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The Earth is at the end of a cycle, the Harvest is upon us, the time to expand your knowledge is now

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:02 AM

Originally posted by Emptiness Dancing

Originally posted by zbrain75
reply to post by Emptiness Dancing

Though some may dismiss Biblical concepts, I have not observed that much of it in this thread. I, for one, believe there is a great deal of core truth in the Bible and other religions. However, there are also many inaccuracies. So the question becomes what part is accurate and what part is not. It is a difficult question that I do not have the answer to and I would be surprised if you could get that kind of information from anyone on this site. Therefore I believe the most likely truths are those containing a positive message. Information in the Bible that contains messages that are negative, or create negative emotions such as fear, are most likely inaccurate. That is just my 2 cents.

i appreciate your reply zbrain75. I was beginning to wonder if there were going to be any comments on my post.

Perhaps not so much in this thread as in other like new age philosophy threads that have been appearing here but I have noticed a trend in some so I thought I would ask that question: why hold endearingly to admittedly inaccurate channeling and cast aside vehemently Biblical truths? Just my off handed observation.

I too have found many truths in many of the religions I have studied and your right, you have to filter through them.

I do however take into account cognitive dissonance when confronted with contradictory concepts. To rely on, as it's put in this thread, "what resonates," may open the door to one being deceived and accepting the concept that "fits" our current belief systems most comfortably as the "truth" because it positively resonates with our current beliefs. When in reality the new concept IS true, despite it's incongruity to current beliefs and may be the thread that unravels a long held false belief system. So I'm not sure a positive or negative litmus test would work any better than what "resonates."

There just seems to be a lot of ethereal metaphysical rhetoric in new age circles and threads that is being accepted as absolute "truth" of our collective reality when concerning human spirituality when perhaps it could be an invention of self deception, spiritual entity deception or an active imagination and outright delusion put forth as "TRUTH" because it cognitively "resonates."

In simpler terms, just because it resonates doesn't make it a collective truth for humanity . And, I cannot wrap my brain around something spiritually being true for one person and not for another when they both exist in the same dimension or plane by just labeling it distortion or a difference in path.

Sorry for my vain babblings as I think out loud - I don't mean to throw this thread off topic (though it's well off the rails already). Again I appreciate yours and any others insights.

To the ONE!

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I too understand where you are coming from with regards to the bible. People come away with their own conclusions as to what the bible means as somettimes you have to read inbetween the lines. For me i know it takes deep wisdom to understand the bible.
I was reading through the bible again the other day especially with genesis i came away with alot of questions and answers just by accessing wisdom. I came away witht eh awareness that whatever controls this world is discreetly anti creation in terms of darkness (evil) thoughts. But then as i was reading genesis it just made sense that God gave us free will to be Gods ourselves. He did not want us to eat from the tree of knowledge and when we did we ourselves became like in his image. We became God's ourelves and because of that he cast us out of paradise so that we as God's provide for ourselves without his control and without what he provided for us. To know God's knowledge is to be God's ourselves. As you can see today this is exactly the outcome. It takes wisdom to see that God did cast us out because we became God's. So in the end the God of the bible is letting us have the choice of free will to join him again in the kingdom of heaven he created under his embrace and control by which he provides for you again.
I still believe wisdom goes hand in hand with knowledge.

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:14 AM
I like these ideal you have UL but how can you be sure of yourself and that you are not just subconsciously pleasing yourself?

I am not skeptical in fact I am quite the opposite of such a feeling with this thread I just feel the need to ask.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by zbrain75
reply to post by On the Edge

I was raised in a church that taught me that only people who went to my church could go to Heaven. I am also aware that there are many churches that teach the same doctrine. Therefore, it is impossible to go to Heaven since you would have to be God (all present) to go to all those churches.

Our ego is what makes each of us want to be correct. Being correct is essential to the survival of our ego and we all have this urge to be correct. If you are correct and others are wrong, by your definition, they risk hell and you risk stopping or slowing the development of your soul by allowing others to dictate your beliefs.

One of the reasons I reject religion is because we are told that God loves us and gives us free will. When a person loves another, they are interested in their well being and do not ask for anything in return.
I agree that there may be spirits that try to mislead. I believe that spirits that try to mislead will put fear into people with threats like eternal damnation. I do not see these kinds of attempts at fear mongering being made by those you are considering to be following this "new age" philosophy.

I believe that somehow the universe seems to bring to reality what we believe so for you there may be the possibility of a heaven or hell. I am sure you are trying to do what you think is best for everyone and hope we all make the progress our creator intends.

I actually came back to this site to see if any others like me chimed in,but found your post and am only too happy to clear up a few misconceptions you seem to have.

Let me start off by saying I am sorry you went to such a screwed up church! If you weren't taught that Jesus offers salvation and redemption to all who ask,then no wonder you have a twisted view of God.

1.I don't go to church. I've only visited a few in my lifetime and always felt out of place.

2.As for "egos" and "being correct"...I'm not using my own definitions. I don't make the rules. Anyone with a semi-willingness to believe the Bible knows what God has to say. He makes the rules. As our Father,if He says,"Do this or that will happen",and you don't believe that,you have made the choice to ignore what He says. Of course we have free will. Even if that means we choose to follow other Gods,no matter what the consequence.

3.These other "spirits" may be "misleading" by your own account! And what better way to entice and deceive than with "love and light",...metaphysical candy!

4.My perception of reality doesn't alter the external circumstances that make up actual Reality! Sorry to break it to you. If that were true,you guys have done an awful job at changing "reality".

5.When you speak of a "creator",who are you referring to? Surely not the God of the Bible. If so,you are rejecting everything else He has to say,and that doesn't sound very wise to me.

I just relay what the Bible teaches,and I'm not a part of any "fearmongering cult" or anything of the kind. I'm actually a pretty down-to-earth person with concern for my fellow man and a belief in God and what He says. And I,too,believe the "harvest" as talked about in the Bible,is close at hand.

When it comes down to it,if you're not for Him,you're against Him,and there are many,many paths you can take that will lead you off in other directions. Just look at how many seperare "new-age" paths there are!

I know how "old-fashioned" it is to believe in the Father,Son,and Holy Spirit! But those truths haven't changed.It is my duty as a Christian to warn you,in the event you did not know what God has to say.

If you know and don't care,that's up to you. I can not be "open-minded" where any of this talk is concerned. It's like life is one big Ouija board right now and you are all asking for trouble.

That's how I see it,anyway.(If I'm wrong,we'll find out in the end! In any case,I will still be glad I've lived with believing the way I do.)

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by sphinx551

Originally posted by Universal Light
f you have specific questions I would be happy to answer those.

1. Are most alien encounters spiritual and are not physical?

2. Do you know of any underwater alien bases on Earth?

3. Do you know of people living on the Moon and Mars?

4. Did you encounter Lion-like aliens that observe how humans interact with cats?

5. Are Grey Aliens and Reptilians dis-info (I heard someone mention this before)?

1. Both happen though this is slightly difficult to explain. Most are familiar with the spiritual encounters be it through meditation or psychic ability. Physical encounters happen as well, only by STS forces and they are in two vareities. One is literally, in the flesh, human contact. This is extremely rare but has occured. The second is one that most humans don't know about but could verify if they did know.

Physical abductions happen all the time. Because of their superior technological advances, the STS forces are able to manipulate time in such a manner that one is unable to even know that it has happened. Some have been abducted close to 100 times. Many can tell of this because of the ping they receive in their ears (there are several different tones people hear in their ears, not just from abductions). During these abductions, they place implants in people. Afterwards, they try and establish contact with people which sounds like a ping. It is an attempt to establish contact with the given entity in attempt to persuade them to join the STS side.

2. Yes there are underwater bases here on the planet. The Bermuda Triangle is not one of them. There are several though I cannot speak of exact locations.

3. There are no humans living on the Moon or Mars as both are inhabitable to human life. However, the STS forces use them as bases.

4. I am unfamiliar with Lion looking aliens.

5. They are not disinfo, they both exist.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by Universal Light

Hello, I really enjoyed your post! It was deeply uplifting and insightful. I myself have come to this path in my life. It happened to me about 3 years ago and I've been researching and meditating ever since.

I have grown greatly in awareness, knowledge, and spirituality. It has changed my life drastically. Yet, I believe that enlightenment is a process with different levels of awareness to be realized. That being said, there's always room for improvement until Buddhahood is achieved.

You speak about creative abilities that we each possess and control by way of the mind. Are you speaking of prayer, which is to say, thought? I believe prayer to be a conscious asking of what we want to experience in our lives. The problem being that most people only ask for or think of what they don't want to happen and thus the universe answers accordingly.

So is pray or thought the power that you speak of? How did you come to this conclusion? And, is there anything you can tell me that is vital in controlling this ability?


Thank you

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:39 AM
reply to post by Universal Light

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the truth...

OP nails it. Thanks OP and I look forward to reading more from the me that is you.



posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:39 AM

Originally posted by skeja
I just wanted to sa that i'm very interested in this topis and your teaching Universal. I have a cuple of questions but I'll start with this:
What about gnostic learning? The duality the less perfect Creator that has crated us? If I want to find more truth in details shoud I search these type of materials?
Hope I will have more opportunities to corespond with you.

Regards to all!

Sorry if my english isn't perfect but I'm not from the english speaking region and I'm triing my best.

I personally do not resonate with the teachings of Gnosticism. You should search anything and everything that you have questions about. It will help you determine that path you wish to continue. The path you walk can take as many turns as need be, there is no wrong way.

We can correspond through this as much as you like.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:43 AM
reply to post by Auntie Matter

You are truly the only one that can answer this. Others can speculate but only you have the key to unlock this. I will tell you what I told another. The Universe speaks to us in interesting ways. It is different for all. But from within you will find the answer.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:52 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by Universal Light

The crystals interested me, I just got some for the first time: clear quartz, amethyst, aquamarine and amber.

Now I've always wanted amethyst. I am also meditating frequently, and listening to whale and dophins sounds and have had to deal with some negatives and was attempting to use these for protection??? I really don't know what I am supposed to do, I cleansed them and placed on gaia, and now I visualiaze them as cleansed and see universal light flooding them, but... what do you really do with them?

How do you use them in meditations?

The intent behind your thoughts is what will protect you. You can create a "protective field" around you as well.

In terms of meditation, I don't use them a lot. Once however, I meditated laying down, something I don't do all that often. I placed the clear quartz on my third eye. It was quite the experience. I have used them in healing sessions as well.

Truthfully, I carry them around with me and that's what gets the most use. The reason I have not delved into the subject much is because I have come to believe that it is not so much the crystals and what they do, it is what I believe about them.

There is a lot of good reading material on the subject. I would suggest experimenting with them as well as meditating on the subject of crystals itself.

I want to thank you Unity. Your presence in the thread has been a blessing. Keep going.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:52 AM
Hey UL

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and contributing to my growth as my current human self and my spirit that lies within.

I have been wondering why homosexuality exists for a while now. I have come across information saying how satanic groups take part in this kind of sexual activity. After reading the HH material it only made me wonder a bit more because it helped me see why evil exists. I have my own ideas and theories about homosexuality but I wanna hear your take on this topic. (hopefully it hasn't been brought up yet)

What may this kind of sexual orientation teach us in general about ourselves as human beings and souls? Is it a negative thing to be involved with? Do you think it is used for ritual purposes if done within elite satanic circles? What about the people who are just born preferring the same sex? What may be the purpose for them to experience homosexuality?

I also would like to know your view on Alex Collier and David Icke. If you could expand a bit more on your knowledge (if any) of reptilians (if you haven't done so already).

Thank you for your time

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by Universal Light

There is a reason this thread/harvesting subject is in Skunkworks!

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 02:02 AM
I have always been interested in meditation, but I have had a problem since I have been interested. It seems like I have no imagination anymore. I had a vivid imagination as a child, but I simply feel that is gone. When I close my eyes and try to imagine something I see darkness. When I try to meditate and have to picture color or light I am never able to. I rarely dream or remember any of the dreams I have. Is there anything I can do to be able to meditate, or to be able to visualize? I really want to look deeper into myself, I'm just struggling with how to get there.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by 11118
reply to post by Klaatumagnum

True eradication of the wheel or inertia of that which many call Kharma is forgiveness. Forgiveness of the self and other selves.
And sometimes forgiveness of the self is the most difficult. Thank you for your reply. We must realize that we are already perfect, divine and that our ultimate goal is to become one with the Creator.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 03:06 AM

Originally posted by purplemonkeydishwasher
Hi there, I hope I am not tired of being thanked for taking the time to answer these questions.. haha. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this.

A few short questions:

How does one's concept of 'fun' change in the fourth density? Are we able to communicate with the third density after the harvest?

How long does this new cycle last for?

And a more serious one:

I have always felt like an outsider, one with a much stronger connection to Truth, although I have not always walked in the light. I relate to the wanderer, although sometimes I wonder if it is merely my ego and lack of connection to the average person that stimulates such creativity. Lately I have asked the light to come into my life, and I believe I am experiencing some truly wonderful things, and new connections are being made on a daily basis, and the strength to carry on in pursuit of spiritual evolution. How can I go about discovering who I really am, in regard to why I am here on this planet. Am I an old soul, waiting patiently to move forward, or have I landed here temporarily to aide my friends and soulmates in times of strife?..dare I guess, simply, meditation? Heh.



And thank you PMD. This has really been a wonderful thing thus far.

In the higher densities, there is still a lot of fun. I am not nearly as in tune with my fourth density self as I am my fifth density self. I incarnated from the fifth thus my memories are stronger from there. I can tell you about a game we played that could very well be played in the fourth as well.

I guess I would call it "The Thought Game" though it has no name. So let's say you go first. With your mind/will/etc., you create something and show it to both of us. Then it is my turn to create something that is more outstanding/magical/(insert adjective here). The entity that creates the most "mind blowing" object wins. It is hard to describe as their is no need for language past this density, everything is telepathic and shared. Through meditation I have been able to access some of the things we have created playing this game and it has left me awe struck. This is why I know infinity is contained within the mind.

Yes one can communicate with the third density however it is not in the manner you would think. In the higher densities, thoughts are represented by higher geometric symbols (nomenclature). These symbols are can presented to those in the third density. There are other means such as when a third density incarnate "taps in", there can be things spoken there but it is not in the literal face-to-face sense.

Time is not represented in the same manner in the higher densities as we perceive it now. However, there still are third density quantifiable terms that the cycle could be put into. I am not sure of the duration but for each density you graduate to, the cycle becomes significantly longer, that is is Earth years.

And sorry for this, but you knew it was coming. At least to my knowledge, meditation is the only manner to break through the Veil in order to remember who you truly are. This does take some work. However the fruits of your labor will leave you beyond satisfied. It is worth the effort.

Thanks for your time friend.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 03:21 AM
reply to post by Applesandoranges

Your thoughts do create your reality. It would take some understanding of how this thought-based reality works to understand how your personal thoughts come into play.

There is in fact a hive mind consciousness that we exist in. Humanity has been conditioned to know everything to be the same thing as another thus they perceive everyone to think things to be the same that I do. Quick example, if I pointed at a tree but called it an oven, people would not know what I am talking about. Everyone calls it a tree. This is the collective consciousness we are immersed in. Now because thoughts are so powerful, the more people that think the same thing, the further solidified it becomes. Think of it like cement. Intitally when you mix it, it is wet and fluid. But once it sets, there is virutally no changing its shape. This is what has become of our thought-based matrix. There is no more mixing to keep it fluid, it is now concrete. Of course the upcoming shift is alleviating this problem.

Hopefully that analogy can help you see why our thoughts are not always manifested in the instant. Think about this. What if humanity was allowed to manifest things instantly. Think about all of the negative thoughts people have on such a wide variety of subjects. If this was the case....well.....I'll leave your imagination to that.

With all of that said, one can create heaven around them. Know that you are not comprised of others thoughts. Thoughts are not owned. It takes a strong mind to choose the thoughts they wish and ignore all the others. But when this is achieved, your personal heaven can be created.

So let's connect your drawings and your dreams to what you would like to see. I have never put a term on this concept so I will call it "subconsious imprinting" (I'm sure this has been discussed by others but I've never seen any material on the subject). Before you go to sleep, take one of your drawings and study every detail in it. When you lay down to go to sleep, close your eyes and imagine this picture to every detail. See it in all its beauty and brightness. Doing this will imprint it on your subconsicous. In the past, I have termed this as "burning" it into your subconscious, metaphorically speaking of course.

The subconscious has unbelievable abilities. The STS forces know this and constantly imprint images upon humanity through the media via pictures and sounds (music and tv).

Your heaven is already here brother. If you feel you came here to do it, there is nothing to stop you except limitations you may impose on yourself.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by appreciative_soul
reply to post by Universal Light

Hello. I am new to this site so forgive me if my questions have already been answered.
I came accross a discussion much like this one this past christmas day and spent the three days after reading all of the questions and answers. It was perfectly explained, in that thread, that the "Hidden Hand" was not going to give anyone the kind of opportunity they had given again. He also explained that the information givin was a one time thing. That was supposed to have occured in 2008 at some point. Now my question is what connection does this disscussion have with the one I came upon over the holiday? If there is one, then why is another opportunity being presented via a new channel? And if not, where did this come from and what gives you, Universal Light, the right to appoint yourself advocate to give the kind of information i have read so far in this thread?

i dont mean at all to disrespect you or your value, i am just simply trying to understand where you are coming from.

I don't feel disrespected at all.

I am unfamiliar with the text you read over Christmas day. If you would like to post a link, I could attempt to see what the connection might be. Also, what is the new opportunity via the new channel you speak of? I am unfamiliar with this as well.

I have not appointed myself to do anything other than attempt to share with my Cosmic brothers and sisters what they have always known but have temporarily forgotten. As I have said several times, please do not believe me. Discern everything I say. It is up to you, the reader, to make your own choices. What I am presenting in an opportunity. Everyone by Free Will can do with it whatever they wish. Some have bashed and some have loved. I treat both sides equally with love and respect.

I do feel very fortunate to have learned what I have learned. I too have had significant struggles to get to the now moment I am currently in. My awareness to others struggles resides within me greatly for when one suffers, the Whole suffers.

If all I did was hoard this knowledge, I would be going against the grain of every fiber my beingness is comprised of. The timing was right for it to be now.

Thank you kindly for your post.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 03:33 AM

Originally posted by ShadowNinja
Michel Forgive me for what I did before but it was not of my own actions.
There are things in this world that play right or wrong and yes indeed some are lost. I at times think I am but then I realize I know so much already and it is great to know things. That some humans do not ever see or understand it is a privilege to know things.

You do not need to ask for forgiveness except from yourself. Doing this will set the rest free. It is a wonderful thing to feel privledged and blessed. Don't let others take that away from you. Continue to cast the light upon yourself.

See you sooner than you think.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by ShadowNinja

Forgive me for saying this but I got a good chuckle out of the last sentence of your post. I think I only could have done this with you putting an "lol" at the end. I'm smiling cheek to cheek. Thank you for that.

Obviously you do not want to pass out (still chuckling). Seriously though, I'm going to say something about breath. When I first began I focused on my breath quite a bit. As I progressed, I naturally stopped worrying about it. It was totally phased out of my mind. Ever since then, I have noticed that I achieve a lot more when I hold my breath. This is obviously very backwards to what everyone else says. It may not work for anyone else but me. There are time where I feel like I don't breathe for minutes, and truthfully, it feels so right. I recommend this to no one unless they know exactly what they are getting into.

Point being is this. Meditation can be done in anyway possible. So if you are finding discomfort in one method, try another. Experiment. In the end you will find the method that is most suitable to you. Everyone has their own method. There is no wrong so do a little digging. My bet is you will find the treasure chest full of gold if you do so.


posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 03:44 AM
Good day to U, Universal Light!!!
Your post is like a blessing in the sky!
Several months ago I enjoyed the Hidden Hand message, copied it and reread several times. Now you have shared your experience with us and I am very grateful to you about it. I think we have a prive
I have several questions and hope u can answer it.
1. Many years ago while swimming in a river, i got entramped in some sawyers and the stream got me drunk. The next moment I saw myself above my body, saw my life scrawling up before me like a movie. Then there was light everywhere and suddenly i found myself in my body again and managed to get out from those sawyers (sorry for my english, if there are some mistakes and unproper words' usage). After that event nothing happened to me in particular, but in the course of life i started to feel that there is something i should understand or do in this life because i was saved. Do you have some explanation on my miracle escape?
2. I want to ask you to give us some info about our logos. What is his relation with Lucifer now? Does He do something to defend us from their sts on out planet?
Thank you in advance, my brother!

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 03:49 AM

Originally posted by SneuxCorten
I like these ideal you have UL but how can you be sure of yourself and that you are not just subconsciously pleasing yourself?

I am not skeptical in fact I am quite the opposite of such a feeling with this thread I just feel the need to ask.

Sure. No problem, all questions are fair and valid.

First, like I said in a prior post, I contemplated doing this for a very long time. I was guided to do it at the time it happened. Second, what I have seen, what I have been presented, and what I have come to understand have all happened in the most precise of manners. I have been able to go back to my earliest memories in this incarnation and have been able to trace every specific moment to right now and to the importance of the manner in which everything has happend. The feeling of divinity overflows my cup.

Another part of it is how much I see in the physical. If this was all in my mind's eye then yes it could be subconsciously pleasing. However, things are way past the stage of being coincedental anomalies. The amount of events that have happened in the literal physical matrix is what blew the lid off the pressure cooker. Ever since then, the lid hasn't come back to hit the ground.

And of course, meditation has shown me infinity though I have barely scratched the surface in my exploration of it. I have been able to reach the higher densities, see my higher density vehicles/lightbody, etc.

It really is a combination of so many things my friend. I am so incredibly fortunate and blessed that it must be shared with the Whole even if at times, the manner in which I go about it is incorrect. I still have many lessons to learn as well.


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