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Chakra Meditation

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by Shakesbeer
reply to post by Mr Green

You have a U2U.

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 03:48 PM
I also wanted to add this statement...

isn't interesting how supposedly ghosts/spirits are sometimes unaware that they are dead? That they are totally confused and think they are living their regular life. (by regular i mean an isolated single physical awareness of one reality).

It seems to me... kind of like say.... A DREAM!!

In a dream you are un-aware that you are dreaming.

When these people help spirits "cross-over".. by basically saying.. hey man, your dead, yeah you've been dead a while man. I think essentially these spirits are essentially... just going lucid in a matter of speaking. Thats something to think about.

Again.. so if they occupy the etheric reality, similar to a dream reality that closely resembles the physical reality.. then.. I can see the confusion. Again.. its just like... the physical body dies.. so the physical reality can no longer be experienced so that awareness shifts to another reality, and another.. until it decided to shift back to perhaps a physical reality again, through birth.

Its just awareness moving around man, thats how I see it.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:05 PM

Originally posted by headlightone
Spiritual exercises should be little on a daily basis.
OOBE,S ETC.Not worth it your in this body to learn about dealing with manifested forms and shapes and how to control the biggest adversary your mind.
By continually analysing chakras and meditation methods,a thinking process is set in motion.

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It seems other posters have the same opinion as me, yet they are not attacked in the same way as I was by shakesbeer. Why is this? why have you not told headlightone to get off his high horse of spirituality, to stop saying bad things about OBE and chakra meditation? If you re read my post it was in reply to him agreeing with him, yet hes got off scott free.

Not a fair response shakesbeer.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:12 PM
Anyone here demonstrating a fear of love, patience, understanding. Confusion?

The heart not communicating well through the throat? Is it out of defense? Do we get defensive out of fear? Preservation of pride, ego, or the sense of "I" was right? Is it just that the frustration stems from poor communication, such as maybe respect wasnt well communicated beforehand, and we feel we need to return that? Is it that the ego isn't patient, and calm. Can we not learn with humility because of a blow to our pride, to our ego, one filter of infinite awareness? Do you not feel that you are part of a group conciousness? Or rather one infinite, eternal thinking?

I'm just asking. I find myself asking "myself" (I'm emphasing references to isolated thinking of the ego)...anyways I find myself answering these questions when I'm in these situations.

I might feel a strong sensation in my sacral... hurt feelings... or some sort of insecurity... .. all over the chakra system, its one big confusing blow and I find the best way is to be patient, calm down.. and think about it. But its difficult, because my old hindering ways of thinking are echoing "That #$#%, has no god damn idea #$##$").. its just ego man, thats how I feel. And I'm suprised when it surfaces. I might respond harshly in my thinking, because I think someones trying to substitute their sense of truth for my own, and I feel somehow threatened.

Its a broad range of things, but I think we have to sit back and observe. Patience, humility, respect and co-existence.

Its a great chance to observe what happens when the chakras are let loose!

I just find it amusing and hard to believe when I see like 2 dudes in public, who are probably good freinds, and who are probably drunk and confused, decide to try and kill each other over something I don't think they are even so sure about. Throwing fists over a momentary confusion or blow to the ego, a threat to our sense of self, or feelings.. etc..

Wars are fought over one big confusion after another. People killing each other because they feel threatened by one another, when really if they sat back and practised patience, respect and communication.. they would see that they have nothing to fear. If anything.. I don't undertand how people take sides.. if battles are fought over ego, it makes more sense for it be an "every man for himself" type of battle. What about your "side" makes you feel safer then the other side? Is it because now that your on a side, it assumes an individual group form, sort of like a group ego?

I just nod my head over football (soccer) fans.. I said to my freind, whoa whoa, why do you hate liverpool so much, what did they do to you? hahaha.

Again man, It gets so damn confusing, that we just wanna scream, that confusion becomes like this force we wish to rid ourselves of that we point and fire it at another, passing it on to someone, something else, instead of having the patience, the responsibility, the enegy/motivation to take care of our own problems. By putting them on someone else, we don't learn anything, and it certainly doesn't help anyone else.

There are a couple times where I felt like losing it... To some nameless individuals..

We should not judge, not even ourselves, but we should carefully observe rather then condemn, and try and fix the problem, through stabilizing it.. through balancing resolution.. not shifting the polarity of the problem, that is.. Its kind of like... how in battles there is a victor and a loser.. well, neither of solved nothing really. The loser is destroyed, and the victor hasn't learned anything.

Ahh mixed feelings.. even the hurtful ones seem to give us some sort of stimulation.. is that why we further the confusion and the cycle? I think so sometimes. Sometimes we crave the drama. Its a big monster. Negativity to me isn't like.. an evil force.. like.. good guys vs bad guys... one cause against another.. in fact thats exactly what I'm talking about. I believe the negative forces are the forces that are unstable.. they disharmonizing.. they aren't like dark or evil... but they shake our stability. Thats the way I see it anyway.

Good and bad are matters of perspective, they are one in the same, and that I only see balance and peace vs chaos.

Ahh I said enough.


posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:13 PM

Originally posted by Mr Green
Your percieving an attack when there is none. Im saying lucid dreaming/OBE provides ME with little information or enligtenment. Yes we all know how good you are at relating to this but Im just saying to me, it gives no answers.

It seems you wish me to leave your thread, to come off my spiritual high horse as I keep telling everyone what they should and shouldnt do....I do not think this is the case at all. If you dont like or cant relate to what I put you must place me on ignore, as I see my posts are annoying you no end for some reason. Please either place me on ignore or stop answering me in such an agressive way. If not I feel I can no longer post in this thread.

Calm down Mr Green, you did post a few days ago that obe is not a necessary thing, or necessary worthwhile.

It's probably not a easy straight forward thing would be a more apt/correct statement.

Also noted that Paul and his TSOL teachings say not to think about obe and just stick at "radiating"?.......for ever.

that would be one dimensional thinking?.

Nobody is telling you to leave in here also, just to evaluate the discussion, as is the same for me or any other poster.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:21 PM
please MG, and shakebeer, read my post. I love both you guys, and either way, just think about how good of a learning opportunity this is for both of you.

I would think that one day we could be able to handle even the harshest one sided oppinions and resolve the situation with limited friction. It's one goal of mine to reach that one day, and I imagine it comes from much experience, much learning, much understand of patience, feelings, energy, ego, respect, communication, etc, until these things don't really phase us anymore.

Anyways I wanted to post something on chakras, but I realised I didn't finish my part on the crown, so I will do that next. So I'll leave this other situation at that.

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan says when dealing with situations like this that basically "Your calmness is contagious".

Those weren't is exact words but thats what he was getting at. Your ability to stay calm echoes outward and affects the universe as a whole.


posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:26 PM

Originally posted by Mr Green
It seems other posters have the same opinion as me, yet they are not attacked in the same way as I was by shakesbeer. Why is this? why have you not told headlightone to get off his high horse of spirituality, to stop saying bad things about OBE and chakra meditation? If you re read my post it was in reply to him agreeing with him, yet hes got off scott free.

Not a fair response shakesbeer.

He was posted at on the page before.

Originally posted by psycho81
reply to post by headlightone

I agree with the second bit about living in the now, However the first part was a load of namby pamby politically correct gobbeldy gook (As John Gaunt would say) Honnest it sounds like a section of rules streight from the Bible of BS.

Not having a go at you, you obviously read that somewhere. I take it you did anyway.

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

okay here: -ahem- Bad Headlightone! Bad!

Feel better? I thought you weren't going to post in this "so called mediatation thread" again?
Or is my "GE" controlling ya again? Damn I must have sick powers I'm not even aware of!
If you don't mind, I'm enjoying Caveman kicking some knowledge.

Speaking of which, Cave, I really enjoyed your 6th dissertation there. That is one of the areas I have been trying to develop certain applications from. Been having some pretty interesting results with "eyeless sight" by combining various techniques btw. Just gotta attain better consistency and figure out exactly what the hell I'm doing. But yeah our fears of what we may see seem to be a huge inhibitor to "opening" that 3rd eye to further perceptions & clarity. Changing beliefs becomes vital as if you perceive what you may see to be scary, it probably will be should you be successful. Or if you believe you just can't see it, you won't.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

That made perfect sense dude, you have given me some great advice tonight. Advice that is greatly appreciated, don’t know if it’s just me but you make reading really easy. You do away with complex words and break things down really well.

I know when I have problems I need to face them and break them down so I get to the root of it. I am always told (as a reminder) in some way shape or form to “Question what I believe to be the truth”
Sometimes the truth is a misinterpretation, or something that has been manipulated, or in fact the truth.

Yes from an early age I have always had a strong desire to see the bigger picture, and I mean a strong desire. I also love nature, I just feel at one with life energy when I walk in a forest or something. It’s like I am no longer this person who is just a name and number. Even though it’s a glimpse it’s amazing, it’s like for a few moments you are free from all the mental noise. You are not just looking at the nature around you, you are the nature you become one.

Everything seems so alive and animated it’s just beautiful, anyone who needs to clear their mind I would recommend a walk in the countryside/forest or something. Let go of the information overload and let nature do its work. Something I am in need of after all this TSOL thing, I really just want to forget it and move on.

MG you are a great friend and I am sorry if I have ever hurt you in any way, I am sorry if I hurt the people you have faith in. This was not my intentions and I have learned from that and now I am doing the right thing. Whatever your choices I wish you all the best and I hope you find what it is your looking for, now I need to put it all behind me. TSOL is not a problem now because you have made your choice, I accept that as you have your opinions and I have mine. Opinions so strong you have become identified with them, opinions so strong you would see friends vanish over them.

It’s a Problem - Reaction – Solution situation.

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

F-U MAN!!!!! jk

Dude I'm so calm right now it actually is funny

So on with the crown!

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by Jn

Hello Jn and welcome to the thread, sorry if it was a little rough on your entry. I got your U2U thanks made me laugh, I kind of want to get over that now “You can only do so much lol”

Anyway tell us a little about yourself, do you meditate, lucid Dream and so on. If not it’s not a problem nobody is forced to do anything here it’s just a discussion about chakra meditation. So if at any point you feel like I am using mind control on you “Please let me know” JK hehe

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 05:07 PM
Ok the crown, last one, then I can get into this other chakra thing I wanted to explain.

Ok the crown

7TH CHAKRA - the crown - wisdom / enlightenment, sense of the divine.

Ok so whats the fear then, why would would fear hold us back from this? What is the fear?

Again, I think this is a strong relation to the ego, since its the polar opposite. Realising your true nature, and connection, could threaten your sense of individuality. I think we must constantly refine that individual perception as a means to over-come this. Not death of the ego, but rather expanded deffinition and understanding.

We fear wisdom.... why?

With great knowledge comes great responsibility? Is it that we feel burdened with our wisdom, and feel the need to put it to use? I think sometimes this is against people's will, they aren't ready for this responsibility, the wisdom they see as burdensome, and so they push it away. I think this is the case for a lot of people. They just want to entertain their distractions, it seems to make them happy for the time being, or at least they think it does. To expand that connection to the divine, or higher self, they feel might be too much of a blow for their ego to handle. Some people want to feel isolated, and maintain that illusion that they are this contained bubble.

When you look at it in a religious sense.. it kind of swings both ways.. 1. Someone who might consider themself an atheist.. might maintain that there is nothing divine, or that they are their own true god (which.. is more or less true in a less then egotystical way I believe). Some people want to maintain their stance and don't want to question it. I have seen this. I try to be patient and introduce concepts but they don't want to listen, I think mostly because they feel they aren't ready, they're enjoying their illusion.

And the same goes the other way.. some people feel so connected to the divine.. through some sort of.. service to an entity, that they sacrifice their free will and ego all together, or something like that. Its strange really. They might feel like connected to the divine and firmly grounded in their ego based on certain beliefs, but again, it depends of the beliefs.

I think this fear stems from this will to hide from the bigger picture, or to not have to deal with certain wisdom they might consider burdensome.

William Cooper considered what he knew to be somewhat of a burden, and he died because of it. If you don't know who he is, don't worry about it, its just an example. But he was willing to accept the "burden".

I don't see it so much as a burden but it deffinately changes things.. before you could do something and claim ignorance, but when you feel you know better, you feel as though you've done something wrong.. or something.. it doesn't sit right. I know you've all experienced this.. you did something you knew wasn't wise, and you had all sorts of mixed feelings because of it, perhaps when you were a kid or something.

Ok so how do we over-come this fear?

Understanding ego. By having the courage (energy) to accept a massive change. Pretty much I think we just have to be willing to accept that our beliefs are just that, beliefs.. temporary ideals that suit us for the time being until their deffinition can be expanded.

Perhaps a lot if it depends on your other chakras.. I think the state and sense of the ego is an important factor here. But I mean.. I think it really comes from your acceptance of change, that is, to not be so firmly rooted. I would think wisdom would be welcomed, as it would ease certain frustratiions that arise. But its an on-going process, for again, some people find wisdom to be burdensome.

In the end, I don't see anything to fear with learning a better way to live? do you? This is a hard one for me to interpret I think.. or perhaps, very easily. I welcome all wisdom. But again.. I think it stems from ones ability or willingness to see a bigger picture, and not be so rooted in the ego so that they become one dimensional and resistant to a change in perspective.

Ahh thats good enough.

Ok that wraps that up.
Damn, I started this last night, and continued it this morning, and its already 6 pm.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 05:09 PM
After going through this thread tonight.
I think you guys n dolls need some chakra therapy.
throat chakra therapy.
The energy point of love communication peace

This is what you all need.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 05:24 PM

Originally posted by CavemanDD
please MG, and shakebeer, read my post. I love both you guys, and either way, just think about how good of a learning opportunity this is for both of you.

Thank you caveman, I love you guys too.. You are such a special person, you always post in a way that is never upsetting to anyone, but always informative.

Is is a good learning opportunity for everyone? Im not sure about that, what ever it is I am not comfortable with it in the slightest.

I am of the light, I am of love and light and I do not seem to be finding it here. I am finding anger and resentment, not from you but from others.

I am in service to the light and always will be, it is my calling and I cant seem to escape it or walk away from it. Some times its too much, too hard but I will never give up trying to learn, trying to seek out what is right, what we need to do to become whole.

I am not one dimensional. I am always open to new suggestions but when I find they are of no use to me I will reject them, OBE is not for everyone. Why spend a life time trying to OBE when enligtenment can be found in other ways.

Love and Light always. The light is the most important thing in my life and I trust it to show me the way.

Much love to you caveman my friend.

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 05:46 PM
Ok damn, this is what I wanted to post a long time ago.

About the chakras.. Actually maybe I'll make a picture..

5 minutes later.. this picture is crude and does the explanation little justice!

Ok so basically what I was going to say was... take all your chakras.. you picture them as orbs, or spinning vortexes, or lotus flowers, or whatever... now blend them so there is no seperation... like if they were colour coded.. don't see the different coloured orbs but rather like a gradient blended swirling pillar of all the colours, a rainbow.. and that each chakra isn't really limited to a set point, as like red washes into orange, and in between is sort of orange and red, you know? I dont think its isolated to a location or single point, but certain points of harmony seem to resonate.. so I feel as though, there are these resonant points, but more then that, whats also matters is whats between them.

As well.. I picture all channels of energy moving down through the limbs, especially in the case of the legs which I believe to have a strong channel towards the earth, from the feet.

Ok so lets look at like your chakras are different musical notes or resonant points, which can be percieved as colour, or sound as a means to interpret their different frequency ranges. When really thats just it.. a different frequency range which functions as a dimension of your being.

I was leaning more towards this after a few thoughts.. well first.. heres some examples... emotional courage.. that seems like the interaction between the solar plexus and the sacral. And back to what I was saying earlier about speach.. how love, feelings, and wisdom, energy, etc... essentially all chakra are translated through speech.

Again, this just an example of one or 2 chakras interacting, but I believe they all interact, always, and its the interaction which is the most important. Someone said that once and I started to think about it.. how really.. opening up one chakra is really the means to access the next chakra. I think its more of the pathway between the 2, then their individual harmonic location/function. For example.. if our security and sense of self preservation is drawing our attention.. then it seems impossible to feel ok emotionally.. to have motivation or excess energy to spare, to love, to communicate, to percieve, to tap into that wisdom etc. we are so focussed on staying alive. Chakras become over-active and draw our focus, and as well, we can develope blockages, which makes the flow between them weak. Perhaps you have some emotional problems.. well its hard to have energy and motivation, and beyond that love for everyone, if you feel terrible emotionally.

I also was thinking about this when I read different sources say, oh well joy comes from the sacral, others say the solar plexus.. energy comes from your solar plexus, the chinese say it comes from your dan tien, which looks like more around your sacral area. I'm not saying either of them are wrong because I have felt this energy.

This is what I'm saying..

I think its one big damn frequency, that has different ranges, and that area between the sacral and solar plexus could have this range of frequency related to energy/desire/motivation.

And the range between your heart and throat leads to respectful communication, and between the throat and the 3rd eye, is flow of communicated information into interpretation, and from there to the crown, the interpretation leading to understanding, wisdom.

I also came to this conclusion when I did this... you know my chakra sound file? The most effective one is the clear, non-choppy one for guitar pro. I found that if I converted it to a pitch of 432.. the supposed correct tuning, I would feel sensations right where the chakra are supposedly supposed to be, when the corresponding sound came on. I also found, that on the standard tuning society goes on... 440.. that the sensations felt a little higher in my body, which was interesting.. it felt like it shifted half a step, like the gap above the chakra, between the chakra above that. It just felt like I was harmonizing different points. An out of tune instrument if tuned in harmony with the other strings, doesn't sound so bad, but its still out of tune all together. Beyond that I need more interpretation.

Its all about the flow of the chakras, the different frequency ranges which I think represent the subtle dimensions of your being.. ranges that perhaps are a little above or below certain chakra, or rather are located between chakras, serving as the bridge between chakras, allowing things to resonate in harmony and allow the connection to flow as such.

I've really gotten into these tai chi, qi-gong practises of feeling the flow of my energy. Its' interesting. I feel a strong flow in my legs and hands especially. I'd recommend this. Or like just trying to feel the small areas of your body you think you have little awareness of, like your colarbone, or one of your ribs etc.

Again, I think its all about the flow, and that there are no "gaps" or isolation between chakras, but there are certain resonant points, as would be expected of a universe that seems so mathematical and harmonious.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 06:00 PM
I feel too I must declare my love.
Hey I love you guys n dolls.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I always saw the chakras as general areas of hyper-dimensional energy influx as points of energetic manifestation(from the endocrine system to a "tingly" tummy or chest). I've been noticing how at one point the law of resonance and thermo-dynamics start to blur at the point of diffusion of energy on a quantum level. It would explain why our flesh, perceivable in a "lower" or more dense vibratory state, would experience things like heat & vibration, while thought and spirit experience harmonics & dissonance. As their presence takes place in "thin air" , hyper dimensionally, or whatever. Your illustration of swirling energy gives rise to the pondering that maybe we should not view our "eyes" and "head" as the center of perception, but the entire spectrum of energy influx as one unit overall. Like that center line or dot of our physical body is the pupil of the eye with it's various rods & cones to channel the light from it's environment. Hopefully that made some sense...

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 06:49 PM
Hey Shakesbeer, I noticed you recently posted in this topic so perhaps you'll see this. Can you reply to my U2U, and it's okay if you don't want to, I just wanna know D;.

Hi everyone

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by Mr Green
... etc etc.. see below

We must be strong Ms Green.

Why is it a good learning opportunity? Come on don't tell me you can't see this? Well you can learn from everything!!! Its wonderful!.. In this situation, you can guage your ability to handle difficult situations.. again this is the idea of expanding the understanding / efficiency of the chakra, so that the energy flows smoother. In example of the heart, its much easier to love if their that efficient network for the energy to flow through. Have you ever looked at someone like a martial artist? Or someone who looks like incredibly fit? And I mean.. the kind of person who could do like 300 pushups. You can just feel the energy resonating off them, it runs smooth and efficiently.. because they have done with the hardship, and their physical body has adapted and become more efficient because of it.

In terms of confidence, i didn't use to really have any until this very wise and connected lady told me to basically, grow a pair! We can observe our reactions in un-desired situations and see how we can adapt. It gets cold.. some animals didn't want that, they adapt to it, and they evolve.

Things aren't always easy. And If we run from a challenge I think we need to cultivate our energy/confidence, we need to work more on our solar plexus.

If someone says something you feel uncomfortable about, there is something to learn, for you are acknowledging that it has affected to you. I think we got to get to this position where we can observe these things carefully and not really get phased by them. I'm tired of responding to things by pouting inside myself or running. Also again, i'm going to have to quote the buddha on this one. "An insult is like a gift, it only has meaning if you accept it."

We must carefully observe what comes our way. If we wait around looking to catch desired, easy..familier energy patterns, then we lose out on an opporunity to grow, thats the way I see it anyway. Its like the buddha man, that crazy bastard... he starved himself, dealt with that suffering to learn the meaning of it, wondering why it really phased him, and how we could deal with it.

If someone says something that pisses you off, its a chance to observe your behaviour.. for I think sometimes our own imagination, or ego gets in the way and we can't accurately guage the state of our various dimensions. Everyone, everything, you can learn from, we are all inter-connected and exhanging energy, and its a brilliant, wonderful network. I try to think of if this way.. when I get disharmonzing energy thrown at me.. I filter it through my chakras, through my wisdom and try to understand it and then harmonize it so it doesnt get passed on, or stay attached to me. Because if we don't solve these things, they also linger in our subconcious. Think of it like someone through dirt at you... you can ignore it but that doesn't get rid of it. You wash it off with wisdom, harmonic thoughts.

Also its kind of like.. if you are the light ms green, think of yourself as a lightbulb, and these disharmonizing thoughts thrown at you as clumps of mud, eventually if they aren't washed away, they cover the bulb, and the light is hidden, the light is still there, you still know you are the light, but it cannot resonate with its true greatness. Thats just one analogy. I'm just trying to illustrate the benefits of being able to roll with the punches.

You think if I were to spend an hour yelling at the buddha, or some guru who feeds off pure light in the form of oxygen, and doesn't sleep, you think it would phase them?
I doubt it. lol.

An again, i'm hesitant to use the word light. As I believe everything is light, even that which is considered "the dark".. I see harmonized light, and disrupted light. Or the light, and the void.. not like a shadow.. for light exists in a shadow, i dont see the dark as a contaminated light.. rather, a void. Everything and Nothing.

We are dual natured beings, as long as we continue to move.. the input and ouput, the 1's and 0's if you understand computers. By admitting you are of a frequency, you admit you have an up and a down. I'm not saying your evil ms green, thats not what i'm getting at, and thats what i'm trying to point out. Its the order vs the chaos. I'm just trying to make that interpretation clear, thats what I mean, when I mean the light. I think I am a being of light, because I am of energy, light = energy, and that thought creates energy, through realisation, so the thinking and energy seem to be one in the same. However, the energy is neutral, it can be in the form of a positively or negatively charged ion, or magnetic pole etc, so therefore I consider light to be balanced, or neutral. I think sometimes we need to critically examine what we mean, we get so deep in that I think we forget how we interpreted it initially and how it resonated. I know I am light, that my ego or soul is a manifestation of light.

Again, i'm trying to just put that out there, because I find sometimes I confuse myself trying to play "the good guy", that I think I need to examine what I mean by that. I associate "good" with peace, and peace/harmony I would associate with balance. So I associate being a good guy, to maintaining the balance, the peace, so that energy flows efficiently. That peace, or balance is the love.. it is the efficient connection, that is what love is to me.. it is that efficient flow of energy through us.. we absorb the polarities, and distribute them evenly outward. What do you get when the polarities are balanced? Watch a thunderstorm, those wicked lightning bolts, and that intense energetic feeling in the air. The interaction and balance of the polarities is incredible.

Science would tell you light is magnetic, and I would have to agree.. so.. not to say the light contains the dark, that would be confusing.. but I hope you see what I'm getting at. I know you do. I just hope you don't hold a grudge or run from things you see as "evil.".
. Picture yourself as that power conduit ms green and you see this largely negative entity comming right at you, and bam, you stand your ground and organise it and redistribute the energy.

What I'm saying is these percievably difficult or negative things help us evolve. Just like a muscle, we adapt to work load.

You said I post in a way that doesn't upset anyone.. I easily could.. and sometimes I have to walk away and contemplate it and wait until my ego or something unexpected cools down, and so I can analyse the content without any ego/ bias, etc. As well I try to respond the same when I am attacked. Sometimes I decide just to ignore the attack, but that doesn't stop me from analysing it. I deal with it and see whats in it so that it doesnt linger in my mind, but I might not feel a need to communicate that back. Sometimes people wait for the feedback so that they can just keep going. I just try and wait for them to calm down and chill out.

Shakesbeer, he means well. It might not come out right, perhaps there is ego or frustration, perhaps because he thinks he needs to point something and he's getting upset because he thinks your ignoring it? I'm not sure what it is. But I know he very much likes your freindship. If you truly have love for him, you can deal with the harshest crap he throws at you, and vice versa!
..Just try and relax guys, and not respond in such a... polaric way. Its bloody tough sometimes. You just wanna say, F off, prick. lol. But you know.. even if you feel you have this need to express to each other how you hurt each other, I would assume you would both well.. assume this by the messages you throw at each other!, and thus there is no need to really explain it, for they already damn well know. You CAN explain it, but again you know.. balancing it out. But the frustrated are ever-so persistant.

Oh what a wonderful chance to adapt those chakras! Can you not see!? Ms Green I give you full permission to express anything you feel about, insulting, or otherwise. After-all.. the universe views itself through our vantage point, and simultaneously.. it views us from all other vantage points. The universe views you through your eyes, and through everyone elses.. its good to get feedback, its quite valueable. Call it a..performance assessment. And not to confuse this with the ego.. we might think, well i am the light, and i am perfectly fine.. but you are the thinking of the universe observing itself through Ms Green's eyes, and simultaneously viewing Ms Green through everyone elses. You are viewing yourself from all over.

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 06:57 PM
* continued from above, couldn't fit it all in..

So assume you are spirit ms green, well.. i wont give you a name, for you are spirit, you are as much ms green as you are caveman, psycho and shakesbeer..

you view yourself through the soul of ms green, and simulataneously you view yourself through our eyes, but also view yourself as ms green through our eyes..

its like your a bunch of eyes or focus points... What i'm trying to say is.. how others view Ms green, is how other parts of you view ms green.

You know what i mean? if we are all this big thought form.. We (all of us, spirit as a whole) view ourself through the filter of ms green, and view ms green through other various filters.

And thats where the ego kind of steps in and you know.. takes to heart other peoples oppinions, which are infact the light/ spirit's oppinion of itself, through one vantage point, one program, the ms green program.

We don't have to agree with what others are saying if it doesn't resonate as a truth, but other people's oppinions are quite invaluable!! It is feedback from spirit through different filters.

I hope that makes sense, that Pir vilayay, something khan guy said it so much easier then me, lol.

Ahh the egos, they are difficult aren't they? Damn it gets hard, but we must be strong, and aware.

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