Plus it would be safer all around (especially in the case of prostitution if you can get the pimps out of the process) when it is legal.

Also, regarding the Bible's moral teachings. I'm with you all the way - It has some pretty questionable activities. But to think that everyone who has faith follows their holy book to the word is ridiculous. It WAS written at a different time for illiterate people - So naturally, teachings will change. Granted, you don't like that answer... But regardless, it's the truth. Also, remember who wrote the Bible. Man? Yes. It's been twisted, pulled apart and translated so much that it should only be really used as a guide and as a symbol. If you follow it word by word, you're silly.

I'm glad you say that it was written by man, many Christians I speak to cannot admit that and continue to insist that it is word for word, god's words.

Fed up of how difficult it is to try make people see that blaming the faith for the actions of man is ridiculous. It's almost impossible, you just don't see it do you? You can't discredit faith based on how some people interpret it.

I find it flawed since the fact that it can be interpreted in such a way with the person doing so still being logically correct in his argument while at the same time someone else can interpret it the COMPLETE opposite way and still be logically correct. It needs to be clearer.

Religion, like everything else, be it Science or the Government, is corrupt. There's nothing that can be done. But don't sit and bash religion with such hypocrisy when you're not forced to be a part of it or practice it. It's done a lot of harm in it's time but so have the government. So has science. There's nothing you or I can do about that.

I know, that is why I go through life happy with my lot in life. I enjoy my vices. I'd like to make a bit more money to afford them better, but I'm still managing. I'm not trying to change the world. I like to voice my opinions on the internet, but for the most part I just want to be left alone. Unfortunately there are many parts of the world that insists on minding my business and time and again religion tends to be one of those offenders. Even when I'm not a part of that particular religion (Though government is another HUGE offender, but that is why I'm a Libertarian). They do this through trying to get the government to pass religious laws. That is why I'm so against even little things like god on money. You give them a little bit and they keep trying to take and take. Plus it's not fair to people who don't believe in god or believe in many gods.
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posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 09:31 PM
I disagree. Religion is such a volatile subject this day that it does more harm than good. I think we need to stop being middle of the road and secularize.

posted on Jun, 25 2014 @ 10:30 PM

originally posted by: iosolomon
there is imposing your religion of atheism onto others.

Funny how you think you should be allowed to impose YOUR religion onto others, but do not give others the same choice....

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