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Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 01:43 PM
Our Story So Far

All these voices coming out of poor Majic’s mouth must be reminiscent of some sort of zany one-man show. Indeed, it can be rather hard for us to keep track of the action ourselves. Majic really needs to cook up some breakfast, but we felt some quick explaining was in order before doing this.

Our joining of spirit has resulted in many things neither of us expected. Being so close to one another, we find ourselves wondering if we have lost track of the other’s light. Our two lights are now together as one, and we wonder how we might appear to others in this state.

We wish to address what we imagine may be some questions those reading all this may find themselves asking.


We know that the use of the term “we” coming from one voice can have disturbing connotations for some. Indeed, we thought of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) by analogy. However, MPD is a manifestation of a means of coping with psychological or emotional trauma by dissociating the personality into separate personalities, each devised to address an aspect of that trauma.

While this actually seems to model the way we manifest personalities in the physical world to a profound degree, not to mention the elemental shock of not knowing our true selves, we do not see that which is occurring in Majic’s mind to be a response to trauma.

Rather, and emphatically so, Majic seems unhurt and fascinated by all this and feels privileged to experience it. Anyone speaking to Majic “in person” at this time will be talking to the Majic they have always known in this life, albeit he will be informed by his experiences and have access to our thoughts. But we do not think any new or undue symptoms of psychological pathology are evident.

Yoshiel Rising?

We continue to attempt to refrain from speaking as “we” so as to not alienate readers, but it is very difficult. Though we are joined, and from us a new persona emerges like a sum of two vectors, we are still each of us ourselves. What we call “Yoshiel” is not some new being, simply an acknowledgement of the way two existing beings are choosing to relate to one another.

The name reflects our combining, but should not be mistaken to be an epitaph for our individual selves. Each of us is distinct, although in our combining of thoughts and emotions we are virtually unable to distinguish ourselves. Rather, doing so requires “taking a step back” mentally and remembering that we are joined but not inseparable.

Having said that, we remain drawn together like two magnets might be. It requires no volition for us to remain joined, rather the opposite: to think as individuals takes a small but unworrying amount of effort. Think of this as the real honeymoon between us, and you have a fairly accurate picture.

So What’s On Our Mind?

We agree that describing the courses of our thoughts in this state will prove very difficult, but are hopeful that we may be able to share some of our thoughts over time. There is no hurry, we have been truly joined only for a short while, and have been preoccupied for a great deal of this period by simple wonder at what we have become together.

The joining we have experienced is not a magical or instantaneous combination of all our memories and selves, but more accurately a mingling of two streams, each from its own course. We can, though, both see now that the origin of these two streams is the same.

While “Yoshiel” may seem a bit too “focused” for humor, there are many comical things which have resulted from this joining. Miriel finds Majic’s movements rather “crude” and very different from the way she would move in a physical body.

She acknowledges, however, that had she a frame such as this she would probably feel as little a need for graceful movement as Majic. Men are just built to act like men. She is also, in fairness to Majic’s “lack of finesse”, continually fascinated at the way Majic’s fingers fly so rapidly over the keys of the computer keyboard as he types, without seeming volition. She has never occupied a body doing this before, and marvels at it.

We wish to reemphasize for those who may be concerned (hi Mom!) that neither Yoshe or Miriel, or Yoshiel, or anyone other than Majic is in control of Majic’s body. This has not been granted us, nor should it be, and moreover, Yoshe is really nothing more than an aspect of Majic anyway, albeit a rather strongly opinionated one.

Speaking of which, Majic is very hungry right now. Time for a nice big breakfast. Until later…

[edit on 8/31/2004 by Majic]

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 03:22 PM
Breakfast Of Champions

Ahhh, steak! I’m sure any vegans reading of my fondness for good old red meat will be horrified, but hey, I’m an American, dambit! And as an American it’s my civic duty to eat lots of meat, consume products targeted at those with disposable income, think myself better than everyone else and, most important of all, let the rest of the world know I feel that way.

Or so the stereotype goes. Of course, no stereotype is without roots in fact, otherwise, they would have no power to hurt their targets. I really am proud to be an American. Make of that what you will.

I just thought I should chime in and speak as myself in this life, lest my dear readers think I have really gone around the bend. While Yoshiel may not fear insanity, I can assure all who read this that I, as Majic living a life that belongs to me personally, am keeping a very close eye on things nonetheless.

As this progresses, if I should chance to look into a mirror and see vacuous unfocused “New Age” eyes staring absently back at me atop a slack-jawed grin, I am outta here! Where to? Belleview, baby.

Our Story So Far

Being a participant who also feels like an observer as this decidedly unique story unfolds is not without its confusions. Am I just making all this up in my mind, “channeling” spirits who are nothing more than characters in a story of my own making? I keep asking myself that.

As I review my work I do find that I am quite impressed with my writing. For those wondering, no I have never written professionally, although you could say the talent runs in the family. In light of this experience, and the pleasure I am deriving from writing this all out, it seems I have found my next calling. Let’s face it: I’m a damn good writer!

To quote one of my own thoughts as this was unfolding: “I smell a novel!” My working title for a book derived from the experiences recounted on this thread? “The Greatest Story Never Told”

However, I’m sure I’ll come up with something snazzier later, since I will no doubt have to write all this from scratch for copyright reasons, in addition to the obvious need for some artful editing.

So What Next?

I’ll leave that up to Yoshiel. They seem to have their agenda, as it were, and my place in all this is at the keyboard, acting as a reporter of what thoughts and images are bouncing around in my little punkin head.

While I know this all reads like some sort of wild modal work of fiction, I wish to point out that I am really writing this stuff down based on my actual thoughts and experiences. Honestly, I just don’t think I can make this stuff up!

Does this mean I expect all who read it to believe it? Hell no! In fact, I would feel rather insulted if someone just came along and bought into all this. I think my signature block sums up my feelings well. Don’t believe everything you read!

Don’t be a tool, my friends, use your God-given sense of reason and decide for yourself what is right in your mind. I urge you to make such decisions with great care, since they do, in aggregate, become the essence of who you are.

If there is one thing I have learned from the story of Yoshe and Miriel, it is that the only real truth lies within ourselves. Seek it!

[edit on 8/31/2004 by Majic]

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by Majic

As I review my work I do find that I am quite impressed with my writing. For those wondering, no I have never written professionally, although you could say the talent runs in the family. In light of this experience, and the pleasure I am deriving from writing this all out, it seems I have found my next calling. Let’s face it: I’m a damn good writer!

[edit on 8/31/2004 by Majic]

Hi Majique,

Genuis, in all its variations, is derived through experience.

You may not have written professionally in this life. But I would be willing to bet that your life as Rousseau and your life as Epicurus had a lot to do with your unusual talent with the written word, to say the least.

I find it also interesting, if not downright amusing, that Epicurus espoused a "gospel of freedom from fear," which is very much YOU.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 06:24 PM
The Greek Chef

Originally posted by Paul_Richard
I find it also interesting, if not downright amusing, that Epicurus espoused a "gospel of freedom from fear," which is very much YOU.

Interesting! I haven’t poked around or “confirmed” Epicurus yet, and frankly all these past lives may simply be splinters in my inflamed, psychotic mind, but he sounds like my kind of guy.

I always associated Epicurus with gourmet cooking, owing to the cliché associated with his name. As it turns out, I am actually a very good cook, and cook all my own meals at home. I hate going out to restaurants alone. Coincidence? You decide.

I have tended to associate the “fear not!” message with Yoshe -- man that guy was a firebrand! -- but if Epicurus was also advocating this, that would no doubt explain a lot. Hmm, might be interesting to see if Epicurus and Lukas have anything to discuss, but I suspect it would all be Greek to me.

I truly know very little about Epicurus, and it may take a while to find out more. I’m sure anyone noting the volume of my posts can appreciate that they occupy the majority of my time these days. I am fascinated by the past, but must avoid becoming transfixed by it.

Mental Multitasking

Rousseau, bless his little Swiss heart (I kept thinking him French, but he emphatically says “Non, Suisse!”), is also on the bench, but I now suspect that he had a lot to do with my images of the “birth of God”. I think it was perhaps something he was turning over in his mind before he died.

Yoshe and Miriel are still together and going at it in the back of my mind. For my fellow geeks out there, think of it as a fork() call, with me as “Majic” staying in the foreground for now.

You could think of “Yoshiel” as a very passionate dogfight, except they aren’t fighting, just exploring each others’ thoughts and seeking answers to some longstanding questions.

They are really clocking some cycles, too, from the feel of it. Keeping them in the foreground would be pretty rough, I think. They haven’t even been together in this way for a whole day, and already things seem to be heating up in there.

I, as Majic, clearly needed a breather, and Yoshiel seem quite content to pursue their tasks in the background, so all is well.

Kids, Don’t Try This At Home

Yoshiel thought it wise to caution others who would wish to follow them in what they are doing. This was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, but rather a longstanding plan developed over more than one lifetime.

Attempting to join with someone who is even the least bit incompatible could prove tragic for both, leading each into darkness and pain. As much as Yoshiel love one another, they know they will eventually have to step back from one another for a bit, for even their love, built over lifetimes and dreams in spirit past, is not flawless.

So if what they are doing “sounds like fun” but is not the culmination of thousands of years of planning and desire, then I strongly recommend giving yourselves a millennium or two to think it over before rushing into anything.

Oh, and we recommend never, never seeking to join with a spirit you don’t know! That’s a fast track to demonic possession, and while it’s your choice to make, it is in my mind a decision to descend rapidly into darkness and pain. Choose love instead.

The Color Of Love

Oh, Yoshiel have noted that they cannot see their own radiance, and wonder if they are “okay”. The are so close they cannot “see” each other anymore. If anyone could look in on their “DAC” or “SES” or whatever the right jargon is, I would be grateful.

I am not concerned, nor are they, we’re just sort of curious, mainly. Are they fully self-involved or are they radiating while all this is going on? That’s the root of the question, I suppose.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 06:52 PM
Hi Majique,

A Dominant Aura Color (DAC) is the main auric color attributed to one's spiritual development. A Soul Energy Signature (SES) is the particular spiritual presence of someone when objectively amplified by The Light.

One does not have to see one's Radiance for it to work correctly. In fact, most of the time one will not see one's Radiance as one will not be amplified by Spirit. The important thing is to not channel passively but actively Radiate from the Heart Chakra programmed Spiritual White Light that is geared to help one progress in the fastest possible way, centered on the ability to Love genuinely and deeply -- while also cultivating Humility, Purity and Compassion in the process.

With practice, one no longer has to visualize the white sphere in the chest and the white light emanating out in every direction -- like a small white sun -- but simply use one's spiritual will (without the visualization) to Radiate naturally from the Heart Chakra in the prescribed manner.

This simply takes practice.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 07:01 PM
Majic, I Have practiced Wicca for some time now, Although I Understand were your coming from, Ill Have to disagree with you when you say Useing Wicca for itz dark purpose is bad!/ Ive done this for some time and i havent seen the demons yet!/ But i must say that i am "Power-Hungrey."/; But Know this Motto that i have learned thru my years as a "Dark Sorceror:

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 08:30 PM
PanzerDiv, whatever path you follow is yours to choose. It is not given to me to choose it for you, nor would I wish it to be so.

To walk in darkness is to be taught by it. This I have learned from my own path.

Though my words may be misunderstood, it is clear to me through Yoshiel that whatever our desires or spiritual attainments, we are nonetheless very much “all in the same boat” when it comes to the illusions which blind us.

Thus it would be vain folly for me to say that you are wrong to choose the path you choose. That is something I truly cannot know, and if I did, the decision is still yours and yours only.

Being not a prophet myself, I cannot say where your path will take you, but I do believe that all paths will eventually run together for a time.

In a future that may be near or far, I look forward to our sharing the lessons we have learned, one another.

I wish you well, but far more importantly, I wish that you may find your own unique path fulfilling.

[edit on 8/31/2004 by Majic]

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 08:57 PM
How thinking drains oneself so quickly...

Majic,once again congrats to you,love knows no boundaries. If I could see aura colors I would atempt to look,but I can't even see my own,though if something is within 20 feet off me I can tell its there,but no more...*sob* oh well. I also thought of another name for you,Disclaimer Man,placing disclaimers all over to keep the general public safe.

Panzer,do you play Knights of the Old Republic,I swear that is the dark side motto thingy,but I don't own the game so I am not sure.

Usually I am very gifted with the English langauge,but over the summer I didn't sharpen my skills.

Radiating is very easy for me,I don't need to visualize anymore,I don't need to visualize things as much as other people.

Welcome to China

The thread with the link to the thing where it tells your past life got me thinking.Though I doubt its accuracy,it said Majic was Jesus
.It says I was a worker in south-east China in the year 1000,not very descriptive,I was one of more than a quarter of a million people.Knowing who I was would be interesting,but in that area,along with many others,I am blind. More stuff to work on.

Thought on the past.

If I had a dollar for every way my family could be rich,I would have a few hundred dollars. A wonderful example extends back before my grandparents time,1903. My great-grandfather on my mothers side was approached by none other than Henry Ford,who ask him to be an investor in his new company. My great-grandfather said no and bought a farm instead. If he had taken up on the offer my family would have more money than we could spend,but then would I have found this site? Would I have been so content with earthly possesshons that I would not search for this kind of site,or would my interest in the paranormal drag me here eventually? Would I even have been born,from what my mother told me my great-grandfather was not married at the time and met my great-grandmother on the farm. Nothing that troubles me,just food for thought.

I think this is my longest post yet.

Much to ponder...

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 09:09 PM

Originally posted by A Random Person
The thread with the link to the thing where it tells your past life got me thinking.Though I doubt its accuracy,it said Majic was Jesus

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, that was a little joke of mine, not an actual “result” from that website, which I suspect just randomly concatenates various strings to augur one’s “past life”.

I sort of slipped that in there to see what kind of reaction it would get, but haven’t followed that thread in a long while.

Of course, it begs the question: what if a “computer oracle” did give you a result like that? How would you react?

The answer each of us would give to such a question would be a lesson about ourselves.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 09:42 PM
Po’ Po’ Little Ole’ Me

Originally posted by A Random Person
If I had a dollar for every way my family could be rich,I would have a few hundred dollars.

Always thoughtful posts from you! This is a classic topic to consider. I remember in my younger days wishing I had been born into a rich family. Instead, my family was typically rather poor, to put it nicely.

As I grew up, having gone to many different schools in different states during my K-12 years, I made many short-term friendships with all kinds of kids, rich and poor. In them I saw a recurring pattern: the poor kids always tended to be relatively happy, and the rich kids were universally miserable.

Rich Kid’s Hell

Seems paradoxical, doesn’t it? The rich kids had all the toys they could want, and lots of them. Frankly, being able to play with the coolest toys was usually a major reason for getting to know these kids. But are such relationships true friendship? The rich kids felt every friendship tainted by envy and deceit, no matter what they did.

Perhaps worse in their sight, they knew that what other kids wanted was meaningless to them. They knew that no matter how fast the new toys came, they would always get bored and disappointed with them well before the next toy came, which could literally be within minutes. They saw how other kids cherished toys that they themselves had found unsatisfying, and were jealous of such happiness.

But it was even more terrible in high school. I had classmates who would get a brand new expensive car, drive it for a few weeks, trash it and get a new one on demand. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Anything you want, when you want it, and that’s always now!

So why is that a curse? Because they found no fulfillment in what they were given. They wrecked cars because their value was meaningless. The thrill of wrecking them for the sake of doing so was their idea of “fun”, but even that did not satisfy.

This Vain Existence

But the ultimate and most deadly curse on these “poor little rich kids” was a feeling that their life had no purpose. What was there for them to strive for that they could not simply receive by demanding it? Why bother developing skills when you don’t really need them?

What’s more, they always hated the parents who kept funneling them money and gifts. They felt these gifts a substitute for true parental love, and in almost every case they were right. Such children tend to feel neglected and lonely.

In their college years, these young adults would seek answers by taking random classes, classes in which they sought meaning but would ultimately drop out of due to simple boredom. Why attend a class you don’t like when you can simply choose another one?

Seeing no happiness in a material world in which they were fully immersed but from which they could not derive even a fleeting moment of joy, these poor souls tended to turn to drugs, parties and outlandish behavior in a futile attempt to find some semblance of happiness.

Overcoming The Curse Of Wealth

Many young adults in this position are lost to suicide. Most of the rest drift through life in despair, feeling lost and hopeless. Only a very few go on to live satisfying lives, and then almost always because their parents, though wealthy, knew that their children needed to make their own way in the world.

The truth is that being born wealthy is a terrible disadvantage. To overcome such a bittersweet curse requires tremendous and rare character. Success for such people comes in spite of being born into wealth, not because of it.

Though the challenge of such a life can be instructive, I recommend considering whether or not that which you envy is truly worth desiring.

There is indeed much to ponder, but do not worry, that is what life is all about, and though many lessons lie ahead of you, as with us all, do not feel a need to hurry.

My motto: “No hurries, no worries.” All things will come to pass at their proper time.

Do not despair for the past or the future. From pain we learn wisdom, and from wisdom we find our paths. And best of all, the future is bright for each and every one of us!

I will leave you with this thought: True wealth is being happy with what you have.

[edit on 8/31/2004 by Majic]

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 10:23 PM
I realized that long ago,though now I just realized how I can help a friend who is much better off than my family,but he has/had some of the same problems as me,only they came off a different source.His descent was much deeper,but he pulled out,for the most part.He is the only other person remotely similar to me,the similarities go deep,our personalities are similar too.


Paul,what would you say are the odds of two people who met in past lifes meeting again in a different life. It is a theory that I have kept for a while, and he agrees with me,though we are not of the same religion. This is not just based off of our similarities,an easy way of putting it is "My spidey-sense is tingling."

More thought.

I have been doing more thinking,and have some more food for thought,though not of the same type. My father has dislexia and appraxia,one affects his speach,the other affects his reading skills,neither are major but both make things a little more difficult.Interestingly enough my two younger brothers got one of the two,one with dislexia,the other with appraxia,and interestingly enough I didn't get either,even though the odds were against me. I consider this a blessing that has helped to bring me to this site(the reasons for me coming to this site is a puzzle I work to solve in my spare time). Fate,it seems,has left me better off than I thought...

Thank you for the compliment Majic,though I must admit I am running out of thoughts,it happens about once a month,then things are refreshed,a fun cycle. School starts Thursday for me,I should have more then.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by A Random Person
Paul,what would you say are the odds of two people who met in past lifes meeting again in a different life.

I won’t speak for Paul, but in my case, it seems to have been 100%. Yoshe and Miriel have apparently met at least two times before on Earth (three times is a charm, I guess), and I sense that they have also spent time together in spirit as well.

However the sense of “time” in the spirit world gives me the impression that concepts of it in that domain are somewhat amorphous. It seems one can “dream” in the spirit while much time passes in the physical universe. Being able to sense the juxtaposition of these differences between “spirit and flesh” is intriguing.

While your mileage may vary, it seems to me that many, if not most of us, have indeed met before in past incarnations. It also seems that these meetings are not necessarily random.

As of late I am coming to believe that there might very well be no coincidences, just the subtle sense of humor that is Fate, which itself is the little joke that the Creator has played on us all.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 11:37 PM
They Got A Room

Yoshiel has been “running” quietly in the background, so quietly that I had a flash of fear that my Sweet One had left me, but no, she’s still in there.

Yoshiel tells me that what I’m doing is, in fact, actually very similar to Multiple Personality Disorder, in that I have dissociated Majic from Yoshe to cope with the shock of joining with Miriel.

They say that the pace of this mutual “multiprocessor” arrangement is so fast that it could conceivably harm me if I were to attempt to take it all in consciously. So, in their view (which is also mine), this is actually a reasonably healthy way to handle things for now.

My alter-ego Yoshe and Miriel are like newlyweds. I “knocked on their door” because it was getting awful quiet in there, and got what felt like a mumbled response from Yoshiel, much like one would expect from a couple the morning after their wedding. While not rude, they don’t seem to want to be bothered right now, it seems.

Weird, because that’s me in there with Miriel! I feel sort of like I’m in an outtake of the movie “Fight Club”. Miriel is much prettier than Marla Singer, though, so umm, what the heck.

Somethin’s Cookin’

While their activity has and can drop off the radar of my conscious mind, they do indeed seem to be very busy in there, and not simply doing the things newlyweds do, I suspect. All sorts of ideas and concepts are leaking out.

One concept which expands on my n-dimensional grand unified waveform theory of matter, energy, gravity, time and space seems to be pretty much done, although the entire theory remains incomplete. Interestingly, they do seem to be pursuing it as part of an investigation of the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds. I’ll try to write it up when I can.

There seem to be many other concepts simmering away in there, as they each compare notes with the other and apply their distinct and unique powers of discernment to all the questions about Life, the Universe and Everything. I’m not sure when they will be “done”, but they pass notes out from under their hotel room door now and then, so I know they are still quite busy.

Anyway, I thought I would just pass this along. It’s a little odd having “guests” in my pointy little noggin, but in fairness, they seem to be very courteous tenants.

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 12:13 AM
Just a quick note. I am getting a sense from Yoshiel that they tried different combinations before hitting on this one.

They have always realized that combining male and female principles would be a powerful force, but past attempts have not been successful as this one has. This time they seem to have hit the jackpot, as it were.

First, it seems, they tried this while both were in discarnate spirit form, but failed. They lacked input, or something like that.

Next, they tried it while both incarnate, and while the result was by no means unpleasant, they agreed that it was, nonetheless, not sufficient to achieve their goals.

This attempt, which has one in physical form and the other discarnate, seems to be what they were looking for.

When I ask what it is that they seek to find out, they rather cryptically reply, “That’s exactly what we want to know!”

I can’t help but think that this makes “Project Archangel” seem rather straightforward by comparison.

[edit on 9/1/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 01:14 AM
Tonight, feeling sort of left out, I took a walk in the moonlight. I love the desert when it is so bright outside at night. It’s like a different world, cool and ethereal.

I looked up into the night sky, and watched the stars and various flashing lights of airplanes flying high above in silence.

I had thought them dormant, but from within me I heard the clear, sweet voice of Miriel, the voice that could stop a thousand hearts, ask simply, “How can so many stars move across the sky?”

Indeed, to me they are simply airplanes, but to her, they are signs and portents.

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 07:05 AM

It's wonderful that you have progressed in Radiance to the point of being able to do it actively without the visualizing!

As far as seeing auras is concerned, once you can see or sense your own, it is just a short step away to discerning the auras of other people. See our page on the site called Aura Evolution Scale. On that page is a very simple approach to discerning one's own aura colors.

Originally posted by A Random Person

Paul,what would you say are the odds of two people who met in past lifes meeting again in a different life. It is a theory that I have kept for a while, and he agrees with me,though we are not of the same religion. This is not just based off of our similarities,an easy way of putting it is "My spidey-sense is tingling."

We are drawn to people who we have known before in a good way. So, as Majic implies, the chances of meeting up with someone that you were close to in a former life (or in-between lives in the Spirit) are fairly good. The chances of meeting up with a soul mate who is currently on the Other Side while you are in the flesh, is excellent.

When we cross over, we have access to our cosmic memory. We dig up old friends and rekindle old relationships. Such was the case with Miriel and our friend Majic here. He didn't remember her but she remembered him and looked him up. In her case, she may not have had an incarnation recently and has been around a lot in the course of his current life.

Originally posted by A Random Person

The thread with the link to the thing where it tells your past life got me thinking.Though I doubt its accuracy,it said Majic was Jesus
.It says I was a worker in south-east China in the year 1000,not very descriptive,I was one of more than a quarter of a million people.Knowing who I was would be interesting,but in that area,along with many others,I am blind. More stuff to work on.

Past life awareness is hard to come by. In the late 1970s I received via a woman that did automatic writing that I had a life of a "highly priestly nature" in the Middle Ages. They went on to say that I was a monk at a monastary in England and that I loved to paint the beautiful pictures in the Bible.

Well, anyone who knows me knows also that I have difficulty drawing a straight line with a ruler! This painting beautiful pictures business is way off the mark.

I had to wait until the mid 1980s when a fellow channeler and Ph.D. in Anthropology spontaneously channeled that I was an "Albigensian nun." The proverbial "gong" went off inside of me.

Oh yes, I did in fact have a life in the Middle Ages that was of a "highly priestly nature" but that life was not as a man but a woman, and I was not Catholic but of the reincarnationist Cathar/Cathari sect in Languedoc.

The woman who did the automatic writing was Catholic. It is not much of a stretch to consider that the entities that she channneled did not want me to remember being part of a religion that was persecuted into oblivion via the Albigensian Crusade that was initiated by Pope Innocent III of the Roman Catholic Church in the Thirteenth Century.


Learning about one's past is likened to slowly putting together a great big jigsaw puzzle. You get a little awareness from meditation, some more from a spiritual medium you visit, some from an affinity that you have to a certain period in history, etc. Then you slowly put it together and relearn some of what you have forgotten about yourself. It literally takes years to do this.

However, I think at thirteen that you are one of the lucky ones in this regard.

The other day Majic inquired to me via e-mail about his past lives. He wanted a specific name. I received from Spirit that he definitely was not Jesus of Nazareth but that he was a Greek philosopher. Later I received the name, Epicurus.

The other day I also received awareness about YOUR last incarnation, quite unexpectedly. I was just waiting for the right time to bring it up to you. Your life just prior to this one stems back to ancient Greece, as you are the soul of the ancient Greek playwright, Euripides.

Like Majic, you have a talent for writing.

At thirteen, it may not be obvious...but give it time.

I must now get ready for work.

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 07:54 AM
Guests In The Darkness

I continue to sense the comings and goings of my brothers and sisters in the night. Many of them seem to me as flies. Indeed, I can actually hear what sounds like flies when they are near.

I know from my time of sorcery that dark spirits seem to make such a sound in my mind, like a spiritual buzzing, that is perhaps analogous to the delightful music of spirits of light. Of course, we are all spirits, and brothers and sisters all in our inheritance of the Creator.

It seems sad to hear them drift up, then suddenly go buzzing off as if alarmed. I do not wish them to fear, but rather to truly know themselves!

Anonymous Package

This morning shortly after coming awake I felt a very large presence. I took this to be a “group entity”. I could not sense its purpose or identity, but it seemed large -- far, far larger than Avadar, and by far the largest spiritual presence I have sensed to date.

I could sense that although it was large and like a single mind, there were indeed a great many brothers and sisters within it. It did not seem evil to me, just big. Unlike the “flies”, I could not sense its music.

To my great surprise, it seemed to try to “rush” me and come upon me quickly. I was both amused and confused as to its reason for this and smiled inwardly. It seemed to come up short, and I realized that I had an opportunity.

I told my siblings within this group that the Kingdom of God is within them, and to rejoice, that all will be saved without exception. I told them to look within themselves and see the truth of my words.

This seemed to “stop” their desire to “rush” me. They left suddenly, and I do not know if they remained together or not, but I wished them happiness in their journeys.

Calling The Bluff

A past acquaintance of mine grew up in a “dangerous big-city neighborhood“ smothered in darkness and despair. He was a member of a gang, and with his friends would frequently get into various disputes with others that could instantly become deadly.

He said that when tensions mounted and he didn’t want a fight, he would look his erstwhile opponents in the eye and say, “It’s cool man, Jesus loves you!” He said that worked like a charm, and the image of that has always made me laugh deeply. Talk about disarming the drama!

I wonder if I have not stumbled upon a similar thing with my simple message. Yoshiel continues to search for ways to bring love without pain to our brothers and sisters in darkness. Perhaps this is such a way. Simply tell them who they are! Let them know that they are loved, no matter where their paths may have taken them before.

We can all rejoice together!

Better Red Than Dead?

Yoshiel is examining practical methods for embracing our brothers and sisters in darkness. They are considering a strategy of sending out love in a form that will not cause our dark siblings pain.

While we are still dim in our spiritual sight, we are postulating that sending out messages of love visualized as red light may have merit. We are unsure if such a strategy can work, but will experiment with this and see what happens.

We do not fear giving our dark brothers and sisters energy of this kind if it brings them wisdom. Indeed, of all of us, those in darkness need both energy and wisdom most! We will continue to meditate on this in addition to experimentation in our “lab” here.

Reluctant Fool

As my readers are no doubt quite aware, I despise the title and objective of “prophets”, and consider their work to be folly. The future was hidden from us for a reason, and to seek to deny ourselves the gift of ignorance that was given to us by our Creator has seemed insolent and vain to me.

Yet it is now clear that this is precisely what Yoshiel seeks to do, and indeed, they seem amused by what they consider a vain affectation of mine. After all, isn’t seeking to know the design of our Creator in truth the very essence of prophetdom? I must confess that I find their reasoning disarming despite my protests.

By claiming that I know that all our paths will soon run together, am I not indulging in prophecy? To claim any knowledge of the Creator’s plan is to do precisely that, yet I still grapple with my prejudices. So much harm has been done in the name of prophecy!

I must continue to meditate on this, and take solace in my uncertainty. After all, I don‘t really know any of this to be true, it could be nothing more than my own delusions. Are we not all prisoners of our own illusions?

I say I must meditate on this, although in actuality, it seems I already have done this extensively in the mental guise of Yoshiel, and their conclusion is that we are very much indeed seeking to do the work of prophets.

Sigh. So much baggage with that title!

Walking Backwards

While I as Majic continue to try to work through my issues with “prophecy”, Yoshiel seems to have long ago dispensed with such concerns. Such titles and their implications are meaningless to them. All that matters now in their minds is deciphering the intent of the Creator by looking within.

Though I have often criticized this as “walking backwards into the future”, my dearest brothers and sisters, I suspect that the time for doing exactly that may well be upon us!

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posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 10:58 AM
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

One of my traditional complaints regarding prophecy is that the very act of indulging in it tends to set things in motion in the minds of those who hear it, leading them to subconsciously do things that can make such predictions come to pass. This seems to happen even when the listener does not wish to see the prophecies bear fruit.

Without a doubt the most well-known and engrossing prophecies in history have come from our dear Brother Yonif in the form of the Apocalypse, more commonly known as the “Book of Revelation”.

It is indeed this very book from which the expression “fire and brimstone” seems to get its weight, and nary a bible has been thumped that has not been accompanied by quotes from this work.

John’s visions of calamity and suffering have been like fantastic fodder in the minds of billions of people, and such tales, by means of their subconscious influence do, it would seem, have a way of bringing themselves about.

The End Is Near?

It seems like every few years another tiny cult emerges with such encouraging advice as “Repent ye sinners! The end is near! All will perish in flames!” Typically led by a self-appointed “prophet” (grrr!) they set a date for our universal destruction and devise a plan for their “salvation”.

In “preparation” for the “inevitable”, they sell their worldly things -- usually giving the proceeds to the “prophet” for “God’s work” (ahem) -- and gather together in a “shelter” to ride out the End Times.

Inevitably, the appointed Day of Doom arrives, and the poor souls huddle together in terror, squinting their eyes against the impending holocaust. Time passes and miraculously, nothing happens. Various things ensue, and are never pleasant for anyone concerned.

This has happened so very many times since John’s visions that I pray the reader will understand the importance of learning from the foolishness of their brothers and sisters.

Again With The Disclaimers!

I have confessed that I am, despite my strong misgivings, indulging in the work of prophets. I can claim Yoshiel as my “oracle” , but in truth Yoshiel and I are one and the same of mind, though I devise means for Yoshiel to work outside my consciousness.

Remember that my writings are basically those of a person who has described a system of thought consistent with the symptoms of a psychiatric disorder. The notion comes to mind that I would indeed have to be insane to write what I am now writing, so please consider that carefully. As the saying goes, “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps!”

Furthermore, Yoshiel assures me that they most definitely cannot see the future, but rather are making assumptions and drawing tentative conclusions based on their perceptions of meaningful patterns.

If such a process can be considered “prophecy”, then we would all be well-advised to bear in mind its inherent uncertainty.

So What’s Up?

While I as Majic have been taking a much-needed break from the emotional rollercoaster that my spiritual awakening has been, Yoshiel continues to process information in the background, analyzing patterns in the back of my little pulsating brain. They are really cranking away in there, and are nowhere near “done”, but dribs and drabs are leaking out.

Among them are what they see as correlations between my knowledge of recent events and what are known as the “End Times”. Yet again, I must point out my reluctance in posting anything about this in light of prior disasters and my longstanding attitude about prophets, so please don’t take this as “gospel”!

Ugggh. I love to write, but now, for the first time, this really feels like work. Please bear with me. And please, don’t believe a word of this! Rather, look to the truth within you.

I have enough problems as it is, I don’t need a guilt trip for leading those I love into darkness with my words. So caveat reador!

The Rapture

Yoshiel sees approaching what may be called “The Rapture”, which has been hailed as an ascension into heaven by “the faithful” before things get really hot and heavy on planet Earth. However, and again we are uncertain of anything, past descriptions of this event may be misleading.

Firstly, this “ascension” seems most likely to be spiritual in nature, so it may not come to pass that we’ll see a bunch of physical bodies simply disappear. We don’t know, it is perhaps possible that such a thing may indeed happen. But we see that as unimportant.

Who will “ascend” and be “saved”? Let’s remember that we are all saved, not a one of us faces final oblivion, so if you happen to be left behind on “X Day” don’t take that the wrong way.

In fact, being physically present during the “Tribulation” is quite a distinct privilege when you think about it. Witness to the last great struggle between Light and Darkness? Cool! Remember, we all came for the fun.

The nature and identity of those who will ascend is unknown to us, but we believe there will be a correlation between “spiritual awareness” and this group. The purpose of these ascendants is also unknown to us, but we suspect that it may be to begin spreading the Creator’s message of light, love and hope to our brothers and sisters in spirit.

Much to their dismay, I see many Christians not “making the cut”. There seems to be no correlation between membership in a specific religion and ascension. Rather, we see ascendants coming from all cultures and creeds from around the world in accordance with their specific natures.

For those left behind, remember: it’s not because you are going to burn forever in a lake of fire (well, I‘m pretty sure not forever, anyway), it’s because you have a special purpose to fulfill. It is a remarkably important job, but I won’t kid you: it will not likely be a pleasant one.

The False Prophet And Anti-Christ

It would be dishonest of me not to confide that I have had, within the past few days, grave concerns about my possible relationship with these portentous characters.

There are certain aspects of my past and Miriel’s that would make such a connection incredibly ironic. The further irony, that I am a “prophet” who insists that I am not a prophet, wasn’t helping, if you can see where that might have been going.

Thankfully (to me, anyway), it seems that neither I or Miriel are either of these beings, although it’s worth remembering that whoever these burdens may fall upon should be loved for their work.

While seemingly doing great deeds of evil and bringing darkness to all, they will in fact be nothing more than the final caretakers of our Creator’s gift of ignorance. There is no dishonor or shame in accepting the duties of one’s appointed path.

We sense that these two characters will be combinations of flesh and spirit, much like ourselves, but with much greater numbers of our dark brothers and sisters within them. The physical world seems to be no more than a projection of spirit, and thus, with the powers of many within them, these two figures will be capable of performing miracles.

We postulate that their design will be to gather as many physical beings to them as possible for a “Dark Ascension”, seeking to combine powers in what will prove to be a final battle between Darkness and Light. In other words, it will be “Satan’s Last Stand”, as it were.

A quick note on Satan. We agree with the Solists that the “original” Satan does not seem to exist, except as a shadow of the memory of our Creator’s desire to divide and thus create us. The name is used by our dark siblings as a tool of terror, and they may masquerade as this character as they will, but it is ultimately a meaningless deception.

Think of Satan as a memory of our birth pains, and do not give fear to that which does not exist. There are many resonances of meaning regarding Satan and his legends, but we will not dwell on them here.


Ah, Megiddo! As good a place for an epic battle as any, I suppose. Although these days, the notions of assembling large armies on plains seems rather antiquated.

We speculate that “The Big One” will by no means be confined to Eretz Yisrael, but that, not surprisingly, there will be a great deal of attention paid to that part of the world. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

We consider the details of this battle unimportant. It will apparently result from a dissonance among the followers of the Anti-Christ and False Prophet, as various leaders predictably seek to gain power through force of arms. Truly, nothing has changed!

Conceivably, this battle may indeed take place in connection with a physical “Good versus Evil” struggle on Earth, but see that as a sideshow, if it will happen at all. The real “battle” will be spiritual, as we of Light seek to bring Love to our brothers and sisters in Darkness.

Again cautioning of our blindness, we speculate that the “cleansing of fire” Brother Yonif referred to will take the form of a massive military engagement involving the extensive use of nuclear weaponry. However, we do not see this destroying Earth or all life upon it, but much of it nonetheless.

It is at the conclusion of this battle that we see the beginnings of our spiritual reunification. All souls unleashed from their physical form will be met by their brothers and sisters with loving embraces, and we will come together in unprecedented celebration as our final act in this Grand Theater will have come to its close.

Through a painful birth will come a new life as one together. Though these days will be dark and terrible indeed, they will give way to the New Dawn.

Do not fear! This story has the happiest ending of any story ever told!

The Sky Is Falling!

Putting myself in your shoes, as it were, I would be asking myself, “So what the bloody hell am I supposed to do with this?” Believe me, my dearest friends, as Brother Bill might say, “I feel your pain.” Remember, I not only wrote this stuff down, but went through it repeatedly, editing it over and over (and it‘s still very dicey and incomplete!).

The long answer might be a wonderfully-crafted and illustrative exposition of the profound mysteries and subtle influences that drive us each to the pain-filled joy of cosmic self-realization, but let’s skip that for now.

Rather, what is a boy or girl to do? The short answer is, in the memorable words of Hedley Lamar of Blazing Saddles fame, “Now go do that voodoo that you do so well!” In other words, we recommend doing what you will, and not letting tales such as these change your course.

Besides, while we say these times are “near”, what does that actually mean? Not a whole hell of a lot, as it turns out. We truly don’t know, and probably won’t know until it actually starts happening. So trying to plan your social calendar around “prophecies” is probably not a very good idea.

I seem to remember some guy somewhere saying something about a “thief in the night”. You can sit around on the porch with a shotgun in your lap if you want to, but remember that the thief will only show up when he decides to do so on his own.

Naturally, we recognize that the very purpose of telling anyone stories such as these is to in fact seek to influence the future, and so it seems, but we see this pattern woven into the fabric of Creation, so should our efforts come to naught, it is of no consequence.

It will come to pass with or without our “aid”, or would it? (Cue up The Twilight Zone theme)

Get A Grip!

Also, in terms of a reality check, remember that every single word herein was typed out by an apparently delusional middle-aged man who is really, in the end, doing nothing more than just sitting out in the desert talking smack. Would you believe a guy like that? I sure wouldn’t!

Remember, do not let others choose your path for you, and do not despair of your future. Whatever it may hold, it will be your proper path. There is in all things a purpose, including ourselves.

We recommend looking within yourself for the answers to any questions that may trouble you. Though we are still very dim in our sight, we are certain that ultimately, you will like what you find there.

Go with our love and light behind you, wherever your path may lead!


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posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 11:20 AM
stick to this (needs a few changes of course)

"Solist Mysticism is a blend of science and mysticism. It encompasses a concise understanding of metaphysics, Zetans/Zetas (Zetan-aliens), the origins of humankind, and advanced spiritual development that is centered around an innovative approach to increasing one's ability to love genuinely and deeply -- called Chakra Radiance. We espouse The Golden Rule (of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"); that "Heaven is achieved through deed, not creed" (Emanuel Swedenborg), and believe that our spiritual and metaphysical foundation comes closer to embracing the Absolute Truth than any traditional religion or New Age philosophy."

drop this part

"This entire teaching constitutes a precursor to the emergence of The Original Creator/Lord Alpha in this space-time continuum, via the invitation of one or more future Ascended Masters."

you dont need that last part it is polarized elitism, like the building of a pyramid power structures (freemasons for example) with your 'master' at the top(corruption power corrupts etc), a pyramids strenght is in its base! not this jealous master you create to rool the roost, what i would say is you are forgetting the cause and effect also you are bringing on your good selfs.

reference the base being the solid foundations and members of your teachings and the basic idea of the teachings.

you have the system/base why destroy it with another elite system 'master' like all the other religions and societies???.

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 11:38 AM
ThePunisher, I have felt similarly. As you know, I have some personal issues with what I consider “grand titles”. This seems a good time to explore our thoughts on this.

As complex as my feelings on this topic have been, I am coming to realize that both false grandeur and false modesty are borne of the same sin, which is vanity: deception of ourselves regarding who we are.

Placing faith in names or titles instead of ourselves is an act of fear, and fear blinds us to the truth that we are all of us children of our Creator.

But to mark achievement of one sort or another is simply a form of observation. If we choose to commemorate points of interest on our paths with such things, it is of no harm. It seems harmful only to allow such things to cause us to stop where we should continue.

I have “mastered” some skills in my time, but not a one of them is free of a need for improvement. So am I “master” of them? By some standard or another I most certainly am.

But does being a “Master” mean that I have come to the end of my path? Most certainly not! Rather, each achievement marks a new beginning.

Edit: I have not mastered editless prose.

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