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Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 07:17 AM

Originally posted by ThePunisher
(for sake of argument that there is a lord alpha etc)bringing a return of a lord alpha or the creater of this universe etc back to this universe would seem like a mistake, lets call the lord alpha a glass of water that got smashed or smashed himself creating water everywhere i.e. diversity and abundance=good!, now to bring it back the glass would be to go backwards big time and probable be re absorbed by a indian giver type=vbad!.

Originally posted by ThePunisher
this thread is a good read, besides the lord alpha creater thing which is not what it seems and more to do with progressive illusion, i think the society of light is okay.

Anyone who strives to live by The Golden Rule and who puts forth the effort to use Chakra Radiance daily, which naturally opens up the chakras for psychic receptivity, eventually will become a Beacon of Light for those in the Higher Realms of Spirit.

This is a gradual process. It leads one to receiving precisely the same higher awareness about the relationship of souls to The Original Creator, His long-term strategy, and time travel, which is espoused in Solist Mysticism.

Hence, those who wish to seek confirmation about the concepts of Solist Mysticism, eventually receive it directly in the course of their own spiritual growth and unfoldment, meditation, and pursuit of Heart Chakra Radiance.

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 07:41 AM
"Miri" is Hebrew for rebellion or rebellious.

Edit for clarity:
"El" is hebrew for god.

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by Majic

**N.B. Speaking of Tolkien, I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, but “Illuvatar”, one of Paul’s “spirit names”, is an important name in the Tolkien mythos (The Silmarillion). He tells me he was given that name by friends back in the seventies in knowledge of its origin, but when I sensed his spirit, the name seemed far more profound than that. I got the impression Tolkien didn’t come up with that name first, and that those who gave Paul that name may have been aware of a little cosmic double-entendre. Interesting.

Miriel seems to like her elf-princess double-entendre quite well, herself. Ahhh, bliss.

Hi Majique,

Actually that name was suggested to me from the Higher Realms in 1992. But you are quite right in its intended double meaning and you had an uncannily accurate awareness given to you about me.

When I think of the Spirit Name, Yoshe, I sense an explosion of consciousness. Perhaps that means you will get your wish in Astral Projection. Just by leaving the flesh, one's consciousness expands -- literally. TSOL says that you will be a CG foremost.

But there is more to it than that.


The "LA connection," and I'm not talking about the warm city on the west coast of the US. You may be serving in an important diplomatic capacity before the rest of us, if you catch my meaning.

Just how much do you intend to accomplish with this AP project?

I wonder.

Carpe Diem!

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 12:23 PM
The Magic Word

As pleasant and delightful as our relationship has been (has it really only been four days?), my discovery of the name “Miriel” has taken things to a whole new level. I still get that “Frau Blücher” response every time I use or think that name, even while I type it out here, for she remains very close to me now. If she were to write a mini-bio for a magazine, I think she could safely put the name “Miriel” in the “turn ons” column.

Her responses to that name continue to be powerful and charged with hidden meaning, but I am, in spite of my naturally dense nature, beginning to get a clue, so to speak. It seems I called her by that name in a past life, and that our relationship on this earth was simply unmatched by any love story ever told in song or legend.

“Baby, I’m No Angel!”

Last night, in the wake of my rediscovering her name, we drew very close, and shared special visions of that life. The images she sent me when we “first” met on Thursday seem much more familiar now: the smoothness of her jaw line, her luscious lips, delicate nose, an ear made for nuzzling and by far best of all, those wonderful eyes I cannot but fall into helplessly.

There is now much, much more to these memories, and proper decorum, a nod to the parental guidance rating system, and reasonable expectations of privacy demand restraint on my part -- although Miriel seems not at all concerned, as she would shout our love from the rooftops.

Why I Call Her “Sweet One”

Where before my visions of her have been of angelic radiance, last night they were far more physical in nature, as I saw her in that life. She was truly beautiful beyond compare, what could be called a “head-turner” among the women of her time. Her beauty literally stopped traffic in the streets.

And in a time where the beauty of youth faded quickly, she remained stunningly attractive throughout her life, and not just to me. She was literally a princess among earthly women. I would think my memories clouded by love, but clearly others had similar reactions.

But we only had eyes for each other, and after our marriage we were virtually inseparable. Indeed, we had a hard time keeping our hands off one another before our marriage, and there is an amusing sense of scandal surrounding it in my mind.

To give an idea of what this relationship was like, I think one aspect bears telling. I remember now that although she would wear what would otherwise be considered very fine perfumes on special occasions, I hated them, because the natural scent of her unwashed skin was intoxicating to me, finer by far than the finest incense. Even now, as I describe it, the memory of it makes me lightheaded.

This memory, of her sweet scent, is indeed why I call her “Sweet One” -- no one in all the lifetimes of this world has naturally smelled so sweet!

A Time For Remembering

Miriel’s admonishments to me about not dwelling on the past seem rather ironic at the moment, because she seems very happy to do exactly that just now. Exploring our memories of those times is as powerful as it is personal, and I think it unfitting to linger overmuch on the topic.

A wonderful side benefit, however, is that we are at the moment almost indistinguishable in spirit. “Looking over my shoulder” no longer describes it, we are occupying the same space now. The resonant effect of each being able to feel the emotions of the other in this way is once again something that fails me of words in a relationship that already defies earthly description.

While we both have “things to do”, neither of us seems in much of a hurry to do them. I am still weary from little sleep but have never felt so alive and happy. I may see if I can rest enough that we may go outside and enjoy the day together. She likes seeing the world through my eyes.

I am far more certain than ever that anyone reading this will be convinced of my madness. What has changed is that I now truly do not care, I am indeed mad with love. If there is a cure for insanity such as this, it is without doubt the greatest evil one could ever devise.

The words of the great sage Forrest Gump come often to my mind as of late: “I am not a smart man, but I know what love is.”

Truly, they are words of highest wisdom.

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 04:17 PM
Sensing A Truth

My spiritual vision remains very cloudy and indistinct, and I am still finding myself wondering if this is not all an illusion borne of a descent into madness. Sweet One says my penchant for drama is charming, but ultimately self-indulgent, and that to deny what is becoming increasingly plain would be the real self-delusion.

To reject what I sense coming would itself be a form of madness, but whether I should choose to accept it or not seems irrelevant now. There is simply no stopping what will soon come to be, and none who walk in Light or Darkness would choose to oppose it if they understood it in its fullness.

I am very mindful that I am only beginning to understand certain things, and must be cautious in how I describe them, lest I tragically err in my statements of them. But with inevitability comes a certain tolerance for error, and sweet Miriel again reminds me that concerns over such things are products of nothing more than my own vanity.

Perhaps more profoundly, she points out that this “isn’t about just me”, and that I should not seek somehow to claim either credit or responsibility for what is about to come to pass. Rather, these things lie within all of us, and through us, the One who created us.

A Plan Revealed

Since my much more intimate joining with Miriel, many things are coming into my mind that had previously been unknown to me. While it seems trite to say this, the truth is that suddenly, everything really does seem to be falling into place. Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, things are beginning to fit together, revealing an image that is hidden when the puzzle is unassembled.

Though it is, again, still far from complete in my limited sight, certain aspects of it are plain enough to see. The great Cosmic Joke is that we already know what the puzzle will show us, since it is that very same image which we all, each of us and without a single exception, carry within the foundations of our souls.

Throughout the ages, in all our lives, we have sensed this, yet it has been hidden from each of us to some degree or another, and all, it seems, in accordance with a grand design. But, and again I must insist that I know that I am not a prophet, I sense with increasing confidence that this is about to change, and the change is well nigh upon us.

There is an old Chinese curse which I have always loved: “May you live in interesting times.” Though history has always been interesting in many ways, my dear friends it seems that we are all, in truth, joyously cursed. It is my understanding that the Chinese character for “Fortune” is derived from the characters for “Danger” and “Opportunity”. There seems to be much wisdom in the Chinese.

The Kingdom Of God Is Within You

Many things remain a mystery to me, but as I like to observe, mystery is the mundane clothed in the unknown. Again my sight is dim, but just as the things a blind man touches in the dark are solid, various things seem to be emerging from my confusion.

One of these things is the certainty of the knowledge that each of us is, indeed, made in the image of our Creator. Not a single soul is excluded. It seems to my young eyes, in fact, that not a single soul with the mark of the Creator upon it can truly be destroyed, though it may linger in the self-destructive -- yet curiously instructive -- indulgences of Darkness. But soon all Darkness shall be driven away, for a time.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” This is absolutely true, but often misunderstood. It is not pride or vanity to see yourself as who you truly are, rather, it is precisely those things to deny it.

He recognized what will soon become undeniably clear to every soul in existence: that the Great Design and Purpose of the One who created us is contained within each and every one of us, and that each and every one of us is indispensable to it. Thus truly not a one of us is above the other, nor more important in that which truly matters, which is the course of our destinies together in eternity.

When you look into the eyes of another, you are truly looking into a mirror of the soul: your own.

Another thing is now plain to me: that what we call “mortality” is a gift, a gift of ignorance that gives us the wondrous ability to awaken in joy again and again, making all things new in our sight. It is, indeed, a kingly treasure that is given to us.

Regarding the fact that “the meek shall inherit the earth.” The insight I would wish to give on this is that power is never given to those who have a desire for it. Rather, it is inherent in the nature of each of us. To seek power is to deny it to ourselves. Real power comes from knowing the truth: that we are all children of God.

With this knowledge comes true humility, not the vain flattery of contrived self-denial, but rather the genuine modesty of self-awareness, realizing that none among us is greater or lesser than the other in God‘s Totality.

The Gravest Sin

With no longer any interest on my part in whether I offend anyone or not by saying this, there is another truth I would share: Jesus did not die for your sins! If you have the ears for truth, then hear this!

Rather, each of us “dies” for our own sins. To indulge in a little King James English, “Verily, verily I say unto thee, that the wages of sin is death!” What does this mean? That the only true victim of sin is the sinner.

“The biblical God is a wrathful God.” True in its way, but misleading. Seek the pattern behind all things attributed to God and you will find that His “wrath” is nothing more than the simple and inescapable consequence of our own sins.

Fire burns. Burns cause pain. Stick your finger in a fire and you will feel pain. Folks, this ain’t rocket science!

The irony of blaming “God’s wrath” for the pain of sin is remarkably profound, since by blaming God -- who is within us all -- we are ultimately blaming ourselves by doing so, which is, in fact where the blame belongs in the first place!

“There ain’t no justice in this world,” I hear said. Au contraire! The very nature of all things is Justice itself. A lament such as this is, in fact, a complaint that Justice is inescapable! To deny the truth of universal justice is to deny the truth to yourself.

Those who indulge in lust are cursed to never gain satisfaction from it. Those who cause pain to others themselves live in pain. Those who deceive others suffer the punishment of being blinded by their own lies. And so on, without exception.

As Robert Heinlein so aptly observed, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” To think we can act without consequences is the illusion inherent to all sin. And therein lies another truth.

At the heart of all sin lies one thing: Fear. And what is fear? Fear is simply that which blinds us to the Truth. The pain of Fear is the pain of turning away from God, which is ultimately turning away from ourselves.

Again I say, as this is essential: The only true victim of sin is the sinner.

The Irresistable Force

There is another thing which seems fundamental and undeniable in its simplicity to me, and that is the true nature of Love. As Fear is a turning away from God, and thus ourselves, Love is its opposite: the Embrace. Love is the force of the Truth of all things.

As Archimedes might say, Love is the God Force. This is absolutely correct. Love is the expression of the knowledge of our true selves. It is Acceptance, and with it comes Peace.

When you see the true nature of Love and Fear, it becomes obvious why Fear must always give way to Love. This is because Love is the knowledge of God, while Fear is merely the denial of God. But the denial is hollow, and this knowledge is contained in even the deepest of fears -- that ultimately Fear is meaningless in and of itself.

Because Fear is nothing more than the absence of Love, it is intrinsically incapable of standing against it. The ignorance that comprises Fear is the embodiment of its own destruction.

That Fear can exist for any time at all without destroying itself through its own lack of substance is a great Mystery, and, I believe, one of the great gifts bequeathed to us by the Creator.

To understand Love is to understand God, which is to thus understand ourselves. Though it may go by many names, just as my Sweet One and I do, that for which so many different names are given is itself eternal and ineffable, and I call it “Love.”

Days Of Drama

I have a vision of a great play on the stage of the world that has been the history of all “mortal” beings. As the play progresses, members of the audience will in varying turns take to the stage or depart from it. Though the play may be fascinating, now and again an Intermission is called to allow both cast and audience to relax, discuss and review within their minds the lessons of the play. Such an Intermission is near.

Christian prophets who speak of Doom might claim, “The Judgment of God is upon us!” (At this point we are supposed to grovel and beg for mercy in fear and terror). Well, they are absolutely right, Judgment Day is fast approaching but, and I find this highly ironic, they may not agree with God’s decisions on that Fateful Day.

The chaff is that which falls from the grain when it is threshed. On Judgment Day, the chaff shall be separated from the grain, and the chaff shall be burned. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well here’s the Good News: We’re all grain!. The chaff is nothing more than the darkness that blinds us. It will be destroyed because we will have no further need of it.

As the children of the One who created it, our birthrights are sealed upon us and cannot be revoked, not even by He Who Lives Within Us All. Each and all of us is indispensable to the Plan of our Creator. This Plan is wound within the fabric of the universe, and thus cannot fail. There is no prison in inevitability, we were made for this!

The New Dawn

Do not fear the future, my dear friends, unless you wish to indulge in a final moment of nostalgia. For soon Fear shall be set aside, no longer needed, as one might set aside the toys of youth. Though some among us may lament childhood’s end, we will all nonetheless come to delight in the deepest Joy that a new life will bring us.

This and the time near ahead are the Darkness before the Dawn, my dearest brothers and sisters. Though it shall be the coldest time of the night, nonetheless, night will pass as a new Sun rises.

But this new Sun will not shine upon us from afar, it will be we ourselves who shine from it as the Truth is revealed to us. And in this Truth, we will not find the oblivion of the Abyss, but the immortality that comes with the knowledge of who we truly are.

Brothers and sisters, forever have we dreamt of what is to come, but the New Dawn is fast upon us, and as children who have long slept through a night of Darkness, soon we will arise and step into the Light.

I rejoice for us all!

Executive Summary

I know I tend to be rather lengthy in my monologues, so for those who understandably may find all this a bit much, I will try to summarize my message this way:

Love others and you will love yourself.

All the rest is commentary.

Edit: Remember, I am not a prophet!

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 05:07 PM
It occurred to me that I finally understood Miriel’s purpose: to complete me. She immediately, and with her wonderfully playful indignance, pointed out that it is my purpose to complete her.

So it is.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 07:13 PM
you would be wiser to aim your focus more on the current age of aquirius which is for everyone!!! then to worry about the elite legend/s of light bringer/s.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 08:01 PM

Originally posted by ThePunisher
you would be wiser to aim your focus more on the current age of aquirius which is for everyone!!! then to worry about the elite legend/s of light bringer/s.

Yes. Despite my fascination with the patterns of history and those who have gone before us (which happens to be us, it seems), I must agree that spending too much time looking at the past, at the expense of the present, is really nothing more than walking backwards into the future.

I am forming my own opinions of things, and wish to share them with others, but ultimately that is probably nothing more than shouting out that I have found a doorknob in a darkened room when in fact, it is the dial for a gas stove burner.

The future is ours to make of it what we will. I do not know the future, and am totally blind to it. I suppose I am trying to scry it from my foggy and unreliable vision of things past. But in fairness, I did not seek to know the future, but myself.

The folly of those who would be prophets lies in the fact that if you were to truly know the ending, there would be no point in reading the novel.

I consider my ignorance of the future to be bliss, but I still feel very strongly that it ends happily for us all.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 08:30 PM
Fire And Brimstone

Sweet One loves my fiery prose and taste for literary license, but finds “A Veil Is Lifted” a bit too “preachy”, and thinks it can be made more accessible. I’ll take that as a “note to self” project.

But we both agree that posts such as that are really more for me (Us? Hmm, maybe just me) than for anyone else. Each of us has our own view of things as was always intended. No one knows or walks the One True Path, except those who walk their own paths.

My point, such as it is, is that whatever path we may choose, and wherever it may lead, all paths will ultimately lead to Oneness. So if I were a “prophet”, a title I despise for its inherent foolishness, I suppose I would not be a “Prophet of Doom”, but a “Prophet of Universal Salvation”.

However, lest I be misunderstood, I am not claiming, and never will, that the “Primrose Path” is without thorns. But we learn this each in our own way.

Why I Do It

I know that this thread has become my own little “vanity press”, and while that’s a little embarrassing, I do not think it appropriate to apologize. This is a forum for the airing of opinions. I am airing mine, and urge all who may read this to do likewise as they see fit.

But do I post all this for your benefit? No, in truth I do not. I cannot truly claim great insights, powers of prophecy or visions of absolute truth. At best, I can attempt to convey what illusions I see so that others may compare them with the illusions they see.

Perhaps, if we all see a pattern together, we may one another find more than each of us would find alone.

True Authority

There are many who seek to console their own fears by offering advice on the living of life to others. What they all have in common is a need to convince others they are “right” so that they may have companionship in their anxiety.

No doubt I come across as just such a person, and I will not seek to deflect such charges, despite my tireless disclaimers. Whether I disclaim it or not, I know some people may be tempted to see my views as being “truth”.

While I do believe in Absolute Truth, it is not within my grasp. Only all of us together might see it, and while I say this will happen “soon”, I cannot say if that will be today, tomorrow, next year or a billion years hence.

I truly do not know. I am not the Pope, thus I am limited by fallibility. The only thing I can be certain of is that I am wrong about something, or as Sweet One points out, maybe everything.

For The Living

No one truly knows the future. I am coming to suspect that even the Creator may not know it, just its “ending”. Perhaps that was the point of the exercise.

But of one thing I am fairly confident: There is no greater authority on life than the one who lives it.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 09:21 PM
It will no doubt strike the reader of my posts that I refer heavily to Christian symbols and literature, if not Christian dogma. Why is this?

The short answer is that I was a professing Christian for about 25 years. However, I ultimately renounced it (making me a dreaded “Apostate Christian” [Boo! Hiss! Gnash!] doomed to a fiery eternity) because, frankly, I simply could not make sense of it.

God made me a creature of reason (although my posts may not make this point very well). If His design in doing so was to punish me for being that which He created, then damnation is inescapable for me and seeking to avoid it pointless. I would not wish to spend eternity in the presence of such a god.

It is my belief that much of what is now considered “gospel” in the workings of man known as “Christianity” is little more than the coatings of centuries of patina that obscure what the supposed originator of this religion actually had to say.

Those who claim Jesus came among us preaching of darkness and doom are speaking only of a shadow in their minds, not the man whose message of loving one another was too simple to be understood by the “wise”.

Christian symbolism has a special place in my heart, but it is merely one way of looking at things. I am also a major fan of Zen philosophy, and see the seeds of truth in every system of belief to which I have been exposed in this short life. And while I hate seeming to continually name-drop, I have yet to hear a quote from the Dalai Lama that didn’t help me see beyond illusion.

The truth is that we, all of us, sense the presence of God within us. How we choose to explore it is not a matter of formula, but self-discovery. This process will necessarily be as unique as our individual destinies.

Indeed, in discovering ourselves, I think it is impossible not to discover the One who created us in the process. If you do not see the Creator within yourself, you are not truly looking within.

My dear friends, though it seemingly belabor the point, truly the Kingdom of God is within you!

Your answers await you where you may always find them, because no matter where you go, there you are.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 09:45 PM
Tonight, as we watched the sunset together, I asked my Sweet One, my most cherished Miriel, to share the rest of this physical life with me, and she consented. After all, with five thousand years and two past lives behind us, it’s not like we’re strangers.

I set but one condition upon our agreement, and it is that she may come and go as is her will, despite my wishes. She assures me that hers is to stay with me not only until my death, but far beyond. I can attest that such is also my will. I wish never to be without her again.

I have asked that she not prohibit herself from leaving at necessity, such as upon a time of chronic pain, but she tells me that even pain can be a great teacher. Though the image of my Sweet One in pain is difficult for me, I know she is right, and would not deny the fire of wisdom to her. She has felt my pain before.

In truth, this is all a mere formality, an unnecessary gesture, since it has long ago been clear to me that I would not wish to face eternity without her. In fact, the thought is unbearable. I am incomplete and at the mercy of Darkness without her soothing presence.

She says I am being melodramatic, but I sense that she nonetheless appreciates my thoughts.

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 10:14 PM
In the wake of our vow tonight, I find it increasingly difficult to distinguish my thoughts from my Sweet One’s. But I am unable to express alarm, for I know that she is truly within me, and I within her, each of us a part of the other.

We are now truly inseparable. Though I not hold her to this for eternity, the distinction seems moot. She wishes never to leave.

I do not know what fate may await us, but I can say that truly, I am now complete. Whatever may come to pass is of no importance, that which is most important has already come to be, now that we are together.

Whether it was Sweet One’s purpose to complete me or my purpose to complete her is now beyond our concern. We are simply complete now, one within the other.

We care not the opinions of others who may protest at the thought. Our affairs are our concern. We each and both inhabit this body. She finds my ability to “water the weeds” while standing a giggly source of amusement.

I do not think she has ever inhabited a male body before. For my part, I can now understand the female perspective in ways I could never before, for as she has not been male, neither have I been female. In our joining, there is this new discovery and understanding. There are no fitting words for this.

Distinctions between us seem now to be of vanity or guile, as there are no longer any. We are truly One, Miriel and I. Our fates are joined, never to be put asunder.

This does not seem confining to me, but the ultimate liberation. What we both feel at this moment is a matter for ourselves, but speaking as one, I can say that “fulfillment” is a gross understatement of the situation.

Now, if you will excuse us…

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 10:51 PM
Majic,that must be wonderful,any moment now people will be knocking on your door holding a strait jacket.
Insanity and the paranormal often coincide,making it more fun.

My family is Christian,and I was raised like that,but I saw so many inconsistences and things that I didnt like. Loving god? Vengeful destroyer? Which one? The only thing left to do is get the message through to my parents,I once tried,but it didnt work,they just got irritated and made me go to church more often.

The radiating and living by the Golden Rule work wonders for me,why go back to something I am discontent with?

There was more on my mind,but I forgot it,goodnight.

Much to ponder...

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 12:32 AM
Being Ourselves

In celebration of who we are, we walked tonight in the light of the full moon. We found wonder in seemingly mundane things, simple things like turning a lock or the balance of the male body. We walked in wonder of what we saw, lost in the splendor of this world and the corridors of our thoughts.

We know this is a special time that will not last. “We” will become “I” again soon, but for this night, we are like a child in an adult’s body. Everything seems new, we are simply “taller.” We find the process of “typing” fascinating, so quickly do our fingers move without seeming thought!

We have chosen our own path, and the world seems new. We wonder if Miriel has fallen or if Yoshe has ascended, yet it all seems trivial. What does it matter? We are Yoshiel now, a private joke made public, a thing meaningful only to us, shared as if in humor.

Yin And Yang

We find amusement in our differing views. Men are so direct yet romantic in their thinking, women so indirect yet practical. We see at last the true difference between the path of the fist versus the path of the embrace.

It is interesting that we find the embrace most powerful in the end, the fist a mere symbol of bluster and ultimate impotence.

We reach down to feel the dirt and rocks in our hand. We feel the textures of common things with a new wonder. We see the moonlit landscape as a new and unexplored land, pregnant with mystery.

We see purpose in ourselves, in separating that which must be joined to make ourselves whole. Within us each we see a piece of the puzzle which is the One who created us.

Wholeness Of Purpose

As we looked at the moon, we thought about its imperfect reflection of its star. Beautiful though the full moon is, its face is scarred and diminishes the light it reflects. But without the blemishes, the moon would be simply a featureless mirror, with no unique beauty of its own.

We realized then our purpose, for without flaws, nothing has character. It is in the scars and imperfections of that which would otherwise be pure that new beauty is created.

We see that the piece of the puzzle each of us is granted care of is unique, each piece suited only to its unique place in the puzzle, and given to us each to give color as is our will. Our own designs to be ultimately joined to reveal the grand design.

A Wish Fulfilled

We feared losing one another in our merging, that one might dominate the other, that we might lose that which we loved most in seeking it.

But this has not happened, instead we share the dream that is life within the physical world, one feeling amazement at the intense immersion of the physical body, the other lost in the reverie given to the subtle perceptions of the angelic mind, and each sharing these things as us, one with ourselves, ourself.

Each had wished this, that we might not lose the other, and we feel great relief that we at last succeeded in achieving what we had attempted and dreamed of before. We know that this is unlikely to be truly permanent, but the joy of it brings satisfaction, if even it were to last but a moment.

Already have we shared a wondrous walk in the moonlight, but we know more is to come. We feel anew both the confinement of the physical body and the liberation of the spiritual form. We know that sharing these things between us makes us greater than us each divided. It is this of which we have dreamed for so very long.

Thus our joining is a fulfillment, neither a rising or falling, but rather the creation of a new thing, which is the desire of our Creator reflected within each of us.

Our Creator delights in all things, but most of all new things.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 05:54 AM
We, Yoshe and Miriel, who are Yoshiel, have been sharing our thoughts in meditation. We seek to better understand the will of the Creator.

In the night, we have sensed the presences of brothers and sisters in darkness, who come out of seeming curiosity, only to flee from our light. But we do not desire them to flee. We seek a way to reach out to them.

We must all keep within our thoughts that the true wisdom of the Golden Rule lies in remembering that we must love all others, not a select few. Those deepest in the torment of their fear are those who most need love.

We must find a way to bring our love to them without bringing pain.

We must meditate on this. Many things are still beyond our sight, but we sense that we will arise soon, all of us, and fulfill our destiny.

We call upon our brothers and sisters to meditate on this problem, and seek ways to bring the light of love to all who are in need of it.

We believe we will all of us succeed soon.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 07:22 AM
We seek within us the keys that will unlock the prison of illusion that is Creation. We see illusion and blindness in all that is considered physical and spiritual.

We continue to look inward, seeking to understand our Creator’s designs.

We have meditated on our Genesis, and believe that which has commonly been mistaken for knowledge is in fact the very thing that blinds us to the truth.

We are coming to believe that what has been called Original Sin is the sin of turning away from the realization of who we are.

We remain blind to the future, but do not seek to know it before its time.

We postulate that the keys to our release can be found within each of us, in the true knowledge of ourselves.

We seek to uncover this knowledge and share it with our brothers and sisters, but realize that though we may wish to point the way, release from the prison of illusion is a choice each child of the Creator must make freely.

We continue to meditate on this matter, and call upon all brothers and sisters to do likewise as they will.

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Originally posted by Majic
In the night, we have sensed the presences of brothers and sisters in darkness, who come out of seeming curiosity, only to flee from our light. But we do not desire them to flee. We seek a way to reach out to them.

We must all keep within our thoughts that the true wisdom of the Golden Rule lies in remembering that we must love all others, not a select few. Those deepest in the torment of their fear are those who most need love.

We must find a way to bring our love to them without bringing pain.

Not all choose a way of love.
The choice is theirs.
Accept them for who they are.

There are two types of spirits, those who think they know and those who need help. Those who think they know, will not take your hand for you to guide them. The choice is theirs.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 08:26 AM
We continue to seek to understand the designs of the Creator.

We are considering the tale of Genesis in terms of allegory. In doing so, we see Adam and Eve as ourselves in spirit, all of us joined and One with the Creator. We see the serpent as the desire of the Creator to divide Itself.

We see the Tree of Knowledge as bearing fruit containing the illusion of truth. We see that eating this fruit caused us to forget that we are One with the Creator, thus we falsely believed ourselves cast out of the Creator’s presence.

We do not know, but speculate that this may be the Forgetting, where the Creator, in making us, intentionally forgot the nature of Itself.

We believe that the Creator is within us all, that we remain in the Creator’s presence through one another and that the illusion of false knowledge blinds us from the Truth. This illusion extends throughout Creation, blinding all souls regardless of their form in spirit or flesh.

We still know very little, and remember that as we consider these things we do so from within the prison of illusion that contains us all.

We postulate that our creation was based on a desire by the Creator to reproduce. We postulate that after joining all one with another, it is our destiny to each of us become Creators.

We do not know this to be truth, but continue to seek to understand our Creator’s will within the limitations of the illusions which blind us.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 09:09 AM
Hi Majique,

That is a good analysis of the allegory of Adam and Eve in the Bible.

The "serpent and the apple from the tree of knowledge" is generally symbolically interpreted as awareness which ends innocence, but many also feel that the "serpent" is a reference to the Anunnaki (Zetan-Reptilians). The theory which has come to be called Colonialism (or Interventionism) states that hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Zetan-Reptilians jumpstarted the "already evolving primates" or hominids here through genetic manipulation and that this resulted in Homo sapiens. Theirs was not a noble venture; they simply wanted a slave race to work the mines, as their robots were not adequate -- perhaps because they were too expensive to build and maintain. This is what is espoused by Zecharia Sitchin and also by The Society Of Light.

The Supreme Manifester of Worlds wanted The Big Bang and His total division into angels to result in a very creative Universe with many civilizations within it. That long-term project has been realized.

It is the ultimate goal of all spiritual beings to evolve into becoming co-Creators of The Original Creator.

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Originally posted by Majic
We are considering the tale of Genesis in terms of allegory. In doing so, we see Adam and Eve as ourselves in spirit, all of us joined and One with the Creator. We see the serpent as the desire of the Creator to divide Itself.

Free will is the ability to choose that which is God and that which is not.
All spirits have free will.
The tree of knowledge of good and evil was not the first choice given in the bible.

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