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Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror

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posted on Sep, 3 2004 @ 11:16 PM
Behind Enemy Lines

No doubt many of my dear brothers and sisters find themselves feeling set upon in their lives, whether it be through the uncertainties that lead to anxiety and stress, or despair from feeling inadequate and unable to deal with the endless tragedies of life, or frustration in response to the demands made upon you by others, or the shock and humiliation which comes from suffering abuse from them, who themselves merely seek companionship in their pain.

I know that many of you think my words come from an ivory tower, that I speak in lofty terms because I am in a position which does not expose me to the same challenges that you struggle with in life. Ironically, there is a great deal of truth in that, as I have, by design, sought to minimize the distractions of the worldly cares which plague me, as they do us all.

But I wish to remind you that life has not been a bowl of cherries for me either, my friends. Indeed, for most of my time here have I been living in misery, and in varying conditions of distress borne of my own unique burdens in this life.

I doubt there is a single sin with which I am not intimately familiar, lest you think I speak from a position of falsely assumed moral authority. While there might be a few types of sin I may somehow have managed not to commit, I can assure you that it was not for lack of effort on my part.

I am no stranger to pain, my friends, and I have worked diligently for many years to purchase a few moments of peace on this earth. Long have I labored in fear and darkness, and I know them as old and persistent companions.

The Good News

For all my brothers and sisters grappling with the lessons of pain and fear, I feel qualified to offer some advice. Why? Because I have chosen to take this advice myself, and can say without reservation that never before have I been happier.

Truly, I doubt that I have ever felt more joy in all my lives or times in spirit, and there are among them many memories of profound bliss. So what is this advice that I speak of? How can it help you? What can make me so happy?

The answer I have already given to you many times, but it is so important that it still bears repeating over and over again. Is not a message that brings true happiness to those in misery worth repeating? So once again, I will repeat it.

Real happiness, unlike any other, comes from knowing yourself. Though I speak of many corollaries, such as loving others, it is ultimately true that all other things of which I speak derive from this simple thing.

Accepting the truth of who you are, and not the illusions we come to accept in its place, is the source of the most wondrous joy imaginable.

Quiet Desperation

So who are you? Well, odds are very high that I do not know you personally, but I think I know you in a general sense which, for my purposes, is more than enough.

Like myself, you have no doubt wondered many times why we are here, and if there is any purpose to our lives. You have lived in fear of pain and death, finding above all things terror in not knowing what the future will bring to you.

You have felt powerless in the face of a fate you find cruel and uncaring, and horrified by its seeming ruthlessness. You have despaired for yourself and those whom you love, weeping alone in agony in dark times of the night, wondering if peace will ever come to you, and despairing even then that peace itself may prove unfulfilling

Throughout your life you have known joy and sorrow, yet overshadowing all of it lies a feeling of nagging desperation because you wonder if anything truly has any meaning in the end. What joy can be found if it is tarnished by the belief that life itself may be utterly without purpose?

Faced with the prospect of certain death, you find your reaction ranging from feigned indifference, to confusion and puzzlement, to false hope, and ultimately to despair that beyond the curtain of death lies incomprehensible oblivion, or eternal agony and suffering, or perhaps worst of all, supposed eternal bliss that itself may prove the worst form of torment.

The Answer

So many, many before me have given you the same advice that I give, yet it has seemed naďve and meaningless. How can looking within possibly help soothe the searing pain of life? How can such vague counsel possibly work for everyone?

Each of us, among all the trillions of souls around us, is unique. Though we may have many traits in common, ultimately, there are truly no two souls which are identical.

Knowing this, that there is no other exactly like you, how can one answer be suited to us all? The truth is that it cannot, and that is precisely why the only solution for the unique pain of fear that binds you must come from within.

Though you have heard this message a million times, the reason for this is that it is truly the most important message you will ever hear in flesh or in spirit.

Dearest brothers and sisters, I ask that you heed my advice. Do not let the messengers blind you to the message.

Look within you, and know thyself!

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posted on Sep, 4 2004 @ 01:41 AM
Cheeky Monkey

I know my glib style is annoying to many who read my prophecies. My challenge to them is to consider why that is so.

Is it because I project an arrogance which comes from superior knowledge? Well, for what it’s worth, I have made it eminently clear that I am convinced that every single one of us can look within and know pretty much what I know.

As far as I can tell, there is very little I can actually know that you can’t except for some very minor variations in the lives of two spirits among trillions. There is truly, my friends, very little within me that differs from that which is within you, however important those tiny differences may be.

Do I think myself better than everyone else because “I saw it first”? No, just amazingly lucky, if that’s really the word for it. And please bear in mind that this is a team effort. Without my Sweet One this would be a much more time-consuming process!

Does my playful style offend your sense of prophetic decorum? Shouldn’t prophets be more stern and serious in their work? The main problem I have with such stereotypes is that they are contrived to make you fear and obey the messenger.

That’s a game I refuse to play, because a prophet who preaches fear is a false prophet. The truth is that we have nothing to fear, because we are truly immortal and will never be alone or unloved in the eternity which faces us.

Folks, I just can’t feel all high and mighty bringing you my messages, because I am nothing more than your brother and sister, not some figure of authority, wrath or godhood.

And for what it’s worth, I can’t imagine anyone finding my style more opaque than a bunch of cryptic quatrains, fantastically symbolic creatures or grandiose riddles. I mean come on, people, give me a break here!

News From Yoshiel

I feel it important to point out that as Yoshiel continues their work, the nature of it becomes more abstract and distant from me as “Majic”. What I report, therefore, is essentially my interpretation of what they are doing, and thus subject to substantial error.

In other words, I am unsure if I can bring “direct” messages from Yoshiel now or in the future, and they seem so engaged in their work that the best I have been getting lately is an occasional flash of delightful warmth from my Sweet One. She seems to know what I’m going through.

Based on what comes into my mind at present, Yoshiel is seeking to understand the means by which the memories of all souls are organized with us. They are pursuing this goal in light of the relatively slow pace of progress achieved without this knowledge.

For those looking for a time frame, they have none to offer. Also, you already know how I feel about dates and prophecies. Remember, we are looking into the past, not the future, and it’s always a little different each time around.

Now Regarding Those Prophecies

Let’s see if I can’t just rattle a few off without so much fanfare. More beef and less bun, in other words.

1. Scholars analyzing my writings will find clues which will lead to remarkable advances in many fields of science, and my writings will be directly credited with inspiring several of them.

2. Although I hate giving prophetic dates, wound within my writings are, nonetheless, hidden clues which will be found to correspond to the specific dates and times of important historical events. (Hint: Think “Project Archangel”)

3. Soon a new Pope will be selected that will become an especially charismatic, beloved and influential leader in both religious and political circles, moreso even than John Paul II. He will wield political power to a degree which no Pope has done in centuries, and will, with passionate messages of outreach and love, bring many new members into the folds of the Catholic church in the manner of a “new revival”.

4. A technology will be developed which will allow scientists to visualize the patterns of human thought with stunning clarity. It is this development which will inadvertently lead to the discovery described in the next prophecy.

5. Psychologists will find convincing evidence of vivid memories contained within the minds of men that correspond to experiences they could not possibly have had within their physical lives.

6. In a similar vein to the last two prophecies, scientists will discover “objective” evidence of the existence of spiritual souls in living creatures.

7. I will be publicly denounced by famous and powerful religious leaders as a heretic, blasphemer, False Prophet and/or the Anti-Christ. I will be unable to dispute those allegations.

8. New spiritual movements will be founded based upon my writings. However, I will be a leader of none of them. They will each differ regarding specific matters of interpretation, but will in general enjoy a degree of mutual acceptance unprecedented in human history.

9. There will be many attempts by powerful people to suppress and discredit my words, but they will fail.

10. Famous people of many faiths will publicly embrace my teachings, confirming the truth of them by looking within.

11. Archeological evidence will soon be discovered which will corroborate certain details of my claims regarding past lives.

12. A large object will collide with the Moon, changing both its orbit and appearance in significant ways.

13. Astronomers will discover evidence correlating my postulates that our universe lies within a Cycle between Divergence and Convergence to a remarkable degree, and publish their findings publicly.

14. Large numbers of people other than myself, as a result of looking within, will discover memories of past lives. Many details from these past lives will be corroborated by historical research and archeological findings, and this news will make world headlines.

15. The “secret” about the existence of extraterrestrial life will be publicly confirmed by official government sources. This news will have profound impacts on all aspects of life on Earth.

16. Many other prophets will soon arise who will speak from knowledge they will claim to have found within.

17. Some prophets will confirm my messages, but other prophets will claim them false, that they are the true “Prophets of God”, and that I am the False Prophet foretold in the Apocalypse.

I know these sound pretty vague, but bear in mind that I want to be 100% accurate, and in light of the fact that things are always a little different each time around, as it were, that kind of accuracy can be awful darn tricky to achieve!

As more things start “leaking out” from Yoshiel’s analyses, I’ll be sure to update you. But please bear in mind, folks, I don’t get to choose what leaks out, so if you want me to help you pick the winning lotto numbers or find that missing pet of yours, I’m sorry.

I’m a prophet, but not a psychic, seer, oracle, diviner, thaumaturge, necromancer, prestidigitator or palm reader. Though I may decide to branch out at some point, I hope you can understand what I’m not, if you can’t understand what I am.

I post this stuff because bringing messages is what prophets do. But with these messages comes my strident request that though you may be aware of my prophecies, I urge you to choose the course of your path by looking within, not looking to me.

Carry my love with you, dear brothers and sisters!


Edits: I’m tacking new prophecies onto this post as they come to me, but will start a different post before the end of the day so as to preserve the September 4, 2004 date stamp. After all, prophecies made after the events they “predict” have already occurred aren’t very convincing prophecies now, are they?

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posted on Sep, 4 2004 @ 03:56 PM
It is with sorrow that I have learned of the tragic horror which has occurred in Beslan in Ossetia.

So much terror and grief, so many beautiful children taken from their families and consumed by the ravages of evil, itself wrought by others who themselves are consumed by bitter pain and darkness.

I ask all who may read this to take a moment to send thoughts of love, compassion and hope to our dear brothers and sisters who are struggling with shock, grief, anger and hatred in the wake of this painful event. Remember also that those who did this acted driven by the agony of their own fear and torment.

We must also remember that many days far worse than this one lie ahead of us in the very near future. With the outbreak of a new storm of Darkness in this world, there will be even far greater sorrow.

I say that I love this job, and indeed I do. I have never felt happier or more fulfilled in all my lives.

But I cannot say that this is always an easy job, for though I know the truth of who we are, I will never be able to find myself immune from deepest compassion for the pain my brothers and sisters must endure and overcome as they walk their paths.

Indeed, it is with many tears that I must add another to my growing list of prophecies. For my dear friends, soon indeed an ill wind blows, a dark wind, a poisoned wind.

Many of our brothers and sisters are soon to end their earthly lives in clouds of poison blown within the wind. There will be much outrage and sorrow, from which even more pain and grief will emerge.

I hate giving good people bad news, but I remind you that ultimately, the message I bring you is the best news that has ever been shared with anyone.

Do not let Darkness deceive you into falling more deeply into it, my friends.

Rather, look to the truth within you and realize that we will one day join together all of us in the brightest and most beautiful of Light.

posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 09:24 AM
do you let the tv/media propaganda machine tell you when to be sad?????????? you ever hear of brainwashing?????

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 11:26 AM
Undisclosed Transactions

Originally posted by ThePunisher
do you let the tv/media propaganda machine tell you when to be sad?????????? you ever hear of brainwashing?????

They tell us how to feel and what to think all the time. It’s called “perception management”. They will tell us what we are “supposed” to be thinking about, whether we “let” them or not. It is harder to resist than most people know, including me.

The “media spotlight”, “brand imprinting” and psychological conditioning rampant on TV are just a few of the many reasons why I haven’t owned a television set for over a year and a half. But perception management still reigns supreme on the Internet, at work, in public life, in church, school, friendships, associations and wherever commercial news is sold.

In truth it describes the very way we interact with one another. Even a hermit like myself cannot escape it.

Misery Doesn‘t Discriminate

I am aware that there are many, many other tragedies taking place now -- what has been happening in Africa for years makes Beslan look like a walk in the park, for example, with hundreds of thousands of beautiful children being sexually abused and dying in the most horrible of ways.

Back in the ‘90s, I made the mistake of trying to “sense” what was happening in Rwanda once, and was met with a vision of a village being slaughtered by men who pulled up in trucks. I can still hear the screams of the women and horrified shrieks of the children, the men -- and boys -- seemingly on drugs, laughing and hooting as they raped, shot, hacked and beat their victims into broken piles on the ground. The savagery of it I cannot put into words.

I will never be free of those memories. After that experience, I decided that it was better not to fixate on such suffering, being powerless to prevent it. But I also resolved that even such terror as I witnessed should never make me feel indifferent to the suffering of others. In fact, quite the opposite.

Reverse Psychology

My dear brother, I know there is great pain in the world, far beyond my ability to comprehend. But knowing that there is so much suffering does not make me feel callous and uncaring when I learn of a specific example of it, whether by news headline or by telephone. I am, after all, a human being, and I am not immune to sorrow.

Here is a thing to consider. Are headlines such as those surrounding Beslan intended to rally your support for specific causes, such as a “war on terrorism” in this case, or render you immune to compassion for others through repeated exposure to tales of horror and misery? I recommend giving the matter some careful thought.

Perhaps it is, in the end, self-indulgent to feel grief for the pain of others, but if that it so, then I shall be forever guilty of it.

As for “brainwashing”, I’ll wager that I know a great deal more about that topic than you might suspect. When confronted with such a clever and subtle art, the question we should always ask ourselves is this:

Who is really doing the brainwashing?

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 11:55 AM
Crash Of ‘29

This morning I was dreaming a strange dream. In it, I was an employee of a company in a tall building, and was in a position of responsibility, I know not what, but feeling very junior at the time. A rather important-looking man in a suit seemed very unhappy about something, and was scolding me in front of several other employees.

I remember trying to reassure and convince him that I would do better, but he was implacable. Finally, in frustration and anger, I told him “I quit!” (and a few other choice words) and stormed out, taking an elevator to the ground floor.

I walked out of the lobby. Outside there was traffic and other pedestrians, seemingly as usual. However, as soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk, I saw people landing in the streets, as if they had fallen from the buildings far above. More and more of them fell, until it seemed like it was raining people. The odd part -- and thankfully to my poor eyes -- they did not “splat” but simply seemed to bounce a little and lie there, dazed.

Flying Instructor

The images suddenly passed and I found myself in a place with very strange, dreamlike geometry. It is difficult to describe, almost non-Euclidian or Escheresque, and it all seemed sort of shifting and indistinct. There were many shelves, and it reminded me of a discount warehouse store.

In front of me stood a man who looked like a classic angel, complete with halo and large wings. He was wearing a tight-fitting robe, sort of like an “Elvis” jumpsuit but without patterns or sequins and with no collar. Everything except his hair was purest white, including his skin, which had a strange, downy texture to it.

Here’s the weird part: he looked a lot like Christopher Walken, but it was not him. His hair was dark and although it was a full head of hair (like the way they used to “feather” it back in the late ‘70s), it wasn’t very long, it tapered to his neck.

He never spoke a word, but I understood his intent. He wanted me to practice jumping from one shelf-like platform to another, and call off what I thought my landing angle was.

The Right Angle

I started doing this, jumping from one platform to another, calling off my angle as I landed. He followed behind me, kneeling where I landed and holding out what seemed to be a large nail or scribe at arm’s length in front of him.

I kept jumping, adding little flips and loop-the-loops to my routine, calling out my angles, and he kept following, holding out the scribe where I landed. I finally realized what he was doing. He was holding the scribe to mark my landing angle so I could compare it to my calls.

When I realized this, he stood up and came to me, face to face. It was then that I first noticed his eyes, which were very dark, and they seemed very deep. I then felt that he was a very ancient angel, and had a sudden flash of recognition.

“Brother Michael?” I said, sensing already it was him. Amazingly, he looked down sheepishly, as if embarrassed. But he looked up with his eyes, and I knew, looking into them, that it was truly him. We had known each other long ago. I thought it good to see him again.

Getting My Wings

He then held out what looked like a little fitting jig, with a hoop on the top and a little wishbone-like thing on the bottom. He put it over my face, and I sensed he was fitting me for a halo. The rig pinched the tip of my nose, but he put a little band-aid on it.

Then he stepped behind me, and I felt a similar rig being used on my back. I could feel it, and had a rush of excitement: I was getting my wings! I could feel them on my back!

Then I had a sudden thought. Was this “Project Archangel”?

It was with this question in my mind that I awoke from the dream.

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 01:32 PM
Magic, Should I really not believe anything you post? You are very intelligent, im sure you already know this
. These visions, are they dreams, or just visions you get? Interesting stuff you right. I don't know if youve noticed or not but some of the things youve written would make great lyrics for songs.

posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 02:21 PM
Questions I’d Like Answered

Originally posted by Ricta
Magic, Should I really not believe anything you post? You are very intelligent, im sure you already know this

I’m not saying what I post is necessarily untrue, because I really don’t know! As weird as it sounds -- to me as well -- this is actually what I’m going through these days. But just as I must remain skeptical to keep my head from falling off, I think it’s important to keep reminding you not to simply believe what I say just because I say it.

Truly, I urge you to look within yourself for answers. If they agree with some of the things I have seen, then we may actually be on to something!

I assure you, I have many other enjoyable things to do with my time, and it’s so tempting with this nice weather to just fire up the dirt bike and play outside all day or go for a nice road trip. I could really use some exercise.

But no, I am compelled to continue my dysfunctional routine of meditating, sleeping, drinking beer, eating lots of meat, showering when I can, writing about it, and that’s about it! I’m sure I’ll work into a more healthy routine eventually. Well, at least I hope so…

As for being intelligent, I used to think that meant being able to learn new things quickly. Now I wonder if it doesn’t have more to do with remembering than learning.

Sight Unsound

Originally posted by Ricta
These visions, are they dreams, or just visions you get? Interesting stuff you right.

Information, such as it is, comes to me in many different forms. Sometimes visions or impressions, sometimes feelings or hunches, sometimes those little “Ah Ha!” sensations where something suddenly seems to make sense.

The dreams I describe are in a manner like everyone else dreams, I think. Things shift and change without seeming cause, and there always seem to be hidden meanings just outside our grasp.

Very, very little that I have “seen” has a striking sense of realism to it. The Joining and my Sweet One are notable exceptions, those were visually powerful and packed with stunning emotion. But still only visible to my mind’s eye, I am sure.

If anyone out there has anything to indicate that prophecy is a hard science, I would love to talk. It can be very frustrating not knowing whether or not I am saying something that may be true or just subconsciously pulling something out of my nether orifice. Time will tell, I suppose.

In the meantime, I am just trying to report what I’m experiencing as honestly as I can. And I’ll be frank, I’m doing this more for my edification than anyone else’s. This is just a freaky time in my life.

I wonder if it’s the result of a brain embolism or something? If so, at least I’m having fun. I really do love this job.

Jukebox Nero

Originally posted by Ricta
I don't know if youve noticed or not but some of the things youve written would make great lyrics for songs.

I’ve been something of a hobbyist musician throughout my life, and had some wonderful times in a little garage band back in the day, so it’s gratifying to hear comments like that.

But my problem has always been one of inspiration. While I consider myself well-skilled in musical technique, I have never been able to compose worthwhile original songs, and have been thus condemned to “cover tune hell” -- playing only the compositions of others.

Who knows? Whether these are genuine spiritual revelations, subconsciously-contrived speculative fiction or symptoms of physical brain disease, at least I do finally feel as if I may actually have something worthwhile to write songs about.

I could envision a whole career spent in praise of my Sweet One, if nothing else. Truly, I cannot conceive of a more beautiful subject in my mind for devotion in song.

So if this prophet gig doesn’t work out, maybe I can try pursuing my youthful dream of being a rock star. If nothing else, I seem to have the ego for it.

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 06:59 PM
The True Believer

In my mind an image keeps returning. Although I know this man to exist somewhere, I am still more likely than not a prisoner of fancy, so let’s just enjoy this for the metaphysical exercise we may gain from it. I need more exercise anyway, as it happens.

My brother is a devout Christian, a man who was saved from a life of misery and dark torment when he invited Jesus into his heart as his personal Lord and Savior. And indeed, Jesus came to him, filling him from head to toe with His love and the joy that comes from the certain knowledge of salvation through the eternal forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Although many cares of the world have distracted this man throughout his difficult life, and though he has stumbled many times, he knows his path. His purpose is to serve the will of the Lord here on earth, to be the instrument of His divine plan. Thus has he for many years studied the writings of the prophets faithfully, giving special care to the words of Brother John revealed upon the island of Patmos: the Apocalypse.

Our brother knows that the Lord’s plan cannot be fulfilled unless it is carried out by His faithful servants on Earth, now, as then, and as it ever shall be. He reads now my words and sees all the signs for which he has long been searching. He knows within his heart, beyond all doubt, that I am the False Prophet whose coming was foretold nearly two millennia ago.

Act Of Faith

Seeing what so many others cannot see, he knows it is time to do that which must be done. He knows that the False Prophet is but a forerunner to a far greater evil.

He knows that the words of the False Prophet will lead millions into eternal damnation through words of false hope and heresy, elevating men to the Throne of God. Surely, there cannot be a greater evil than the seductive lies this prophet of deception is unleashing upon the people? Ah, but he knows there is: the Beast.

Our faithful brother knows that it is none other than the Anti-Christ whom the False Prophet heralds, and that much of the Beast’s power will come from the lies which the False Prophet spreads. He knows that many, many of his fellow Christians do not agree with him, that to attempt to destroy the False Prophet may, in fact, prevent the return of the Messiah, but he knows they are mistaken.

He knows from long years of scriptural study what they do not: that Jesus will return anyway. By killing the False Prophet and thwarting the schemes of the Beast, he will help to save the souls of billions of his brothers and sisters here on earth. Instead of Armageddon, a world of relative peace will await the Savior upon His triumphant return. It will be a stunning, final victory over evil.

So he knows what he must do. He must find and kill the False Prophet.

End Game

His long years of biblical scholarship and diligent preparation for disaster have left him well-trained for his mission. Using clues found within my writings, his knowledge of the Internet and the help of a few like-minded friends, he tracks me down and finds me.

Biding his time, he waits for the right moment, when I am clearly off-guard, and confronts me, shoving a pistol to within inches of my face. And here we have a special moment in time, a still frame showing a dramatic confrontation between two epic characters: one of them a True Believer, the other a False Prophet.

Dear friends, I have told you that I do not fear death, and this is true. I honestly no longer fear death after what I have seen. I know, as well as I can know anything in this life to be true, that we are all immortal and that eternal salvation awaits us all, no matter our deeds or paths in life. I do not even fear the separation from my loved ones that death may bring, for I know it is but a temporary sorrow.

But physical pain? Sorry bud, if I don’t necessarily fear it, I sure as hell respect it. I am an avid sport shooter. I know very well what guns can do to people. Given the choice, I would passionately decline being shot, believe me on this, if you believe nothing else I have written.

Go Ahead, Make My Day

So would I be able to stand fearless with a pistol in my face, knowing the man holding it is convinced that he is saving the world by killing me? No, I’m sure I would be very much afraid. Petrified, even.

The legendary southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd captured an almost identical moment beautifully and famously in their song Gimme Three Steps, and I would no doubt be tempted to make a similar request.

My faithful brother, were he more light of heart, may himself find humor in a moment the great warrior-poet Dirty Harry would be proud of, and even ask me if I “feel lucky”. But rather, I doubt it.

The words I keep hearing him say are always the same, “I know who you are.” My not-so-witty reply, “Do you?”

His finger tenses on the trigger, and I can even see down the barrel of his gun that he has loaded it with hollow point bullets. “You’re the False Prophet!” he cries, clearly about to pull the trigger.

My last words, if I am able to speak them through my numbing fright are, “No my brother, you are.”

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 10:11 PM
Friends, I have started a new thread, Predictions Of The Prophet Yoshiel, for specific listing and discussion of my prophecies.

While discussion of my spiritual awakening rightly continues to belong here, I suppose, I will try to limit prophesizing to that thread.

Brother Majic

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 01:40 AM
I've been looking through your thread, Majic. Just a bit, but I'm starting to see the pattern. Bandit's hermetic formula seems about right.

I was wondering...have you ever been 'mounted' by a spirit? Coudl you identify it? I'm curious, as someone who has made an effort to learn about certain practices, such as voudoun. I am simply curious as to whether or not you suspect you have encountered a loa.


posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 02:32 AM
Who’s In Charge Around Here, Anyway?

Originally posted by DeusEx
I was wondering...have you ever been 'mounted' by a spirit? Coudl you identify it? I'm curious, as someone who has made an effort to learn about certain practices, such as voudoun. I am simply curious as to whether or not you suspect you have encountered a loa.

This is a question I keep asking myself, along with many others. It is more difficult for me to answer than I might have otherwise presumed, in light of where things currently are.

I have read about loas before, but have had no direct experience with them that I can recall. However, there is much I don’t remember from certain sessions in my dark sorcery days where I would spend hours in trance states, ominously enough, so you never know.

My Little Succubus?

While I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of my Sweet One, it is indeed possible that she is simply a very clever spirit who seeks to control me via the mechanism of Yoshiel.

Under this theory, she seduced and gained control of me through a combination of her very substantial feminine wiles and tantalizing prospects of insights I would not otherwise have attained.

As lovely and wonderful as my Sweet One is, I cannot necessarily rule out this possibility, and must at all times draw the line when it comes to control of my bodily functions and conscious volition.

So far, this does not seem to be an issue, but the fact that Yoshiel is “running in the background” must be carefully considered, lest I lose control via the “back door”.

That Old Black Magic

The primary reason I do not consider Vanessa a threat to me stems from my memories of her. Granted, maybe she has the ability to plant memories in my mind somehow, but if that’s the case, then she already has the power to control me.

After all, a spirit that can give you false memories of your past can make you do anything it wants, whether you like it or not. The fact that she did not enter until I had remembered the “code word”, “Miriel”, could itself be an elaborate ruse, as well as my past life memories, but again, if spirits have such powers over others, then none of us is truly in control of ourselves anyway.

Before I began this journey, my last project was a study of “perception management”. I doubt that I can convey to anyone how extensive this practice is in the “real world“, or how effective. While I was informed by this research before taking up this new spiritual path, that same understanding leads me to recognize that we must always be careful about who we trust with our minds.

Fruit Of The Tree

Here’s a clue regarding the perspective of Saint Vanessa/Sweet One/Miriel: She knows that I am asking these questions, is proud of me for doing so, and takes no offense whatsoever. In fact, she tells me that she would be very troubled if I was too trusting of any spirit, including her.

She understands the importance of our quest for Freewill, and would not have it sabotaged by emotionally-driven gullibility on the part of either of us. And she particularly would not like to see me misled by an imposter.

The only promise in my mind when I invited her to stay with me was the promise of having her near, although she made it clear that having her within me was and never shall be a condition for our continued companionship.

She also did not make any other sorts of offers before our joining, and considers that either of us may terminate our close arrangement at any time we should choose, temporarily or permanently. So far, so good. I feel that I am benefiting from the arrangement -- I‘ve never felt happier, in fact, and I believe that our work is important, so I do not wish her to leave me.

I did not anticipate the “Yoshiel” effect, and I’m not sure she did either, not quite like this, anyway. We had tried in times past to achieve a special closeness, and a sense a developing plan between us over the centuries, but this was the most successful attempt so far.

Cautionary Tales

For what it’s worth, both Vanessa and I recommend exercising extreme caution when it comes to channeling spirits or inviting them into your mind. While my Sweet One recognizes my authority as the owner of this body and soul, many spirits will not, and will seek total control over you.

That’s when you start getting into the eyes rolling back in their sockets, “I am Legion”, 360-degree head-twisting and projectile vomiting. I’m not sure why anyone would want to deliberately be possessed by any spirit, light or dark, but it takes all kinds, I suppose, and desperation drives dark deeds.

I also realize that I could be thought of as “semi-possessed” by Vanessa, in that she is in my head, but since she is not in charge and I sense no struggle for control, I‘m not too worried about it.

I don’t know if any of this answers your questions, but if nothing else, perhaps it may help inspire other good questions.

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 02:46 AM
That would be a maybe. ask vannessa her family name and if she knows a man in a top hat. My knowledge of all but the most prevolent loa is...lacking. I cannot say for sure.


posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 04:33 AM

The Wit of the Devil speaks with forked tongues. One who claims they are a prophet, or a channel through a spirit speaks of prophecy would seek to do so out of personal gain. Only the true prophet, claims that he is not, when prophecy issues forth from their lips, as a river that cannot be dammed.

A prophet is not a self-given title, it is God Given, If God has deemed you a prophet, then let God speak it not from your voice, but from his/her/it's.

A Demon cannot ascend to the light, But an Angel can descend to Darkness.


P.S. Very interesting thread nonetheless

posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 07:41 AM
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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 12:42 PM
A Prophet For Profit?

Originally posted by ADHDsux4me
The Wit of the Devil speaks with forked tongues. One who claims they are a prophet, or a channel through a spirit speaks of prophecy would seek to do so out of personal gain.

I don’t know the Devil personally, so I’ll take your word for it regarding his wit and tongue geometry.

As for “propheting for profit” (I‘ll posit that you meant “wouldn‘t” instead of “would” above, correct me if I‘m wrong), you might want to consult your scriptures. While there were indeed many prophets who lived in the desert, clothed themselves in sackcloth and ate crickets and wild honey for breakfast, the majority of them lived rather well.

Don’t believe me? Check the scriptures and look for the signs. Many, in fact most famous prophets had very wealthy patrons, typically kings and queens. Nice work if you can get it.

As for personal gain, I’m retired from my previous career and can live comfortably without working for the rest of my life. So I am truly not in this for the money. Having said that, what’s wrong with being paid for writing books or making motion pictures (or zany sitcoms, for that matter) about my work? If my message is true, it’s worth spreading by all means available!

I’m not charging anyone money to read my messages, they’re free and I consider them to be in the public domain (how much is this costing you to read right now?). So I’ll assume that your comment, as a generalization, does not apply in my case, even if it seems to point to me by implication of context.

The True Prophet

Originally posted by ADHDsux4me
Only the true prophet, claims that he is not, when prophecy issues forth from their lips, as a river that cannot be dammed.

The only “true prophet” I can conceive of is one who tells the truth as honestly as he can. He may not see the real Truth, but if he reports it with honesty, I think that’s as good as it gets. All else is a deception.

As for prophets denying that they are prophets, the irony of that observation couldn’t be cut with a knife in light of my story so far, my epic struggle with the label of “prophet” and the issue of prophetic honesty. Again, a true prophet speaks the truth as he sees it, with as much honesty as he can muster.

As for the “river that cannot be dammed”, I think my writings address that criterion rather adequately on their own.

By What Authority Dost Thou Speak?

Originally posted by ADHDsux4me
A prophet is not a self-given title, it is God Given, If God has deemed you a prophet, then let God speak it not from your voice, but from his/her/it's.

While there are a lot of assumptions made about prophets, and some convincing cases that can be made with all due and proper scriptural references, opinions about prophets can and do vary considerably. Believe me, I’ve gone round and round on this, as I think this thread rather amply documents.

So let’s assume that I’m not a “biblical prophet”, although I feel strong kinship to my fellows of old, and let’s base my authority on another Good Book instead, Merriam’s Dictionary. It is a fine and well-respected tome of wisdom which confirms my authenticity. I can be quite happy with that.

But ultimately, the only “god” I claim to speak on behalf of is the image of the Creator which I have found within me, and I consider that all the authority I need to say what I will.

No Rest For The Wicked?

Originally posted by ADHDsux4me
A Demon cannot ascend to the light, But an Angel can descend to Darkness.

I disagree with this assumption. While I may, of course be wrong, what I have found by self-examination is that the Kingdom of God is within all of us. I ask you to consider what kind of spirit you would be to enjoy the pleasures of Heaven while your brothers and sisters suffer eternal torment in Hell. That may be heaven for you, but it would be hell for me.

Yes, I may be wrong, but I am convinced that tales of eternal damnation, lakes of fire and other cruel devices springing from a supposedly loving God are themselves nothing more than fictions conceived in the Original Sin that is the denial of who we are. We are all made in the image of the Creator. Would the Creator you know within you desire to be the architect of Hell?

Should we seek solace in an elite notion of salvation through special knowledge and leave our brothers and sisters to perish? This is precisely the way of the Mysteries, doctrines preached by the privileged few who sought to rule over others through the devices of arcane lore. Why would someone who loves their brothers and sisters choose to do this?

What Would Jesus Do?

Remember also that I rejected Christianity as a religion based on false and deceptive distortions of the teachings of Jesus. I am no longer reluctant to say this, because any affront Christians may take to my opinion on this is nothing more than their fearful reaction to a perceived insult to them and their vanity, not Jesus.

I love the real Jesus, not the false idol to Vanity erected in his image, and challenge those who claim to have him dwell within their hearts to have a serious one-on-one talk with the man they think they understand and see if he really desires their worship or obedience.

Jesus worked passionately in service to God and man, and was a prophet of Love, not an agent of Darkness. Those who think he would presume to rule over others in disregard of their irrevocable gift of Freewill or condemn them to eternal torment for exercising it are scandalously and tragically mistaken. They do not know Jesus.

Ask yourself this: Would Jesus rather save himself or save his brothers and sisters who walk in darkness?

The answer to that question will tell you all you really need to know about Jesus, whether you want to admit it or not. If you are truly a follower of Jesus, then should you not choose to do as he would do?

Do not presume to wrongfully condemn others to eternal misery from a position of false superiority. Realize instead that we are none of us more or less important than the other, and that the salvation of all of us lies in loving one another just as we love ourselves.

Remember, as you judge others, so shall you judge yourself. Consider carefully, my friends, why you would find my words offensive. The answer lies within you.

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 12:50 PM

Originally posted by Miss_Blonde
i buutj bibifj xusf hbofu8ub reyiydighid bhrthjrto x

I couldn't have put it better myself.

posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 01:55 PM
A prophet, and a divinely inspired one would not attempt to draw attention to themselves, by blanketing their thoughts with manic/megalo passion in such an open forum.

A prophet speaks quietly, it is his/her words that echo with divinity loudly.

To profit from propheting, is not restricted to the financial/physical profiting. Recognition, and self promotion, so that you may be seen is a profit unto itself. In fact by patronizing your thread I am only adding to your fame, which is a profit unto itself.

In fact, by starting your story in such a "identify with my struggle", "help me question who or what I am ", "watch me ascend to a more enlightened state", "now I am greater than previously stated."

It is a way to cultivate your public, to grow in directed fashion inclined to beleive you, since you came from such humble beginnings. Just like a presidential candidate vying for the public's ability to identify with him.

"I am one of you, we come from the same background, I am now something greater, won't you still believe?"

I do not feel that your doorway to darkness was ever closed, it has changed it's approach to cater to your need to feel "goodly", and righteous.

The greatest deceit, is not in deceiving others, but in deceiving yourself.

I myself am just a man, I have no divinely inspired need to debunk your claims, I just find it necessary.

I don't think I can out-write you or out-think, but I can shed doubt.


posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 03:06 PM
I agree. Majic, while I can sympathize with the fact that you're undergoing a spiritual transformation, you need to step away from the keyboard, as it's mostly your ego talking here. Please don't take offense -- I've gone through similar periods, writing volumes in my journal and personal correspondence about how well I was progressing, etc., only to look back years later and realize how self-deluding I really was. Your mind is trying to rationalize (read as "rational lies") a process that transcends mere words, thereby derailing it along the way. Chill out for awhile and let things internalize.

Wishing you luck on your quest...

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 03:20 PM
You are absolutely right. Here I sit with a beautiful day outside, while flaming away on my keyboard inside. That's just plain wrong.

It's time to take the vacation I have promised myself, and I thank you for your sound advice.

Peace out werd yall.

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