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The Earth is at the end of a cycle, the Harvest is upon us, the time to expand your knowledge is now

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 02:13 PM

Originally posted by sphinx551
These questions are off-topic but I am so highly interested by them:
1. Can a human soul that just lived on Earth reincarnate to other planets that have humans or can that soul only reincarnate to Earth?

2. Given the technology, would it be okay for a human to leave Earth and settle and live on another planet where humans live?

Thank you thank you so much.

1. this is from what i understand from law of one: if there is a reason for that i think its possible, either it could be intentional when one has learned and awaken enough and want help or help self elsewhere, or unintentional when planet is no longer able to give the propper lesson. This may had happen with mars, when destroyed in war, beings from there reincarnated on our planet and suposedly made about half of the poplutaion on earth that time..

2. just my thought about it, that i find intriguing: physical distances in universe might have been such big, so we dont go enywhere else and stick with earth till we solve our problems.. then physical distance is not a distance.

and most funny thing about this speculation is how hard we actually try

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